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Official audio for ‘Cruel Summer’ performed by Taylor Swift. Off her new album ‘Lover.’ Stream/Download the album here: TaylorSwift.lnk.to/Loversu
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Official ‘Cruel Summer’ Lyrics
Written by Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff & Annie Clark
Fever dream high in the quiet of the night
You know that I caught it
bad bad boy
Shiny toy, with a price
You know that I bought it
killing me slow
Out the window
I’m always waiting for you to be waiting below Devils roll the dice
Angels roll their eyes
What doesn’t kill me
Makes me want you more And it’s new
The shape of your body
It’s blue
The feeling I got and it’s
It’s a cruel summer
It’s cool
That’s what I tell ‘em
No rules in breakable heaven but
It’s a cruel summer
With you Hang your head low
In the glow of the vending machine
I’m not dying
We say that we’ll just screw
it up in these trying times
We’re not trying
So cut the headlights
Summer’s a knife
I’m always waiting for you just to cut to the bone
Devils roll the dice
Angels roll their eyes
And if I bleed you’ll be the last to know Chorus I’m drunk in the back of the car
And I cried like a baby coming home from the bar
Said ‘I’m fine’ but it wasn’t true
I don’t want to keep secrets
Just to keep you
And I snuck in through the garden gate every night that summer
Just to seal my fate
And I scream ‘For whatever it’s worth,
I love you, ain’t that the worst thing you ever heard?’ He looks up grinning like a devil Chorus I’m drunk in the back of the car
And I cried like a baby coming home from the bar
Said ‘I’m fine’ but it wasn’t true
I don’t want to keep secrets
Just to keep you
And I snuck in through the garden gate every night that summer
Just to seal my fate
And I scream ‘For whatever it’s worth,
I love you, ain’t that the worst thing you ever heard?’
#TaylorSwift #Lover #TaylorSwiftLover
© 2019 Taylor Swift


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Aug 21, 2019




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Comments : 17 409   
Mia Wickard
Mia Wickard 2 years ago
I like how she rhymed “Oohwhowuh” with “cruel summer”
Wranting Writer
Wranting Writer 2 years ago
You win best comment
Blackpink's rat please send help
Wait I thought it was just me who noticed that I was about to comment that
m.oo.m 2 years ago
Omg Taylor the lyrical genius
Fwuffy15 2 years ago
Shakespeare could never.
Ramiza Ashraf
Ramiza Ashraf 2 years ago
luoriara 11 months ago
The person who chose the soundtrack for “The Summer I Turned Pretty” NEEDS A RAISE
crim 11 months ago
Grace Pyburn
Grace Pyburn 11 months ago
Yes the soundtrack is amazing
Patrīcija Rimševica
Patrīcija Rimševica 11 months ago
venley taekook
venley taekook 11 months ago
Olenka Palma
Olenka Palma 11 months ago
Raphaela Machado
Raphaela Machado 11 months ago
The summer I turned pretty + this song = perfection
hopie 11 months ago
Daniela Mishel Diaz Diaz
Best serie
Tú Nguyễn
Tú Nguyễn 11 months ago
alyssa 11 months ago
Llamagirljr 11 months ago
I want them to do a season 3 soon
Likeidtellu 5 months ago
I will forever believe that if she released this as a single it would have been at like shake it off level popularity, maybe surpass or
C_H_I_N_G_U 5 months ago
Yes it would definately pass Shake It Off. More than 10 weeks on billboard imagine😍.
She always slay to her released songs no doubt because she is the best song writer.❤
Desti Fitria
Desti Fitria 13 days ago
Emerald 10 months ago
‘Cruel Summer’ becomes Taylor Swift’s 2nd most popular song on Spotify!
Zeeshan Latif
Zeeshan Latif 10 months ago
as it should
BlackWargreymon 9 months ago
Taylor swifft knalin nih 🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁Roar katty perry🤙🤙
BlackWargreymon 9 months ago
Taylor swifft heart di life...ini kenapa jika sudah menulis pasti luluh orang tulus nih
Ardi8 9 months ago
That's unexpected for me
Vega 8 months ago
what is the first?
