What is the best way to open CHOCOLATE egg?😎❤️🍫🥚| CHEFKOUDY 

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Mar 30, 2024




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@10Itnas01. 18 days ago
Video: Easter Music: Merry Christmas
@angelinafinn1355 18 days ago
@ruben_plaga9628 18 days ago
@chefkoudy 18 days ago
@chefkoudy 18 days ago
Feliz Navidad😂❤️🫡
@MoniNemeth 18 days ago
@litschi_swg 18 days ago
Im hungry My dad:
@chefkoudy 18 days ago
@chefkoudy 18 days ago
@FinGrilT5123 18 days ago
Hi hungry im dad
@Sane_The_Wolf 18 days ago
@@FinGrilT5123 Why did you name me this way :( WHY WHY WHY~?
@Ahmetefesevim 18 days ago
​@@FinGrilT5123Hungry hi Dad i'm
@FranerfxYT 15 days ago
Ps5 controler: i love my house. Man:let's open this chocolate egg. Ps5 controler: wtf this man doing to my house??!
@KioXx-uy3yk 18 hours ago
Cringe comment
@Nate_Gamer173 13 days ago
Aren’t we talking about there was a PS5 controller in the first egg? 💀
@gabbs653 3 days ago
Ig not
@Sammm443 7 hours ago
I just commented that because I forgot to scroll down and see your comment sry
@Tylersock 17 days ago
Ain’t no way bro really got a PS5 controller for Easter🥚🎮😂😂
@Enrico_Roblox 16 days ago
Copied right
Did u steal my controler i have 2 now 1😂😂
@Tylersock 16 days ago
@rlalbiaksangi4528 16 days ago
​@@Saharra-sex bot
@Cat_forlifee3 15 days ago
crunch: 25% chocolate: 65% feliz navidad: 10%
@Realmonke5711 17 days ago
Teeth loss : 5%
@subiepixel05 17 days ago
Diabetes: 1000000%
@ravijntje8724 17 days ago
Hotel: Trivago
@goldentoast69 17 days ago
Bandana: 10%
@Vex-ult 17 days ago
@@Syakira_lovin a reply section? Wtf
@bonhikhatun5686 14 days ago
Everything is about food during Ramadan 😭
Yup 😭
@user-fw4un8bf3v 6 days ago
@MayarSalman 5 days ago
@user-dr9ns4qt3h 4 days ago
Why were you watching this if you were festing?
@TheOnlyLegoMan 15 days ago
This Man Has a Smile On His Face At All Times. Protect Him At ALL Costs.
@Lucia-jo4gi 5 days ago
Check the video 4 scrolls up
@Alex_Drawss 18 days ago
Bro is so lucky he got a ps5 controller for easter
@chefkoudy 18 days ago
Hhh yees😂❤️
@chefkoudy 18 days ago
@cyHbXyNB4AN 18 days ago
controller from chocolate
@GabrieleCastagno 18 days ago
Yes, but there isn't any PS5😂
The PlayStation 5 controller made me laugh 😂
@chefkoudy 18 days ago
Me too lol
@ALiteralBlackHole 18 days ago
​@@chefkoudyHey, remember me.
@CheeseBloxian 18 days ago
@SuperFe1117 18 days ago
@AnaLuizaHoshiko 5 days ago
I was in the Basic. ALSO "FeLiZ nAvIdAd" GOT ME INTO THE CHRISTMAS DAY- 💀💀💀
@AmmarulZafhril 15 days ago
Bro is eating chocolate on a controller 💀
First egg: 95% chocolate 5% ps5 controller
@KoiAndDrug 18 days ago
If you listen, you can hear the music say “squeeze my gyatt”
@user-xn7qo3pe5k 18 days ago
​@@KoiAndDrugshut up brainrotted gen alpha, nobody finds you remotely funny.
@quackystudios4129 18 days ago
Its pheliz nobbie dad
@IsaacBobAsianJeff 17 days ago
Last egg: 20% chocolate 80% toy
@Oranggabut976 17 days ago
​@@KoiAndDrug nah the music saying feliz navidad
@benjamimsena559 18 days ago
Video: Easter Music: Feliz navidad 👍
@animanthro2077 18 days ago
@roodaabas497 18 days ago
Feliz Navidad translates to merry Christmas so the song "Feliz Navidad" is truly a Christmas song
@Game4ever0 17 days ago
Lovely, Easter and Christmas together
@ralphlawrenz789 17 days ago
​@@animanthro2077*the most average dirty minded* Then why are you thinking the highest dirty minded?
