Alien civilizations from level 1 to level 7. We are only at level 0.72

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Aug 9, 2022




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Hillz 3 months ago
How beautiful would it be if countries on earth were rivals that don't invade and destroy each other...but rivals who strive to create things that make the world better
Oowieoo Month ago
Cold War?
N.B.L. Month ago
White people Europeans messed that up...ask the Incas and Tainos
Mirza Milak
Mirza Milak Month ago
Well spoken... maybe in the future with more people like you and technology advancing maybe this will be possible and optainable.
KevWebsz Month ago
@The Phoenix Saga the overall idea is to advance in all beneficial ways. More accessibility to those with disabilities, faster ways of learning/ communicating with different languages (or species) nurturing nature with a focused intent on preservation. We can do it. We have all the knowledge and resources to make our reality something amazing. But greed, hunger for power, small mindedness is our biggest enemy since... Forever.
Photon Wolfsky
Photon Wolfsky 24 days ago
Isaac Asimov's "The Last Question" presents the concept of a "level 7" civilization, albeit a single paragraph worth. Basically, after a few trillion years, humans evolved into universal single consciousness that literally just decides to reverse entropy on a universal scale. Regular people don't give Asimov enough credit as a sci-fi writer who pioneered so many mind-boggling concepts for modern space fiction.
player 111q
player 111q 4 days ago
@Andrew Dock how about level 8?
Andrew Dock
Andrew Dock 14 days ago
Man cannot do this at level 7 but God can and does.
Ramesh Beenick
Ramesh Beenick 18 days ago
True. I Asimov is a visionary.
Blissful 19 days ago
Btw a wise teacher taught me that Isaac Asimov new that this(Advanced Tech Ai)would be happening the first time he saw a television back in the "oldy days," while predicting children would be learning at home on computers. He got it right, 2020.
Blissful 19 days ago
@Marko Vujović yessir.
Ashley 21 day ago
Amazing video! Our human civilization is truly minuscule compared to the grand scheme of things.
freezingcathedral 25 days ago
really dig how we have classifications for things that we haven't ven found yet. great job, scientists!
عبید 6 hours ago
@RealismNOW But it's interesting to discuss it with relation to this video, because Quran repeatedly mentions 7 skies and he is the creator of all the seven, furthermore he says he himself a single creator there's no contributor to his work, and there's nothing above him. He Also mentioned we humans are in Lowest sky, and he filled it with lights. The concept of 7 is interesting and mysterious as well!!!
hjhg 15 hours ago
@RealismNOW why not
RealismNOW 16 hours ago
when you debate bible or koran under this video then you are clearly not allowed to watch this.
hjhg Day ago
@Raymond Arce the Bible has many contradictions for example it gives two different accounts to judus's death. And why would God make his word a mystery? Wouldn't it make more sense that God makes it easier to understand so more people can receive the message. Also the Bible is not the word of God nor does it claim to be. The Bible is just other peoples account of what they think happened. And we don't even know who these people are cause the authors of the gospels are anonymous. Also they didn't even know Jesus peace be upon him these gospels were written way after the time of Jesus peace be upon him.
Aliquet 27 days ago
To aliens, we might not seem like an "intelligent civilization", we might just seem like how dogs or cats seem to us
Harker Day ago
That's because we're not intelligent. Doesn't take much to realise just how stupid we are, yet act as though we're blessed with wisdom.
Jeremy Del CId
Jeremy Del CId 8 days ago
@MrMocniMax Roswell….uff idk man. Do we REALLY knoe what happened there? Is it even aliens?
Matthew 10 days ago
@E Brown thousands of years of war, pollution, poverty etc, contradict huh, sure.
E Brown
E Brown 17 days ago
@Nathaniel Robles Thousands of years of human history contradict you, but sure, okay.
Eddie Beaty
Eddie Beaty 3 months ago
So my understanding is if we can survive long enough to make it to a type 2 civilization we have a fair chance to advance further. So much can go wrong for us until then.
Sheldon Watt
Sheldon Watt 11 days ago
It's already started to fall apart...if you haven't noticed
Juves idc
Juves idc 24 days ago
Likely won’t reach far enough because of the heat death of the universe.
Danny Mack
Danny Mack 25 days ago
Multiple universes are supposed to be there, but you just changed the conversation to multi dimensional, that's two different things, ones physically true, the other does not exist, it's only theory and theory doesn't exist.
Danny Mack
Danny Mack 25 days ago
Lol he's talking crap.
Yehudah Hachassid
Yehudah Hachassid 13 days ago
A fascinating video on the levels of technology & physical evolution. A great show. Thank you !
AlarkiusJay 26 days ago
It's great that this breaks down the Kardashev Scale. I know a lot of worldbuilders, writers, and authors that would make sci-fi type fictions. This could help a bunch
Nick H
Nick H 26 days ago
I always find it interesting that Sci Fi of the past saw humans exploring the galaxy but could rarely conceive the computers we would have. They often had "robots" and androids of extreme "intelligence" without really understanding the computer that must act as it's brain. The movie "Alien" is a perfect example where the ship's computer (mother) is some analog, beast with a keyboard and monochrome screen, but Ash the Android is capable of mimicking a human so perfectly that they aren't even aware he's synthetic. At the moment we are very aware of computing power and it's lightning fast advancement but our concepts of space flight are still quite antiquated (and our imagining of how to improve it is pure conjecture based on untouchable theories). It will be very interesting to see if the near future AI is capable of helping us overcome our "science block" when it comes to energy and spacefaring!
Amochs Wohntet
Amochs Wohntet 27 days ago
I think a type 3 would be able to perceive and work out creator level physics, and then ultimately jump to the level 7 described in this video.
Mr. Tambourine Man
Mr. Tambourine Man 3 months ago
The more advanced a civilization gets, the more trippy this video seems to get
Shadowman 8 days ago
@that dude Theories in science are factual.
beatsayo 19 days ago
Thomas Ruhm
Thomas Ruhm 24 days ago
@Villtra You too mean time travel?
Ruzzky_Bly4t 27 days ago
@Arjun S Nair The past existed, and we can study it in the present. And I share your concerns about humanity's extinction. Seems like we're too stupid to visit other solar systems.
Peter 25 days ago
Alien civilizations are like the future, unknowable until you see it. Trying to imagine what the most advanced civilizations in the universe are like is like trying to imagine what earth will be like in 12 million years.
Joseph Yeo
Joseph Yeo 27 days ago
I only got to Type 2. My mind just blown a fuse. It is amazing what our minds can conjure up and these eloquent people are so convincing. The power of hallucinogens fuelled by statistical projections on steroids.
