Wait a minute 😍🫣 Elsarca and Nevada  

Elsa Arca
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Jun 17, 2024




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Comments : 373   
@Melissa_853 8 days ago
The way Nevada dropped her beef strips made me laugh 🤣
@ellenleung6024 6 days ago
It’s not bacon 😅 it’s beef strips
@Melissa_853 6 days ago
@@ellenleung6024 Ok
@Pine_blox 4 days ago
​@@Melissa_853it's okay 🎉😅
@Vasiko23-xv7lu 25 days ago
Когда ты голоден эта минута покажется тебе вечностью. И даже когда ты это тот кто по ту сторону экрана 😅
@lighting_xoteam 26 days ago
Who love elsarca and Nevada ❤ 👇🏼 👇🏼best friends for ever❤
@FatmeRezai 25 days ago
@user-ml4ob2vi3t 25 days ago
@bryangeorge7698 23 days ago
oh my mum and then you know what
@KimEvans-wo5kg 22 days ago
@H3artylovesdogs 20 days ago
Who watched the “no longer friend with Thomas.”😢
@H3artylovesdogs 20 days ago
It is between Nevada and Thomas.😢😢
@MacieNorton-mn5ei 10 days ago
@user-qc4wc6re2l 23 days ago
You are so cute, sister
Elsa eating pig meat but elsa s from Kazakhstan 😢
@adnanavdic3061 26 days ago
@SanrioSquishy 24 days ago
Whats the problem about that
@carina331 24 days ago
@@SanrioSquishyProbably a religious thing. But I don’t see the problem because maybe she isn’t religious after all
@KikiThepom 23 days ago
What if she is just doing it for a video and actually not eating it?
@Haanimimi 22 days ago
It’s not pork
@user-ep4er8wf7u 21 hour ago
Siete bellissime insieme
@aidenroman7958 25 days ago
I love you elsarca and nevada ❤❤❤❤❤
@user-iz3wo5nv1l 3 minutes ago
Эльза и Вероника доброе утро и преккрсного солнечного настроения вам зайки любимые; вы такие красивые у меня я просто восхищён ; супер приветик вам ласточки !!!! ❤❤😊😊🎉🎉❤❤
@Domensicortes 26 days ago
Girls: "She's amazing" 🗿 Dudes: "They're amazing️. 😝💖❤
@777Aishamardyy 22 hours ago
Team Muslims😊 👇🏻🇦🇿🇹🇷
They both so beautiful ❤❤
@NEMAT8321 21 day ago
They are so beautiful 😍 ❤
@Littlellama1234 24 days ago
Who's here for Nevada after the fight with Thomas and her
@user-tv7xe8no5f 22 days ago
@sandruss_ 21 day ago
What fight?
@tomaraisa4906 21 day ago
@Littlellama1234 21 day ago
@@sandruss_ they had a fight Tomas called her fat and she's not fat so they are not friends and Thomas was bringing up kolunya
@_auraqlows 21 day ago
it’s a skit u can tell if u have common sense, they’re prob still friends behind closed doors (plus his sister is besties w Nevada)
@EwiniDkeib 23 days ago
Even if Thomas found Elsa to be his new closest friend and Nevada blocked him, it's absurd that they are still friends.
@yanethalfaro2645 23 days ago
@DeborahLiandim 18 days ago
@AnjumanTaleb 25 days ago
Their Rings 😅⌚
@zerrafeliyeva1763 19 days ago
Ахах это что то с чем-то 😂
@Camilia_thagoat 26 days ago
I love your guises make up and your outfit❤❤❤
@arond2157 20 days ago
@ramgalityt 26 days ago
Who loves Elsa & Nevada❤ 👇
Nevada struggling to wrap the meat around the stick 💀 Love them sm! ❤️
@AngelGarcia-qm6hp 23 days ago
Just to let yall know, Thomas wu and nevada are not friends
@ExoticAquatic 8 days ago
Me literary looking at the coolest ring I have seen
@raniellefelix9361 20 days ago
Eu sou o comentário brasileiro que você ta procurando. Mano, eu achei que a da esquerda ia afundar o dedo dela no bagulho quenteee 😂😂😂
@aidenroman7958 25 days ago
Best friends forever ❤❤❤❤❤
@Monster_-DM 26 days ago
BFF 4 ever ❤❤❤❤❤
best Friends for ever ❤
@user-kh7jp1ut9u 17 days ago
Aquí los que lobieron en 2025
@SXULandIXY 26 days ago
I’m so happy they did this together cuz in wu post Nevada looked so left out😭
@bellavazquez5059 24 days ago
Ya Nevada and wu got into a thing or somthing and she isn't going to be in there videos 😭😭
She was mad cause wu called her fat and here’s the drama started so Nevada blocked him and they started to post videos about hating on each other so yeah
@Grwm_vlogs2 23 days ago
⁠@@BraceletsByPearlCo she hates on him Oh he did was make one video about being mean and she made like 1500.
