What K-pop Idol means to teenagers (feat. ENHYPEN)

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Sep 22, 2022




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odg 3 days ago
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idk Day ago
@Alyzza Lee Tabagan lol exactly
Tenzin Seldon
We also want to meet them. Give us next time ⏲️ 🙏🏻 Please 😭
Celeste Marques
Celeste Marques 2 days ago
enhypen은 그들이 당신을 위대하게 여기는 방법을 모르는 경우에도이 프로그램에 와줘서 고맙습니다.
Stephanie Yang
Stephanie Yang 2 days ago
EJ Leo
EJ Leo 2 days ago
Pls guest IU🙏🙏🙏🙏
Dainsleif 3 days ago
The way they said "woah" when the girl mentioned their group name. 😭 Ahhh, Enhypen, you guys really deserve recognition.
R.Y. 22 hours ago
I think the girl from Busan had trouble recalling their group name. Cute.
Lindzie P
Lindzie P Day ago
😍 yes theyre so lucky to meet them all that close and jake even ask for a handshake then pictures with them ☺
Dainsleif 2 days ago
@hazel ann marie Escoro yesss, i love it, i can sense how genuinely surprised they are when the student recognized them 😭❤️
Dikga 24
Dikga 24 2 days ago
@hy ikr I really don't understand
hy 2 days ago
I don’t think they know how successful they are..
nat c
nat c 2 days ago
jays wise words really deeply effect me in the heart, he speaks so much more than just an ordinary idol i’m very glad that i stan someone who’s so talented considerate and wise i couldn’t thank how much enhypen has brought me, both happiness and principles of life ENHYPEN MOST IMPORTANTLY MY BIAS JAY YOU GUYS DESERVE LOTS AND WE ENGENES ARE VERY PROUD OF YOU ALL LOVE YOU GUYS LOTS
Stream HYPE BOY by NewJeans
Every fan to their faves ever. Even when their faves admit that they're a real-life bully, fans will still say things like this. Idol worshipping is pathetic.
Kitty K
Kitty K 11 hours ago
I agree and Jay is actually street smart and also good at cooking He is the standard
Taechwita~ 11 hours ago
Jay's my bias too! And I deeply love him and his wise words he's just so ideal!
mobina *
mobina * 14 hours ago
He is so mature. He is deep minded
The Brain Train Center
Absolutely! I think Jay was also recently acknowledged for his actions as a true role model.
6:54 Jay's statement "They're people who give dreams to others" really struck me since it is true. The idols I love, including Enhypen, has this charm and influence that makes a meaningful and positive mark to people. Some might have no interest in certain dreams like dancing in my case but these precious idols showed the beauty of these things which moved fans to dream the same dream. So yeah, idols are amazing! Enhypen is amazing!
angry bird who loves corn
i love how deep of a person JAY is and how well spoken he is. ill never regret stanning this man. fighting enhypen aja
xyxlow lucy
xyxlow lucy Day ago
yes, we stan the right person, someone who is inspiring and comforts you with his words, who always takes care of others, a person with a big heart❤️ Park Jongseong✨️
_Som 2
_Som 2 2 days ago
노래로만 접해서 제가 생각한 이미지랑은 많이 달랐어요. 섬세하시고 마음 여리시고 뭔가 되게 매력적이네요. given taken 진짜 잘 듣고 있어요 응원할게요!
l.a. 3 days ago
some people constantly overlook that ENHYPEN is a two-year old group and they are still rookies. and this interview showed that side of them, with how genuinely they want to grow as artists who shine bright and touch other people’s lives. i appreciate their humility, but i hope these seven boys know how much they’ve already accomplished in a short span of time. they’re the new powerhouses of kpop. they are incredibly talented, passionate, and admirable. many people already see them for their amazing qualities. you are destined for success, ENHYPEN! keep shining!
lazy bum
lazy bum 3 days ago
They are defo the new powerhouse .. even exo would be so proud of them
Mirey@ng 3 days ago
They're so humble!
