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Among the strong there will be stronger ones!
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Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Martial Arts!
In the cruel arena of strong men, who is the undefeated overlord?

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May 8, 2024




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Comments : 8K   
@jaydenrayne-zh3qn 17 days ago
Opponent vs opponent:❌ Opponent vs ref:✅
@REHAN_BOY199 16 days ago
@Supreme-ke6de 16 days ago
Your the first guy to speak english
@mattfpg1033 16 days ago
People should remember why they're the ones chosen to control everything inside the ring
@mohammedsaif2677 16 days ago
This song though🥶🥶🥶🥶
@user-ue3sp1zp5c 19 days ago
@user-fl2kq3yp8q 19 days ago
@user-fl2kq3yp8q 19 days ago
@gdbk-nu7mf 17 days ago
@johannes1813 17 days ago
有沒有可能是冠軍拿太多了 想當個裁判玩玩
@user-ue3sp1zp5c 17 days ago
@@johannes1813 不排除這個可能
@LizaLowe27 18 hours ago
People forget that the guy watching and governing the fight is usually the actual bad ass in the ring.
@NoahHamich 16 hours ago
Nice pfp
@HalLabo-lx1mb 15 hours ago
😂😅 ​@@NoahHamich
@IITACHII_17 13 hours ago
Tremendo culo
@Tommy01star 13 hours ago
Not you again
@DANIEL-bl9dp 13 hours ago
Если каждый знал свою работу так, как этот Рефери! То всё было бы ещё лучше!
Твоя мама на трассе тоже отлично справляется
@q1u6o 21 hour ago
@user-rj9gl2ew8v 17 days ago
То чувство когда судья дерётся лучше мастеров спорта
@gutacornel8242 17 days ago
их нельзя назвать профессиональными игроками, потому что тот, кто дал пощечину рефери, проиграл 2 раза и выиграл 1, в котором 2х1
@user-uz8yb4zp3s 17 days ago
Сор немного поправлю это рефери
@avent_leriche705 17 days ago
он его так наебнул прикольнохD
@user_entrepreneur 17 days ago
Как батя шапалах дал сначала 😂😂😂
@Disfrut0 16 days ago
Тут нет не то что мастеров спорта, а даже просто любителей, тут фрики, тиктокеры, блогеры, которые ничего не понимают в боях, просто им платят, а они делают угарный контент, а судьи просто не дебилы, бои в живую постоянно смотрят, скорее всего кто то из них тренит нормально, а эти бесы ничего не знают о боях
@dragosstoean4708 13 days ago
For those who didn't understand, that fighter was hitting in areas where it's forbidden to hit, and he was also drunk
@felixfigueroa9482 12 days ago
Bro are you’re dumb af, in the ring when the Opponent is down since it’s a 2v1 you can’t third party. That’s why the ref pushed and punched him.💀
@Rururararururi 12 days ago
why is it 3 ppl in the 1st clip
@dragosstoean4708 12 days ago
@@Rururararururi Because it was a two-on-one fight
@maxwild6662 12 days ago
Btw it wasn't cause he was hitting illegally it was just some rando who jumped into the cage mid fight and the ref had to drop him
@RedHeadRGR 12 days ago
You're trying to make people understand things that YOU don't understand? 😂😂 Shut tf up bud. It was nothing about "hitting forbidden area", you're the ome who is drunk here LOL
@ronin2751 Day ago
Momentum....Focus....Kekuatan....ditambah Kemampuan dijadikan satu...hasilnya MEMATIKAN
Wasitnya mantan atlit
@TusarGojo 3 days ago
when u wanted to be a fighter but your mom is scared that you are gonna get hurt so u become a referee..
@TheIrfanIdzhan 3 days ago
He was a fighter before becoming a ref...
Or when you wanted to be a fighter but your mom is scared you would hurt your oponent so you became a ref.
@TusarGojo 3 days ago
@@eizhiroeizhiro7605 lol yes
@TheSefk 2 days ago
When you wanted to be a fighter but you were scared to get hurt so you didn't leave the house
@syafikkira8613 12 hours ago
bro just because u bodybuild u have no right to comment about the ref.. i bet that ref can smack u down instantly... and this is not wwe the ref here are all ex fighter, coz this is not fake boxing bro get ur fact right before u start talking shit have some respect for the ref he literally just save someone from a probable bad injury..
