The Insane Story Of The Most Dangerous Movie Ever Made

Danny Gonzalez
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Sep 23, 2022




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Comments 5 632
Danny Gonzalez
Danny Gonzalez 2 months ago
Thanks to ExpressVPN for sponsoring this video! Go to expressvpn.com/dannygonzalez and find out how you can get 3 months of ExpressVPN free!
I bought aliexpress vpn and it says I'm in Ohio and I have a free plane ticket to Ohio and I'm flying there now and now someone is kidnapping me and now they say where I want to change my vpn what should I pick?
Micheal Cera
Micheal Cera Month ago
@Freetzy (Formerly npc Hunters) q++
A vegan everywhere
@Steve Clouds we're trying to get Danny to see that there's someone calling people and trying to steal money from his young fans. Could you leave a comment about that instead of spamming some cr@p that isn't going to help him? Plus he already answered this question maybe do a better job of reading?
Steve Clouds
Steve Clouds Month ago
Where is little nutcracker guy?
Steve Clouds
Steve Clouds Month ago
Where is little nutcracker guy?
Olive 2 months ago
As someone who volunteered at the Caroline Tiger Rescue, unfortunately there are more tigers being raised in the US as pets than there are in the wild. Two of the tigers at the sanctuary were just sort of walking down the road in America when they were rescued. It's bad man.
Octávio Henrique
Like Tiger king in Netflix
~Andi~ Month ago
Most people can’t control their cars properly and, at least until recently, cars don’t have a mind of their own.
~Andi~ Month ago
I was recently attacked by a 3yo American bulldog that my friend owns. I don’t blame the dog, I blame my friend. Very few people are fit to care for and have dangerous dog breeds. How the eff people think they are fit to have literal giant top tier predators is beyond me. Can you 100% control your dog around strangers? Can you 100% control your kids at a supermarket? Can you 100% control your temper? Can you 100% control your approx 130 certified human-killing breeds of giant exotic animals?
~Andi~ Month ago
J Month ago
That’s complete bullshit lol
ONION2097YT 2 months ago
I cannot believe that "no animals were harmed but 70 crew members were harmed" is the ACTUAL TAGLINE of the movie
That’s crazy
Bernard Eason
Bernard Eason 18 days ago
peta be like
Vivian Morch
Vivian Morch Month ago
Meh they rounded
Unknown Month ago
*72* crew members were harmed.
Peppermint spice
Beni O'Hea
Beni O'Hea 2 months ago
For anyone who doesn't know, this was one of the most famous families in Hollywood at the time. Tippi Hedren (Melanie Griffith's mom) starred in The Birds and Noel Marshall, at one point, represented the author of The Exorcist. I feel like the fact that the article made it seem like they were just some normal family to anyone who wasn't already familiar.
ghost lobster
ghost lobster 23 hours ago
@Lina NAFIE I mean she has done a lot of other work before and since then and there's no question it helped jump start her career
Prince Luci
Prince Luci 9 days ago
@a cookie did you even read the comment?
Jacob S
Jacob S Month ago
Fun fact: the psychological damage that Alfred Hitchcock inflicted on Tippi Hedren is likely a big part of why she went on to film Roar. After spending 3 days tied down while live birds are thrown at your face, a couple of maulings just doesn't register in the same way
Lina NAFIE Month ago
​@Beni O'Hea I think Tippi worked with Alfred Hitchcock on several movies too! But I have to say going from the Grandmother who's been in some of the most iconic movies with a legend of Hollywood to the granddaugther being in the 50 shades trilogy... something went wrong somewhere...
Beni O'Hea
Beni O'Hea Month ago
@a cookie Referring back to my comment, she was in one of the most iconic horror movies of all time and he was a very prominent agent.
wren 2 months ago
this story reminds me of the lady who “raised” a chimpanzee who ended up ripping her friends face off, you can’t raise a wild animal like a human/in a human environment and expect them to just acclimate. they have instincts that just can’t be trained out of them
ZingEq 5 days ago
The thing that is crazy about that, is that I actually met her! My dad is a phlebotomist and she got her blood drawn at the lab my dad worked at (he worked for Yale), so I actually met her once. I was young at the time, and I remember being scared that I was going to just get attacked by a chimpanzee one day.
glupik 11 days ago
@a cookie snakes are wild animals.
glupik 11 days ago
That's why my pet peeve is having exotic animals as pets (and that doesn't only mean big cats, it means also snakes, axolotls, raccoons, and whatever else is popular now). Wild animals are wild animals. Just because they were raised in captivity doesn't make them domesticated. Full domestication takes hundreds of years. It's disrespectful of their nature and perfectly demonstrates their owners' very human hubris and need to possess everything.
sunny_omori 12 days ago
oh yeah. i heard the 911 call. halfway through you could only hear the chimpanzee, the girl had stopped screaming. it was horrible
Michael Afton
Michael Afton 15 days ago
@Anhonime but lion instincts and human instincts are way different.
KevOProductions 2 months ago
If Tippi Hedren had a nickel for every time she was in a movie where she was actually attacked by live animals, she’d have two nickels. Which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it happened twice, right?
Laptap Gamer
Laptap Gamer 5 days ago
@KevOProductions how do you quote something and not even know where it's from XD
EpikChroma-Zone 9 days ago
why is everyone so aggressive, like please
Joss Berg
Joss Berg Month ago
@Cassandra Suzanne now that's some big brain shit right there
A random lady with a bad sleep schedule.
@Julianna Me too. This is really funny.
Enel97 Month ago
@KevOProductions are you genuinely not understanding why they are mentioning Phineas and ferb even though like 20 people explaine or are you just too much of an ego to just say "cool didn't realize that"
Melanie Conway
Melanie Conway 2 months ago
the way they pulled on the lion's tail to provoke it was wild...they had no idea what they were doing, I'm flabbergasted
angelic NM
angelic NM 10 days ago
Ikr, like a normal cat for example, if you literally just touch the tail or pull it , it's gonna get mad, I have no idea wtf they were thinking pulling a LION'S tail
yxe_amy17 14 days ago
@charcs_7 I don’t think that’s really abuse they were annoying the lion a bit so he attacked so not really abuse but really their fault
charcs_7 Month ago
Literally borderline animal abuse
*screaming begins*
*screaming begins* 2 months ago
right?! like u dont do that to regular house pets, tf u on pulling on a cats tail whos paw is literally the size of ur head?????!!!!! i rlly hope it was fake
Kirsten E
Kirsten E 2 months ago
Danny, you should totally make a part 2 where you actually watch the movie and review it! I’m so curious now, we’ve barely scratched (or should I say pawed 💀)the surface.
