Top 10 Cheapest Private Aircraft In The World That You can Afford Now

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Click For 10 Expensive Aircraft in the world. www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCfHy...

Air plane is one of the most expensive things in the world ,Generally only very rich person can afford to buy a privet air-plane.Modern aircraft is very expensive as it needs to pass many safety test to offer it to the market . however there are some light craft that you can afford with your budge price and could make you dream true .

Here are a list of oue top ten Cheapest aircraft list :
10 - Piper Colt PA-22-108
09 - Cessna 150
08 -Luscombe 8
07 - Cessna 140
06- Piper PA-20 Pacer
05 - Grumman American AA-1
04 - Taylorcraft B
03 - Piper PA-38 Tomahawk
02 - ERCO Ercoupe
01 - Aeronca Chief

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Dec 5, 2016




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Pirate Labs
Pirate Labs 5 years ago
I bought a used SR-71 Black Bird a few months ago and I only paid $1,146.00 for it. I got a really good deal because it needed a paint job. I painted it once using spray cans but...after cruising at 3,000 mph most of the paint burned off. Man, this thing really uses fuel though. I think I owe the oil company $195,000 so far. I might sell this and get a Space Shuttle as I think it will use less fuel.
Daniel Iuga
Daniel Iuga 2 years ago
@ThatFeeble-MindedBoy You are right about radar absortion. I never got a ticket while speeding on my grill.
Magnolia Valencia
Magnolia Valencia 3 years ago
@ThatFeeble-MindedBoy agreed, I laughed bcoz the red hot surface at mach 5 or 7 or more depending which number aircraft, , it can go much faster than we're told. Fuel alone can cost you a fortune, literally you need a bank to keep one in service. . Although I would be very interested to buy one with friends as an SR71 needs a crew to help with details year round. . If you reply please send telemetry, comment to... Smith aviation refinements Good luck to every one
Rustoleum makes a “high heat“ spray paint, I think the only color is black, it dries to a matte finish, and is good for up to 550°F; it is designed primarily to spruce up an old charcoal grill. … They carry it at Walmart; it will look just like the original finish, and I think someone said that it absorbs radar.I’m not at all surprised to hear that your fuel costs are high, since those things leak fuel when they’re just sitting on the ground .
Model Carrier
Model Carrier 4 years ago
Please help me to get one at this price
Amit Shukla
Amit Shukla 4 years ago
Why don't you buy an oil refinery
Michael Powell
Michael Powell 5 years ago
When Cessna brought back the 172 and 182, they made a major mistake in not bringing back the 152 as well. I always enjoyed flying it more than the 172.
Sierra Foxtrot Golf
I'm with you, my old flying club had a 172 and a 150. I always enjoyed burning holes in the sky with the 150.
The Casual Citizen
The Casual Citizen 4 years ago
The prices seem to be quite low. Maybe 2 to 3 times the prices mentioned would be closer to an operational aircraft depending on condition.
Muso Seven
Muso Seven 3 years ago
Some lovely aircraft AFAIC, would love to own any of them (having said that I would much prefer an electric start/starter motor these days), my dad's Luscombe and Aeronca were prop swing only. Not sure that the UK prices reflect similar/the exchange rates and/or in 2019? Ive flown in G-IVOR, when she was in cream and light blue scheme, circa late 1980s/early 1990s.
Craig Smith
Craig Smith 5 years ago
When looking in the boneyard for a plane the engine isn't that important. You do have to make sure that the plane rolls. You can adapt a VW or Subaru engine and cobble together a pulley-belt drive pretty cheaply. You can install old office chairs in the cabin for seating and paint the plane with rattle-cans for that spiffed-up look. Radio-shmadio just stay out of class B airspace. That is about all you can do for 3K.
Henrik MDC
Henrik MDC 3 months ago
"Radio-shmadio", Made my day haha
Gary Roy
Gary Roy 3 years ago
Sold my 1979 Skyhawk back in 1986 for about 20K, full IFR and loaded with accessories. I would have to pay 3 times that for it now... and yes, I kick myself every day when I think about how stupid I was.