@nouvang4021 16 days ago
I love you guys both
@Narmin_200 25 days ago
Dusunsene yemek yemeye Gittigin yerde yemeyi sen yapiyosunnn
@Domensicortes 26 days ago
You have a really big heart.. and you are one of the most talented chefs.. thank you for inspiring us️️ 💖💖💖
@LittleLights-en3bx 18 hours ago
Best friendship
Oh my gosh, you guys are so pretty❤
@HomsHoms-zx1xy 21 day ago
Ilove you elsarca anb nevada❤
Both look very cute, they seem like twins, I love them very much 😘
@varvara.aalove 26 days ago
первая 🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻💋
@Shizuka100. 26 days ago
Nevada Elsa you are bestie's yeah and your rings omg i Love it 😍😁
@pinky4852 4 days ago
Nevada is so beautiful
А я думала что халина или как ее там зовут ну девушка с лева она мусульманка так как она казашка ,но когда увидела бекон в ее руках то поняла что ошибалась
@user-yc5ki8sv3h 25 days ago
❤It means that God has given you all the beauty ❤
Love when u guys do hot pot
@sherazansari8515 25 days ago
They both best friends forever and they look same together
Like u both together soo cute
@ramgalityt 26 days ago
Team Elsa & Nevaaada from in the Philippines🇵🇭❤ 👇
@user-cf4vv3hs4c 25 days ago
O yüzük saatden bendede varr❤❤❤
Are u guys in the popular hot pot restaurant 😅
You guys look like sister ❤❤
@angelapril4072 26 days ago
Bestie 🫂😎💕
Aww i love this friend ship 💕 💜 💖 ♥ 😊
@lmichellemsa1432 25 days ago
Who holder there breth during that😂😂
@user-tm5dx9rt3z 20 days ago
Yüzüklere takılan sadece benmiyim
@user-cn9ld3sh1p 10 days ago
Bro eating the bacon in roblox😭💀💀💀
That girl is from Alan chicken walker
@anonymeraja4364 20 days ago
Nevada is sooo ❤❤❤
@miryammora9134 11 days ago
@SandraMeskova 26 days ago
WHO think that they are both pretty?❤❤
@Blink24741 25 days ago
I love you girls❤❤❤
Elsa & Nevada BFFS
@ervaakcakir 5 days ago
Parabéns chinês❤🎉😅😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
@Sophshawaiixoxo1 22 days ago
Elsa your so prettyyyyy
@InasTlem 26 days ago
BFF 4 eveeeeer Elsa and nevadaa :❤❤bff
@user-fb2wu2xu7g 26 days ago
Hello elsa Please Help elsa😢😢😢
The fact that they are still friends is crazy even though Nevada block Thomas and Thomas found Elsa as his new best friend
No but the fact that he got over Nevada so fast and made HER best friend his new best friend?!?!? The beef is real y’all
@StarGirl-bp1pc 26 days ago
Everyone:Aww you guys are beautiful!❤ Me:Nevada is getting her revenge on Thomas😈
@user-zf3fy5sb3e 25 days ago
Abla. Dırnaqı uzun olan qız gozəldi❤❤❤❤
@mehmetucar3685 24 days ago
Wowwww❤❤❤ so good😅 like
@Saii_sailo 19 days ago
Nevada look like nezuko❤
@yourgirlnevadayt 26 days ago
@user-gd7qh5zz6f 18 days ago
والله البنت حلوه بدون وشم
@user-fu9zp3be4h 26 days ago
Cute 🥰
@XhelabieNurce 19 days ago
I like the Rait wan girl
@Miakpopdancer 24 days ago
Yay you did with nevada
@devchhtri9318 24 days ago
My favourite elsaca and kikakim team 👇
Parece as gemias maria nicoli maria manuela
Hi, I hope you will reply please
Nice cool wow🎉🎉
@Newt853 24 days ago
@ihbdbcc 26 days ago
@sukhvirkaur6647 26 days ago
Me poor Nevada because she dropped it
@rinalal8239 26 days ago
Early gang
@sebastianjr7090 10 days ago
Nevada I love 🥰 her 😂😂😂
@alexl5671 25 days ago
She is so fun 🎉🎉
@LionelMuro 21 day ago
Holaaa hermosas
@TarekMh-vc6pp 26 days ago
@user-hh9lk4pg7l 19 days ago
Hey hey hey hey hey stop!! ___________________________________________________________________
@MaysaEarl 24 days ago
Beautiful 😭😂❤️❤️😮😂😂😂😂
@nazimasheik7586 25 days ago
Beautiful 😍🥰🥰 Nevada easalra
Gabi hsiwjwb❤❤
@user-nm2cl9su1f 25 days ago
I keep getting mix up with two of you❤❤
@user-st1os1st7d 25 days ago
Best friends for ever
❤❤❤ love you guys❤❤
@user-yi6dz5xx2z 25 days ago
Who saw her ring look like a ⌚😭😭
@ngoziodafe340 26 days ago
They are gorgeous
@SomeonopCeant 22 days ago
As they should queens
@user-id5vj1un2d 25 days ago
Люди они оба русские ! Кто русский то сюда 👇🏻
@Miagaudet8570 25 days ago
@user-os6vf8jb4u 3 days ago
А вы русские??