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Everything in this video has a 0.000001% chance of happening to you!
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Demi Bagby
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• Whale jumps out of now...
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• Basketball shot of the...
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• bear sits next to guy
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• Styrofoam box jumped b...
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Jan 5, 2022




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Comments : 17K   
@BeastReacts 2 years ago
Subscribe for 10 years of good luck!
@slyways 2 years ago
@slyengl 2 years ago
@slyfun 2 years ago
great idea
@yolisamgengo6570 2 years ago
i already did
@witchy-peach6216 2 years ago
Already done 😎
I love that its just Chris and Jimmy. They get to spend some quality time together finally.
@lolaishotasf 2 years ago
@Jo how is that shipping-
@teamhawk91 2 years ago
@meerabhat1538 2 years ago
@Jo shop 😂😂😂 are they items
@DeborahMurphy11 2 years ago
@Jo yes!
@revemb4653 2 years ago
yeah i ship ii
@jongsuklim8719 2 years ago
I love how chris and jimmy just reacts to luck even though jimmy made a full course shot
@jongsuklim8719 2 years ago
You Will never know unless someone tells you
@mikoalmario 2 years ago
@@jongsuklim8719 then tell them-
@jongsuklim8719 2 years ago
@vaglap89 2 years ago
⬅️ Check! I'm very lucky
That guy on the motorcycle would be king of baseball
@HereNow1 2 years ago
Chris and Jimmy are so infections with their laughter and banter, classic 🤣
@notahotshot 2 years ago
...and herpes
@SM.Game007 5 months ago
6:27 Thailand❤
@-lux-6633 12 days ago
@DALLMYD 2 years ago
Come scuba diving for treasure with me!!
@playeroneadam3099 2 years ago
Hello love ur vids
@bringerdoom1906 2 years ago
I would go scuba with you
@Bringmorehoes 2 years ago
Never gonna let you down
@theduke706 2 years ago
Mr beast please say yesss
Yes yes yes
@Asdfghjklasdf 2 years ago
I’m always happy to see Jimmy and Chris express their personalities with these videos they make my day so much better
I SO agree
Your moms cheesy toes
@sheetalm1529 Year ago
So very true
Chaos bruh my.. My childhood is flashing before my eyes
@MoratoryTech 2 years ago
I absolutely LOVE what you and your friends do, Jimmy! Keep love alive and happiness in your heart!
@willblay9747 2 years ago
@adelynweir9208 2 years ago
@@willblay9747 Huh?
👿 😡 grrr
@cincobingo Month ago
6:24 beautiful just beautiful form
@draco18s Year ago
1:50 the UPS guy gives a thumbs-up when the box lands on the porch. The box at 5:00 - there's a couple of factors going on, but the most important one is the slipstream behind the truck: the air currents are actually blowing *towards the truck,* due to having been pushed out of the way by the front of the truck.
@Andrey495340 6 months ago
5:55 пипец, я чуть со стула за компом не упал, дёрнулся 🤣
@namelochteb 2 years ago
I love how throughout everything the reaction vids have stayed just Chris and Jimmy … their friendship is so authentic and I adore how they’ve backed eachother this whole time
@GigaChad-wi3fo 2 years ago
@@Bully437 you should of said STFU
@bridgerbrad6899 2 years ago
@@GigaChad-wi3fo yeah
@mcawesome8771 2 years ago
@AHeartBrokenGuy 2 years ago
What about Walter?
@basicallynick7008 2 years ago
@26 Mic shut up didn't ask + ratio + your self promoter
@weluckusa 11 months ago
*These people are without a doubt the luckiest people on the planet!*
@lissygissy-oi8dp 7 months ago
I laughed a lot when they demolished the building and a pebble jumped 😂
Congratulations jimmy for 30m on this account
lets take a moment to appreciate them and the editors for how much effort they put in
I. Love the. Way They spend time together
how to build squid game in robolx?
