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Marques Brownlee
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I tried Apple's first ever spatial computing device, a $3500 VR headset. These are my honest thoughts.
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Science & Technology

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Jun 20, 2024




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Comments : 39K   
can't wait for them to pause ads when you close your eyes
@kozarkurdish1821 10 months ago
@SasukexMinato 10 months ago
Bruh, I would just remove the headset at that point 😆
@ErrikosAlexiou 10 months ago
@@SasukexMinato the adverts would pause until you put it back on, Black Mirror shi
@elvinegebayram8718 10 months ago
Nah blud getting more creative than Apple themselves😭😭
@shinymew2887 10 months ago
That’s already in the works.
@MrUnknownXD Year ago
Not gonna lie I'm getting the strongest "real life Black Mirror" vibes I've ever had from this and it feels absolutely surreal
@MrUnknownXD Year ago
Also, Watching a guy take a photo of his kids playing, while wearing ski goggles in the presentation might be the bleakest thing I’ve ever seen.
This is as small as Apple could manage for now. I'm sure it will be refined in future versions
@rmd9746 Year ago
especially in the memory section that was uthopian as hell... When the price will drop let's get ready even for more isolation! (to be fair the price is lower then expected I don't get why people are freaked out, the tech is indeed impressive, especially if it's going to work as well as shown)
@MamadNobari Year ago
It's The Entire History of You.
yeah they will remotely activate the hidden c4 charges in them and kill everyone.
@Ellefsen97 9 months ago
The thing I do appreciate about the 2-way passthrough is that it’s a visual cue to tell the people around you if you can see them or not. That’s a thing I’ve wanted to have for AirPods Pro and Max; Some visual that tells people around me if I’m in Noise Cancellation mode or not
@user-zq8hk8fb1d 8 months ago
I'm sorry, but this made me think of a scenario where I am sitting on an airplane and some rich dude next to me slowly looks over at me with his eyes on the screen, and this image is just so fucking creepy and hilarious lmao
@29subhra 8 months ago
@@user-zq8hk8fb1dyou automatically presumed only rich people will buy this 😂 When loads of content creators are going to buy this either on credit card or something
@kiidkif2009 7 months ago
Look at it like this too if a person knows you can't see them then they'll start doing some fucky shit so maybe we not let ppl kno we can or can't see them...thts my 2cents
@Ellefsen97 6 months ago
@@kiidkif2009 I wouldn't want to be around people in a public setting completely immersed in VR anyway
@chymarsowell 6 months ago
@BuDDa100 9 months ago
I must have lived under the rock because I just found your channel, subed immediately and got to say I love your chilled and very scientific approach. Also you ask the right questions in your reviews and are not biased at all. Love it man, keep up the great work!
@TimeBucks Year ago
This is a really great overview of Apple Vision Pro.
@gopalshil349 Year ago
Very good
I was literally dying when they showed a father recording their kid's birthday in the presentation. Imagine being a kid blowing out candles and your father is wearing digital ski goggles ffs apple 💀😭
@epidemic006 Year ago
Lol 😂
@DarkViperEU Year ago
Stolen comment lmao
@openviews Year ago
@shiqigan8509 Year ago
I think the proper way to do this is to use iPhone to record the 3D video and then view it with Vision Pro, seems iPhone is close to have(if not already) a 3D video capable hardware
America is so high tech
@paulongo2471 6 months ago
I love how you keep me engaged thru ur style of commentary like I feel you excitement and the way you speak feels like a normal convo that doesn’t tire my ears
@Red00022 8 months ago
The immersive recordings are going to be a heartbreaking but at the same time beautiful re-experience of those past loved ones.
@ProBioMech Year ago
As a dad one of my regrets was always videoing the significant events of my kids instead of just watching them and being present so your comment on the ‘oddness’ of capturing events with the headset really hit home
@cyjanek7818 Year ago
I was very surprised they used that as an example. Instead of saying you can take 3D photo of some environment, things for art reference, car you want to buy to show someone in a cool way they used the worst example - sitting in that next to your kid instead of doing something with them. Who decided people will love it?
First I was here first in the comments.
@Pedro7526 Year ago
Yeah that was bizarre. How could you be staring at a display in front of your eyes while those significant events happen. I don't care how realistic the passthrough is, you are just not "present".
@terminator. Year ago
@@cyjanek7818 That whole bit was dystopian. Looked so sad.
@teekanne15 Year ago
@@cyjanek7818 it to get people talking. Controversy is the best advertisement. Also you come out ahead of the critics, that will point something like this out and you can normalize it early on.
"It's a rich person's toy, and a developer's muse." Very well stated.
@-mike-8134 Year ago
I guess it depends on what your definition of rich is... I know a lot of middle class folks who have many toys, some of which are way more than $3500.
@Mrlordfaso Year ago
@@-mike-8134 really like wich toys?
@@Mrlordfaso Boats, ATV's a lot of stuff that really will last longer than this will to be honest but still they are just toys too.
