Why You Should Skip the iPhone 14... 

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iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are here. Which one should you buy?
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Sep 20, 2022




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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy Year ago
iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max?
alex goh
alex goh Year ago
naik Year ago
Pro max 💪🏽 not gonna buy tho 😂
Joshua Talban
Joshua Talban Year ago
@itsmasum123 Year ago
14 pro max
Matttaro Year ago
I went from the 8 to the 14 Pro. It’s fun to upgrade every 5 or so years because you really get a new experience and see tech updated
KastleTV Year ago
That’s pretty much what I do. When you upgrade once every 4-5 years, you alway have the experience of major upgrades, not minor.
Trisha Lopez
Trisha Lopez Year ago
I agree!! I went from 7 to the 14 pro and I’m enjoying it immensely!
StormBreaker Year ago
I went from 8 plus to 12 and this is enough for what I will ever need in a phone
Akshat Year ago
Own 8plus, let’s see where it goes 🥺
Sdawg Year ago
@Jon Freeman how much is subscription plan?
scott noble
scott noble Year ago
I upgraded from a cup and string to a 14 pro max, such a huge improvement!
Jim Koay
Jim Koay Year ago
most underrated comment
I upgraded from a stick to an Iphone 14 pro max, truly amazing.
edrick Year ago
good one lmao
Eddie Roadrunner
Maggie Jiang
Maggie Jiang Year ago
But you can't chunk your phone at someone anymore (or accidentally -- or purposely -- choke someone in between). Or play limbo.
James Crugnale
I went from a 6s to a XS to a 13 pro max. I like the massive improvements when you get a new one every 3 years or so
txrnip Year ago
I did the exact same thing… except skipping the middle step lmao
garluns Year ago
I’m still using a 6 plus, still debating on upgrading to 14
Mario Ruiz
Mario Ruiz Year ago
Just a gimmick to me
username Year ago
@garluns do it mate i genuinely don't know how you're even still using a 6 plus, they're unsupported and don't get iOS updates beyond urgent security patches
stijnvdv2 Year ago
And that's the problem. The market is already saturated. And if you use the smartphone like most people do... you ain't gonna know the difference between a current one or one of 2 generations ago. Are you really gonna use the fact that it's a little bit faster, has a little more gadgets and a little more storage? I mean.... na, you then are gonna upgrade only when it's necessary. Meaning either when your phone breaks, it doesn't do anymore what you want to do or you find out that the apps you need can't update anymore and are not usable anymore.
Mauricio Sanchez
Mauricio Sanchez 11 months ago
The size difference for me is definitely always been a factor and something I overlooked this year, because I didn’t do enough research on the differences between the pro and pro max model. Started with 4S, then 6S, then 8+, then 11, and finally 14 Pro max. I gotta say the 8+ was the best feeling iPhone i ever used. And the fingerprint button on the iPhone 8 was so nice to me. Guess Imma have to wait and see how this 14 pro max holds up.
Smurfitoo1 3 months ago
Just came from a 8 which is basically what the se is now but with the upgraded chip I’m glad to say I just got a 13 and I’m not going to upgrade for another three years atleast maybe four
Jay Man
Jay Man Year ago
My rule of thumb is to skip two to three generations so that you can see the significance on upgrading to a new phone. I went from a note 4 to s9 and s9 to s21 plus
Juan Escobedo
Juan Escobedo Year ago
Yep, I had the s20 and switched to the 14 pro max, T-Mobile gave me $800 so I said why not lol
Luca Tiu
Luca Tiu Year ago
whats an android user like u doing on this vid man
pls Year ago
@Luca Tiu really bro? So android users can't watch iPhone vids? Grow up
RickJason Year ago
The problem is that if you preorder on Samsung each year, you get a brand new top of the line phone each year for a couple of hundred dollars. If you hold the phone for 3 years, it has no trade in value.
Migel Rothschild
@Luca Tiu I have a 13pro and watch Samsung vids,stop being embarrassing
Kevlar 11 months ago
I went from iPhone 11 Pro to iPhone 14 Pro. I think it was one of the best decisions. Especially because of the camera quality. If you love taking pictures it really makes sense to buy it
InhalingVodka Year ago
Went from iPhone 6s to iPhone 14 pro, definitely a huge big difference and loving every single bit of it
Far from Earth
I move from 6S in 2019 to just 11 and wondering to get 14 Pro, on daily basis I don’t do some huge business or trading, but Iove to have the better version. To be honest if 6S had a good battery I would be with it to the moment 😅
Dion Linda
Dion Linda Year ago
I went from a iPhone 6s plus to a iPhone 14 pro max we look a similar upgrade.
mLK 11 months ago
I dont like waiting a few gens because whenever I pay off my phone I end up paying even more.
oh ok cool
oh ok cool 11 months ago
6S 😮
Jacob Perez
Jacob Perez Year ago
I personally went from a 12 pro max to a 14 pro max deep purple and I am loving the new color as well as dynamic island. I though I would dislike it but I actually like it now. It’s a neat feature.
al3st0r Year ago
Man, I have the 12 pro max currently as well. Hella considering 14 pro max deep purple. Is it worth it??
Emilius SH
Emilius SH Year ago
@al3st0r If your phone is still running great with minimal battery wear,then keep it and wait for the 15.
JC-DIAZ Year ago
Imma do the same but until the 15 pro max comes by! For now I’ll just keep ending my 12 pro max , that I just got less than a year .
Jacob Perez
Jacob Perez Year ago
@al3st0r I would personally recommend you wait and upgrade when the iPhone 15 series is released. The iPhone 12 series are already very powerful phones. I’m only upgrading because my cousin wants an iPhone and I’m selling him mine.
Jacob Perez
Jacob Perez Year ago
@Batista I personally love my 12 pro max and would never upgrade but a family member in Mexico wants an iPhone but they are too expensive over there. I’m selling him mine.
MattInthehat Year ago
Went from the 11 Pro Max to the new 14 Pro Max and I really do see a difference. Biggest upgrade for me was the camera and also being able to shoot in RAW. Also the screen refresh rate is a noticeable improvement.