Peppermint spice
Peppermint spice 21 day ago
@Giorno Giovanna yes
Peppermint spice
Peppermint spice 21 day ago
@King Of the Beast oh geez yeah I’m never watching it🫢
King Of the Beast
King Of the Beast 22 days ago
@Peppermint spice ngl its a bad movie, but theres something mystical and terrifying about seeing such dangerous predators act completely relaxed in one scene then becoming a threat in the next. The gore isn’t too bad, it’s just bloodied foreheads and scratches, but what makes the attacks scary is realizing how fragile the people are compared to the animals. Like lions just playing knock over a guy, this one girl gets picked up by an elephant, and another girl gets pinned under a lioness. The scariest parts are seeing the people get caught up in the middle of the animal’s fights (which happen frequently considering they had about a hundred non-neutered male lions and tigers left to their own devices) Like i’ve never feared more for a character than when this one guy tries to break up a fight of like 20 lions.
King Of the Beast
King Of the Beast 22 days ago
@Giorno Giovanna no, it was already dead, and was probably donated. Ik farms used to donate carcasses of horses to circuses and roadside zoos, so thats prob what happened.
Emily Ford
Emily Ford Month ago
It would be either the shortest review bc he'd have to cut out all the scenes with violent attacks (most to all of the movie), or he'd have to censor all of it and maybe edit all the screams & roars with silly cartoon noises.
Stinky Treen
Stinky Treen 2 months ago
At 14:40 you're not wrong; That's Tippi Hedren getting her ankle actually snapped in half by Tembo. In the scene, she starts letting out these really loud and pained screams, and apparently that was the moment Tembo broke her ankle, and they kept it in the film. Not only that but afterwards she ended up getting gangrene from the injuries.
DoctorBiscuitPhD 13 days ago
@Peppermint spiceit really is
Peppermint spice
That’s fucked up
Nina C
Nina C 2 months ago
The fact that they probably went and captured all those animals from their home and forced them into new high stress environments is insane
Coração Acidental
@Reck These are not house cats, these are lions and tigers, the stress don't come the fact that they are living bad it comes by the fact that they're not free at all, most domestic animals have been domestic for a whole evolutive three worth of time, they are adapted and expect to live this way because is the way multiple generations of their species lived, dogs live fine in houses and with humans because they are this way for basically since the humans learn how to domesticate them, like 23,000 years ago, wolfs on the other hand are not, they are predators that live free and when you cage some of them, even if is from birth, they turn in almost sociopaths, almost all wolfs in capitivity are more agressive than the counterparts in the wild and this resulted in a lot of studies misinterpreting the social relationship in packs, like the all alpha and beta thing that wild wolfs don't have at all. You can't just throw a apex predator in tiny cage with almost no room compared to the wild, feed it with meat from a freezer and expect him to be happy, is a animal with instincts of hunting and killing and you're just making his life misarable put him in this state. The animals are not stressed becaused they are living a bad life, they are stressed because their instincts say that they are not living the way they are supossed. The wild sure can be stressfull but as stressful as living in a encloused space with humans (the most anoying creature to any apex predator) and no freedom to do what you feel that you should. Yeah, living the fat LA house cat life is a lot more stressful.
Reck Month ago
Yeah because living the fat LA house cat life is more stressful than in the wild...
Sun Shine
Sun Shine 2 months ago
“Hedren's strong commitment to animal rescue began in 1969 while she was shooting two films in Africa and was introduced to the plight of African lions. In an attempt to raise awareness for wildlife, she spent over a decade bringing Roar (1981) to the screen. She started her own nonprofit organization, the Roar Foundation, in 1983…” - Wikipedia Makes one wonder…
CourseConsumption 2 months ago
Roar was actually a horror movie, the plot is that the lions turn on the humans and hunt them off one by one. You also didn’t mention how one of their daughters needed facial reconstruction surgery after being mauled by one of the tigers, after already leaving set in fear once and being convinced by her parents to come back. Truly insane story.
Parasitophobia Month ago
@Shea Fairaday I don’t feel like nope is based off of this? , I believe it’s more based in the exploitation of trauma, particularly in minorities in media ? As in terms of the Gordy’s home aspect , it’s based off of an actual case, in which a woman who was raising a chimp had her face mauled by it.
The parents CONVINCED her to go back?!?!? Bro that's abuse wtf
Scoobert Dooperson
@Nutella Celery wrong. I’ve dealt with DCF since I was 11 years old. That’s called negligence of a child and it IS a charge. When you say there’s no charge for “being stupid” that’s absolutely false. That’s called negligence. And it’s the most common charge they hand out. It’s the bare minimum. Child endangerment is willfully and knowledgeably putting a child’s life or physical state in jeopardy. Abuse is direct physical or emotional damage directed by the parent or guardian. NEGLIGENCE is a fancy word for “was stupid and something happened” idiots are so common that’s why there’s a charge for parents who aren’t evil but just stupid. It’s called negligence. Once you become a parent there is no excuse or wiggle room for mistakes like that. Once you are a parent you quite literally have no ability to claim stupidity. Once you are a parent you are legally and ethically liable. Which is why if you are stupid around your kids and something happens, it’s not washed away as “being stupid”, they are charged with negligence.
Kevin Letts
Kevin Letts Month ago
No it wasn't lol. It was about a lion sanctuary where the family visits not realising the the animals were tame. The movie was way more dangerous behind the scenes than in front of the camera. It was almost portrayed as a comedy in some scenes.
Cayzum Month ago
Actually an adventure/comedy not horror
gigi black
gigi black 2 months ago
The fact that Tippi Hedren is still living with 13-14 lions and tigers after being attacked in two movies...Dakota Johnson has an interesting family.
