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The Amazing Digital Circus is a psychological dark comedy about cute cartoon characters who hate their lives and want to leave 🎪😀
Created by @Gooseworx and the GLITCH team
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Oct 12, 2023




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@GLITCH 4 months ago
GLITCH'S NEXT SHOW IS HERE! We really hope you all enjoyed it. Our little indie team and the amazing Gooseworx put a lot of love and effort into making this ♥AS WE ALWAYS WILL! We'd like to do a full season and are currently seeking funding! You can help support us by getting some merch ► digitalcircus.store/ No pressure though, hope you have a great day! 💙
@collosious3597 4 months ago
i hope you also have a great day
@mangl3x 4 months ago
peoplewho loved the pilot ⬇️
@_peni_parker 4 months ago
Ya casi se estrena aaaaaa❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
@Theunholybeanshort 4 months ago
Early frfr 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️
@bennysanimations 4 months ago
too poor to get merch 👇
@LumpyTouch 4 months ago
Absolutely loved it! Amazing animation and designs, bravo! Fun cast of characters too. I hope we get a lot more!
@user-eh6pm4kj4y 4 months ago
@CorrectAnswer12 4 months ago
@Hippoisverycool 4 months ago
@Hippoisverycool 4 months ago
@@CorrectAnswer12haha we said the same thing
@Gabe_was_here 4 months ago
The 16 bit man behind the slaughter
@CranNana 6 days ago
The look on Pomni’s face at the feast, the way her face changes into look of pure horror as she finally accepts that she’s never leaving this place. Truly extraordinarily terrifying.
A:Approach 1:Beautiful Approach B:Beautiful 2:Beautiful Content C:Content 3:Dry Content D:Dry 4:Dry Explanation E:Explanation 5:Explanation Fall F:Fall 6:God Fall G:God 7:God Hide H:Hide 8:ice Hide i:ice
@Noah_Dragon 3 days ago
@MusicIndustree 3 days ago
24:32 wtf pomnis face
This animation took DIGITAL CIRCUS to a whole new level of hilarity! The humor is fresh, and the animation style enhances the comedic elements. It's a must-watch for any DIGITAL CIRCUS enthusiast. Well done!
She's asking for it
@aquamarie3117 2 days ago
By far the funniest thing. "What do you think of XDDCC?" "I don't-" "You're right, terrible!"
@Dani11036 Day ago
@Dani11036 Day ago
@a_zula1 2 days ago
I kept seeing that court jester character everywhere and wondered where she came from. I'm glad I found out where. The animations are smooth and the aesthetics are doing something for me.
Same for me, ive watched this 3 times now.
@@-AmiesHammerThrow- pathetic, I’ve watched this three times TODAY ALONE
at first I was a little off-put by this show bc of the fandom but im finally watching it and the smooth animation and absolute GOLD that is Caine's delivery on everything has me sold.
@UmSteven 3 days ago
same fr
I'm the guy who's off-putting you
@lilfirebug 2 days ago
never be put off by a fandom, always give things a chance
@003dylan 2 days ago
@@lilfirebugOne day people will learn not to judge something by it's fans... one day.
What's the fandom like? I only heard about the show today
@flipnoteblooper 2 days ago
I know this isn’t a large flex, but I saw this at 8 mil, and now ITS ALMOST AT 300 MILLION VIEWS! major props to the animation and designing team, you guys did a fantastic job
cara uaaaaaau incrível 😮 🧥 🩴 Qqet
@TemmerTunes 4 months ago
It's been a blast so far being the lead animator on this show, and I'm so honored to work with such a talented team! We put so much love into bringing these characters to life. Hope you all enjoyed the pilot!
@teddyfurstman1997 4 months ago
So glad this pilot is here! Your Animations are stunning.
@n11ck 4 months ago
Never stop doing what you do, you beautiful bastard
@Ringorotten14 4 months ago
Thank you, this was the best birthday ever
@Huckjusta 4 months ago
Sup! Love your Animations.