MODY ! 11 days ago
BritneyHIAM 2 years ago
Taylor's 3 best songs that were never singles: 1. Cruel Summer 2. Getaway Car 3. I Did Something Bad
3_Aldy Alie Darmawan
BritneyHIAM All Too Well?
tahira rahman
tahira rahman 2 years ago
@3_Aldy Alie Darmawan absolutely 😭 I love it sm
Ananya Kaul
Ananya Kaul 2 years ago
So true
Anirban Sarwar
Anirban Sarwar 2 years ago
*I know places*
mehh 2 years ago
I know places😭😭
Muji Simply
Muji Simply Year ago
The "oohwuh, its a cruel summer." Sounds soo romantic and fantasy-ish. Idk i just kind of feel passionate at that beat.
Kenzie Severin
Kenzie Severin 11 months ago
And then it’s on the summer I turned pretty
Blue Daylight
Blue Daylight 10 months ago
idk for me it kinda sounds painful especially with the upbeat tone, it feels like she's trying to tell she's fine and happy but she's miserable inside
Lady Cam
Lady Cam 3 months ago
It is pretty
Abbiyu Zuhdi
Abbiyu Zuhdi 2 months ago
Ur not alone
sparkthatjay 2 months ago
Me three. Such a vibe❤
Eillie M
Eillie M 8 days ago
This NEEDS to be a single!!! Please Taylor, make it happen 😭
Nonetute 3 days ago
It’s constantly rising on streaming
Grace Rocks Roblox
@Nonetuteyes it deserves it and a music video
whatthebleep 7 months ago
I’m not a huge Taylor fan BUT I usually like her radio songs. This song should have been on the radio. It’s extremely touchy feely.
Isabella Year ago
This is one of the most well-written songs she has ever released. An unforgettable masterpiece.
CaptainAyaAya28 9 months ago
Honestly in my opinion this is in her top three. The only songs better then this that Taylor release as of 2022 are All Too Well (both version) and The Lakes. Definitely her best pop songs!
Erin 6 months ago
This song was written by Swift, Jack Antonoff and St. Vincent (Annie Clark). No wonder.
Eliana Hussien
Eliana Hussien 6 months ago
I am not a Taylor Stan but I heard this song on a drama edit and I feel in love with it, this song is a masterpiece
Jenna Harper
Jenna Harper 8 days ago
I wasn’t until I started listening to her music
Noleen 2 years ago
"Devils roll the dice, Angels roll their eyes" will forever be my favorite line
S4 Year ago
Me too!
Katelyn Ihrig
Katelyn Ihrig Year ago
666 likes lol
George Royal
George Royal Year ago
spiritual icon
S4 Year ago
@George Royal Absolutely!
Chris Landis
Chris Landis Year ago
Firmly believe this part was written by Annie Clark.
MattB16 10 months ago
I love how it’s not until the end of the song that you recognize she’s quite literally screaming the lyrics. You get so lost in the rhythm that you don’t realize the hurt she’s trying to communicate through her lyrics. Truly a masterpiece ❤️.
Kaede Akamatsu
Kaede Akamatsu 10 months ago
If someone wants more Taylor songs like this (aka modern Synth Pop perfection) check out New Romantics, Style, Getaway Car, I Know Places, Dancing With Our Hands Tied, I Think He Knows, Message In A Bottle, The Very First Night, Paper Rings, All You Had To Do Was Stay, Wonderland and Out Of The Woods!!!!
Perfect Illusion
Perfect Illusion 10 months ago
id say message in a bottle remix is a modern synth pop perfection but the original.... meh
addi 6 months ago
i think he knows
j cee36
j cee36 6 months ago
maisie 3 months ago
none of these songs are synth pop.
Colette Sanchez
Colette Sanchez 2 months ago
Yes!!! She does this genre beautifully ❤❤❤❤ 🎶
manny 7 months ago
Heard this 2 years ago while on acid, and I can say this is one of her best songs. Couldn't stop replaying it for a while. "Hang your head low in glow of the bending machine..." euphoric moment.
Ingrid Brandt
Ingrid Brandt 6 months ago
Lol…no, it’s vending machine!
Wallace Patrick
Wallace Patrick 11 months ago
A batida, a letra e o ritmo é tudo perfeito nessa música ❤
Marília Meira
Marília Meira 18 days ago
simplesmente apaixonada nessa música, taylor como sempre mexendo com os nossos corações
Jia 2 years ago
Dear Taylor Swift, It's never too late to make a music video for cruel summer Sincerely, A fan of cruel summer
Clementine 2 years ago
Ahahaha you are so cute! 🤩💘
John Jacob
John Jacob 2 years ago
Yes Taylor! Please make a music video for cruel summer.