@alelexa07 14 days ago
for those who don't know, the first scene was 2vs1, the boy who takes the slap had already been warned not to kick or punch from behind, but when he tried for the umpteenth time the referee had to intervene to bring him back to reality and also disqualified him. the second scene is with the same boy, in that case he had lost immediately the fight started when they finished he tried to continue punching his opponent because he had lost, he was out of control so the referee intervened and knocked him down.
@zzxyzwwxyz9797 14 days ago
Thank you
@-Saurabh. 14 days ago
Thanks 🎉🎉❤❤
@Drsiegfreid 14 days ago
A 2v1 but you cant use the space and go around them? Doesnt seem logical
@alelexa07 14 days ago
@@Drsiegfreid it was the first time such a meeting. search: cedy & dastin vs alexandru. they are Romanians
@gene5021 14 days ago
​@@Drsiegfreidno the boy was going for head kicks, he was part of the duo. head kicks weren't allowed to the person that was at a disadvantage basically
@user-fz4lh5oi7j 3 days ago
Боже! На свете есть настоящие мужчины !
@Utubsuper Day ago
есть, да не про твою честь
@user-oo1rv7mz8s 4 days ago
А чего он всех троих не отлупил? забрал бы пояс😂😂😂🎉
@user-pt8di4vs3b 9 hours ago
Твое сообщение подняло мне настроение на весь день 😂
@Eneliy 11 days ago
Такие судья самые лучшие! Их один на миллион. Уважение ему, только уважение за такое
@user-fw2ku1qb7q 11 days ago
Рефери когдашнейшие бойцы,они своё время также вступали... уважение таким реферам 🎉
@eloprige999 11 days ago
@user-rb2xp6wt3x 11 days ago
Это не рефери, это ебло тупое. Нормальный рефери не будет бить никого)
Not judge referee
@kv4648 10 days ago
It's all fun and games for the referee until he starts fighting back
@Secrettttt828 15 days ago
The Ref: "Bro you need a fight? Sure come here."
@thierry4042 15 days ago
No comments let me fix that
@Mr-Ghost-0001 15 days ago
Only 1 comment let me fix it
The ref needed another ref😂
@melonymalet9994 12 days ago
3 comments let me fix that
@KD_2.O 3 days ago
Today's generation need a teacher like this😂😂
@CrimeanBoy Day ago
Единственный альфа в толпе этих бойцов - это рефери. Настоящий альфа: не жмется, не дёргается, бьёт и действует сходу, молниеносно. Красава!
@Damba66 15 days ago
Рефери, БРАВО !!! Движения по физике идеал !!!
@user-wr1if5gl7z 14 days ago
@user-ue5iv9dl3i 16 days ago
Крассавчик! Вот этот судья на 100% порядочный и честный!!! Были бы все такие!!! Несколько раз пересмотрела!
@user-pj1db2vr1y 15 days ago
У такого рефери не забалуеш . Браво.
@Billy_therobot 15 days ago
If this were true no little kid will ever want to do boxing ect
@user-cw2ni6sb7d 15 days ago
@@Billy_therobot why? just behave appropriately and respect your opponents
@JabayiSound 15 days ago
Почему китайцы поставили песню машы если не понимают русский
@user-zl3zw6mv7f 23 hours ago
Грамотные судьи. Молодцы. Так и должно быть.
@Wompwomp3212 15 days ago
When you realized the ref is an elite fighter and you just have to lay down complaining 🥲😆
@onlynfs1xtx815 14 days ago
When you realize that thing was in my country :)))
@hayperix6863 14 days ago
О хот один русский в арабско видосе
@onlynfs1xtx815 14 days ago
@@hayperix6863 Romanian no Russian
@tzunamyid4309 14 days ago
@user-du1sv9tt1k 6 hours ago
Мужик с большим буквой, молодец, настоящий судья👍👍
@nellorian5135 15 days ago
I think that ref is more experienced than players😂
@justingaming5852 15 days ago
Almost all referee are retired fighter some coaches and some just referees
@subcarpati41 14 days ago
The referee is Yamato Zharia a romanian fighter which is 2 time world champion, and multiple european champion at Kempo.
