We Can Always Count on Kirk Franklin & Maverick City To Take Us To Church! | BET Awards '22 

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Watch Kirk Franklin & Maverick City's inspirational 2022 BET Awards performance. #KirkFranklin #BETAwards #CulturesBiggestNight #MaverickCity @realkirkfranklin
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Published on


Jun 25, 2022




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Comments : 2 160   
Nolly Great Movies
Nolly Great Movies 11 months ago
Glory to God! May the name of the Lord be praised forever... Amen.
Curtisa Carter
Curtisa Carter 11 months ago
Amen & Amen👑🕊🙌🏽💞💯🙏🏽
Zain Kamara
Zain Kamara 11 months ago
Amen amen 🙏
Mack Mccoy
Mack Mccoy 11 months ago
DaniellA Potengy
DaniellA Potengy 11 months ago
Sheila Adams
Sheila Adams 11 months ago
Amen 🙏🏾
Heaven Your Soul
Heaven Your Soul 11 months ago
I was homeless, got into drugs, went into prisons, then i got to know Jesus, He changed my life.. Now i have a home, a wife, a lovely daughter and a new identity... A child of God.. Hallelujah
Jesus is lord
Jesus is lord 11 months ago
Praise God brother!!! Come on!
Big Mark
Big Mark 11 months ago
God bless you my brother
TiffanyB TV
TiffanyB TV 11 months ago
Amen praise the lord!!!
SapphireButterfly 11 months ago
Cece King
Cece King 11 months ago
Praise God. He loves u so.much!!#
PassioN4T3 11 months ago
Naomi Raine is constantly reminding me the difference between being talented and anointed 🙌🏾😩
hope ntuli
hope ntuli 11 months ago
She has both no doubt.
aivat32 Thomas
aivat32 Thomas 10 months ago
Steve Adeniyi
Steve Adeniyi 10 months ago
Her voice is beyond amazing! When I first heard her about a year ago. I got up and started cleaning my house. I'm a hip hop head. But she touches your soul!!!
Sylvain Tayler
Sylvain Tayler 8 months ago
Caziah Franklin
Caziah Franklin 8 months ago
Hello sir I really appreciate your love and support over My dad ministry career
Anointed Worship
Anointed Worship 6 months ago
Today I officially accept Jesus as my savior and this song plays while I pray. Thank God for the best decision I could have made!
Mr GQ 5 months ago
TrendSettaRico 5 months ago
Emerick Louis jean
Emerick Louis jean 5 months ago
Invada Zim
Invada Zim 5 months ago
Strawberryz 4 months ago
Shannon 11 months ago
Without a doubt, they gave THE BEST performance of the night. I had never heard of them before, but now I'm a fan. Gave me goosebumps to hear such praise!
MelyMellz 11 months ago
They are amazing in concert!
DC W 11 months ago
They are touring, so check ‘em out
Blaze Bloop
Blaze Bloop 10 months ago
Hey Sister Shannon, God Bless you for recognizing true praise to our Great God Jesus. Maverick City was at my Church last October to celebrate our 30th Anniversary. My favorite song is "Jireh" which is another name for God meaning our Provider. Be sure to check out the entire 3 hour 55 minute Concert on You Tube when they played in LA on July 25,2022. Truly the Spirit of the Living God descended on LA that night. LA Duo Mary Mary was also there. What an incredible music of God's truth and Light to bring to the darkness of the time we live in. Jesus still Loves, delivers, & saves all who want freedom, including me & you. Be blessed Sister in Jesus name!
Shannon 10 months ago
@Blaze Bloop Thank you. I'll definitely check it out. God Bless ❤️
You're A Crackhead
You're A Crackhead 10 months ago
@Shannon Amen🙏 totally agree
NeekaRae29 11 months ago
I lost it when Naomi went in at the end!! That is called the POWER of God!! Hallelujah, thank you, Lord that Your platform keeps getting bigger and bigger because of Mav City being obedient to Your calling! Idc what anybody says, they brought Heaven down at the BET awards. Somebody needed to hear that performance! 🙌🏾❤️❤️❤️
shanta hopson
shanta hopson 10 months ago
Mee too
Anaia 7 months ago
Power of God?? This is nothing more than just a performance.
NeekaRae29 7 months ago
@Anaia to each its own. To some it looks like a performance. I mean what do you expect from an award show? I still felt God’s presence and I wouldn’t lie about it. Don’t be blinded by how you see them and miss the message. 🤷🏾‍♀️
Enheritance 11 months ago
Naomi Raine's Voice is so anointed! I loved this performance so much. Maverick City is always a vibe
Kathleen Owens
Kathleen Owens 11 months ago
I LOVE her ministry
Lacresha Mckinney
Lacresha Mckinney 11 months ago
Yesssss it is!!!!