Computer Danyleyko Rothschild
Fantastic job Eye of Truth, you work very hard on all your presentations! Imagery: "the impact of computer-generated imagery on contemporary art". "Images" plural noun: images a representation of the external form of a person or thing in art. Fact: On January 13, 1956, the Admiral and his crew flew 2,300 miles overland beyond the South Pole and Byrd said he saw a “different type of land.” "as large as the USA". He said that he thought it would only be snow and ice but was surprised to see “endless land, mountains, forests. What are Scientists and Governments of the world aren’t telling us? Yes! The Man Who Knew Too Much…Then Admiral Richard E. Byrd died July 11, 1957, of a “Heart ailment”. Then NASA was founded by President Eisenhower on July 29, 1958 (let's look to the star instead), then Antarctic Treaty was signed in Washington on 1 December 1959 and NO ONE can go or fly or explore Antarctic WHY? Hope this comment does not disappear . The main stream N.E.W.S. is not what you think it is! This short video on YT "The News-Benders" made in 1968 tell us exactly what is true! Your mind is a wonderful thing! Friends remember "belief is the enemy of knowledge"
Drowe71 25 days ago
While some of these concepts maybe true when scaling a civilization, its clearly based on someones perception of technology as we know it then or now. Energy storage and release from living organisms is way more efficient than our current technology, so it would be feasible as a civilization advances, so does its ability to create more energy efficient technologies and living standards. A Couple of examples of this would be combustion engines and the light bulb. A lot could be said about unified co-operation and approach to the great questions we have yet to find answers for when considering these time scales as well.
nnamdi ebosie
nnamdi ebosie 3 months ago
For a civilization to develop and last for billions of years... it has to have a respect for life. Humans need to get past wars and conflict in order to truly advance as a civilization.
Benny 2 days ago
Not necessarily, war is one of the main reasons as to why we develop new technologies. It strives and motivates us to compete and to do better and improve as a civilization. I love war! And death!
CC Noble
CC Noble 4 days ago
Or it would need to be a civilization under one ruling council that figured out how to Govern in Harmony with nature because if their Oceans died they wouldn't last long enough to advance to such a high level.
Joey Muscarella
Joey Muscarella 9 days ago
War & Conflict is Neccesary to evolve past it and further up the stairway.
StaticFigures 24 days ago
This is like the Alien Civilization version of the iceberg trend that has been going around recently. Science really does always beat us to the punch
Ulugbek Saipov
Ulugbek Saipov Month ago
Great video with clear scientific information. Subscribed. Thank you for your job.
so what if the beginning of the universe, was made by the type 7 civilization from the future, so that they paradoxically went back in time and created the origin til themselves?
Surendra Hiwarale
Hello Great Video here... can you please recommend a few books where I can read more about these mind blowing civilizations??? Thanks in advance. 🙏🙏🙏
Celia una nerd
Celia una nerd 3 months ago
Isn't it freaky how we've never left our solar system physically but, our human brains are capable of thinking this deep and vividly?
FiggyG 69
FiggyG 69 21 day ago
@AGENT47ist evidence?
AGENT47ist 21 day ago
That's because the Mind is not bound by the human laws, space or time, it can think to the edge of the multiverse. The brain however, is a physical cpu in our skulls.
FiggyG 69
FiggyG 69 24 days ago
It's not that deep
MetaTron 25 days ago
because mind does not originate in the brain
CHAPTERS 9 days ago
Amazing video ! Atleast we are capable of imagining up to type 7 though we reached only 0.72! They don't contact us because when they come to tap energy from stars, we are like lesser beings who came near a watering hole to drink with them⭐
Lukeker 28 days ago
All of this information has been given to us by higher vibrational beings (civilizations in this vid) in many ways and forms.
Timeless 29 days ago
We are at the embryonic level of contemplating of level 2 civilisation. The next levels of civilisations will be impossible to achieve due to our self destructive nature. It will be a miracle if we were to ever achieve level 2
Love it when the scifi crowd moves in to change science into mysticism.
Alexandru Escu
Alexandru Escu 24 days ago
Reminds me of the Mass Effect games
Mike V
Mike V 3 months ago
This progression assumes expansion outward is an inherent condition. What if other intelligent civilizations focus on more efficient energy use by going smaller, inward toward the subatomic. There may also be alternate dimensions in that direction.
Indian Weeb Desu 🏳️‍🌈
@David T we means humanity, obviously we are huge creatures no where near the sub atomic level and trying to make use of a dimension that exists in a sub atomic level (which i doubt lol) would be impossible and the only reason humanity is looking to expand outwards in the first place is 1. Resources 2. Accomodation both of which a subatomic level dimension can't provide
David T
David T Month ago
@Indian Weeb Desu 🏳️‍🌈 Depends on how you define "we." Please don't start with the science lesson. I started there. I don't need another sophomoric lesson.
MatVenture Month ago
Lay off watching Ant-Man for a bit mate, you're reaching too much
N Toomey
N Toomey 23 days ago
Good and interesting video for sure. Definitely theoretical in MY opinion. I don't think the levels defined are accurate. According to the video the level 4 civilization is pretty advanced, so advanced that it seems the following levels would exist only for an extremely short time if at all. Once we reach "Level 4" conscientiousness our minds will already be tapping into "Levels 5,6, and 7 making those levels kind of non-existent. That's just my opinion
Michael Deierhoi
Michael Deierhoi 8 days ago
This video doesn't even rise to a theoretical level by a long shot because there is a lack of evidence to postulate a time millions of years in the future. There is also no way to test our vision of the distant future. So at best this is a hypothesis or an educated guess.
d-katalyst Month ago
We are at an 8 by the fact that you can know the extent of maximal development of civilizations. Way to go!
Kieran Whittemore
Kieran Whittemore 25 days ago
Jacob Cancino
Jacob Cancino 11 days ago
How would consciousness created in the 3rd dimension (our dimension) be able to exist yet comprehend that of the 4th? Although consciousness may be extracted to the point where we wouldn’t need a physical body, how are we sure that consciousness can survive and exist within a higher dimension? I love this video, however. Gives great insight and ideas!
kübra arığtekin
Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.
Ichengo 28 days ago
Going to a lvl5 Civilization seems like it would be one of the more difficult challenges to overcome, heck even the Warm Hole idea sounds rough
Matt Van Emden
Matt Van Emden 26 days ago
everbody loves a warm hole.
Matty Jay
Matty Jay 3 months ago
So basically, the civilization that helped Matthews character in Interstellar was a type 6, since they opened up a warmhole and threw him into another dimension.
Kleos 28 days ago
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Ironcammandooo 29 days ago
@Joshua Yes saiyan doesn't exist cuz the word doesn't exist but wts saiyan ???
Ironcammandooo 29 days ago
@R Yes absolutely true 👍
Lazy Bee
Lazy Bee 18 days ago
Love the video, but why would advancing technology lead to the end of poverty or inequality when it never has before? Why would the human condition miraculously change because of technological advancement? I think what this scale fails to consider is that there are more dimensions of human evolution than dextrous manipulation of the world.
Martin Geerars
Martin Geerars 25 days ago
It's always technology that seems to be used to define an alien civilizations development, but what about the interlectual and emotional maturity to use it wisely to the benifit of the whole. Our technology is still at a relatively primitive stage and we already span the extremes of using it like a petulent child or running away in fear as if it were a raging forest fire
LifeWriter74 Month ago
I sometimes feel like being part of a level six, but then I realise that I have been dreaming.
zinmin htet
zinmin htet 10 days ago
Amazing video. Now I know we are still in a very low level.
dulapeeep 2 months ago
Imagine being in a type 6 civilization, and your mom suddenly says 'pack your bags, we're moving dimesions'
Alphonso Washington
@BeforeTheRise is there even such thing as eternity, when you think about forever what is really forever if it never stops???
