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Skip the Tutorial
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N-N Collectables
N-N Collectables 6 hours ago
I watched the whole 1h 20mins
PEPPA POG 7 hours ago
Just a totally normal comment
Ruth Gorman
Ruth Gorman 7 hours ago
The lead on a boat trick is actually handy for moving villagers 👍
Gobeck McCormack
Gobeck McCormack 7 hours ago
is vis
Elaite WR
Elaite WR 8 hours ago
you can mine an entire tower with one pickaxe if you use unbreaking nub
Amythest Muse
Amythest Muse 8 hours ago
Application for using a fishing rod to prime and pull TNT: Manhunt with Dream using it as a trap for the hunters.
Duck :D
Duck :D 8 hours ago
Dream will scream at the tree idea
Corbs The Sensational
Wow is this video sponsored by the cartoon avatar bc u used water and fire bending
Play ground with YouTube
My sister got emerald so many times she tells me that
N-N Collectables
N-N Collectables 8 hours ago
This is a good video
Ghagas Ghaffa
Ghagas Ghaffa 8 hours ago
Grumm also makes any mob upside down.
Gold Slime
Gold Slime 8 hours ago
No things work on Bedrock!
Asiya Syed
Asiya Syed 9 hours ago
Can't you use the new Minecraft update instead of the old Minecraft
Lucas Gamgemi
Lucas Gamgemi 10 hours ago
i literatly just subscribed with my eyes shut bru
Prashanth K
Prashanth K 10 hours ago
ii subed in 0.23 sec
John Alvin Espiritu
John Alvin Espiritu 10 hours ago
8:00 nice party with the monsters🤣
iamspeedfan 10 hours ago
elo guys
THAC0MANIC 11 hours ago
old but i know ive had no keys as innocent when eveyone eles had keys got ejected was innocent ... i remeber someone mentioning this and thought i was trolling, was not.
Fenix 11 hours ago
Oml 3yrs old this vid
Alvise Gini
Alvise Gini 12 hours ago
but you can place stone buttons on the fence + it dose not make the click'r sound
rj King
rj King 12 hours ago
1;07 ?
flames550 12 hours ago
119: me using control q XD
Quinn Fox
Quinn Fox 12 hours ago
You cannot sleep underwater in bedrock.
Diane Kewin
Diane Kewin 13 hours ago
But I have bed rock
Avi 121
Avi 121 13 hours ago
If I am not wrong, even smooth stone has a slab but not a stair version.
Venom_Playz5372 14 hours ago
Honestly, I think playing with keep inventory is easier. The game is supposed to be fun, not stressful. Remember these words.🤔
HUNTRtheGRUNTR 14 hours ago
this is the best skip the tutorial video
Princess Chanel's World
Pocit plz