박서함이 복지다
멤버들 개인인터뷰 짱좋다 얼굴 짱 잘보이고 각자마다 매력잘보임
Multi Fandom
Multi Fandom 2 days ago
I admire Jay's wisdom and how he expresses his thoughts, I can feel his sincerity through his words🥲❤
Alexandra 2 days ago
i was only army for like 7 years, then i saw iland, enhypen are such humble boys! they work so hard, their friendship is genuine, they don’t fake interactions, and ofc they so pure they really love eo :( I hope ppl give themselves chance to know them, now im so proud to be armygene
MJ Miooo
MJ Miooo 2 days ago
Sali llorando, cuanto daría por conocerlos, que ellos sean parte de mi vida, es genial, me han enseñado bastante en este tiempo:3
Hoshie Tenma
Hoshie Tenma 3 days ago
Why do I feel like crying when they answer the questions from their solo interview? I really like how humble and sincere they are. Jay's answers are also too mature. If I was there, I'll literally collapse in front of them because THEY'RE ENHYPEN!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a really big fan of them, even though I'm 24 yrs old! These boys deserve everything!!!! ❤🧡🧡🧡🧡 Fighting! 🖤
En-Kay 3 hours ago
28 and I never loved a group as much as enhypen 😭❤️
Multi 13 hours ago
I’m in my 30s :)
Enhypen❤️Engene 23 hours ago
xyxlow lucy
xyxlow lucy Day ago
Jay is so precious 😭 his words always amaze me❤️
Czar Day ago
28 yo engene here. ✌🏻
_V_ 2 days ago
This video was way too cute, from the girls to the solo interviews of each member. Even the way it was edited. I loved the girl that says idols don’t poop. 😂 And when Jake said her dialect are adorable, she was confused and said, “but I didn’t put on any accent”. So adorable.
Valentina Teles
Lloré, los amo Enhypen, realmente. Soy de Uruguay, Latinoamérica y a pesar de ser de literalmente el otro lado del mundo los conozco y hay muchas personas más fuera de Corea/ Asía que los conocen. De echo sin saberlo mi mejor amiga y yo somos Engene y nos enteramos hace poco, jajsjqjw. Los amo y espero poder conocerlos e ir algún concierto de ustedes en algún momento. ✨✨✨❤️❤️❤️
Sylvanus 2 days ago
It was making my heart break when the boys were contemplating about how they’d feel or react with the students didn’t recognize them and I could feel their anxiousness but I’m so glad the girls recognized them; sometimes I forget that they’re still rookies or that they haven’t been around as long, but they’re such amazing artists and their growth is astounding. I’m so proud of them.
Sayka with blush
Sayka with blush 2 days ago
Здравствуйте, сейчас у меня ночное время и досмотрев ваше видео до конца, могу сказать что, я рада уснуть на положительной нотке моего дня. Я очень сильно люблю Энхайпен и это видео было столь уютным и приятным, что много раз заставило меня улыбнуться. Спасибо ODG за проделанную работу, такие ролики и вправду дают понять, что знаменитости, которые пригрелись в наших сердцах, как недостежимые звезды, на самом деле обычные и добрые люди как мы. Услышав слова девочки из Пусана о том, что она живёт далеко и для неё это всегда казалось лишь сказкой, я живя в абсолютно другой стране, не могу мечтать о большем, чем просто видеть их на экране телефона день ото дня. Такие мысли заставляют меня плакать и грустить, но я ведь фанат Энхайпен, так как они живут в моём сердце, я продолжу усердно трудится, чтобы когда нибудь испытать судьбу и встретить их в реальной жизни. Спасибо за всё, с любовью и уважением Сайка)
karla mendoza alamilla
Ojalá algún día conociera o viera a enhypen así de cerca , ojalá pudiera decirles todo lo que merecen escuchar, ellos son tan dedicados , talentosos, amables , no solo guapos, daría todo por conocerlos
▪︎Aghia Delgado▪︎
La verdad es que conocí a ENHYPEN de causalidad pero es la mejor casualidad que me pudo haber pasado, me impresiona que ellos pensaron que eran reconocidos en Corea pero ellos se merecen todo el reconocimiento internacional!!! Estoy muy feliz de ser una Engene y poder apoyarlos con la esperanza de que algún día los pueda conocer en persona, la verdad estoy muy feliz por las chicas que participaron y espero que recuerden ese hermoso momento ❤
Ximena Salazar
Ximena Salazar 2 days ago
Yo soy army, pero conozco a Enhypen desde su debut, mi hermanita es engene y debo decir que ver este video, me hizo llorar, que bonitos son, chicos, sigan así, estoy segura que llegarán muy lejos son súper talentosos y me encanta su vibra 🧡
shongmaa 10 hours ago
Tyler 1986♡
Tyler 1986♡ 17 hours ago
Yo tambien soy Army y mi hermana es Engene, los chicos son muy lindos,igual espero que tengan muchos éxitos ☺️
Jiwoo LiNa
Jiwoo LiNa 19 hours ago
@agustdthv Jajaja 😂 No diré nada
agustdthv 20 hours ago
@makitramoreyw🍂🌼 lo dice porque aún así aprecia a los chicos, solo dijo cosas lindas de enhy, típica kpoper nada más leen army y se les revienta una vena