@@subcarpati41 his first name seems like Japanese names ..
@subcarpati41 12 days ago
@@shahriaralmassi7086 Yeah, his father Amatto Zaharia gives his name. Sensei Amatto is currently the President of Romanian Kempo Federation. They dont have relatives from Japan but Sensei Amatto is in this sport since he was young.
@Vartolusadettin4 10 days ago
E campion
@user-xr1ok4yl7h 12 days ago
Пересмотрела раз 10, ну это класс, вот это профессионализм. Рефери на высоте.
@user-hx8hl6ep4s 11 days ago
@user-qf6xy7vk5x 11 days ago
Поддерживаю, рефери просто красавчик
@user-sp8bs6jz7n 10 days ago
Я раз 100 пересмотрела. Ах как красиво он всё сделал!
@user-kc2yt5th1h 10 days ago
Это точно​@@user-sp8bs6jz7n
@user-nu9vv8qb7m 10 days ago
처음봤는데 심판 정말최고네요~
@ToqieGame 3 days ago
The ref is more good than the fighter💀
@setorekai8991 13 days ago
Запомните, что на ринге бойцы - это гости, а хозяева - это рефери. 🔥😊
@user-eo3uo5oc2d 12 days ago
@user-jf6qy3fq3r 12 days ago
Хорошо запомнил спасибо
@igorpiterskii225 12 days ago
Сдал экзамен, запомнив эту информацию
@chivortep4230 4 days ago
Теперь не забуду! 👍
@user-wi3fu9pt3q 13 days ago
Настоящий рефери! Мгновенно оценивает обстановку и принимает решение!
@Ms19Love92 Day ago
I consider this worker excellence. What a sharp mind and eyes. Great protection, great training at their job and I thank them for that.
Árbitro profissional e competente! Parabéns!
@user-yp6zl6tw3m 12 days ago
Восхищает его справедливость и неравнодушие!
@user-yp8sw3cj2u 16 days ago
這個裁判充滿著正氣 是真正的運動家的精神
@alimorad5474 15 days ago
أنا أحب اللغة الصينية
@0Mister-D 15 days ago
Судья просто топовый!
@user-sb8hy4rs1r 15 days ago
респект рефери.
@judypeterson5465 14 days ago
@the_freak_show123 6 hours ago
Interesting facts: most refs used to be pro resellers
@ednaldosilva380 3 days ago
❤❤ árbitro brabo. Pancada. Show. Parabéns pela atitude
@gf1840 20 days ago
@benjaminyang1164 17 days ago
Who was the third 🤬 in black trunks He got owned by the Ref.
@user-qg2yi4gk3o 17 days ago
Можно и рефери на бой выпускать всем влупит 😂
@GeHuuMblclu 17 days ago
​@@user-qg2yi4gk3o Бля, и я про то же😂
@user-wc8mf6gf6j 16 days ago
Мне его жалко
@Armand14canalnou 16 days ago
this referee is from Romania. Thank you for paying a compliment to our people from Romania
@danscott6963 16 days ago
Respect from Texas to Romania
@bradmadeira6807 16 days ago
It’s EASY for a ref to be a tough guy cuz if he pulls this on you and you SMACK him back then YOUR out the gym.. ref ain’t tough.. he just has backing to ruin a career while he can slap and throw around someone that CANT hit them back
@user-bh7tw6mq6j 16 days ago
Thank you for the information. By the way, I already visited Romania and it is a wonderful country. No country is perfect, but this is my own opinion of a country I saw by myself and is not a biaised information.
@@bradmadeira6807what the hell you wanted to say man? actually that ref. It is previous multiple champion in that sport . Get your facts straight before spewing nonsense.
@D3AD3NDonCODM 16 days ago
​@victordorobantu7236 Omu zice că dacă dustinel lovea înapoi atunci îl dadea direct afară, "atletul" n-are dreptul de-a atinge arbitrul, dar aplicat invers nu zice nimeni nimic, și nu-i convine.