黑POPO警 28 days ago
bruh moment
Howardsend88 29 days ago
It would be astonishing as my mon died 30 years ago 😂😂
The Bubbster09
The Bubbster09 Month ago
Not quite how dimensions work. The multiverse more sk
N i O
N i O 23 days ago
we all could level ourselves up to lvl 5, 6 or 7, if we learn to use the energy around us, leave our body with our ghost and learn to be astral in the 4th dimension. Its not so far from what they think. Just meditate and learn :)
T. Dowling
T. Dowling 12 days ago
Here’s my take on the Type 7, would be interested in others opinions about this… Creator Civilization - the achievement of such understanding and mastery over space and time (and all other things) that it realizes that there is itself almost an ultimate paradox regarding the “which came first” argument. Specifically, the fact that there is a mastery over space and time etc etc means that the “God” civilization actually created itself and the mere fact that it existed in the past was because it went back in time and created itself at said point in the future. Again, it’s the ultimate cognitive paradox but it follows from the logic presented in the video - if a civilization can master travel back in time (4th dimension) and it can harness enough energy over long enough timeframes it can go back and effectively be responsible for creating itself.
Fermion 14 hours ago
With all the exponentially increasing technological complexity leading up to Type 7, if there is a Type 8, I don't think technology would be the way to get there. As you get higher and higher on the exponential curve, it gets to a point where it takes major advances in energy production for extremely tiny increases in results. Meaning, I think Type 7 is basically capped on energy production, and cannot advance further through technological advancement. So later levels would have to be accessed through a fundamental shift in the understanding of consciousness and reality.
Charles Francois
Charles Francois 26 days ago
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Awais Fenrir
Awais Fenrir 2 days ago
Beautifully delivered. Man you read Quran an then listen to this, goose bumps infinite. The concept of God that can not be imagined by mere human intellect is what gives me strength in faith. One Who is not created, One Who created all, One Who can not be imagined or understood by mere human brain, One Who has no need for any form of face or body. Its the closest of what has been predicted here as the level VII.
maciek morawski
maciek morawski 3 months ago
A thing to consider. Some movies, games, books have shown that when one civilisation not crosses but merely opens a "door" to another universe, the highly possible different laws of physics between the two universes may be so different, maybe even contradict each other, that a VERY violent event could happen. Best case scenario, the "door" collapses, worst case scenario, at least one universe will be severly damaged, not to mention the destruction of almost every living beeing in it
Kleos 28 days ago
Something fascinating happened on a forum in a span of a few days and it has caused quite a stir in certain parts of the Internet. A person by the moniker of Insider claimed he was from a ruling bloodline and gave the people a chance to ask everything they wanted and Insider would answer. At first it looks like another internet hoax, some lightweight questions were followed by lightweight answers, but then things started changing drastically. Anyone who understands dialectics knows that the answers Insider gave were designed to force/provoke others to ask questions which went to the core of the matter. First some questions are being asked by Insider like "Are you really living on the planet you think you are?" which made people react differently than before. The answers this person started giving to those following questions showed a deep, broad understanding of philosophy, history, metaphysics, religion, magic, politics, and more in a way which is very innovative, detailed and some answers are thought provoking to say the least. What amazes is that Insider answered these questions in a very short time span and if you keep in mind that the topics are diverse, some in depth and some epic answers showed up literally minutes apart, one must wonder how it was done. Copy/paste from internet? I checked intensively and the sentences Insider used cannot be found on internet. Like one person observed, this was way over the heads of the usual suspects. Some people started getting upset, others were drawn to it and this all lead to a dialogue where so much was revealed, including by the other posters that it can be studied for years to come. Sounds hard to believe? Read on.. 2 Dialogues both really good second one is longer www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B087677VFQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apan_gl_i_HVVHWY1XK3SDJSTEQSNR ...........
Captain Dapper
Captain Dapper 28 days ago
Yeah vacuum decay is the right term. Our universe's vacuum, believe it or not, has an amount of energy density. So when "nothing" else is there there's still a very slight amount of energy there, which mostly results in (or is a result of- depending on how you think of it) virtual particle interactions. Like all things, the vacuum will try to sit at (or very near) its lowest amount of energy. If something were to push the vacuum energy into an even LOWER state, it would drop - releasing enough energy to push the vacuum next to it into the lower state, which pushes the vacuum next to IT into a lower state etc. The amount of energy released would annihilate anything caught in its wake. A wave of complete and total destruction/annihilation/vaporization traveling the speed of light, and literally nothing can stop it.
Stuart D
Stuart D Month ago
Interesting question. It does present a conundrum. Research another universe with repercussions in their home world. ... Let's assume a civilisation can achieve mult-verse travel. ... The first step would be to create a small gateway/portal. Send in an equivalent probe first through the portal this probe would have sophisticated sensors to determine the nature of the universe it travels into. At the event horizon of the portal there would have to be some sort of shield over the gateway to prevent the alternative universe from sucking matter from the home universe and vice versa. Some sort of Quantum shield. .. Over time lager probes with more sensors would be sent through - all developed from the information gleened from the previous probe. If a probe met with instant destruction it would signal the properties or parameters of that universe. In time enough data could be collected to build a craft able to sustain travel in that environment..
tmengucor Month ago
Wow, you are a genius 🤣🤣🤣🤣
starboi klem
starboi klem 2 months ago
@Jotaro Kujo universes smashing basically 😂
kwnyupstate 22 days ago
I think supernova explosions over time prevent any civilization from lasting too long or getting too advanced.
M.Sav88 10 days ago
The Level 7 creator, has been seen by many people upon near death experiences, people who experienced death and were revived back. The energy of the universe. Maybe level 6 can only advance to a choice of being a spirit guide or whatever rather, and be tied to the creator. As I search for answers, I hope to find out someday the meaning of everything in the end.
Trixxar Par
Trixxar Par 18 days ago
This was a fun video, but there could be ultra-advanced civilizations that seem like gods that use almost no energy because they dont have to to achieve what they need. I.e. using a cannon to kill a man (high energy) vs displacing a single electron or neuron in the brain at the precise right location (low energy, highly efficient)
Spiraling69 27 days ago
I'm curious as to how these different sized civs relate with each other. How does a 4 or 5 civ deal with a 2nd level civ? Are all civs ruled by one ancient level 7 civ?
Michael Fleming
Michael Fleming Month ago
I liked the multiple levels theorized, even if it does get rather abstract. Civilizations that understand and could use dark energy could define another potential level, slotting in somewhere before accessing multiverses.
Surendra Hiwarale
@Jonathon Poloski - Hi, can you suggest some books where I can understand this more? Was trying to figure out books by Nikolai Kardashev but didn't find any online. Maybe you could help with suggestions! Thanks in advance. ♥️♥️♥️
Jonathon Poloski
Jonathon Poloski 4 days ago
They have figured out a formula to make "warp" speeders that use "dark energy". Abstract yes, but, maybe we think these things aren't reachable because we just don't have the technology yet. The models they show about how the craft works is very confusing, it shows how it warps outer space, and almost rolls it around in a way that's beyond the capabilities of our eyes and seeing past the 3rd dimension. They say there are more than 3 dimensions with proof. Our eyes just can't see it because of how we haven't been able to program more than 3d.
Surendra Hiwarale
Also I would recommend you to read the Abhidhamma Pitak of the Buddha where he has theorised and talked about a state where we cease to exist in a body form and what exists of us is only consciousness which you explain in your level 6 civilization. And it's mind blowing... It's the state of Arhanthood, the all enlightened one. Where we could meet all the Buddha's of the past who have reached that state. Sounds mythological but he has mentioned it before. Quite a subject to research. 👍👍👍 Enjoyed this one too much. Thanks a tonne.