Ariya Tabassum
Ariya Tabassum Month ago
@GentianViolet she has a wildlife sanctuary in Shambala I think and their mission is preservation and care for the animals, it's actually quite nice
GentianViolet Month ago
WHAT that shouldn't be allowed legally right?!
John's Miter
John's Miter 2 months ago
I was actually on the Shambala Preserve where they filmed this a few months ago. They have shifted to being a legitimate big cat sanctuary and their main focus is on the care and preservation of these animals. And Tippi Hedren still lives on the property, her house is between the enclosures they have for them. It's not just in the middle of the city either, they have a ton of space.
John's Miter
John's Miter 21 day ago
@Jennifer Villalobos It's actually in Acton. Look up Shambala Preserve.
Jennifer Villalobos
Bruh were is this place 🤔!!! I’ve lived in Santa Clarita and new nothing about this 😃
bluetoothbrush Month ago
That's good to hear, at least!
silvertonguer 5 days ago
Everyone must have been under the influence or something when making this movie. The 70s sound absolutely wild.
Indybot 2 months ago
So Tippi Hedren was sort of a celebrity "spokesperson" at a refugee camp my mum worked in. She stayed in a private trailer and put up a stupid little fence to prevent any of the orphaned children from getting close to her. According to my mum, she mostly spent her time talking about how Hitchcock ruined her career. One time they needed a folding table for something actually useful, and remembering Hedren's little trailer setup had a table, they rode over there on motorbikes and grabbed it while she wasn't around. That's the story of how Tippi Hedren accidentally provided one (1) resource during a humanitarian crisis. Because my mum stole it (allegedly).
bluetoothbrush Month ago
That's so horrible omg! But your mom is an icon for stealing her table (allegedly)
Emily Flavell
Emily Flavell 2 months ago
'The Wizard of Oz' was insanely dangerous to film, the paint they used to make the witch was toxic, the costumes were really heavy and hot and they used a heap of extra lights so everyone was fainting. The props would sometimes explode and send people to the hospital. It's a horror show to read about
Mr Walter
Mr Walter 2 months ago
@Everything Z yes!
Mr Walter
Mr Walter 2 months ago
The treatment of the girl who played Dorothy was abhorrent
Literally a fishhook
@andrew i think in the higher quality version you can see it's a peacock or something fairly clearly, but it could also be a stage light! definitely not someone hanging though lol
andrew 2 months ago
@Literally a fishhook it was shot on a set, it’s most likely a broken stage light
Kalle Mattila
Kalle Mattila 2 months ago
@Sr Nigromante Or Stalker that was partially filmed near an old Soviet power plant, and gave its director and some of the cast members terminal cancer. That one’s actually a great movie.
amber lee
amber lee 2 months ago
honestly, the boy saying “there are no tigers in africa” is the best. as africans we only ever get inaccurate or overwhelming negative representation in western media w most only knowing that there’s lions and poverty here - i applaud that boy 4 knowing the bare minimum. favourite part. everything else is uninteresting. shout out 2 that boy.
Demi Sutra
Demi Sutra 2 months ago
Tippi Hedren was a famous actress in the 50’s/60’s so it wasn’t just two totally random people busting into Hollywood. Her name and connections definitely played a part.
Enthused Norseman
Enthused Norseman 2 months ago
I remember watching the Cinema Snob's review of this movie. At one point the elephant is supposed to pull them out of the water or something, but instead he crushes their boat (iirc) and it's really obvious that the actors are terrified but have to play it off as going according to the script. Insane.
Eack_ Jeptic
Eack_ Jeptic 2 months ago
I’d like to imagine that, if there was even just one animal that WAS harmed in the making of this movie, that would be the thing that would send people over the edge. Not the 70 people that got sent to the hospital, but the one animal that got hurt.
Ew Gross
Ew Gross Month ago
@charcs_7 you're right, the animals shouldn't be, and the people (I'm not calling them trainers because I don't think they are) should have known the consequences were brutal, but at least care about the kids that were forced into the movie.
charcs_7 Month ago
Newsflash…it’s because these big cats shouldn’t even be a part of a movie so the 70 people injured asked for it when not even trainers were hired for this so yea one of these cats being abused or injured would hurt me more
Mr Groucho
Mr Groucho Month ago
The Lemur of Madagascar
@Amanda June Cesarano I agree the kids didn't consent. The fact that these people let their children live with such dangerous animals is the most appalling part of this whole story to me. As for the adults involved, I think anyone with a sliver of common sense knows that there's no truly safe way to interact with wild animals. No matter how many precautions you take, interacting with a wild animal face to face can always be lethal.
Amanda June Cesarano
@The Lemur of Madagascar I don't think the children can be considered to have consented to this. Also, people trust those in authority and alot of those crew members probably thought the people in charge knew what they were doing.
Rose Weldon
Rose Weldon 2 months ago
True story: Tippi Hedren’s most noteworthy movie is Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds,” which has a scene where she is attacked by crows, ravens, gulls and other birds. Because this was the 60s, the way they shot it was by having crew members FLING ACTUAL BIRDS AT HER. She almost lost an eye and called that part of the shoot the worst week of her life…and then 10-15 years later decided that shooting Roar without any safety precautions was a good idea.
Myrtle Katz
Myrtle Katz Month ago
Sgt FuckOff
Sgt FuckOff Month ago
@Condor Crow he had Lewy Body Dementia. That’s what led to his untimely death. You can look up the effects of it. It was kept out of the media until way after her died.
Megan Smith
Megan Smith Month ago
People were built different back then
Kailyn Freeman
Kailyn Freeman Month ago
I was attacked by crows when I was younger. Worst experience.
Fark Month ago
@Mikyelle Mackel She denied his advances but he did not warn her because he wanted the fear to look real on camera. He also had people follow her home and dispatch large cages of birds when she was alone to scare her a bit so she would be scared on set as well.
Ava Grace
Ava Grace 2 months ago
I'm so fucking glad Danny is talking about this movie, the filming of it was wild. It's a classic example of the way movies used to be filmed and the wild bullshit that happened to actors on set.
TheLonePianist 2 months ago
Like, didn't the director ever think his whole family could get killed at his expense?
