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May 21, 2023




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LeoFootballEditz 4 months ago
The legendary assist and goal
kevan kebon
kevan kebon 3 months ago
Legendary assist in you f dream
Kurd Assassin
Kurd Assassin 3 months ago
​@kevan kebon it was legendary
Techyeditz96 3 months ago
@kevan kebon mate u could argue the assist was as good as the goal
Tameem Karkuri
Tameem Karkuri 3 months ago
​@kevan kebon doesn't know football
Breacho 3 months ago
​@Techyeditz96 it goes unnoticed how hard it is to pull that assist off
The mystre raj gaming
practice makes a man perfect 😍
edmemereditz.18 2 months ago
But ibrhamovic said that zltan make practice perfect 😂
Ro 2 months ago
​@edmemereditz.18Comparing a human to a Lion now?
bhoot fm 88.0
bhoot fm 88.0 2 months ago
​@edmemereditz.18Zlatan Ibrahimovic is perfect player?🙄🙄🙄🙄
Десислава Цанева
​@edmemereditz.18ronaldo laughing in the Corner ronaldo practice makes perfect🗿
edmemereditz.18 2 months ago
@Ro oh my mistake 💀
Subhankar Chel
Subhankar Chel 2 months ago
How many time I will watch this goal, this Art, this beauty can't explain.
Drippy 3 months ago
"Talent without work is nothing..."-Cristiano Ronaldo
BEING NUMB 3 months ago
He can’t be like messi
ALINOOR DIBA 3 months ago
@BEING NUMB and Messi can’t be like Ronaldo simple as that but keep hating on rono tho 🤷‍♂️
Baby Adhikari
Baby Adhikari 3 months ago
Actually they two are best in their on place 😊
Electro 3 months ago
​@BEING NUMB lmao pessi fan Messi cant be like ronaldo Messi cant get the same height as ronaldo so he cant get headers Even though ronaldo weighs more than messi because of the height Ronaldo still runs faster Ronaldo has more goals with his head than messi has with his ledt leg Now go cry Pessi Fan
Jeffrey MS
Jeffrey MS 3 months ago
Jibrán Oliveros
Jibrán Oliveros 3 months ago
He’s a man of focus, commitment, and sheer will
Master X Gaming
Master X Gaming 3 months ago
Cristiano wick
hello noob
hello noob 3 months ago
Baba yaga
VenkataVamsi 2 months ago
​@Master X Gamingno it's Ronaldick 😂
Legend says it's still one of the best goals today 🥅
Serhat Kartal
Serhat Kartal 2 months ago
He needs to try it from 40 meters - zlatan ibrahimovic
“Talent without work is nothing…” - Cristiano Ronaldo.
leo gaming
leo gaming 3 months ago
Actually it's messi
@leo gaming what
leo gaming
leo gaming 3 months ago
@Football_SHORTS⚽️ talent without work is messi
JMRZ 3 months ago
​@leo gaming messi worked really hard, not esrly as much as cristiano but he worked a lot
leo gaming
leo gaming 3 months ago
@JMRZ in barca they don't work hard and since he was there for years he barley worked I know that since xavi simons said that
StormNinja 3 months ago
atharav Kashyap
atharav Kashyap 3 months ago
"You can not have talent without hard work" -Dani Carvajal
North United
North United 3 months ago
”Talent without training is nothing” -Luke Skywalker
McKayla Boilesen
McKayla Boilesen 3 months ago
Why does knowbody talk about the assist it was perfect
Viji Move
Viji Move 3 months ago
"Hard work without talent is also nothing" -Me
Barun Ghosh
Barun Ghosh 3 months ago
Rafael Nikolla
Rafael Nikolla 3 months ago
Ehm, yes, you can, wtf
Amaan Khalifa
Amaan Khalifa 29 days ago
Give respect to Carvajal who gave that beautiful assist....❤ Without him the best goal of the century wouldn't exist.
