The GIRL made it out of WOOD🤯 

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Published on


Sep 16, 2023




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MAD BADGER 7 days ago
This woman handles wood like a pro.
Влад Анекдотыч
А может быть там вместе с ней за кадром команда столяров и плотников.
Петр Ситников
​@Влад Анекдотыч😂😂😂
Александр Смолин
​@Влад Анекдотыч😂👍
ಗಣೇಶ್ ಗಣಿ
Wait, what?!
Surfmus 5 days ago
The day she makes some bras with vines, is the day I'll be impressed.
Lois Foster
Lois Foster 2 days ago
T Bren
T Bren Day ago
Bra’s actually make boobs loose their firmness and makes them sag.
snap automotive
snap automotive 5 hours ago
Darby Hite
Darby Hite 3 hours ago
​@T Brenmy National geographic says age does that.
Дамиан 6 days ago
Ничего удивительного. Машу воспитали медведи. 🐻
Ulfric Stormcloak
She knows how to survive on RU-vid
Marcelo Leandro
Marcelo Leandro 7 days ago
Suou toda hen😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Impersonal 6 days ago
🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣
Navva Madhu
Navva Madhu 6 days ago
😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
Ahmad Sanan
Ahmad Sanan 6 days ago
😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
|KYE|SickHead 2 days ago
Stand down adolf... I mean Ulfric
Nilesh B
Nilesh B 6 days ago
as a youtube survivor her props are all in place
Nick 4 days ago
Такие девушки, женщины редкость только они могут продлить род человеческий!!! Не избалованы губными помадами , кремами от солнца, уверен она может сшить одежду, приготовить вкусную еду. Дай Бог побольше таких красивых душой и телом, а ей хорошего мужа!
Lois Foster
Lois Foster 2 days ago
I am 65 and what I've seen her do has taught me some things about survival.
Buzaghma' 2 days ago
Какие? Она просто актриса, которая роль играет😀наивные чудики😀
Эклектика Ебеней
​@Buzaghma'а кто тогда рубит дрова ,строгает ,пилит ? Она или дублёр ?
Thomas Knip
Thomas Knip 7 days ago
It's breathtaking what that girl does with a morning wood. Such craftwomanship!
Michael Büchs
Michael Büchs 7 days ago
You Really think she did it?
Mikej Kirkland
Mikej Kirkland 7 days ago
Eduardo Funes
Eduardo Funes 7 days ago
Gaza Performance Garage G.P.G
She is amazing, she is actually teach us to go back to our roots a stop depending on other.❤ thanks
Фанислам Ахметов
Супер женщина, работает с инструментом на ТЫ!
Thalles Eduardo
Thalles Eduardo 4 days ago
James Watkin
James Watkin 3 days ago
I wonder if she made those tools herself?
Mein Hamberger
Mein Hamberger 3 days ago
Calm down mate, she made a ladder that would most definitely fall apart on the first go
Marina Debova
Marina Debova 6 days ago
Эта девушка никогда и нигде не пропадёт!!! Ещё и других спасёт❤❤❤
Свидетельство Иегора
Лапшу с ушей сними😅
dasher920 7 days ago
Haven’t been camping in 25 years.. I suddenly have the urge to go camping again
Олег Иванов
Полежи ещё немного на диване- пройдёт.
Johny Pitman
Johny Pitman 7 days ago
You just want to go anywhere with her😊
charger911 edu
charger911 edu 5 days ago
Ella realmente tiene mucho conocimiento sobre sus herramientas y como utilizarlas en la madera. Sin duda, una profesional.
Eric Kane
Eric Kane 3 days ago
Not even a "but first let me take a duck face/kissie face selfie while standing in such a way to make sure the camera can see her butt"....no stopping to twerk for the camera.....Didn't do a tiktok..didnt promote an only fans account. Shes pretty and on top of all of that.....she did this without even breaking a nail. I'm impressed !! Give this talented woman a round of applause 👏 🙌 👍
Christopher Davidson
That's a good letter you wrote. Hmmmm yeah
Thx Fr3shmxn
Thx Fr3shmxn Day ago
this must really have a disgust for women 😂
funny_gaming 7 days ago
Respect button >>>>>>
Nathan Grueber
Nathan Grueber 3 days ago
Ancient indian proverb. When all the trees are cut down; only then will men realise. MARUSA DID IT!
Jun Trung
Jun Trung 7 hours ago
She may have instructor to teach her but by the time when she gets done and memorize how to do it all every man will bow down to this queen
Shane Smith
Shane Smith 7 days ago
Look we all know why we are here but damn this girl has some skills.
mark 7 days ago
I could not have summed up the previous comments any better than that! 'Tis what it is.🙃🤗😇
Просто Азико
Классная фигура и идеи...😍😍😍
Saxum 6 days ago
Титьки 😊
ROCKAMALAYA 3 days ago
Frantic Flintstone
Cast her in a Gilligan's Island reboot.