Douglas ivey
Douglas ivey 11 months ago
That’s the issue I have with my 11 pro max. I notice a difference in quality in the camera from others. I would bet the screen refresh rate would be a bonus too.
Arthur Baert
Arthur Baert 10 months ago
Thats exactly thing that is making me doubt between the iPhone 14 pro max and ghe Samsung s22 Ultra. I have the 11 pro max right now. The thing is i’m in doubt wether i will see the change enough. (Battery life is just not enough, storage space is filled up to the brim and my screen has too much scratches(next one is gonna get a screen protector))
AaZzEL 3 months ago
I did the same thing
Jasko8911 Year ago
I went from XS 256gb (2 times changing battery) to 14 pro ! It is a huge different especially the display and performance 👍
2 Quads 1 Canadian
2 Quads 1 Canadian 11 months ago
I have the same phone. Xs. I got 4 years out of my battery… it literally just came up for service last month. After 3 years battery was still 89 or 87% ?? good. The trick is to not over charge it. It blows me away Apple doesn’t have a “stop charging at X percent” like a Tesla. Keep it between 40-80% charge at the batteries last a long time. Becomes a habit granted it’s a pain to manage some days.
Jasko8911 10 months ago
I got my XS 4years . It was time to change . In this 4 years I changed one Battery.
richgl31 Year ago
The issue is really the insidious way prices have crept up each release. Of course there is inflation and R&D for new technologies- but all phones really now have small, incremental changes. Changes usually to the camera. They have reached a plateau in design with regards to function.
Max G
Max G Year ago
You won a prize message me right away 🏆
richgl31 Year ago
@Max G I always do.😂
richgl31 11 months ago
xxx another one?!?!- how lucky am I?. 😏
siiighhhs 11 months ago
I haven’t really noticed a price increase since the iPhone 11 series. With every release, they keep the same base price and then knock off $100 on the older series.
K Hanscombe
K Hanscombe 9 months ago
I’d say 3 generation between is fair & worth it if selling your good condition used 1 or keep as a worthy backup. I think a lot of people on the upgrade program like my friends just opt for the top models because they don’t look at owner cost but just a monthly pay & move onto another. So yes, more of the spec’s out models out there. I buy the model I wanna keep for 3-5 yrs. I’m ok investing the extra to enjoy it longer
Roberto Cosme
Roberto Cosme 9 months ago
iPhone 7-10 Lcd to full oled 60hz iPhoneX-13pro 60hz to 120hz oled yeah 3 gen gaps probably the sweet spot for me too.
Divorex Year ago
I upgraded from the iPhone 12 to the iPhone 14 Pro Max and the Dynamic Island is probably my favorite feature. It is so seamless and well integrated. Unlike the notch, there was no learning curve because its so natural. It is true that in direct sunlight you can see the the IR scanner and camera but indoors it is unnoticeable.
Sosuke Aizen
Sosuke Aizen Year ago
how long have you had the 12? because i got mine about 1 year and a half ago
Humble Year ago
It also wasn't any learning curve cause you bought a slightly upgraded version of the phone you already owned. Not hating, I actually like the iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max, but upgrading so often is just wasteful.
FAT Year ago
@Humble Agreed, Apple needs more competition, they need a wake up call to actually innovate more, yes the phone has a great design and screen that doesn't need to be changed but companies can definitely put way better tech in their phones that their saving for more profit, although the screen, chipset & materials used to make the phone are all great lots of physical features are missing, the display admittedly has a high Brightness cap but it obviously isn't the best out there, the phone isn't top notch but good enough for an upgrade over older models so people buy it, although experimental Apple could probably figure out a way to put the cameras and sensors under the display so there's no notch, there's no USB type-c port which although isn't needed it'd be a nice upgrade, the USB version is still 2. Overall, the phone could obviously be better by including many more instrumental features.
Elite Year ago
I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max and don’t see the point why I should buy the 14 series and confirm their shitty strategy
Aldron Ace Alcasid
dont like the dynamic island, it will be annoying after long use haha looks like assistive touch that u cannot disabled... annoying oblong touch of the screen when u playing or watching movies , haha
L.D.M. Lost Dystopian Moon
It’s great to see apple doing something different and giving us way more then just a bit different more then just a few more hours they changed the whole thing and are heading towards this path I truly like… Can’t wait to upgrade from a SE to a 14 Promax
Gem 6 months ago
I went from the 7 to the 14 and even though I still love the 7, it's fun to finally see the new updates and stuff. The camera is unmatchable. I was thinking about getting a professional camera but it had half the amount of megapixels.
Sam Biden
Sam Biden 6 months ago
Had iPhone7 plus and the battery burst after 2 years. Replaced with another iPhone 7 as i paid to have the battery replaced at iPhone store. 2 years later that I phone started looping and finally died after 4 loop resets at store. Then I bought a used iPhone12 Pro Max. Still working OK. cost me $750 for it. The new ones were going for $1,400. So I think I overpaid. But someone else did the deal as a middle man and maybe I messed up. The phone is OK for my usage so far. Time will tell. I want to buy the iPhone Ultra. But it seems that model is dead now.
Greenhold 6 months ago
Megapixels dont equal good Camera
Gem 5 months ago
@Greenhold true that. I like it way better than what I had before though. The camera quality is really nice.
RB004 5 months ago
Same here. I upgraded from a iPhone 8 to a 14 Pro Max. After this phone stops getting updates, I’m probs going to try a Samsung flagship or something. But Yh, waiting years for an upgrade is so good since you have more features that your looking forward to
Batra Year ago
Went from using Android all my life to an iPhone last week whilst traveling in Japan (iPhones there are at $175+ cheaper). Unfortunately the Pro models were sold out but I had the opportunity to get the last regular 14 model they had in stock before catching my flight. I’ll still consider it a W :)
Arae Entity
Arae Entity Year ago
Welcome to the club it might feel a little bit “dumbed down” compared to an android but I think it’s a lot more friendly and supported
James Year ago
How are you finding it? I switch between android and iOS each year. For most of the year though I’ll be on the iPhone.
Stinko the stool eater
@Arae Entity I agree, I have had iOS all my life until 2019, but now I use a note 20, and android has a lot more "fun" stuff, but its not anywhere as easy and simple
Daniel and Yuka
The forced camera shutter sound didn’t deter you from buying a Japanese model? Ordered mine from Hong Kong and got it shipped to me here in Japan - physical dual sim and eSIM is awesome!
