Alien civilizations from level 1 to level 7. We are only at level 0.72 

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0:00 Kardashev scale
1:55 Level
03:11 Level 1 (planetary civilization)
4:48 Level 2 (stellar civilization)
6:38 Level 3 (galactic civilization)
8:09 Level 4 (universal civilization)
9:55 Level 5 (multiversal civilization)
11:15 Level 6 (multidimensional civilization)
12:26 Level 7 (creator civilization)
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Oct 1, 2023




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Kepler 438b
Kepler 438b Year ago
As a level 7 being, can confirm this is indeed accurate.
BujuBra Year ago
thanks mate, just needed confirmation. but the slight chance you actually are.. what’s it like?
Kepler 438b
Kepler 438b Year ago
@BujuBra as a planet of similar size to earth, its quite alright honestly. I feel bad for my cousin Earth though, the humans have been pumping coal and other toxic fuels in her lungs for over a hundred years now, I'm getting kinda worried about her getting lung cancer at only 4.5 billion years old. Also if you humans fly over to me, please use solar or at least something renewable. I enjoy being healthy and green.
RoboRex6 Year ago
Favourite type of bread?
Jayvier Mendiola
Jayvier Mendiola 3 months ago
0 - local natural resources 1:55 1 - Planetary 3:11 2 - Stellar 4:48 3 - Galactic 6:38 4 - Universal 8:09 5 - Multiversal 9:55 6 - Multidimensional 11:15 7 - Creator 12:26
Thomas hsiai
Thomas hsiai Year ago
Hey, give humanity a lot of credit for evolving from .3 to .72 within the span of 2000 years
super double88
aliens be like: I will destroy them in 10k years. THEY SHALL DIE Humans: SPEEDRUN MUSIC INTENSIFIES becomes type 2 Aliens: HOWit took us 1m years Humans: my goal here is to brake my record no time to chat Aliens: WAT
Motivation Year ago
yea people don't actually understand how fucking fast we're improving
Evryatis Year ago
yea its insanely quick how things change with each generation
Type 1 speedrun any% glitchless
Traffic 10 months ago
I feel like it’s completely impossible for us to even come close to accurately predicting stuff like this, but this video is still an awesome motivator for growing and evolving .
Acs101 10 months ago
This video is the author halucination.😮
Taco is Me
Taco is Me 10 months ago
I agree because the only actual differences between civ types were how they harnessed energy, and then everything said in between was separate and impossible to predict
Acs101 10 months ago
@Taco is Me but those paid media and scientic act like they know it we those asumption upon asumption
geerenmo 9 months ago
That's why they call them 'theories' , you geniuses.
Jamie 9 months ago
I'm a total layman, but I question the timescales between each civilisation type. Surely the gap between civ types should go exponentially quicker, not ridiculously slower. Like, to go from a Type 1 to a Type 2 in 100,000 to 1 million years?! Just look at the exponential advancement of technology in the last 100 years. The more you know, the better your tech, the faster you'll advance surely. I know these advancements are supposed to be absolute quantum leaps, but going from 0-1 in anything is always the hardest part.
s Year ago
A type VI civilization would devolve back into type 0, where they would then have the option to play as Luigi.
Flame Y
Flame Y Year ago
Jack Panther
Jack Panther Year ago
U mean the Player 2 toddler with an unplugged controller?
Chaos Builder
Chaos Builder Year ago
Arthur W
Arthur W 11 months ago
Looper44 7 months ago
The fact that a 0.72 level civilisation can envisage a level 7, now that’s amazing.
PornHub Official
PornHub Official 5 months ago
level 7 knows wayyyy too much
Anik Ultra
Anik Ultra 3 months ago
Its not that amazing when u think about it.
bumba 3 months ago
@Anik Ultra your joking right?
IlikeHistory 3 months ago
@bumba This is all hypothesis, no math or evidence to back it up
Hillz Year ago
How beautiful would it be if countries on earth were rivals that don't invade and destroy each other...but rivals who strive to create things that make the world better
Julian Emery
Julian Emery Year ago
So positively competitive.
Mustafa Mond
Mustafa Mond Year ago
ala space race?
Random Banana
Random Banana Year ago
it always saddens me to think how much potential we have if countries actually cooperated and don't have wars.
cobracomm187 Year ago
Wise thinking. 💯
Daunte Falck
Daunte Falck Year ago
I feel like the only interesting levels are 0-4 once you get to the last 3 it becomes more absurd than interesting because 0-4 actually feels achievable while 5-7 don't
Rodix Year ago
Thats only right now. If humans will exist and become like Type 3 or 4, then for them Type 5 and 6 will seem reachable. It's just thinking into the future and the progress that needs to be done on the way there.
AFS Mapping
AFS Mapping Year ago
Yeah, a story of type 4-7 is no better than Alice in wonderland.
NullenTV Year ago
There is no conceivable way for our understanding of quantum technologies at this point for it to exist… maybe one day we look at type 4-7 the way we look at 1-3 today.
