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Cas van de Pol
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The ultimate compilation of all the Minecraft recap cartoons so far! Should we do more episodes? Includes; The Sheriff, The Giant Golem, The Pig & The Villager!
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00:00 - Intro
00:08 - The Sheriff
07:17 - The Giant Golem
15:12 - Minecraft Recap
24:54 - The Pig
29:30 - The Villager

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Feb 26, 2024




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Comments : 2.1K   
@cas 2 months ago
should we do a season 2? 👀
@kirmed4167 2 months ago
@user-xo5vj9ir8f 2 months ago
@syedishaq-5129 2 months ago
hell yeah
@FlughafenHamad 2 months ago
@vontaxe 2 months ago
I think the second episode would be perfectly acceptable or even recognized by mojang if it weren't for the enderman and skeleton side story
@spooki3382 2 months ago
@Lord_of_pureChaos 2 months ago
I legit wish there were ways to build golems like that in games without mods
Yes I love you videos so much Cas
​@@Lord_of_pureChaos uwu
@Lord_of_pureChaos 2 months ago
@@robertbeauregard2987 Cease thine word daemon!
@protastudios 2 months ago
I'll be honest, the giant golem one stands by itself as a good short just in general
@diediedice 2 months ago
Frrr, it's one of my all time favorites.
@blueknife7728 2 months ago
I agree so much it'd be so cool
@azf68 2 months ago
skeleton pregnancy
@smokeyplane3285 2 months ago
@@azf68 we don't talk about the skeleton
@JacobIbarra-qn9ui 2 months ago
Idk why but I feel like for fuel the giant Gollum stops by a nearby cave when it runs out of fuel
@johnnappa 2 months ago
I’m surprised more people aren’t talking about the villager episode. That shit is perfect on so many levels
@ct_tropical1451 2 months ago
@Moneybob126 2 months ago
Dedicated father
@captaincapybara37 2 months ago
I cried 😢😊 such a good ending to be honest I thought that the kid would die but it turned out that I was wrong.
One hundred and forty four P-th thumb
@EastStampy Month ago
It really is good
@mr.shadow8812 2 months ago
Bro the giant golem one was amazing, cozy and wholesome feeling the whole way. I wished there was a mod that did something like that
@sirpumpkin99 2 months ago
Same dude, that would be awesome
@yolozwek_gaming 2 months ago
@@sirpumpkin99 there was a series on tv when i was youngers called buurman and buurman wich is basicly this. i thik the creator actally ahd inpiration from it
@Ablors 2 months ago
​@@yolozwek_gaming Since he's a Dutch creator. I honestly agree with this.
The closest you can do to that is with CREATED since it lets you create actual vehicles and similar things
The Villager story was beautiful. It makes up for the pig one.
@Kids_Scissors 2 months ago
The constant back and forth during the mining process in the minecraft snow episode felt so real
@FurretWalks 2 months ago
Your animations are detailed unnecessarily well. Best animator ever
@fabianzott-vz7ep 2 months ago
yeh his animations are way too good for me why? because i cant wait for thenext episode DO THE NEW EPISODE FAST BUT STILL GOOD I CANT WAIT no pressure
@fabianzott-vz7ep 2 months ago
i like how steve seems to be such a cruel monster but ther is one thing he fears: BAT-PIG
@UrBaNMCPaladinZ 2 months ago
@@fabianzott-vz7ep Yes. As a token of gratitude I give you 60 random words. Apple Bicycle Castle Dolphin Elephant Forest Guitar Hammer Island Jigsaw Kangaroo Lighthouse Mountain Narwhal Octopus Penguin Quokka Rainbow Seahorse Tornado Umbrella Volcano Waterfall Xylophone Yacht Zebra Balloon Chocolate Dandelion Fireworks Galaxy Helicopter Iguana Jellyfish Koala Lollipop Mushroom Narcolepsy Ostrich Parrot Quill Robot Sunflower Trampoline Unicorn Violin Waffle X-ray Yak Zeppelin Banana Carrot Dinosaur Eiffel Flamenco Gondola Hedgehog Iceberg Jackal Kangaroo
@GOAT_GOATERSON 2 months ago
Jigsaw was a mid movie tbh
@_somestuff Month ago
​@@GOAT_GOATERSON both Jigsaw and Spiral are terrible 3D is worse than both of them though
@BuiHieuDong 2 months ago
Cas always draws the most perfect cakes ever for many characters.