Gleimy Guevara
Gleimy Guevara 2 years ago
Yas yas yasss
macarrones 2 years ago
absolute facts
Naqiya Vora
Naqiya Vora 2 years ago
Actually it’s- Sincerely, All the damn swifties on earth
Funneh Tv
Funneh Tv 8 months ago
Uh Idk
Uh Idk 8 months ago
Girl that’s ur fault this song is everywhere
rai Itadori
rai Itadori 8 months ago
Gurl??? This song is everywhere
immvrtalityy 7 months ago
over 4 years ??? the song came out 3 years ago 😭
mydeargio 7 months ago
Dave Cruz
Dave Cruz 6 months ago
sis same!
fra 7 months ago
three years later and we all still think this should have been a single. it would have smashed so hard
Valerie Yao
Valerie Yao 14 days ago
i always loved this song and felt that this song has never been more relatable to me until today, this summer. taylor, i really need you to release a music video for this song and have it out as a single!
nichole jackson
nichole jackson 14 days ago
I swearrrrrr 😭
Balsamic Vinegar
Balsamic Vinegar 7 months ago
Really in love with this song ❤ definitely on my repeat playlist
Scarlett 3 months ago
I completely missed this incredible song, now I just listen to it again and imagine myself falling in love during the summer, what a singer ✨
Dunno What2say
Dunno What2say 3 years ago
This song is 60% getaway car, 30% out of the woods and 10% style
Ziad S.Y
Ziad S.Y 3 years ago
Dunno What2say and there’s some I know places vibes
oct197 3 years ago
Where is there style?
100% Cruel Summer
Semanur13 3 years ago
Call it what you want?
audrey 3 years ago
This song is litterly Getaway Car 2.0
Pamela Ellis
Pamela Ellis 11 days ago
I’m not really a Taylor fan but for some reason this song is so catchy that I got it stuck in my head!
Aviel Ginsbury
Aviel Ginsbury 5 days ago
Zdx9 Month ago
This song used to be so underrated. Eras Tour has definitely fueled its popularity. I'm so happy it's getting noticed ❤
Isa C.
Isa C. 2 months ago
amo tanto essa música
KandI Year ago
should’ve been a single it’s easily one of the best on the album
Summer Adores
Summer Adores 8 months ago
i just wish there was an extended version of this so that there's a reason for her to release an MV for this. this song deserves to be a single. im very sure it will be a her one or probably the most successful single.
Fermil Mataro
Fermil Mataro 2 years ago
RIP 2006: Stay Beautiful 2008: The Other Side of The Door 2010: Enchanted 2012: All Too Well 2014: I Know Places 2017: Getaway Car 2019: Cruel Summer 2020: Exile 2021: Champagne Problems 2021: Mr. Perfectly Fine 2022: Midnight Rain
Ciara Sprague
Ciara Sprague 2 years ago
and you wrote this before the announcement of Evermore 😭 another song bites the dust
Aomineraizel 2 years ago
2014 : I wish you would
Emildon Elegado
Emildon Elegado 2 years ago
this hurts
João Victor
João Victor 2 years ago
2017: I Did Something Bad
Fredy Morales
Fredy Morales 2 years ago
Mmmm, but 2017: Don't Blame Me -Now that All Too Well has a music video, we ask for prayers that The Moment I Knew also have an MV. She deserves it
Ed Rayo
Ed Rayo 11 months ago
Aún sigue siendo una de mis favoritas de Taylor
Maria Clara 🌜
Maria Clara 🌜 8 months ago
eu amei essa música te amo taylor Swift 😍😍🥺🇧🇷
Music Lyrics
Music Lyrics Month ago
Music I'll never get tired of listening ♬
James Galvesolo
James Galvesolo 25 days ago
the streams for Cruel Summer are totally insane I had a thought before in 2019 after Taylor released the Lover’s album that someday Cruel Summer will gonna be popular and smash hit so right now it really gets the popularity that it deserves.
Vipin mishra
Vipin mishra 2 months ago
I was overwhelmed 😢after listening her performing cruel summer first time at eras tour I got goosebumps
Sunsetz 2 months ago
Sunset 2 months ago
@Sunsetz we have the same name almost 😅
august 2 months ago
If only it were a single on lover with it’s very own mv 😢 so happy it’s getting the love it deserves 🥰
Amairha Styles
Amairha Styles 2 months ago
TRG 2 years ago
Enchanted fans = wildest dreams fans = getaway car fans = cruel summer fans = august fans = gold rush fans
sorry for my existence.