@-mike-8134 Year ago
@@Mrlordfaso One of my friends has a Harley Davidson motorcycle ($25k) that he takes out a couple of times a year to ride. Another has a good size motorboat, (I guess? about the same price range) that he uses about the same amount. Other friends have RV's and 4 wheelers or mc's to go with.... and of course these are not the only toys they have either just the priciest. None of these guys are rich (US standards) and not even upper middle class. One friend who is upper middle class has an airplane...
@TheTruth-13 Year ago
⁠@@michaelcatlett8979 you just compared a boat and an atv to a VR/AR headset.
@user-om4hi4rf2t 6 months ago
The part that is most appealing to me is that if you're on a flight or something, you can just block everyone out of your vision. That would be great for anyone who get uncomfortable around tons of people.
@rm2828 8 months ago
SUPERB Review, as Always…There is NO ONE AS GOOD AS YOU on the net for the most comprehensive and user friendly reviews! ❤️from Montreal
I worked on the custom chip that handles the IR LED illuminators for eye-tracking. Of course, being an outside vendor, at the time we weren’t even allowed to know it was for eye-tracking! This was almost 2-years ago and it’s cool to see it come to fruition.
@real7vik Year ago
Ahahaha epic
@ggk9828 Year ago
It's cool you were made to work on a project without knowing how your work was going to be used????
amazing job my friend !
@yungtooli Year ago
yeah sure pal. and i’m bill gates
Me too! I worked on the m2 chip variebt, the IR and the iphone. I also worked on the space x ship, and ninebot scooter motor.
@Jzzmus Year ago
What’s crazy is in about 5-10 years, this will look and work like a first gen iPhone looks like to us now
Thats the problem, one of your friends or family will start wearing these around everyone. Will be made fun of for a while, then someone else will want to try it. Im starting a SubStack and writing an article...Just to respond to Apple Vision, our eyes are the windows to our soul. One company will own our thoughts, this is much more of a big deal than people think. The more elegent and seamless mixed reality becomes, the more hackable we become
@marcus_lyn Year ago
people have said this about vr for decades already... rinse repeat. no, it's never going to be good and you're going to regret the 3.5 grand you shell out for this glorified Virtual Boy
@Mububban23 Year ago
@@marcus_lyn Never is a very long time. Personally I think AR, not VR, is the future. Things overlayed onto the real world, inevitably there'll b personalised ads on communal billboards ala Minority Report etc. Once this tech shrinks over the decades to be on a contact lens, who wouldn't want that sort of overlay of maps, messages, internet search based on what you're looking at etc?
@@Mububban23 exactly. The rate at which vr has been growing over the years I wouldn’t be surprised, especially with apple jumping in with AR.
@briana3186 Year ago
Yeah, it's like an 8-track!...for your FACE!
@stephenorr5522 4 months ago
Excellent review as usual Marcus. Thank you.
@amarachichats 10 months ago
This is the first video I've watched of Marcus, and i have to say your attention to the details of every product you review and the time you spend analysing every aspect is impressive - you earned another Subscriber 👍🏾
@JeffNoblesLife 10 months ago
Yeah. his attention to detail is so good. Doesn't hurt that his voice is smooth like NPR.
@amarachichats 10 months ago
@@JeffNoblesLife Haha, yes
great to know. Now , who’s this marcus guy ? i only heard about marques🤔 LOL
@thanos879 Year ago
It's the coolest thing ever how MKBHD ends up beating everyone getting this video out first, and he's just calmly speaking like he's in no rush at all. Great team over there.
@toperaheem Year ago
Fr And it's really paying off for him, 6.8 million views in 16 hours and he just hit 17 million subscribers
@ramonkawa Year ago
well, it's one of the very few people invited to the demo that acrually has tried other vr headsets and knows what their talking about
@PizzaRobin Year ago
it's prerecorded and scheduled for upload - he was able to do that because he was invited to try it out so he knew what would be presented and then in the end the cutters just needed to add the official material once it was released.
@thanos879 Year ago
@@PizzaRobin I don't think so. He was updating live on Twitter at the event.
@Careub Year ago
5:30 😅 6:23 6:33 6:42 6:56 8:09 8:12 8:14
@aldrama2603 Year ago
Aint gonna cap that DmvNerds hit different
@ALIof93 Year ago
frfr they gave me my summer back!
Yeah Marques just knows how to explain stuff. 5.2k likes 1 comment 💀
@mjabdinoor 5 months ago
Finishing every video with "Thanks for watching" very grateful and very humble of you. It has been a pleasure to take take in your knowledge and information and thanks for that. Many of us will make a buying decision based on the unbaised info you provide here and we number in the millions.
@k.c.simonsen2 9 months ago
That 3D recording feature is wild, we're probably gonna see a lot of that in the future and it's gonna freak me out.