@Eveforever01 9 days ago
tus videos me encantan son re buenos y me encanta ver cómo ayudas a la gente
Si es verdad 😁
en verdad hablo español
@ZergawyGaming 2 years ago
I wish I got their all luck 😂❤️
@Justan23 2 years ago
@MrElijahIV 2 years ago
Do you mean. "I wish I got all of their luck 😂❤️"
@solar1169 2 years ago
Facts bruh
@BloonPlays 2 years ago
@menofrenchh6605 2 years ago
@corysteele1711 2 years ago
I love what you do i couldnt imagine ever being as lucky as the people you meet.
@chigookafor710 11 months ago
Congrats to the guy who swam in the water in order to catch his drone
6:36 this was in thailand? นครสวรรค์?
I love EVERYTHING abt watching chris and jimmy together
Och jag gillar det
@danielatrelha 4 months ago
Eu até eu até se assustei depois que eu vi essa pedra quase atingindo o cara como que aconteceu?
@CanuckyFriedYT 2 years ago
The people taking the money off the street weren't lucky, they had to return it and a few of them were charged. Apparently the poors aren't supposed to benefit from luck lmao.
It was a stressful day. But you guys made my day! I'm so thankful for you guys. Love how you react on every videos.
@shaukahodan2373 2 years ago
just love how it's always chris and jimmy in reaction videos, i love their friendship
@seanbrown8533 2 years ago
@@shaukahodan2373 yo
@vaglap89 2 years ago
⬅️ Check! I'm very lucky
😊 I love then Jimmy and chis are videos together
2 years ago
Jimmy and Chris are the perfect people for reactions
@shaukahodan2373 2 years ago
lets take a moment to appreciate them and the editors for how much effort they put in
@monkey5001 2 years ago
True true
@vaglap89 2 years ago
⬅️ Check! I'm very lucky
@lasu1594 2 years ago
shut up + ratio
@jayb1680 2 years ago
very true
@lagwheel Month ago
5:54 i didnt even realize it was there before i saw the slow-mo 💀
@DarkClaws914 6 days ago
i LOVE your geometry dash videos!
@damienrose4524 2 years ago
Always a better day when jimmy uploads with or without the money
@truefact4439 2 years ago
@vaglap89 2 years ago
⬅️ Check! I'm very lucky
@raeganswifty4709 3 months ago
the rock that came flying got me because i thought it was about to come out of the screen
@simonkoganov543 2 years ago
I love Walter just staring at you with his happy face. That’s content if I’ve ever seen it
@iHeffy 2 years ago
@26 Mic get a life scrub
@Naman123 2 years ago
Actually read my NAME
@timmyggztv 2 years ago
@darth_gojira 2 years ago
Walter is best doge
@KidOnCorna 2 years ago
5:35 Most underrated joke by far.
@Aestro. 2 years ago
Love these reaction videos. I think the lucky box was my favorite in this one.
@user-vp1je5pj2g 2 months ago
Hello, I'm Thai. The snake you saw and the person who caught the crab is Thai. That clip is from Thailand. Thank you.❤😅
@woohoo1606 2 years ago
Jimmy never disappoints with his content
@leobamabaconator 2 years ago
shut up bot
@the.192 2 years ago
You said it twice
Reaction is others content
@Gusisuseless44 2 months ago
that thumbs up at the end just made my day 1:43
@harrybrock5529 2 years ago
Despite what Jimmy always says about replacing Chris, chris makes this channel as good as it is
@user-jj1wc2lb2d 2 years ago
When has Jimmy talked about replacing Chris?
@iluvgallavich5692 2 years ago
and karl lmao
@justindagoose377 2 years ago
@neutral1087 2 years ago
What is a Jimmy?
@adertitsoff225 2 years ago
just love how it's always chris and jimmy in reaction videos, i love their friendship
@randomchannel9628 2 years ago
@2044beebop 2 years ago
This content is the best out of all the channels! good job Chris & Jimmy!
@nuengdays9901 5 months ago
A 10 foot long python in the house is considered normal in Thailand hahaha.😂😂😂
@dymendalexis6015 2 years ago
I Love How throughout everything reaction vids have stayed just chris and jimmy their friendship is so authentc and i adore how they`ve backed eachother this whole time
@robinomps9121 2 years ago
Ha, the copy is right next to the original comment!