@agorman1341 17 days ago
​@@animanthro2077stop ur dirty mind bro clean it up i hate it
@mexicandog5224 3 days ago
Regular chocolate:*small snap* Chefkoudy’s chocolate eggs: CRRUUUNNNCCCHHH
@saragiorgetti6803 13 days ago
I am from Italy 🇮🇹 and I noticed you used our chocolate for number 3 and a tradition we do in Italy is we bang the egg on our heads to break it 😁
@sawnickdahegehog 18 days ago
it's a fucking easter egg how will you get diabetes I swear these commenters eat crumbs
@Neverwinted01 17 days ago
Diabetes aint from sweets lil bro
​@@Neverwinted01sweets has sugar lil bro 💀💀💀🤓🤓🤓
@Mr._Bellic 17 days ago
@@Neverwinted01 Type 2 diabetes, which can result from high levels of glucose (sugar) which overworks your pancreas. This in turn weakens the pancreas, leading to less insulin production and therefore higher concentration of sugar in the blood. High blood sugar means less cell sugar, and therefore less energy. That, my friend, is diabetes.
@Neverwinted01 17 days ago
@@WorldtradecenterNJNYProperties If you built like a nikocado avocado you get diabetes lil bro 💀
@Poooofle 18 days ago
Diabetes:Feliz navidad Dentist:Feliz navidad Doctor:Feliz navidad Bills:Feliz navidad Ryth:Feliz navidad Veshremy:Feliz navidad
@cosmotheseed1 15 days ago
Tu pu ta madre Félix navidad tu perro fiolado feliz navidad '_'
@Ensafed 11 days ago
You're crazy
@user-ze1gs9tm7g 9 days ago
The Crunch: 😊 The Song: Christmas His Diabetes: 💀
@The_choclate_1 3 days ago
Ain't no way chefkoudy got a PlayStation joystick in that chocolate
@Marinesman 18 days ago
I swear, it's always whenever I'm on Ramadan and I'm fasting..
@chefkoudy 18 days ago
Stay strong then😁❤️❤️
@Marinesman 18 days ago
@@chefkoudy Will do!
@amirabdr 17 days ago
same bro
@Alexa-uo2gc 17 days ago
I thought the eggs were basic, advanced, epic, and mythical 😅
@arquimides1969 17 days ago
@user-ot9hb7uo1c 14 days ago
My guy doesn't even care about the controller 🤣
@Tabby_WCUE 8 hours ago
Diabetes : "FELIZ ✨NAVIDAD✨" * cutely kicks down your front door *
@brozZdF 18 days ago
The best is to eat it whole XD
@chefkoudy 18 days ago
How tho❤️😂
@chefkoudy 18 days ago
Its elephant size❤️😂
@SOLLESBIANGUY 18 days ago
​@@chefkoudyhave an elephant sized mouth XD
@Idk-bf4yw 18 days ago
@@chefkoudy is best RU-vidr
Just nom
@Jomey1031 16 days ago
POV: hollow chocolate isn’t crunchy Chefkoudy: nah, it’s crunchy 😂😂😂
@SKYTHEFOX2013 15 days ago
Basic: 😀 Advanced: 😎 Epic: 🤪🤪🤪 🥚🥚🥚 Mystic: 😂😂😂
"Sir there's a controller in my egg chocolate.."
@sanjanamishra2180 17 days ago
Sooo trueee The last is the most realistic wayy of eating a chocolate egg 😂😂
@marziak9512 18 days ago
Gordon Ramsay has been real silent after this guy introduced himself 😂🎉😅
@chefkoudy 18 days ago
@chefkoudy 18 days ago
Hhh true thanks!!
@SansUndertale65 4 days ago
99% chocolate 1% ps5 controller
@mariovalente701 15 days ago
Team Mythic 👇
@Britishperson169 18 days ago
99% chocolate 1% PlayStation controller
@chefkoudy 18 days ago
Hhh yees😂❤️
@SolariumV 18 days ago
Ah yes, banging it on your head, such a classic.