wkdbty 3 months ago
“Mistakes and hard work , lead to greatness.” - Sebastian Dedmond A.K.A Me
CrazyDrawin 3 months ago
"I Assisted To One Of The Best Goals In History" -Dani Carvajal (I think I started a war in the comments)
xaoccaxa 3 months ago
One of best ☠️☠️☠️
DaDragon 3 months ago
Not even close to one of the best as a Ronaldo fan
Desh 3 months ago
@DaDragon 💀
Syed Ahmed
Syed Ahmed 3 months ago
Pyrosorus 3 months ago
@xaoccaxa its not even close to one of the best
Legendary assist from Carvajal
iabooooodi 3 months ago
All people remember the goal but there is no one talk about who assist it 😢❤
OnVes 3 months ago
we also have to give credits to gigi’s save
Tecno-Channel 3 months ago
Correcto 👏
Cr7mygoat 15 days ago
For real
your dad
your dad 8 days ago
And Carvajal
Anime-kun 2 months ago
I am happy to be able to see these legends with my eyes.😌
Nikolai Zahariev
Nikolai Zahariev 2 months ago
That pass from Carvajal made history 👌 😍
Seeing Ronaldo in Madrid make me Nostalgic. They are Great memories
Neel Sarath
Neel Sarath 3 months ago
The prime Ronaldo was the GOAT 🐐 we miss them too much 😢
I'm Ïnsane
I'm Ïnsane 2 months ago
He will remain GOAT forever 😑
Ayaan Rehman
Ayaan Rehman 2 months ago
​@I'm Ïnsaneyou are right bro
random user
random user 2 months ago
​@I'm Ïnsanecap
Sewyz420 2 months ago
@random userfatas
BPTHEOPGAMER 2 months ago
​@random userbig fax
SStwins 2 months ago
Dani Carvajal, the man that assisted the greatest goal in history
iPhoShorts 3 months ago
I'm leaving this comment here. so when someone likes it, I'll get reminded of this Masterpiece 🌌
sanita aleksandere
The time ronaldo humbled the whole world
ediz prime
ediz prime 3 months ago
Legendary goal from the G.O.A.T
Changuito Cañero Cine
Y que pasa con pele,Messi,Maradona,tu si que no conoces de futbol
Sayantan Dutta
Sayantan Dutta 3 months ago
If buffon did not make that save,we would have never experienced this beauty of a goal
K.M Jabir Hasan
K.M Jabir Hasan 3 months ago
bruuh it was not easy to save as you think
Tavish Raina
Tavish Raina 3 months ago
​@K.M Jabir Hasan he is talking about the first save that Buffon made due to which the ball went to Carvajal
Isaias Rodriguez
Isaias Rodriguez 3 months ago
Cómo quisiera ser como el y adiós alos dioses del futbol cuando se retiren Ronaldo y Messi en nuestros recuerdos y corazones
Sōny_Productions 2 months ago
Tive o privilégio e a honra de ter visto essa maravilha ao vivo😍🤌
Legend Sage Mode Shorts
That assist by Spanish Carvajal was incredible!
GALAXY 3 months ago
carvajal is an eternal star of real madrid
Souhardya Roy
Souhardya Roy 3 months ago
Spanish Carvajal? What is there an Italian version too?🤣
NobitaSpy 3 months ago
​@yh-qi8rwayo ur pfp
chillzツ 3 months ago
@yh-qi8rw uhh ur pfp
J0Ÿ 3 months ago
Nah it was still high for any player to reach let alone a bicycle except Ronaldo.
Oskar Gołąbek
Oskar Gołąbek 2 months ago
Carvajaj ma najpiękniejszą asystę w życiu
zuxlys 3 months ago
look at the Real Madrid player behind him smiling as he just witnessed the best goal ever
Cool Gaming Editz
Cool Gaming Editz 3 months ago
Excellence on peak ,no words 😢
Ze Football Club
Ze Football Club 3 months ago
De qualquer forma esse lance iria ficar na história, pelo lance no todo, pelo gol, pela bicicleta ou pela primeira defesa, até se tivesse defendido a bicicleta.. de qualquer forma HISTÓRICO
Memerzz 3 months ago
Americans: such a goal mexicans: QUE GOALLASO NO MAMES
DOAN ROBLOX X FIFA 4 months ago
Ilan Xi
Ilan Xi 3 months ago
You mean toni Kross x Carvajal
DOAN ROBLOX X FIFA 3 months ago
@Ilan Xi no
Quadra gaming
Quadra gaming 3 months ago
​@Ilan Xi bro watched fake football theory video😂😂
Quenton Winkler
Quenton Winkler 3 months ago
@Quadra gaming yo that football theory vid had me thinking tho lol
Nothing 3 months ago
jakey94 Month ago
Lucas Vasquez started smiling when CR7 made the jump itself
Fathimath Aneega
Fathimath Aneega 2 months ago
Prob the best goal in this lovely sports history ❤
Hāmzā🔥💯 3 months ago
Bro people that are wearing headphones are actually in a piece of heaven
Çøłøřfųł 3 months ago
Thats me lol
The best goal in the world,scored by Ronaldo.This goal would have not existed without Carvajal.
