Wo ist Wilma 

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Feb 23, 2024




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@ritamangel9705 17 days ago
One of the better Nike commercials ive seen in a while.
@medooazmi 16 days ago
😮i didnt focus enough to know
@galago_lucky775 16 days ago
​@@medooazmi joke
@aleko2136 15 days ago
Hmm, I thought it was a sock commercial
@ivosilva8747 15 days ago
Just do it 😂
@vysearcadia522 15 days ago
Too busy looking at DEM THIGHS!!! ~KFC
@AmeliaFosbery 27 days ago
Cameraman trying so hard to keep the horse in frame!😂
@Skjamidul 27 days ago
@joshswimmerly7110 27 days ago
What horse?
@vinod_lifevlogs 25 days ago
@KezhAndre 25 days ago
Cavalo? Onde tem cavalo?
@Ded9822 25 days ago
What horse?
Qué hermoso poni que dios lo bendiga 👍😉
Hermoso ejemplar!
@leemcdermott4146 14 days ago
After watching for the 5th time I finally saw the horse😂
So wonderful, my dear friend 🔔💞🌹👑👍
Gracias universo.amo a Dios 🌈
@joeym645 17 days ago
Those are expensive to maintain, buck wildly and can be highly unpredictable. I don't really know much about ponies
@matthewt.9983 16 days ago
You win the 'Comment of the Day' award.
@adaoaguiar8040 15 days ago
@todds4101 12 days ago
Damn it!!! I'm quite pissed I didn't come up with that. That was pretty good!!!!
@prestonburton8504 12 days ago
hahahahahahaaha NICE!
@joeym645 11 days ago
@@todds4101 'silly' is merely a phase 'funny' is a lifestyle 😁
What a beautiful creature. The little horse is cute too
@Thesauce31 Month ago
I was about to say the same thing 😅
@boyish69 Month ago
@@Thesauce31 🤣🤣🤣
That escalated quickly💀
@diydiscover Month ago
What horse? You drunk?
@Granta-lada 24 days ago
В ролике есть лошадь?🤔
@markh9981 3 days ago
So very beautiful,!!! Have a wonderful day 🌹 both of you.🌹
@user-ko3ow8vn6x 16 days ago
Parabéns para o seu canal
@GeneCAu 29 days ago
Hear this sing 300x a day already
I keep hearing about this horse. I've watched this fifteen times and still haven't seen a horse.
@user-rh2pb4hm8z 21 day ago
Me encantan estos caballitos !!!
@tomasmerlo5779 2 days ago
Que lindo caballito............. .................... ..............
Thank you for your service 😂😂
@milesjohnson5487 13 days ago
I wouldn't have noticed if she was wearing Reebok.
@alexubel 6 days ago
Given that it was the point of the video. Why are you thanking her boyfriend?
@YsabellyLouize 28 days ago
I keep hearing about this horse.l’ve watched fifteen times.
@adammonahan687 17 days ago
At the very end you can see it In the center of the frame. You gotta really be paying attention for it though
@raylawes8938 16 days ago
what horse?
@citiestoash 2 days ago
You gotta be a real NPC to blatantly rip off another comment lol
Declaro y reclamo mi gran bendicion 🌈
@dierdremoor7650 7 days ago
Such a beautiful horse 🐎
Was für ein hübscher Engel!
@adaoaguiar8040 15 days ago
O pônei?😂
Фигура просто бомба. Какая красавица😍
@juansantos7075 2 days ago
Hermoso ponick y hermosa chica
Ooh My lord this litle horse os so bealtifull Wonderfull❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
@Jigglymann 24 days ago
He smelter, and then said nope!🤣🤣🤣
@TacShooter 13 days ago
Sigma pony.
@davidfisher5140 15 days ago
Beautiful creature!
@BenKlassen1 7 days ago
Thanks for sharing!
@ndi5670 20 days ago
WOW! What a beautiful…uh….horse, yeah horse. That’s it. 😉
@Ar_T-ma 14 days ago
@eolsunder 13 days ago
@jordanrobles9169 12 days ago
Se me puso del mismo tamaño que un caballo ¿que es? Nose tu dime 🚬🗿
@marvellbgry 9 days ago
@phillipzx3754 23 days ago
With a peach like that, this must be Georgia. :-)
❤❤❤que lindo
Que divina rubia!!❤❤
@jayboy2456 18 days ago
This song was pumping me up for something that just never happened
@SaintBison209 21 day ago
She know damn well we ain't looking at that horse 😂
@ItsCharlieBruh 20 days ago
Dude that girl is like 16 are you serious? I'm so glad I don't have a daughter after reading all the perv comments on here from grown men. Like it would literally kill me to see.
What gorgeous creatures!
@mechwarrior13 8 days ago
Amazing fugure and frame!