@antlife3990 4 months ago
​@@UTTPr378im getting tired of these bots
@xmen12315 6 days ago
The animated show equivalent of being on an acid trip that you can’t wake up from. We truly are living in a renaissance of animation
This animation took DIGITAL CIRCUS to a whole new level of hilarity! The humor is fresh, and the animation style enhances the comedic elements. It's a must-watch for any DIGITAL CIRCUS enthusiast. Well done!
@flipnoteblooper 2 days ago
@@crunkaintdead7702hardly not true
@flipnoteblooper 2 days ago
@@crunkaintdead7702you do it then
When pomni makes the sad face It is SO ADORABLE!
@user-lu5mg5mi7h 5 days ago
@SyphrisANALYSIS 5 days ago
@Aliengrove 4 days ago
@@SyphrisANALYSIS 9:38
@AmCanDrC 4 days ago
Yea its too cuteeeeeeeeeee🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
@Geo_TV 3 days ago
I avoided this show for the longest time, I've been meaning to watch it because it looks good and I've heard good things about it but... I've been hearing nothing but good things about it which makes it hard for to watch, nothing is perfect and from what I've seen from the fandom this show is,so that put me off for the longest time but since this show is apparently getting a full series I finally watched it. I'm on 9:33 into the episode so far I'm enjoying it so far. Edit:wow this was actually an good pilot,can't wait for more.
Fun fact: For those who don't have RU-vid Premium with the option to continue playing the video even with the app minimized, this specific video runs in the background. Edit: Apparently it doesn't work for everyone.
@carlos9884 3 days ago
how is this possible?
Just watch it with a browser on mobile. All videos play for me while minimized.
@stevenstone9839 3 days ago
In some phones it doesn't require premium
I can do that for every video and I don't have Premium
@demi-femme4821 3 days ago
Caine truly thought of everything.
Pomni finds out she cant swear, immediately tries every swear word ever and then asks to leave. Her knowledge is the thing that is giving viewership.
@swing2006 4 months ago
I really enjoyed Caine's vocal expressions lmfao. That "Why are you like this" and "YOU PARASITE" was top tier delivery.
@Ayayaya312 4 months ago
@STEREOAHEAD 4 months ago
It was some of the funniest stuff I’ve ever heard
@user-eo7ke9tq6g 4 months ago
Fr he should be serious
@bloxboy72 4 months ago
@avengefullgirl95 4 months ago
@@bloxboy72 4:36 and 6:25
@eeeeaaaooo18 4 days ago
I just realized,Jax is actually a good guy,he literally just said the truth to Pomni at the start while everyone else was hiding the truth,and he said he put a centipede in ragatha’s room so she would forget the circus and not go crazy,and at 13:37 I could hear a roar,so I guess Jax heard it too and that’s why he threw the bowling ball at gangle and Kinger,so they wouldn’t get hurt by Abstracted Kafmuo.
To be fair, he’s just more down to the earth than the others and most of the time he doesn’t really care either.
@eeeeaaaooo18 4 days ago
@@thebrightdiamondtp7871 true
He also defended pomni when zooble tried saying something Abt her being there for the adventure
@imaginist_girl 3 days ago
@@Official_Hottie14​​⁠(not hating) i dont really think it was defending “Be quiet. Im trying to hear the escalator.”
@GachaGirl3529 7 days ago
Wow, they even added dubbing in Polish. Respect.