Ximena Salazar
Ximena Salazar 20 hours ago
@Jiwoo LiNa La verdad considero que no tiene nada de malo decirlo, debido a la interpretación que se da en mi cometario, el emoji que utiliza y la última palabra en su comentario lo hace ver con toda la intención de echar carrilla, como si decir el fandom en el que me encuentro fuera motivo de pelea, literalmente fue en lo único que se fijó de todo mi comentario.🌟
Maddi Kors
Maddi Kors Day ago
Heeseung and jay interviews make me wanna cry that are so adorable, they all deserve the recognition for their talent and how pure they are :)💕
Belén 2001
Belén 2001 2 days ago
Enhypen es muy especial para mi, gracias a Iland pude entender lo que es luchar por tus sueños y cuando debutaron, me dieron como un empujón para salir adelante y crecer junto con ellos. No soy fan del Kpop en general, pero con ellos siento que puedo inspirarme a seguir luchando por mis sueños
lasagna :p
lasagna :p 2 days ago
Idk why but the way this is edited and how it shows us that idols are just like us really made me cry. Enhypen are so humble and down to earth, wow I can't stop crying 😭😭😭
Im Airen
Im Airen 2 days ago
I have watched Odg for a long time because of its interesting contents, and now they invite a group idol that I adore, ENHYPEN. Thank you so much. Haha I'm not teenager anymore, but somehow Enhypen gives me the feeling of youth and dream positively and realistically. This collaboration is wonderful. Thank you so much odg.
예쁘잠 18 hours ago
Jay's words though! He really always has the right words to say and it touches heart and soul. He's such a wise person and someone I think wouldn't judge if you share a problem with and instead give you rational advices that would make you reflect and comforted. He's amazing. I love you, Jay. I love you, Enhypen♡
Josefa guzmán
I wanna tell them that they are international idols, that their fanbase is all over the world ❤ and we love them because they’re hard worked, sincere, adorable and great performers ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 my boys your already SHINING WITH YOUR OWN AND UNIQUE PERSONALITY. Trust yourselves more and grow with confidence. We’ll ALWAYS support yall 🧡🧡🧡🧡
Ishika Das
Ishika Das 2 days ago
the time Jay (8:07) said that it's okay if the teens do not know them, then heeseung said that them being unknown and not so famous might mean that they need to work hard. I don't know why i cried so much while watching this video, i am so proud of what enhypen is today and shall become in the future. Enhypen is known but still so underrated. I hope enhypen achieves milestones in the future 😭 ENHA FIGHTING !!! ENGENE FIGHTING!! 🥺 (I just realised that i am so emotionally attached to them, i am still crying lol)
Lonely_biss 2 days ago
I love how mature Jay sounds all of them do but Jay is something else. the way he said that it's not like an obligation for people to know celebrities melted my heart, he's so pure. I LOVE THESE BOYS SO MUCH. I'm happy I discovered you ENHYPEN!! ❤️❤️🧡🧡🖤🖤
xyxlow lucy
xyxlow lucy Day ago
ever since he met him i was always amazed me at his maturity despite his young age, Jay is so precious 😭 his words always amaze me❤️
jj simp
jj simp Day ago
And thats why he is my bias sinve the first on iland😭💘
angry bird who loves corn
exactly !! he's such a deep person
Raquel Avila
Raquel Avila 2 days ago
also when he said, "feeling tired and not wanting to do something is a totally different matter".
yonkie bonkie
yonkie bonkie 2 days ago
Yes i noticed that too!!!
snorkling 17 hours ago
I still remember when Jake and Ni-ki were anxious if there will be engenes attending for kpop flex in germany, and they said that even if there's only 10 engenes will come they will be happy as long as there are people support them. After the concert, they were amazed how the crowds were so loud for them, and their staff informed them that there a lot of engenes from the crowds holding their en-light, and the happines on their faces is very evident. During Kcon in germany, there are two engenes interviewed what artist they came for, and they said enhypen, and enhas face that time was very greatful and the crowds were singing along with them. Pandemic made them think that they have no fans supporting them. They debuted and performing with no audience cheering for them. The limited fancalls. They are very vocal about them growing as an artist together. The humbleness of this group always left in awe, because they never change ever since day debuted. My heart will alwyas with these seven boys. I want to witness with my own eyes, the time that they will no longer be anxious if people will recognize them or not, because they will become the next superstar.