@WhatDemocracy 19 days ago
😮 she got a bright future behind her
Красивая лошадка!!!
@Justme-jp8ih 20 days ago
Thank you for your service
Best 3 hour song I've heard in a while.
@Expigment4546 Month ago
Какой белоснежный пушистик лапусик, прелесть облакусечка❤😂
@user-me8pz1he4b 29 days ago
Who the horse or ?
@Expigment4546 29 days ago
Ну а кто же еще?😄
@MelvynCairns 27 days ago
Who else was expecting her to jump up do a twirl and stand on the pony's back and look proud?
@user-om8sd1gw4e 25 days ago
There was a pony? 😊
The pony's exact thought... it said nope
Oh yeah... The pony.
@edmiraraujo6276 20 days ago
Lindo demais ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
@kingtiger310 18 days ago
What a lovely dog!
@BrazyUK Month ago
Joined for the peach, stayed for the horse.
@joshuaclad5057 28 days ago
Wait, what horse?
@jrfan912 28 days ago
@Jo-zr9du 27 days ago
Cute Butt ❤
Que bonita caballo :)) Y el perro también.😂
La mejor modelo.de.Nike.....tremenda
@22piscou22 Month ago
Let's be honest here... I definitely did NOT stay for the pony. What a nice 🎂 😍
@dippindaisy2033 23 days ago
Bro she's a kid. I knew I would find some shit like this
@ronswanson5668 18 days ago
​@@dippindaisy2033 She's legal. It's a question of morality rather than legality at that age. I'm 28, I'd hit it. Morals be damned its a great ass.
@jeg8674 16 days ago
She is definitely not a kid.
@Jayson8888 12 days ago
Literally no one cares. She should stop wearing underwear in public
@rogeriomoraes5246 10 days ago
I too!! Horse🤔??
@Narco609 Month ago
I just heard this song 7 damn times in a row.
@ColeBlecha Month ago
Yeah it's the damn tweak to the algorithm. Or whatever you call this. An overhaul? It's horrible.
@Narco609 Month ago
@@ColeBlecha Ik it’s rlly aggravating
@spitsmagoo2446 Month ago
Same it’s ridiculous. Such npcs
@Narco609 Month ago
@@spitsmagoo2446 ong
ماشاء الله تبارك الله الملك الحور أرحمن أرحيم الله الملك الحق المبين الخالق لي كول الخلق والمخلوقة وكول شيئ جل جلاله أسلطان وله الأسماء الحوسناء والحمد الله وأحده والحمد الله على خيره كوله والحمد الله على خير خلقه كولهيم وأسلام الله عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته ♥️💖💖♥️♥️💖💖♥️♥️💖♥️💖😊
@GavriGames 12 days ago
What a nice round horse 😊
@darthsmoke6652 Month ago
That fucking dog came out if nowhere 😂
LMFAO this one got me
@daikidley9500 Month ago
Can I pet that dwag 😂
Best comment hands down 😂
I can't take this song anymore, but I'm glad I'm not alone. Stand strong comrades.
@xxxshoreditch Month ago
Я из России, но мне попадаются иностранные видео с этой песней каждую секунду, помогите, я больше не вынесу этого
@aidadoqbayeva Month ago
@@user-pf6gl9ly1i mffgzcgg
@aidadoqbayeva Month ago
@Galaxy-MusicX 12 days ago
So cute!
@BigOleCaddy 4 days ago
We are not at all here for the miniature horse 😂 You’ve done us well cameraman!
@richardd4774 Month ago
I watched 3 times before noticing the horse😂
@Chillfam Month ago
You're right. There is a horse.
@SlickRickTPB Month ago
Was too busy looking at the dump truck
@mcomtb Month ago
what horse ?
pretty sus considering she looks like a kid... 💀
Cual caballo? 😂
I can' take this Song anymore, but l' m glad l'm not alone. Stand strong comrades.
@dcypher3657 Month ago
It's the most annoying shit song around rn.. Sounds like he's getting kicked in the butthole while trying to hit high notes.
@user-te8dn8fy8j 18 days ago
This is really fantastic!
que hermoso animal
@user-vz9kk8hh2v 22 days ago
No man was looking at the horse.i now like Nike even more.
@Ukrainewarrior33 26 days ago
Пони с светлым волосом и белых кедах, просто очаровательна.😅😅😅
@irinairinina2709 17 days ago
в каком месте ее очарование?
@user-ff3jq7rn6e 17 days ago
Попка краcивая
@Ukrainewarrior33 17 days ago
@@irinairinina2709женщинам не понять, но место таки есть. 🤣🤣🤣
@Param-pam-pam119 16 days ago
@Babajanoff 15 days ago
​@@Ukrainewarrior33 поддерживаю
@mayravera7960 12 days ago
Beautiful Connection
Que lindo .......