James Year ago
@Daniel and Yuka the fact you can’t turn this sound off by default baffles me. Not sure what Apple was thinking with this one. You can of course toggle the switch on the side of the phone to mute sounds, but this is a bit annoying. If you turn on Live Photos by default it’ll also mute the shutter sound: Settings > Camera > Preserve Settings and turn on Live Photo.
Henny Year ago
I went from a 7 to 11 then to a 13 I’m probably gonna wait til the 15 or 16 to actually see the full potential of this dynamic island. Actually excited about it!
Roqueds dsouza
Roqueds dsouza 11 months ago
What’s your I phone 13 like? Just ordered mine did not want to go for the I phone 14
Cedy Ruffin
Cedy Ruffin 7 months ago
That’s crazy cause why I go the same path as iPhones as you. 😂
Chris Garcia
Chris Garcia 9 months ago
I went from an Iphone SE 2020 to a 14 pro. And its such a big improvement definitely worth the upgrade because the battery life is so great. When i would come back from school my old phone would have at least 12% left. With this new phone I come back home and the battery still has 68%. I only upgraded to the latest because I’m not going to upgrade for a while.
Bladez 9 months ago
Sumaj Dionis
Sumaj Dionis 8 months ago
The 14 Pro is such a great Phone, expensive but the quality is worth it.
Bladez 8 months ago
@Sumaj Dionis iPhone 11 still good?
Miggs PNG
Miggs PNG 6 months ago
More than likely because the phone is new and has yet to be overcharged throughout the night, which most people do.
Jerm Inator
Jerm Inator Year ago
The problem with that case is it doesn’t really protect the front lip of the screen. I like the concept of protecting the camera and camera lenses, but for me the screen is more important. If those edges aren’t protected and it hits just right you’re done. It’ll be much harder to break the camera area, even in a standard case, in my opinion. Im rolling with an Otterbox Symmetry for now, but I like the concept of the Latercase. Looks like they’re only in pre order atm.
Maskeraide Year ago
Screen protector on any case ……… probably would help -_-
Maskeraide Year ago
Also I’ve had no case on my phone for a full year and dropped plenty of times with just a screen protector my phone is basically mint so…
Memento Mori
Memento Mori Year ago
Try the Otterbox Defender XT Series and thank me later. I dropped my XS Max in a Symmetry from three feet and cracked the screen since it landed flat and the case’s edges don’t come up high enough. The Defebder XT has kept my 12 Pro Max pristine in spite of the abuse I’ve given it.
kameron Year ago
@Maskeraide the screen protector doesnt protect the edges that well -_-
Stephanie Principal
I only buy Otterbox cases
Yanix Year ago
Ip14 is not a bad phone yet with what you are getting with the pro models as what this video from Lew covered, it makes it an easy decision. Hoping to get my upgrade soon (from android to ios) 🙏. As always love your phone reviews, keep it commin!! 🔥
Iku Turso
Iku Turso Year ago
Ip14 is overpriced. 12 and 13 were pretty good value for money even compared to Android alternatives, but this "12SS" just does not cut it anymore - especially in EU where the price has been upped by some 15%.
Aaron Eichhorn
Aaron Eichhorn 8 months ago
I upgraded from the XR to the 14 Pro and I’m very impressed. It really is a very different and upgraded phone. Definitely worth the higher price
Saifuu 5 months ago
thanks bro, I have and XR and am thinking to upgrade to standard 14
City of labourers
City of labourers 11 months ago
I straightly went from 6s to 13 pro max..those days were really long..now checking to see how good is 14 series and how many new ones r above my range😂.After using a small phone for years..I can’t get a hold of big phone😅
Leron Nurse
Leron Nurse 11 days ago
i wonder why the 13pro is nowhere to be found
SunnyTheGreat96 11 months ago
My motto is to upgrade every 3 years. I am currently on 11 Pro Max, and plan to upgrade to the 14th Pro Max real soon. You don't see big difference between consecutive years, but over multiple years, you should see some new improvements and features that makes it worth the upgrade. Of course if you're loaded with Money then buy every single new model that comes out.
nameless 11 months ago
wally13 11 months ago
I also got the iphone 11 pro max and it's still fast so i'm gonna till it's dead, hopefully it still works when the iphone 20 comes out
Sebastian Villanueva
Sebastian Villanueva 10 months ago
I’m also on the 11 pro max but I have a gut feeling the 15 is going to be a big jump from 14 and 15 designs. If I were you I’d just wait one more year, save that money and get a big upgrade when the 15 comes out !
SunnyTheGreat96 10 months ago
@Sebastian Villanueva I already got the 14 Pro Max, and so far I'm loving it. The screen is bigger, brighter, the battery lasts way longer, the speakers are amazing, the speed is great with the A16 bionic chip. Obviously the 15 is gonna be better, but, I'm just gonna enjoy the 14 pro max. And hey, if the 15 is significantly better to the point where its revolutionary, then I'll definitely upgrade to 15, if not, then I'm sticking to my same mantra, and I'll upgrade next to the 17th. iPhones are better in the sense that they last longer than Androids.
Kristina 7 months ago
have an iphone xr and am really wanting to upgrade to the 14 pro max...i agree waiting multiple years will really give you that wow factor to show how much technology has upgraded
JB Seattle
JB Seattle 9 months ago
To see max brightness without going outside, shine the flashlight of another phone into the front camera (Dynamic Island area). Also, the white point of the OLED display on the iPhone 14 Pro Max is slightly warm (yes, with Night Shift off). Photographers and artists might notice this when compared to an LCD screen. To fix this, open Settings, go to Accessibility then Display & Text Size and then Color Filters. Turn Filters On and select Color Tint. Set intensity to the far left, and Hue (scroll down to find it) 3/4 of the way to the right. You can shift it a bit left and right to make whites cooler or warmer.
Joon Lee
Joon Lee Year ago
Just upgraded from a note 9 that Ive had pre-ordered it since 2018. I'm glad I held out on the note 10, 20, 21 and waited to buy the 22 ultra. 4 years is a solid transitioning point. However worried by planned absolence with the battery and Os designed to ruin your older phones.