Finding Hope
Finding Hope 2 months ago
"that wasn't a close one, that WAS one" 💀💀💀
Demi Sutra
Demi Sutra 2 months ago
I’ve seen this movie because my dad had a VHS copy. The story and acting are goofy for sure, but it’s also horrifying because you legitimately see people scared for their lives and really getting hurt on screen.
Pijush Sarkar
Pijush Sarkar 2 months ago
"No animals were harmed in the making of this movie. 70 cast and crew members were." Legendary quote.
charcs_7 Month ago
Meanwhile a lion is literally being pulled by the tail…pretty sure u shouldn’t be hurting them like that💀
MirrorWave Month ago
*72* also I don’t trust “no animals were harmed” things.😅
Empire of New Gran Colombia 🇨🇴
They didn't follow orders...
Mr Groucho
Mr Groucho Month ago
@Shelby this is a residential area Are you kidding me
Mr Groucho
Mr Groucho Month ago
@Мало Ли Кто Такой But smarter, sorta
Lol 2 months ago
Milo and Otis That was my childhood and one day I looked it up again and found countless articles and videos talking about how there was animal brutality throughout it at one point it was said that the director broke Milo’s paw in order to give milo a limp for a particular scene, I think Otis got mauled by the bear twice and they replaced the animals several times throughout the movie
firelight09 Month ago
yup. they chucked kittens off a cliff too.
Lol Month ago
We’re gonna take a walk outside today We’re gonna see what we can find today In this great big world the sun came up and a curious cat and a pug nose pup That was from memory I don’t know if I got the words right tho
Rose_kat Month ago
I loved milo and Otis that’s sad
Penndemonium Month ago
turns out the movie i was thinking of wasn't even milo and otis lmao. it was homeward bound or smth. but it basically has the same plot as milo and otis anyway so.
Lol Month ago
I like how milo and Otis is just bringing us all together lol
Connor Barkington
Connor Barkington 2 months ago
I just watched "Nope" the other day so this hits hard. The takeaway from this is NOT that animals are aggressive though... Those lions probably didn't even want to hurt any of the humans. The problem is a very simple one that constantly gets overlooked: Humans are fragile!!! We're so technologically advanced and so free of natural predators that we get very comfortable around most animals which is fine, but we don't often get the chance to really FEEL how BIG and POWERFUL and SHARP and HEAVY some animals are... Even people's doting and loyal domestic animals will leave them scratched and bruised simply by accident. Imagine the little scratches your tabby gives you, but sized up 10x. The playful, woundless bites from your german shepherd, but with the bite force of industrial machinery. Plus, we all get short of temper sometimes. All of us. You and me, and our beloved pets, ants, chickadees, foxes.... we all lash out sometimes, or throw away grace and caution sometimes. It's inevitable. So what happens when a lion has just ONE moment of frustration and does something petty or rude, just for a moment... This could be a lion who is normally an angel. Nothing has changed. Bad moods are simply inevitable. And a bad mood with a clawed paw as big as your face.... It's the SIZE. We are fragile. We are the wimpy nerds of the animal kingdom. Thin skulls hold more brains than thick skulls. Our limbs are for going places and using things, not for bodily combat. We only need thick enough skin to protect us from bushes and gravel. When we have the chance, we're great at healing, changing, outsmarting, enduring... as a species. But as individual beings, we almost exclusively rely on circumstance. Even animals who are TRYING TO AVOID hurting us will find it as difficult as us playing baseball with a christmas ornament. We. Are. Fragile. Asking a being much much bigger and stronger than us to treat us with a velvet glove 100% of the time, is an unfair expectation. There is a reason you don't let the toddler play with the parakeet.
This was written so well, you are a hundred percent right. Just because we are smart enough to capture and contain large animals doesn’t mean that we are apex predators in the physical biological sense. We didn’t survive by wrestling big cats and large animals one on one, we survived by group hunting and fleeing predators. Our biggest evolutionary achievements sacrificed hardiness and toughness for social and intellectual growth. Big animals can hurt us just by sitting on us. Even if the big animal is playing, if you’re suddenly being crushed or stabbed or clawed what do you do? Push them? Provoke them? Hurt them back? They’re not trying to hurt you but they have super thick skin and rely on animals of their own species to be able to tussle when play gets too rough to tell them to knock it off People need to respect how powerful teeth and claws and sheer muscle are and stop assuming that animals are as empathetic and understanding as humans (such as even being able to comprehend when someone is in pain). It’s all too common for people to get brutally hurt when they treat any animal like a toy, much less animals that could snap a person in half by accident
Snom053 3 days ago
Dares with the boys be like:
Placeholder Name
Placeholder Name 2 months ago
watching that kid get attacked by that lion in the first scene was genuinely extremely disturbing. like that kid seems to be in actual pain and fear and it's hard to watch
70milesaway 2 months ago
The article says that the creators of the film raised the cubs with their children to ‘minimise’ the amount of injuries rather than eliminate them - they had already made peace with the fact that there would be casualties
Martina 2 months ago
I think they just got used to the children's flesh and blood. The lioness seemed to be enjoying using that girl's back as a chewing toy or snack while the other kid was pulling on her tail. Smart move, NOT!
Scoobert McRuppert
Scoobert McRuppert 2 months ago
@Unoza Also…those aren’t “similar definitions” those are similar words followed the definitions of Casualty…the first definition IS NOT the end all of what a word means either.
Scoobert McRuppert
Scoobert McRuppert 2 months ago
@Unoza The first synonym is Victim…are all Victims dead?
Scoobert McRuppert
Scoobert McRuppert 2 months ago
@Unoza The first definition says death or injury from a war or accident…so it is still exactly what I said.
Unoza 2 months ago
@Scoobert McRuppert yeah but whats the first definition you are just molding it to say what you want. Similar is not accurate
Isi Evans
Isi Evans 2 months ago
If you want a more wholesome story of lions living with humans, look up Christian the Lion! My friend John Randall and his friend Ace bought a lion cub from Harrods department store in London in the 1960s and raised him above their furniture shop but realised that he should be set free and sent him back to Africa. Then, when they went back to visit the reserve they'd released him in, even though the conservationists hadn't seen him for ages and had assumed he was dead, Christian came back and recognised Ace and John! John was a really kind guy who did loads of conservation work throughout his life after that. Sadly, he passed away earlier this year. I'll miss him.