Michael D’Angelo
Michael D’Angelo 3 years ago
Right after the $12,000 Cessna 150 I decided I better see if other people were thinking what I was thinking. One thing I can say though is that these are some of the cheapest aircraft on the market so that part of the video is accurate.
f82man 5 years ago
l soloed in a Tomahawk in 1981, and it was grounded several times during my 11 hours. Once they got the bugs worked out it was a good plane. When practicing stalls, the wings would start "flapping" and the tail would "wobble" from side to side, earning the name "Tramahawk". Oh well, it was fun...
Keith Howard
Keith Howard 4 months ago
I love my Piper Tomahawk PA 38-112. It fits my mission completely.
Doug Rodrigues
Doug Rodrigues 5 years ago
Warning: Buying a used airplane from a used airplane salesman could be risky. Don't take the word of a used airplane dealer any more than you'd take the word of a used car salesman. Many decades ago I bought a Single engine plane used from such a salesman. It had suffered a prop strike and there was some damage to the lower firewall. After being told how good the engine was, I struck up a deal with the salesman...that I'd buy the plane only if he'd pay for another crankshaft if the crank tested to be cracked. He agreed. I disassembled the engine and sent the crankshaft in for testing because it looked to me that I could see a Crack. The salesman mentioned, "that's not a Crack, it only looks like one. The crank returned from the overhaul shop with the dye testing showing a Crack. Now the salesman wanted to back out of the deal. He offered me my down payment back if I'd reassemble the engine and put it back into the plane. I refused. After mentioning that the FAA could find his demands interesting, he pointed out a freshly rebuilt engine in the corner of the hangar and said, "take that engine and get out of here. I don't want hear anything about this again!" Such a deal! I ended up with a rebuilt engine and I didn't even have to buy parts!
Quetzalcoatl the Feathered Serpent
I always thought it was owners that sold the planes or major companies selling used ones. If there was a guy selling used planes like used cars. We've would have been seeing more planes :P
Muso Seven
Muso Seven 3 years ago
Like a Jodel I knew of, previous owner kept VERY quiet about a VERY hard landing (damage was hidden away). Second flight out with new owner? Undercart collapsed at a 'municipal' airport fly-in, luckily pilot skill saved the day, lightish damage to underside, engine not shocked, the two folk onboard safe and walked away, plus good emergency facilities and crew at airport - could have been much worse in a lonely farmers field!
Bernard Hibbard
Bernard Hibbard 3 years ago
Guess we don't need a warning from you....we need lessons. (Ps: bet that salesman still remembers you too lol).
Matt Foster
Matt Foster 5 years ago
Doug...i am more than skeptical of this story...on so many levels..stop it
Ken Wood
Ken Wood 5 years ago
In 1972, I paid $2500 for a 1953 Piper Tripacer. Now, they're about 10 times that.
Model Carrier
Model Carrier 4 years ago
Please help me to get one at this price.
rick westernijyu
rick westernijyu 4 years ago
Ercoupes we're around 3500 in 1981. Not anymore. You can probably buy scrap coupes and rebuild them if your licensed A&P. But you will still need A&I for Annual inspection.
Super Kyle
Super Kyle 5 years ago
Inflation, like why a house is worth more now than it was in 1972.
Vucky abx
Vucky abx 5 years ago
Ken Wood why the increase?
TRUBOLAZ 5 years ago
Prices looks really acceptable but it would be nice to have some kind of information where they can be find.
C150hp150 5 years ago
Those prices can't be in USA dollars, i'm guessing not. In our dollars those would all be outstanding bargains. Nice clip, thanks!