Multi Fandom
Multi Fandom 2 days ago
the sincerity in what they say tears me up, ENHYPEN always adds up reasons why I'm proud to be their fan🧡
Samantha Narvaez
Samantha Narvaez 2 days ago
Realmente estos chicos son tan puros,hasta ahora no entiendo como ENHYPEN me atrapó en el mundo del kpop en realidad no estaba interesada y no sabía casi nada,pero los conocí entonces sentí esa necesidad de apoyarlos y saber más,mi hermana al principio me dijo luego se te pasa la obsesión y dos años después sigo aquí más obsesionada
mac&cheese 2 days ago
always been listening to their songs even though I wasn't a fan but now Im gonna stan these lovely boys
امرا Day ago
Also did the same and I never regretted stanning them
en-jongseong noona
you won't regret stanning them , trust me 😊
M G 3 days ago
The leader’s words, Jungwon. He may be young but he speaks really wise words. ENHYPEN are such great boys. I hope people get to know them better and their music. They are really a great group and people. Fighting always!!!
Srurhi Krishna
Srurhi Krishna 2 days ago
Ripped jeans one
゚・。 wonnyann
Jungwon!Best leader!
MC Kyungjun
MC Kyungjun 3 days ago
@Faith I love your answer ❤️🤣
Jongh0tome 3 days ago
A group with a fuckass fandom who attacking us
Armogene 3 days ago
@S 2:25 it is Jungwon
Jake Sim
Jake Sim 2 days ago
I never thought I would be emotional watching this 😭😭😭. They would always shine no matter what, I'm so proud of you my seven!!
Liliana Prelovská
Liliana Prelovská 21 hour ago
This feels impossible even without being there. I'm so happy for the girls witnessing this. I cried, and I wasn't even present. Just seeing them meeting fans that never imagined actually meeting them, makes me proud. And ENHYPEN too. Wishing our talented, hard-working boys and those brave, encouraging girls all the happiness in their lives.🍀 Amazing video!💫❤️
Allyne Day ago
The interview with the boys was so intimate and we could really see their genuine thoughts about being idols, and the impact they want to make, Enhypen are genuinely pure and hardworking boys, they really wanna do their best as idols and I'm so glad for being a fan of them The surprised and happy look on their faces when the girls recognized them🥺
Ren Fei
Ren Fei Day ago
I’m so proud of them! They deserve their recognition. They worked very hard in I-Land! I will continue listening to their music and rooting for them. ^^
fujeong 2 days ago
seeing the members natural skin colours, especially jays, made me so emotional for some reason. they’re not only kind and talented but they’re all so beautiful in their own way
fer ♡
fer ♡ 10 hours ago
Hello 14 hours ago
Me too when j saw jays beauty and his skin color i fell in love with him even more in which i mean i love and respect him as an idol and not a sasaeng who just likes them for their looks and popularity i love them for who they are and i love the really enhypen or really idols i don't wanna love them for their looks or popularity but for who they are and seeing jays beautiful skin colors just made me so happy and like j said emotional 🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️💖💖✨
ja xx
ja xx 19 hours ago
@R.Y. excuses
R.Y. 22 hours ago
The brightening is for photography and broadcast. It's not like they're brightened for real-life close-up encounters like fanmeets. Foreigners still can't understand this.
ayshah 22 hours ago
Connie Rebel
Connie Rebel 2 days ago
this video made me so emotional, i'm so glad they were recognized because they're so talented and they're such amazing people, they deserve all the good in the world, i love them so much and i'm so proud of them ♡
Shxnith Day ago
LOS AMO TANTO, COMO NO TIENEN IDEA, enhypen es mi felicidad
mama🦋 2 days ago
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 eu queria tanto conhecer eles pessoalmente e dizer o quanto eles são especiais e importantes pra mim. Enhypen eu amo muito vocês. Enhypen são meninos de ouro 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️
Anika Bhattacharya
Andymegaara 2 days ago
Me encantó este video. En I-Land ellos eran en parte como estás chicas, admirando a las estrellas. Ahora ellos brillan con luz propia y sirven de inspiración para otras personas. Muchas felicidades por sus logros, Enhypen! Manténgase siempre humildes y fieles a si mismos. Engene los apoya.