Steph M
Steph M 5 days ago
I'd go anywhere with her bro, she's a walking survival kit.
Paul Petty
Paul Petty 4 days ago
I just wanna know where to get like that drill bit!!!! The saw I have seen in different stores, the tool that she used to trim the bark O have not seen either....
Андрей Коцага
Всегда приходится видео пересматривать. С первых просмотров не могу сконцентрироваться)
Віталій Кунденко
Если бы не сочная барышня в кадре так и не научился бы костер раскладывать, лестницу делать... А так, пока "пересматриваешь" , что-то где-то и останется. Кроме пятен на штанах.
Karen Melikyan
Karen Melikyan 7 days ago
По 3-4 раза 🤣
василий шумов
Здравствуй или здравствуйте? Поговорим об этом в Контакте или Одноклассниках и теле 2 есть? И есть где можно купить или заказать солнце зарядную батарею для подзарядки телефона планшета повербанк и корпус любого цвета для сенсорног телефона GT S5250 приобрести? Очень нстльно необходимо мне
MovingTarget1655 9 hours ago
I don't care who you are. This is hard work. I've felled countless saplings in our woods to clean out the undergrowth, to make room for the good trees, and to grind up the wood for mulch (I'm too cheap to buy it!) It's a long, arduous task. I can't imagine how many hours it would take to fell enough saplings to make a small shelter! This lady, if she does all of her own work, even if it's off-site, works hard to bring us this information. Thank you, ma'am!
stormmortal india
The talent of surviving in the backyard
Summerly 4 days ago
Her backyard is Russia 😂 it’s a bit different
Sheppard 7 days ago
Frickin' love this content. Beautiful woman + Bushcraft is GOLD.
Gaddius Gaddium
Gaddius Gaddium 6 days ago
Whoever thought to make her hammer stuff was a genius
kikeelabuelo 2 days ago
Todo es magnífico...la chica, su destreza, la producción y por supuesto el sonido...❤
Alexander Tristano
Did she just build a ladder from scratch out of frickin wood that is incredible 😍
Wisconsin aquatics
It identifies as a tractor 🚜
Santiago Mitlan
Santiago Mitlan 7 days ago
Ye mf, we saw the video
Leo Getz
Leo Getz 6 days ago
Great if you weigh less than 10 lbs. But anyone else is snapping as they climb
Radik Shayahmet
Radik Shayahmet 6 days ago
Скоро в лесу дерева не останется, все на лестницы и на полочки пустит)
Louise Ferrell
Louise Ferrell 3 days ago
Very resourceful lady right there!
Ray Mcdonald
Ray Mcdonald 7 days ago
This girls tips are always on point
Wisconsin aquatics
Her points are never moot
szogun 3 days ago
Dziewczyna ma talent.
Googley Goo
Googley Goo 5 hours ago
She’s a badass. I love her.
evil brat
evil brat 7 days ago
She pounds wood with such vigor! Hope she doesn't stop.
Muhammad Qasim
Muhammad Qasim 6 days ago
Bonk♨️B 5 days ago
😂😂 oh yea
နန်းဆန္ဒာ ဝင်း
Miroslav Milivojević
Finally! A woman running a survival RU-vid channel who actually dresses sensibly so as to not distract from the actual content!
Let’s-get Brandon
She knows how to work the wood.
Ashish 7 days ago
She knows how to handle woods.. 😅
Onimenokyo 7 days ago
Надеюсь она сама не бревно.
Donz 7 days ago
​@MR EASTWOOD _________and your goats
SuperAJ 7 days ago
​@Donzmuslim intensifies
Donz 7 days ago
​@SuperAJ yeah well I think it's so pathetic. Dragging mother's and sisters in. In a pathetic way showing he is "offended" if someone says something about a woman he doesn't even know. A woman who is going out of her way to just "not show" her goodies, but is so very obvious absolutely doing just that. Nips and triangle right in your face all summer long wobble and bouncing them around so very "innocent" ... But Im guilty of watching "them" too😂
VALERA 12 hours ago
Маруся не перестает радовать глаза мои.
Егор Караваев
Look at the shadows. Everything seems to be done in ten minutes! Marusia! Unveil your crew!
Supreme¹ 7 days ago
Gotta love a woman that knows her way around wood
mehar razzak
mehar razzak 5 days ago
She definitely know how to survive in youtube 🗿
She definitely know how to survive in RU-vid
Богдан Богатов
😏Уровень чайника остался позади, Маруся вышла на новый уровень - лестница!)👍 Умница, поддерживаю👏
oleg ostapov
oleg ostapov 6 days ago
маруся точто надо и мужика не надо пхахаха
Альбина Гиматова
Завидуй молча!