@vybellasentodo 2 years ago
Copy comment
1:39 Bob proof😂❤
@Carsofperth 2 years ago
Imagine having the slightest of these people’s luck, you would still be incredibly lucky 👏
@Ok-sn5qc 2 years ago
@26 Mic ratio
@aydenbronxx1142 2 years ago
@Lawbringer-main 2 years ago
@@Ok-sn5qc whats ratio
I love how when the delivery guy slips, but when the package slids away. He just does a thumbsup.
That is amazing how some people get that much luck! Also I love your videos Mr. Beast!
También una vez pasó eso en las noticias de que un auto pasó y se salvó de un árbol cayendo
That rock one was crazy! Love Chris' comment about videogame ice-physics.
@soph4ever564 Year ago
You have a crush
@@soph4ever564 Hm? What do you mean?
@abcisawesome3418 6 months ago
I remember getting 3 cookies for the price of one from a vending machine. That was awesome.
@edthecrazyboy 2 years ago
6:28 yeah that’s pretty common to find a snake in a house here in Thailand but normally it’s just some small snakes
@Deendayalwills 2 years ago
Hi I am from India
@shreksimp9741 2 years ago
How I'm from Trinidad and Tobago 🔴⚪⚫🇪🇬
@user-uz9ir8oq4v 2 years ago
Yep , just a normal day in thailand
@@user-uz9ir8oq4v you are thai
I'm from Thailand
@Kp_art Year ago
i love how the ups driver did a little thumbs up
Chris, Kevlar is actually the material you make bulletproof vests out of.
Storytime de suerte: En una ocasión fui al parque de Aragón con mi familia (🇲🇽) Y rentamos un carro con el cual podíamos recorrer el parque pero que no era el típico carrito de golf ni nada: era un carro con un mecanismo de bicicleta y entre todos teníamos que pedalear para que el carro se moviera, el problema fue que por un descuido mi pantalón (que era de tela ligera) se atoro en la cadena, empecé a gritar porque pensé que pronto la cadena se llevaría mi piel y aparte porque los pedales seguían girando y me pegaban Toda mi familia se espanto, páramos el carro y mi mamá desatoro mi pantalón de la cadena, honestamente tuve suerte de no tener ninguna lesión en la pierna
@moonmask-tk3fw Month ago
Maldito superviviente afortunado. ¡Debieron ser pantalones cortos con mala suerte!
@moonmask-tk3fw Month ago
Maldito superviviente afortunado. ¡Debieron ser pantalones cortos con mala suerte!
lol i love how they just edit their faces on different screens it looks so fun
@Iqra_Islamxx Year ago
Yeah lol😂!!!!!
0:01 Nayeon jeongyeon momo sana jihyo mina dahyun chaeyoung tzuyu
As a Thai person, I can confirm that one of those gigantic snakes could just be living in someone's ceiling. But its quite rare.
@natty0599 2 years ago
@meaganmoore5399 2 years ago
except the one with the snake
@ekarajmingmak9338 2 years ago
@darkness68 2 years ago
@@natty0599 p
@timmyggztv 2 years ago
@Funzariegos 10 months ago
Que Buenos Videos En Donde Los Consigues ?🎉
@candevera5862 Month ago
2:09 esa parte ameee jaja😂❤
For the lucky box, the creator just filmed the box falling out, then reversed the footage.
@TheOrigamiGenius 2 years ago
0:36 This is something Jimmy would do, and he's reacting to it
@bigcover6385 8 months ago
Thank you for putting the clip from Thailand on your channel which has a lot of followers and I follow. Thank you very much on behalf of all Thai people. I love you. Mr.Beast ( jimmy )❣️🇹🇭
@KateCat-ib9dx 7 months ago
The car one freaked me out so much even though I wasn’t there I still flinched. They are lucky people.
@TheOneGuyofficial 5 months ago
5:01 holy that was indeed lucky
@lutaunya 10 months ago
Мистер бист может не заметит, но есть женщина, которая выжила после падения с 5220м, Лариса Савицкая-единственная выжившая 1981, 24 авгста из всего экипажа
@NetanBanban 3 months ago
6:28 Thailand🎉🎉
@SuperSaboBros 2 years ago
Imagine being one of the world's luckiest people, that would be surprising!