@praesodymium 9 months ago
like braindances from cyberpunk lol
Black Mirror
I've had the oculus for a while, it was revolutionary when I got it and I loved the idea of being able to have extra screens and a nice work environment. But quickly you realise your eyes get sweaty, hot and sore from using the device. The battery life isn't good. The device is heavy on your face. You look ridiculous and aren't going to wear it outside the house. I haven't used it in months. Will this device have the same pitfalls? Perhaps it will finally crack the VR market because of the loyalty of the fans, but the price point is so high, how many people can justify the price.
@moonman8921 Year ago
have you seen the quest 3?
Its absurd. But sets the stage for brands to set more competitive prices.
@dennisp8520 Year ago
This is a first gen product to market, I don’t see it taking off in the consumer space but I do see it being very competitive in the enterprise space and government space. Specifically, being a strong competitor to Microsoft HoloLens. Give it a few generations to see where it really ends up going. I was a early adopter of the 1ST gen HTC vive and a few generations later cost game down and the product got soo much better One thing that apple is doing which is massive and gets me excited is the fact you can get custom prescriptions for the lens. As someone that wears glasses, it was one of the key factors that stopped me from using VR headsets since it requires me to put in contacts among other prep work.
@mrennie25 Year ago
A big hurdle for VR is when you have guests at your house. Game consoles, TV, even phones are all acceptable to use. But someone visiting doesn't want to sit there while you're in VR. The dad at the birthday is a perfect example. That is too socially unacceptable for now
@MrCoolbanna Year ago
I don't know how common people like me are but I've been waiting for a usable headset like this since I was a kid. I would pay any price no matter how expensive it is for me.
@KarlRock Year ago
Great explanation. It’ll be really fun to try out and experience it that first time. Can’t imagine I’d buy one and use it a lot though, not yet anyway.
2.67M subscribers but 26 likes? (first) _Actual comment:_ *_Honestly, I don't understand how the hand gestures are convenient. It's just not familiar._*
@nello7296 Year ago
I believe in a few years when people are getting used to it and the technology isn’t that expensive anymore, it can become a pretty normal thing to own and use in a variety of ways
@ninx_music Year ago
you have to buy it ;)
This is spot on
@mrgyani Year ago
​@@random_person618 his subscribers are back home in India.. But the count will increase - it has only been 16m and 86 likes already.
@blen983 9 months ago
I think this could be amazing for the creative crowd that uses Apple products for creating content so i thought it was weird how much the marketing footage seemed to push consuming content as it’s purpose but I’m excited for this either way.
@Xfalcon41 9 months ago
Finally a good breakdown of this thing. Thank you
@psimac Year ago
I'm really glad Apple gave you a demo because you're one of few reviewers who are qualified to grasp what this is and report on it accordingly. Thank you for the insight.
@Anees- Year ago
You will own nothing and be happy in a pod with vr 😊
@MagikarpMan Year ago
@@Anees- it's literally just a computer/phone on your face
@rabbit1360 Year ago
@@Anees- sounds cool ngl
*apple fan
he gathered little to no techinical specifications, only detailing the miniscule and irrelevant software portion, again with very little knowledge on what to actually ask about. real tech savvy youtubers are never allowed to speak about things like this until they are releaaseus such that apple can control the media 100%. he literally gave nothing other than the expected addition of their patented mems lidar, which is 10's of thousands of dollars to purchase outside of apples patents. they got an amazingly useful patent for cars keeping people alive and hoarded it for themselves, for an ipad to scan rooms for no reason at all. they had to do something with it so they half assed some vr room support and made a rediculous product to prop it up. he did very little other than act as a platform for apple to broadcast.
The fact it can copy whatever you're doing on your Mac (including complex tasks like video editing) and just transfer everything to the headset is probably the thing that feels most futuristic about this. It'd be so cool to move your work from screen to screen across devices like you see in Sci-fi shows
@Downgrader Year ago
The processing might still occur on the Mac but just display on the headset like an AirPlay display.
But what utility is there if it's already on your computer? It's just mirroring bro it's on occlus already or virtual desktop. All this will do is destroy any chance of a realistic home VR market with that price tag. Apple doesn't make games so what is the point of this thing?
@SunnyExMusic Year ago
Stop getting hyped bro. It’s apple. It’s just a glorified screen.
@@thenickseditious of course Apple doesn't make games, so the other devices companies. You didn't watch the presentation? They introduced a Chinese gamer creater, they're open for developers to create or bring their games into it. Think before speaking
Kidneys for sale !!!! kidneys for sake !!!
@MotoVet86 5 months ago
I'm a 90's kid and I remember a teacher showing us that you could change the color of the screen on a Macintosh II that used a floppy disk by using hot keys and it absolutely blew our minds. Now we've got headsets that work by pinching the air. I keep forgetting that there's been 40 years of advancement.
@leCherrywood 5 months ago
such a pleasure to watch this guy talk!
These types of devices won't become mainstream until they are a lot cheaper. However, nothing has a low price when it first comes out. The device itself seems very impressive.
@jaguarj1942 Year ago
Nothing apple sells will ever have a low price new or otherwise.
@Lenasko Year ago
it's a pro model. i think we should wait a year or two.