Justin Price
Justin Price Year ago
Having a larger screen is compelling - especially when most people use their smartphones these days as their primary computing devices (at least for browsing the web, email and communication). However, I did regret the size and weight of the XS Max and will likely continue to forgo the larger device option moving forward (currently use the 12 Pro).
Marco Antonio
Marco Antonio Year ago
I think those sales figures for the iPhone 14 Pro are inflated, because the one that really has some small novelty is the Pro model. In addition, there is the issue that Apple does not lend devices for unpacking or RU-vidrs. I think it’s a good time for Google to play its cards well and win a good handful of customers with its Pixels.
elew Year ago
Went from 11 pro to 14 pro max. Love it and definitely happy with the updgrade. I’ll probably upgrade again in about 3 years
StankyPack Year ago
Is there much difference? I have the X and I’m thinking about doing the upgrade
elew Year ago
@StankyPack big difference, it’s so much better. Camera, screen quality are much better and the dynamic island is pretty cool
StankyPack Year ago
@elew probably going to switch when they’re back in stock here in Vegas
American Paisa Returns
I went from the 6s to the 14 Pro. One month in and I’m still somewhat regretting not going with the SE. 😂 The size was perfect for me and I prefer Touch ID over Face ID. I’ll get used to it eventually. Been using the 6s since it debuted back in 2015. I won’t be upgrading from this 14 Pro for many years to come.
Sushibites 10 months ago
This kinda of happened to me too when switching from Samsung to iPhone 🤣. Nonetheless, I guess you somewhat get used to it. On my end, I have a 14 pro max.
ShadowSlayer-RBLX 11 months ago
I went from an iPhone 12 regular to a iPhone 14 Pro I can definitely say that this phone is way faster and has more features. And first time having a phone like this (pro wise) is pretty dang cool. Camera is completely better on the 14 pro.
Jayden🫡 Year ago
I have officially been upgraded towards the iPhone 14 Pro as my main driver now, the usage is very unique and battery wise is excellent as well and definitely an huge upgrade and new experience of usage
Elite Year ago
Yeah sure, if you upgraded from iphone 6 or 7. anyone above X don’t need it tho
Fiji Will223
Fiji Will223 Year ago
@Elite nah its miles better than the X.
Kenya Tanzania
@Elite Iphone 14 pro max is just a copycat of nothing phone 1🎉
Mon'im Ross
Mon'im Ross Year ago
I believe they're pushing towards the pro becoming the standalone model in future iterations "The New iPhone" as it's been hinted for years.
anthony stafford
got the 14 pro max coming from the regular 11. Wanted a change of size to feel like it was actually a new phone. I had the 8 plus prior so i knew I was fine with the physical size, ill probably get the 17 pro standard size next. 3 years seems reasonable to have a phone in this day and age.
Dillon Robinson
Dillon Robinson 19 days ago
I haven’t owned an iPhone since the 5C, I’ve mainly used the Samsung Galaxy’s for the most part. So it’s refreshing to have waited over 10 years to only go back after watching it evolve over the years. Very nice!
Danymok Year ago
I am not an Apple user, so this may be biased, but I think their non-pro phones are just so dissapointing. First, the regular 13 was stuck at 60hz, only had 2 cameras, and overall had nothing interesting. The regular 14 is the same thing, stuck at 60hz, only 2 cameras, regular notch... I have to admit that the 14 Pro looks really cool though, I am convinced they only made the regular 14 to make the Pro look better
ctwilli09 Year ago
I still think it's kind of funny how my Pixel 4 (a phone from 2019) has a display that refreshes faster than the base model of the new iPhone. In smooth mode the display runs at 90hz at the cost of battery.
tash Year ago
I went from 8 plus to 13. Should’ve went for the pro. Now I’m thinking of getting an android. iPhones gets tiring after sometime
Maggie Jiang
Maggie Jiang Year ago
@ctwilli09 I hear the 60 hz on the iphone is as smooth as the 90 hz on android. But I agree that it's disappointing they still only have 60 hz after so long (there were rumours that the 14 would get a 90 hz, but alas it did not come to be). It could mean that maybe the average consumer just doesn't care that much -- or maybe it's other reasons like battery (apple does seem like they care a lot about battery and efficiency/optimization).
grenadegoezboom1 11 months ago
Its called "pro motion" for a reason :)
Tan Jun Huan
Tan Jun Huan 11 months ago
@Maggie Jiang They have nice animations. But hertz is a hardware limitation. Your screen just isn't gonna refresh fast enough. So no matter how good the optimization it'd going to feel stuttery compared to a higher refresh rate display
David Young
David Young 7 months ago
I went from the 6S straight up to the regular 14. To me it was a Massive improvement.
Sabin Tiwari
Sabin Tiwari Year ago
My suggestions to Lew is: - do the drop test of these phones using the later case. Those cases are slim and sleek for the phones like Iphone, people use bulkier case inorder to protect them phones. On the first thought, they might wanna use slim case but on second thought they want to save their phones and rely on cases. Drop test using later case might clear out the thoughts of people. Just an opinion. 👍
The Great Bambino
I Second this
Andrew L
Andrew L Year ago
Then look up a drop test with these ultra slim cases. Lews cases are nothing different from similar styles. If someone wanted protection they would get a case that would protect, not ultra slim.
Troy. Year ago
I’ve had his cases on my 12 Pro since launch in 2020… I’ve dropped my phone numerous times, often on concrete, and my phone has never once taken damage. The cases however do get some considerable scuffs where they make impact
h8yd8n Year ago
going from the XS to the 14 pro max. very excited to see the new upgrades and features
Snappa Year ago
I went from the xs max to the 14 pro max. The differences are huge. Especially the screen resolution and refresh rate. Also the size. It’s crazy. Also am watching this on my 14 pro max
elCART3L Year ago
I’m going to try to push my XS Max one more year.
Abhi Tips
Abhi Tips Year ago
I’m pushing my xs max 2 more years. I tried the 14 pro and didn’t find anything compelling vs what I already have.