@nikmrn 2 years ago
you wouldn't even know
@Naman123 2 years ago
Read my NAME
*Every time I need a pick-me-up, I know where to turn: the luckiest people caught on camera videos!*
@Skullbros-dp5sv 7 months ago
The luck in this is insane😂
@abigailgates3427 15 minutes ago
2:15 is so boldly timmed
@jonjon3035 Year ago
That guy had amazing swimming skills.... look at the hands/arms
@Sprinkestarlight 6 months ago
I wish I got their all luck😂❤
1:47 notice how he does that thumbs up 🤣💅
@thebeasty1 Year ago
he knew someone had to be watching :D
@user-sd3oq6kb7y 25 days ago
i love your videos thanks for doing these they are amazing
@axjagfilms Year ago
I mean, if I managed to make my way to the middle of a bridge that’s missing every other plank and be surprised at my foot in the gap, I would consider myself lucky too.
@angelesmolina7126 2 months ago
Tus vídeos son los mejores ❤❤
@rigoceja9874 2 years ago
The people who picked up that money from the armor truck are held accountable because technically it is stealing money. They got charged.
@summeracount9986 2 years ago
Oof imagine
@kunalfadtare2056 2 years ago
Criminal misappropriation of goods.
@nerfx6649 2 years ago
@Naman123 2 years ago
Actually read my NAME
@timmyggztv 2 years ago
@rohanarvin1536 2 years ago
For some of these guys you could see them as the worlds luckiest people for surviving, or the world’s unluckiest people for being in that situation in the first place...
@pacificus911 7 months ago
After the incident on the ``Titan,, submarine, Mr. Beast became one of the luckiest people. He won a life
@TUOPYUZ 4 months ago
6:37 It is normal for houses in rural areas in Thailand.
@latube9025 5 months ago
7:05 Cuando el chiste suena casi igual en inglés y en castellano xD
As a Thai people, snake in our house is normal-
chris makes this channel as good as it is
@user-km3ir9ng7g 7 months ago
I love that mr beast and co have always had a good friendship 🙂❤
@Swedenbrodda 6 months ago
Translate! Ще харесам и ще се абонирам за всеки, който прочете и хареса този коментар
@Cool-trucks. Month ago
For the second clip. If your parachute fails you have the rest of your life to fix it.
@farfetch1013 2 years ago
I love the bond between Chris and Jimmy.
@shaynebroad6599 2 years ago
ye snorlax
@vaglap89 2 years ago
⬅️ Check! I'm very lucky
@SpringBonnie1392YT 12 hours ago
4:31 Um guys? Is this freddy fazbear?
@adhilsalim3908 2 years ago
5:12 that's Newton's third law brooo😂🔥
@currynotfound 2 years ago
I was in so much shock when the box came out of the truck and just flys back in
@jenjensen1010 7 days ago
I am your biggest fan and i have seen all your vidios!
@XJIcequeen 9 months ago
I've been very lucky too. The past 2 relay for life events, I won 2 raffles each time, and once during lockdown I won a 49 inch Roku TV
@user-xg2uw6oo2d 8 months ago
Можете сделать так сильно от начала списка И кто вы 3 то получится 10
@sophitahermosa Month ago
Creo que la mujer salto del auto antes que Sela lleve el tornado 😊
@stxlla4812 Year ago
“Worlds luckiest people” *said by the most luckiest man*
@jenellemcleod1103 11 months ago
Who is the ugliest person you've ever seen in my life
@zeldagamelover24 2 years ago
Love how their reactions are either Shocked, or smirking
Your videos are so entertaining and I listen to them every night
@tpO-uo6my 3 months ago
Wow, there's a clip from Thailand too. I'm Thai and I'm very happy.
i love how jimmy and chris get along
@mctv4018 5 months ago
6:27 Thailand🎉😃😃
@E-JGaming 2 years ago
I love how the mail man puts his thumb up when he slips and the box slides to the porch
I’ve been binge watching all these reaction videos 🤣🤣🤣
@user-ql3ei3dn5d 6 months ago
@user-ql3ei3dn5d 6 months ago
Özel ❤❤
@Stinkybumbum 2 years ago
The editor needs a raise🤣
@Andrey495340 6 months ago
1:52 мы в России так часто делаем, у нас невезучие автоматы )))