I bought a second hand iphone 10 for £50, ur point is invalid
iPhones used to cost a few hundred dollars now it’s a grand.
@Simon-oy7kf Year ago
Ok..... So what? This is the same story for just about every tech product
Was surprised how much of the content promoted was 2D instead of 3D or 6DOF. I hope they have RU-vid available on day one with 360 videos
@rshramik6550 Year ago
Yt with snoop Dogg
@BobS4AC Year ago
@@rshramik6550beat me to it
@__dm__ Year ago
@@opinionated_take 6 degrees of freedom, i.e. stuff can rotate in all 3 axes and move around in all 3 axes
@jkim1402 Year ago
@@opinionated_take 6 Dimensional with Onlyfans included
@@opinionated_take 6DOF means in a nutshell - 6 Degrees of freedom - Basically how the element ( also you ) moves inside a 3D space is being tracked and fully used. What we just saw is basically a person just sitting and doing something on a 2D flat screen just that the screen is projected in front of you through the headset. 6 DOF would be if the person would move in that space based on his headposition ( X Y axis and X, Z axis) and rotation. Its complicated but I hope I could clarify it to you :x
@peachyb6528 7 months ago
Wow, just the type of video I was hoping for about the Apple Vision Pro, thank you!!!!!
@nathanieljb666 10 months ago
Being able to walk around child hood homes and have memories of it would be amazing. Also real-estate, being able to do a house tour in vr before you even go to the property would be cool. They have some of that but it’s on a 2d screen or not very main stream.
Marquis is really the best in this stuff. The way he explains everything in a calming way with subtle jokes is second to none.
eh Linus Tech Tips definitely better but he's good
Lif Sony made this, he was going to say people won't be able to use it because is too high tech and no reason for customers to learn lol...
@TheVRtist Year ago
Agreed. Everything is well explained, you don't really need to see a review anywhere else.
@Anees- Year ago
Thought we were conspiracy theorists..
@mexifry222 Year ago
Hop off that pee pee bro
@281Braden Year ago
I need to see Marques wearing a Vision Pro and that Dyson mask at the same time
Straight out of Ready player one! 😁
@tomcurtis8431 9 months ago
New to your channel and you’re really good at this. Thank you! I’m a new fan!
You sold this Gadget waay better than Apple did. I honestly want it now!
@AnjayKm Year ago
I'm at 45 seconds in and I agree 😂
@watcher8582 Year ago
But that's less the fault of Apple but rather a matter of context. If Apple says "the eye-tracking is novel, the best out there and the hand tracking works well", then we'd just perceive it as the sellers advertisement, whereas when Marques says it, we're inclined to believe it. And in fact it's a false dichotomy - Apple chooses who to give test-space to, so you ought to consider Marques review as part of Apple's advertising campagne just the same.
Hi marques would you suggest this gadget for the visually impaired it seems quite viable as windows can be as large and as close to a persons eye as they need however was wondering if I could get your take on if
@Phriffo Year ago
The potential for movie studios to work with Apple and make you feel like your actually in the movie would be absolutely insane
@lindenstromberg6859 11 months ago
@SuperNostalgia. Is this the plot to the fantasy film you want to watch?
@Nemesiz00 11 months ago
Yeah, the porn will be surreal
Name a single good movie made for apple tv+
@lindenstromberg6859 11 months ago
@@Nemesiz00 Is there a plot to the porn film you want to watch?
@LordMesa 10 months ago
Hopefully, they will never do this. VR movies, yes. Apple specific, hell no.
@mxlly376 10 months ago
I think this is the first iteration of it, and it will start out as gimmicky for the select few who want to buy it and be like “hey, check this out!” Eventually, as they improve the tech (like they’ve done with iPods/iPhones) and people become more familiar with it and it shrinks in size/bulkiness, more people will use it as part of their daily routine. This improvement and innovation will probably happen much faster though since apple has the ability to hire and fund the best and brightest.
@Sugaryn0vA 6 months ago
@bangedmybro 5 months ago
​@@Sugaryn0vAwhats funny?
@Truesoda 5 months ago
Or it just smashes right out the gate and it’s epic af. That’s what I’m hoping for even if it’s less then likely
@MiniBEA5T 4 months ago
​@@bangedmybro"hire the best and brightest".... yeah Samsung
@chubbitychubbs6783 7 months ago
Dude! Just wanted to say that I turn to you and "Jerry Rig Everything", for all tech related things. You're awesome bro 👊👊
Just imagine this technology in another 10-15 years… absolutely insane what they’re able to accomplish now!!
@FExpiate Year ago
You don't have to imagine, just watch Matrix and picture yourself in one of those pods.
@evolicious Year ago
@@FExpiate Luckily, that's not how the human brain works. The Matrix is scifi.