@chefkoudy 18 days ago
@chefkoudy 18 days ago
@janapavlikova4553 18 days ago
That's probably why he looks like he has brain damage
@Ennard_real 18 days ago
I do that tho..........
@NotGay-9000 18 days ago
“What a header!”
@JolieJolie21 15 days ago
That has to be one of the satisfying chocolate masterpieces I've seen in my entire life. I could barely move my hands while sorting through metal whilst trying to re-assemble car parts.
@THXOF9 15 days ago
Everyone: The Choclate Egg can't be crunchy... He:
@Emilygirlhere 18 days ago
Video: Chocolate! Me: Happy Easter Time!
@thepumpkin2076 18 days ago
@temomlg 14 days ago
Yo koudy can 8 have that controller plushie thing 😂
@shali4372 15 days ago
His diabetes be singing, that’s inside of him so loud that we can hear it😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@yoeats23 18 days ago
Day 1 of asking chefkoudy to teach me his ways ❤️🙏🏽 I got inspired by your video style and went viral on a video similar to what you made! 😁❤️🙏🏽
@Amoments-33 18 days ago
@chefkoudy 18 days ago
Our way is work everyday and trying to get better every single time🙏❤️
@chefkoudy 18 days ago
Everyone can do this and it wokrs😂❤️🫡
@Theboy36183 18 days ago
@Jbllfmlover375 18 days ago
😂😂😂😂😂 Chef koudy - More hungry World - you ate all the food
@Aviation512 10 days ago
Bro chef owns this song😂😮😊
@creeperrandom7345 13 days ago
Diabetes: FELIZ NAVIDAD 🎶🎶
@paperchaser932 18 days ago
What a song choice 😂❤
@chefkoudy 18 days ago
@chefkoudy 18 days ago
Gld you like it thaanks😂❤️
@thegoatronaldo765 17 days ago
Bro never fails to make us hungry 🗿
@Mat_clip_you 12 days ago
The ps5 controller in the egg I died😂😂😂😂😂
La Diabetes: !Feliz Navidad!
@CarlisPro_Games 18 days ago
Happy Easter chef! LOL the Christmas song and Easter video 😂😅
@TodorokiShoto5171 16 days ago
For advance man became indian coconut man😂😂😂
Do not try to tell me that there is a ps5 controller in this chocolate💀
"That's a choking hazard" No Americans ever
@YouTube 17 days ago
these are some top tier chocolate eggs
@chefkoudy 17 days ago
Yeees, the Venchi was the best🙏😂❤️
@FireBGOsakiXD 17 days ago
Oh its youtube,hey youtube 👋
@ArshBabu-im6bw 15 days ago
Omggggggggggggg youtttubeeeeeee e e e e eeeeeeee
@manne8575 6 days ago
It's literally the official RU-vid channel and it only has 2 likes and 3 replies, that's crazy
@FireBGOsakiXD 6 days ago
@@manne8575 there's almost 0% of chance of this happening,but we got to see it,extremely rare 🤯
@Commenter889 18 days ago
Damn I wish I got a ps5 controller in my Easter egg 🥚 😂
@chefkoudy 18 days ago
@chefkoudy 18 days ago
Yupp same here hhh😃❤️🔥
@Pro3raggerYt 7 days ago
Bro tried to eat a PS5
@Jackx5d 13 days ago
Merry easter.. (cause the song is Christmas)❤
@-Rupali_- 18 days ago
The *CRUNCH* tho😂♥️
@SecretNinja144 18 days ago
This guy should start a restaurant
@chefkoudy 18 days ago
@chefkoudy 18 days ago
Much appreciated!!😅🙏❤️
@limpydilbs1561 13 days ago
“How much crunching sound effects do you want?” Him: y e s.