@user-hb7rs5rk1p 6 days ago
No nareszcie
@Simy999 5 days ago
@neoqzz 4 days ago
rel w koncu
Poor Pomni.. She finally realize that she’s stuck in the Digital Circus I love this! The art design and animations of the characters is so wonderful💖 Great work on the pilot episode!👏🏻👏🏻 This is so fantastic and funny, well-written! I can’t wait for the next episode of this fantastic show and more episodes to come😊
@rowbot5555 5 days ago
The announcment video with you guys making fun of content farms actually sold me on watching the pilot
@tumolt 4 days ago
I didn’t even understand that this digital cartoon was made in Russia, even though I’m from the CIS😅😂
@kirbendokasual 4 days ago
Same I watched it in secret though cuz YT Kids cringe
@@tumolt>I’m from the CIS *“FOR THE REPUBLIC!”*
Finally got around to watching this and wow. I love it. I adore the vast differences in all the characters personalities, the gorgeous animation, the comedic moments, the mystery… can’t wait to see more!
@piggylady225 4 months ago
Something I don’t see people talking a lot about is how interesting Pomni and Ragatha’s relationship is/has the potential to be. They start out in a classic mentor/mentee relationship with Ragatha taking Pomni under her wing, but whenever she needs help, Pomni abandons her. When she’s fixed at the end, we see her go back over to Pomni, like she still wants to be that mentor figure, but it’s more tense and you can tell that she does feel betrayed. This is an interesting subversion of this trope, and it could lead to them having a very complicated relationship, especially if this is a pattern of behavior for Pomni. Maybe Ragatha continues to be a reluctant mentor until Pomni redeems herself, or maybe it turns into a flat out rivalry. Lots of unique character interactions in store, either way! Wonderful episode, can’t wait to see more!
@Davtwan 4 months ago
And yet one of the things she was concerned was making sure Pomni had a good first day. Almost broke my heart that did.
@ericrudiger5019 4 months ago
Warum ist es deutsch
@Zakins4944 4 months ago
Why does everything have to be complicated
@aawallace98 4 months ago
in pomis defence they had known eachother for like an hour and there wasn't much she could actually do to help with out almost certenly getting both of them killed
@gljames24 4 months ago
Why would Ragatha blame her for getting the abstraction away and successfully getting Caine like she said she would?
This is my favorite thing now! I cannot wait until episode 2 comes out. Not gonna lie, I feel like Pomni would be suffering the 5 stages of grief but might abstract before she reaches the fifth: acceptance. Keep up the great work GLITCH!
@UV_Lightning 2 days ago
@yakkowarner5038 4 days ago
The circus is really a mad place if you think about it, some guy already has gone insane of thinking about exit and turned into a literal monster. Caine really hides something from everybody, including the fact he's the most powerful guy there and can do anything except reading minds and some other things unmentioned.
I remember the day this came out. I was on my Nintendo Switch, and I saw this show up in my recommended. I had previously seen a video by Gooseworx showing off a track from the OST, so I was already somewhat familiar with this So, I watched it, and oh my god it was good. REALLY good The animation, the voice acting, the humor, it was amazing. This was the first time I had ever seen anything from GLITCH (excluding the SMG4 videos), and this really showed me how indie animation is rising up. Thank you, Kevin Temmer Thank you, Gooseworx And thank you, GLITCH.
@KieranH612 6 days ago
The animation and voice acting go so well together, 10/10
@dinovlogs2408 3 days ago
The way they show their interactions is so well done.
@GardenWolf 4 months ago
I think what gets me the most in this show, horror-wise, is the fact that once someone abstracts and are put in the hole, they're just left there forever like that. If they cant eat or sleep, are they also unable to die? Can they talk in there or are they all just beasts now? Man, my overthinking ass would abstract so fast its not even funny. Love the show yall!!
@shadowdaman 4 months ago
SpongeBob rollercoaster meme
@mute_main5491 4 months ago
Ahhh so scary 😢😢😢
@St-ef9ru 4 months ago
Kars never returned to earth. He became half-mineral, half-animal, and floated forever through space. And though he wished for death, he was unable to die. So eventually, he stopped thinking.
@FGTM94 6 days ago
Thank you, Glitch Productions, for polish version with polish voices, althrough I expected more popular polish VAs like Jarosław Boberek or Jacek Rozenek. Greetings from Poland.