Naja-Day 11 months ago
Yes!! Her voice is Soft! Angelic! Pure! & Absolutely! ANOINTED!!! ❤️🙏🏾🙌🏾🙏🏾❤️
L. H
L. H 11 months ago
Yes- she was piercing my heart for sure, especially towards the end..all I could do was close my eyes
KJ 11 months ago
Very much so!!
Boo Chi
Boo Chi 11 months ago
Not religious or Christian, but listening to Kirk's gospel renditions always moves me. Beautiful! Spectacular!! I still remember his Hosanna concert fondly! 🙏🏽❤️💯
celeste h
celeste h 11 months ago
Boo Chi, that's the move of God's Spirit upon your heart. To be welcomed, not denied🕊🙏🏾
Single Autism Mom (SAM)
God loves you.
Makeup by Kay
Makeup by Kay 11 months ago
I really hope you get to experience the love of God in your life!
hope27able 11 months ago
What you experienced was a person and His name is Jesus! We don't have to just settle for an encounter with Him once in a while, but we have the opportunity, privilege, invitation to dwell in Him if we believe, knock and accept Him.
gabbs 11 months ago
Hosanna era was iconic!!
celeste h
celeste h 11 months ago
Even the sound person knew the assignment as well. Kept the mics on as they exited the stage. Any other awards show they would've been cut off prematurely. The Spirit was in the line-up for sure...Yeasss! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Andre Washington
Andre Washington 11 months ago
The devil's assignment
Let'sTalk Bible with Shun.S
@Andre Washington sorry but I have to agree with you. This was carnal
Francine Jackson
Francine Jackson 10 months ago
The dove on the screen when they sang "He's coming....He's coming" changed the atmosphere in the room. I sensed it go from a performance to Holy Ground....you could see Naiomi switch gears! The people in the audience couldn't help but respond to the presence of God. It was awesome. ❤️✝️❤️🙌❤️
gail mitchell
gail mitchell 3 months ago
Amen diffidently change the atmosphere ... To God be the Glory ☝️🙏🙏🙏🙌
Karlene Williams
Karlene Williams 11 months ago
Beautiful performance. Something about that little walk off the stage while still singing at the end. That really did it for me. So subtle yet so powerful. 🙌
Khari Amar'e
Khari Amar'e 11 months ago
He's got the whole world in 🙌🏽 Father God we thank you again for King Jesus
J O 11 months ago
Something shifted !
Khanyisa Gura
Khanyisa Gura 11 months ago
That also got me!
M. Edward
M. Edward 11 months ago
Me too
Lyn Wilson
Lyn Wilson 11 months ago
The assignment is always handled with these giants on stage. This was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
Andre Washington
Andre Washington 11 months ago
Giants really none of them are but fake christians that sang worldly gospel Only giant there is Jesus! Stop .
Lyn Wilson
Lyn Wilson 11 months ago
@Andre Washington I hope you have a glorious evening!
Eric Mayo
Eric Mayo 10 months ago
@Andre Washington no need for u to come at that sister like that maybe u should learn to encourage witout judgment the Same way she did
Eric Mayo
Eric Mayo 10 months ago
@Lyn Wilson man it was def beautiful man had my hands raised the whole time. That’s how u walk off a stage where your voice can still save a soul 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙏🏾
Lyn Wilson
Lyn Wilson 10 months ago
@Eric Mayo totally agree!!!!!!!!++!!!
Ruth S
Ruth S 11 months ago
I don’t think people understand the magnitude of what took place this night. God was literally calling back souls to Him. The broken and the lost were reminded of who their savior was. I thank God for allowing this moment to take place. May God continue to bless and protect these musicians because I know the enemy is angry that God’s light was shining at this event. The heavens are rejoicing! Amen! 🙏🏾❤️
Arely 11 months ago
bahachick242 11 months ago
Hallelujahhhhhh 🙌🏽
Dr Phot
Dr Phot 11 months ago
Umm I felt nothing
Phillip Sosa
Phillip Sosa 11 months ago
Yea and after the altar call they went to the after party to pop bottles and twerk 🤣 they acted like that for show.
Thembi Sola
Thembi Sola 11 months ago
teona coleman
teona coleman 11 months ago
I may have the unpopular opinion (and I’m okay with that) but I wish Mav City stayed on the small scale doing RU-vid videos and singing in houses. It felt so real and so authentic. No big big platform or stage. Just pure worship and amazing, powerful, and anointed music.