Inner hYpe
Inner hYpe 24 days ago
Im going into my senior year of high school, but ive developed theories of big-bang possibilities and the steps taken to reach time-travel and the 4th dimension. So, I have a question. Could levels 4-6 (and obviously 7) harness enough power to create a new universe? If a universe is expanding energy, could they not place a quazar/white dwarf star to simulate a big bang? I had that theory in 7th grade, and then freshman year, I concluded that humans wouldnt be able to physically survive time-travel because of teleportation and the realignment of cells. If this was the case, could such civilizations simply travel outside of time (maybe a fifth dimension) and place energy in that absense? Just need opinions and/or theories.
Trixxar Par
Trixxar Par 18 days ago
A new universe has many definitions and possibly, and might not be limited by mass amounts of initial power. Read Schild's Ladder by Greg Egan, yes science fiction but more like science speculation based on actual research on quantum physics. In short a pocket universe is created by creating a more stable form of vacuum than exists in our current universe, although with disastrous potential. Unknown on your second question. I dont know that there is really much difference between level 4 and 5, both are harnessing powers of entire universes.
Touny Judson
Touny Judson 25 days ago
I like the concept of 7 levels but I think the time scales in between are far too long judging by the rate of scientific progress today .
Peanut Pistachio and Prince
Awesome video ❤ favorite word you’re using is countless 40 billion is an underestimate. 1/8 of planets in our solar system sustain life. 4 billion stars in one galaxy. ❤❤
Jaydeep patel
Jaydeep patel 24 days ago
As the video explains the type of civilization and how advance and intelligent they can be. My questions take me to if humans can reach to type two civilization ever because considering artificial intelligence being developed parallely as we reach to type 1 civilization in future. And if artificial intelligence get advanced than human intelligence can that be a still called civilization. And why other civilization may not have developed artificial intelligence and we are planning to?
Delta-Tech 3 months ago
I'm not disagreeing with the "civilizations require enormous ammounts of energy" but would also consider efficiency of energy use. A Civilization that has developed 99% to 100% efficiencey of energy use would of course not need the amount of energy of a less energy efficient Civilization and ergo be neigh impossible for the less efficient civilization to detect.. Just something to ponder.
Kleos 28 days ago
Something fascinating happened on a forum in a span of a few days and it has caused quite a stir in certain parts of the Internet. A person by the moniker of Insider claimed he was from a ruling bloodline and gave the people a chance to ask everything they wanted and Insider would answer. At first it looks like another internet hoax, some lightweight questions were followed by lightweight answers, but then things started changing drastically. Anyone who understands dialectics knows that the answers Insider gave were designed to force/provoke others to ask questions which went to the core of the matter. First some questions are being asked by Insider like "Are you really living on the planet you think you are?" which made people react differently than before. The answers this person started giving to those following questions showed a deep, broad understanding of philosophy, history, metaphysics, religion, magic, politics, and more in a way which is very innovative, detailed and some answers are thought provoking to say the least. What amazes is that Insider answered these questions in a very short time span and if you keep in mind that the topics are diverse, some in depth and some epic answers showed up literally minutes apart, one must wonder how it was done. Copy/paste from internet? I checked intensively and the sentences Insider used cannot be found on internet. Like one person observed, this was way over the heads of the usual suspects. Some people started getting upset, others were drawn to it and this all lead to a dialogue where so much was revealed, including by the other posters that it can be studied for years to come. Sounds hard to believe? Read on.. 2 Dialogues both really good second one is longer www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B087677VFQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apan_gl_i_HVVHWY1XK3SDJSTEQSNR ...........
Damon Edrington
Damon Edrington 2 months ago
@Delta-Tech Even if you save 99% of the energy from, say, igniting gasoline, the same amount of energy was released by said gasoline. They would need less fuel to reach the energy markers for changing on the scale but they would still be using the same amount of energy. If their use nuclear energy twice as efficiently than it means that both could be at type one, even if one civilization needs to use twice as much fuel to reach that
Delta-Tech 2 months ago
@Damon Edrington efficiency lessens total use.
Damon Edrington
Damon Edrington 2 months ago
However you get 10^16 joules of energy used doesn’t matter, the scale only discusses how much energy they use. If they use that with less fuel then that’s helpful but energy used is energy used.
Delta-Tech 2 months ago
Not quite, but it is a possibility after enough research in efficiency. It is hard to visualize because we only have our civilization to compare to. My main point is a civilization that is dedicated to efficiency will only direct resources into that field, no others since it would be less efficient to do so.
Theory is great but seems to be hanging too much on the increased level of energy creation. Higher civilizations may be using less and less energy actually.
Jose Terrero
Jose Terrero 13 days ago
This video gives me the chills. Really the best video on youtube
Helmut Mayer
Helmut Mayer 27 days ago
It all starts with consciousness and its integration to science. All advanced civilizations have a much higher level of consciousness, and therefore, understand things our science ignores completely. But they are here anyway, and will teach us many things to speed up our evolution.
Gaming_Galore 29 days ago
If we could image such civilizations while being at only level 0.72 then i wonder what would be the intellect of beings at levels from 3-7?
CyB 26 days ago
@Karl with a K bruh
Karl with a K
Karl with a K 26 days ago
Somewhere around MY level. Click my blue circle to find out.
Rajeev S Varma
Rajeev S Varma 3 months ago
While the closing statement is true, trying to conceive and define any civilization up to the scale of 6 is still a no brainer for me. Whilst the video is good for some entertainment, I cannot help but think how factually far this scale must be from the real deal. I mean the kind of advancements we would have made in just transitioning from level 0 to 1 is unfathomable. Even our understanding of the working principles of our miniscule existence would have drastically changed by then. I mean 300 years is a pretty decent amount of time right. I might be completely wrong here which I don't think I am. But if anyone feels otherwise, I am open to your thoughts. Please feel free.
Дмитрий Свиридов
@Philip Zeigler if we don't compare ourselves to Type 1+ civilizations. I gotta say our progress is nothing short of crazy. I give credit where it's due
Philip Zeigler
Philip Zeigler 2 months ago
As small advancements as they may be, we have advanced quite a bit compared to when our grandparents were kids. I can only imagine the amount of advancements we'll make in another hundred years.
Hazyy 2 months ago
@Anthony Valentine well said
Курочка Крашена
I thought it was interesting that the separating consciousness and physical biological bodies happens in type 4 in this analysis - I'd have thought that would happen much much earlier. I've seen several futurism videos like this one about alien civilisations which say it's almost inevitable that if we encounter aliens they'll be a machine civilisation. It would overcome the time it takes to travel between stars really simply - who cares if it takes 1000 years or 100 000 years? If we manage to get our consciousness 'uploaded' the possibilities expand dramatically. I guess this video is maybe suggesting that alien civilisations could exist and operate in another dimension entirely .
The real Speedwagon
The real Speedwagon 2 months ago
Think about how much thinking has changed within the past thousand, hell even a hundred years. Think how differently we saw society and culture back then compared to now. Just thinking about civilizations on this scale is ridiculous and mind blowing. Think about how we will think a million years into the future. And this is literally a blink of an eye compared to the amount of time the dinosaurs existed for.
Jonathan Livingston
Spiritual Enlightenment is type 6 and 7 civilizations without going through type 1-5. With spiritual enlightenment you realize the multidimensionality of your being being both the universe itself and an individual at once.
Brylle justin Reforma
Jason 20 days ago
As a young man, I believed in aliens. I desperately wanted them to be real. I was a huge Xfiles fan. I realize now that they don't exist.
