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It’s been a year of calm. Homelander’s subdued. Butcher works for the government, supervised by Hughie of all people. But both men itch to turn this peace and quiet into blood and bone. So when The Boys learn of a mysterious anti-Supe weapon, it sends them crashing into The Seven, starting a war, and chasing the legend of the first Superhero: Soldier Boy. Season 3 arrives June 3rd, only on Prime Video.

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May 15, 2022




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Comments 5 780
The TV Regent
The boys never disappoint with the blood
alriejerald orlandez
This show gives you a real view of how its gonna be if some people actually had powers.
FC Mania
Butcher having powers similar to Homelander is absolutely poetic.
Michael T
Michael T 21 day ago
Just watched 1-3. So far so good. Even though they completely detoured from the comics, it’s still fresh and fun. Anthony Starr is meant for this role. His look and his eyes are so menacing.
Susmita Dhar Dhar
Antony Starr as Homelander is perfect casting and Karl Urban as Butcher is phenomenal. They do the characters justice
cqvio doli
The musical choice of The Beach Boys “Heroes and Villains” is absolutely stellar with this trailer!!! This upcoming season is gonna be a wild one!
TheGirl WithNoName
Homelander is probably one of the scariest characters I've ever seen. Totally unhinged with seemingly limitless power. So excited for the new season!
Johan Paudel
Can't wait to see Jensen Ackles as Soldier boy he is a fantastic actor.
When you think this show can't get any better, it does and it does it so magnificently
Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy looks great
Joshua Sweetvale
The characters in the show are a lot better written than the walking clichés in the comic, and the big arc the comics
Apollo Paul
There are scenes in Supernatural involving Jensen Ackles where his acting is so on point that you almost want to cry along with his character. One of the episodes is definitely called "Regarding Dean" and there's so many others involving his character. For any Supernatural fans in the comments, list the episodes where Jensen Ackles completely shines as an actor when he's portaying Dean Winchester. Since many Supernatural fans will now become fans of The Boys it would be cool to have fans of the Boys tryout some really memorable episodes of Supernatural.
Our Pranks
That scene where homelander imagines to kill the crowd with his laser eyes is still my fav scene of this show
The actor playing Homelander deserves some awards. The entire ensemble give great performances.
Zach Hicks
Zach Hicks 20 hours ago
This is seriously the best superhero show I’ve ever seen, and one of the best shows I’ve ever seen period.
Just the fact that they ran out of blood in episode 3 of this season shows how intense it will be. Also I am in pure shock that people are loving the real homelander so the fight will be hard this time.
Jonathan Diosa
This just makes me want to watch the first 2 seasons all over again.
Jay Be
The actor who plays Homelander managed to convey his underlying madness in the first few minutes of season 1.
DiGital SicKness
Standing ovation for who ever made this trailer! This has me pumped!!!
This is a fantastic series, one of my favorites! Thank you Amazon for allowing it to continue.