WE CLEANED MOMMY LONG LEGS || Mommy long legs ft One More

One More
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Jun 21, 2022




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Comments 2 067
One More
One More Month ago
CHEK OUR BEST VIDEOS WITH HUGGY WUGGY AND KISSY MISSY 😊🥰😍ru-vid.com/video/video-b246C7AiChg.html
Angelo Ledda
Angelo Ledda Day ago
🤗🥰😄😁ok custodia mi piace
Jonathan Jimenez
Jonathan Jimenez 16 days ago
Эмиль Галимов
Я Элина
Im GoNnA bE a StAr ⭐
How to make mommy long legs relax if she's angry:
NotBellaRoblox 18 days ago
Lo, haha
niddg viiut
niddg viiut Month ago
She looks so fluffy after cleaning
Emily Bristol
Emily Bristol 4 days ago
Awwww:) mommy long legs is so cute💗💗
Fabiano Siqueira
Queria uma boneca dessa 💜💜
AX9 and paper bon and prototype jelly bean
She looks so fluffy after cleaning
Betzabe Agatoni
Betzabe Agatoni 26 days ago
Patric Bader
Patric Bader Month ago
“We cleaned mommy long legs” *drowns mommy long legs* Mommy: NO PLS DON’T DROWN ME
Thanks ❤️
Krysten Ohlsson
Krysten Ohlsson Month ago
ok I won’t drown you sonic also am a big fan🥰
melanie281 Month ago
🌷😍💖 Qué hermosa mami Douglas
Galaxy *.•°.
Galaxy *.•°. Month ago
Its so satisfying how she turns out perfectly clean
niddg viiut
niddg viiut Month ago
bro i thought she had a beard-
Eliška Krampotová
Moc pěkné mě se líbí ta houbička ve tvaru nanuku
♋TORI♋(tu mejor amiga)
Momy quedó hermosa 😍 diosa griega
Fikri Nazri
Fikri Nazri Month ago
This is so cute!!
♡UwU boy♡ AKA: Fifi
That was actually a good clean!
dolita windo
dolita windo Month ago
See ? I told you That
Mitra Rancic
Mitra Rancic Month ago
She takes good care of Mommy long legs
Carly Boutique
Carly Boutique Month ago
wow so cute mommy long legs (❁´◡`❁)
niddg viiut
niddg viiut Month ago
“We Cleaned Mommy Long Legs” litteraly drowns her
Van Trinh
Van Trinh Month ago
Thank you for the people who are saving Huggy and Kissy missy and mummy long legs
C0RRUPT3D_Demon._. 18 days ago
Did you know they make the plushies dirty and put them somewhere where it’s also dirty? Yeah.. I bet the children don’t even know
mmpj twod
mmpj twod Month ago
Them: We cleaned mommy long legs Also them: casually drowing her
Sanic plays
Sanic plays Month ago
Love mommy long legs ❤️
Mommy long legs 💗💕
Oh, thanks, this so cute :³
🦋Shinobu 🦋
🦋Shinobu 🦋 14 days ago
Mommy impostora
little baba☕
little baba☕ 29 days ago
Not everybody i have best life
niddg viiut
niddg viiut Month ago
"This doll has a best life than mine"
fan de DBZ
fan de DBZ Month ago
Incluso tiene una mejor vida q yo ese muñeco :v
Andréa Dapper
Andréa Dapper 18 days ago
Juan Rodri
Juan Rodri Month ago
Me encanta ❤️💗
Alejandra Rivera
Alejandra Rivera 21 day ago
Me gustó como quedó 🤗😍
7B Shaista Mikhaila
gulsevim cenberci
Mommy long Legs: Thank You Very Much!! Mommy makes me So proud!! pwp
Tony Vega
Tony Vega Month ago
Mommy long legs: finally someone is taking care of me
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Month ago
"WE RAISED MOMMY LONG LEGS " You clearly drowned her
martadijaya _03
martadijaya _03 Month ago
Mommy long legs: this is what it feels to be happy?