Arnav Year ago
5-7 is just like some god shit.. leaving bodies living in a conscious it feels weird 4 is like a practical god hehe
Itzwillyboy Year ago
Not with that attitude
Toprak135 10 months ago
Kurzgesagt said there could be a Type Omega, which controls it's entire universe (and possibly others), and in that video some person commented "Imagine if the Type Omega had it's own Kardashev Scale, and they were only the Type 1." That would be absurd.
Jamie 9 months ago
There may be no absolute end to the rabbit hole. What if a civilisation is so ridiculously advanced that even its infants can create their own multiverses with their own laws of physics (or some other, unknown brand of science - or magic to us!)? If the universe is infinite, then there are surely infinite possibilities for ever-more granular and ever-more powerful discoveries.
The_Biggest_Chungus 7 months ago
​@Jamie that might be a tad too much Marvel
james cameron
james cameron 7 months ago
​@The_Biggest_Chungus he makes a good and interesting point tbf
Michael Moen
Michael Moen 7 months ago
So, basically a Type Omega civilization can also be known as "God".
A Singularity
A Singularity 7 months ago
@Michael Moen as a type god, i can confirm that i can make different universes by accident by thinking somthing
GreenTimeEagle 11 months ago
It's interesting that you've described type 7 civilizations as creator civilizations as we in Sukyo Mahikari talk about 7 dimensions with the creative force existing at the furthest reaches of the 7th dimensions while simultaneously permeating and interpenetrating the lower dimensions. This interpenetrating influence is said to be God's law. That is, the fundamental laws for which all life is governed
Fallen Year ago
in regards to the beginning of the video where he said the theorized number of planets that can sustain life, id argue itd be even higher. ive always said that we shouldnt say definitively that aliens have the same needs as us and keep our minds open to the possibilites in this infinite universe. some may need extreme cold, others extreme heat, maybe some can survive in either. some may need oxygen, some may need something else
Extremophile beings, or subterranean civilizations in barren surfaced planets.
Aurum Vale
Aurum Vale Year ago
some may be just a bunch of moving rocks or natural occurring machines
Prashant. P
Prashant. P Year ago
a good observation. yeah some may need methane to survive, or, poisonous sulfur to sustain their metabolism, we havent thought about that. maybe they need very very high pressure so they live inside water.
gamified670 11 months ago
See I've always wondered that somewhere there are beings that don't need the same things as us
Rishaun Singh
Rishaun Singh 9 months ago
Great video guys. So profound and thought-provoking. Top tier stuff.
nnamdi ebosie
nnamdi ebosie Year ago
For a civilization to develop and last for billions of years... it has to have a respect for life. Humans need to get past wars and conflict in order to truly advance as a civilization.
Filip Year ago
Also to have 1 language, financial equality, no more hunger, and we can evolve, but seems like it's impossible for now
Ubaid ur Rehman
This war is one of the main reason we develop new technologies
Paul Sparks
Paul Sparks Year ago
Michio Kaku did say that for us to reach a Type 1 we have to avoid destroying ourselves. It was from a video back in 2011 Called Will Mankind Destroy Itself. It is still on RU-vid.
Lmap 05
Lmap 05 Year ago
I feel like the ascension to each level of civilization is almost exponentially more difficult to achieve.
Nojah Year ago
It surely is. But we have millions of years 🙂
Toma Year ago
That’s because the equation is an exponential equation; it literally becomes exponentially harder to increase the type rating
Swagat Ranjan Sahu
Well the process would be more difficult but it wouldn't feel difficult.
Bdleo 5 months ago
Pure speculations. We advanced from horses and timber ships to space travel and nuclear energy in only 200 years.
Vintce 2 months ago
@Bdleo Took millions of years to get to the modern age. Might take many millenia to become galactic.
You ever wonder if we've accidentally breached several levels without knowing it?
If this cannon then backroom should exist on this vid
bowXfire Year ago
Yea it is highly possible. There might have been an universe where they havent thought of fighting or medicine to cure/heal themselves. Maybe some other field.
shifting gears n passing queer’s
@A_ManOfCulture what do you think the back rooms are if you know about the back rooms then you know why it was thought up
Maurício Libório
Maurício Libório 11 months ago
This is one of the most incredible videos that I have ever seen, so full of ideas and possibilities to think and try to conduct many different studies. I would like to deeply thank you for posting this.
Rishaun Singh
Rishaun Singh 9 months ago
Herbert4MVP 7 months ago
Yeah get to crackin. We need you to cut that 100,000 to 1 million year track to level 1 down pretty significantly please
Alex T'Soni
Alex T'Soni 7 months ago
This is one of those conversations that would be so much fun to discuss.
Superior Mike
Superior Mike 11 months ago
This is indeed accurate! How fascinating! -A subscriber from a type 4 civilization :)
CGxRabbit 9 months ago
Philippineball 9 months ago
How the heck did you know our language.. And how did you got access through our internet and social media??????????
ElectricBacon 8 months ago
@Philippineball he’s joking. But in all seriousness, any civilization after 0 has access to more than just energy that benefits them to achieve goals that would be impossible for us today.