@evolicious Year ago
Knowing where we are headed, I don't expect much to change. Braindrain, worsening economies, billionaires destroying the middle-class, tin foil hatters having political power and putting us in a worse readiness for the next big deadly supervirus, psychopathic leaders looking for a reason to throw a nuke, and media in general pushing everyone to isolate more (maybe good reason like with all the public shootings in the US). Companies are earning more but distributing less, technology is getting more complex and difficult to adopt, our netsec sectors are becoming less effective, and the reliability on mass produced products are creating huge problems since mass manufacturing quality is getting worse and worse everywhere. These big companies cannot keep up and manage producing for the demand without going to early AGI management systems that are still not reliable, and they are slowly pushing towards vacuuming up every penny of profit, pushing everyone under slave labor, and then leaving to go live in their Elysium-inspired fantasy land billionaire bubble.
@bubrub5564 Year ago
@@FExpiate Do you base everything in your life off of fiction?
@shasmi93 Year ago
I like the direction we are headed. I can’t STAND all these humans everywhere I go. We are WAY too over populated. Since I don’t really use technology it’ll be nice when everyone is always in their homes on the couch in their own little worlds. Then I can go enjoy nature and the outside world and not have billions of savage ass humans everywhere I go. Selfish? Maybe. But since humans can’t seem to get their reproduction under control I’ll take this work around!
@-Jake Year ago
This is starting to feel like we’re moving on to the next tech era. It’s exciting, looking forward to how this looks 6 years from now
Imagine 7 🤯
You get it. That’s exactly what this. All the complainers will have one by gen 3. Remember when the watch first came out? Remember when the iPad first came out? Remember when the AirPods first came out? Now everyone has all these devices and want them like crack cocaine. The next 10 years is gonna be amazing for tech.
why 6 years? why not 5 or 7 ?
@MrArthys Year ago
@@seanharris140 You really think this will be popular? I cant imagine ppl enjoying something this size glued to their eyeballs and most of the time on a cable.
@@MrArthys yeah, it's pretty much a vr headset without the need for controllers.
Well honestly, first time I listen to one of your video. Clear, sharp, interesting, relevant, great job! Only thing... no need to ask to subscribe... as this should come naturally from just watching high quality content like yours. So I subscribed ;)
@craigdrummer13204 6 months ago
This looks very interesting thanks for the review.
This is gonna change the game for stroke victims, ALS patients, and those with muscular deficiencies. It will open up the world of computing and allow huge swaths of people to communicate for the first time.
All without a brain implant!
David, i love what you said. Makes me inspired to work on that code.
Not sure what "huge swaths" of people can afford it at $3500 lol, but I think the internet allows huge swaths of people to communicate, at a significantly cheaper price
@@btchilluminti this is gen 1.
@sushs7991 Year ago
The price is huge something like that would be very very hard to afford for those people.
@avnash09 Year ago
I have realised this earlier & I would stick to it, no background music in your videos, no sfx, no crazy fonts or graphics moving around, yet I watch them till the end. Hats off to all you & your team for such amazing content.
@avnash09 Year ago
Question: when others are releasing foldables, Apple announced a VR headset. 1. Does that mean Apple is not planning for a foldable anytime soon? 2. What will be the future of foldables now?
Because the product is crazy bro
​@@oOgreenpoisonOo Indeed 🫶
@schizofennec Year ago
@@avnash09 Foldables are a gimmick because you have to take glass, which has the property of weakening when bent, and make it not have that property. its like making water that isnt wet. All Z flips fail around the 6 month to 9 month mark, the tech isnt there yet at all.
@teekanne15 Year ago
@@schizofennec tbh its not actual glass by some kind of plastic
@mahat1685 7 months ago
This guy is amazing! very clear explanation. THanks.
@franknbery 9 months ago
man you crammed so much info in just 20 min thx bro nobody has given this much info
Apple was smart to let you test the Vision Pro. You communicate so well buddy.
*Do u all use* -mabooks- ?
@biswajit07 Year ago
they didnt let him test one. Based on the ad and the release event, he made this video
@SaintMamba Year ago
@@biswajit07 he literally said he used it 10 seconds into the video
@pan6593 Year ago
Of course they did. He had 30mins, that‘ exactly what he said.
@sunlee79 Year ago
You did a far better job at selling it than Apple did at the keynote. Love how you had Mark to guest star for this.
Mark will cry :c
@Slippery_Si Year ago
mark's a lil beta bish
@Lodoelama Year ago
mark's a lil meta bish
Giving Ready Player One vibes.
@GeoJoeTravels 5 months ago
Spectacular content as always! ✨🌎💫
@user-su5mp3lg2j 8 months ago
Best description.. love your review..
It’s crazy how immersive and comprehensive his review is while keeping viewer attention. Good stuff!
@Leokipo Year ago
That's what I was thinking. 14 min in and I was encapsulated by the video
@whitedevil2 Year ago
you wanna kiss him?
@nezzled Year ago
@@whitedevil2 and?
@whitedevil2 Year ago
@@nezzled let your imagination run wild, chief
@nezzled Year ago
@@whitedevil2 honestly just replied "and" because I had no context and I'm still confused
@tayzonday Year ago
This might offer very interesting possibilities for people like me with special sensory needs.