I went from a 7 to a 13 pro max, only because it was my 3rd iPhone 7 and it stopped charging. Love the bigger screen and cameras, plus it’s a lot more fun waiting a while and then getting the newest one after 4+ years
Michael Livote
The issues most reviewers (and buyers for that matter) have with the new 14 series is if you're UPGRADING from the last gen or so iPhone's. They don't think the upgrade is worth it.....and they are certainly right for the base 14. The Pro's are a whole other ball o wax as Lew well stated here. If you're just getting into the iPhone ecosystem, the Pro is the way to go because it only cost's $200 more than the base 14 and it blows it away for the first time I've ever seen in an Apple phone lineup. Just don't do it if you're expecting to upgrade from say a 12 Pro or 13 Pro, it won't blow you away if you do so.
Arun Reddy
Arun Reddy 9 months ago
I felt Investing in iPhone 13 made more sense than going for iPhone 14 recently upgraded from oneplus to iPhone 13 my next iPhone would be after 5 years .Being android die hard fan became a huge fan of ios what an amazing user experience Apple offers it customers quality and security 🎉🎉
Osaka Chike
Osaka Chike Year ago
I love your content so much and I like your approach towards this comparison of the iPhone 14 series . Can you please do a versus series with the 13 pro and tell us which is a better buy . . In terms of everyday use . Thanks 🙏
⬆️Hi, kindly shear a screenshot of the message you received on RU-vid, via your RU-vid comment box. Thank you!
Visual travelogue
I decided to Upgrade from iPhone XR in Aug this year. Was really confused to wait for 14 or to buy 13 right away. Glad I bought 13 coz 14 did not bring much difference 😁 Although buying 13 after 14 launched, could have saved some money for sure.
Cervantes Bracetty
Pretty sure you can trade it in for very little money and have the newest iPhone
Visual travelogue
@Cervantes Bracetty That’s the issue now. Coz I bought it before 14 launched and paid the maximum price. After iPhone 14 in market, 13 is getting cheaper. Anyone can buy new iPhone 13 in same price as I can sell in my old one… 😁
Purian23 Year ago
I love the case and tempered glass protector! I've been supporting them since launch on multiple devices.
Ryan Mikael
Ryan Mikael 11 months ago
Honestly, I absolutely agree with Lew ! The iPhone is nothing special this year ! I actually got my hands on the 14 plus this year and it is nothing special ! The only 2 good things that come with it Is the really good battery and action mode (that helps to stabilise your video footage), but even with those good features its still worth it. I actually dropped an in-depth review on the review on the 14 Plus if you'd like to check it out :)
Rafael Domenikos
very seriously thinking of upgrading this year to the 14 pro or pro max (aren't decided yet). My iPhone X has started to show its age after 5 very good years, especially with its non AI camera.
Asura 7 months ago
Wait for iPhone 15 in a couple of months
True suspect
True suspect Year ago
Just got the 14 a week ago. My old Samsung started to die and planned on getting the iPhone 13 but walked in the store and found out the 14 was the same monthly price so I got it. Watching videos I see why it’s not the best upgrade if you have a 13 but I really enjoy it as my first iPhone ever
Splash Year ago
Say no more, I'm making the exact same switch
Battleboy7 Year ago
Sure it awesome phone! Good for another 3,4 years. Enjoy it my man🙌
Justin Roblox
Justin Roblox Year ago
The 14 pro could’ve been a better upgrade for just 200 more.
Nunya Year ago
I tried to switch from Samsung to iPhone when the 12 came out because I just loved the design. I couldn't stand it for more than a couple of months. Ios was just too different, I couldn't get used to it. No haptic feedback while typing. No always on display. 2021 was an expensive year. I'm glad you're enjoying it though.
WhittyWhitts Year ago
I wanted a new phone for my birthday and I completely ignored the regular iPhone 14 because I wanted the best phone possible. I think you’re right when you say people will usually skip the regular iPhone 14. Also I upgraded from an SE 2020.
cwuzii 8 months ago
Going from a 12 pro max to a 14 pro max, I hope I notice some sort of difference! The 120hz screen will be noticeable definitely!
Nando 11 months ago
Just upgraded from the 7 plus I bought at release in 2016 to the 14 Pro, great upgrade! If iPhones keep lasting this long the price is def worth it
Ryan Mikael
Ryan Mikael 11 months ago
Yeah that’s a worthy enough upgrade ! But The iPhone 14 has not shown anything special this year ! I actually got my hands on the 14 plus this year and it is nothing special ! The only 2 good things that come with it Is the really good battery and action mode (that helps to stabilise your video footage), but even with those good features its still not worth it. I actually dropped an in-depth review on the review on the 14 Plus if you'd like to check it out :)
Corey Gilmore
Corey Gilmore Year ago
I definitely don’t switch until I see some real changes. I went from 4 to 6 to X to 11 pro and now most definitely getting the 14 pro. All different looking iPhones.
Jada Drayton
Jada Drayton Year ago
i went from the 7+ to an 11 and im upgrading to a 14 pro, im excited to see the dynamic island and the screen difference
Kenzie Deasy
Kenzie Deasy Year ago
I agree with a few things you talked about. I recently bought a iPhone 13 Pro max (AlpineGreen) had it for 4 months. Got a OtterBox Clear case. And I absolutely LOVE IT. Coming from a 6s+ I really don’t need a 14. I feel like the Island may become annoying after awhile. Just another distraction for me.
Al Year ago
I myself personally went from an iPhone 4s to a 14 pro max. Great tech improvements 👍
Dion Linda
Dion Linda Year ago
From a 6s plus to a 14 pro max
Cervantes Bracetty
Jesus Christ! I didn’t even know the 4s still functioned. That was my very first iPhone.
Ciaran Russell
Ciaran Russell 11 months ago
Pyro Year ago
came from the 11 pro to 14 pro, honestly just waiting the 2-ish year time frame when you can upgrade your phone is nice, with how often apple puts stuff out usually 2 maaybe even 3 new phones will come out and its always a good experience for me :D
Pyro Year ago
even if the upgrade time is ready i just wait a few months until the newest comes out so im not screwin myself lol
Phenyo Josephs
these later cases are extremely a need i'm hooked 🥺 i too personally recommend the big models. the displays are heart warming, i think the improvements are quite impressing especially when it comes to the videos i hope i don't get turned off. these are more believable though these sound interesting. Your breakdowns are interesting and clear cant wait to own one in 10 years time 😭🤧
Michael Higgins
Michael Higgins 10 months ago
I went from carrier pigeon to iPhone 14 Pro Max and really enjoying the massive improvements.