Sonia’s Way
Sonia’s Way 2 months ago
"No animals were harmed in the making of the movie 70 cast and crew members were" what an absolute line 😭
Chris Quinlan
Chris Quinlan Month ago
In the early 80s a film adaption of "The Twilight Zone" was filmed. Vic Morrow, a famous actor at the time, and two child actors were killed during a Vietnam War sequence when a pyrotechnic exploded next to a real helicopter that was hovering right above the actors. There was a huge lawsuit and lots of news coverage. Crazy stuff. Really sad.
Nikhil Bhagat
Nikhil Bhagat 2 months ago
You should've watch and review the movie instead of reading this lame article and make a video about it. I don't care what anyone says, this movie made my jaw drop the entire time. The balls that the main guy has in this movie was astonishing. He multiple times runs straight directly at 5, 6 Lions charging each other which are making sounds like a V8 engine is mind-blowing. The movie has very basic simple plot but the behaviour of big cats is what sells the movie for me.
Shradi 2 months ago
i have a feeling this movie could've easily been animated. wouldn't be any better but probably significantly safer
Lil Harm
Lil Harm Month ago
72 hospital visits for wrist damage and carpal tunnel
Cinderella Skeleton
There's no easy way to animate now, i'm sure there was no easy way to animate in the 70's.
Sam T
Sam T Month ago
Probably? Lol
The smalls
The smalls Month ago
True but if it had been animated it probably wouldn’t have the same vibe
Cats 2 months ago
Animation or puppetry would’ve been great to “remake” this movie or one with an actual plot. This “movie” (commercial/documentary) was supposed to show the REAL success story of living with lions. The same way people live with and train dog actors. It wasn’t a success, but they tried to at least make the movie they dreamed of when they started. They were naive to the reality of wild animals just like the Grizzly Man.
Red Glasses Art
Red Glasses Art 2 months ago
It’s a bit sad when you hear something like this or in other classic movies where the actors are pushed way over their limit. However, i think they’re doing better nowadays. Like in Loki, Sylvie’s outfit was designed with easy access for Sophia Di Martino breastfeed her baby. Or decreasing the Inquisitor’s head size for Rupert Friend’s comfort because he’s doing a lot more than just walking a few steps. Things like that.
GeckoGarrett 2 months ago
Tippi Hedron was one of the biggest names in Hollywood after she starred in Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds". In the production of the Birds, a much younger Tippi was traumatized by having live birds thrown at her face by Hitchcock himself on camera. It's actually a pretty horrific story and partially explains how she ended up making a movie where people get mauled by big cats.
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Angie Lover!
Angie Lover! 2 months ago
During "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" there were quite a few injuries ranging from minor things such as Verucas actress, Julie Dawn Cole cutting her knee on a prop (and still has the scar today) to major things such as the actors breaking out in rashes after they used fire extinguisher foam in the wonka wash scene, requiring multiple days of treatment
awsomecolin Month ago
That’s nothing, I played in the Spider-Man Movie where I played the Spider-Man Watch soldier, I was shot in real life and died and my son is grieving.
I genuinely didn't know that omg
SailorTabbyCat Month ago
This reminded me of the 1928 Noah's Ark movie. 3 people drowned, one was so severely injured his leg had to be amputated and almost a dozen had broken limbs and other serious injuries.
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Myra 2 months ago
I don’t know if anyone else remembers the movie “Secondhand Lions” but I loved it as a kid and this video made me want to look up what the filming for that movie was like and I found this quote, “Haley Joel Osment was attacked by the pig during filming. The lion had numerous trainers and handlers, but no one thought the pig might be a menace.”
Dorky Dorgi
Dorky Dorgi 25 days ago
Nobody suspects the pig…but then, when you least expect it, THEY STRIKE
Breezy_Frog Month ago
what the hell i literally had the same exact experience as you just now
_Gay _Grim_
_Gay _Grim_ Month ago
Cnvjfkkf fúçkíñg hilarious
Arris O’Gorman
I love secondhand lions! The book was absolutely amazing too!!
Peppermint spice
Emily An
Emily An 2 months ago
This was one of my film school professor's first ever gigs in the industry! He was a light op- likes to whip out the story when students complain lmao
paladin2025 2 months ago
This movie tripped me out when I saw it years ago! You cannot stress enough about how many lions are in this film! And they're freaking huge! The house is absolutely filled with them! You wouldn't be able to walk from one room to the next without pushing your way through like at least ten adult lions! I honestly think 70 injuries sounds on the low side! It's insane! We humans are just so pathetically weak and fragile to them. This film should not have been made.
Griffin Tierney
Griffin Tierney 3 days ago
Wait so Dakota Johnson grew hp with lions
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick 2 months ago
*Not so fun fact:* The warning, “no animals were harmed in the making of this film”, came from “Milo and Otis”, where at least 20 cats were killed during filming, with some even being maimed to make the movie better.
Chaotic Colouring
Chaotic Colouring 2 months ago
I was jumpscared by Danny’s camera angle changing. I’m not used to this side of the room,Daniel.
👑Tara princess shabani👑
@HotAsIce really?
Luke V
Luke V 2 months ago
.relax, greG
HotAsIce 2 months ago
@👑Tara princess shabani👑 oh lol, it didn't feel that different
👑Tara princess shabani👑
@HotAsIce the entire video-
Rhys 2 months ago
Tippi Hedren’s involvement is especially shocking to me. I figured Birds would be enough for her to give up working with animals, but sis bought the lion trauma dlc twenty years later
h 2 months ago
never expected you to cover this, i've seen this movie like a billion times, just had a weird morbid fascination with it as a kid. in all honesty your interpretation of the trailer making it seem like the movie is just about a bunch of ppl going "oh shit there's too many lions here" is close enough
Natalie 2 months ago
I have watched this movie and it’s worth a watch. The messages are so mixed. They spend the whole movie terrified and then are like wait we can live in peace. It’s absolutely wild
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August Ekblom
August Ekblom 2 months ago
I have seen this movie, and yes it's literally 2 or so hours of people being attacked by big cats, it's nothing short of insane.
