why did my daughter turn out to be a different color?🤯🤬 

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in this game I became a father, but I did something wrong because my child is a different color..
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Nov 19, 2023




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@LOL-funny-videos 19 days ago
@kenan929. 19 days ago
@Tocameaw945 19 days ago
@pekka78675 19 days ago
@KrKMan97 19 days ago
Yes bro I had give me permission to live chat
@KrKMan97 19 days ago
You can check I did
@FREDDY144 19 days ago
TEAM Report the game💀💀💀💀 👇🏼
@Bolanio_747 19 days ago
For what, bruv?
@adamyashman6217 19 days ago
This is a kids game and it's already teaching them about how sex works 💀
@colyaggpro2821 19 days ago
​@@adamyashman6217bruh, why Kids should know it? 💀💀💀
@Cutecats74CRK 19 days ago
​@@colyaggpro2821Because it is human reproduction?💀
Team the bird was probably terrified 👇💀
@DaviEmerson-zc1ls 16 days ago
Wtf button 👇
@Livia12341 18 days ago
Team not racist 👇
@Fayssal43 18 days ago
Es racista
@israelkids4560 18 days ago
@Neymar10.09 18 days ago
Never be raciest
@a12jwk 18 days ago
Like beggar
@-cookiez-7368 12 days ago
People who aren’t racist and think that the baby was adopted 👇
Bro, how is that racist💀
@bug_gamer5058 5 days ago
Really, much more realistic.
@TurboTree69 5 days ago
Bro we watched it as a sperm cell
@lowkeymollz12 5 days ago
😭😭😭😭😭 what the fuck
it’s not about racism 😭
@Egogooo 13 days ago
Bro never heard about biology 💀💀💀
@martinperez5666 19 days ago
Uncringe button 👇☠☠☠☠
@RahmatAkbar-rx6tn 19 days ago
How did you get black skull head emoji😮 Please tell me
@RahmatAkbar-rx6tn 19 days ago
How did you get black skull head emoji😮 Please tell me
@dansetclash 19 days ago
Кнопка "Отжать"😂
@LforLGBTQ 19 days ago
What black skeleton?
@user-vr1dq6pd2v 13 days ago
Ppl who saw the cute little parrot❤️😊 👇
parrot budgie
@LandonLebron 11 days ago
Team All lives matter 👇🏼
What about the kkk what about nazis what about Canadians
@RiTzEr7 3 days ago
@bananasss9020 3 days ago
@@dustysnugget8636what did the Canadians do bro
@Mr._Mayonnaise 3 days ago
I disliked this comment
@@bananasss9020they gave us justin bieber
@Sunnyandspring 18 days ago
team wtf is this👇🏼
Brown BUTTON 👇
Title/question: "why did my daughter turn out to be a different color?🤯🤬" answer: bro you choose black on purpose 🤯 (He choose black on purpose team) 👇
@DragonVr1 18 days ago
@JobNathanLee 18 days ago
Bro is nothing
@user-yw3vy2xv3w 12 days ago
He is the one who picked black just watch it again
@Floppabestroblox 12 days ago
@Fnaf_Lady 7 days ago
The bird on your shoulder is so cute
@sithlord8499 12 days ago
Gameplay:😀 Title:☠️
“RU-vid Shorts isn’t even that bad!” RU-vid Shorts:
@NerfZerx 18 days ago
Fr, every comment in this video team "👇"
@user-ws1lq4nq1y 18 days ago
@XavierOT 13 days ago
@FreddyFazbearaaa 11 days ago
Tiktok is even more cringe but theybare both cringe
Team report game and cringe 👇🏼
@user-bs9kp6hl5n 12 days ago
The parrot is so cute on your shoulder 😊
@Sl4y1ng_sl4sh3r 18 days ago
Team whos child is that 👇🏻
@elviaortiz4455 18 days ago
It’s your Child
@Henry_Emily87 17 days ago
Nerdy racist kiddi
@Sl4y1ng_sl4sh3r 17 days ago
@@Henry_Emily87 say that to the other 110 people
@k.k.sweety5044 6 days ago
Team: who can literally see he chose black. 👇
@jakestervr 5 days ago
Team orange 👇
@Defnotzahra10 19 days ago
Team Black Lives Matter 👇🏼 👇🏼
Chill he is not racist
@Graysengrayman 18 days ago
​@@JordanDunaway-gl1wzyes he is
@naomiogiste-he3xm 18 days ago
​@@Graysengrayman how he just chose black
@Tansomesmash 14 days ago
Team racist 👇
@NoName42984 6 days ago
@LOL-funny-videos 19 days ago
сringe🤬buttоn 👇
@DemonSlayerTime 19 days ago
Here before this is popular
@Kellan_Panther 19 days ago
Bro hating on his video
@ur_thebozo 19 days ago
Exactly. He is hating on this video. It’s not even cringe. Just funny.