@DmitryVillff 7 hours ago
Как приятно когда молодеж ходит по таким местам как это
@zachmoose3220 4 days ago
We the ref tells you to stop, Guess what you do
The definition of ”It doesn’t matter how good you are if nobody wants to see you fight”… I wish it was skill based and not luck based.
@MuscleLineRailfan 15 days ago
It is skill based lmao, you won't see a guy who has never thrown a punch ever knock someone out in one hit
@@MuscleLineRailfan Yeah ofc every fighter is skilled, but there are many other ones who can beat them in less than a second that people just don’t want to watch.
Everyone is low-key strong and it doesn't need to be flex all the time it only takes a one good timing and that you can show how skillful you are
@bimoprakoso2820 15 days ago
Every Ref in Sports have a skill, that's basic knowledge 😂
@@SelfImprovementOffyou also have to take into account their weight class. Plus we never really know how those refs would fair on a 1v1. But still, regardless of all of that, it was the person’s decision not to compete. The people in the ring are people who keep on participating fights and made a name for themselves. It’s the person’s fault for not making a name for himself in the ring, not that people dont want to see him fight
@user-mary17 15 days ago
Вау, у рефера рефлексы лучше,чем у многих бойцов
Es porque en cierta parte el árbitro antes de ser arbitro fue un peleador bastante reconocido
@cagedlunatic9591 15 days ago
I say about 7 out of 10 times the ref is more skilled than the fighters
@darkTALENT1337 15 days ago
yea, the ref won an european champion title
@user-gk3th9nj5d 14 days ago
На то он и рефери
@Eblampy 9 days ago
Рефери к тому же не махался перед этим раздавая и получая удары, потому и бодрее😅
@elik56rus28 21 hour ago
тот момент, когда рефери мог бы сам выступать за звание чемпиона! Респект!
Don't Underestimate The Power Of A Common Reffery☠️
@subcarpati41 14 days ago
The referee is Yamato Zaharia, an romanian fighter which is 2 time world champion, and multiple european champion at Kempo.
@Zainplayz6736 14 days ago
@watermeloncat011 14 days ago
@EmptyD0ll 16 days ago
the ref is the final boss, staying in the ring everyday to learn everyones attack patterns.
@Asthixbs281 15 days ago
ref is from my country
@ianrawlings2546 7 days ago
The referee was a champion fighter before being a ref.
@mitchurso9144 16 days ago
Referees are usually the best fighters in the whole place that's why they're the referee just so when things get out of hand they'll be able to handle the situation😂😂😂
@angleofshadow9818 15 days ago
What? Name me one champion whom went from professional fighter to referee.
@lucasferreira2073 15 days ago
That's not it, its just that its a different style of contact. Not for points or to win, but to resolve situations with third parties. Just like Police Officers and Army men have that CQC stuff for quick situations. Not everything combat related is inside a ring.
@S0RR0WL3SS 17 days ago
being a referee takes more skill than being a boxer does!
@tristencooper5601 17 days ago
That's for sure and finally an English comment
@S0RR0WL3SS 17 days ago
@@tristencooper5601 lol
@Butoi69 16 days ago
Bro he got put down becose of the back kick hits from dustinel. that can Which can blunt his spine and Paralyze the legs:Romania reffere yamato
@S0RR0WL3SS 14 days ago
@@Butoi69 dang
@arhafrench5319 14 days ago
It sure damn does. If a skilled fighter's "switch" gets stuck on the ON position and he nuts out, the referee has to hold it for himself until extra help can get there. And if a cocky or sneaky fighter decides to keep pushing the rules, the ref has to be able to rattle his dice and make him quit on that shit without drawing the fighter's anger on himself possibly for making that call or having to stop the whole fight.
It is important for the referee to understand the situation, be responsive and be stronger than the competitors , Cool referee 👍👍👍👍
@thepatriot7639 3 days ago
The ref's job is to keep order in the ring. Mission accomplished.