@BB-mo9sf Year ago
@SquooHipPa Year ago
That's a good point, my brother has become limited in a lot of what he can do but this might be something that can help. When/if becomes cheaper.
@Navir9 Year ago
Technology is really cool
@BoboTMC Year ago
It's pretty cool! I wonder if it can explain the american economy right now though...
@dropsey3007 Year ago
might help you stop masturbating so much,
@iFaFo_0 9 months ago
M3 version will be the one to get whenever it comes. If it has hardware accelerated raytracing like 15 pro it will look absolutely phenomenal. Unreal engine will also work on vision pro, we are in for some truly amazing time in tech.
@xVinoz 6 months ago
I think M4 rather than M3, but who knows
@topsouter 10 months ago
Dude, I stubbled across you video's and boy glad I did. You've got a pleasant presentational way of getting across the info that even a muppet understands.. Thanks! This 'latest 'toy' does make sense. Add that linked to the latest Block buster film wow!
@ramoloii Year ago
😭😭😭 14:40 “dad what are doing!? Why are your eyes sticking out through the headset??” 🤣😂
@buyelanim Year ago
Yeah, I also literally thought about how practical this is given the "memories" selling point they're talking about 😅 You'll have to ask your kids to act - "just act normal, I'm taking a video of this memory" 😂
The courtside seating idea is really cool. I've never considered that before but thats awesome
@pvhari40 9 months ago
Great Review, as usual and this is a special one, atleast for me. I have been waiting for Apple's Mixed Reality Headset for 3 years now.. Here it is ...The future for many AR hungry consumers. Kind of liked the video @14:40
What an insane piece of tech. Curious to see how much this is going to evolve in the next 10 years. 📱
@StudioLB Year ago
Less and less people gonna buy it
@9ico Year ago
This ratio is more insane
Get smaller more powerful more gesture. more complex system.
@modeagogo Year ago
For the 1st Gen, as a rational consumer, I think I just gonna wait and see for the next gen to see how it goes. Anyway, the demostration is freaking stunning. The Future is now, and it's really expensive lol...
Next generation gonna out in 10 years 😂
@modeagogo Year ago
@@benzobenzobenzobenzo Noway, I think 4 years will be the longest product life that I can think of. IMO, 2 years for next gen.
@MB_speaking Year ago
Apple Pay’s huge for demo. It’s all marketing thing.
@modeagogo Year ago
@@MB_speaking Anyway, the pricing is too high, and only one product. Because it's 1st gen, I don't think it's gonna be a big success. IMO it's just experimental.
@eulehund99 Year ago
​@@modeagogo i really hope they hold those promises given in the WWDC. It was all CGI, but we will have to wait first.
@punkiefresh8199 7 months ago
Appreciate your content. Good humble intelligent young man
@bungercolumbus 8 months ago
If the VR headset can read the hand signs correctly there are so many possibilities for the gaming industry. Along with that wirelessly connecting your headset to the PC is a must. This could improve it's possibilities so much.
only macs
Yes, you nailed the creepy feeling. While the tech is undeniably cool, Apple's presentation of it being used in day-to-day life had some weird dehumanized undertones. The part showing dad filming the family literally gave me icky feelings. Thank you for another excellent product overview that provides context and analysis well beyond the "spec sheet rehash" that is so typical elsewhere.
The Dads easy beard with the smoke filled room... Tells me Dad is a little obsessed with his new porn watching machine.
@o_titan3874 Year ago
God I hate the word icky
Agreed. VR seems great for creating a very personal experience, but at the cost of isolation. Are we best suited for being plugged into the Matrix?
@davidc2072 Year ago
Except it will have an app platform and Apple doesn’t allow adult content on there.
@spookybarns Year ago
There’s a reason Marques is at the top of this game. His enthusiasm is contagious. He’s so genuine.
The glazing and ball gargling is crazy
@@danceyrselfkleen why are you ball gargling fam
@Karan-ix8kh Year ago
@@danceyrselfkleen L
@@danceyrselfkleen I agree. It's actually pathetic.
@bioboi808 Year ago
This guy reviews dope bleeding edge tech for a living. To have him this impressed, this thing must be the future.
@_gruntled 9 months ago
I would love to get this for my disabled cousin when it comes out. I don't even mind the price tag (anything for people with disabilities is expensive unfortunately). He uses Apple's ecosystem because they have great accessibility options for someone one-armed and partially deaf like him. This would make his life just that more convenient.
@calebhoff409 7 months ago
I want this so bad, the eye tracking sounds like the most seamless fluid thing
Can I just say - this genuinely seems like a breakthrough in communication technology for people with extremely limited mobility.
@tanairium654 Year ago
it will also break their wallets
@IanSmith2814 Year ago
It’s really not🫤…it’s a toy for the very wealthy.
@Droid-- Year ago
Not if you don't have a thumb...
@lxnst321 Year ago
@@Droid-- i was thinking this 💀
This will ironically also make more people less and less mobile....Ready Player One here we come.