Glen Rosarian
Glen Rosarian 5 months ago
I like the idea of extracting consciousness from flesh and achieving immortality. Absolutely fascinating. I'm curious as to what kind of food or foods we would eat, if at all, if we were a higher-level civilization. Also medicine and health-care.
baka Month ago
"Achieving immortality" would mean that we don't need anything to sustain ourselves.
Travis Hudson
Travis Hudson 9 days ago
@baka Things require energy to "do". Thinking requires energy, so even without flesh we would need energy to think and exist. Therefore we just wouldn't be limited to only obtaining energy from the inefficient processing of food, but rather be able to run directly off of our generators like computers.
Amir Shah
Amir Shah Year ago
TikTok added a few more thousand years for us to reach type 1 civilisation
Johnny Plunkett
With bimbos in bikinis and cute cats who needs civilization?
Indian Weeb Desu 🏳️‍🌈
Cringe edit - this comment from me was cringe and tik tok is cringe as well
Sharkhorse Year ago
Ninety Seven
Ninety Seven Year ago
Imagine the things we could do if everyone on earth worked together for the advancement of mankind. It’s unfortunate that something like that just isn’t human nature.
ElectricBacon 8 months ago
It’s possible, we just have to “manipulate” the government into paying Scientists and Engineers higher rates than jobs in the entertainment industry. That way, everyone would be interested in becoming a scientist or an engineer in technology, hence more brains working together and generating ideas for future development.
Ayush Mishra
Ayush Mishra 7 months ago
@ElectricBacon yeah bro sadly 😭..
Bdleo 5 months ago
Yet with all wars and chaos we advanced from horses and timber ships to space travel and nuclear energy in 200 years...
Tortoise Ahoy
Tortoise Ahoy Year ago
This is exactly what I've always thought. Literally can't believe this is an actual theory! Every philosophy of mine matched with this video to the extent of 80%.
half pine
half pine 7 months ago
Relax, Plato
Aryan Aman
Aryan Aman 7 months ago
bro is that irodov in the pic 💀
Tortoise Ahoy
Tortoise Ahoy 7 months ago
@Aryan Aman Ye lol
Posys Dogovych
Posys Dogovych 9 months ago
What's crazy is that just a couple of days ago humanity reached a scientific breakthrough with nuclear fission. It doesn't mean we'll become level 1 anytime soon, but we might just be a couple of decades away.
Buddhika.binduhewa 11 months ago
Hi all, This is remarkable piece of work. Excellent. This video has given me some answers and connections for my thoughts of science, life and alians. This finding clearly fits the facts of the written book which is "Chariots of the Gods" by an Italian writer. Truly amazing. I would like to learn more. I am a craver for such high level information about the cosmos. Such findings can clear many deep seated myths
Orca 7 months ago
Imagine being able to harness the energy of a star, I can’t imagine ever building anything around the sun.
Mr. Tambourine Man
The more advanced a civilization gets, the more trippy this video seems to get
Sports Fan
Sports Fan Year ago
Because everything he said after type 4 is wild speculation. 6 and 7 almost certainly don’t exist
that dude
that dude Year ago
I am a firm believer traveling back in time is impossible
Sports Fan
Sports Fan Year ago
@that dude Agreed
Ruzzky_Bly4t Year ago
@that dude An ant is also a firm believer that traveling to other planets is impossible.
that dude
that dude Year ago
@Ruzzky_Bly4t you can travel forward but not backward in time. Also please don't speak for the ants, they are incredibly wise in my eyes.
NasaPeepo Year ago
That was such a trip, man! I was completely immersed in this video. I didn't know where I even was. All my thoughts went away. I guess I was in a flow state.
Jack Slaughter
Jack Slaughter 6 months ago
And what if we, as a .72 level civ, discovered souls can access extradimensional power? It's interesting to think about
BonitaIszy 7 months ago
Someone should make a game like this. Pretty much like Age of Empire but instead it's modern and then you can upgrade to a type 1, then 2 and so on. that'd be kinda neat ^~^
frere jacques
frere jacques Year ago
I think any civilization that could build a sphere around a star would also be able to have developed a fusion reactor... probably small enough to fit in your wristwatch. And probably a power source we haven't even thought of. There would be no need to try to construct around a sun.
Carlos Herrera
Carlos Herrera 11 months ago
To learn how to harvest the energy from a star will be a knowledge always necessary to expand through the Universe, they are like gas stations for an advanced civilization.
Russell Lapua
Russell Lapua 7 months ago
There's a (very loose) theory that the Boötes Void could be the work of a Type 2/3 (likely 3) civilisation setting up Dyson Spheres. The Void should have 10,000+ galaxies compared to other sections of the night sky, but instead has 60~, and that these are the "hub" areas that this civilisation lives in around, and harnesses the energy from the surrounding galaxies.
CewyahAlt Year ago
Isn't it freaky how we've never left our solar system physically but, our human brains are capable of thinking this deep and vividly?
LogicSS Year ago
Author Pedro Cristobal
Not freaky but extremely interesting ;)
Myllhahn Year ago
Nah, it's quantum physics.
Lewis Chacon
Lewis Chacon Year ago
Our mind is the ticket to interstellar travel & into the multiverses, including reaching all other dimensions.