@Unitsdemonshomie 14 days ago
For those saying that the ref fought an,”opponent”, it was actually a cage intruder
@andreas.better 13 days ago
no it was a 2v1 match in rxf but they have rules
@oleksiybisiuk586 13 days ago
It was 2v1 and that one he slap was breaking rules
@nathanpayne9903 13 days ago
This is what we call being confidently wrong 😂
@gray9527 20 days ago
@florinholota2673 18 days ago
@sys684 18 days ago
@cool891027 17 days ago
@ReaperATeam 17 days ago
Acel arbitru și-a făcut treaba Au fost niște reguli care concurenți nu le-au respectat și de asta a intervenit .
@user-ob3ds8dk5d 17 days ago
ARBITRO: para poner orden hay que dar unos buenos estate quietos, suavecitos nada más 💪🥊. 🤗 El árbitro, mi ídolo 👍👏👏.
@Mortality01 2 days ago
That ref was like, "Yeah ima turn the fence into blood"💀
@user-jo5oe9hz8g 14 days ago
Блин, ну, красавчик, профи, и как правило, рефери- спортсмены этого вида спорта как минимум 👍
That ref is savage!!!❤
@TD_Axolotl 17 days ago
He looked like he enjoyed it that's scary
W ref
@user-mb5yh6uo7t 16 days ago
那個屁孩想趁對手倒地的時候把對方頭當足球踢好嗎, 裁判是阻止這個殺人的動作哪裡野蠻了?
@beautytryouts 16 days ago
@@user-mb5yh6uo7t​​⁠ listen… I don’t agree with the fighter whatsoever! Just so we’re clear. but in reality he didn’t kick his head; He wasn’t even going for his head. He went for the guys leg, because the ref was calling it, and the guy would release. But regardless of all that he was still wrong…. although this isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last when a ref calls for the stoppage and the other guy is still refusing to listen and is hurting the other fighter~ TRUST ME, you will see people( the coaches/friends/fam/etc)that will Rush in and physically stop it when the ref is a complete goofball and doesn’t do his job… which is to look out for the safety of both fighters! So when that DOESN’T happen, it’s not abnormal. and yes, he took a shot at the guy in his leg. Again regardless, it’s wrong for him to intervene. However, two wrongs don’t make a right. It’s not right for him to come in and do that, but it also doesn’t make it right for the ref to handle the way he did. We can all handle the first slap that’s fine even though it’s a bit inappropriate… whatever. But there’s PLENTY of other ways to handle it. You can disqualify/or simply push him back/or pin him utilizing ju jitsu/etc….you have so many more options & there’s absolutely zero reason for ref to act like a WWE fighter and grab him from the neck & the slamming his head onto the ground. absolutely fucking disgusting and he should be charged! that guy probably had a concussion and you’ll never be able to take that type of damage away …in 20 years when he kills himself because that’s what people do with concussions from sports such as football. It might not affect them right now but there’s plenty of literature and research to show that those concussions matter later on in about two decades and he end up dying at 40 years old. It’s his job to keep people safe…not to act like a fucking moron with his testosterone and adrenaline pumping through. You’re not a fighter you’re a ref you could’ve easily restrained him even with some jiu-jitsu, holding him to the ground until his team would’ve gotten a hold of his dumbass.
@user-iy9so3nf5q 15 days ago
это ты дикий. бегом на дерево!!!
Bro ref is better than fighting in arena💀
@hihowareyu Day ago
When you sign up blindly and choose ref instead of ring fighter😂😂😂
@user-fv4zq5ht8x 13 days ago
Уважение таким судьям! Огромное уважение!!!
@pinkcake4342 15 days ago
Ярость бойцов затмевает разум и совесть, рефери просто приводит их в чувство
@sharonmcghee6860 14 days ago
Excellent explanation! Thanks
@Zen22822 14 days ago
Нет это не ярость просто те двое тварей пошли на одного а рефери просто понял что это не честно.
@NinjaThorn Day ago
When you take your job to protect the fighters so seriously, that you will throw down with other professional fighters to keep order. 👏
@aberidoraci7240 15 days ago
Keta horra qe prishin bukurine e sportit, meritojne te gjithe nje mesim te tille... faleminderit arbitrit, respekte !!! Si keta, ka kudo, sidomos ne stadiumet e futbbollit ku, Une kam pare legena te tille, qe sillen shume me keq, qofte edhe me sharje nga me te ndyrat !!