@Myah_shee 2 months ago
This guy is 100% a bot or someone with too much time
@to_ur_heart 2 months ago
@@Myah_sheeif you want a good cake gotta stay patient
@TheRealKiRBEY 2 months ago
Now what does he mean by that?
@Kinglizard220 2 months ago
​@@Myah_shee ayo this guy don't enjoy dumpys on characters
@mrunknown138 2 months ago
Timestamps for all?
@GalaxyRush25 2 months ago
No more need for a Minecraft movie! We’ve got a perfect one right here! The stories are beautifully told, with a perfect balance of emotion and comedy, all while sticking true to Minecraft. Truly amazing.
@Chicino_gaming Month ago
Blood is part of minecraft 👍
The pig is cursed, but the good thing is that Steve got what he deserved
@lazyvector 2 months ago
True tbh, who the hell separates two pigs when he finds them? He got complicated revenge for overcomplicated actions.
​@@lazyvectormy exact thoughts watching the episode
bro imagine going through that irl with someone you really love
@pothead-14 Month ago
@SenhorAlien Month ago
@@pothead-14 she didn't seem to love him very much tho
The second episode perfectly encapsulates what it feels like to play Minecraft with your friends, you guys both annoy the shit out of eachother until the situation gets real at which point you two become unseperable
If a new season is done for Minecraft, it should 100% be about the online experience, or the more wholesome sort like the giant Golem :D
@user-xw8yx1hy7 2 months ago
@thiagocarrillo3003 2 months ago
Skeleton and enderman scene:
@juaraujo4983 2 months ago
The character eating the chicken chick in front of her marked me hahaha
@link_team3855 Month ago
@mylorian7740 2 months ago
I still love it how Cas always change the tumbnail at least 3 times after uplaoding a new video
@GentleWruzzPuppet 2 months ago
This might surprise you but some creators get to upload 3 thumbnails that are randomly chosen when you see the video and RU-vid reports back which one was the most clicked.
The story of the giant golem shows how online players throw important materials and can destroy each other lol
@interguy5846 2 months ago
The new audio really brings a new light to all of these episodes! Actual masterpieces, the lot of them.
@Ethonra 2 months ago
Should there be a Season 2? Absolutely. I want to actually see Batpig get his revenge, not just imagine it. He deserves it after that heinous act. He can even be a returning character.
@somethingforsenro 2 months ago
we could even get closure on what happened to the sheriff after he broke bad
@Ethonra 2 months ago
@@somethingforsenro That's a good one. I felt it was a nod to him using his cheats to help the town as opposed to hard work. But I can also see it as the power slowly corrupting him towards mischievousness like it did the bandits. Since it was clear he didn't want people to know he was "studying", I can see it going either way.
@cowboy7304 2 months ago
This is the most down to earth minecraft animation I’ve ever seen. Almost everything you can do in minecraft the way you depicted it here. Huge gratz🎉
@ShortsbyCas 2 months ago
did i hear new recaps this week? ice age and how to train your dragon??
oh YES this is gonna be so sick!! can't wait!!!
@42terabyte 3 days ago
This another alt rlly think "I am not an Cas!"
@thisguyagain4291 2 months ago
The golem as howls moving castle is truly a master piece.
@flixentrix9271 2 months ago
Cant relate more.
@mainbladewing3051 2 months ago
The whole Buurman & Buurman segment was amazing. Love the little music queues from the actual episodes and the little 'Ajeto!' at the end
@goombanr3411 17 days ago
definetly, its great.
@OR56 Month ago
31:03 As soon as I saw that close up face, I was like "It's gonna be the Squidward meme"
@ivoernstsen7819 2 months ago
One thing about the Sheriff animation. I love that admins don't exist there
@zhane9islame61 2 months ago
This captures the feel of Minecraft better than most of the game’s actual updates
@Sle3pY1sN0tCr4zY 2 months ago
"how did you died?" "A sheriff used my heart to feed a horse"
@Buttito72 2 months ago
Sometimes i wonder how you make such good animations in such a short amount of time.
@TheAziz 2 months ago
Music starting at 28:22 is golden, I want full version of it.