𝘾obb 𝙨alad
Its not even freaky, everything we know is just a lie
Mr Andrew
Mr Andrew 6 months ago
Thanks for this upload it certainly opens our eyes to not only think outside the box but look outside it aswell 👍
EverLast Year ago
once you've reached level 7 you will realize that you were only lived in virtual world created by more advanced civilization ❤
lol help me, it's to much for my brains which can't even imagine the distance between two solar systems.
Aurum Vale
Aurum Vale Year ago
ironically that would make the Bible and other religious text a real possibility of past events
EverLast Year ago
@Aurum Vale U got a good point! religion through science!
Peter Pagh
Peter Pagh 8 months ago
why didnt i think of that myself, brilliant!
Andreas Brigos
Andreas Brigos 7 months ago
Never 7
ye 4 months ago
I do wonder how fast are we going to advance from here on out now that we're beginning to "harness" the power of AI. I remember seeing Jarvis from Iron Man as a huge SF element, and to now think that it might become a reality is somewhat mind blowing. There's no way left to go but up from here
VanishLikeaDream 7 months ago
I don’t believe aliens exist but I find this very interesting and fascinating
hume1234561 2 days ago
A brilliant synopsis of the Kardashev scale. Can anyone tell who performed the music at the 2:00 mark?
Eddie Beaty
Eddie Beaty Year ago
So my understanding is if we can survive long enough to make it to a type 2 civilization we have a fair chance to advance further. So much can go wrong for us until then.
Monero_COD Year ago
Yeah like for one People forcing other people to fight over pieces of land that actually don't belong to any human lolol.
JH7xXCampus Year ago
So much is Going Wrong already if we all work together to make life for all Humans to ascend we can achieve it sadly don’t think this will happen
liam Year ago
humanity as a whole probably can but humans can't if that make sense
Cooling Agent
Cooling Agent Year ago
@liam yeah, I get what you mean.
Osman Baran Özdemir
Imagine that there is aliens all around the universe, but due to physics laws, they can not reach us but somehow they managed to contact each other by using quantum phsyics kinda stuff (i do not know what could it be, but i sort of know that we still dont exactly know what quantum is capable of) and when we discover enough, we see millions of alien civilisations in contact, and we join them. That’d be cool
Alex. D
Alex. D Year ago
I always thought that the reason we haven't seen them are either; 1) Humans are still a relatively young and new species in the grand scheme of things so they want us to grow a bit more and get another level first before they make contact. 2) Honestly your idea where our solar system is simply too far away from them to establish proper contact... But they're in touch with each other
one min sol
one min sol 11 months ago
Read the remembrance of earths past aka 3body problem triology
Rob 8 months ago
The interesting part is that we kind of already scratched the surface of some of these highly advanced technologies. Nuclear fusion break through just happened recently, I'd be willing to bet the reverse engineering programs have some form of anti gravity craft, time travel/ teleporting has at least been proven at the atomic level. We are the outlier it would seem in some of these scenarios. I just wonder socially and culturally how do things change as we become more advanced?
Moti Ben-Zur
Moti Ben-Zur 11 months ago
What if I can tell you that all levels 1 to 7 can be achieved right now and we have the ability to be all that you mentioned. If you imagined something you can achieve it! you'll be surprised where we are going as a civilization. The next few years will be very interesting. 💜🙏
Tardis Command
Tardis Command 6 months ago
I think the best way to populate a universe would be to send quantum entangled computer based androids to all the reaches. Then you could uplink and control that android on some far off planet without any lag.
Grant Hart
Grant Hart Month ago
If everyone worked together we could advance so fast.
mando Year ago
Imagine being in a type 6 civilization, and your mom suddenly says 'pack your bags, we're moving dimesions'
BeforeTheRise Year ago
In eternity this feet will be nothing
Riley R
Riley R Year ago
You won't need to pack, it will be beamed there!
Orion Year ago
MKSeed91 Year ago
@BeforeTheRise *feat* You’re welcome
R Valent
R Valent 7 months ago
Wouldn't type 7 title only be given to the first civilization mastering type 6? Or type 7 remain the only mistery to type 6 civs, as they can't travel back to before time started ticking, and hypothetical, "maybe it was type 7 that created the universes, maybe it sas purely random"
nope 7 months ago
Would it be possible to just throw an energy capturing rod that gets yeeted into the sun and stays there just sticking out? Or is that just straight up not possible.
Carlos Herrera
Carlos Herrera 11 months ago
We then were created by a type III - IV - V - VI - VII Civilization. It is curious how the rule 70/30 is accomplished here too, when a civilization reaches 0.7 level understand by instinct, by default that exists an scale for this.
José Arturo Castrejón Espinosa
Great video! Thanks for the info. Just a little correction, yoh say at 2:38 "10 to the 16 power Watts of energy per second". That is a bit confusing, because Watts are not energy, but rather Power. Watts are actually Jouls over Second, and Jouls is alredy a measure of energy.
Green Demon
Green Demon 3 months ago
Achieving level 5 or 6 is more than enough.