@GOATGaming._.9502 15 days ago
Imagine Epic had nintendo switch in it💀he broke it, he sigma🗿🍷
The Real Time Of Year: Easter: ChefKoudy’s Time Of Year: FALIS NAVIDAD😂
I did not expect that last one 😅😂
@DucPhuongMinh 13 days ago
Tell me if im wrong, i think the first open is most satisfying of all lol
@Is-Cap 15 days ago
Bro made it look like he dont care for the PS5 controller E:TY chef koudy for hearting my comment : )
@PwedRecords 15 days ago
Bro doesn’t have blood sugar, his blood is sugar 💀💀💀
@dakdak8958 18 days ago
I just loved the music 😊❤
@chefkoudy 18 days ago
@chefkoudy 18 days ago
Goes well w it yeah🫣🙏❤️
@dakdak8958 18 days ago
You are so good shefkoudy
@dakdak8958 18 days ago
@LaminaBaybat 18 days ago
@luisfelipeLF24 14 days ago
Bro his Easter egg came with a PS5 controller😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@caitlinlong2014 5 days ago
My fav Christmas song that I still listen to when it's not Christmas:)
@noobyboilolz 15 days ago
Mythic: A wild chocolate egg appeared! The wild chocolate egg used foresight! You've been identified! You used headbutt! It's super effective! The wild chocolate egg fainted! It dropped a surprise container! You put the surprise container in your bag!
@automncloth5805 9 days ago
A head hit made me cry from laughing
Bud doesn’t even care about the Ps5 He cares about food more
@DukeOfa 4 days ago
Me: DAD I’m hungry DAD: hi hungry I’m DAD😂
@1006Areuthere 4 days ago
@Monsteromaro 14 days ago
Lol he successfully find all the the egg hunt (Event)
@galadasneves761 13 days ago
Team mythique 👇😂❤
@mmlndjdjrj 10 days ago
1% chocolate 1% diabetes 1% ps5 controller 1% feliz navidad 1% easter 95% Č̶͎̃͒̆͜ͅ ̴͌̔Ȓ̶ ̴̥̏U̵ ̸̛͔̈́̀̚Ñ̵ ̵̹̾͝C ̶̭͚͗Ȟ̷͘
@Sot572 14 days ago
That the realest crunch I’ve ever heard.
The second egg thumbnail: 200$ per egg by Louis Vuitton
@ArdProgamer 15 days ago
Diabetes: oh where do I go? Brain: oh it’s over there Diabetes: ah thanks
@PurpleGuyMemes 14 days ago
feel bad for the chicken that had to push all those eggs out 😢😢😢
@liamcollado521 10 days ago
Basic: Normal Advanced: “Hey dude watch this!” Epic: “this was in the fridge too long” Mythic: *CONCUSSION*
@Zepetogamer647 8 days ago
Happy easter💗
@VijayKumar-ju7by 14 days ago
Holiday: Easter Background music Feliz Navidad That means Mary christmas in spanish 😂😂😂😂😂
@laurajean7165 12 days ago
Roses are red Violets are blue I liked my own comment bc no one ever wants too😢
@JhoanFeliz-xb7gb 12 days ago
do I care
@JhoanFeliz-xb7gb 12 days ago
Fine I’ll like it
@OnlyBigNeil 11 days ago
“Police stole my car”💀😭
When you have intrusive thoughts, but you don't wanna break the law
@Dawidson_CZE2521 15 days ago
feliz navidad - singed by diabetes💀💀
Sound effects are so good I watched it over 10 times before I noticed what I was doing.
@user-jf7qp3kn1c 13 days ago
Jesus: how did you die This dude: Easter eggs
@kubraarican6118 13 hours ago
On school mythic😂😂
@rolandtoth7883 14 days ago
I usually use the mythic method, but not only with my head. I use my hand, my elbow and sometimes some tools (for example spoon) too.😂
Bro literally I am speaking Spanish🇪🇸 💀 Hola💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
@honzaandrle 15 days ago
He just ignored the ps5 controller 💀
@doukoumo9553 2 days ago
So nobody is going to talk about the fact that in that eg he got a hole controller 🎮
@KuzeyErgin-if8qv 14 days ago
Team basic😅 👇
@Fatima23255 10 days ago
Bros making the italians happy *epic
@loltq_edits 15 days ago
Video: Easter Music: FELIZ NAVIDAD
@Rokiriyugan 15 days ago
Why are we playing Christmas music while on Easter like come on. What’s next valentines with this is Halloween in the background?
@draydgaming4927 15 days ago
Song - where is my nigas
@4muS3d 11 days ago
"feliz navidad" buddy, you're a couple months late