Lily Hayes
Lily Hayes 2 years ago
TJ Bartilet
TJ Bartilet 2 years ago
i- how-
Emmie Cheng
Emmie Cheng 2 years ago
Igor Silva
Igor Silva 2 years ago
But Wildest Dreams had a music video, at least.
Ștefan Ciobotaru
Ștefan Ciobotaru 11 months ago
This is the perfect song to play when you`re really upset, isn`t it?:) Like, this song helped me to calm down and I`m so grateful for Taylor right now.
L3a Santos
L3a Santos 5 months ago
Uma das maiores do lover.
O Tour de Eras Roblox
Vc percebeu que Getaway Car é Cruel Summer se interligam? O fim de Getaway Car é o começo de Cruel Summer?
L3a Santos
L3a Santos 14 days ago
​@O Tour de Eras Robloxsimmmmm.
all of mary's voices💙💚
Stefan Alcantara
Stefan Alcantara 2 months ago
Can't believe we'll finally see clips of her performing this live
Marcos G. Díaz
Marcos G. Díaz 2 months ago
OMG I'm so excited to experience this song live! ♥
jsufn Month ago
​@Marcos G. Díaz so lucky!! hope u have fun!
Marcos G. Díaz
Marcos G. Díaz 4 days ago
@jsufn thank you so much ❤
Knyisile Precious
Knyisile Precious 4 months ago
This song has been playing in my head for like 4 days and I finally found it Love you Taylor swift 💖🖤
Bph Lover
Bph Lover 3 years ago
This should be a single Taylor. Please make this your next single.
acoi900 3 years ago
After that pls stream make this song top 10 Hot Billboard.. ✌🏼
April Joy Cinco
April Joy Cinco 3 years ago
@acoi900 top 1 on Billboard Hot 100. We will do it!!
Skeiotone Skeis
Skeiotone Skeis 3 years ago
@April Joy Cinco it's not that easy tho.
April Joy Cinco
April Joy Cinco 3 years ago
@Skeiotone Skeis yeah but this is the best pop song of Taylor, man. Better than Shake It Off and Blank Space.
Skeiotone Skeis
Skeiotone Skeis 3 years ago
@April Joy Cinco if she promotes...
sunny side up!
sunny side up! 4 months ago
amo essa
Joshua Ogues
Joshua Ogues 13 days ago
Praying this will start playing on the radio in June 🙏🏼
trolliar 6 months ago
This is not a song, it's a feeling.
Life with rya
Life with rya 6 months ago
I think we can all agree she's soooo amazing
Gayle Reyes
Gayle Reyes 3 months ago
Ethan 8 months ago
We really need a live performance of Cruel Summer! On her next tour, please Taylor 🙏🏾
MKCarlos 3 years ago
can you imagine how successful this song would have been if it was the lead single...
Ziga Sajtegel
Ziga Sajtegel 3 years ago
Me! Is better tho
David 3 years ago
It’s an after album single, but it should have been either Lover, Cornelia Street, Paper Rings, The Man, And Cruel Summer.
Kierstine Arrowood
Kierstine Arrowood 3 years ago
@Ziga Sajtegel jutkqq jkdhk
Martin del Puerto
Martin del Puerto 3 years ago
@Ziga Sajtegel said no one ever
Emannyv 10 months ago
This should’ve been a single !! It’s such a bop and it’s aging really well. It’s a timeless song
José Wanderson
José Wanderson 7 months ago
Até hoje ouço essa música. Vamos fazer chegar a 50 milhões.
I never get bored when i listened to her songs, is always the best, and never dissapointed us.
Reagan Smith
Reagan Smith Year ago
This is one of Taylor's best songs and one of my personal favorites. This deserves more recognition and we all need a music video for this asap. ❤❤❤
Andressa Souza
Andressa Souza Month ago
Song perfeito
Niamh Şen
Niamh Şen 2 years ago
"I don't wanna keep secrets just to keep you" that line is so underrated, it's so powerful
CobraSlots Year ago
Violet Year ago
KAR YI MOK Year ago
Remind me of Olivia Rodrigo's "Traitor", "I kept quiet so I could keep you"
Vanessa Arualan
@KAR YI MOK same
Someone Year ago
ikr... it's a feeling that she captured so well, but i mean she's taylor swift it's what she does
💜elliott's sister 🦋(taylivia's version)
Really want to hear this masterpiece live!