Krysten Ohlsson
Krysten Ohlsson Month ago
Yeah : ) It does.
kitty.Cake.323 Month ago
La cara de mommy:👁v👁
Mundo Toca Life
Mundo Toca Life 8 days ago
Mommy long legs is like: she or he is taking good care of me 🥰
Christopher Portalski
I love it way to take care of mommy long legs!!!! Proud😘😘😘
•coffee• Month ago
Cutely scrubs her eyes with water so her eyes bleed* uwu
Justin & Friends - Official Channel
Mommy long legs: sister Huggy wiggy: brother
C0RRUPT3D_Demon._. 18 days ago
That didn’t make any sense. if they’re siblings, why aren’t they related? I know adoption exists, but I really don’t think anyone would adopt a blue furry monster that likes you grab onto you like velcro, and eat you whole.
شهقت وجع
شهقت وجع Month ago
Zoe Haskins
Zoe Haskins Month ago
Mommy long legs: hey I was hiking
Cookiecook3456 17 days ago
シロクマ Month ago
wow !!! so cute
Catbee Month ago
sou cute 🥺💜
kitu kirthana
kitu kirthana Month ago
Effortless SkiesYT
I love how the face mask is a wipe cut out-👏
Phoniexd Month ago
Mommy longs legs: dont drown me I have kids!
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 28 days ago
“We just drowned mommy long legs kids” Children “YAYY!!!”
Wilbur Taylor
Wilbur Taylor Month ago
So cute🥰😊
Joanne Paderes
Joanne Paderes Month ago
That is so cute♡♡♡♡
Xandigatto Month ago
I love mommy long legs 😍
miku 26 days ago
Mommy long legs: in the nice shower 😎 her kid: mom dad went to get the milk but he never came back. Mommy long legs:...... calls dad
Huggy wuggy
Huggy wuggy Day ago
Them: let’s put some dirt on mommy for the video and some cotton in the tree wood Them again : oh no we found mommy we need to help her Them again: let’s wash her and let’s put a face mask Them again: 𝗻𝗼𝗶𝗰𝗲 ͡° ͜ʖ ͡
ÑiØr Month ago
Everyone: wash dolls in washing machine This woman : nahh that to easy, pick harder
Si-woo (시우)'_Animates.
Poor mom long legs🥰🥺♥️
How could she get stick in her own web💀💀
Crystal Acevedo
Crystal Acevedo Month ago
I love mommy Long legs and huggy wuggy
Hong Nguyen
Hong Nguyen Month ago
*Baby Mommy Cleans Our Drowns and Sleeps at morning*
Roxane Month ago
Tiene mejor vida que yo x'd
dolita windo
dolita windo Month ago
I love how the face mask is a wipe cut out-
Heyo it’s kitt!💗🦋
I just noticed that 😂
Richard Rodrigo
Richard Rodrigo Month ago
Gracias 🥰
ConnIe Jong
ConnIe Jong 28 days ago
I was relax watching this😄💗👍
Gladys Vitto
Gladys Vitto Month ago
Mommy Long Legs; Yay!!!
Antonina Laiti
Antonina Laiti 16 days ago
Mommy long legs is cute i love mommy long legs😍😍😍
Why is this soo cute!?
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Month ago
번조버니도 해주세요.
Maria Greg
Maria Greg Month ago
Ана такая милая 😍☺
XxprepsxX Month ago
Are we not going to question how this girl probably left mommy long legs Plush for like an entire week and then left and then came back
Them: We cleaned mommy long legs 🤩 Also them: *casually drowing her*
•Kyle•* Month ago
You think that too oof i'm not crazy
Huriana Chase
Huriana Chase 27 days ago
this look like good mommy long leg toys
omg mommy so goo!😁
Buffdoge Month ago
Elkersx Sonic e Alvaro
It's So Fun!
