10 things that DON’T belong in your TAILPIPE😳  

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May 11, 2023




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Reggie watson
Reggie watson 3 months ago
If you think your life is useless, remember these people exist
Teerayut Butburee
Teerayut Butburee 3 months ago
Shoomapa Doo
Shoomapa Doo 3 months ago
Well spoken
Francisco Carlos Omelli
DJFerg1990 3 months ago
Brilliant 😂
jun lan
jun lan 3 months ago
ha ha😂
Crow 3 months ago
camera man got that invisibility potion
Iv Br
Iv Br 2 months ago
Best comment
Scott Brandenburg
@Iv Br😅😅😊😅😅
DOCTORJAN714 3 months ago
"Honey, there's a problem with my car." "So, what's the cameraman for?"
Polskie Hity
Polskie Hity 2 months ago
ru-vid.com/video/video-snGdNLfT3uE.html ❤️❤️Świetnie
She needs immediate help from a psychiatrist..
Arturo Hart
Arturo Hart 3 months ago
Medicine is powerless
Founderofself 3 months ago
They both do , including the camera man
Ригавод11 3 months ago
Бро,я полностью с тобой согласен
Zoé P
Zoé P 3 months ago
Of course
JXQQVWIN 3 months ago
Ахахахаххахахаа внатуре
Russell Stivers
Russell Stivers 2 months ago
Yup, first thing I check when there's a problem is the tailpipe.
Tom Lopes
Tom Lopes 3 months ago
Realmente as amebas pensam melhor do que muita gente. Esse vídeo é um bom exemplo.
Yungdyn 3 months ago
Mental Health left the chat 🙂🤣
Manoj manu😍
Manoj manu😍 3 months ago
Albert Highmore
Albert Highmore 3 months ago
I thought for sure he was gonna notice the camera crew in his face and spoil the prank! That was a close one!
Will Jones
Will Jones 2 months ago
or the mustard bottle sitting right there
Jeff Mays
Jeff Mays 2 months ago
My mom always taught me... If you don't have anything good to upload don't upload anything at all.
Mohammad Ali Amjadian
Yeah. The camera man is there every moment of life.
Siva Balan . E
Siva Balan . E 3 months ago
ابو هلال الشميري 2
ابو هلال الشميري 2
أكثر ما يضحكني هو رجل الكاميرا حاضر بقوه
Edita Bumbliene
Edita Bumbliene 3 months ago
Ralph Parczany
Ralph Parczany 3 months ago
So as a husband, you wouldn’t notice anybody filming you With a cell phone? LMFAO!
Al Jackson
Al Jackson 3 months ago
The struggle for attention is at an alarming rate..
V Tec
V Tec 3 months ago
Paris Hilton was just acting dumb, i think people nowadays seen her get rich off of it and actually really became dumb, i don’t think these people are acting, only other side is their personality is probably vicious petty shallow people
egemen el
egemen el 3 months ago
Они не притворяются глупыми, а являются таковыми.
Yitshak Peltz
Yitshak Peltz 3 months ago
​@V Tec ahun wi ac😊lh .f
Chris Capo
Chris Capo 3 months ago
When he finally goes back inside to sit down and realizes that you two … don’t use.. condoms 🤔
Benedict Felizardo
Benedict Felizardo 3 months ago
When the brain is on the vacation.🎉
concretedan 3 months ago
I'm more worried about the 200k + thumbs up than the actual content
Michael Caporaso
Michael Caporaso 3 months ago
Bots bro
Василий Добрый
Уже 355(
Василий Добрый
​@Michael Caporaso ты слишком хорошо думаешь о людях
buttercream frosting
Fucking 550k bro
Raza Madrid
Raza Madrid 3 months ago
I wish people can come back normal again.
Kamil Zadorozny
Kamil Zadorozny 3 months ago
No way mate
@Kamil Zadorozny, базаришь
Authentic post
Authentic post 3 months ago
People can what 😂
Jan van de Boerka
Jan van de Boerka 3 months ago
American love to stage
byron 3 months ago
no way
Bruno 3 months ago
If humanity continues like this, in the future we will live in caves again
A. G. M.
A. G. M. 3 months ago
Si tiene suficiente carga eléctrica ese Toyota rav-4 arrancará en electrico por lo cual la cola no saldrá ningún tipo de humo😉
Paul Gwanzy
Paul Gwanzy 3 months ago
give this couple 20 oscars please
Guilherme Araújo
Guilherme Araújo 3 months ago
This is extremly little for this beautiful and perfect work of art.
Terry Allen
Terry Allen 3 months ago
Why would you look up the tail pipe? Fake video!
javed ali
javed ali 2 months ago
Ross taylor already has world test championship he hit bumrah like mad dog
Aphek.al .tisbe
Aphek.al .tisbe 21 day ago
Se burrice pagasse imposto, está moça estaria ferrada.
