Unveiling the Spectacular DIY Leather Phone Case! 

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This activity is performed by actors in a controlled environment. Please use caution if you plan to replicate.
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Jun 3, 2023




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Comments : 68   
@rgg1009 11 months ago
Stress levels increase
@kingsobguru2697 11 months ago
Ah yes, "DIY" Because everyone has thousands of dollars worth of hardware to botch a surgery on a phone.
@iAmZoeofficial 4 months ago
FR 😂😂😂
@SergeiP555 11 months ago
Че за херню сейчас посмотрел?
@almuv4015 10 months ago
Да, я тоже эту хрень глянул.
@user-of9iw2ch8r 10 months ago
@fredrichardson9761 10 months ago
I don't get why you would ever want to use a real phone as a work surface to hold the blank. The acid and the machining tools could cause an awful lot of damage to phone or at least the camera lenses...
@DamonHiggs 11 months ago
It’s videos like this that make me not want to watch videos anymore…
@ndx5854 10 months ago
когда коту нечего делать от лижет яйца
@NOT-AVAILABLE2004 11 months ago
I was on acid watching this and questioned myself "phone cases can be high?"
@mr.k2010 Year ago
사람을 화나게 하는게 2가지가 있는데 하나는 중간에 멈추는 것이고 또 다른 하나는...
@user-rh9bf6eh7s 11 months ago
그러게요 올리지나 말지
@gommi7427 11 months ago
개씨부랄놈이네요 이전 영상도 그런게 있더니…🤬
@user-mv9ro5jj2o 11 months ago
Где продолжение? только залип...
@abz2000123 11 months ago
He cloned an iPhone! No more waiting in line for fans.
@augenbutter 2 months ago
A little lower for the cameras, please. Don't forget to smile!
@Villagerus47 10 months ago
Ясно так всё и копируют....)
@user-ut1wx6jd5s 3 months ago
It is iPhone but there is no logo of apple 😂😂😂😅
@SULTANBHAI90 11 months ago
@thedangerman6791 11 months ago
This is not diy
@Sedj-ee5in 11 months ago
Я бетоном заливаю, хер сломаешь, пользуйтесь
@user-rm5iw7kq5i 9 months ago
Wtf is that
@vanjakosor3946 10 months ago
Where can I buy this silicone and liquid plastic? Thanks! 😄
@makemake4242 10 months ago
Это что? Как расточка блока цылинров 😂😂😂
@jsasirekha Year ago
@user-qc4xz6nx9w 8 months ago
@augenbutter 2 months ago
@BIG-BlueNation8569 6 months ago
Who's got all that easily set up to make this item. .0001% if you don't damage your $599 phone, the time it will take to not make mistake and complete job you could just work, get online and buy something and sell have extra money for time, effort and cost. But good for you sir. I hope your charging at least 60
@creative1000K 11 months ago
@user-mf9hb3bq2j 10 months ago
Главный вопрос... На хера?
@user-ng3jp3sf1w 11 months ago
Ваше дай, меня в шахту загнало.
@Noorimachinery 11 months ago
Просто интересно 🤍
@bobdeminioun8948 11 months ago
pt 2 pls
@Mixjaker 11 months ago
Ableton live😂
@serfer005 10 months ago
Столько суеты .ради куска алюминия
@frankschroth4038 10 months ago
Where's the leather?
@augenbutter 2 months ago
Probably still with the beef.
@JS555. 8 months ago
W.M 🤝 5-minutes craft ∆ └ bad ideas
@ibinkyz Year ago
@stewiegriffin8535 10 months ago
Keep scrolling
@artprost5594 11 months ago
Camera F
@mohansain4077 2 months ago
Its not a real phone
@bluecolumbine 11 months ago
@user-ds8vk3tc7j 10 months ago
Называется кому делать не х я!!
@user-zw5ck4pf7v 10 months ago
@01_nursultan 11 months ago
Gk jelas
@SuperTatarin1984 10 months ago
Чё за чушь😂 тупая идея
@winfly7 11 months ago
@valera5689 11 months ago
Зачем обрывать на самом интересном месте.
@thomascarboni7727 11 months ago
Qualcuno sa che plastica ci cola?
@hhqg0 11 months ago
@user-fy86px6dv6k 10 months ago
Го проду
@jonson-e2964 11 months ago
Шляпа каккя то
@user-vv9uy2hd7h 10 months ago
Че за хрень
@BlinkThatOpenEyes23 11 months ago
@yepmist 11 months ago