@hubertus3794 6 days ago
Opie, ten dubbing robiło "burr dolina studios" aka grupka (co prawda utalentowanych) fandubberów znanych z robienia dubbingu do helluva boss (+ nie wiem jak dokładnie wygląda wybór studia które zajmnie się lokalizacją ale nie wydaje mi się żeby glitch samemu wybierał zespoły bo po pierwszcze, zajmowało by to zbyt dużo czasu i po drugie z tego co widziałem to większość (jak nie wszystkie) to grupy fanduberskie bo glitch jest stosunkowo małą firmą i tak wychodzi im to taniej niż zamówić taki od dużego, profesjonalnego studia więc na przyszłość jak powstanie dubbing do murder drones (czego osobiście chcę i jeśli będzie to robić ten sam team to nie boję się już że może wyjść to wręcz a słuchalne) to nie spodziewaj się Khana przemawiającego głosem Boberka (już se wyodważam Boberka w pokoju nagrani entuzjastycznie krzyczącego "Panowie! Moją córkę jarają drzwi!" Kisnę wręcz na samą myśl XD)
@kauaf_g 4 days ago
maybe that was because the studio they chose to dub it, on the Brazilian version we got a lot of popular VAs
@Vikingcarl101 4 days ago
It gets me like 😂 from how the show didn’t exist yet
@user-jf9qp4zx7p 3 days ago
Абалеудикұ😂ешсв нораж😅
Jax Mouth Open: 4:53 Jax Mouth Closed: 17:29
@MrJuuko 2 days ago
Purée l'animation est excellente, le doublage aussi, et l'univers et ses personnages à la fois originaux, envoûtants et mystérieux. J'ADORE !
@PMA233 Day ago
pareil, et maintenant mon français est utile!
@Shay_D_Mann 4 days ago
So this is where Sparkle went insane. It all makes sense now.
3:51 “DROWN YOURSELF IN THE DIGITAL LAKE” 😂😂😂😂😂 got me laughing on the floor
@nickeronii 4 months ago
Didn't expect the hardest orchestra I've ever heard to come out of an incredible internet animation about the dread of never being able to have a chance at finding your way home and conforming to the situation to not be turned into a brainless monster.
@booiscaredyou. 4 months ago
this tbh
@RyanSoltani 4 months ago
That ending track was so grand
8:55 I legit lost it when Jax called Kinger "Hoo-ha"😂
@JunkilDJunkil 4 days ago
this show makes me feel like a kid again with its animation and color cast while giving me something to enjoy as an adult. and to think i only checked this show out because i got really curious when i saw a group cosplay of middle schoolers at a convention
@CateFoxTv Day ago
Ponmi is actually very shy and didn't realize that she pushed the others because she saw a flower fall.
@Scrubbzz 4 days ago
Bubble is definitely my favorite. He’s such a lil cutie pie
@JunkilDJunkil 4 days ago
нет, он ест пироги
@lauret0805 3 days ago
98jioôöí8888oóo0nplmñnll9m lĺl Źźvvďc Ĺok 6ĺll Vźp.o?jun ? Ñ0ló Modulo ioiô 9kkokjh8u i04ió9
@DanielVasquezYT 2 days ago
OMG THEY ADDED POLISH! God, I hope they add a Dutch dub cuz I can't wait to hear TADC in that language!