Gacha miraculous girl
My mind: all clean :) My second thoughts: why brush the teddy's teeth when it doesn't have any and you could just wash it in the washing machine.... 🤣
Lps Ivy Tulip
Lps Ivy Tulip Month ago
I have a mommy long legs plushie 😂
Karen elizabeth Luna Garcia
Se cuida más que yo jsjsjsjsjs
poliiik 22 days ago
как мама готовилась к приходу главного героя
•Gacha Girl909•
•Gacha Girl909• 19 hours ago
Mommy long legs spa day:
Jennifer Moreno Fernandez
Wow it's fantastic 💓 :D
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Month ago
"How much Times did you watch this?" Me: yes
MochiTea [Iris 💖🖤]
mangoswag🤝 Month ago
웃 🔫ඞ stickman
aveituras sofia unicórnio 🦄🌸
Doll mommy long lengs ❤🥰 chek like happy
Hong Nguyen
Hong Nguyen Month ago
We cleaned baby mommy long legs!
Alexis Gracias
Alexis Gracias Month ago
That boy is so cute
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Month ago
"This doll has a best life than mine"
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Month ago
번조버니도 해주세요.
Настя Бонцекова
Ура она чистая❤️❤️
Xwa_yux Month ago
Person: drowning her Mommy long legs: WHAT HAVE YOU DOOOONE😟
Jaelynn plays
Jaelynn plays Month ago
ajna vp
ajna vp Month ago
Mk ok
Partypooper Month ago
This is cute i swear
“We just drowned mommy long legs kids” Children “YAYY!!!”
Strawberry Month ago
@Melinda Cervantes yes someone gets it 🤣
Melinda Cervantes
the video was great 🤩🤩
Antonella Bellisario
Is so cute mommy
Diana Caballero salgado
Donde los coniges me gustaría tener uno
Jacilene Silva
Jacilene Silva 28 days ago
Hahaha muito feliz por vc sou muito especial para mim
Vasanth Shetty
Vasanth Shetty Month ago
"This doll has a best life than mine"
Felipe Bahnena
Felipe Bahnena Month ago
I love mommy ❤️❤️🥰👍
badi3beqr 17 days ago
I love the ducks in the background
aola wili
aola wili Month ago
Cool its mommy long legs living in someones home thats cool
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Month ago
Mommy longs legs: dont drown me I have kids!
Panda 🐼 Panda
I Love You Mommy long legs 😚❣️
Nezuko-Chan :D
Nezuko-Chan :D Month ago
OMG creo que quiero ir a la calle para encontrarme a kisimosi o a momi longles XD
🧁Kayla cupckake🧁
I love how you pencil wash
Liviaforbuddies Month ago
When somebody do a cool video then i will give you ♥
Liviaforbuddies Month ago
And like ofc
Sophia And Heitor Tube
The noise is so satisfying 😩😩😩😩💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻
3008bestiesz Month ago
*cutely drowns her in bathtub water* * take her out of the bath when she still has soap* * roughly peels the face mask off* #mommylonglegslivesmatter
arya kaya
arya kaya Month ago
HUMAN: lets clean your face! mommy long legs: lemme breath. *drowns*
Monti 2 days ago
Das ist ja voll nett von dir dass du die mitnimmst nach Hause weil die so schmutzig sind es aber ich finde es auch voll süß dass du sie sauber machst und so und nicht und meine Mama hat mir gestern auch so eine bestellt aber dafür finde ich voll süß wie die die Augen zu machen aber der Väter ist voll lustig😍🥰😍🥰
Jaxson Month ago
The fact that they rub her face in ice cream (btw I know it’s a sponge )
SARA MELIS 8 days ago
Lol 8 mommy legs long
Strawberry-mocha 19 days ago
Kaitlyn Stinson
Kaitlyn Stinson Month ago
Heartbreaker 3D
Heartbreaker 3D Month ago
Them: We cleaned mommy long legs! Vs What they actually did: casually drowned mommy long legs… ok ty for no likes boii
Galaxy *.•°.
Galaxy *.•°. Month ago
How do you kniw I saw nothing 😏🙄
Emily Bristol
Emily Bristol 3 days ago
Aww she is pink💗
Galaxy *.•°.
Galaxy *.•°. Month ago
I just realized they gave mommy long legs a massage idk how to spell did I do it right