Александр Б
тема сосков не раскрыта....
Ярослав Суховей
Хоть чему то тебя научила😂😂😂😂
George Barrera
George Barrera 2 days ago
I need a girl like you
OhGeeTV 5 days ago
I had read “this GIRL had made it out of THE woods” I was coming to guide her back. 😂
Dmitry VL
Dmitry VL 2 days ago
Наша Маруся! 👍😁 Сама не пропадёт и других выручит💪😎
Chuck Kraus
Chuck Kraus 7 days ago
Respect. Don't know where you learned your skills but as a 52 yr old you even teach me new skills. Keep up your great content ma'am👍🏼❤️
VanZi Izuki
VanZi Izuki 3 days ago
joe rogan: jamie pull that bear making a campfire
Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson 6 days ago
For her, I’m guessing mining that steel was the easy part!
FartKnocker5K 7 days ago
I would totally homestead with you! Your knowledge is amazing!
Виктор Глейм
"Маруся Климова, спаси любимого"...
И быстро-быстро полезла на дерево, спасаясь от медведя, который честно ожидал всё это время, пока она смастерит эту лесенку 😂😂😂
Johnny SS
Johnny SS 7 days ago
@Marusya you should do a live chat and also tell us viewers where you find your tools from. Keep up the great work.
tim ha.
tim ha. 7 days ago
Agree like that awesome special tool you have here. I could make one but Dr says my welding days are over 😞
Мика Хардер
С алиэкспресс заказывает
Marvin Lusk
Marvin Lusk 6 days ago
I really want to know what brand/model pocket knife she uses. I have seen it in many videos and am jealous.
ярик 6 days ago
Не взяла пилу струну - фатальная ошибка
вов 6 days ago
Почему я так люблю наблюдать как она работает, мысли уходят куда-то и ты не понимаешь что она делает а оно мне и не надо... 😍
Ты просто прелесть! Такая старательная! Да ещё и такая приятная наружность! ❤
Elixdys Albornoz
Elixdys Albornoz 5 days ago
Me encanta esa Chama...es la mejor...su estilo es único y su cara jajaja de seguridad al hacer las cosas..me voy a vivir al bosque 😂
Speculector 2 days ago
if you keep watching the video on loop it's a video of a woman crafting an infinite amount of ladders.
rajis Bogimayum
rajis Bogimayum 7 days ago
She gave us two points in every videos of her..
Tim W
Tim W 4 days ago
I just don’t get why her nails are always this clean 🤣🤣
Вечеслав Рябцев
Даже не верится, что такая красота и такая мастерица Счастья, здоровья тебе и всем кто тебя воспитал
Justin Benscoter
Justin Benscoter 7 days ago
May the odds ever be in your favor… lol.
Dar. 6 days ago
Настоящая русская девушка!
Саид Хайруллин
Маруся, ты такая умница! Мы гордимся тобой🇷🇺
USSR 6 days ago
Низкий поклон этой девушке ❤
ahmad faisal
ahmad faisal Day ago
There are lot of fun things outside - James Gosling
Rejoin 2023
Rejoin 2023 7 days ago
Top tip. Always make sure your outdoor tools are clean and brand new and in pristine condition.
Peter 7 days ago
The tools have never been used, just like all well experienced, outdoors people's tools. I must be terrible at camping. My tools are all well used.
Kenneth Winn
Kenneth Winn 7 days ago
Many videos made with the tools she carries
steven taylor
steven taylor 7 days ago
Of course the tools are new. Duh, They are sponsored items. Get over it, Mr.Soo-smart !
Rejoin 2023
Rejoin 2023 6 days ago
@steven taylor To be this upset you must be her sponsor.
She shows more skills of carpentry than survival 😂
Сергей Гончаров
Блин где эта красота живёт мне б такую в жоны!!!!!!
Virginia Davis
Virginia Davis 7 days ago
She should have just asked the camera man to bring her a ladder when he got her all those new tools.
Marvin Lusk
Marvin Lusk 6 days ago
It is a fixed camera angle. She is doing all of that on her own. I kinda th8nk that miracle drill thangy is cheating, but she uses it a lot. She's got a rather realistic channel.
Sean Cripps
Sean Cripps 5 hours ago
She wears the best survival clothes
Anita 7 days ago
Can you please tell us where you get the drill and other tools you use.
Tronx' 7 days ago
She soldered a pipe to a big drill bit as far as I remember
Lolo Delacasa
Lolo Delacasa 7 days ago
In the nature😂😂😂...
Кирилл Колбасин
У неё есть секрет - МАГАЗИН))))
Mykola Mykola
Mykola Mykola 2 days ago
В скобяном магазине , за углом , покупает , сэр !