Chase Him
Chase Him 11 months ago
I understand where you're coming from.
chloe_ limelight
chloe_ limelight 7 months ago
in all honesty, their concerts don’t even seem like worship concerts anymore. went to the kingdom tour concert and what i saw was shocking. a singer’s husband went up to his wife while she was singing and started sensually dancing on her. everyone was shocked, and i couldn’t believe it. kirk franklin was dancing around, and i even saw a singer from mav city wearing a skirt over pants. it’s supposed to be a worship concert, but it felt more like a performance to me. i don’t think God appreciated what mav city did in his name.
Jo Jo
Jo Jo 7 months ago
God is a Big God and he uses Big Platforms when needed. For such a time as this, it is needed.
LEGAL EAGLE 5 months ago
Understood 🎯
V c
V c 5 months ago
I agree…..their older songs moved my heart, and I truly felt like it was worship to God, I remember I would be crying listening to them. We gotta pray they don’t get lost in the world…even more. Jesus is coming soon and we gotta be ready🙏🏽🙏🏽😩
Angie Simpson
Angie Simpson 11 months ago
If the "Kingdom Tour" comes to your city..Please GO!! Maverick City and Kirk Franklin worshipped and danced like David!! It was truly amazing and a very annointing atmosphere in STL. The concert was well worth it. I believe heaven smiled down on that stadium for sure.
Karmille Trice
Karmille Trice 2 months ago
Yes, it was AMAZING!!!! This was my 1st concert & I sung til my vocal cords gave out! His presence was definitely in the midst!!
LaJuana Richards
LaJuana Richards 11 months ago
I love to hear Chandler Moore, Brandon Lake & Maverick City sing. There is an anointing over their voices.
Exquisite Mind
Exquisite Mind 11 months ago
I’m not religious but I love gospel music. You can just feel how much people are dedicated to what they’re saying and that in itself is powerful
Joshua Martin
Joshua Martin 11 months ago
Wow awesome
Exquisite Mind
Exquisite Mind 11 months ago
@Joshua Martin truly
Ashley Hunter
Ashley Hunter 11 months ago
It's the holy spirit you feel.
Charles McKinney
Charles McKinney 11 months ago
When you really live what you sing and write it resonates with people which is what true Christianity is all about.
StepsToKnowing God
StepsToKnowing God 11 months ago
Exquisite Mind. If you want to learn and understand more about God’s Word. Listen to this podcast titled, Steps To Knowing God It’s available on all podcast platforms and it will help you grow spiritually. Blessings
Kathleen Costa
Kathleen Costa 9 months ago
Não me canso de assistir, da pra sentir a presença de DEUS !!! ❤️ Brasil 🇧🇷
Eric Ivey
Eric Ivey 11 months ago
Mission accomplished. Assignment complete. Jesus was honored and glorified, and we felt the presence of God at the BET AWARDS!! 😱 Amazing. So proud of everyone on the team, those that I know personally and those I don’t. Remember…the places where it is darkest, that’s where the light is needed the most. Keep shining.
Ruth S
Ruth S 11 months ago
Amen 🙏🏾❤️ Well said.
Sister Moneka
Sister Moneka 11 months ago
Glory To God! Amen!
Cjaaoo yo game
Cjaaoo yo game 11 months ago
What was accomplished by them performing on that stage
merha teka
merha teka 11 months ago
Is there anything honoring him there?
Vanchenzo Morgan
Vanchenzo Morgan 11 months ago
@Cjaaoo yo game it planted a seed in someone's heart
KendraNicole 11 months ago
The gentleman in the audience playing with the Holy Spirit will be met by the Holy Spirit in all of its power.. Amen
selah 11 months ago
I saw that. But God will not be mocked praying for the young man
DeeHumbleBee 10 months ago
A lot of people mock when they know in their spirit they are dealing with some troubling spirits in their lives. Eventually they will have to choose. To come to Jesus or have their souls perish.
Keyahni Naylor
Keyahni Naylor 9 months ago
Amen right
 Heavenly Bridegroom Music
It is Written!
 Heavenly Bridegroom Music
Once a person blasphemes The Holy Spirit there will be NO forgiveness in this life or the next. That is written in The Holy Bible. THE LORD JESUS SAID IT.