I’ve watched several tech RU-vidrs review of this, and yours is by far the best. You really do a good job describing the experience and what it would feel like to use it. It’s so easy to get caught in the hype and excitement, but you seem balanced while still clearly explaining what was exciting and standout. There was a lot of thought and introspection in how this came together
@ianne2004 Year ago
@tky954 Year ago
Where from you
There's probably gonna be a negative comment here soon lmao
@boneszy Year ago
marques is well known to be under apples patronage
@@boneszy he was fairly balanced considering. I was expecting some hype for the butterfly or to explain how game changing 3d video would revolutionize how we capture memories, and he was spot on talking about how awkward it would be in practice. He compared them to existing VR and AR where Apple has a way of doing something that others are doing while acting like it’s totally unique. What Apple does is implement better, and the eye tracking is amazing, so not surprised he was a hyped about that
@GeraldHayes-ic5nf 5 months ago
Hello Its a great review! Thank so much Like!
@cinchedlibra 7 months ago
While I was never bothered by the battery pack, It's grown on me to the point where I really like it. The cord reminds me of the classic earbuds look, and personally it feels kind of fashionable. I hope they keep this design choice; the less weight in the headset the better!
@nemeanlioness 5 months ago
Battery on your head like the quest is terrible. Not just heavy for neck pain but the heat from battery is insane. Looking forward to this solution.
@royce9018 5 months ago
But the 2hour battery backup is a downside Gotta plug the headset to watch a full movie
@Jhud69 Year ago
I was really impressed. Definitely not getting the first generation unit but I’m looking forward to see how it develops.
@Needler13 Year ago
$20 this will be the first and only one when nobody buys this
I'll get the Chinese knockoff, I guess.
@@Needler13 I guess 20 is easy enough to lose...lol
@seanleaf3165 Year ago
Just watched your old vid from 9 months ago. Glad you jumped on this sooo quickly.
@petetxul6477 Year ago
I hope so too..
@napilopez Year ago
I think the key thing about the "two-way passthrough" creepy eyes is that, despite its uncanny valley potential, it very clearly communicates to *other people* that you can see them. It intuitively communicates that, despite the fact that i'm wearing a headset, im still able to have a conversation with you. With any other VR headset, having the headset on is basically saying "dont talk to me" It doesn't completely solve the VR isolation problem, but I can see it making a huge difference for using the headset at home or around others, even if it's kinda weird at first.
Thats very true! Especially if it actually updates your expression so if you raise/lower your brows, it matches that.
@wraith8323 Year ago
I low key like the 'not now chief, I'm in the zone' aspect of my quest 😅
@Random_dud31 Year ago
But the problem is its such a complicated solution when the easiest solution is to just remove the head set. Also, i have a feeling most people are gonna ask to person to remove it when talking to them. Its feels like its equivalent to a person hold a phone to the ear and saying "don't worry, I'm listening to you"
Wish it was anything but eyes, lol. Make it cartoon pixely cute robot eyes, not that.
@user-so7qb9jh6q 6 months ago
I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures.
@MyrtleBchsweeper 5 months ago
Can’t wait to see this product
@TheLionThing Year ago
My biggest question was about how multiple Vision Pro devices will interact with each other. What happens when two of these are together in the same room? Can you work on the same project together, in the same space? Can you have a 3D model of your friend sit on the couch next to you and watch the same movie together? How about when they're apart--can there be a scenario where you go to your friend's room across the country, you see each other, like in VRChat, and you can sit and have a conversation?
Looks like a worse hololens?
@Konarcoffee Year ago
Let me answer all of those, No probably not
@ivanrivera57 Year ago
Man! I really like the examples you gave. That would definitely be a plus!
@markedone494 Year ago
One step at a time buddy, first the device needs to work on its own.
@andresv.8880 Year ago
Woah, that's a cool idea
This is one of those technologies where I’m not sure if I should be excited or terrified.
I think it’s the ai we should be afraid of
Why should you be afraid? It's just VR, be afraid of AI
You shouldn't be either, it's pointless
@ainajoe5874 Year ago
I am more afraid of the price
@xeric1953 6 months ago
Saving video memories this way sounds amazing. I look forward to 3-4 models later when the price drops and the trend of wearing ar/vr everywhere takes over
Can't wait to see what industries this will change !
This guy might be the best product reviewer in the game. Once again, he killed it with his review.
@6ftmouse349 Year ago
Might be? He 100% is
@cannotwest Year ago
Yes, he's a corporate asset.
For sure 100%. Anytime I have a question about a device I check his review and does not disappoint
@randomrazr Year ago
what if u wear glasses
@cannotwest Year ago
@@randomrazr then you probably lucky to keep your sanity. Like there's not enough living your life in the digital devices these days.
@kaiz2646 Year ago
As kids we all joked about this happening, now it’s actually happening. This is next level futuristic type stuff. Kinda surreal when you think about it.
funny, how does technology is going to be outdated in just 10 years
My thoughts exactly
You are not alone, I bet if I’m gonna joke around today that we’re going to have a sunglass similar to this, I’ll be speechless one day
@2400king Year ago
Crazy enough this maybe the "norm" in the future, something about it feels like maybe what everyone maybe using.