S𝒊𝒍𝒗𝒆𝒓𝒄𝒍𝒐𝒖𝒅 ♡
Jay, Heeseung and Jungwon are really so wise and down to earth. Every word that came out from Jay's mouth was so wise. I LOVE ENHYPEN
Cari 2 days ago
I don't think I can fully express how much I love and admire these boys. I'm so glad they're now in my life as one of my biggest motivations. Thank you for this video
Fada Lêda
Fada Lêda 2 days ago
Isso foi tão lindo e tão inocente que me foi impossível conter as lágrimas! Todos aqui, garotas e idols, foram tão puros, singelos e sinceros neste teste que até as suas almas puderam ser percebidas por todos nós. Obrigada por isso!
Kellie Joyner
It made me tear up when jungwon said "what of they don't recognize us". Enhypen deserves recognition from around the world they are such a great group.They are sooo underrated 😣☹
SunoosLilac 3 days ago
Even though I’m not there I feel like I’m going to cry. We love you ENHYPEN.
SunoosLilac 2 days ago
@K-pop iS a CiRCuS, who StAnS k pop are ClOwNs🤡 same 😭😭😭😭
Ishika Das
Ishika Das 2 days ago
I don't know but i cried when the teens recognised them, and when Jay said that it was okay if the teens didn't know them and heeseung said that they have to work hard for everyone to recognise them, like to become famous. I seriously cried, i am so emotionally attached to enha 😭
Vianney Lozano
Vianney Lozano 2 days ago
K-pop iS a CiRCuS, who StAnS k pop are ClOwNs🤡
FEEL like crying? I CRIED😭😭
𖥻 ִ 🍏 ◗ 𖥦 andrea . ‹3
Ellos me ayudan con sus canciones, sus log, son muy lindos, me alegro a ver seguido a enhypen desde su debut y iland
Denix Hernandez
Denix Hernandez 2 days ago
I would have cried because when they were told to turn around I had tears in my eyes and I was screaming & I was not even there! I would have been emotional but I love their solo responses & Jake is always so generous he bowed & went ahead & shook the girl's hand ♡ Who would not know Enhypen? Especially in Korea! I-land was a well know show They are so humble to themselves ♡
Pilgrim's Clique
Pilgrim's Clique 2 days ago
It was well received by global viewers but not locally. There was actually an interview during their press conference for their debut & one of the reporters mentioned that I-land flopped in Korea & national rating was low or something. I think it was Jungwon who responded to it but imagine being in their position considering that they just got connected to the world after completing the show. I'm pretty sure, the memory of how harsh their situation before is just a traumatic experience.
J Day ago
The words that Jay said... They are meaningful. I even cry while watched this and replay it again. Jay's sight is calm and makes people comfortable. Even his words just makes me soft. He's the most heartwarming person I've ever know😭
bts & enha praiser ♡
this made me cry. the interview really made me tear up and i love how we got to know their takes on such questions. the interview showed how humble they are, how they keep themselves grounded and simply focus on always working hard, and how genuine and sincere they are with their work. but i'll be honest and say how apart from how much i love seeing how humble they are, it breaks my heart to watch them hope for the girls to know them, how they were scared of not being known by them, and the way they smiled after broke me even more. they were so anxious but so relieved, and i couldn't even miss the "that's a relief" at the background that wasn't really translated. they're truly so famous globally and they are doing so successfully with how large their international fanbases are so i just wish that their popularity would grow more, especially on the domestic side. i hope these beautiful and talented boys realize that there are a lot looking up to them and that they are so much loved by a lot. ♡ special mention to jungwon, because this boy has always been so humble, as evident in his ending ment for their day 2 concert in seoul, and when they were guests for the howling finale. and also to jay, because this man's answers during the interview really are my reason to cry. jay is extremely wise and eloquent. i love his view on things and he really has such a beautiful mind.
Jasmine ༼ つ ◕‿◕ ༽つ
My tears are flowing like crazy, Their words, you really deserve a lot of recognition Enhypen and you've come so far. I'm very proud to each and every one of you
Jana 3 days ago
same 😭😭
Q J 3 days ago
Me too 😭😭😭😭😭
Celeste Marques
Celeste Marques 2 days ago
Gracias ENHYPEN por ser quienes son, no se que haria sin ustedes.