Mykola Mykola
Mykola Mykola 2 days ago
Ясный пень где : за углом , в скобяном магазине ( есть такие ) !!!
♥️ Harter Hund weiches  Herz ♥️
Du bist mein Girl für die Weltreise ❤ Du bist so toll 💕
Ronald Barker
Ronald Barker 6 days ago
I'm 68 and never would have thought of that. And she's georgiot.
رمضان السكري
If she made a mistake one day and left a means of communication by mistake, her phone would explode due to millions of calls from all countries of the world 😅
DM JANGY 6 days ago
I just wanna know how she does this without sweating I’ll be pulling buckets of sweat trying to do that
Михаил Ханецкий
Собрала лесенку, полезу за медком пока не пришла белочка и кабанчик не увидел!!!!😅😅😅😊😊😊
David kleber
David kleber 7 days ago
J adore la façon dont elle présente les choses..belle, ecolo, simple... une des plus belle personne à mes yeux sur les short que je regarde. 👍🫡
Jarek Ferenc
Jarek Ferenc 7 days ago
"Ecolo"? Ask the trees what they think about such eco-friendliness. A couple of young trees killed just for a few seconds of a film on youtube.
Timothy akkerman
No. She made wood today. Like a champ
Ann 6 days ago
We need to learn because it's about to get real in the field
steven scoggins
steven scoggins 7 days ago
She needs to build an entire cabin. I'm confident that she can do it, though it might end up being a 3 part video - which is fine.
Jarek Ferenc
Jarek Ferenc 7 days ago
The cabin would have sleeping room upstairs. Otherwise, why the ladder?
DrJackal 6 days ago
She knows how to please viewers 😍🤩
Emma Diokno Muir
Emma Diokno Muir 2 days ago
You're amazing. Be safe and take care always.
TIME BANDIT 7 days ago
I think this young lady is FANTASTIC. THANKS 😊
Майкл 6 days ago
- Дорогой, ты пока сделай лестницу, а я чай нам заварю. -Слушай, 😮 давай, лучше я чай заварю, дорогая 😅
シJIeTo 6 days ago
Охренеть, изобрела лестницу
Gres Vopop
Gres Vopop 7 days ago
Малая,а ты все меня удивляешь)*** респект)
خالد اليوسفي
ماشاء الله متعلم
خالد اليوسفي
ماشاء الله متعلم
Gres Vopop
Gres Vopop 7 days ago
@خالد اليوسفي ещё бы знать что написано)
Keith Combs
Keith Combs 6 days ago
Gentlemen of culture, we found ourselves camping once again...
Землянин 4 days ago
Эта мадам для своих роликов перевела уже кучу леса. Кто нибудь заберите уже у неё телефон 😅
Drakulа Otodrakula
Маруся снова без лифчика✌️😜👍
darkstar910 6 days ago
I love it when she looks at the camera
Hector Gonzalez
Hector Gonzalez 7 days ago
Wow now that’s a women who can do anything and everything to survive in the woods my kind of women. ❤️❤️❤️
Stephen Watts
Stephen Watts 17 hours ago
Not a bad looking ladder. Definitely has skills working with wood.
Konich Iwan
Konich Iwan 5 days ago
Папина гордость
Doc Moore
Doc Moore 6 days ago
One thing for sure, this cutie packs some of the neatest tools in the woods.
co2metal 6 days ago
Every shot where you don't see her face, it is a man doing the work.
Phoenix AR
Phoenix AR 7 days ago
Я очарован твоими уникальными формами, особенно когда ты не носишь нижнего белья, ты очаровательна.😊
erlihmandl 4 days ago
Серьёзная женщина ! Если муж сделает что-то не так - ОНА ЕМУ ВЛОМИТ ЛЮЛЕЙ ПО САМОЕ НЕ ХОЧУ !!! 👍🤣🤣🤣
Xmonders 5 days ago
Gentlemen, weather isn’t cold enough today 😢
rahul sighaniya
rahul sighaniya 7 days ago
So beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Keith Fritz
Keith Fritz 4 days ago
Take that Grizzly Adam's.
Keith Fritz
Keith Fritz 4 days ago
I definitely would love to see how she would react to live like a special Forces do on that show with the host Bear ?
Keith Fritz
Keith Fritz 4 days ago
We're can we find out what her name is and were can we find more information about her?
Robert M
Robert M 4 days ago
Nail polish is essential for survival in the woods
Svarka club 73
Svarka club 73 7 days ago
Да не ужели, первое видео без торчащих сосков, браво 👏
Malik Malik
Malik Malik 4 days ago
Вот и настал тот день когда она его одела😢
1barticus 3 days ago
Seems pointless😂
Mubashar Inayat
Mubashar Inayat 5 days ago
This is what we need for our roof.