Matt Roberts
Matt Roberts 4 days ago
I had no desire to watch this until I read your comment. Now I'm just curious.
a cookie
a cookie Month ago
snuff film lite
Nobody Here
Nobody Here 2 months ago
Wow, I feel like at that point it should be added to the list of the most disturbing films of all time
Juul 2 months ago
That one clip had my anxiety so high I can’t imagine watching this Omg
li m
li m 4 days ago
so last night i accidentally watched a snuff film
Tabetha Ratcliff
Milo and Otis you really need to review the crazy stuff that went down in the making of that movie. Like they killed so many pugs and cats it is insane
Stephen Mills
Stephen Mills 2 months ago
I got to see this movie a few years ago in theaters for the limited release. It was absolutely insane. Even just watching the trailer for it feels dangerous.
Kapowgirl 123
Kapowgirl 123 2 months ago
You know, one of the reasons they were probably so aggressive was because theres supposed to be only one male in a pride of lions, not only males living together, otherwise they constantly fight over territory. Even being raised in a house together, animal instincts always take over, as proven.
Justin 2 months ago
“He’s gonna lead his animal army to town hall and take the mayor hostage.” Under any other circumstance, I’d say Danny was just being paranoid and exaggerating…but no. No, I actually think Noel Marshall might’ve actually done that if the city cracked down on him a second time.
Jessica Prado Hanson
Reasons we should consider normalizing healthier things...
Max Heim-Salgado
Max Heim-Salgado 2 months ago
As much as I love Danny I kinda feel like I should point out a better video from the channel Oki’s weird stories. He goes into more detail, actually did research, it’s also really well put together. It’s 4 years old now but still a great video.
Parasitophobia Month ago
@Max Heim-Salgado you too !
Max Heim-Salgado
@Parasitophobia no worries! Hope you have a great day
Parasitophobia Month ago
@Max Heim-Salgado ohhhh , it appears I misread your comment ! So sorry
Max Heim-Salgado
@Parasitophobia I didn’t say Danny should point out the video. that’s why I did, both videos are good, but for people curious oki’s is more in depth
Parasitophobia Month ago
Why should he point out another video ? In my personal opinion , it shouldn’t really be his priority to do that if he’s just checking out the topic because he was curious on it and making a video on it , it’s not meant to be fully researched and informational , I believe that if someone was interested in the making of the movie after watching Danny’s video , it should be the viewer who directs themselves to find more videos covering it , not Danny ?
Frozen 2 months ago
The commentary on the mental state of the director couple in question is sending me . 💀☠
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cuppy 2 months ago
"No animals were harmed in the making of the movie 70 cast and crew members were" what an absolute line 😭
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AuraLucario 2 months ago
@UkrainianArt1st It is a bot but damn it is real long for what it's trying to accomplish 💀
UkrainianArt1st 2 months ago
@RICO PARADISE okay this is probably not a bot, but I ain't readin all of that
Miranda Zhang
Miranda Zhang 2 months ago
@RICO PARADISE sorry, but you shouldn’t try to push your religion when unasked for. Plus, we are all already Gregs. We follow one leader only.
RICO PARADISE 2 months ago
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cheese 2 months ago
When I was a kid my dad bought a dvd of this film and I absolutely loved it. Maybe that was just because of how obsessed I was with big cats lol. Its a very interesting film in hindsight now knowing the story behind it m
ogzombiebreakfast 2 months ago
That "scene" is Melanie Griffith being actually chewed on by a lion, and Tippi Hedren freaking out and trying to get the lion to let go.
Demi Sutra
Demi Sutra 2 months ago
I don’t know if anyone else remembers the movie “Secondhand Lions” but I loved it as a kid and this video made me want to look up what the filming for that movie was like and I found this quote, “Haley Joel Osment was attacked by the pig during filming. The lion had numerous trainers and handlers, but no one thought the pig might be a menace.”
PSYCHO Cucumber
PSYCHO Cucumber Month ago
Dude, I remember watching this guy like 2 years ago.. just found him again and I’m so glad he’s still going strong
wes 2 months ago
I find it absolutely insane that Tippi Hedren, after being traumatized from The Birds movie from being attacked by real birds, went ahead and did this movie. Girl must of never wanted to work with animals ever again
firstname last
firstname last Month ago
funny how she feels compelled to recreate her trauma, dangerous filmed animal scenes- for fame :(
Sun Shine
Sun Shine 2 months ago
“Hedren's strong commitment to animal rescue began in 1969 while she was shooting two films in Africa and was introduced to the plight of African lions. In an attempt to raise awareness for wildlife, she spent over a decade bringing Roar (1981) to the screen. She started her own nonprofit organization, the Roar Foundation, in 1983…” - Wikipedia
gigi black
gigi black 2 months ago
I just looked her up and it says SHE STILL LIVES WITH 13-14 LIONS AND TIGERS. I'm just shocked. Does Danny know this.
Dell12 16
Dell12 16 2 months ago
@Wesley Wyndam-Pryce I was only saying it because for this movie she probably felt more comfortable in doing it because she had raised many of these cats and they were her own pets, and even after the injuries she still owns big cats to this day so surprisingly it seems like she still loves big cats despite her negative experiences
FlavAnnoyed 2 months ago
Danny "crackhead" Gonzales sounds like a crackhead. It's just one long run on sentence. Yall are obviously crackheads if you like these crackhead videos.
FMphoto Office
FMphoto Office 2 months ago
Opinion: I watch your perfect sardonic delivery for fun every once in a while. If you need to point some future employer or potential gig opportunity to one video, this is it. The subject goes perfectly with the delivery, better than any other of your vids I remember seeing. Excellent presentation. Regards.
Ava RoSe Sᴇx Cʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ 21
I find it absolutely insane that Tippi Hedren, after being traumatized from The Birds movie from being attacked by real birds, went ahead and did this movie. Girl must of never wanted to work with animals ever again
Demi Sutra
Demi Sutra 2 months ago
"No animals were harmed in the making of the movie 70 cast and crew members were" what an absolute line 😭
Demi Sutra
Demi Sutra 2 months ago
"No animals were harmed in the making of the movie 70 cast and crew members were" what an absolute line 😭
Tami Anderson
Tami Anderson 2 months ago
"why have I never heard of them" I dunno...because you didn't google any of their names before releasing this video to find out who they were? Tippi Hedren was wildly famous in her time and it's fine that you don't know that since it was before your (and my) time but it's kind of absurd that you didn't check them out with even a 5 second google search where you would have discovered not only her fame but her widely documented devotion to animals including a wildlife rescue/preserve. The story of Roar is absolutely bonkers but like...bruh...google is free?