Gwyneth Hannah Mangopot
I really can relate to enhypen geez 😭 their personalities and dynamics are the most realistic and relatable among the idols for me. They don't exaggerate and you really can see that through screen 💓
Samantha Narvaez
Samantha Narvaez 2 days ago
아리 18 hours ago
못 알아볼까봐 걱정하는거 보기 슬펐어요 ㅠㅠ 유명하든 안 유명하든 엔하이픈은 정말 최고니까 그런 걱정같은 거 안했으면 좋겠다 ❤️ 학생분들 너무 부럽네요 ㅜㅜ!!
Leo MBB 3 days ago
Enhypen are global stars. That's why they're more popular overseas than in South Korea but I hope they can have the recognition they deserve in their homeland too. They're such hardworking and humble boys.
otra19 2 days ago
i think this is a very important video for all teen kpop stans to watch...through this video they may get to know that just because idols shine (as said by heeseung) doesnt mean they are living the best of their lives......enhypen are humble and were ready to accept if the students didnt recognise them....they said they would work harder for more recognisition....all those kpop stans who dream of meeting their idols one day shld watch it and know that whatever they are doing in thier life, they should work hard on it in order tomake their dreams come true like their idols did . HAVE A GOOD DAY
Spicyysiomaii 2 days ago
Totally bawled my eyes out on this video. It really showed how humble enhyphen :((( I'm really grateful to be a part of their fan club and see how far they've come.
Bianca Kill
Bianca Kill 2 days ago
10 minutos foram o suficiente para me fazer chorar que nem uma criança kkkkkk Esse vídeo só me faz querer conhecê-los pessoalmente ainda mais 💓
sweetthope Day ago
llore durante todo el video, los chicos son tan lindos y se merecen todo lo bonito
KSW0624 3 days ago
i thought this was going to be just another variety show..... but their wisdom and story about life behind the cameras really opened my eyes and helped me realize a new perspective of them. i don't know them personally but i think Jay, and all of the members are genuinely nice people. they are just a group of men and teenage boys, but there is something special about them that just make me love them to bits
Daisy Tai
Daisy Tai Day ago
i just love jay so much, just listen to his responses, big brain and big heart
votingteam 0011
Jay answered in every questions just makes my heart melted
Aishah M
Aishah M Day ago
Had a dream that I saw them perform. Hopefully that will come true some day. They are truly amazing bunch of people ❤
Meel („• ֊ •„)
Ay diosmio sentí su angustia por si las chicas no los reconocían, pero estoy feliz ^^ Enhypen es increíble y me hacen muy feliz
moonsxthetic 3 days ago
the fact that they're so humble and honest. i don't think i'll ever find another boy group as comforting and close to my heart as them. ENHAAA, ENGENES ARE ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU !! DON'T BE TOO HARD ON YOURSELVES AND TAKE CARE AS WELL, WE'LL LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHATT
jenn 2 days ago
Srurhi Krishna
Srurhi Krishna 2 days ago
Yes 😭😭
Anissa 3 days ago
Yeah you're right🥺🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
The Brain Train Center
The sweet and sensitive way this entire experience was produced was so amazing. The dreamy music and soft lighting really added to the gentle presentation of how special and life changing the impact of meeting a fan or idol with mutual admiration was - and did not make any judgments about anything. It made me want to cry and hug them all. Sooo good. Thank you for this. As a senior it would one day be wonderful to have an interface with idols and how they impact us older folk, too. Memories of youth and unlimited pride in seeing young people be exceptional role models for perseverance and humility.
Naoki's Gameplay
Ver este video me hizo llorar, de felicidad, y tristeza, felicidad por haberlos conocido desde su debut y que se hayan convertido en una parte importante de mi vida, haciéndome muy feliz con sus ocurrencias, sus locuras, sus sonrisas, escuchar sus canciones me han ayudado en mi vida diaria, tristeza, porque no creo tener la dicha de conocerlo algún día en persona, me hubiera gustado tanto ir a su primer concierto y apoyarlos, quiero mantener esa esperanza de conocerlos alguna vez y decirles lo mucho que me han inspirado y ayudado tanto, que me han dado felicidad en mis días más oscuros, estos 7 chicos son las personas más dulces y brillantes que eh visto, son tan humildes que no dudan en decir lo que sienten, ellos se han vuelto cada vez más famosos y sobresalientes gracias a su esfuerzo y talento, sin duda no me arrepiento de ser Engene, y apoyarlos ❤😭
▪︎Aghia Delgado▪︎
the moment they were shocked when the girl said the name of the group, they have worked so hard, they really deserve international recognition and all the support of Engene :D
jervzky 28
jervzky 28 10 hours ago
I knew that these students definitely know Enhypen. Their talents are so amazing and they are topping the charts not just in Korea. I love how Enhypen remains humble despite that they are really known worldwide. I hope they will continue to stay this way as years pass by. These students are so lucky to meet Enhypen because fan meetings, concerts are always sold out and this is like a one on one meeting with the whole members of Enhypen. To the students, please study hard and continue supporting Enhypen.