Mike V
Mike V Year ago
This progression assumes expansion outward is an inherent condition. What if other intelligent civilizations focus on more efficient energy use by going smaller, inward toward the subatomic. There may also be alternate dimensions in that direction.
Daddy Year ago
i think doing both is the most naturally plausible progression. Outward expansion is always the first priority, due to it being so much more easily reachable & blatantly understandable. Going subatomic would require a lot more different levels of thinking & work that I don’t think we have even started on yet. It would also probably require a lot more resources and technological advances that would probably come easier from outward expansion. Historically, things tend to go Macro before they go Micro, it’s just a lot easier.
Mike V
Mike V Year ago
@Daddy To us, yes, but that's not necessarily and inherent evolutionary condition/requirement throughout the cosmos. Thanks for the thoughtful reply!
Daddy Year ago
@Mike V (edited) lol
Jules Year ago
Yes! Play tall!
Villtra Year ago
We are already going smaller, making everything More efficient
C J 7 months ago
The major problem I have with this scale is that we are the only civilization we know about and we are not even a 1 on the scale. If literally the only civilization you know about is not even on the scale, that means everything else on the scale is just completely random and based on nothing
Skyfe the Ranger
Skyfe the Ranger 4 months ago
i completely agree
Kevin Wu
Kevin Wu 3 months ago
everything up to 4 is based on theoretical physics tho
Arpit raj
Arpit raj 2 days ago
The scale is based on energy consumption of civilization and there's a proper formula for it , and according to that formula we are calculated as a type 0.72 civilization
Samu Achille
Samu Achille 8 months ago
I think we should put the 7th to 8th and the 7th should be a conceptual civilization, which can warp or creates concepts
Оскар мл. Ашуров
Imagine what a type 8, 9 or even ten civilization would be?
Idan 8 months ago
its crazy how the universe can create life and let it evolve but in a very challenging way like its the only reason the universe exists...
Markku Nissinen
Markku Nissinen 7 months ago
As far as "independent research" goes, this is one of the best ones yet.
Matthew J
Matthew J Year ago
So basically, the civilization that helped Matthews character in Interstellar was a type 6, since they opened up a warmhole and threw him into another dimension.
Jessy Agosto
Jessy Agosto Year ago
It was humans that reached type 6 in a different universe or dimension. That helped.
IndyShepherd Year ago
I don't believe the wormhole threw him into another dimension... It was the same tangible universe.
Ashton Green
Ashton Green Year ago
@IndyShepherd he went into a naked singularity, the wormhole at the beginning, then at the end he went into the black hole where time and space reverse roles. So it’s the same universe but with dimensions switched round, it was also an artificial black hole meaning he was able to comprehend time as space and interact with it
Brandon M
Brandon M Year ago
In that case, Christopher Nolan is a type 7 civilization
talacra Year ago
@Jessy Agosto It was not human that reached type 6 but in the novel they called them "THEY". They're just higher being who help humanity to grow and advance.
lunny371 Year ago
Yes, on the grand scale, with our knowledge, usage, and manipulation with the matter around us and ones that we're already aware of, it's plausible to say our knowledge and manipulation of it is *LEAGUES* behind what advanced civilization could harness and manipulate with a terrestrial concept of how other civilizations could.
Stach man
Stach man 5 months ago
the plan is to use the level palatharian gobagobo glitch as soon as we can to quickly wipe out the other civilzations, a trick only avalable around level 1.02
FuckBoiVA 9 months ago
As an omega being, I devolved back to type 0 so I may indulge myself in the dankiest of memes in the whole multiverse
There are two crucial things that this video did not mention. One crucial thing that this video did not mention is the existence of competition. As the saying goes, there would be always a completion when there is an intelligent life forms. So frequent wars against those greater aliens is inevitable. "Those who do not look like us will likely do not think as we do." The favorite term of humanity when it comes to suppressing those who looks slightly different than them. So if This slight difference would make humanity fight each other's out, you can't imagine how humanity and other intelligent life forms will do each other. The second being is that race is not necessarily slowly tread and make their own science and technology if there are dozens of ancient races who have done so. Instead of reinventing the wheel, why not KILL, CONQUER AND STEAL? Isn't that easy that way? Humans have done so in The past so...
™Corpser Tag🔰
™Corpser Tag🔰 6 months ago
As we speak, we're being watched by a Type-8 Civilization who created this virtual simulation we call the universe.
maciek morawski
A thing to consider. Some movies, games, books have shown that when one civilisation not crosses but merely opens a "door" to another universe, the highly possible different laws of physics between the two universes may be so different, maybe even contradict each other, that a VERY violent event could happen. Best case scenario, the "door" collapses, worst case scenario, at least one universe will be severly damaged, not to mention the destruction of almost every living beeing in it
HighDuke Schwi
Yo thanks man i never thought about this
XOT989 Year ago
Pretty sure the process is called vacuum decay
Kit Snow
Kit Snow Year ago
What movie was this in?
Drake H
Drake H Year ago
The closest thing to observe this phenomenon is viewing the ocean and land as two separate world of existences based on density. When a flood or tsunami happens, it basically destroys land cities.