@blazingbluedeath 4 months ago
I'm both impressed and absolutely horrified at how quickly pomni started descending into madness
@Kodechi-Kun 4 months ago
Honestly i'm more suprised at how everyone else is sane
@vyawojciechowski 4 months ago
They prob found a way to cope with it. But not for Pomni
@SandBagEater 4 months ago
Shes a speedrunner
​@@Officeruttpassaultstop trolling you little baby 😒
@Someone-sq8im 2 months ago
@@Kodechi-Kunstay crazy to avoid the crazy. Sometimes the blue pill is better after all
@zombipro739 6 days ago
В честь выхода новой серии: решил глянуть этот ваш цифровой цирк И в правду очень интересно, а рисовка очень приятная. Ру озвучка шикарнейшая, обилие шуток очень зашло Однозначно: достойный проект, очень достойный
@JoshuaMehrhoff 4 days ago
Kinger:just freaks out Jax:come on lady’s let’s go harass the clown💅✨🙄 *he says walking like a QUEEN 😩✨💅*
I love how it’s only the pilot episode and we know all of the characters personalities. Jax is the rude and funny jerk, zooble is the sassy and sarcastic news breaker, ragitha is the polite and caring supporter, gangle is the shy and sensitive crybaby, kinger is the psychotic and crazy possible killer, Caine is funny and serious at times, and Pomni is the scared and paranoid crazy lady.
Almost 300 mil in 4 months. That has to be a record
Kinger's cut off second scream gets me every time.
@Da_Pixel_Dude 4 months ago
I love how Kane isn't your usual "British and wants to make a deal for your soul" type of character. It's a nice fresh take.
@carpenoctem3257 4 months ago
It really does feel like he runs the show, not as the person in control of the circus but instead a charismatic leader who genuinely cares about his underlings safety and mental well being doing the best with what he has got
@philipryan1829 4 months ago
@scrapclawz 4 months ago
its spelled caine but yeah i understand
@carpenoctem3257 4 months ago
@@philipryan1829 when characters in most media fit Caines archetype they usually are outright evil or underlying sinister. They flipped the script and shown him as jovial and kind even if it’s in a weird way. Or atleast that’s what I took from it
@tysondennis1016 4 months ago
He gives me major Collector vibes
@DrMDHyde 5 days ago
I love Cain just shouting “YOU PARASITE!” It’s my favorite line for honestly no reason
@JunkilDJunkil 5 days ago
не кричи
@jrz.zrj1461 4 days ago
A dublagem brasileira ficou estupenda! Fiquei maravilhado, de verdade. A interpretação dos dubladores ficou à altura da aflição, do sarcasmo e demais expressões das personagens. :)
Shut up
@lunarskys2645 2 days ago
汉语配音也很好!Jax 听起来他所有人都讨厌
The most famous line of Caine is “ Y O U P A R A S I T E “
I believe I never saw a youtube series project with that many dubs and subs, so cool
8:03 i love kinger hes literally a king piece if he could speak
@Dastankbeets9486 4 months ago
Wow, what a unique take on cosmic horror! The burden of insanity is palpable.
@manuraptor7388 4 months ago
psychological horror *
@billysweird 4 months ago
@@manuraptor7388 It's also very cosmic horror, cosmic horror is basically just anything that is incomprehensible to the human mind. Usually leading to psychological breakdowns. Like an extremely finite carnival floating in the middle of a void with no escape and the off chance you might turn into a giant spikey blob of eyes at any moment but still also be semi-conscious...for example
@Scarshadow666 4 months ago
Agreed! Top-notch creepy cosmic horror! **chef's kiss**
@Dastankbeets9486 4 months ago
actually, I don't think the psychological horror and cosmic horror are in conflict at all. In fact, I think they are kissing passionately, making out sloppy style etc @@manuraptor7388
I have to say, this is absolutely AMAZING! 💯 I’m excited to see the other episodes once they come out!
@user-kx6tr8bw5o 2 days ago
@wadida6067 4 days ago
the joke at 6:20 gotta be the best representation of caine as a character
@user-mj5eq1xi7i 2 days ago
I am Japanese, but thanks to the Japanese version, I can see such an interesting little movie! I don't get tired of seeing how many times! It is very interesting and humming! Thank you for posting such!
@sexyfrog_swag 4 days ago
The final scenes actually kinda made me cry. Keep up the good work, y’all!