Две красотки❤❤
That horse took one whiff, and moved on! 🐟🐟🐬🐠🤣🤣🤣🤣💯✌️
@NunuBocvadze Month ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 diffrent minds thinking...👍
@@lamadalmany9726 🤪
Ngl bro I'd pay
@decaf8126 Day ago
I like your quass ❤
@ChrisKoscielski 10 days ago
What a beautiful animal
Кобылка хороша! 😍
@SACWarrior70s Month ago
The pony is cute, but the Blond Pony Tail is awesome!
@thomasgeorge4384 24 days ago
Don't date horse girls. You will never be higher than #4 in her heart... behind the horse (#1), her daddy's money, and your money (#2 and #3 depends on which one has more).
@albertoamaya70 21 day ago
Beautiful animal and the pony is cute
@BoxChevyBoy84 Month ago
Whoah?!? That horse came out of nowhere 😂
@moosgruenable Month ago
Very nice pony. Must be big fun to ride it.
What a cute pony tale. The horse has one too.
Two beauties 😊
@hongsethya4932 Month ago
This song is everywhere 💀 And the worst part is every content as well 💀💀💀💀💀
Annoying as hell.😮
@natanix250v2 Month ago
There are three songs that keep coming to my mind💀
@juibumgeilheit Month ago
yo youre also in here? i think my shorts broke
I fucking hate ut
@primr82818 Month ago
Até no Brasil ksksks even in Brazil hahaha
Какая прелесть! Чудесная Белоснежка! Благодарю за видео! ❤❤❤❤❤
Beautiful flower
@Rotorroutechannel 3 hours ago
@user-hc5ep8lw7l 27 days ago
Даже не знаю куда я смотрел больше... ❤
@sergeysh2725 20 days ago
Чисто кровный Арабский скакун.
@user-lk8ul7gd5f 19 days ago
Пони, братан.Там есть пони😂.
@sergeysh2725 19 days ago
@@user-lk8ul7gd5f Я имел виду пони,когда писал.
@curiosdogg 19 days ago
She's perfect in every language
@manyaglorioso7829 12 hours ago
Indumentaria de OF 👏👏👏
@plazma-field Month ago
They’ve GYATT to ban that song lol
@Zeewt17 Month ago
GYATT this song is so annoying
@xtrmsleep Month ago
you guys are idiots.
Süßes Pferdchen, aber noch süßeres Heck😜
@ruthumayan3162 2 days ago
I thought i'm the only one who is frustrated because of this song.. Thank god I'm not alone🙂
@WTworldtimes Month ago
@Flushwave1 Month ago
I didn’t even realize the horse was there 👀
@muamer4140 Month ago
Bc a slur was there
Sorry! What? A horse you say? Are you sure? I didn't see one at all! Crazy! 😂
Same bro😂😂😂
@S3mi7 Month ago
dudes she looks so young stop it
@Flushwave1 Month ago
Ok s3m7 idc
@rvn98 14 days ago
@user-dy2vd6qq2e 14 days ago
❤Beautiful ❤
@CharlsieKanda 28 days ago
People who were randomly scrolling through youtube shorts 👇
@Ashley-yr8oh 20 days ago
RU-vid :how many times do you want this song in shorts RU-vidRS: yes
@silentfox8460 Month ago
Agreed..my brain is fried from this one and that "nobody knows me" one
@Emily_Les Month ago
I once scrolled through like 6 videos and each one in a row had this song 😭😭
@sekohero Month ago
and arianne song
@@Emily_Les I thought I was the only one!
@James-ik1vh 6 days ago
I think the horse really likes you.😊
Anyone who is getting tired of this song 👇
@m.m.6110 18 days ago
Perfekt Ass 😉👍🏻
@stephe_travel 6 days ago
So cute ❤
@emiliozuniga5476 15 days ago
Linda chica ❤❤❤❤
@Gotchabitch69 Month ago
Cameraman understood the assignment
@jmc4766 10 days ago
Beautiful ❤️
@BrunoVicful Day ago
Que belleza! Y leí en comentarios que había un poni????
@Seberdewdog Month ago
Poeple WHO’s getting Brain damage of hearing this song every short 👇
@stavrosrmt Month ago
love mini's as you can tell by my pf
@FullThrust1031 Month ago
I HaVE D@maaage FrOm it…
Still looks exactly the same on MUTE 😂
People getting brain damage watching this shite. Nothing happened! Is this called entertainment now. 🤔
The pony is so cute like if you think it’s cute.
@davidschutz693 Month ago
What pony
@Blubb5000 Month ago
There was a Pony???
@Liverpool932 Month ago
@archrfim Month ago
Theres a pony? I didn't notice.
I'd ride that pony any day
Wilma ist stur 🤣
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