Jethro Bradley
Jethro Bradley 3 months ago
I managed to buy a large RC model of a plane for one of the lower prices quoted here. It’s a bit of a tight squeeze to get inside the cabin but I dropped some weight and I use plenty of lube. I now fly the model (with me inside it) to work each day. Rarely manage to get more than twenty feet off the deck, the plane has a tendency to want to stall at any moment and the landings are often ROUGH but it fulfils my desire for flight and at a good budget.
John Hettish
John Hettish 4 years ago
And they didn't even include the J3C-65. Mr Honigmann is right. The prices may be accurate somewhere (noting the tail number country prefixes). Perhaps where Avgas is $10 per gallon (or is that per litre). In the states an average condition Piper Cub (j3C) is around $30K at the moment and can be run from alcohol-free automobile gas.
mike b
mike b Month ago
i sold my dads fully functional 1946 tcraft when he passed in 2008 for 10K...Im sure its worth much more now in 2022
Carl Rossi
Carl Rossi 7 months ago
These prices may have been close for beaters in 2016 or maybe they are original prices when new. A prime condition PA-22 108 will cost 30K today.
Jim New
Jim New 5 years ago
Don't know where you got these prices from, maybe when these planes were new. I bought a 46 Piper J3 Cub last year for $32,000 , but it was in very good condition and Cubs are classics that hold their values, I have seen them asking $50,000 for them.
Schwibbs 5 years ago
Gotta love Luscombes! My dad is building three of them right now! (He's trying to buy a 4th...)
redShows Year ago
Dear madam ;i wish i had a aeroplane,but now i think it will be risky to buy a cheap plane;on the other hand it will be a waste of money to buy a costly plane
Stephen Year ago
Lads, The video creator strategically never mentioned condition, so they obviously meant fully roached barn finds needing all the squawks.
Ankit Nagpal
Ankit Nagpal 3 years ago
The mentioned prices seem to be of the year of manufacture or first sale.
Yes, you can find these planes at these prices. Just not airworthy. Check engine overhaul times and aircraft total times (SMOH and AFTT for you non-airplane folks) I have lots of friends flying $12,000 Cessna 140's and 150's. We are all aircraft mechanics and know where to find parts and how to do a proper yet affordable repair. For anyone not licensed by the FAA to fix these planes, don't buy anything for less than $30,000 with some exceptions. Cessna 150's in good flying condition can be found at buy 1, get 1 free prices. If you just got your license, buy a 150 and bring it to me for an engine upgrade. A simple swap from an O-200 to an O-235 will work wonders! And no matter the engine time, if it was not fully rebuilt in the last 12 years, DON'T BUY IT!
Jarod Morris
Jarod Morris 5 years ago
My father had a 150 that he bought for $12,500, but that was back in 2001. It was a great airplane and who knows how long it would have lasted. Line guys tied it down but left it loose. Wind storm came up 60+ knot winds and flipped it. Snapped the ropes that weren't tight, cracked the windshield, bent the nose. Insurance totaled it and claimed the engine would have to be rebuilt. We spoke to a few A&Ps who said since it wasn't running, it's not like a prop strike though the insurance treated it like that due to the damage to the nose. Great radios too for a little airplane. The Bendix King 155. My first 4.9 hours were in it.
black sheep
black sheep 5 years ago
Those prices seem to be what the aircraft costed when it was first produced, not present day.
alaskanalain 6 months ago
Now in 2022 this is like watching a history show. Multiply some of these prices by 5 to 8 to get today's price.
Mike Cavanagh
Mike Cavanagh 5 years ago
Source document must have been a 1965 Trade A Plane.
Odee Dillon
Odee Dillon 4 years ago
Nice uber fast run through, with _zip_ commentary. Would have been nice to show range, GPH rate, speed, and such.
kdmc40 5 years ago
I can't believe most of these would be available at these prices if they were is good flying condition. You might be able to get a basket case for these prices!
LahntalTV 3 years ago
A good maintained PA 22 - 108 Colt for about 16 T€ ist still realistic.