@GurmanHumor 3 days ago
Team what is this game 👇
Team he made the baby black in-game 💀 👇
@RedEyeCantBeBeat 19 days ago
You chose black gang 👇
@zahando4613 18 days ago
im racist
@DazeTheFloor 18 days ago
Bros racist💀
@Frostyshadow1831 18 days ago
What is wrong with you?
@aniya172 18 days ago
​@@zahando4613that means you don't like brown people 😶
@vixlesfnafworld 18 hours ago
People who are traumatized after watching this 👇
@tank771 13 days ago
People who saw the bird on shoulder 👇
@user-uy5rh6ry2d 18 days ago
TEAM bad report the game 👇🏽
@Lisalou2 18 days ago
It's just a game cry about it
@Laylavlogs-my9iu 18 days ago
If you have eyes and were paying attention you would see him picking it
Team cringe 👇💀💀
@Limpan1 11 days ago
Team not racist👇👇👇
@Beanclips3425 19 days ago
Racism lore:
@Aria.lacroix 19 days ago
He was talking about the mom cheated on the husband
@billy.plays2017 19 days ago
How is being black racist
@denisecoffey2415 11 days ago
Team ur resist 👇🥺
@sportyeditz28 5 days ago
I’ll pay for therapy 1K seats left 👇
@linacraftyes3250 18 days ago
Team racist 😭😭💔 👇🏾
@mikeyrulez69 18 days ago
I am a professional racist 🏎️🏎️🏎️🏎️ ((joke))
@d9plays649 18 days ago
Yep I am
@stikmaster1 16 days ago
How is it racist
@evanpoirier3365 14 days ago
@@stikmaster1because the baby’s bl___
@fitriayunita3637 13 days ago
Team 💀💀💀 👇
1960: I bet in a 100 years, technology will be so good, we will have robotic clothes! 2023:
@frog-man101 19 days ago
The music: 🦟🦟🦟🦟🦟
@patrickstark4458 19 days ago
Hahahaga 😂😂😂
@mdzaid1972 19 days ago
sorry bro I got into the shower
@Army-105 19 days ago
@bucket6257 19 days ago
Nah its perfect
@user-tl5qe1xc7s 17 days ago
Team cringe button 👇
That white budgie is so cute!-
@hi_mua 19 days ago
My last brain cell during a exam:
@EdemamePizza 19 days ago
@ilovekrew_205 19 days ago
Woahh I don't have any braincells
@yasminsafi3069 18 days ago
@Denioneto0044 18 days ago
@dakodaiscool673 13 days ago
Mom:👩🏻 Dad:🧑🏻 Baby:👶🏿
@kochampsy264 15 days ago
Team cringe 👇🏻
@crashdoesVR 19 days ago
Bro isn’t scared of being cancelled 💀
@bubblewrap.9043 19 days ago
How's he gonna get canceled when RU-vid clearly allows games to promote this way
@crashdoesVR 19 days ago
@@bubblewrap.9043 I was saying cause his caption says why my daughter turn into a different color😭
@dianapaul97 19 days ago
Cancel is scared of him 😂😂😂
@renaeakbar1116 19 days ago
​@@crashdoesVRthats a little racist to me
@user-dz8yl9do5d 9 days ago
Well looks like someone cheated 👇
I got holy water! If you need it 👇
@GamerBeem 19 days ago
Rasist button 👇edit:ty for 100 likes
Well I can't bë to myself
@luckybeeyt 19 days ago
Bro can't even write that word correctly
@GamerBeem 19 days ago
₩ⱨ₳₮ đłđ ʉ ₴₳ɏɏɏɏɏ
@MrPuMpKine 19 days ago
​@@GamerBeemBro Got face emoji
The baby is cute 😍
Bro in a kids game 💀💀💀💀
@jaaaagenh9396 19 days ago
U sure 💀
@itz_sixteen 19 days ago
Literally 💀
@CALICOCAM 18 days ago
Adults can play kids games too you know..