@JT0521 23 hours ago
My favorite is when Jax’s say “that leaves crybaby and hooah”
@noodles2459 4 months ago
What Blows my mind is this show has SEVERAL World wide Languages for it's audio tracks. No wonder this show is so popular! It's got world wide appeal.
@dthebworm5149 4 months ago
yeah, that's so cool! that's my first time hearing of such function though.. but its COOL and like... you know how youtube (or whatever does this) sometimes translates the title of the video from original into some other language? at first i thought i misclicked the video, hahah
@JunkilDJunkil 5 days ago
мне надоело отвечать на комментарии про дубляж, поэтому я этого делать больше не буду
@@JunkilDJunkil Могу я спросить?... Кто ты вообще?
​@@bartoszbrzeczkwiat6367 аккаунт, с которого я ранее тебе ответил, был забанен, так что отвечаю с другого Так вот, я джанкил
I am watching this series from SMG4 and company, congratulations on being the center of entertainment in 2023.
I like how Ashley AND Micheal are in the same show 😊 Hazbin Hotel was great. I can't wait to see what happens next in TADC
@Maerddd15427 4 days ago
Isso tá incrível!em quatro meses uma animação crescer tão rápido é algo muito raro!
@adrianaluna9462 3 days ago
A dublagem ta incrível, meu deus o Guilherme é incrível.
@thescholarofAK 4 months ago
There is so much to unpack, I have no clue where to start. I love how gooseworx managed to capture the abstract terror of amnesia and the terror of the unknown. The characters are so charming. The hints to the lore like the hallway doors, Cofmo’s abstraction, the back rooms, the void, the computer Pomni recognized, the logo, so many secrets! I can’t wait!
@snakeeyes9246 4 months ago
MatPat will certainly have his hands full with this one soon like he already does with Murder Drones.
C&A= Caine and Abel?
@DJSlimeball 4 months ago
It's spelled "Kaufmo" : )
@arc-7740 4 days ago
Dla wszystkich osób które obejrzały to z polskim dubbingiem to chciałem tylko powiedzieć z spodoba mi się jak Caine mówi ,,TY DARMOZJADZIE!!!''
@PeanutPerson84 2 days ago
Wolałem jakby powiedział "TY PASOŻYCIE" ale finalny efekt nie jest zły
@user-qu2df2eu2s 6 days ago
I know im late but this is PEAK FICTION. the idea is great. the animation is creative and others, i cant wait for episode 2
55 secs later
@hubertus3794 6 days ago
Blud didn't seen murder drones and thinks TADC is peak glitch💀
@user-qu2df2eu2s 2 days ago
dude ive seen murder drone
@hubertus3794 2 days ago
@@user-qu2df2eu2s TADC has petential but it can't get close to MD level
@Daidoro Day ago
I came back to rewatch the pilot after seeing the trailer of Pomni and Caine appearing with a sneak peak of Episode 1 coming very soon!
@Caustic968 4 days ago
276+ million views in 4 months?! Well deserved views. This is absolutely amazing!!
This was SO good. I enjoyed watching all of the crazy characters getting into trouble and trying to figure out a way to solve it. Especially with Pomni, the way she freaked out at first was funny and especially when she thought she finally escaped.
@CurryLovingKuri 4 months ago
Everyone's voice acting is absolutely superb! Love how each of the character's have their own little visual tics, such as Caine's eyes retreating into his jaw when he's obviously caught in a lie. Wow...the delicious blend of vivid visual color with splashes of blink-and-miss-it horror come together so well. Bravo!!!
@prowlbeast1959 4 months ago
To add onto the voices, the fact they have audiotracks in like 10 languagesss!!
@FleppyTheClown 4 months ago
I don't know, the main characters voice acting feels a bit iffy at times, but everyone else’s is good
​@@prowlbeast1959so in Indonesian voice like this
@Mr.Wonder1ng 3 days ago
This is perfect. I couldn’t be more excited for more of something. I’m not exaggerating.