Wallace Patrick
Wallace Patrick 10 months ago
Não consigo enjoar dessa música 😍
Wallace Patrick
Wallace Patrick 3 months ago
Aqui estou eu ouvindo essa música sensacional
Aline Fernanda
Aline Fernanda 5 months ago
Essa música me lembra coisas boas❤ 2023🇧🇷🇧🇷
ArTS 2 months ago
it's one of her shortest songs but I'm obsessed with it 😍
Sarah Devendorf
Sarah Devendorf 2 years ago
I’m surprised that more people aren’t talking about the lyric parallels between All too Well’s “in the refrigerator light” and cruel summers “in the glow of the vending machine” SHE IS A GENIUS
Jade 🌸
Jade 🌸 Year ago
😱😱 how did I never relate these two lyrics?!
Sidney Year ago
what about 'you kept me like a secret but i kept you like an oath' and 'i don't wanna keep secrets just to keep you'
venecia wee
venecia wee Year ago
N Year ago
Daniel 12 days ago
If this song will be release as single now, will be the song of the summer. Re-entry next week in Billboard Hot100. Tay do it. Cruel Summer is masterpiece.
Regina Newport
Regina Newport 6 months ago
Jamming out to this epic song after getting tickets to see Taylor! Hope she sings it live!
Vi Vi
Vi Vi 2 days ago
✨️Voy a ir al the eras tour en ciudad de México y voy a escuchar esta canción en vivo, hecho está✨️
tia brown
tia brown 11 months ago
this song is amazing..I always ask my mom to play this song while I'm in car! I love to listen to this song with headphones by myself. thank you Taylor.
Aila Mae Esteban
Love this song!❤
Ella _4896
Ella _4896 3 years ago
This song sounds like it would be at the end of an epic teen movie
MichaelJ 3 years ago
Patricia Macabulos
Patricia Macabulos 3 years ago
I challenge this: Paper Rings would be at the end of an epic teen 2000’s teen movie.
Ellen R
Ellen R 3 years ago
highkey love simon vibes
Keirimar Navas
Keirimar Navas 3 years ago
After ...
Dylan 3 years ago
Ella _4896 no teen movie is “epic”
Maria Jose Diaz Herazo
hera billa
hera billa Year ago
Zuzanna Wisniewska
Zuzanna Wisniewska 5 months ago
One of the few songs that never gets old...
Me 10 months ago
Her voice helps me to make mind calmness. Thank you Taylor for singing for us.
Ur mom
Ur mom Month ago
It’s giving the summer I turned pretty vibes, this was my fav song when it released but, I forgot abt it. BUT NOW IM SO OBSESSED THIS IS GONNA BE ON REPEAT THIS SUMMER.
Pickle 3 years ago
I'll never stop appreciating artist who put their lyrics in the videos description!
Khushiii 3 years ago
SoutheastRice 96 same
bun 3 years ago
I'm the 499 like
Jennifer Jiang
Jennifer Jiang 3 years ago
Part of me thinks it's so we don't have more starbucks lovers in this era
galaxy Ocean
galaxy Ocean 3 years ago
@Jennifer Jiang 😂😂
Yoongi's First Love
Omg i didnt realize that
Jason 11 months ago
*Taylor Swift's "Cruel Summer" has now surpassed 300 million streams on Spotify.*
bruce25 11 months ago
And it's #5 for her most popular song on Spotify now.
Brian Schon
Brian Schon 7 months ago
Well deserved. We love to dance to it. So 😎 cool
Abel Month ago
500M now!
Chill Radio
Chill Radio Year ago
Time will pass, we will get older, but this song will remain in our heart forever !
Hafizha Sarah
Hafizha Sarah 9 months ago
The most epic summer song from Taylor Swift Definitely I'll be playing it on repeat
alivelynx 7 months ago
my most fav Taylor's song ever. been a fan of it since 2019 🥰
Heyyo 84
Heyyo 84 7 months ago
I… really love how this song makes me feel. It’s hard to describe. First time listening and I felt- “it” lol.
reddphoenix16 3 years ago
This song makes me feel such powerful feelings that aren’t even there.
nat 3 years ago
reddphoenix16 SAME!!!!
Chi-Fei Hsu
Chi-Fei Hsu 3 years ago
same here!!!!
sophievaughan 3 years ago
This comment literally is how I feel lol. I can’t find the words!