Ryan McDonald
Ryan McDonald 5 years ago
Hahah. I own one of these planes. I paid three times what you showed as the highest price. And I got an excellent deal.
black sheep
black sheep 5 years ago
If you wanted one of these aircraft today as NEW, it would cost well over $20,000. The prices in the video were probably either the price when they were first produced, or an old, run down airplane.
Nick Fury
Nick Fury 5 years ago
Saw an ad in a restaurant once (this restaurant was part of a complex that consisted of it, a hotel, and an airstrip. Pretty cool concept really, land there, get something to eat, maybe stay the night in the hotel, get breakfast the next morning and then fly out). Anyway the ad was for a 1968 Cessna 150, and it was going for $14,000. This was just last year too
Jamie Jansen
Jamie Jansen 5 years ago
I think you forgot the Citabria built in 1950sat a cost of $3700. Great two seater plane.
redShows Year ago
Dear madam;i wish i had a private plane;but traveling in a cheap plane could be risky;so my dream will crush
Model Carrier
Model Carrier 4 years ago
Please help me to get one at this price
Andrés Ospina Stepanian
Wow!!! I thought that any plane no matter how big or how many engines have, will cost zillions of dollars.
joseph wright
joseph wright 5 years ago
one of my friends said that you buy the radios and the hours that are left in the engine. the rest of the plane gets thrown in.
John Wyatt
John Wyatt 5 years ago
I owned a tomahawk and I paid $15,000 for it in 1998. you can't find one now for much less than $19,500
nitroman65 5 years ago
Try Ebay
Godshock 5 years ago
I'd be happy with 19,500. I love the tomahawk...
Corpstilldeath 5 years ago
Bob Sullivan take my money💰💰💵💵💵💵
Pirate Labs
Pirate Labs 5 years ago
The old T-Tail eh? I liked the look of those planes.
Bob Sullivan
Bob Sullivan 5 years ago
Armando.....You're in luck. Step right up! For the low low price of only 2 1/2 bags of cash I will send you the plans for a beautiful little Mach 5 suborbital intercontinental cruiser. For a limited time only and in very limited quantities I can throw in a lightly used upgrade kit that will give you a performance increase to 'Point 5 past lightspeed.' Don't delay....Amaze your family and baffle your friends and order today! *WARNING*: Use of this product may cause poverty, diarrhea, impotence, hair loss, anxiety, massive and unsightly lacerations, contusions, and spontaneous amputations. Ask your FAA inspector if this product is right for you.
Alexander Smith
Alexander Smith 5 years ago
I have come to a stunning realization about this video. These prices are probably for antique scale models. RIP.
joseph wright
joseph wright 5 years ago
crashed my stinson two years ago, me and grandson walked with scratches. i know how to work fabric and my bro welded up the lunar lander for boeing and the jpl, so it will get fixed. cherokees are all over the place, and are around twenty grand. 172's are maybe five to ten grand more.
Michael Rempel
Michael Rempel 2 years ago
@Tau Design I think he means the car they built. My cousin Ted was on that build team too.
Michael Green
Michael Green 4 years ago
i think the cherokee is a lot more fun to fly.. why is it cheaper than a 172?
Tau Design
Tau Design 4 years ago
The Lunar Lander was built by Grumman.
joeribelgium 4 years ago
cheapest "chief" that flies that i found was 15000 usd
Beau Long
Beau Long 5 years ago
I agree with everyone else. 20k to 100k for these. I'm sure you can find them this cheap with no engine or interior. Lol
Lloyd Morrison
Lloyd Morrison 5 years ago
You can't touch a Lycoming engine fore under 5 grand, and that's a used one!
Donald Parlett jr
Donald Parlett jr 5 years ago
Yeah that may be the price of a clapped out and engineless frame.
tom thompson
tom thompson 5 years ago
i cant even buy a used ducati at those prices ,,, infact , ive paid more for my garden mower than those quoted prices
cell pat
cell pat 4 years ago
Wow, where can I get me one? How much is everything else required with it?