Thank you for making this masterpiece
9:09 "come on ladies, let's go harass the clown" got me roling 😂😂
@user-mo9gi1um4s 5 days ago
the most amazing work I have seen. I hope they continue working hard to release chapter 2 soon. We will be waiting for greetings from Mexico.
@Ninoyt43 5 days ago
@user-mo9gi1um4s 5 days ago
And if you ask how a Mexican speaks English, that's why I learned it.
@JunkilDJunkil 4 days ago
много хочешь
@Mr.A2099 3 days ago
The ending hits so hard with the music and everything
@voidtv8401 4 months ago
“You didn’t experience a GAME SHOW in there, did you??” That’s such a good callback to Gooseworx’ running gag of doing that when characters get eaten.
@RubberBal 4 months ago
Thats A little Runmo Reference from @Gooseworx
@Ragatha_df Month ago
I love Little Runmo
Murderer Drones 🤖🚀 💜 Uzi X N 💛 💛 V X N 💛
In spanish he says 'turkish soap opera' 💀
@danielogipl7051 6 days ago
polski dubbing bardzo dobry jest, najlepsze są te "nie było tam gry 1 z 10?" i "spadajmy nim pokaże ciemną stronę", brawo dla polskich aktorów i tłumaczow 🔥 czekaliśmy 3 miesiące i się doczekaliśmy
@Nostr00 6 days ago
Jeszcze takie lokalne smaczki jak alert RCB
No fajne
@55sfg55 6 days ago
Ja bym jednak się uczepił przekleństw, są one trochę zbyt słyszalne w scenie Pomni (słaba cenzura). Ale to szczegół i może to tylko ja.
@Yuki85 6 days ago
@danielogipl7051 5 days ago
@@55sfg55 szczerze oprócz "kurwa" i "cipa" nie zrozumiałem nic innego
@DragonStyle808 5 days ago
Wow. Just wow. This is so freaking entertaining and I want more.
@giftgiver23 Day ago
For some reason I love the detail of the food being low poly
@beniciofedrigo 4 days ago
24:30 Without a doubt, one of The Beatles' best live performances
@flipnoteblooper 2 days ago
@Yuttsuun 21 hour ago
"drown yourself in the digital lake!" Kills me everytime
@LightBloxVidsYT 4 months ago
Y’all are making some legendary pieces of art when it comes to online indie animation. Murder drones and now this? Truly a game changer. Great work guys!
@LightBloxVidsYT 4 months ago
@@UTTPHQ grass. [ grăs ] Any of a large family (Gramineae or Poaceae) of monocotyledonous plants having narrow leaves, hollow stems, and clusters of very small, usually wind-pollinated flowers. Grasses include many varieties of plants grown for food, fodder, and ground cover. a low, green plant that grows naturally over a lot of the earth's surface, having groups of very thin leaves that grow close together in large numbers a surface made of grass that is sometimes used as a playing area for tennis, football, and other field sports, or for horse racing:
@ryandoggo 4 days ago
I can't believe this pilot episode was only out four months ago. Will wait for more patiently.
@user-gg3xy5nz4v 6 days ago
Thanks glitch for making this because my classmate made this a story in school we make our own things but we stopped playing it but thank you
@shoobaqueen3178 20 hours ago
amazing i love this. Intriguing premise, EPIC animation, fantastic voice acting
@nefty_plus 7 days ago
Thank you for Polish dub!
@lazylizzie5161 3 days ago
Love this. New fan! ❤
@icypopsicle9082 4 months ago
When my sister first showed this to me I thought it was a professional kid’s show. This is so well animated and beautiful, and is even more impressive for an indie company. Keep up the good work!
@dmccarty88 4 months ago
@offbranddorito9668 4 months ago
The fact that you thought it was a kid’s show means you don’t know much about gooseworx’s stuff
@icypopsicle9082 4 months ago
@@offbranddorito9668 I don’t, no. But I will definitely be checking out more of their stuff
@azuraamasu5668 4 months ago
​@@offbranddorito9668ok? 💀
This Maybe My New Favorite Show In The Whole World! It Also Is The Best Show In The World They Did A Great Job On this Show Cant Wait For Ep 2 To Fully come Out!