Sun Myko
Sun Myko 28 days ago
It’s ok to recognize our differences, each kind of human has their own strengths and weaknesses. Instead of trying to exploit the weaknesses we must focus on our individual strengths and work together. That’s when the entire human race will elevate to levels that haven’t been reached in over a megaannum
Steven Baumann
Steven Baumann 3 months ago
I watched a show a few years ago called Year 1,000,000. It wasn't actually a million years into the future. It showed a family that lost a daughter and eventually had her consciousness transferred into a machine. It also got into them giving up their physical bodies for digital. They were callously discussing consuming entire planets so they would have enough materials for there Dyson Sphere. Such a future would really worry me. A lot of us already have such a callous disregard for life.
☆3skul Month ago
Do you feel bad washing away the millions of protozoa under your nails before dinner? Do you feel bad consuming life during dinner? A consciousness that can move and harness galaxies would be just as removed from us as we are from these examples. It's wishful fantasy to see something relatable as a human "civilization" in this type of alleged future state.
Collin Aeling
Collin Aeling 2 months ago
Space wars
luis perez
luis perez 2 months ago
Sounds like ghost in the shell
Ross Ian Lardner
Ross Ian Lardner 2 months ago
this ia AI programming
Robert Mitchell
Robert Mitchell 2 months ago
the goal of all beings was to gain consciousness of their own divinity, and to realise the absolute oneness of God. Meher Baba's teachings concerned the nature and purpose of life. He described the phenomenal world as illusory, and presented the idea that the Universe is imagination. He taught that God alone exists, and each soul is God passing through imagination in order to realize its own divinity. Meher Baba There is only one consciousness "God" that split itself into trillions and trillions of pieces creating this universe planets etc then each piece of that conciousness is reporting back it's experience The Brain 🧠 is enclosed in darkness but has friends the five senses ,sending back information,that is then dicipered processed and the Brain simply projects a hologram. We are simply in information gatherer sending info back to the source.
Shahaf Har Tsvi
Shahaf Har Tsvi 25 days ago
I wonder why can't a level 6 civilization go back in time to the big bang and obtain it's energy, and do so for multiple universes? And by so use the energy to create universes of their and become the creators.
Orlok 21 day ago
So sad that we'll all miss all the best/most interesting years that are about to come in future...
Lucas Silva Miranda
How can a such great channel have just 27 thousand followers? This content is awesome!
Duffelbag Drag
Duffelbag Drag 28 days ago
Because a lot of people believe aliens don’t exist.
Star Lux Studio
Star Lux Studio 26 days ago
Pretty creative. Gotta think outside the box though. Our minds are incapable of contemplating any aspects of the infinite.
Orange Apple
Orange Apple 2 months ago
I wonder how these timelines were calculated. There's a compounding factor of information, resources, and output as we advance (plus Ai helping us). It would be safe to assume the further out you calculate the more inaccurate it gets. The timeline for type 1 in my opinion is MUCH shorter than the video is predicting for us. Current stem cell tech allows us to grow and replace organs, we already have the genome mapped out, and we're already using CRISPR for DNA alteration. As far as energy needs are concerned, the fusion record was broken THIS YEAR in February, generating 59 megajoules of energy sustained for 5 seconds. Ai will be mankind's last invention (its coming soon folks!) with node mapping and neural networks being developed, Ai will eventually assist us and probably take over the majority of advanced research and decision making needed to push all fields of study forward. Ai will help us solve all our current infrastructure problems (structural modeling and analysis) and speed up testing for advanced drugs and disease intervention. We've already used Ai to map protein complexes for predicting structures based on their amino acid sequence. This translates to us running treatment simulations for the development of new drugs in the near future. I don't think it will take us 200 years. I believe Ai assisted research and development will shatter our predictions for achieving type 1 (within the next 50 years) and beyond.
Game Research
Game Research 19 days ago
@Pyro Potassium You should probably be watching them before trying to give answers that you don't know, follow the steps I gave you. And Time spheres? Are you reading properly what I mentioned? Also there's more to it than just that, Graphene if people find ways, like Graphene Spintronics, and Graphene Twistronics as a super conductor, well what is impossible anymore for unlimited energy, so there is way more than you think it can do, imagine it applied to everything and not just energy, replacing all our technologies to make them more advanced, and creating new emerging technologies because the material has the potential. We're talking about on a grand scale of things, this goes beyond what you can imagine in creativity, brainstorming ideas / innovation levels. Remember that our old Sci - fi from the past century was based off theoretically proven facts from Quantum Technologies, and warp drive / warp bubble theoretical ideas that were also facts decades ago as the time of this message. Though the "higher levels" of innovation were not a thing the last century like they are today around Quantum Computers, but they've known them the past 100 years! A long with many other Quantum Technologies, even Photonics was known. Graphene wasn't well known and didn't exist a century ago like silicon did, so imagine applying Graphene and especially Graphene - Photonics to our old Sci - fi shows and new ones, so realize and behold our reality is more advanced than Sci - fi, we just do not have those technologies built, although that does not make it impossible just because they are not built (yet), meaning the "potential" is there since all the proven facts are there, the material exists such as Graphene, and Photonics exists, Quantum Computers exists, warp drive / warp bubble breakthrough technologies exist and continue to get breakthroughs. Our reality is based on our understanding of Physics, and as our Physics changes and gets updated, so too our reality changes with it. Example would be the technologies we use today in society, changes society rather it be in our homes or when we're not home, and that continues to change with more advanced technologies since we never stop advancing, so imagine what our reality will be like over time as we never stop advancing we new creative ideas around extremely advanced technologies that people brainstorm and create, higher levels of innovation. New advanced materials are the basis for all emerging technologies. Such as Graphene. Same with our energy, such as Photonics. Now imagine Graphene - Photonics to revolutionize everything. And create new emerging technologies that we don't have or haven't thought up yet, to include on top of that, using Graphene - Photonics as the base for all emerging technologies and replacing everything else, everything... that includes replacing silicon "like seen in our computer processors as transistors, and more like some of our motherboard that holds the processor, other products, even our phones", copper, plastics, everything. Again... follow the steps I gave from the other comment, I did mention which videos and playlists to watch did I not? And in a specific order. Yes I did, read through my other comment that mentions I'm way beyond that, at the top of the comment it says that. Follow "all!".. the steps. With all the other Graphene types of playlists I mentioned to watch, be sure to watch all the videos in them. It's not hard to watch, it's like watching a Star Trek episode per video, so your age being young doesn't matter, you will see the big pictures I mentioned for sure if you follow all the steps I gave. And I can see someone has been watching the Time Crystals playlist, coming across the first playlist they see, "please follow the steps I gave you from my other comment" for the order to watch things and the specific things I mentioned, very.. very specific.