how is it a kids game if there are a bunch of sperms 💀
@itz_sixteen 18 days ago
@@anoplolepisgracilipes some kids play these kinds of games if they show me this kind of game they're playing I'm terrified 💀
@RYdaGUy1112 13 days ago
Team not living off of yt shorts. 👇🏿
@cowbunny722 12 days ago
Blind people:💀 Deaf people:💀💀 Normal people:💀💀💀
@user-nv7ld3ov1m 19 days ago
imagine if aliens came to earth and this is the first thing they saw:
We’ll be the aliens now 💀
@Elizabethxdeath 19 days ago
"you know what we gon dip"
@GodKingZuZu 19 days ago
We'd be done for
@joancoogen1773 19 days ago
They prob gonna leave out of fear because of it
@SlAyLeXi16 13 days ago
People who can’t escape this guy 👇
Team Auntie racist 💀 👇
How Kindergarten Teachers Explain How Humans created be like:💀
@geraldinediaz1381 19 days ago
El color se puede pasar del abuelo o abuela T_T
That one mosquitoe when i am almost asleep:
@Suregrip 4 days ago
You realize that could upset African Americans
People who saw the bird 👇
@Deadbrine_99 19 days ago
@Xhiannamhie 19 days ago
@Rosefo 18 days ago
@dindjarin1657 18 days ago
That doesn't fucking matter what matters is the game should be banned💀
“Alcohol doesn’t effect my child” The child:
TikTok isn’t that bad TikTok:
@jeyr282 19 days ago
Who want free cringe therapy 👇
@MarioRGarza 16 days ago
OH MY GAAAAAA button 👇
@user-lh7lf6us4v 6 days ago
Team he cheated and if you don’t believe me then look at the end 👇🏻
@mudd1276 19 days ago
A fly when i try to sleep
@Spirit20013 19 days ago
@Anteater_Youtube 16 days ago
skibidi toilets planning to skibidi allover the galaxy gang 👇
@C00ki_musterrr 6 days ago
Us: How racist do you want to be? Him: yes.
@Ellythegirl 19 days ago
The baby when it’s older: dad, I think mom cheated💀
👩: "Oh, ya THINK, honey?" 😂😂
@Ellythegirl 19 days ago
👨🏻: Honey tell me who is this Jake guy on your phone if you don’t tell me who it is, I will divorce you
@user-xw8qx6ys5e 19 days ago
​🙍🙍 iTs JuSt My FrIeNd
@Ellythegirl 19 days ago
I still don’t believe you honey👄🤔👵
@alondashepard 19 days ago
🧑 I'm telling the truth
@carlosrico2133 11 days ago
Team racist.bro, many people have a black kid
The father: why is our child black-?
Team , how's the colour of the child black if both the parents are white...... 😜😜😜 👇
@BabineauxClan 14 days ago
The dad cheated with a black woman
@Christos-be4up 13 days ago
100% how it works 💀💀💀@@BabineauxClan
@@BabineauxClan Works the other way too..... Maybe the mom cheated with a black guy......