Ata madje shkaterrojne qellimin e sportit vete dhe dine vetem te bejne sherre
@ultraultra8037 13 days ago
​Это спорт ? СкАжете тож. Это бизнес на любителях кровавых зрелищ. .​@@Random_Robloxian986
@astroshouston8705 13 days ago
Oponent from TikTok
@krohatanya4459 16 days ago
Пересматриваю с большим удовольствием. Рефери красавчик просто.
@TV-rw2sp 16 days ago
Я уже раз 100 пересмотрел, всё не могу понять как захват сделал
@user-gb1ye5rn4z 15 days ago
Это не рефири а охрана
Not a fighter but more power than a fighter!!
@user-vc3gl1yr9n 3 days ago
Настоящий мужик судья!!! 💪
@Jabberwooky007 15 days ago
Geiler Ringrichter, er duldet keine Respektlosigkeit! Super!!!❤
@user-dc3wr3ky6o 12 days ago
That referee earned my respect, that one makes respect for anyone
@miloviiy 9 days ago
Every MMA ref is trained, they not ordinary ref
This is a judge, fight without going beyond the limits
เจอกรรมการโหดก่า... สุดยอด ❤
@morneliaganis 15 days ago
Context: the one opponent was mad because he didnt win so he tried to attack his opponent but he messed up because there is a wrong ref😂
@DedyshkaPankrat 17 days ago
Песня звучит так: "В лес приходит сказка, снег как чистый лист В разноцветных красках искупалась кисть Сами начинают руки рисовать Ведь талант не спрятать и не потерять"...
@user-uy8fw5sp4t 14 days ago
да да)
@montyyy1987 2 days ago
Thats why weight matters everywhere. More weight more advantage more force.
@modsixx 2 days ago
When the ref is scarier than the fighter 😂
@rhodasemera4999 15 days ago
Bro that head lock into the slam goes hard 💀
it was a sweep too
@slickstb1234 4 days ago
Reminded me of the rock bottom, except there is hurtful intentions behind it. Lol
@blueman6483 16 days ago
Ref be like,"wait your damn turn🤣🤣
@Kefireqs 3 days ago
The ref being stronger than the fighter is wild but ig weight class diff
Nah the way ref slambed dude by the neck, he was tryina send a message 💯😂😂😂
@user-lh6jo3mh3p 10 days ago
Ну судья,красавчик,лучше самих бойцов утихомирил и поставил на место👏👏
C hectic gzsdvxfhffdfg😅😊😅😮😢🎉🎉😂❤kggefjkhrdkddkdksjzzjjz😊😅😮😢🎉😂❤ lantern ugh hm ja😊
@user-je5yq9nj4v 7 days ago
Весовая разная…
@user-vu8fb7jf5s 7 days ago
Чувак в чёрном точно рефери?😂
@macafin 7 days ago
Да там не бойцы а шлепки какие то..
@fantomeagle5500 6 days ago
​@@user-je5yq9nj4vтам почти нет вообще отличий по ним
@user-yn7kx4cc3f 14 days ago
Красавчик, пересмотрела несколько раз. Восхищает реакция и точность. Спасибо, прочитала комментарии что б понять что происходит.