Zacaea Year ago
I upgraded to a iphone 14 pro max because my iPhone 11 was getting kinda eh on battery life. This thing lasts me all day and then some. Also love the upgraded 120hz, as well as brighter, display
Adaline Blythe
Same. Although my 11 had an issue with the mic and true depth camera. Would have cost me $550 to fix. It was literally cheaper to upgrade. On a Verizon payment plan of course. Hey $200-300 for new is better than $550 on an old one
Raze Muhd
Raze Muhd Year ago
i'll get my ip14 pro max next week. is it that good? Hows the battery performance n charging time?
Real_0rigin Year ago
13 pro has the same features, just no island
Francisco C
Francisco C Year ago
The 2000 nits it’s a game changer for sure. I just wanted a 2TB storage
ubaldojimenez Year ago
Why not just change the battery?
Ray Nelson
Ray Nelson Year ago
I’ve been an iPhone fan since the first phone came out, and I usually upgrade every couple of years. Not this time, and probably not for a long time. They charge way to much for the same phone with minor changes. I’ve even been considering getting something else, but I’m in to deep with an iPhone pro max, Apple Watch, and iPad Pro.
Juan Escobedo
Juan Escobedo Year ago
As an android user that just switched to iPhone its a massive upgrade, don’t get me wrong androids are extremely customizable, but it was too much customization for me, iPhone feels more premium, simplistic, and overall better, so you aren’t missing out on much
Ray Nelson
Ray Nelson Year ago
@Juan Escobedo That’s good to know, ty, and welcome to the club. Glad you like your new iPhone. They are great phones, I love my 12 pro max, it’s one of my favorites so far. However, to me, shelling out $1,200 bucks to get the latest and greatest just doesn’t seem worth it anymore. That’s a lot of money for minor changes. It seems like the other cell phone manufacturers are at least trying to create something different like the z-fold from Samsung, and it makes me wonder why Apple doesn’t do anything different like that. We need Steve Jobs back.
Craig Shaw
Craig Shaw 10 months ago
Yes!!! This is one video which helped my decision in doing this exactly: skipping the 14 to go 14 Pro Max!! And I absolutely love this one!! I haven’t loved an iPhone in such a long time, not this long since the iPhone 4S. Awesome video!!
Gianni Ferrara
Gianni Ferrara 10 months ago
I got the Iphone 14 Pro Max, and i LOVE it. The camera is amazing, app intagration is amazing, everything about this phone has impressed me. The camera performs amazing in low light situations. Just everything about it is amazing.
Marcus Winston
I went from a iPhone 7 max to the new 13 pro max a few months ago. I love the upgrade its like night and day speed wise. Previous to that I had an iPhone 5s. Actually I still have my 5s and 7 max. They're hanging around on the top shelf of my closet collecting dust.
Laurens Kool
Laurens Kool Year ago
Dude, thats like going from a nokia 3310 to the first smartphone😂😂😂
Marcus Winston
@Laurens Kool it was a hell of a transition I must admit. Then I got a new MacBook a few months lateras well. I’m loaded for bear for the next 3 years.
Marcus Winston
Ultimately I held onto my 5s and 7 max for a long time before upgrading to the 13pro because I didn’t want to make the switch to “no home button” but my fears were subsided after realizing I didn’t need the home button after all.
Donovan McKenzie
Donovan McKenzie 7 months ago
I went from the XR to the 12 to the 14 pro and It’s amazing seeing the difference within the phone
Sachin Thomas
Sachin Thomas Year ago
I think they were expecting this. They wanted the people from these higher income countries to actually take the pro version thereby making them more differentiated. They’re actually aiming for the market outside of these countries with the the regular 14. Cause the prices are not the same outside. In places like India india where the price of pros are way higher than the normal 14s they expect them to sell it. There’s a reason why the prices are so different from America and Canada in other countries.
pavi s
pavi s Year ago
oru minimum bhudhi ulla oruthanum ivide 14 edukuulla...
lolaa Year ago
prices in Canada are very different from America, it's more costly in Canada which is so annoying
Sunny Year ago
@lolaa tbh id pay the $200 extra in Canada for the base 14 pro than in the USA for the Sim slot. Also… have you seen the mark up for other countries? Makes the slightly higher price in Canada look “cute.” iPhones have never been cheap… you choose what you purchase and sometimes you have to save.
lolaa Year ago
@Sunny yeah I actually have seen the price increase in other countries like england and india. i'm not going to lie, I forgot about the sim card being absent in American iphones, so that extra $200 might be worth it. I actually still have an iphone 6, and i'm looking to finally upgrade it now
An extremely honest review!! Apple screwed the iPhone 14 non pro and I’ve watched so many tech reviewers…only unbox therapy truly expressed their views!
⬆️Hi, kindly shear a screenshot of the message you received on RU-vid. via your RU-vid comment box on telegram.Thank you!
Richard Vacanti
I went from the 10R witch I totally hated coming from the 6S plus I had instant remorse with the iPhone XR. I thought the 6S plus was a better device than the 10 hour. Now I got the regular iPhone 14 and I think it’s great a significant upgrade. I only got the regular iPhone 14 because I’m not that concerned about the camera and the dynamic island. Maybe next time I’ll get the pro model. But for right now this is fine.
Adrian Mendoza
Adrian Mendoza 11 months ago
I went from 6s,SE 2016,SE 2020 and now 14 pro. It was the dynamic island for me. I love to multitask and when I saw it I knew it was a wrap.