The Danester
The Danester 5 years ago
damn... I thought the j-3 cub was cheap.
Les Nixon
Les Nixon 4 years ago
Richard .... naaahhhh ... the C150 was young and sweet. Compared ..... I also flew a 70 year old spruce and fabric De Havilland DH84 fifteen years, bought for peanuts ... covered Australia coast to coast and every isolated remote town with the Gospel endlessly without missing a beat ... cost fortune to maintain ... timbers so weathered, wings flexed with turbulence and cabin rode like a cushy suspension -- and when the main wooden spar ran out of hours, sold it to a British fancier fur a tidy sum, who went broke, and it ended up in the East Fortune Museum near Edinburgh gazed upon by tourists since 1980 till now ... Google it on You Tube ... DH84 VH-SNB remembered ... cheers .... LN
Tallishyeti27 5 years ago
Not sure where you got some of those prices but none I've seen are anywhere near that
S W 2 years ago
@Tallishyeti27 Nope
I Got 99 Problems but My Alt Aint One
I musta been looking at the comments, was there a piper cub?
Brent Hollingsworth
Dayshub k
joe woodchuck
joe woodchuck 4 years ago
One of the biggest variables in price is the instrument panel. That's where it's very easy to up the price tag fast.
Schwibbs 4 years ago
My friend payed $8,000 for the Cessna 150 I soloed in a couple years ago... Not to mention my family owns 4 Luscombes (soon to be 5) that have all been bought under $10k.
Capt Larry -
Capt Larry - 5 years ago
Walt Right
Walt Right 4 years ago
Come on, 1947 prices? Those planes would be very expensive to build today.
Mike CorLeoné
Mike CorLeoné 5 years ago
Cheapest plane I've seen was $70,000...
Scott Honigmann
Scott Honigmann 5 years ago
I wish those prices were accurate
redShows Year ago
@Schwibbs dear madam ;i wish i had a private plane;but it will be risky travelling in a private plane;so my dream is in crush
Andrea Troso
Andrea Troso Year ago
innit...checking them now they are so off!!
Quetzalcoatl the Feathered Serpent
@Odee Dillon Sure some of them. Given the number of aircraft in the small light plane category that exist, there is more than some of them. Again it comes down to the planes that are more common. The rarer the plane the cost goes up. Its more common price lowers. Same for its tech. Lets be honest here. A plane that's made in the 70s that hasn't changed much since its creation is bound to be fairly affordable than a brand new design. In any case I would always encourage people to buy a plane. The rich cannot be the only ones to afford one and its unfair to everyone else when a specific group isolates and takes hold of something that isn't only for them.
Odee Dillon
Odee Dillon 2 years ago
@Quetzalcoatl the Feathered Serpent operative word here is *_Some._*
I Got 99 Problems but My Alt Aint One
@Quetzalcoatl the Feathered Serpent indeed Brother indeed
"That you can afford now" is a bit subjective.
Cody Saltaformaggio
In what world do you live in where you found a Cessna 150 that was 12Gs or less... the lowest I think I have ever seen one was maybe 19.5. Not a shot that those are accurate prices. Now I know you can come across some deals but nothing that low. At least not without having to do some major overhauling after you buy it.
HybridVW 5 years ago
4-5 years ago, I bought a flying Stinson 108 for $15k, put 300 hours on it, and sold it for $15k. During that time, I had to replace one cylinder, and take care of a few other maintenance items, but nothing remotely close to a "major overhaul".
joseph wright
joseph wright 5 years ago
you missed the winner, the stinson 108 series. cruise 120mph on ten gals/hr, and carries four. widely available for less than 20g's. usually has enough radio gear to be really usable.
hamdy muhammad
Great beautiful video, excellent video. My great respect to you I really enjoyed it. I should get one of these. Thank you
Model Carrier
Model Carrier 4 years ago
Could you please tell where can I buy one of those aircraft at this cheap price? Hard Cash given on the spot.