@user-qi8yi8jl8k 13 days ago
@user-so3rc4oc8z 13 days ago
Подскажите пожалуйста, почему на ринге трое бойцов а не двое
@DYPKA_HAIIIE_BCE 13 days ago
​​@@user-so3rc4oc8z Двое сражаются , третий не только на ринг забежал , а ещё и попытался помешать побеждающему
@user-qs6no9ju5k 13 days ago
​@@user-so3rc4oc8zтам было 2 на 1, 1 из 2 нарушал пинки в начале вот и получил
@user-kl4ir5td3s 13 days ago
​@@user-so3rc4oc8z Армлеслинг чувак
@qlutch2998 3 days ago
This is why open heavyweight is scary,the ref wouldnt be able to stop the fight
I love these kind of referees ❤❤
@bldang6374 14 days ago
@ramirolopez4143 13 days ago
@jeanelima2631 12 days ago
@user-wf4wq7du8o 11 days ago
Супер реферы, настоящие хозяева ринга ❤❤
@truthbetold818 3 days ago
When the ref needs a ref, you know you should behave yourself
@user-yq5hj4td7s 4 days ago
Я не знаю судью этого боя, но уже влюблена в него😂
@icecream5910 3 days ago
Мне кажется он немного пгрессивен) но каждому своё 😂
@user-fs8de6nx7f 14 days ago
Ой как красиво. Не смогла сразу перелеснуть, посмотрела несколько раз😊
@irenshep3154 14 days ago
➕💯 красиво 🤜🤛
you should bet on the referee it's a sure win
@zeta_winster 15 days ago
for some reason people don't watch the mma fight but they watch the judges who are fighting
@lauramfer8019 3 days ago
Me acabo de enamorar de ese hombre.. Siento que me podría defender de cualquier cosa jajaja 😅❤
@joshpring1 11 hours ago
Refs take care of work, you know why they're in the ring? Because they can fight, ref take downs are amazing.
@user-un4fv7bd1l 17 days ago
Pov: u r trying to find English comment
@Batuff12 17 days ago
This is so true that’s me
@YSR_Gaming_ 17 days ago
@jaswanthm981 17 days ago
bro 😂 hard to find, i was translating
@ajaylakhyani5479 17 days ago
@26LTexXb 11 days ago
Я бы такого расцеловал! Настоящий мужчина! Настоящий человек!!!
@user-qe3sf6tf2d 10 days ago
Ты походу гей
@denipieters7526 4 days ago
Wasit yg luar biasa ....
@Ollekent 16 hours ago
Судьи как операторы всегда бесмертны ❤
@kristoffe2020 14 days ago
*This ref is suprisingly stronger than fighters🔥💪😂*
@Petrol_Sniffa 13 days ago
different weight class
@arturr.124 13 days ago
he is a mma champion
@user-wr7ki6qx6p 15 days ago
-Сколько раз ты пересмотрел ? -снег как чистый лист 🤪
Раз 20😅
@BethMaples-mk4ly 14 days ago
At least 8
@zackdallas7550 14 days ago
Раз 10 не меньше😂
@user-ph7fb1bh7l 14 days ago
@nikolaison8783 14 days ago
Раз 8 , можно смотреть бесконечно , класс !!!
@skyrim654 3 days ago
"Im not in here with you. YOU are in here with ME."
@Polina_Fresh 10 days ago
Нормально так судья сработал! Браво! 👍
@user-lj4uw6dk8z 6 days ago
Он главный тут
@user-dz2ut5ff2z 4 days ago
Вот это рефери!!! Реакция,сила- одно слово: ПРОФЕССИОНАЛ !!!!
@Nicv-jk8ln 3 days ago
One word. Romanian!
@alexr3048 2 days ago
​@@Nicv-jk8lnздесь говорят за Профессианолизм, а не за нацию
@user-sc3pe5zo2j 2 days ago
Это вершина профессионализма и просто красавчик! Я вмиг влюбилась, такой должен быть тот кто взялся судить других...блин, словами не высказать, восторг и восхищение!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
"oh I'm not locked in with you... You're locked in with my boy"
@neuneuneun 5 hours ago
If I can't beat you, how can I stand here and be the referee?😂
*That one side character who is always the strongest but doesn't shows*
@darkangel-ux3bb 13 days ago
the ref is a MMA fighter and multiple champion
@josh1978881 20 days ago
@Boa-Hancock0902 20 days ago
@user-lv6th3kc8z 19 days ago
@user-pi6cd2hq4x 19 days ago
fight 🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅
@chocolatepun 17 days ago
很正常 滿多運動都可以有這種狀況
@anamiranda7946 7 hours ago
ESSE JUIZ SIM, É PREPARADO🤝👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
@jackhall3718 4 days ago
that ref really hold his fighter spirit until this very moment 😂
@user-de4yt4qu7y 9 days ago
Настоящий профессионал. Одного спас ,другого наказал.