Ayra Diaz
Ayra Diaz 3 years ago
RIGHT?!??!?! Something hurts inside I don't even know what it is!
Jessica the Gryffindor Nightingale
3D MUSIC yay!
mikeytherealist 10 months ago
always loved this gem before it gained even more popularity recently.
Jonathan James Crowley
I have loved this song since I first heard it. One of her best.
nichole jackson
nichole jackson 19 days ago
This needs to be a single ❤😭
Esther Karla Pascua Cachero
I hoped for so long for Cruel Summer to become a single. We need a music video for this!
Aswin Suresh
Aswin Suresh 2 years ago
"Cruel Summer" is the most underrated iconic song of taylor swift
Fun of Music
Fun of Music 2 years ago
So true!
Sahar 2 years ago
It's not underrated. But 100% iconic
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger 2 years ago
Don't forget " Don't Blame Me"
Dominic 2 years ago
fine line
fine line 2 years ago
You forgot Clean
Jhon Lourence
Jhon Lourence 9 months ago
i remember first listening to this song of her, it jumps definitely at my top 3 fave songs of taylor swift ♥️
Greedidi 10 months ago
Am I mad at Taylor for not making this masterpiece a single ? absolutely YES !!!
Leanne Wierzbicki
Leanne Wierzbicki 2 months ago
Ok. I am a huge fan of Taylor, and all of her songs are AMAZING🤩. But, and this is a huge thing to say, THIS IS MY FAVE. Love you Taylor, forever and always.
Of the woods Out
Of the woods Out 11 months ago
This song never gets old. I could listen it for 1 million times
Brian Schon
Brian Schon 7 months ago
Yes makes us dance. So cool love it
Marcos Silva
Marcos Silva 2 days ago
No aquecimento para ouvir isso aqui no Brasil 🇧🇷
It’s unacceptable that we have never heard or seen Cruel Summer live
l Year ago
absolutely unacceptable
beans Year ago
Completely unacceptable
Lliea Year ago
utterly unacceptable
Sweet nothing 🍄
Absolutely unacceptable
Alicourts 727
Alicourts 727 Year ago
This song is quite difficult so that might be why
James Galvesolo
James Galvesolo 10 months ago
I love seeing Cruel Summer gets a lot of views and stream! Keep it up✔️💛
Of course, Why not?
Of course, Why not? 11 months ago
I’m literally shocked when this played first in TSITP ‘cuz I was just listening to this when there’s fewer listener now many can relate why this song is loved.
Aurelia 11 months ago
Mariel Endozo
Mariel Endozo 2 months ago
i've been a fan of her since i don't know when. she's more like a part of my childhood! i'd like to see her someday!
Haydenrouqe Ledesma
Haydenrouqe Ledesma 9 months ago
this song is really a masterpiece!
fairy of shampoo
fairy of shampoo 2 days ago
i started reading a story named cruel summer a few months ago. i didnt know it could have been a reference to this song but now that i discovered it i find it amazing and i'll have to keep reading. there's something so special about this song and it is my favorite with the lakes
Daniela Year ago
THIS SONG WAS A MASTERPIECE LONG BEFORE TIKTOK like I’m glad it’s getting the recognition it deserves but I ABSOLUTELY HATE people calling it a TikTok song
XxUicornXx zoey
username Year ago
Kayden Carson
Kayden Carson Year ago
Wait...there are people who say that! Hold on lemme just go call them scooter and Jake. Insulting them without them knowing🥰🥰
Manu Rosa
Manu Rosa 11 months ago
YES. AUG 2019 all about begging on ours knees to see more from this 😶😶😶
alisa 11 months ago
it’s a tiktok song?? since when 😭
Wallace Patrick
Wallace Patrick 11 months ago
Essa é a minha música favorita desse álbum todo 1. Cruel summer 2. I think he knows 3. I forgot that you existed 4. London Boy 5. Need calm down 6. Me! 7. Lover 8.
Emotif 11 days ago
We need an official music video, please!
Ahsanul Fahmi
Ahsanul Fahmi 3 months ago
i've been listening to this music for last 5 days, it can't get out of my head right now. dear taylor swift it's never too late to make a music video for this masterpiece, the feeling i've got and it's ooohhh ohh owhh, it's a cruel summer
Aria Canavo
Aria Canavo 10 months ago
I love Taylor swift her music is amazing