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Ryan Mikael
Ryan Mikael 11 months ago
Yeah the dynamic island was the selling point for many … but Honestly, I absolutely agree with Lew ! The iPhone 14 has not shown anything special this year ! I actually got my hands on the 14 plus this year and it is nothing special ! The only 2 good things that come with it Is the really good battery and action mode (that helps to stabilise your video footage), but even with those good features its still worth it. I actually dropped an in-depth review on the review on the 14 Plus if you'd like to check it out :)
Liz Renee
Liz Renee Year ago
I upgraded a few months ago from an iPhone 7 to a 13 pro. I was trying to hold off for the 14, but my iPhone 7 finally gave out on me. I still absolutely love my iPhone 13 pro though. It was a massive upgrade. I’m definitely not gonna upgrade for a few years.
Silver Sun
Silver Sun Year ago
Upgraded from an iPhone 11 Pro Max to the iPhone 14 Pro Max and I already have noticed a significant improvement in battery life and the screen brightness.
Sean Murdock
Sean Murdock Year ago
Could be a strategic move for people buy higher end models caused why make it look and feel like the last version at that price point and it seem to be working
Shawn Robeck
Shawn Robeck Year ago
I think the regular 14 move is more based on the chip shortages is why. They just pop in last years chips into these.
Taylor H
Taylor H Year ago
Wondering if you have noticed the screen on your z fold 4 and the aluminum sides scratching a lot? After about a week I already had pretty noticable scratches on my screen and sides. So I ended up using a screen protector/later case as much as id love to just use a skin.
Thom 1883
Thom 1883 Year ago
I also went from the 12 Pro Max (loved it) to the 14 Pro Max and I’m really enjoying it. Dynamic island is revealing itself more and more and I dig it.
Thats Venoe
Thats Venoe Year ago
Ship me your iPhone 12!!!🤧
Cervantes Bracetty
I have the iPhone 12 pm and I’m not sure if I should upgrade.
Asura 7 months ago
@Cervantes Bracetty wait for iPhone 15 this year
adamglu20 6 months ago
Went from iphone XS Max to iPhone 14 and I couldn’t be happier see a lot of improvements especially loud speaker wise
Daragh Morrissey
biggest reason for me to hold out for the Iphone 15 will be USB-C. It's pain having to carry two cable types every time I travel and the EU are mandating this change so Apple will have to change or maybe they will even drop the concept of a physical charging port altogether. I like these videos but there was a bit too much product placement in here for me.
Asura 7 months ago
Same waiting for 15 just for usb c
Vibes Year ago
I haven't had an iPhone since the iPhone 5s. I've been toting around with budget Androids (which did the job, but obviously for all of the good stuff it definitely lacked and was unbearably bad) until one day I bought a OnePlus 9 Pro a year after it's release. I've gotten so used to the Android capabilities of being able to do whatever I want when I want instead of iOS telling me what I can and can't do. I've been wanting a iPhone Pro series since I've had this OnePlus 9 Pro since I've tasted the flagship experience of an android. I want to own both a flagship Android and a Pro Max iPhone but what's holding me back is the lack of USB-C. Should I just give iPhone 14 Pro Max a try? I'm also thinking about getting the Apple AirPods Pro v2 and the Apple Watch Ultra. As they're the best versions of each product they've ever been.
Beven Year ago
Just got the iPhone 13 mini. As a casual user I think the mini form factor is perfect. I have zero use for a massive device. I really hope they bring back the mini versions in future upgrades
chicken nugget
If enough people talk about it I don’t doubt it or maybe the SE series will become the mini
Kris Gormley
Kris Gormley Year ago
Fully agree. I got my 13 mini in May and plan to keep it for as long as humanly possible.
TBOHN Year ago
I went from the 11 Pro Max to the 14 Pro Max. I usually upgrade every 3-4 years. Like the dynamic island and the faster speed. Camera is better too. I like the upgrade but I may go with a regular pro next time instead of the max. Nothing mind blowing but I did notice my 11 pro max was starting to lag on some apps which is the main reason I wanted to upgrade. Luckily trading in my 11 pro max so Im only paying $5.55/month for the 14 pro max
gandalfhan Year ago
The speed is literally barely noticeable (go watch comparison videos) and differences are minuscule.
Hamwallet Year ago
You were where I am right now, although the speed has been proven to be so small that’s 1 can’t even call it an “upgrade”
Praveen Gunnam
Same I had 11 pro max and it started lag in some apps. I might wait for 15 or unless the 11 max went worse in lag in the mean time.
Mani Chowdhury
Mani Chowdhury 9 months ago
Great review. But I have a question, anyone can answer I guess. Say I wasn’t upgrading my iPhone, but buying my first one. Can I start with 14 or should I spend some extra and get the Pro version? Not looking at the Max one, it’s way too big for me.
Hasahi 9 months ago
if price is not your concern then there is no reason for you to get the regular 14 and just get the smaller pro one
Sniffles 8 months ago
Yeah agreed I work in retail for apple and I would suggest the pro 14 due to the fact that this platform will be the new building block for future models including the 15 it is just how apples trajectory goes and the numbers show
Apple3xe 7 months ago
I upgraded from the iPhone 5s to the 14 pro max a few weeks ago. Best decision i ever made related to my tech. Its a massive upgrade, and its a fantastic upgrade. Great video, but it kind of assumes that everyone has the 12 or 13. Yes its a waste to upgrade from the 12/13 to the 14, maybe even the 15, since the 16 is really not that far if you think about it, and the 12s/13s arent even bad phones. But from a iPhone 5s from 2012, GAH DAYUM its an upgrade.
Euan Rankin
Euan Rankin Year ago
I went from a 6s to a 13, I’m not 100% sure on the size though it feels a bit big in hand, might swap it for the mini as I have a 14 days to see if I like the phone
CP Year ago
You will get used to it you should only reduce the size if you hate the fact it takes up all The space in your pockets and that seriously bothers you
yoo.its.joshua 5 months ago
What did you end up doing? I’m in the same boat but with the regular 14.
Euan Rankin
Euan Rankin 5 months ago
@yoo.its.joshua I just kept it, you get used to it fairly quickly
Ice cold Newz
Ice cold Newz Year ago
I went from a 6 plus to the XR to the 13 pro max the transition was beautiful nice upgrades and improvements
Matt Year ago
I upgraded from iPhone 12 to 14 pro with Verizon. Got $800 in trade-in value out of my 12 so I paid essentially $200 out of pocket for the pro, not including tax. Hard to pass up on that. Also, my iPhone 12 had a 12MP camera, as someone who thoroughly enjoys shooting weather and northern lights, the 48MP iPhone camera can do that, and so can my Canon, but it’s nice to carry a device in the pocket capable. When it comes to wanting a good camera with a phone though, you’re better off getting a Samsung Galaxy 22 ultra, and it’s not even close. I only use apple for FaceTime and iMessage.