Gray Panji Jr
Gray Panji Jr Year ago
I think that what constitutes as consciousness is just a unique configuration of the human brain and maybe that's why noone can ever exist twice, with the same characteristics, physiology etc. I genuinely do believe that, if we reach a level where we've algorithmically decoded the configuration of the human brain, we can recreate every single consciousness that has ever existed and therefore reviving anyone from their demise.
Steve Year ago
You're confusing information with existence. This is the error in modern thinking. The rules of finance don't create wealth, a blueprint of a house is not a house, and all the data that comprises doesn't actualize you, since we can create a data to define anything and that doesn't actualize the thing. It's like suggesting that by merely typing the words that define something it would cause that thing to exist.
Aditya Nagar
Aditya Nagar Year ago
my respect goes to the camera man who would be alive to record all this.
aaa bbb
aaa bbb 7 months ago
aaa bbb
aaa bbb 7 months ago
Aditya Nagar
Aditya Nagar 7 months ago
@aaa bbb love you buddy 🥲
Jehu Uriel Ines
Jehu Uriel Ines 3 months ago
Cameraman >> Type 7 civ
Cory Reid
Cory Reid 11 months ago
The big question is... Will humanity reach Level 1 and all the associated benefits before destroying ourselves?
Tony Solo
Tony Solo Year ago
I remember reading somewhere that we have acheived a type 1 civilization communication system already.
Shaarav Guha
Shaarav Guha Year ago
We're definitely on the brink of it, especially with NASAs most recent exploits.
hvac_tech Month ago
It's funny but the last type 6 civilization basically starting all over creating life and watching it progress over time makes sense. Being immortal can get kinda boring after a few million years.😅
Mirza Milak
Mirza Milak Year ago
Once you get to level 7 you realize there are thousands of more levels and it never stops
rekcahY Year ago
once you get to 7 the big bang happens and you start from 0 lol
JoMamba Year ago
@rekcahY bruh
Tizio a Caso
Tizio a Caso Year ago
@rekcahY reset button in tycoon games
Mohammed Zakaria
@Tizio a Caso true lol
Stouthuyzen Bob
i personally think there's a limit tho, short said, if a civilation can mess with the laws of nature, their reiched the limit
AssRipper9000 8 months ago
Anything beyond type 3 is very theoretical and is practically impossible
Lithmi Perera
Lithmi Perera 2 months ago
I am a Buddhist and according to Buddhism the true reality in life and nature can be identified and witnessed when we eradicate all the cravings and clingness to things in the worldly life only through that. Buddha has a conscious power to travel through time, to create things as buddha wished due to the development of the consciousness through meditation. Thank you very much for this video ❤️
Blue Balled Media
Blue Balled Media 3 months ago
Awesome video. Really fascinating.
last name
last name Year ago
this is like my child hood i was so interested in space that i watched these 6 hours a day
Deeezey_ 11 months ago
It's hard to perceive such things when your mind and imagination stretches only as far as current laws of physics will allow without technically breaking the universe Tldr: the universe is a swamp to get through mentally and physically
Photon Wolfsky
Isaac Asimov's "The Last Question" presents the concept of a "level 7" civilization, albeit a single paragraph worth. Basically, after a few trillion years, humans evolved into universal single consciousness that literally just decides to reverse entropy on a universal scale. Regular people don't give Asimov enough credit as a sci-fi writer who pioneered so many mind-boggling concepts for modern space fiction.
Marko Vujović
Best sci-fi author by far.
jsbrads1 Year ago
I’m guessing you know what that means. They create a universe.
Marko Vujović
@jsbrads1 yeah, I got that..
Marko Vujović
@Blissful no what?
Ajay OK
Ajay OK Year ago
Like in Evangelion?
Malika Oubilla
There's no such a thing as "pure consciousness" that can just float in space in every dimension !
Lachlan Anthony
Interesting concepts. So with your calculations our Sole would be level 5? Pretty much just consciousness or matter.
Sebber J
Sebber J 7 months ago
The main source on a level 1 civilization could very easily be powered by solar alone, and not nuclear (I know it's technically the same thing) But solar would be far more efficient and clean in the long run.
Мухаммед Алі Ель-Факіх
I like how convincing talking about theories as if they were actual facts sounds, especially if you put epic music in the background. :D
Googus 8 months ago
The fact that the UFOs we see today use Gravity fields and teleportation type abilites just proves that atleast up to Type 4 is possible. Mind blowing SHIT
Michael Fleming
I liked the multiple levels theorized, even if it does get rather abstract. Civilizations that understand and could use dark energy could define another potential level, slotting in somewhere before accessing multiverses.
Markus Ketonen
Yeah, abstract. BIG TIME Abstract
5RRR Year ago
I feel like possibly multiple (or ALL) universes occupy THIS space, and that dark matter is just us running up against the seams of other dimensions-seemingly folded flat from our vantage point. Like, dark matter is geographical topography we can’t read yet?