BECAUSE I CAAAAN 11 months ago
This just goes to show Kirk is the one who teaches the youth the most. He’s been the main gospel performer since the very beginning of the BET awards
Joann Laney
Joann Laney 11 months ago
This was an amazing performance Kirk & Maverick City singers blessed everyone. They showed up & showed out for Jesus. Chandler & Naomi voice is anointed. I love this🔥🔥🔥🔥🙏
StepsToKnowing God
StepsToKnowing God 11 months ago
Joann Laney. If you want to learn and understand more about God’s Word. Listen to this podcast titled, Steps To Knowing God It’s available on all podcast platforms and it will help you grow spiritually. Blessings
Sharie Morgan
Sharie Morgan 11 months ago
This was by far one of the best performances at the B.E.T awards 👏🏾 🙌🏾 🙏🏾❤️.
CITIZEN KRANG 11 months ago
I still remember singing “Melodies from heaven” in church choir when it first came out.
Eric Whisler
Eric Whisler 11 months ago
It is so beautiful how the Lord has raised Chandler up if you look at his career and his history he’s served for so long in the background and now God has put him at the forefront. STAY PERSISTENT AND CONSISTENT with the things God has placed on your heart to do!
Josue Louis
Josue Louis 11 months ago
E, God bless you abundantly for that post/observation you made! I remember him way back when he used to sing with Tye and GA! I always gravitated towards his energy, voice and ability to lead worship. That boy is truly special, gifted and favored. God bless🙏🏽
Idarechit Wemba
Idarechit Wemba 11 months ago
Kirk is tired of receiving all these awards! He has no space in his mansions for them, besides he knew that Maverick deserved the recognition. I have noticed that a lot of these award shows refuse to look beyond gospel superstars like Kirk Franklin/ Cece Winans and very few other well known artists when giving awards for Gospel music.
The Life Lounge
The Life Lounge 11 months ago
Amen 🙌🏾🙏🏾
Tiaraa Dashaee
Tiaraa Dashaee 11 months ago
Yes I been watching him for a min
 Heavenly Bridegroom Music
Stay with The Word!
Bernard Richardson
Bernard Richardson 11 months ago
Kirk’s done it again with another group that God has allowed him to work with! The song is beautiful! It’s always great with a live performance! You can tell people in all the audience were touched and blessed by that song & performance! Praise God!
Karolina Katumbo
Karolina Katumbo 10 months ago
This is just a reminder to this generation that you don't need to be half naked on stage to get notice, talent is enough. Glory be to God, Thank you Maverick City for representing the Kingdom the best way you can. The anointing is overflowing.
Jamilya 11 months ago
THIS WAS EVERYTHING!! If y'all haven't seen them on tour yet, BUY YOUR TICKETS!
gabbs 11 months ago
I second this!!!
Aziz Rashid Moore
Aziz Rashid Moore 11 months ago
This was amazing ! Some people have the mindset that Gospel music & the Gospel itself should remain in the church but, if it remains there how will others know about ? I felt the spirit of God move in that place & I am overjoyed to see this !!
StepsToKnowing God
StepsToKnowing God 11 months ago
Aziz S Moore. If you want to learn and understand more about God’s Word. Listen to this podcast titled, Steps To Knowing God It’s available on all podcast platforms and it will help you grow spiritually. Blessings
Christina p
Christina p 5 months ago
Yes..But you have to keep it holy as we serve a holy God
Sir Hale's Speaks | Podcast
This song just blessed me deeply! To God Be The Glory and may HIS power reach everyone who watches this video. Blessings to Kirk Franklin and Maverick City!
James Barnette
James Barnette 11 months ago
What Kirk Franklin did for Maverick City was AWESOME! Passing the torch is a HUMBLE thing to do. We need more to follow in Kirk’s footsteps!
Triplet Mama
Triplet Mama 11 months ago
Did you watch the breakfast club interview ? I was so sad Mav city couldn’t make it . BUT he gave them all the props and made sure to talk about the new generation.
Katrina Burton
Katrina Burton 11 months ago
I agree
SisterWoman 11 months ago
@Tripet Mama Yes Kirk did!!! He gave much kudos to Mav City, Jonathan Jay and Tony Brown the CEOs. Much luv and respect for Kirk.
Y. Parker
Y. Parker 11 months ago
Maverick city was holding their own without Kirk. I first heard of Maverick City through Elevation Worship. But, their collaboration was nice.
Big Mark
Big Mark 11 months ago
Khanyisa Gura
Khanyisa Gura 11 months ago
This performance putting the biggest smile on my face and giving me joy joy joy in my heart ❤ 🇿🇦❤🇿🇦❤🇿🇦
Thomas Clarrett
Thomas Clarrett 9 months ago
performance is right
D Perry
D Perry 11 months ago
Yessssss when they came in with melodies from heaven !!🙏🏼🙌🏽 that's my playlist!! Praise God thank you lord for your love in jesus name Amen!!