Maskeraide Year ago
This a just not true at all. The only thing the phone does better is in zoomed photos look at testing a vs before starting this because this is far from true
filtheboss 600
big difference with the 12?
Cameron Hilsenteger
I have a 12, is the 14 pro or pro max worth it?
Naj Year ago
@Cameron Hilsenteger same i would like to see this question answered as well
Matt Year ago
@Cameron Hilsenteger if your iPhone 12 has poor battery life, OR if you want a better camera then yes. Other than that, unless you’re a major tech guy who appreciates even minor interface changes like me, I would say your 12 will still be just fine
I went from Samsung S21+ to the 14 Pro Max and absolutely love it. Ditched iPhone after the 6S and couldn’t be happier to be back.
Watching it on an iPhone 7. Not that I’m in any condition to buy it, but the 14 pro (not the max version) looks very appealing. Love watching what I could have owned 😅😅
Overdrive 202
Overdrive 202 7 months ago
I went from the iPhone XR to the 14 pro. So far I love the dynamic island and the cameras
JoeS 8 months ago
Have a X. Waiting for 15 to upgrade. Got at new glass back put on my x, new oleophobic coating applied, new thin red case, new battery . Looks and feels new. It’s a great design. X is one of the best iPhones ever made. Top tier phone. It cost $1000 back in 2017. Getting my money’s worth out of it
Supreme2u 11 months ago
So my 12 Pro Max was 256GB but I needed more storage. I traded for the 512GB 14 Pro Max and I’m cool with it especially since it has a faster pro. To each his own but I’m digging it.
Sid C
Sid C Year ago
Honestly their whole "non-pro" phone line up business model was failing because most of the people prefer buying the non pro iPhone for a bit less money because they wont truly sacrifice much and getting the same spec, similar looking model at a lower price point. The iPhone 14 is just there to take the hit and to boost sales of the Pro models and make Apple more profit.
Andreas Kvisler
You wouldn’t buy a 14 because last years model is better at nearly everything and cheaper
Swank Year ago
@Andreas Kvisler Isn’t that usually every year tho? Of course not when they redesign the whole thing. We seem to forget apple would release the “s” “se” versions as the new iphone instead of a whole generation number if i’m not mistaken
gurpinder warar
@Andreas Kvisler exactly bro, If we compare iPhone14 N 14 pro it feel like Apple make N introducing iPhone 14 like some $100 phone
Yaoyorozu Momo
@Andreas Kvisler I agree but you might as well fork over the extra $300 and get a 14pro
Nika K.
Nika K. Year ago
1000% agreed especially in the last sentence
reagan mugonya
i think those that "may" upgrade to the 14's may prefer the 14 pro and 14 pro max because of its distinctiveness on the display thats all other wise if you place them face down with the 13,12,11 pro there is totaly no difrance i can still use my 11 pro max and am still good to go no diffrerance at all
Allan Guimarães
the thing is, iPhones usually does a big improvement every 5 years, even they sell a new phone every year. Dinamic island will coming to the standard versions next year, and a great upgrade will come only in 2025 (maybe foldable phones?)
Topher 10 months ago
Definitely regret going with the 14 Plus instead of the 14 Pro Max. I didn’t do my research before going for my upgrade and essentially ended up with a larger version of my XR. I’m pleased with the battery life of it and the camera is fine, But the 60Hz refresh is what ruined the experience for me.
iamstizzyjay Year ago
I upgraded from an XR to the 14 so I guess I notice more differences rather than people who upgrade every year. I recommend to just stop upgrading every year and start keeping your phone for a couple years just so when you do upgrade, it is actually worth it.
VIN Year ago
the 14 standard or the pro one?
iamstizzyjay Year ago
@VIN standard
William Newland
I think people are idiots who upgrade every year I’m with you I had the XR and upgraded to the mini 13 4 months ago and I tell you it’s a massive difference but if you upgrade every year you will never tell the difference
NoOneSpecific Year ago
Personally, I skip at least every other iPhone , except this time I’m skipping from an 11 pro max to a 14 pro max. I was going to wait for the 15, the pro and pro max are suppose to have some kind of insane optical zoom. The twice as bright display, or whatever it is if not twice as bright, is the sole reason I’m getting a phone now. I use my phone to fly my drones, it’s why I always go with a pro max and why I’m getting a 14 pro max. Being able to wait 1, 2 , 3, or more models speaks to the reason some of us will pay more for an iPhone, and put up with the restrictions involved with using apple devices over android I suppose. I can’t help it, I love my apple devices, they have always given me good service.
Rahul Acharya
Rahul Acharya Year ago
Here in British Columbia 99% of the pro and pro max models have been sold out and everyone who is interested in buying them will have to wait for at least a month, as far as the 14 is concerned it is available at almost all of the stores and the 14 plus is also gonna be available at most locations from the 7th of October
I came from the 11 to the 14 Pro. Good to know this will last me a few years, technology-wise.
Same! It’s a nice upgrade coming from a 11
Grant1122 Year ago
Went to 14pm from 7plus. Huge, fun upgrade and I’m not looking back. Entirely different story if I already had a 13, 12, or even an 11
Random Cam
Random Cam 6 months ago
Have the 11 and plan on waiting for the 15 base model. Considered getting the 14 but it doesn’t seem like that big of an upgrade unless if you get the pro or pro max models. Same camera setup on the base model still has the notch, only real difference seems to be battery life and screen. Don’t really want the pro or pro max models, not that big of a fan of the big lens and large screen. The 15 i heard will have the dynamic island on the base model.
Matt Year ago
I was going to upgrade my iPhone 8 Plus and get the 14 Pro Max but I couldn’t wait and ended up getting a 13 Pro Max in Alpine Green. I’m happy with my choice since the 14 doesn’t even come in green and the 13 Pro Max has the same chip as the 14.
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