Joshua 3 months ago
It would take Messi a billion years to get this ❤
Markus Enius
Markus Enius 3 months ago
This goal never been forgoted🥶
Emeline Dietrich
Emeline Dietrich 3 months ago
Gio Jay
Gio Jay 3 months ago
I forgot it
Atickraj 3 months ago
​@Gio Jay pessi fan dog 😅
Gio Jay
Gio Jay 2 months ago
@Atickraj I like ronaldo more
WATER MELON 2 months ago
The greatest goal in the history of champions leauge❤
Amanuel Ayele
Amanuel Ayele Month ago
the day ronaldo scored that goal me and my dad were so shocked we could not what happened prime ronaldo is truly the goat and i really miss him
F5 Anabolic
F5 Anabolic 3 months ago
RB to LW Bicy in the Quarters LB to RW Bicy in the Final … That Team was something else.
Satoshi 3 months ago
MatYT001 3 months ago
​@Satoshi final*
Enrico Bi
Enrico Bi 2 months ago
Se ronaldo non la teneva..... addio a uno dei gol più belli della storia
Bech Hero
Bech Hero 3 months ago
I am a fan of Leo but I still recognize how spectacular CR7 was, that's why I enjoy these beautiful plays that we will never see again
Rashid Month ago
The GOAT 🤩🐐
ThanQ 3 months ago
No one credits Carvajal for that wonderful pass to Ronaldo. His decision-making skills were on top at that moment.
CrazyDrawin 3 months ago
So I didn't??
Sagun Grg
Sagun Grg 2 months ago
He doesnt give up until the end….thats his magic❤ goat CR7
Adam Edits
Adam Edits 3 months ago
This the most peaceful video I have ever watched ❤
2bEditz 19 days ago
Fr this song makes every video peaceful
Davi Lucas Seles
Davi Lucas Seles 3 months ago
As maiorias das pessoas só falam do gol do Cristiano mas esquecem da linda assistência
Bogdan Nohai
Bogdan Nohai 2 months ago
The legendary goal and moment.RESPECT❤
Adam Khendki
Adam Khendki 4 months ago
No one talking about buffon under-rated save
Shahida Hassa
Shahida Hassa 3 months ago
buffon is a legandary GK but ronaldo scored that goals so:)
​@Shahida Hassa Yes😢 Prime buffon wouldve saved that
Patricia Fregoso
Patricia Fregoso 3 months ago
@doogsniffedcocaine🏳️‍🌈⃠ no
@Patricia Fregoso he wouldve
Slayer of Demons
Slayer of Demons 3 months ago
​@doogsniffedcocaine🏳️‍🌈⃠ no
AvistFtbl™ 2 months ago
"This goal basically ruined his career😢."
Edit_king 3 months ago
no one’s talking about the beautiful assist
Phoenix Dutta
Phoenix Dutta 3 months ago
Beauty and class, had tears in my eyes
Satyanarayan Sahu
Satyanarayan Sahu 3 months ago
*Madrid Ronaldo was something different* 😢😢❤❤
MA Geo
MA Geo 3 months ago
Many people talk about Ronaldo’s goal, but no one talks about Carvajals assist
GoatXEditz🐐 3 months ago
the athleticism and skill to pull this off can never be overstated
TI-VI 3 months ago
“ talent without work is nothing….”-Cristiano Ronaldo. Also it’s good that the player missed or Ronaldo wouldn’t have one his greatest highlights ever
That creeper guy
That creeper guy 2 months ago
Bri really had to have a second look as Buffon saved his shot😂😂
AverageThaikid 3 months ago
Dude buffon was a Hella monster at that match
جميلة 3 months ago
J0Ÿ 3 months ago
yea he was totally in form
Azima Naaz
Azima Naaz 3 months ago
Perfect sport man in world
Cuando las semifinales de la champions eran legendarias
JB_FOOTBALL 3 months ago
We need him back :(
Andy Drums
Andy Drums 2 months ago
I'm an out and out Messi guy but this goal was fucking beautiful 🤌🤌🤌
Esports Ward
Esports Ward 3 months ago
A greatest goal in history 😌💯
Average Kuwati
Average Kuwati 4 months ago
😢 I miss the old ronaldo
Leen Aljuzair
Leen Aljuzair 4 months ago
roblox player
roblox player 3 months ago
INFINITY_22 3 months ago
MobSt3r580 3 months ago
This goal is so good that nobody's talking abt carvajal cross
The Zlatan Show
The Zlatan Show 3 months ago