B Well
B Well 11 months ago
‘HE got the whole world in His hands’….Amen🙏🏾
shanta hopson
shanta hopson 10 months ago
Ray Brown
Ray Brown 11 months ago
I wish i could have seen after this to see what they said...this performance was soo good and they ended it in a state of worship that shifted the atmosphere and you can feel it... bravo my brothers and sisters.
J O 11 months ago
Well said!! The overflow was heavy!
Eric Mayo
Eric Mayo 10 months ago
Man I thought I was the only one that felt that as they left the stage man they have those types of voices that touch your heart 💪🏾
Priscilla E.
Priscilla E. 11 months ago
Only performance that gave me chills. The first two vocalists really did that with their anointed voices.
Dee Rich
Dee Rich 11 months ago
I've always said that Gospel has always had the best musicians, vocalists, writers, and artists...out of ANY musical genre. It's just sheer excellence. This showcased that in such a high quality way. Such an inspiration! Thanks! And Kirk was clean in that red. Aye! And shout out to BET for the high quality production...the visuals, the lighting, the sound, the staging, the back drops, that band....JUST BLACK EXCELLENCE!
SisterWoman 11 months ago
Absolutely!! Amen 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
T P 11 months ago
This is not a mistaken, this IS GOD. He made his music the most powerful by design.
Trisha91558 11 months ago
God loves all that are excellent in His eyes. He does not see color, or the outward man, He will judge us by the inside. On what we did for others in His name. To say what you said is definitely not of my God. Satan has so many fooled and bound. He is the master of hate!
k k
k k 11 months ago
Because they anointed by God and that’s God given talent. Also when you sing for God not self it’s something more . That’s why the best singers from rnb came from church and that’s why you can hear the God given talent in their voice
Tracie NotStacie
Tracie NotStacie 11 months ago
This Performance was Life! From writing songs in houses to secular stage!!
Nathalee552 11 months ago
When they broke down in Melodies from Heaven..my tears started..I so love this performance.
Keriana Lowe
Keriana Lowe 11 months ago
Saw them in concert recently it was breathtaking. These musicians are God’s people that he sent here to be the vessel for others to seek him. Amazing job by Maverick City and Kirk Franklin
Our Breakthrough Podcast
My God!!! Chills....Moved to tears at the glory of God that just fell on that stage and on every single person in that arena. That’s what Heaven is gonna look like; a party where we’re going to “enter into his gates with thanksgiving and into his courts with praise.” I don’t care what nobody says, Kirk is that dude and it’s beautiful to watch God use him. If you haven’t listened to it already, Mav City’s “Jireh” is amazing as well.
Andre Washington
Andre Washington 11 months ago
Your are decieved heaven ain't no party And The presence of God was not there period.
Thomas Clarrett
Thomas Clarrett 9 months ago
Steven wonder will give you chills TOO
BelizeGyaal80 11 months ago
This performance had me shed some tears. So beautiful. That was purely out of no where.💜🙏🏾
Sid Simone, Flavafull Veg Show
When is Kirk Franklin going to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award? He has over 2 decades of producing NUMEROUS successful singing groups, that have crossed over into mainstream rotation. Every few years, he has a new group- just like Diddy!
metiba clark
metiba clark 11 months ago
Exactly 💯
Marquita Shiver
Marquita Shiver 11 months ago
Right; they need to be on that next year.
Life is too precious
Life is too precious 11 months ago
exactly. but it seems like bet picks and chooses who. there's so many people who deserve recognition but it seems like they always do the same people over and over
Love33 11 months ago
Just like Diddy 😂
Shaneil 11 months ago
@Love33 lmao that took me out lol. Just like diddy
god563616 11 months ago
Praying for Maverick City....my gut feeing is kicking in. Please allow them to work for you Lord and not man.
Roe TV 📺
Roe TV 📺 11 months ago
Victor Dali
Victor Dali 11 months ago
They're grounded.
Karmen Cummings
Karmen Cummings 11 months ago
Kendi Kinyua
Kendi Kinyua 10 months ago
@Roe TV 📺 you been feeling it too?
Hors Chiday
Hors Chiday 10 months ago
You’re not alone to feel that way. It’s dangerous waters.
Dr Jean Claude Legend
Based on the passion K.Flanklin has for the music, I feel he has not yet presented to the world 1% of all gifts he has. Every video comes with oil from heaven.
Jayla 6 months ago
I love the diversity of "what heaven looks and sounds like" ❤❤❤
Alison 4 months ago
This is from hell ... read the Bible.
Bianca Williams
Bianca Williams 11 months ago
This performance was too good!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Job well done Maverick and Kirk!!!! Special shout-out to Kirk for passing the baton!!! I really loved his speech!