Arina Azizah
Arina Azizah 3 days ago
Jake is so polite you can see him bowing slightly when the students turned to see them and in the end he even approached the student for a handshake.... I love this type of content! The way the interview was held, the questions are deep and I appreciate how we get to hear the thoughts from both fans and idols. The girls are so chill tho I think if I were in their position I would have lost it :(
Somebody To u
Somebody To u 2 days ago
Jake kept mentioning comments asking there name and about the dialect he is so sweet and polite
K im
K im 2 days ago
i swear Jake is the sweetest. remember in iland he kept saying hello lol
쿵쿵.02 3 days ago
This channel is super good actually. They have one of best quality of contents. Their tagline is "you were a kid once":)
Lolita Arguelles
Lolita Arguelles 7 hours ago
I'm not not a Enhypen fan but I can clearly see in this video why they are loved by so many. Down to earth, humble, and very well spoken group of persons. Aside from their talents their characters and manners made them shine. P.S I think i'll stan another amazing group very sooon! 💖💖
용맹한기사 2 days ago
아니 일곱명 다 이렇게 잘생겨도 됩니까? 예?!
감사합니다 ㅜㅜ
Kassie 2 days ago
The feelings, that must be special in both sides. AH, Enhypen i hope you get more confidence guys, you ARE recognized, you are talented and work so hard. I feel like I'm crying rn LET'S GO GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUYS!
ndwolfwood09 2 days ago
"I... don't just like them, I absolutely love them." Woah! She's not just a fan, she lives, breathes, and eats for idols for life! The K-Pop industry will be joyed! Very true, Idols are humans too!
Nitefury Day ago
I was screaming and hopping in my seat even though I wasn't the one sitting on the chair💀 Enhypen is so sweet and humble, they really deserve all the best in the world. They thought no one would recognize them, my goodness you guys have no idea how far your impact reaches. I'm so happy for the girls, they got to live out my dream😭
ImLiss 2 days ago
Mis bebés lo merecen, ustedes son geniales y tan trabajadores!!!❤❤❤
valentina r
valentina r 2 days ago
jay is so wise and mature for his age, I love him so much!
angry bird who loves corn
one of the things i love the most about enhypen is their humbleness and being down to earth despite reaching so many achievements in their 2 years. they deserve all the best things in this world
Antonela Comparetto
Ojalá ellos supieran que a nuestros ojos sí brillan, son reconocidos y especiales para nosotras. Enhypen♡
Ellehypen22 2 days ago
I just bawled my eyes out. Enhypen never fails to remind me why I supported them in the first place. I'm not really into Kpop but I casually see youtube clips of different kpop groups' funny clips. But it's very different when it comes to Enhypen, there's something in them that made me want to learn more about them so O started watching the Ep. 20 pf En o'clock even tho I barely know anything about them. To my surprise, I fell in love with them after watching it and started bing watching all episodes of en o'clock. Fast forward to now, I know it's been a tough month last month for Enhypen as well as Engenes, but no one will understand why Engene is such a solid fandom unless they start being a part of it. Enhypen's love and dedication puts us together, their dream (which is also our dream), is being connected more than ever. Enhypen members are beautiful people, ALL OF THEM. I really hope people will see this side of them because they deserve nothing but love and recognition. I'm so proud to be an Engene. Thank you ENHYPEN! You saved me from all the things I thought I didn't need saving. I'll forever keep this memory of being your supporter forever dearly. 💙
tsalist agna
tsalist agna 2 days ago
i feel like for me, idols mean a lot to me :") i love how hard working they are, the dreams that they had, the efforts and all. enhypen members are so sweet in this videoo aaa!!
Zaville Lopes
Zaville Lopes 2 days ago
omg that was so good, i just love them so much and seeing them being recognized as they're... phew... that really made me cry so hard. i wish i could meet them in person as well, i am a engene bc of their honestly, incredible talent and their humbleness like they don't even know how big they're even having a small fanbase on kr. i really wish they grow bigger and bigger bc they deserve it so much, this was amazing thanks a lot! 💗
wah i really felt like crying even though i wasn’t there.. enhypen deserves so much, im so proud of them
Ketevani 3 days ago
The way enha talks and thinks is one of the most important things that makes them so lovable and respectable. They made sure to be honest and sincere while giving the answers. Enha’s name will be bigger than it already is, and they won’t need to worry if someone recognizes them. ENHYPEN I LOVE YOUUUU! Also thank you for having them!
akeyl 13 hours ago
Jay is truly well-spoken and we love that!