Cimketto Uj
Cimketto Uj Month ago
- How fake do you want my reaction? - Exxxxxxactly!
Qi men dun jia
Qi men dun jia 3 months ago
Sick society
Rolando Valenzuela Melo
Sick city.
Popkorn Kiss
Popkorn Kiss 28 days ago
Primitív sztorik, mintha újra kellene élni a némafilmek ügyetlenségeit 😊
Drew Peacock
Drew Peacock 2 months ago
Here's a tip for everyone: if you hit the menu with the 3 dots at the top right corner, there's an option to not recommend this channel so that you never have to see content like this again.
Porya Tusorkh
Porya Tusorkh 3 months ago
A car isn't exactly a sex toy that women understand
Porya Tusorkh
Porya Tusorkh 3 months ago
Den Getm
Den Getm 3 months ago
Желаю им скорейшего выздоровления!
Valentin Shiperov
Valentin Shiperov 3 months ago
Какой стрёмный юмор🤮
Mark Smith
Mark Smith 3 months ago
Best comment 😅Ya they are not well
ХОРС 3 months ago
Дайте Оскар оператору который незаметно снимал на видео
Даниил Шапошников
Dear prankers, next time use mounting foam.
RAILWAY FILMS 3 months ago
this video is actually causing my computer to lose bits.. entire bi-directional-shift-registers have rusted solid in my cpu
Carl B
Carl B 3 months ago
I have no idea what that means but I laughed 😂
Adan Trinchete
Adan Trinchete 3 months ago
@Carl B ñ😊
Vikinghood Bluelight House
@Carl Bbro focused more on master shake than frylock when watching ATHF 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Facts78 3 months ago
The trickster got tricked, I love it
VinoTinto 3 months ago
Brain has left the chat!
tristao stucky
tristao stucky 3 months ago
Disney Dad Canada
Disney Dad Canada 3 months ago
Suddenly a zombie apocalypse doesn’t seem so bad!
Escola de Jesus em Paranoá,DF
O engraçado que o cara nem desconfia que está sendo filmado 😂😂😂
T C 3 months ago
“How disgusting do you want to be in this video?” “Yes, yes.”
Too lng
Too lng 3 months ago
lots of car enthusiast were hurt during the making of this video
South Texas Observer
Way to go leaving the bottles right there so he could see
Salah 1980
Salah 1980 3 months ago
When stupid people have money from parents this happened!!!
MJR. NUKE HAZARD 3 months ago
Rajdeep Ghosh
Rajdeep Ghosh 2 months ago
Well said. When people have excessive luxury and not to worry for hunger, become this type of blunt and useless 🤬
Lucas Startin
Lucas Startin 2 months ago
That 'baaabe' was like nails on a chalk board
Casum 3 months ago
im glad the short ended, the camera mans invisibility potion almost ran out
Roma_ 2279
Roma_ 2279 3 months ago
Cameraman: I'm not here 🗿
Laeetfe Hayes
Laeetfe Hayes 3 months ago
Johnny boy John
Johnny boy John 3 months ago
I now realize I prefer the smell of my own vomit
FBI 3 months ago
Why tf would broski immediately think to look at the exhaust pipe, I mean what.
Random Youtuber
Random Youtuber 3 months ago
Mental health screenings after a certain age or uploading such videos should be mandatory by the Government
SirShrimpy0 3 months ago
That’s enough RU-vid for today.
varsity graphix
varsity graphix 2 months ago
These kind of people actually walk among us.
Mukta Das
Mukta Das 4 months ago
The invisible cameraman... Give him some claps 🥲
Female Rap Vault
Female Rap Vault 4 months ago
They saw him but either way it’s fake I agree
Milorad Nakic
Milorad Nakic 4 months ago
​@Female Rap Vault da 4
Dhanush Rajamohan
Dhanush Rajamohan 3 months ago
They even talked while seeing us
Kiran Babu
Kiran Babu 3 months ago
Salute to the invisible cameraman
Murphy Fulmer
Murphy Fulmer 2 months ago
When you do stuff like this you just ask for problems and make people rethink your ability to function as an adult.
Markus Novak
Markus Novak 3 months ago
The invisible camera man strikes again
Ik Har
Ik Har 3 months ago
Why can’t these people stay on TikTok…
против биомусора
She showed the thing her parents forget to use once
Jeffrey Whitlatch
Jeffrey Whitlatch 3 months ago
I swear, these adult children of today.
Bassouta83 Benkouider
You are right that they do not understand the meaning of this. Is this the meaning of civilization and progress for them?
Resale Express
Resale Express 3 months ago
@Bassouta83 Benkouider agreed
Nicky Yay :D
Nicky Yay :D 3 months ago
**Dirty minded side activated**
Rosco 3 months ago
Clout is a hell of a drug
Hearts4jeremyyy🤗 3 months ago
Bruh is anyone in the comments gonna talk about her straight up biting her lip while stretching out the condominium to her preferred size..💀💀
Mark Frey
Mark Frey 2 months ago
This is a hybrid car, the exhaust doesn't come out right after starting the car anyway. Such bright people i share this world with.