@JustZal 2 months ago
the father and son villager is amazing, i love that episode even though cas van de pol does shitposts, sometimes they make masterpieces
@Shinygold2232 2 months ago
That giant golem episode was a perfect reference to a kids show called ‘buurman en buurman’ (pat & mat) that i used to watch. Gave me some flashbacks, thx for making my day.
@Crxk_ 2 months ago
Cas van de Pol's artstyle is simple yet impressive, truly a work of art
@ajaxgamr4458 2 months ago
This was quite the rollercoaster. From 'this is so emotional!', to 'wait what?'.
I'd be impressed if someone ACTUALLY made that Giant Golem!
@kobbra 2 months ago
The clapping butt will always be my favourite animation. I just can't 😂😭
@zikbro45 2 months ago
Ayo?! 🤨
@kevinjeffreys967 2 months ago
They put so much effort and frame data into the freaking drawing 😭
@davidaugustofc2574 2 months ago
Clap those birdies 😭
@ruthiewitter569 2 months ago
I am SO HAPPY the villagers had a happy ending 😭❤️ thank you
@Breadelvis 2 months ago
I was mining my business , and this pop up ... Definately needs a season 2
@mrdude9536 Month ago
@renaguerrero Month ago
Its healthy food
@TirzaBoi 2 months ago
20:58 as a finnish guy, i approve of this message
not only is the animation quality top tier, the storytelling and even the fact that the mechanics of the game stay true to minecraft as a game makes this series of animations one of if not the best one there is!
@JUSTKENPL 2 months ago
For some reason this reminds me of the good ol days on the 360 without the ablity to update the game. And the old door sounds. I love the art style. I would love to see more.
@Zephal0 2 months ago
you really had to hit me with "in search of diamonds" not seen this in a decade so the nostalgia hit hard
i can’t emphasize enough how much i want a cas van de pol official minecraft texture pack
@torennypheach7058 2 months ago
I like how on episode two that no matter how much they annoy each other they will always be friends at the end
@robertsmall5168 2 months ago
That Sheriff really became Wanda with the Darkhold
@Mind0fMercyVids 2 months ago
Man these make me want to play Minecraft again. Love them!😂
@RealCxrlos 2 months ago
Best Animation Hands down (we Need season 2)
@Hokzx 2 months ago
8:15 its canon, you cannot escape
@Pyrotrainthing 2 months ago
The Giant Golem and The Villager were so great to watch!
Cas really put all his hard work to this video. How my mom thinks i study 7:20
@user-le7hp9yj7u 2 months ago
the concept of the animation is so nice !
@DeconvertedMan 2 months ago
the house golem is so cool since its based on Howl's moving castle. :D Would make a great mod! Someone make that a thing! :D
@lostforwar5619 2 months ago
where did it say it's based on howl's moving castle? that's a very bold claim
@DeconvertedMan 2 months ago
@@lostforwar5619 the giant castle looking thing walking seems like its kinda like howls moving castle :D
@arctonaut9718 2 months ago
@@DeconvertedManit’s based off buurman and buurman from what the comments have been saying
@lenoirx 2 months ago
@dannytegens3817 2 months ago
@@arctonaut9718it’s Czech stop motion piece and its original name is Pat & Mat 😁
these animations are literally peak cinema. no one can prove me wrong.
@parkeyfresh2186 2 months ago
The animations have so much story to them. I want so much more of these
@MickPizzerolls1987 2 months ago
The villager one was so wholesome in the end
@badcat03 2 months ago
14:19 I very much appreciate the buurman buurman reference. Thank you.
@syedishaq-5129 2 months ago
I really like the vibes that the giant golem one gives I would love to have a house like that😊btw love your videos and art style❤
@randomdev9576 2 months ago
The villager and especially the pig one were REALLY traumatic- 😭
I forgot of what it’s called
@fetch300 2 months ago
Guys, I shit you not, when the sheriff jumped into the sky at 5:53 my fullscreen computer literally froze, so it took me a full 30 seconds to realize that he hadn't added a jumpscare error message. My laptop literally has the comedic timing of a lightning strike.
The "hello young lady part" 18:54
@mrsimon154 Month ago
13:14 Bro took age its just a number to another level💀
@ColieYeung 2 months ago
One of the hackers in The Sheriff is literally a mix of Wario and Waluigi. 🤣
@Snipe_skys 2 months ago
as someone who have watched minecraft content over 10 years, THIS SERIS was the best 2D animation ever made.