@aronsonjl 11 days ago
@@BabineauxClan yeah that’s how it works
@@BabineauxClanthat can’t happen tho it has to be the mom
@Winning_smile2014 12 days ago
Nobody : *dancing while mosquito is singing*
@pumkinmist 5 days ago
TEAM cancel the damn song 👇 (replie to cancel)
@Mylifeyay 19 days ago
That *ONE* mosquito at 3AM in my room:
@Chi-cf6tq 19 days ago
@ella_blaq 19 days ago
😂😂😂😂 exactly
@Bsdfan4lif3 13 days ago
Honestly, when I played this game, I genuinely felt like going to therapy 😂
@MonkeMons670 3 days ago
Who knows that the “OH MY GOD” is from 1980’s Gamer👇
1980's Gamer button: 👇
@MegaRomartin 15 days ago
Here 😮
@LuzziosUniverse 12 days ago
@TealGuy 15 days ago
Team cheese 🧀 👇
“Ooh! The tadpoles are having fun!”
@ElGokuBestia 19 days ago
Nobody: That one mosquito in my room:
@Chi-cf6tq 19 days ago
@sleepiscool 19 days ago
Why am I dying of laughter from this comment😂😂
@AlexanderRedlord 12 days ago
TEAM if you get it 👇👇
@ilovebells294 16 days ago
Team why is the baby darker than charcoal 💀💀💀 👇
@David_skull69 19 days ago
Bro got that 1980sgamer scream Lol
Yes he does lol
@Justcybopinshorts 19 days ago
@LambdaField06 19 days ago
@TQPoweredUp 19 days ago
Oh my god!!
@infi974 19 days ago
I feel Bad for the dad ,he got cheated on.
@user-lw3uk5zj1e 11 days ago
The mosquito in my bedroom at 4 am:
@LOL-funny-videos 19 days ago
LOL🤬Button 👇
@unnikuttanyt4906 19 days ago
Before blow up button And lol 👇
@itsgachaalex444 19 days ago
Mad little kid Button 😈
@BigFloppka 19 days ago
I'm the 69 like lol
@NormalChicken1 11 days ago
"Games are not that bad!" This game :
Bros face😂 👇
@K9animations345 18 days ago
I thought they were tadpoles 💀 Edit: thanks for 30 likes! Literally have more comments then likes 😂💀
@cozyxstitchvibez 12 days ago
were* it’s sperm, you’ll learn about it when you get older
@JustMe-3 11 days ago
Well they thought is *Was* tadpoles as in past tense meaning it took a moment for them to realize
@Thatgurl_original 13 days ago
Ppl who saw a white bird next to him 👇
@jakedublya15 13 days ago
Team that they adopted the child 👇
@bulatosakish8937 19 days ago
Американцы: Cringe button👇 Русские: АЗХАХАХЗАХСАХАЗ
@Mr_roblox703 19 days ago
Мистер бомбастик бомба фантастик
@DressKod-rz4pu 19 days ago
Я рил ржал
это риал смешно
@user-et9wb3ls8f 17 days ago
Девушка перестала с чёрным 😂🤣😂😂🤣
bro really said:🦟🦟🦟🦟🦟🦟🦟🦟
@flak_ey9077 16 days ago
wtf did i just watch button 👇
@RelebohileShane 19 days ago
Bro she cheated on her husband
@Hotdog-774 19 days ago
@SavePlayz 19 days ago
Look at the start, he could pick the color of the baby, he picked black.
@Britishgirl10 19 days ago
@@SavePlayzyeah it shows the image of how the baby should look but he chose black
@Ryanplaysroblox1 12 days ago
People who laughed😂 👇
@sigmachadroblox 5 days ago
What is the game😏 👇
@luigiviucoisas 19 days ago
@borzliadem5106 19 days ago
Joseph joestar 🤨🙃
@Voltron_edits 19 days ago
shut up old man -jotaro