Testing Minecraft Illusions From Level 1 to Level 100

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How to Make The Best Viral Optical Illusions in Minecraft That Confuse Your Eyes and Testing Minecraft Illusions That Defy Logic No Mods Tutorial with Eystreem and Ethan!

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Oct 12, 2021




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Comments 2 835
@ania62798 Year ago
Level 4 is (I think ) called the infinite triangle, it's a famous illusion
This series is amazing. The 3 year’s where werethit I love it
i’m sick right now but you make my day and make me feel better thank you
You keep going insane on even single digit levels
I actually focused on an imaginary circle in an illusion
I love how it shows the level 100 at the top right :)
@zenon3944 Year ago
I like how level 1 is super confusing then level 100 which is basic-
Can we get a new trailer for Magic of Kuma? Watching the exact same trailer in every video since the trailer's first release sorta makes it lose its effect and it starts to get stale over time, so try to keep it fresh with a couple different trailers that are a little spread out, okay?
Is it weird that I figured out basically all of them at a single look?
@anniezly3523 Year ago
I request a survival series...the last one was great but it was 2 years ago and we definately need a new one! Keep up the great work!!
@user-go4iw6mx9g 14 days ago
If you want to know how to make the eye illusion just make a half circle into something 3D then add a little circle at the end
ELLA:literally going insane from the illusions
@dagamer4010 Year ago
The animated series is gonna be AWESOME!
Jordan with Ethan= craziness 💯
The black square one if you look in the middle it feels like its coming closer. And they skipped alot of levels
Some of these you can easily tell what the illusion is.
My brain went from 100iq to 0 iq on lvl100
What does jordan actually use to make such animations
@zentio8711 Year ago
imagine what level 1000 illusion be like