Dezmond Harris
Dezmond Harris 11 months ago
Yes, me, too!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Teepee Jamboree
Teepee Jamboree 11 months ago
Oh how i wished i learned of this group of people long ago. I went to their concert a few weeks back just because I love Kirk. I cant get enough!!
Thomas Clarrett
Thomas Clarrett 9 months ago
you love Kirk ,but do you love Jesus
dougatou1 11 months ago
Yo... seriously...when is Kirk Franklin going to perform at the Superbowl????? They got something to share with people!
SassyB diy
SassyB diy 11 months ago
Oh wow, there's never been a gospel performance, just wow I like it
RONNIE 11 months ago
Wow that would be awesome 👌🏾
Jonathan Shaw
Jonathan Shaw 11 months ago
Mary Mary did last year
dougatou1 11 months ago
@Jonathan Shaw talking about the half time stage.
RoykeiaH love
RoykeiaH love 11 months ago
You onto something sir
Christine B
Christine B 11 months ago
Best vocally sound performance of the night! Followed by Faith
stephanie Amaka
stephanie Amaka 11 months ago
This is not just a performance, this is a worship session in the multitude!!!!! Hallelujah!!!! And uncle Kirk Franklin decided to throw on a red suit for emphasis on the blood of Jesus!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Thomas Clarrett
Thomas Clarrett 9 months ago
Nothing to do with the blood ,more like flesh
Cee Life
Cee Life 8 months ago
The colors were red, black and white. Get it?
Shavon 8 months ago
Y’all so blind it’s ridiculous, this is far from Jesus
Thomas Clarrett
Thomas Clarrett 8 months ago
Dria Ann Bull
Dria Ann Bull 8 months ago
Yes, the colors red, white and black signify one thing on The Light side, but devil always trys copy/mock The Light and take it to the dark side. Dual meanings...
Stephanie Isaac
Stephanie Isaac 11 months ago
Yesss Lord!! All the Glory and Honor to the King of all Kings JESUS!!! Maverick City is so anointed and Naomi voice sounds like Angels singing 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Spoketheword 11 months ago
It's always angels singing the Holy Spirit is singing through her and her voice is anointed by God, we are just vessels bringing forth the fruits of God.
Corina Ousley
Corina Ousley 11 months ago
Was at the Kingdom Tour literally 1 week ago in STL. I’m a fan of MC and KF…they brought His presence into the building and gave wonderful performances! 🙌🏾❤️🙌🏾
Cherlyn K.
Cherlyn K. 11 months ago
Amen and Amen. What a message and what a performance for the Glory of God. 🙏 💖 🌹
smh 11 months ago
The #1 Performance on the entire BET AWARDS.
Shaqvona Mcconn
Shaqvona Mcconn 11 months ago
Idarechit Wemba
Idarechit Wemba 11 months ago
Abraham Auvaa
Abraham Auvaa 11 months ago
Why Women Hate My Foreskin???
Sad it got the least views of all the other performances. Just show you most of the world is all evil now
Redd Lady
Redd Lady 11 months ago
@Why Women Hate My Foreskin??? Is something wrong with YOUR RU-vid, or do you not know how to read views? This video has been viewed OVER a half of a million times, in only 8 days.
kimladypink 11 months ago
That was a STELLAR PERFORMANCE!!!!💃💃🔥🔥🔥🔥
aaw 11 months ago
That Naomi is talented and anointed. A very beautiful and powerful combination. She went there about her Father's business and represented the kingdom of God so well.
Phiphighk 11 months ago
The ending part.. was something!!!! Felt the HOLY SPIRIT moving 🙌
StepsToKnowing God
StepsToKnowing God 11 months ago
Brox images. If you want to learn and understand more about God’s Word. Listen to this podcast titled, Steps To Knowing God It’s available on all podcast platforms and it will help you grow spiritually. Blessings
Camryn Berry
Camryn Berry 11 months ago
Kirk you are so amazing I felt his presence in my house, Amen.
Creativesoul 11 months ago
Naomi sang that! You see some people sing and forget that this is not a show or mere entertainment, but a song to be sung to our heavenly father!
Kyle Manning~JCIC
Kyle Manning~JCIC 11 months ago
He's Definitely Coming Back To Bring Salvation To Those Who Are Waiting For Him And To Separate The Sheeps From The Goats. Let's Not Lose Sight Of That...
Juan Shaw
Juan Shaw 11 months ago
Absolutely 💯
John & LC
John & LC 11 months ago
Alicia & Tha Babies Rest Easy My hubby Will
Facts 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾💯💯💯💯
Kristina Hall
Kristina Hall 11 months ago
King Jesus!