Rod DeShong's odds and ends
I didn't see anything here that would sell for lass than around $12,000 with run out engines and little or no radios.
Warrior Wombat
Warrior Wombat 5 years ago
I just looked up some of these and they are nowhere near the prices you are quoting.
Nancy McIntyre
Nancy McIntyre 5 years ago
The prices on the video aren't correct. Add $15 to $20,000 to each aircraft. Even non operating models aren't as inexpensive as in the video.
dav id jones
dav id jones 4 years ago
I love an original 1940s Piper Cub
Stuart Maclean
Stuart Maclean 5 years ago
Not realistic. My 30 year old 172 cost me $50,000.00 and it was due for it's TBO. $25,000.00 later it's flyable and reliable.
William Mueller
William Mueller 5 years ago
In California the prices, like all the rest of the golden state, are just that. So getting a "cheap" airplane here is the pipiest of pipe dreams.
Wouter van Tiel
Wouter van Tiel 8 months ago
clearly this was 2016 pricing. Fast forward to 2022 and these prices look prehistoric.
Shahriar Bin Rouf
Shahriar Bin Rouf 5 years ago
Are these price for brand new or used plane? I really wanna buy one within $10k, how can i get it??
tcorrellii 5 years ago
I think you're talking about the RC models of these planes for those prices.
Praveen Sharma
Praveen Sharma 3 years ago
Carlos Leon
Carlos Leon 4 years ago
high wing planes only look good with a taildragger design. either that or retractables.
inkydoug 5 years ago
I know cheap old motorcycles are only worth fixing up to the standard of the aircraft shown if you are BLINDLY in love with old motorcycles. You will spend a mint x 10 to get a bike that is less reliable and less competent than a modern one. In the case of aircraft, I imagine you are risking your life too.
The Rust Admin
The Rust Admin 4 years ago
begins at 0:33
mandarin125 3 years ago
A Concorde once sold for 1$. I'm not even joking.
Larry Wixom
Larry Wixom 5 years ago
These prices are about 10 years behind. A Cessna 140 for $5000 - $10000.?? Good luck on that.
NESkyz 5 years ago
Yeah....you're not going to find any of these planes at those prices. I don't know who he thinks he's kidding.
Schwibbs 4 years ago
NESkyz Actually... my friend bought a 1966 Cessna 150 a couple years ago for $8,000, and my dad and I are about to buy a 5th Luscombe (first non-project) for sale for $11k... This guy isn't kidding anyone, you just have to have connections and look harder to get a good deal
jumpinjack1 5 years ago
good vid and pics but 5 to 10k for cessna 140? not a chance unless its in boxes and you have an extra 20k to spend on it. lol ......p.s. buy something whole and flying
Mark Langmann
Mark Langmann 3 years ago
What? An Aeronca Chief can be bought for $1695.? Perhaps one that is wrapped up in a little ball.
ClearSkyAviation 4 years ago
These prices are unrealistic for flying LEGALLY you didn't include the prices for annual or overhaul(usually costs $4 000-10 000) and if you don't know what that means you shouldn't post these telling people to buy airplanes!
sanjoy ghosh
sanjoy ghosh 5 years ago
The last plane had almost same price of a Mavic Pro Combo :P :P
Hello 3 years ago
I can afford now? So where’s the plane that costs 20 pounds
Idle Onlooker
Idle Onlooker 3 years ago
You can't even buy a hang-glider for some of the quoted prices in this vid!!
ilia keydo
ilia keydo 4 years ago
why is it what the piper super cub is so much more expensive than these aircraft. what makes it so much better than half of these aircraft?
Throughmylens 5 years ago
Very nice video and very well made.
Pile Of George
Pile Of George 5 years ago
These prices are BS. I looked at buying every single one of those aircraft in the past. Those are probably the prices from the 1940s, when most of these planes were built.
hyou zan ren
hyou zan ren 4 years ago
That price is impossible!