Vulciferon, Harold of the Winter Mists
​@5RRR I feel like this theory is somewhat accurate. I am not particularly religious. I believe that if the multiverse is a thing there may or may not be some sort of god that is pure consciousness that either already existed or spontaneously existed from nothing over time much like the controversial big bang theory suggests our universe came to be (i.e. big bang led to formation of earth which led to formation of humans, higher intelligence and awareness, etc.). Over time you'd only expect consciousness to get more advanced as long as we don't kill each other (more than we already do). We also have to accept the fact we can only see so far right now just simply due to the testable effect of overly red shifted light at a determined distance (which almost certainly indicates that the space between us and what we perceive as everything else is expanding such that light could not reach us past a certain distance). Even if said light did reach us somehow it would be so red-shifted you wouldn't get any useful information out of it. Only reason I bring this up is that I feel that means the universe is most likely just infinite and particles just spontaneously come into existence in an endless expanding space. It doesn't have to make sense; if you think about it very deep or ask a expert in the field, nothing really does make sense in terms of the beginning of everything (if there is such a beginning).
Florian S
Florian S Year ago
An example of type 7 civilizations are the Precursors from Halo.
The Highlander
I feel like dark energy doesn’t actually exist. It’s never been demonstrated in the real world.
Sway Year ago
I wonder why Kardashev believed it is impossible to ascend beyond a type 3 civilisation? Personally I hope we can atleast reach level 6. I wanna know the secrets of the universe.
Sfix 11 months ago
Are there any examples of level 6 civilisations in fiction?
Jean-Philippe Ferron
As a scientist, I thank you for your entertaining science-fiction video
Chase Green
Chase Green Year ago
Imagine being so advanced that after a few hundred billions of years you eventually deplete all the energy sources from your own universe, then simply move on to the next.
David SoL Vincent
As well as simultaneously creating new universes. Simply by a AI machine mimicking all our actions in this universe but making a slightly different decision than the one we make. Thus creating another universe in the multiverse that we can harness for energy. Thus nothing ever is depleted.
Peter Pagh
Peter Pagh 8 months ago
wondering what they are gonna do with all that energy, seems rather nonsense to spend the energy of one whole galaxy just to travel to the other side of the universe, and see how that is, or, imagine they having a summer house 5 billion galaxies away, and to visit it they have to harness the energy of 7 milky ways, imagine how many conscious lives they would eradicate from existence just to visit their summer house.
Yumi Year ago
Next Patch: Includes Type 8 Pack: Unlocks Type 8 Civilization for $799 Custom Civilization Pack: Unlock all you want for $999
Tomkaten Year ago
Wait, so a type 3 uses existing wormholes to travel throughout the galaxy, while a L4 is capable of creating wormholes to roam the galaxy, but for this it needs the power of supernovae, harnessed from multiple neighboring galaxies. So then how do they get to other galaxies in the first place ?
Firdaus Jasmi 1412
Firdaus Jasmi 1412 9 months ago
This is peak science fiction and i love it!!
Viktor Zhang
Viktor Zhang Year ago
There is a video game called 'No Man's Sky' which allows you to create and destroy universes . Does this mean in this video game we are considered a Type7 civilization?
MG 9 months ago
As a type VII civilization I confirm that this is very true
Steven Baumann
I watched a show a few years ago called Year 1,000,000. It wasn't actually a million years into the future. It showed a family that lost a daughter and eventually had her consciousness transferred into a machine. It also got into them giving up their physical bodies for digital. They were callously discussing consuming entire planets so they would have enough materials for there Dyson Sphere. Such a future would really worry me. A lot of us already have such a callous disregard for life.
Steven Baumann
Paul Bedford at first no didn't worry mean me. But when I started looking into it, then yes. But how do we know it will stop at barren planets? Human history is filled with many examples of the strong dominating the weak. Future humans can look at a planet that has life and still wonder how does it benefit me?
Justfitz Year ago
@Steven Baumann Why wouldn't they just use asteroids at that point? I thought asteroids had plenty of good metals in them, and that there's virtually a limitless supply.
Steven Baumann
@Justfitz I'm not saying they won't use asteroids. But to create a Dyson Sphere you need a planets worth of raw material. At least that's what they say in theory.
Justfitz Year ago
@Steven Baumann My point is that asteroids might be so plentiful in raw materials that you wouldn't even need to bother with planets. Its possible that our entire outer solar system is jam packed with them. And they could have far more metal that what you'd get from a planet. Plus they might be more efficient to mine than actual planets too. Imagine the size of all the asteroids in our system. Its likely more than enough for a Dysons Sphere. And its also likely that other solar systems have tons of them too.