Ibrahimovic's bicycle kick (from 46 meters)>Ronaldo's bicycle kick
Messi TheBoss
Messi TheBoss 3 months ago
imagine buffon saved that 😢
Football History ⚽
Brother Ronaldo said " talent without hardwork is nothing"
Cooly 3 months ago
The time. The jump. The momentum. It was just PERFECT
mohammedseid Bushira
It was fictional to good to be true 😭
Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo 3 months ago
And they say bale has the best bicycle kick (in the box) 😢
Legendary trio
Legendary trio 3 months ago
One day our kids will know the name: Cristiano Ronaldo
Muhamed 2 months ago
"Working harder will never not help" - Andrew Tate
Pranav Chitnis
Pranav Chitnis 3 months ago
I can watch this goal time and time again and still feel absolutely amazed 🤩
Malakai Ramos
Malakai Ramos 3 months ago
“Talent without work is nothing” - lebron james
pedri do grau😎
pedri do grau😎 3 months ago
Quem gosta do CR7 CRICA 👇
TCI Edits
TCI Edits 3 months ago
Good pass made Good shot made and good save which made legendary assist which made goated goal
Adobe Lightroom - Photoshop
They took team work to a next level 💀
Syeda Chanda Jawad
Syeda Chanda Jawad 3 months ago
Talent without work is nothing__ CRISTIANO RONALDO ❤
Samuel Ospina
Samuel Ospina 3 months ago
Cómo olvidar ese gol 😔
THE ♾️ animator👻
one of the most iconic goal in history of champions league by no.1 player in history of football💯💯💯
The perfect bicicle/bike goal doesn't exis- Yeah, i was fucking wrong
Cristyano Ronaldo
Cristyano Ronaldo 4 months ago
Thanks for your edit bro❤ronaldo goat❤🎉
Spideyverseeditz 4 months ago
Most welcome ❤
CR7xLM10 3 months ago
Bro isnt Cristiano Ronaldo he is Cristyano Ronaldo
The Lyrical World
The Lyrical World 3 months ago
Those days were legendary😮😢
Musa3011 2 months ago
Now imagine if Lucas Vazquez (aka the guy that shot before Cr7) scored
*foto intankavel do agry birds realista
Esse gol é uma obra de arte
{Gacha Dark}
{Gacha Dark} 3 months ago
This is the last match for Ronaldo in real Madrid💔
Omar 3 months ago
The legendary assist from Carvajal❤
speedstudio7 3 months ago
At this point, I've seen this goal for over a hundred and twenty times
Gourab Das
Gourab Das 2 months ago
What an assist 🔥 nd a goal
Xenoi Sports
Xenoi Sports 3 months ago
No one is talking about that master piece of carbahal🙂🥶
FF 333
FF 333 3 months ago
I used to watch football for decades and always try to find perfect bicycle kick that i never found it too perfect. Some of the player had better range/height but still it wasn't perfect for me. Imagine seeing your favourite player do it perfectly and i never expect that he will done it. That day I know he was the best because he completely done every type of goals that we all just can imagine. From head to toe, he's done everything. Simply the best of the best.🐐
XxEllieMayxX 3 months ago
Messi and Ronaldo are the best
Tadeo Marquez
Tadeo Marquez 14 days ago
He will always be the goat in my heart
TwitchboiXD 3 months ago
He didn't know with that. Cross he was abt to make history
Cosmo_0 2 months ago
Imagine if Ronaldo had not passed it to the guy that shot the ball and hit the crossbar.
@sky770 3 months ago
Old memories 🐐🐐🇵🇹🇵🇹
DivineRBLX 3 months ago
Props to Danny Carvajal for the lovely assist
random hooman
random hooman 3 months ago
no one talks about buffon's save 🥺🥺 i'll rather have an 80 year old buffon in my team than having prime donnaruma
AlexVerro6677 3 months ago
Think if that guy who missed before scored, literally 1 milion of views would not have everybody who edited this goal💀
⚡️nuclear⚡️ 3 months ago
You mean Lucas Vasquez 😂
eli 2 months ago
If Carvajal didn’t make that pass, it would’ve never happened😊
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