Pyro Potassium
Pyro Potassium 19 days ago
@Game Research Uhh I'm only a 13 yo with big ideas. But generally, you're saying that by using graphene in sheets it'll be more efficient than wires/circuits? Though it appears we'd be dealing with more electrons/photons across the board which could potentially lead to volatility, but that depends on how graphene is applied to a Time Sphere/transferring power. Edit - i haven't watched your vids yet
Game Research
Game Research 19 days ago
@Pyro Potassium I'm also looking forward to using Time Crystals not just for unlimited energy for warp drives, though also for warp drive / warp bubble breakthroughs. Though I am also looking forward to Time Crystals for advanced particle replicators around food replicators, clothes replicators, vehicle replicators, building / structure replicators, and using Quantum Teleportation as it matures later on beyond the Quantum Internet by 2030 to send such things to other planets as duplicates, even sending your computer as a duplicate to other planets beyond our solar system, starting with Mars, again this has to mature with breakthroughs, though it will happen. The idea of advanced particle replicators would end world hunger, and the problem around global warming like seen in the movie Interstellar near the start with all the crops, if that ever happened to our planet, or other planets we would just materialize the food as duplicates because the data would be saved much like the data sent through fiber optics, and through Quantum Teleportation as it will be used for the Quantum Internet, that's just the first idea and short - term, imagine later for larger objects as advanced particle replicators. And here with small steps, we have the Quantum Internet by 2030? Does that mean it could come sooner? Most likely there are other things like corruption around politics, regulations and other things that would delay it, and imagine as a first priority, same with Graphene and Graphene - Photonics, also warp drive / warp bubble breakthroughs, these should all be first priorities. The open mind, creativity, brainstorming with collaboration, the interests, inspiration and passion for such higher levels of innovation has been lost in society, these should be a first priority, higher levels of innovation with the open mind should be a first priority, advanced emerging technologies should be a first priority in research to help also solve many other problems. Give someone a fish, you give it to them for a day, teach them to fish and you teach them for a lifetime, now imagine the same idea applies to higher levels of innovation to help solve such world problems and beyond, not spend a billion dollars so that it only lasts a day to help with world hunger and other issues, because not only did it last just a day, it also wasted that money that could have been put into better use around higher levels of innovation which fixes the problem. And not use shallow materialize like silicon which the industry won't let go of that, and silicon - Photonics will make silicon last longer in the industry because Photonics will keep the silicon cool, this is corruption and Graphene goes way beyond silicon, if you look at the periodic table of atoms, you will see that carbon atoms are smaller than silicon, imagine carbon nanotubes from Graphene rolled up and used as the transistors instead of silicon, smaller transistors as the result and not only can Graphene make it much faster, imagine then with Graphene - Photonics to go beyond even that, you should for sure watch all the Graphene types of playlists on the channel I mentioned through my channel, from the created playlists. And the list goes on with Graphene and Graphene - Photonics in computing that will blow your mind, there have been new ways to scale up the carbon nanotubes back in 2020 and that was a couple years ago as the time of this message. And there have been new ways to scale up Graphene since 2020 also. I'm probably going to change the video, though watch the video on the home page of that channel I mentioned by going through my channel to find Technology Research with a green T icon, watch the video on the home page of that channel before I change it, to see how to find out so much of the created playlists. There's so much around advanced particle replicators that I'm looking forward to, though hopefully not for living things like cloning, instead more for non-living things like other objects around what I mentioned, duplicating our computers, food, clothes, vehicles, buildings / structures and sending them to Mars and beyond our solar system. Although advanced particle replicators around organs that we can duplicate that are really healthy would be nice I suppose, it shouldn't be limited to just that though as you know they would attempt to do so, so it really needs to be used for the other things mentioned and then also sending such non-living objects to other planets. I forgot to mention advanced particle replicators would also bring an end to money, I used to wonder how you get around farming and the food that comes to our stores, the money motivates us to produce such foods and to buy them, so how do you get around that corruption? Advanced particle replicators, with the energy from the latest matured Time Crystals, Graphene to help in the ways I mentioned also, with Photonics as the energy source for everything, light based energy Photon particles to replace Electrons "electricity" electronics. That is exactly what they said it would do, Photonics will replace electronics, though I would much rather have Graphene - Photonics than some shallow opto-electronics nonsense because corruption wants to keep the electricity around to feed off us even more, is just so cringe. Going back to the advanced particle replicators to replace money, think about spending more time with your family, friends and your hobbies that you enjoy depending on the level of standards for such hobbies, with less stress, more intelligent ways to do things in your daily life, and focus around more important things like higher levels of innovation to keep advancing and making things better for us. Companies could also use advanced particle replicators to bring things to others, they wouldn't need money to keep the business going since Photonics would be everywhere as the energy source, let alone fusion at some point to give free energy but who needs that when you can go beyond fusion, I do like the idea of fusion energy replacing fission for sure and it's about time, but why have anything nuclear when we should be focusing on breakthroughs for propulsion in other ways in space and here on this planet that has multiple names if you google search all earth titles, making you realize that we need to think more about other planets and animals from other planets, and stop being selfish and self - centered around us and our planet, which makes us small - minded, narrow - minded / closed - minded, short - sighted, naive, ignorant, biased with the wrong agendas, we also nitpick / cherry - pick the wrong things more often than looking at the right things in a little bit of optimism, remove such pessimism and less skepticism, open your mind to see these things and research them. Not only could companies use advanced particle replicators for technologies / inventions, we could also use this in society, and this would bring about fixing many problems, and anyone's school project would be also turned into new creative higher levels of innovation / ideas with the open mind that kids have, not just in society, and we should also build research centers with booths for people to collaborate ideas and brainstorm together. This changes everything, the corruption is not going to want to allow it, though change will happen in such good ways. One other thing to note, we really need to get out into space with a first priority in warp drive / warp bubble breakthroughs just to say we explored other planets to find aliens in-person, instead of new telescopes telling this for us that there is none when we really couldn't say for sure and society one day would believe it, if you said they wouldn't.. don't be so sure.. look at the past couple of years and the crazyness in society and what they believe easily around... all the virus stuff... don't want to go into that... you get the point, and the communism that came about from it, with having people stay in their homes like controlled sheep to live in a digitial world, where you are silenced on most youtube videos and can't have the freedom rights to type under any video to correct people to show them big pictures around higher levels of innovation to solve such problems that people bicker and debate over with politics which is silly and small thinking when they do that, and if you go there to show them links, your comments become hidden, or if you mention specific words about innovation, Graphene, or my channel name.. the youtube algorithm has filtered it out on 99% of youtube channels and my comments are either hidden "when I log out and come back to the video to then refresh it also with the comments hidden" or they get deleted after 10 seconds to a couple minutes later when I come back to the video to find out, tell me that isn't biased and keeping society, the general public from knowing things and splitting people into groups on youtube to force political point of views, so extremely lame and corrupt. Also how can you prove something with links if youtube hides your comments making you think they're still there just because you're logged into youtube at that moment that you see your posted comment without logging out to come back and refreshing the video after that, or that your comments are deleted. The bias is real and sometimes you can't even show a comment under specific videos / videos from other channels, they will never see your comments if you have higher levels of innovation because of this, and you can't prove a point with links either, the bias is extreme on youtube and other amazing people have admitted the same thing to me that they can't post comments either and I had thumbs up about it too hinting others had the same problem and were being censored.