KariHikariOokami 2 months ago
Big cats are surprisingly friendly to humans. They don't have as strong a fear reaction towards humans as most wild animals, and once they get to know you they can be almost exactly like a bigger version of a house cat. .... Which is exactly the problem. Your cat ever bat at you, 'ambush' you by jumping out from under a table, bite you when they decide you've been petting them too long, etc? That's a lot less cute when the cat weighs 400 pounds and is equipped with claws capable of easily murdering you. Your pet lion might not even be trying to harm you when it sends you to the hospital, but that doesn't matter. You're still going to be severely wounded. That's one of the reasons big cats make terrible pets. Other wild animals can get startled or territorial or suddenly snap and kill you. Big cats can easily kill you even when completely tame.
Demi Sutra
Demi Sutra 2 months ago
The terrifying thing about big cats is they're an awful lot like house cats. It's just that what's cute in something half as tall as your knee is terrifying when the cat is twice the weight of an adult man.
M Luna
M Luna 2 months ago
The amount of stress the poor animals experienced is insane... At least a sanctuary was born from this
Twistmygrinder 2 months ago
I’ve seen this movie because my dad had a VHS copy. The story and acting are goofy for sure, but it’s also horrifying because you legitimately see people scared for their lives and really getting hurt on screen.
Twistmygrinder 2 months ago
@AmyRose Speaks He got it from a friend who worked in the film industry and happened to visit Shambala, the wildlife preserve created by Tippi Hedren. It’s actually not far from where we used to live. Used to drive past it all the time.
AmyRose Speaks
AmyRose Speaks 2 months ago
If they kept all that stuff in the movie it’s literally a snuff film
AmyRose Speaks
AmyRose Speaks 2 months ago
Omg?? Why did he have that? 😬
duckturnrot 2 months ago
DC not Comics
DC not Comics 2 months ago
Diana El-Zein
Diana El-Zein 2 months ago
I wanna say that during that time of the making of that movie a lot of families acc raised various animals along with their young children (they’d typically be around the same age) and see if their behaviour would mimick humans. Which is probably why no one said: hey don’t raise those lions with ur kids!!! It was simply just…some weird niche that happened during the time
Zoe Valenzuela-Flores
To answer your question, Danny, the movie, "Poltergeist," was more dangerous in real life than in the movie I think 🤔
Kate-Emma Murray
Kate-Emma Murray 2 months ago
Tippi Hedron: birds are scary. Also Tippi: I love being attacked by big cats and elephants though.
Fei-hung Wong
Fei-hung Wong Month ago
The making of this movie would make a great movie premise
marie 2 months ago
I feel like everyone knows this, but here it is anyway. The Wizard Of Oz was very dangerous, and linked to the death of Judy Garland, and hurt many cast members. Growing up, I loved this movie, and still do, but jeez. The original actor of the Tin Man, had to put aluminum powder on his face, which he was extremely allergic to and had to go to the hospital, and he lost his job. The Cowardly Lion costume was made of a REAL lion hide, and the actor wearing it got dangerously hot. Margaret Hamilton (and her stunt double) was burned during a scene where there are lots of pyrotechnics when a trap door stopped working. Judy Garland had to eat only coffee and chicken soup, and was forced to smoke. Apparently she also had to take barbiturates during the poppies scene to make it look more realistic. The snow was made from pure asbestos, and so was the scarecrow costume, as well as the wicked witches broom! Source:6 Dangerous Things That Happened During the Filming of The Wizard of Oz (dustyoldthing.com)
Peter Blanchard
Peter Blanchard 20 days ago
My favorite part of this video is when Danny was reading the article and would randomly show clips of him reading aloud. Storytime with Danny!
Ava RoSe Sᴇx Cʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ 21
"No animals were harmed in the making of the movie 70 cast and crew members were" what an absolute line
virginia smith
virginia smith 2 months ago
kind of shocked that tippi hedren did this given the stories about how horrible her animal encounters were when she filmed The Birds
BlueFrostTouch91 2 months ago
Dear Danny As a fellow Nutcracker enjoyer, it gravely upsets me that for the past two videos, this one and the review on the dog romance movie, our real boy has been missing. He was last seen on your kissing booth review and as a fellow Greg and on behalf of other fellow Gregs we DEMAND the knowledge of his whereabouts. He must be seen unharmed and in his excellent solider position. If you see this message please address his whereabouts in your next video. If fellow Gregs see this, please spread the word in the comments or on Danny's Reddit. Your sins will be noticed Daniel 🥸 Sincerely the person who is outraged and holding you accountable Ps this comment's threats are a joke and should NOT be taken seriously as this is written by a idiot, but I wanna see my no wait OUR nutcracker boy safe and sound PSS Apparently the message is being spread. Good work fellow Gregs! I dare not read the replied comments cuz that would be silly 🥸Might delete this comment later IDK
A person
A person 2 months ago
Calm down friend. It isn’t that serious. Maybe go take a walk or have some tea. You have made your point, just relax.
Deja Thee Empath
Deja Thee Empath 2 months ago
# Where's Our Little Nutcracker Boy
Leland Vogt
Leland Vogt 2 months ago
Godspeed nutcracker
°\ l•v•l /°
°\ l•v•l /° 2 months ago
@ImpalasFaith and the G in God is a capital letter you can’t even do that but you’re focused on me telling why someone shouldn’t respect religious terminology
°\ l•v•l /°
°\ l•v•l /° 2 months ago
@ImpalasFaith this has nothing to do with the use of God’s name in vain or not it just comes down to *whether you respect a religion or not
kenzipie Month ago
I watched this movie like 2 years ago during one of the lockdowns and honestly yes, the movie is basically them being attacked the whole time. Honestly though, like worth the watch.