@comnet7399 Month ago
I love how in the 2nd animation the noob's defiying the laws of physic
Honestly minecraft is the most wholesome anim u have done on this channel
@chiro6888 2 months ago
your animation and content is very epic
@ballistersarm 2 months ago
13:50 the story btween the enderman and the skeleton is one ill love forever
@Im_Omega 2 months ago
The sleeping golem edit was just amazing, It should be made into a Mod 😁👍
@HeadShooter1ST Month ago
bro made me relive my whole childhood and memories in a cartoon with a lot of details😢 well done man❤
@sorodorosos2846 2 months ago
One must imagine the struggle of drawing the entire background of the entire video
@rsteenkamp24 2 months ago
6:05 armstorng death scene
@deviansetiawan466 2 months ago
Idk why but this part 8:52 was the only part that made me laugh so hard.
@magnetron8503 2 months ago
This is beautiful
@Scarycrowzz Month ago
That villager episode is insane. What an absolute masterpiece.
@plawro6180 2 months ago
@aro_ger_ 2 months ago
27:13 Is it just me or did Cas just made Minecraft Pig NTR?
@WarferOficial 2 months ago
No solo eres tu, realmente si lo hizo 😢, F por Cerdito kun 😂. Me recordó a ese meme de otome dori Aunque gracias (o por desgracia ) eso lo hizo ser: El señor de la Noche!!!!!!
@danielpaul1661 2 months ago
Yeah as asoon as I saw Steve pull another pig with a carrot i knew it was already over. But at least our pig got his licks back through becoming The Batpig.
@FoxSquee 2 months ago
i wish i had even an ounce of this guys creativity. i want to animate myself one day. but then i see stuff like this and realize im not nearly creative enough...
@jaredsmith4919 2 months ago
Some weird fanfiction going on with the Enderman and Skeleton?
@user-ft7if2qc2i 2 months ago
He still hasn't forgotten Season 2, well done.🎉🎉🎉
@Wirlbite-it2ti 2 months ago
@SproutTussle Month ago
It’s actually insane how perfect your art style is for minecraft
i love it if you make a season 2
@ghost_ship_supreme 2 months ago
He sure likes to animate… certain things…
@JuanPablo-co3zl 2 months ago
Thank you, the artistic section is incredible 😱😱😱👌
@just_call_me_leo 2 months ago
The pikmin reference THANK YOU CAS
@klepto_nite Month ago
Bro the villager fight scene went so unnecessarily hard. Throwing the ender pearl to catch him in midair was SICK
@juke37024 Month ago
34:15 Oddly beautiful use of The End track. Such an unrepresented and underthought piece of Minecraft music.
@fozilbek2706 Month ago
Last episode was so good, the villager turned into Walter White for a second.
@ericlamosa6740 2 months ago
@ucgaofficial5339 2 months ago
Minecraft recap was such a nostalgia blast.
@fanarkboy8543 2 months ago
That Skeleton-Enderman relationship escalated quickly 😳😳😳
@Bleblw 2 months ago
,,We just friends”
@toothhair3676 2 months ago
This Is now canon
This animation is amazing
@zayneholmes5760 2 months ago
Is 8:00 howls moving castle reference in Minecraft that’s nostalgic brought back memories 😢
@JacksonTovar-sz8cm 2 months ago
Extrañaba Minecraft y tus animaciones cas ❤❤
@Devilcakes 2 months ago
I really loved the giant golem episode. I... don't have the time to build a functioning (AND LIVABLE) Golem building. But it's something I could hope for.
@ProtoDon-ib9su 25 days ago
Why was the part where the crook cooks the baby chicken so well animated for NO reason? I love it.
@kuuluna 2 months ago
I never thought I'd feel bad for a Minecraft sheep
@elitely6748 2 months ago
Great to see another video even if it is a compilation. The Sheriff, Golem and all the others are great *which ones did everyone like the most!* Nice to see they're still considering a Season 2 though!
@user-vf9un8sh6n 7 days ago
I love this animation style brother keep up the good work 👏
@Csonic6 2 months ago
Love the moving golem house, so Howl's moving castle
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