Rayane_.i 2 days ago
Enhypen deserve so much they’re working hard every time I love them😭💗✨
ᄏᄃᄅyeol sublim
Waaaaaaaaaaaa lloré, que bonito todo 😭😭 cómo quisiera que algo así me sucediera, conocer a Enhypen sería mi mayor sueño😭
Haziel O.
Haziel O. 2 days ago
When Jake offered his hand for shakehands, I feel so envious. Hoping for me to meet these amazing people in the future. We love you, Enhypen! 🧡
DJ 2 days ago
Okay, this has to be the most wholesome interaction I've ever seen! Full disclosure, I just started randomly watching Enhyphen videos on RU-vid a few days ago and have barely heard their songs because I'm too engrossed in watching their content videos. They're so charming and hilarious! I'm now binging I-Land after watching &Team randomly...and that's how I got connected. I'm glad I gave Enhyphen a chance bc there's, frankly, a lot of KPop groups out there....It's hard as a new Kpop fan to discover your favorites because the standard is so high. Enhyphen really does seem to stay humble and kind. Aussies and Americans are known for their friendliness and Jake exemplifies this, too. I frankly love every member...Heeseung for his quiet leadership and not trying to outshine everyone, Junghwon for his voice and hidden ace ways, Sunoo for his radiant positivity, Jay is hot and wise, Jake is just the nicest guy, Sunghoon smiles he lights up the room, Niki is dynamism in human form... They truly are role models for my child who keeps telling me she wants to be on stage one day. I hope they always stay sincerely humble (some idols put on fake humbleness and gratefulness but not them) grateful and remember where they came from. I am officially going to binge their music once I finish I-Land, I promise. I hope they stay in-touch with their fans always and hopefully will see them in Dallas! Stay humble, stay kind, always try your best and reach for the stars! ✨
el♡ 2 days ago
@DJ can i be your daughter too🤣I HOPE Y'ALL ENJOY ITTTT!!
Im Airen
Im Airen 2 days ago
@DJ Yes, their music are colorful and the performances are outstanding. I personally like their voices because they are so enjoyable. You surely will have a great time to watch Enhypen with your family :)
DJ 2 days ago
@Im Airen I'm probably not in their target demographic either but just consider myself a lover of good catchy music and performances. I'm sure Enhyphen loves seeing all ages and backgrounds at their shows! 🤗 I'm taking my daughter to their upcoming show and my husband, lol.
DJ 2 days ago
@el♡ 😊
DJ 2 days ago
@Ellehypen22 aw, thank you!
Lovey~♪ Day ago
They're still same the moment i saw them for first time & decide to stan them , their kindness & humble nature is what made me fall for them ,i hope my boys go very far & always be happy
Arcade Day ago
Jay words really expensive ✨✨ hear him speak , the tone he gave just mesmerising . If Jay write a book one day im definitely buy it .
xyxlow lucy
xyxlow lucy Day ago
yes.. Jay is so precious 😭 his words always amaze me✨️❤️
백족산 호랑이
애기들 너무 귀엽다ㅠ
ai 2 days ago
I'm not the fan of them but this video really made me cried, don't know why 🥲. You guys really nice and humble. Good luck Enhypen, keep it up!
Cayladette Evangelio
As I watch this video, I realized that they're one of the humble idols I really want to meet. No words can really explain how proud I am of these boys.
Rosie 🍒
Rosie 🍒 3 days ago
Me too
장태영 2 days ago
이 채널은 너무 자연스러운 감동이있어서 항상 좋다.👦
Eugene Soriano
My partner said I should watch this video coz its funny. i didnt laugh, I cried. I’m almost half of their age and yet day by day by watching them, theres always something I learn from them. Their humility is just remarkable. 😢😢❤❤
SeleneKlare Lee
SeleneKlare Lee 2 days ago
"I thought idols never poop..." this line I can't stop laughing at the members trying not to laugh at the back... HELP
Michael McHam
Michael McHam 6 hours ago
I didnt know Enhypen before, i thought each member was very thoughtful and humble in their answers... Just beautiful guys. I will check them out now!