Game Research
Game Research 19 days ago
@Pyro Potassium I'm way beyond that. Here's an idea for the latest matured Time Crystals that I came up with and sent the idea to Nasa, they did email me back that they got the idea. 1. Graphene's thermal properties can keep the Time Crystal from melting while used. 2. Graphene can bend, flex, stretch, so imagine the Time Crystal inside able to move around as it changes to its original shape for lasting forever as unlimited energy. 3. Graphene's electrical conductivity can allow the energy to flow off the time crystal and onto Graphene, think about how electronics do this with circuits traveling energy across wires, now take that a step further and remove wires and just use Graphene, add Graphene Twistronics to the Graphene sphere somehow for a superconductor and insulator with Tri-layer and possibly 4 layers depending on how Graphene Twistronics works best as researched at Bi-layer, Tri-layer and 4 layers, now take that a step even further and replace the electricity (electron) particles with Photonics (Photon) particles for light based energy, meaning in basic just Graphene - Photonics as the energy source. And then imagine Graphene transfers the energy source off the Time Crystal and to other devices, such as in a house walls, devices like your phones, Desktop PC or on a space ship with different devices throughout the space ship. Also let's not forget Graphene - Photonic computers for what we use at home and for gaming, it would be nice to have Graphene and Photonics as the energy source to replace the circuits in our computers, replace the copper circuits with Graphene lasers for the fiber optics in our computer as Graphene - Photonic circuits. And the second thing there would go from the Graphene - Photonic circuits to Graphene optical / transparent transistors for Graphene - Photonic processors. And yes Nasa did email me that they got my commented idea using Time Crystals inside a Graphene sphere and Graphene - Photonics as the energy output. I've already sent more than 50 ideas in a single day to 3 Nasa research labs about a month ago that are beyond what you can imagine and possible. Have you also thought about when Time Crystals will be used for unlimited energy, then has Graphene transfer the energy to an Ion - trapped Quantum Computer that converts the ions into artificial Photons for Photonics, and because a Quantum Computer in this form of a Quantum Teleportation / Quantum Entanglement would have a very fast Quantum Simulation, thus... would form a very small propulsion system around Photons being pushed out for through the engines, as another set of Graphene would also carry the Photons to the engines before released. Though imagine this with breakthroughs in Photon propulsion, the idea of a solar sail already came about if used with Graphene would open other fields of research around a Photonic space ship, even for the devices on the ship to be powered by light. And imagine a Quantum Computer and there are other types like Photonic - Quantum Computing, to be used to produce light based energy also instead of fission / fusion reactors, though as it matures with breakthroughs. Have you seen Archer Materials a company in Australia that specifically uses Graphene for their Quantum chips? Very unique and the only ones doing this, they hope to bring about more of an economy by doing so and they got the support for sure from 2019 and on, and within a half a year to a year, they had not only a prototype chip made out of Graphene, but they also had 3 Qubits within that year, and to make something from the ground up like that out of Graphene that is new in every way as a Quantum chip, but out of Graphene, and 3 Qubits, all within the same year, is very fast, now imagine beyond that what they've achieved as I've watched them since 2019. You should be on the other channel checking this out from the created playlists, I will mention the info below to find it. The other idea though about the Time Crystals and the ion - Trapped Quantum Computer, I was showing someone a concept idea of this the other day. And that's not the only idea. Be sure to go to the other channel I mentioned through my channel called Technology Research and find out from the "created playlists", start at the bottom and watch all the playlists. Follow the steps as it's extremely important, or you won't see the big pictures I'm trying to show you, if you cherry - pick information when you get there. I've also updated some playlists, watch just the first 2 videos at the top of the Graphene playlist. And then the first 9 videos at the top of the Photonic Computing playlist. Watch the first 2 videos at the top of the Spintronics playlist about Graphene Spintronics. Watch all the other Graphene playlists clear to the top of the created playlists. Watch a video in the Graphene with starships playlist about Graphene aerogels made in space to revolutionize the way we explore space. Find a video under the STL playlist about space ships that can reach our closest stars and watch that about a solar sail using Graphene to bring about research for a Photonic space ship, or as I would call it.. a Graphene - Photonic space ship. After that watch the full STL playlist from top to bottom, same with the Time Crystals playlist. I will be creating another video for the Time Crystals soon enough and some other updates.
Pyro Potassium
Pyro Potassium 22 days ago
@Game Research I’m sure graphene has been recently employed in making very efficient power banks which can juice from a smartphone to laptop from 0-100% battery, with some graphene banks being able to do this twice. Imagine how “OP” this would be once space flight goes electrical completely (once this tech has been able to develop)! Although the last thing I heard about the industry was they’re testing firing ions at high speeds for use when in space
chloe codilla
chloe codilla Month ago
Proud to be following the ruler of the type 7 civilization👍👍👍
Zap 70
Zap 70 19 days ago
I can't even remotely imagine how evolved humanity would be if we were just a peaceful life form. Sad...
James Knight
James Knight 28 days ago
The time difference to get to each level is the fascinating part.
Rich Diaz
Rich Diaz 25 days ago
Fascinating. I wonder if type 6s and 7s still feel the way we do…all the sorrow and pain. Probably not, right?
Kotifilosofi 24 days ago
Maybe that's why they'd create again primitive civilizations? To have children literally "down to earth" again, to feel and experience somewhat the way they too used to? Kinda the same phenomenon when people living in big cities get sick of it, want to get back in touch with the nature and go to the countryside to live a more simple yet mentally more rewarding life? Maybe the development of civilization works in cycles like these? It's always fun to have wild speculations 😁
dewfall56 2 months ago
We can't even predict 40 years into the future with much accuracy, and by that time a very different description may be popular. I wonder if what is possible for humans to know is limited. For example, Feynman said something like, "if you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don't understand quantum mechanics." I think one reason is because we have little truly relatable experience, perhaps our brains don't work that way, and we can not really observe some things, which means they will always be statistical. Will that kind of limitation put a hard barrier on knowledge and technology? Still, it is fun to speculate. gods of the gods, indeed.
Shadowman 8 days ago
We as humans probably don’t even know 0.0000000001% of the universe we live in. It’s funny how we think, as primates living on a ball of rock floating in space, that we can even remotely begin to comprehend the wonders of the cosmos.
Blackmystix 27 days ago
@Just Some Guy on the Internet the nicest compliment I've yet received
Just Some Guy on the Internet
@Blackmystix [commenting so I can easily find your comment later]
Matrixnukum 25 days ago
there’s a 50% chance we may not make it to type 0.87 to a type 0.95 civilization.
RichardTV 28 days ago
They forget one thing, a type VIII civilization where they finally found a way on how to create a matter maybe on small scale like stars, creating a small stars etc. or somthing similar of that
عنترة إبن شداد
The most advanced aliens uploaded themselves into nano sized machines long ago. They live in virtual reality and need only a main sequence star for power.
Ano Niem
Ano Niem 20 days ago
Keep up this kind of brain storming. Although I am a bit dissapointed in the time we reach level 2. It should go much faster.
A H 2 months ago
TikTok added a few more thousand years for us to reach type 1 civilisation
Nazim Jordan
Nazim Jordan 27 days ago
Legendary comment !!!! 100000% correct !!!! I applaud you, A H for hitting the nail on its head!!!!
Sharkhorse Month ago
Second time I’ve heard of a Dyson Sphere. First heard about it in Stellaris
Vratislav Vajner
Vratislav Vajner 21 day ago
Dont forget the Great Filter when you want to think about civilizations on another level
Charles Rezac
Charles Rezac 26 days ago
The main problem I have with this scale is how it evaluates the amount of territory controlled as a factor in advancement. I think it's more important to have complete access to available resources and full control of them. If you could access multiverses to exchange information or technology for example, would it really matter whether or not you were exploiting the resources available in the Oort Cloud? If you were stuck on one planet due to biological constraints but could manipulate gravity are you still limited to being type one?
El Bromo Hojo
El Bromo Hojo 20 days ago
Energy consumption seems to me to be a misleading metric. It's quite possible to consume evergy for no purpose. A better metric would be the rate of increase in the rate of entropy production, as that can only be achieved by using energy to create order that is more efficient at generating entropy. The need for more energy is built in to this metric.