Quetzalcoatl the Feathered Serpent
None of these prices are accurate. Probably in a vintage trade a plane back in the late 70s before everything went up except wages
Jerry Bear
Jerry Bear 5 years ago
the prices are obviously for a shell of a plane in need of assembly.
Jeffrey Truhan
Jeffrey Truhan 4 years ago
I’d buy each of these planes all day long if I could find them at these prices! Very inaccurate.
Schwibbs 4 years ago
Jeffrey Truhan If you are just talking the price of the airplane (no fuel, maintenance, etc.), this video isn't that far off... my friend bought a 1966 Cessna 150 for $8,000 a couple years ago, and my dad and I are trying to buy our 5th Luscombe for sale for $11k.
TacticalIdiot17 5 years ago
what? $1,695? that is impossible.
Jake Smith
Jake Smith 5 years ago
These were release date prices...you can't get a plane for $1600 anywhere
Chiefkirk Outdoors
Chiefkirk Outdoors 3 years ago
Those prices are way out of line low. If those were accurate I'd own two airplanes.
Paul Carattini
Paul Carattini 4 years ago
Add 10K to all those prices at minimum.
Erwin Erwin
Erwin Erwin 4 years ago
Just a lawn chair with a wing and a small engine goes for like 8K
tileman1814 5 years ago
The only aircraft you are going to get at these prices are either projects or junk!
Quetzalcoatl the Feathered Serpent
Nothing is wrong with a project. indeed learning how to restore a plane and its engine actually would be beneficial to its new pilot than buying a newer model. Helps them understand the plane better and perhaps add a few improvements. Plus you can shove that you have a plane to people who said you couldn't get one in there faces. just don't tell them it doesn't fly at the moment :P
Wolfgang Huhn
Wolfgang Huhn 5 years ago
WOW - really? Maybe with the following disclaimer .." engine, prop, avionics and wings not included ... no maintenance history available, possible unapproved parts and repairs"Then, maybe...
Dr. Michael Mills, Phd. Esq.
1695 for a chief??? wtf is that the price of the EMBLEM? $1695 wouldnt ever buy radios, tires engine..this guy is DREAMING
Jim Foreman
Jim Foreman 5 years ago
Nice video but get real on the prices. Rebuildable basket cases go for more than what you show. Most anything licensed and flyable will cost you close to twenty grand.
Dayshub 5 years ago
Dear Jim , Thanks for your Valuable comment .
K V 5 years ago
The prices are for large scale gas RC planes. Yes I can own one too *snort*
Joseph Stokes
Joseph Stokes 5 years ago
Thanks for the video effort but the purpose of the horrible music is? Also, you might want to provide a "date" regarding the prices.
Dennis Custard
Dennis Custard 6 months ago
Who ever compiled this is out of their flipping mind , find me these at the prices you show and I'll buy them!-!!@
Bernard Hibbard
Bernard Hibbard 3 years ago
Hey, Dayshub. Are these your planes? As pictured? Are they your prices? I will take 'em all then. Fly 'em on over !! I'll do a "leaseback" with the 150 and turn a profit lol. I had a 1946 WILLYS JEEP that cost more than you say the Aronica does
Ron Wallace
Ron Wallace Year ago
I'll tell you what, you buy any of these planes at the price quoted in this video. Then add a thousand dollars so you can make a profit. I will buy 2 of them from you. I ain't holding my breath 'till this happens. You can't even buy a high time engine for these prices.
Marshall Smith™
Marshall Smith™ 5 years ago
I would gladly fly a plane that costs $10,000... Said NO PILOT EVER! PS: Buy the Tomahawk... Looks sorda like a plane and hey if you fuck up and stall no worries if you don't understand recovery because it basically is not really able to.
Crazy Kuup
Crazy Kuup 4 years ago
Prices are WAY off!!!! And what about paramotoring???
Darth Jar Jar Binks
I got a private airplane, that was designed in 1943 and was the same type the British Royal Air force used in the war. It hadn't been used yet, but it was about $1,399.