Lisha Bradford
Lisha Bradford 11 months ago
It was at 222 comments before I commented I didn’t want to interrupt it but I’m privileged to be the next number to praise him in all that I do!
Marie 10 months ago
Kirk you are doing a amazing body of work ty for your soul and dedication 🙌🏽 you bring church to the viewers like me in my soul God bless
Arnnette Anthony
Arnnette Anthony 11 months ago
So proud to be a child of God in such a time as this, have your way Baba 💜 so proud of MAV Family right now your brought the Kingdom to BET thank you Jesus get your generation🔥🔥🔥🔥
thePEIS💙 11 months ago
🙌🏼Halleluia!!...... Sis took BET to CHURCH!!!!..... I know there were tears all over that place after this performance🙏🏼God Bless you Mr Franklin, God's Anointing is definitely flowing thru you Sir🙌🏼🙌🏼PRAISE HIM!!
shawn preston
shawn preston 11 months ago
This is what God wants….so many people with different walks of lifestyles…some believe in God and some don’t…but God just wants their attention and He sure got it that night! Amen. I love that Kirk Franklin ain’t never been afraid to go into unknown territory and minister.
Thomas Clarrett
Thomas Clarrett 9 months ago
wrong again ,its the blind leading the blind
cunha dacunha
cunha dacunha 7 months ago
Chloe Clarke
Chloe Clarke 11 months ago
Transitioning into Melodies from Heaven with Crush on You was genius! Best performance of the night of course. Everyone’s talking about Chandler and Naomi, so I want to give Brandon some love. His vocals were good too. More award shows need to release performances as singles. I want this on Apple Music.
Queen Goddess
Queen Goddess 11 months ago
Doses of Serenity
Doses of Serenity 11 months ago
Yes literally gave me chills man.
Doses of Serenity
Doses of Serenity 11 months ago
That was a beautiful performance
Tono Brown
Tono Brown 11 months ago
This was hot! That translation was fire!! But the transition was to “Rain Dance” by Jeff Lorber. Lil’ Kim & everyone else sampled him. He is a dope Jazz artist.
SAMi B 11 months ago
Brandon's vocals was the icing
Bre Yourself
Bre Yourself 3 months ago
We need him at every bet awards
Jessica 11 months ago
I was upset I missed the bet awards because of them but I'm sooooo happy I was able to watch it now . They are so amazing! Thank you God!!
Nyakaat 11 months ago
I LOVE Kirk Franklin! He managed to stay young, fresh and relevant in spreading the gospel through music!!!
Dezmond Harris
Dezmond Harris 11 months ago
Yes, me, TOO!!
Lance Wise
Lance Wise 11 months ago
This performance was everything! It entertained! It ministered! It encouraged! It glorified God! If this performance is what Heaven sounds like, then Lord, I can’t wait to go! Like one commenter said, we should campaign for Kirk Franklin doing the Super Bowl Halftime show, and I would add that BET Awards need to give gospel artist lifetime achievement awards and performances, too. Start with Kirk and the Clark Sisters and go from there.
Felicia Marek
Felicia Marek 11 months ago
Absolutely beautiful. Moved to tears. God is so good.. bringing people together thru praise and worship. Amen amen.
David M
David M 11 months ago
Loved the performance !! Naomi’s voice, wow outstanding !! She’s truly anointed.
Belle-Reine 11 months ago
Her voice is beautiful
Percy WIlliams
Percy WIlliams 11 months ago
she came out of the womb like that! Her voice has always been good and her parents can sing just as good
SisterWoman 11 months ago
Yesss Naomi is bless and highly favored!! That gift is a generational gift. It will not stop with Naomi. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾Praise God Amen!
Miguel D
Miguel D 11 months ago
Check her out in Mighty Cross with Elevation Worship. 💯💯💯💯
Bobbie Biggerstaff
Bobbie Biggerstaff 11 months ago
People are so fooled
Frances Amissah
Frances Amissah 11 months ago
The beauty of God expressed in worship 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🤗🤗🤗🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Roz Hill
Roz Hill 11 months ago
I don't have much to say except WHAT DID Y'ALL EXPECT🤔 It's Kirk Franklin, anything he put his stamp on he executes and makes it a masterpiece and this is just one to add to his extensive catalogs of greatness! The vocals were so amazing from all the artist. Jesus is definitely in the building🙌THEY UNDERSTOOD THE ASSIGNMENT SALUTE KINGS & QUEENS SALUTE🙏
Jennifer Clark
Jennifer Clark 11 months ago
This was so beautiful!! It will definitely be on replay for me!!