Nick Destruct
Nick Destruct Month ago
i dont think they would need to harness energy after lvl4 or 5. theyd be able to feed or absorb any energy around them
Zodi978 12 hours ago
Wouldn't things like extracting consciousness and anti-gravity be less advanced than dyson spheres? I feel like we are way closer to extracting consciousness and anti-gravity than we are to absorbing the suns energy
Mouche Ali
Mouche Ali 21 day ago
im glad you found out there are 7 levels this was stated in the quoran 1400 years ago and you are correct there is a civilization that live within them they also live on earth too we have always know about these civilization so i am not amazed
Petru T.
Petru T. 27 days ago
The more you get the lesser you have. I wonder if this applies in our endless quest.
Earn Money Online
Earn Money Online 3 months ago
I'm honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, Keep it up! 💙
FathGuru Month ago
The problem with this is assuming every allien race out there is out for exploitation of energy, if the race focuses on the inner wellbeing instead of material gain it will never reach any of the levels because there is no need, they might just turn to pure energy
Karl with a K
Karl with a K 26 days ago
100% of the Biological elements in the video will be realized well within 100 years.
BENGOTREKTIN40K 4 days ago
What if a type 7 civilization just installed some memory of them to us (very very very little amount) to relook everything they did in the past
A Aa
A Aa 25 days ago
I think that this is where it ends because obtaining enlightenment would allow you to explore multiple planes of reality, multiple dimensional and creator civilisation. You have no need to go past that because you'd have access beyond that. The best part about humans is that I'm the past three have been human civilizations that have achieved this reality. I honestly think it's why aliens bother to vibe visit us as there are humans floating adding in the universe from times past.
mark adams
mark adams Month ago
I absolutely love the free and easy assumptions here. Having unlimited energy as a type 2 civilization would mean the end of poverty. That simple sweeping toss off shows the reality of most futurist's. They all assume that if we just have enough time and energy everyone will come to think alike, love each other unconditionally and all work together for the common good. Yet not a one can describe even the first step in the incredible chain of events that would make this true. It's just 'in the future there will be no poverty because we have lots of energy'. The fact that no civilization ever, regardless of the energy, money, or resources available has ever achieved this is utterly irrelevant because 'they didn't have spaceships and fancy coveralls'.
S M Day ago
@no u We can get rid of poverty, if people wanted to but people don't because if everyone was equal then who would do the work to make things or grow food? there has to be a class system for humanity to survive, if everyone was content and "rich" in resources then no bugger would get off their arse to make anything happen. The very idea of "Star Trek the next generation" is complete lunacy, I mean how do the ships get built without a working class, and then by definition a working class is lower down the scale than a commanding class. Religion will NEVER allow humankind to act as one, never mind wealth, power, influence etc. There's a reason it's called "science FICTION"
Max Hardy
Max Hardy 4 days ago
@jon jame my bad i have failed to express my views here was just trying to contrast on why there will always be a poor person. You've not properly analysed my comment there. It's more than just grammar and definitions. Try to understand the philosophy behind it. What i actually wanted to say through that comment is... We are focusing on relative poverty which is unpreventable. We as a community should rather focus our energy on reducing inequalities instead. Like i said he helped one to rise but got another one to do the same job the previous maid was doing. When i said slave what i mean is the rich did not value the poor and since poor not knowing the value of his work is facing inequalities and is treated as such. Also please refrain from trying to find out grammatical objections coz i am not good enough at English to rectify my grammatical errors
jon jame
jon jame 4 days ago
@Max Hardy If she is educated and being paid. She isn’t a slave… complete misnomer on your part. Slaves aren’t allowed to hold property intellectual or otherwise. That poverty due to someone else’s labors is called competition and free enterprise. That poor person is more than welcome to become more valuable in that field and then demand compensation befitting their value. Poverty transcends humanity. It’s the consequence of social organisms. Look at lions to validate that point. The male lion often referred to as the “King of the Jungle.” A truly formidable adversary and protector of his pride’s resources. Lions are on the list of fastest animals on earth. And are very successful ambush hunters. With a success rate just below 30%. But when a male is cast out from the pride and has his sexual primacy revoked. He becomes sickly and dies. Like 100% of the time. Unless he can find another pride and do the same to a mating male. If he’s been without a meal for a while. He doesn’t stand a chance. I’d bet my money on the well fed male enjoying his place in the pride any day. The females will even assist in killing of the pariah. Do you see the “poverty” of the lion. Without community you die age if you under preform. Or just lack resources you also die. This is just life. Not just for humans.
Silent Ambition Bronx Gold
Great video 👏 thank you 💯🦾
Sick Dream
Sick Dream Month ago
The The Q Continuum from Star Trek would be an example of a type 7 civilization
Lionel’s Hero9 Experience
Type 7 is God and I hope to be in type 1 before I pass. Really cool video keep up the good work.
CaptainLolzIII 27 days ago
So basically if we can get Dyson spheres to work we can immediately skip to level 2 and if we build a couple more Dyson spheres we get to level 3 in nowhere near 100k year or whatever right?
Jumar Cabo
Jumar Cabo 2 months ago
I love how throughout the whole video, energy is always the center and the beginning.
Charles Rezac
Charles Rezac 26 days ago
It's kind of arbitrary. Energy, by itself, is relatively useless. Even when you have a use for it you generally need a specific type of energy.
lagubrok92 26 days ago
It must have an end if it has a beginning. Where or what is energy from? Maybe from omething that does not have a beginning or an end. Perhaps the void, the complete nothingness. Truly away from any concept or laws.
Dr. Zoser-Ra Neterkeht El
I can conceive of what a type 7 creator civilization would look like. It's simple, radiate love light frequencies no matter where you exist in space-time ... And when you act with thought and intention, it must be for the benefit of everything in your environment or reality, including you. It takes discipline and focus to master and function at this knowledge degree but every living being is capable 🙊🙉🙈🦁👁️
jenkoy 25 days ago
What if type 7 civilizations created multiple civilizations so that they will see if the civilizations they created can develop further than them
That Pruitt Guy
That Pruitt Guy 28 days ago
So fascinating. The only negative here is none of us will be alive to experience what the universe really has to offer.
Ben Covington
Ben Covington 20 days ago
"If we could somehow enter the fourth dimension, our 3d bodies would be destroyed the moment we entered it." The 4th dimension is time, we are living in it. We experience it in frames. Take this (2d) video, print each frame out on a piece of paper, and stack it, and you have a 3 dimensional form of this video. That's all the 4th dimension is for us.
Shadowman 7 days ago
I’m sure he meant 4th spatial dimension, which would be the 5th dimension.
Naveen K
Naveen K 13 days ago
Yes. There can only be 4 dimensions that human brain can think of. 3 dimensions of space. 1 dimension of time. Any more dimensions has not be proven or explained by any existed human brain till now. Courtesy of all the great scientist that lived/living.
Balázs Radnóti
Balázs Radnóti 19 days ago
I know you are talking about what we consider in physics 4thD ,but there are mathematical models for planar dimensions(adding extra planes to ours) furthermore,fex 16D ,4D,8D etc and that's what he meant.Imagine a circle entering 3D,it's circular body would ve destroyed in 2D,and a 3D curcular shape would form same goes for us,in case of 3D to 4D
YenN Banks
YenN Banks 3 months ago
Keep up this stuff. In a couple years you’re gonna have millions of subscribers. Videos, are educational and descriptive and the audio is mixed and mastered correctly. Straight fire
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