Ava 에이다
Ava 에이다 4 months ago
Rule number one Always hide your products before you're done with your prank
Ken Saunders
Ken Saunders 2 months ago
I was really hoping she started the car when he was looking at the tail pipe
Carl B
Carl B 3 months ago
Lets talk about that AI destroying humanity thing shall we? 🤔
Phathwisa Zinhle
Phathwisa Zinhle 3 months ago
Шавкат Шокиров
Сколка ст нужн ,я адам
Corey Jeffrey
Corey Jeffrey 3 months ago
The way she did the whip cream tho💀
LTF007-DZ 3 months ago
Before this video, I was watching a group of african kids waiting in line for a plate of rice 🍚.
slurricane 3 months ago
This isn't the only time she "fakes" it with him.
Myrush 2 months ago
The cameraman be like: 👻
Jesse Darling
Jesse Darling 2 months ago
She thinks he knows anything about a car’s functionality 😂
Lino95 2 months ago
This is why scientists are searching another planet for living.
Геннадий -
Геннадий - 3 months ago
Медицина а данном случае бессильна...
Rossco Radio
Rossco Radio 2 months ago
Have you ever seen somebody and immediately know that they stink?
Woke asf
Woke asf 3 months ago
Its official ppl lost their minds.
Koob Vu
Koob Vu 4 months ago
WTH! Psychopath got nothing to do here.
Zaki Qureshi
Zaki Qureshi 3 months ago
After this her psychotherapist needs psychotherapist 😢
Johnsy Ramirez
Johnsy Ramirez 3 months ago
Yoooo why was she looking at the balloon like that 💀💀😳🤨
Thomas Kirby
Thomas Kirby 3 months ago
If I lived in a house like that, driving those cars and making that content, I’d be ok with being called an adult child…
I Love you
I Love you 3 months ago
Found a new brand MAGNUM 😂
Nice Bagus Murah
Nice Bagus Murah 3 months ago
Cameramen: invisible mode 😂
Bg Guitars
Bg Guitars 3 months ago
Sad people starved for attention
Amirul Jamaludin
Amirul Jamaludin 3 months ago
The Cameraman was invisible 😂
Travis Bradley
Travis Bradley 2 months ago
Maybe if her parents used one, we wouldn't have had to see this.
Rick 4 months ago
Touch my car w/o permission= walk with a limp for about 3 months
A_Normal_Male_Human 3 months ago
he doesn’t know where the camera man is bro
Jorge Isaac González Prieto
Dios mío!!! Cuánta espontaneidad!!!
Philip Jackson
Philip Jackson 3 months ago
So cameraman is the invisible man then 😂😂
STARK YT 2 months ago
Why every camera man is invisible 💀
Abhinand K
Abhinand K 3 months ago
I think the husband is blind , he dosnt saw the camera 😂😂
Greg Payton
Greg Payton 3 months ago
This lady has put all of those in her tailpipe guaranteed.
Murrell Stewart
Murrell Stewart 3 months ago
People today are crazy
vili haatoa
vili haatoa 3 months ago
camera man is god or sum no one can see him omg thats so awsome-
IAmForThaTruth💯 2 months ago
You know she done been ran through doing sh*t like this
Mark Keeler
Mark Keeler 3 months ago
Yeah, the first thing I check when my car doesn't start is the tailpipe. Yeah.
nikhilchandra26262 3 months ago
Legend say camera man was there when their brain was transplanted with donkey’s
Gabriel 2 months ago
Wellcome back to How to break ur car
Máfia Azul barreiro
Me sentia inútil, mas depois que vi o vídeo de vocês percebi o quanto sou incrível 🎉🎉
PC 3 months ago
Always two germs are alive in all Soap advertisements. These are two germs...
El CH4V4L G4M3R 2 months ago
La inteligencia los persigue, pero ellos son más rápidos
kaju katli
kaju katli 3 months ago
If they do these video for some more day, Cameraman will need immediate help from Psychiatric
Animefhy 3 months ago
I never saw anyone going back instead of checking engine
Ken Saunders
Ken Saunders 2 months ago
I rly wanted to see/hear the car start.
κωστας Καφφας
Δυστυχώς όσοι έχουν λεφτά δεν έχουν χιούμορ ...
mehmet sert
mehmet sert 3 months ago
Aynen katılıyorum sana
Adem Ali
Adem Ali 3 months ago
C'est vrai
Ian 3 months ago
Squirts cream in hand then puts in exhaust 💀
alexander zakharov
alexander zakharov 3 months ago
Wow seems hidden cameraman really invented😂
P Gallegos
P Gallegos 3 months ago
After 24hrs I can't stop laughing...I guess they are invited to every party in town.
KazumaShima94 3 months ago
Ignore the people real quick, is bro using an old police car? The Ford got a Setina pushbar