Toy Dubz
Toy Dubz 2 months ago
I THOROUGHLY enjoyed this video, literally laughed myself to tears, why do people always have to F around and find out when it comes to animals??!! 😂😂😂
Demi Sutra
Demi Sutra 2 months ago
The 1928 Noag's Ark also had an incredibly high injury (and death) toll. 3 people are the confirmed attributed and there was a copy that existed that showed the people who drowned and it was released in the original theatrical version. That original cut is considered lost, though, but the revised version was preserved and can be watched on internet archive. It does still include the flood scene, so be aware you may be watching people actually die if you choose the watch the full movie. If I remember correctly, it is unknown whether the people who died are in the revised cut or not.
Demi Sutra
Demi Sutra 2 months ago
The 1928 Noag's Ark also had an incredibly high injury (and death) toll. 3 people are the confirmed attributed and there was a copy that existed that showed the people who drowned and it was released in the original theatrical version. That original cut is considered lost, though, but the revised version was preserved and can be watched on internet archive. It does still include the flood scene, so be aware you may be watching people actually die if you choose the watch the full movie. If I remember correctly, it is unknown whether the people who died are in the revised cut or not.
Big Top Network
Big Top Network 2 months ago
“We should really stop filming this movie.” Director: “If we do that, we show our fear, and then the lions win. Is that what you want?!”
Monochrome Month ago
@C To See World What zombie theory is that?
C To See World
C To See World Month ago
Maybe lion bit them in the brain🧠🧠🧠
Mr Groucho
Mr Groucho Month ago
Yeah fuck dem lions! (Moments before disaster)
Monochrome Month ago
"The lions cant win If they aren't even participating"
Dante Caputo
Dante Caputo 2 months ago
‘Yes I’m mentally stable, why would you ask that?’
Rowan Smith
Rowan Smith Month ago
"what other movies do you know about that were more dangerous in real life than they were in the movie?" Milo and Otis is the first one to mind
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Potatoe master
Potatoe master 2 months ago
Danny, I believe that the rescues they talked about were tigers/lions sent for hunting, so they bought them and brought them there.
ItsCrazy 2 months ago
There videos never disappoint anyone on they are all amazing! Keep up the good work!
Demi Sutra
Demi Sutra 2 months ago
I’ve seen this movie because my dad had a VHS copy. The story and acting are goofy for sure, but it’s also horrifying because you legitimately see people scared for their lives and really getting hurt on screen.
Olivia Crews
Olivia Crews 2 months ago
I highly recommend reading Tippi Hedren’s autobiography. A large portion of the book is about the making of this movie. They got the lions and other animals from bankrupt zoos and trainers that couldn’t take care of them anymore. They were also almost constantly bankrupt while making this movie. I believe now she just runs the animal reserve with actual skilled trainers to help her.
Leigh Blair
Leigh Blair 2 months ago
@ghostlyhousehorrors exotic animals are STILL a huge industry here in the US. It’s absolutely disgusting but the laws vary by state. Texas has extremely lax exotic animal laws, and so does Ohio and Florida if I’m remembering correctly. Social media has made people even more into exotic animals and showing them off. There’s more lions and tigers in Texas than anywhere in the wild, super duper sad. Background checks of ANY kind didn’t exist in the 70’s, and the crime rate was absolutely wild back then. Most states’ murder solve rates are still really low, back then serial killers and everyone else had basically freedom to do whatever. It was insane.
Leigh Blair
Leigh Blair 2 months ago
@the light fantastic from what I understand credit scores didn’t even exist until the 80’s or so, which is just…a whole other can of worms😂
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the light fantastic
the light fantastic 2 months ago
@ghostlyhousehorrors Sorry, was trying to be humourous, not rude. I get it, but background checks weren't even a thing back then. A national database for crime wasn't even established until '67. Not sure you could even get someone's credit report without being a bank at that time. Unfortunately there was just nothing in place like that. Plus, animal rights back then... left something to be desired let's say
ghostlyhousehorrors 2 months ago
@the light fantastic bro I'm not that stupid, but sure there's got to be some way to do some checking back in the 70s. Sure it's easier now, but... it just... i don't know...sorry, I'm just frustrated these people were able to acquire and given responsibility of that much lions and big cats, hell even one big cat. The whole thing is insane.
Boating Accident
Boating Accident 2 months ago
I'm very uncomfortable with this story, as I can assume the animals were very neglected and mistreated. Animal care back then was often very bad.
Nathaniel Smith
Nathaniel Smith 2 months ago
Actually, for a “rescue” big cat in the United States, many of those cats were originally rescued from situations just like what these film makers were putting the cats in. Talk about ‘from the oven and into the deep fryer.’
Ew Gross
Ew Gross Month ago
I love how they thought raising the lions before they started to go on set was going to make them not attack the crew members with no actual proof that would work in any way
Lost_cause 2 months ago
the things is tho im suprised that lion in the scene with the 2 kids didnt eat them right then and there. as a kid i grew up with dogs and also did horse riding. one thing they teach you is dont make the animal feel like they have no escape, AND DEFINITLY DONT PULL ITS TAIL WTF they should be happy they survived
_its_ Lunar_
_its_ Lunar_ 2 months ago
I love how the commentary community has finally found out about the insane production of this movie
Squish-E 2 months ago
The British are coming, the British are coming!
Lou Back
Lou Back 2 months ago
but he didn't actually watch the movie. he reacted to an article about the movie. would've been more interesting if he had watched it and reacted to actual footage
Mikołaj Siekierski
Mikołaj Siekierski 2 months ago
Apparenty a British "ultranationalist" (according to his own chanel descripton altho he might be a troll) has decided that this comment is the perfect spot to spam the text of some song
millie 2 months ago
@real goddamn 💀
Luka [biptari]
Luka [biptari] 2 months ago
dear god the British have come to colonize the replies
Nina Bee
Nina Bee 2 months ago
I think we can all agree that the next logical step is for Danny to watch the movie for us
Bro he'd most likely be traumatized omg. The people in these comments who have actually watched it have said their traumatized dude I'd feel so bad if be watched it for us😭
Lil Yuri
Lil Yuri 2 months ago
Heard about this movie on a podcast called the After Disaster 7 years ago and when I saw the thumbnail I knew exactly what movie this was and what I was in for and it's still insane.
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