@Ptys123 6 days ago
Thank you for polish version! ❤
@natalbarros4673 5 days ago
@natalbarros4673 5 days ago
McQueen que é tchc🎉😊😊😊😂😂😂 um gu gghdhhs🕋😵😵🙄🙄😒
@lotion5238 Day ago
Definitely proof that adult cartoon animation can be well made and still have witty and amazing humor
@mateusz_dub 6 days ago
Polska górom, dziękujemy wam za ten dubbing
Wow as another film company that wants to make films just on RU-vid and to just entertain and share our stories, this studio inspires us a lot. We are making very low budget movies and shows that are live action (some of our spotlights will be animated) and we really are just trying to get our stories out there and show the world what we can do and what stories we can tell from nothing. So overall, we really appreciate you, GLITCH, and we are even more inspired to make shows and movies here on RU-vid because of you and your amazing success and films produced🔥💯
@048_bxo 2 days ago
I getcha. :) Check out the latest about Glitch, though.
@Blorp52 4 months ago
This is basically an adaptation of I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream if you think about it. Humans are trapped in an inescapable hell-scape by an artificial intelligence, given nonsensical names, forced to go on absurd adventures, and horrifically mutated against their will
@beth32879 4 months ago
Oh my god...
@teavee__ 4 months ago
I can't wait for the scene where Pomni get's turned into an amorphous blob!
this is not a comparison i expected but i definitely see it
@JMotion 6 days ago
I put off watching this for a while because I knew just by looking at Pomni all over twitter that I was going to love this. Once I saw there was a full season of episodes in the works, I decided to pull the trigger. And yeah, I love this. Doubly so now that I know this was animated in Australia. I lowkey assumed this was some foreign production that gained a weird following online like Garten of BanBan or whatever. But it turns out it was made on my home turf all along, so cool. Evidently I need to reexamine my personal biases.
its been 4 months already… for some reason i’ve thought its been longer but now im even more excited!!! cant wait for the 2 episode 🔥🔥🔥
@DX-222 4 days ago
Glitch said that they will release a new episode on may
@JunkilDJunkil 4 days ago
что тогда делать то будем
@@DX-222 thanks
@DX-222 4 days ago
@@ewwisthislmao63819 you're welcome
The song is now stuck in my head😂 I have watched this 10 time and I think I am going insane!
@user-so8yr4qj4o 3 days ago
Me identifico mucho con pomni, literalmente me siento así cuando tengo ansiedad y ataques de pánico, me encantó el capítulo ❤
@h.q.5195 4 months ago
This is so fun! I like how each character seems to be coping with the world they've been dropped onto in a different way. Ragatha is clearly trying to make the best and in denial whereas Jax is more cynical and doesn't seem to believe it's of much consequence, Kinger is much more anxious about things. As for the rest, I'm sure they'll be developed more in due time!
@colecamp2539 4 months ago
Hopefully Pomni can find some way to cope with the rest of them in the meantime. Poor girl really needs it
@Wack910 4 months ago
Hey man! 😹😹 Dont get too... 🤔 🤪WACKED OUT!🤪 if you know what im sayin!
@Wack910 4 months ago
@@uttpofficerofminecraftsuck1797 Hey man! 😹😹 Dont get too... 🤔 🤪WACKED OUT!🤪 if you know what im sayin!
@PheonixRising2988 4 months ago
This also looks like it'd be fun as an adventure/puzzle video game.
@_wuggy 5 days ago
Bubble reminds me of the paranha plant from Super Mario! This was a great Episode! Keep it up!
@JunkilDJunkil 4 days ago
и что было дальше?
Jax is the type of person to tell a lost orphan to go home.