FebriyanWP Year ago
@Steven Baumann The commenter above me is right that using asteroids are more efficient in terms of gathering resources, because asteroids are smaller and easier to mine than whole planets, where you must identify geographical areas of valuable resources, and have to fight gravity in order to mine it, where asteroids you would need to drag it into preferable position and maybe mine it completely
StayRed Year ago
Element 115 though I think something like that comes into play when anti gravity is discovered and nullifies the wormhole deal and just overall changes the rest of the list
Ford Prefect
Ford Prefect 8 months ago
Element 115 is called Moscovium, and it was discovered in 2003. It's far too heavy and only has a half-life of anywhere from 20-650 milliseconds and breaks down immediately into E113 Nihomium isotopes. Not long enough to be stable for any kind of anti-gravity spaceships that Bob Lazar tried to pass off as real. Lazar's thing about "Element 115" was a case of PIDOMA since Moscovium had yet to be discovered, nor was it even considered yet, so it sounded spooky and out of this world. Even ultra-powerful alien civs have to follow physics like we do, so It's going to be something different than that for anti-gravity to work, like expanding the Standard Model by finally working out quantum gravity, discovering graviton particles and taking advantage of those. Which is something that a type 4+ civilization could pull off. *PIDOMA = Pulled It Directly Outta My Ass
S- Risiko
S- Risiko 7 months ago
@Ford Prefect 124 Unbiquadium ... an element of the island of stability. Some isotopes are likely to have a half-life of several thousand years. Possibly the isotope Ubq-330 with 124 protons and 204 neutrons is one of these long-lived isotopes. I once read a very interesting article in GEO about a Russian research laboratory - and a very clever man ... unfortunately I've forgotten his name ... he was able to illustrate it very clearly: imagine a bus that is really really full - then everyone supports themselves and no matter how bad the road is they stay together in a group! .. (I experienced something like that once in Perm - a funny story ... but that would go beyond the scope of this article ... in any case it fits).
S- Risiko
S- Risiko 7 months ago
124 Unbiquadium ... an element of the island of stability. Some isotopes are likely to have a half-life of several thousand years. Possibly the isotope Ubq-330 with 124 protons and 204 neutrons is one of these long-lived isotopes. I once read a very interesting article in GEO about a Russian research laboratory - and a very clever man ... unfortunately I've forgotten his name ... he was able to illustrate it very clearly: imagine a bus that is really really full - then everyone supports themselves and no matter how bad the road is they stay together in a group! .. (I experienced something like that once in Perm - a funny story ... but that would go beyond the scope of this article ... in any case it fits).
Denver Bax
Denver Bax Year ago
Type 7 is the premium level of civilization behind a huge paywall
Orca 7 months ago
My fear is it’ll take another century for fusion to start being used, and by that time it might be too late.
Galaxias Pen J'honson
I look forward to having a land speeder, and hope I live to get one. Interplanetary travel would be cool too. That said, I believe that's what makes this time so precious. That we are mere children, we laugh, we cry, we love, we hate, we get jealous.....and I think I'd miss the emotional upbringing of being human. But we are indeed destined for the stars and more!
GosuDRM 8 months ago
As a type 6 this is very accurate
CatchinXBodiezz 7 months ago
mark adams
mark adams Year ago
I absolutely love the free and easy assumptions here. Having unlimited energy as a type 2 civilization would mean the end of poverty. That simple sweeping toss off shows the reality of most futurist's. They all assume that if we just have enough time and energy everyone will come to think alike, love each other unconditionally and all work together for the common good. Yet not a one can describe even the first step in the incredible chain of events that would make this true. It's just 'in the future there will be no poverty because we have lots of energy'. The fact that no civilization ever, regardless of the energy, money, or resources available has ever achieved this is utterly irrelevant because 'they didn't have spaceships and fancy coveralls'.
Raheel Pervaiz
The highest income countries in the world have a poverty rate of 5% to 15% and with some wealth rebalancing and government spending could reach 0 likely
T_1_1235 Year ago
This video is so wrong and full of assumptions lol
mark adams
mark adams Year ago
@Raheel Pervaiz Ah, I see a born futurist at work. Once again you assume that what is physically possible is the question. It is not and never has been. The question is whether people in extremely large groups will willingly co-operate. And the answer is a resounding NO. Leaving aside all other incompatible cultural norms, take the issue of religion. Different religions have fundamentally different beliefs about social subjects that absolutely will not go away just because the majority says so. That is the whole basis of religion- that other people's beliefs are "wrong because MY GOD says so" and to accept/respect those beliefs will cause me to go to eternal damnation. Describe to me if you can the path that leads from that, where we are now, to a place where all people are equal in the eyes of all people. And fair warning, fairytale thinking about 'then we all sing kumbaya together because we should' will get all the respect it deserves
Kamaboko Gompachiro
True, we as a civilization have abundance of food, but still have starvation. An abundance doesnt mean equitable distribution. Human greed is real
T_1_1235 Year ago
We might be able to unify the world without too many problems, if you look at trends country get less and bigger over time
KassKass Year ago
i saw a dream a few days ago with a dragon that told me that the most beautiful place in the universe and showed me his whiskers that looked like 4? planets spinning around their star. i believe it would be nice to see such a solar system, aligned perfectly and all planets having life.
John Ryan Labadisos
John Ryan Labadisos 3 months ago
As a level 8 being, I can confirm that this is accurate
Birb 2 months ago
Only Level 8? Kinda fodder
Eric Jones
Eric Jones 5 months ago
Mind blown. It's impossible to wrap the mind around
Samuel Forsyth
Samuel Forsyth 11 months ago
3:38 fission works a lot better in a molten salt reactor, MCSFR is one of the better ones look into it..
Keynon 11 months ago
I like your videos but could you put all the links in the description so that we can also check ourselves??