Yeslia B
Yeslia B 11 months ago
Naomi's voice and tone is the real thing!!!! Brandon Lake, Naomi Rain and Chandler Moore ... Maverick City!!!!!
PMNoble 10 months ago
Thank you for saying who they all were. Everyone deserves a mention!
Ana Rodrigues
Ana Rodrigues 3 months ago
Glóriaaaa a Deus
Motion Sickness
Motion Sickness 11 months ago
MAN!!! This completely broke me into pieces. Glory be to GOD for never-ending grace and mercy.
StepsToKnowing God
StepsToKnowing God 11 months ago
Motion Sickness. If you want to learn and understand more about God’s Word. Listen to this podcast titled, Steps To Knowing God It’s available on all podcast platforms and it will help you grow spiritually. Blessings
Sherrod Laws
Sherrod Laws 10 months ago
Me too
dawonplace 11 months ago
Awesome performance! Praise God! Thank you Kirk Franklin and family. God bless you
Jesse Gilchrist Sodjinou
That vocal run at 3:22 is pure 🔥🔥🔥
N C 11 months ago
You can count on Kirk to give us a show!! I'm glad he reached in his old bags of music!! When I first Kirk was years before the fame when he was directing a choir in Dallas and he was entertaining and Moving the crowd then.
Iñutu Mulala
Iñutu Mulala 11 months ago
I literally got chills just watching this!😩😭❤️
Creativesoul 11 months ago
Naomi is real she praises God all the same no matter whoever is in front of her! “The Spirit of the Lord is upon you Naomi, because he has anointed you to proclaim good news to the poor. Hallelujah!!
brooklyn230523 11 months ago
Hands down BEST performance!! And Naomi’s voice 🔥🔥🔥
LOVING LIFE0408 11 months ago
Best performance of the night!!!! THIS WAS A SPECIAL TREAT😊🤗🤗🤗🤗
claudette hunter
claudette hunter 11 months ago
Thank you for bringing the presence of the Lord,where it is so needed.
Ronald Montgomery Sr.
Ronald Montgomery Sr. 11 months ago
Landra T
Landra T 11 months ago
Kirk done did it again with this arrangement of artist..🙌 Instant chills🙏☝🤗
Hart 11 months ago
Glory to the most high!!! Maverick city ,Brandon lake , Kirk y’all did that !!! 🔥❤️‍🔥🔥🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🤲🏼
Courtney Patterson
Courtney Patterson 11 months ago
He's got the whole world in His hands!!!
Joshua Jones
Joshua Jones 11 months ago
One thing about Kirk Franklin is he always going dance lol!! Love it!!
Marquita Shiver
Marquita Shiver 11 months ago
I said the same thing lol
Lovelybutterfly 11 months ago
celeste h
celeste h 11 months ago
He wouldn't be Uncle Kirk if he didn't 😊🕺🏾
Dezmond Harris
Dezmond Harris 11 months ago
Lol 😂😂😂😂
Nadia R.
Nadia R. 11 months ago
Too bad he's doing for himself with those wordly moves.
Teana McFarland
Teana McFarland 8 months ago
Watching this Performance literally Gave Me Chills all Over!!!!🙏 God Is the Greatest❣🥰
Tammy C
Tammy C 11 months ago
🙌🏾Thank you Jesus!! i felt this deep in my heart and soul!!!❤️‍🔥
SteveHills 11 months ago
This got me bopping in the spirit🔥 Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!
Josephine Aitafo
Josephine Aitafo 11 months ago
Amazing ministration! Praise be to Jesus!
Chedeema ArTech
Chedeema ArTech 11 months ago
This performance/ministration is ......its just everything!!!!!
Princess Smoka Hontas
Princess Smoka Hontas 11 months ago
When you sing for the Lord look how blessed the voices. This is a spiritually moving performance. They may have saved souls tonight with this much spiritual energy. Amazing I would have love to be on stage 💛
SisterWoman 11 months ago
I agree! Saved souls and restored some backsliders! God is married to the backsliders.
Kasey B.
Kasey B. 11 months ago
This was more powerful than most people realize, and more than just a bop feel good moment. Let the reality sink in. I was moved and in my spirit this is what I felt. 🙏🏽 Matthew 24:14 King James Version 14 And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come. Glory unto your name Jesus!! Praise to the only true and living GOD!! 🕊🕊🕊
Calandra Sain
Calandra Sain 11 months ago
Did what need to be done! I just seen them live a few weeks ago such a vibe 🙌🏾
Andy Serenity
Andy Serenity 11 months ago
This was pure worship and the best performance of the night.