I used to be kids and always told my dad 😂😂
@BlakerTWashington 9 months ago
This thing is gonna revolutionize many industries. Can’t wait to get one of these when the price goes down. When MKBHD says it’s like magic you know you have a great product.
@robertbaker3620 10 months ago
The coolest thing about this video is your t shirt. Very cool shirt
@Bookwidgeys Year ago
I really appreciated this video, as a medium-term AMZL4S holder. I know you commented on not many people paying attention to this, but it was very relevant for holders such as myself. After watching your thoughts, I willbuy more. I also remember your earlier assessment. This will crush the market.
Beep bop... I'm the Philosophy Bot. Here, have a quote: "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it" ~ Aristotle
It's a scam. Don't fall for it dear MKBHD viewers.
@Monkey_11 Year ago
As a tech lover, I’m super impressed and think the technology is amazing. As a human, I am afraid for our future.
@squibbdibb Year ago
And as a wallet, I’m afraid of the price tag.
It’s just a fking ar vr thing it’s nothing new for dooming human and stuff
@@asdfghjkl92213 Our phones already disconnect us from reality enough
@@asdfghjkl92213 Have you not seen how much life has changed since smartphones have become accessible for everyone?
@KunalIsTrying 10 months ago
This is so exciting. Just the advance in technology 😮
@daeshavvn 10 months ago
This makes taking flights and trains sound awesomeeeeeeeeeee
@RuliManurung Year ago
The one thing that stood out for me after watching Apple's release video was that ridiculous use case of the dad recording a 3D video of his kids. I had the exact same reaction that Marques had: really? there's this precious moment unfolding right in front of you and you're choosing to experience it from behind an opaque plastic helmet? It's like how people pay hundreds of dollars to go to a concert and choose to view it through their smartphone display, only worse.
@TheHardcard Year ago
Is it much worse than Dad having a giant camcorder or film recorder on his shoulder sticking out 2 feet?
That's pretty normal for most peoples childhoods though, Id assume. Weather its a camcorder, headset, phone, etc, there's usually always one parent (typically the father) in the back filming everything, so they have a memory they can look back on later, at school plays, birthdays, etc. I'm actually shocked people find that strange.
@EonSound Year ago
​@@BattleBladeWarriorPeople just like to complain about new stuff
Some people have spent their entire childhood being filmed by their parents in a way of another, nowadays they're even being posted online without their consent, so this headset in particular doesn't look like such a big deal in comparison
Y’all complain about anything
@proxytypec Year ago
my man casually hanging out with an advanced ai robot @6:07 and thought we won't notice.
@FuzionGamr Year ago
It’s weird seeing him with mark with the ONLY vr headset that isn’t Meta
@funkyphonesltd4821 10 months ago
Great Video ! Good work my friend.
@illusiondoesit 7 months ago
The amount of notifications that you received on your macbook is wild lol
@AA-ep8it Year ago
Very cool. First piece of tech I've ever seen where Marques has been truly shocked, in a good way.
@iamwowed Year ago
He was more shocked at Google Starline. That video was only 2 weeks ago lol
@Vizible21 Year ago
​@@iamwowed well what do you expect from an ifan? 😂😂😂
@XxXDestroyer Year ago
Yeah I didn't expect him to be so impressed with it lol, I'm curious how it turns out.
@leninvora Year ago
“Foundational to Apple Vision is that you’re not isolated from other people, they can see you and you can see them” Feels like a dig on what Meta was trying to achieve with the Metaverse 😂
Metaverse, but with actual people 🤯
i don't want to see them
Lmao, they are using the device to solve a problem , the device creates go outside and touch grass
@AnyMalders Year ago
@@maxdenusenko8989 💀💀💀
It was my first concern... They are just addressing people's discomfort with being 'disconnected' from reality but deceiving consumers into normalizing this product. Not a dig at metaverse, more addressing a massive backlash that meta received because it was a problem for their product offering
@Steve-Cap 10 months ago
I need this headset!
@danmartens8855 7 months ago
20 years ago I thought that if they develop technology like this it would be perfect for Air Traffic Control. I think this would be a killer App for this device.
This is the kind of product that gets me so hyped up. Not just because it's super innovative but because you can tell the designers and engineers at Apple have worked extremely hard to package an insane amount of hardware into such a compact and elegant device. Directional audio, extremely high resolution visuals, eye tracking, an intuitive hand-based interface?!! It's so impressive that they pulled this off and innovated well beyond what their competitors have done. Kudos to the team at Apple that made this happen - super inspiring work.
Found the apple fan boy
@@deitrickorullian505 nah I'm an android user hahaha but I am a huge design geek
@Jaschka15 Year ago
sounds like the holosense 2
@Mquin02 Year ago
Yeah, it's crazy that they let employees waste time and money on something that no one will buy.
@TriStar44 Year ago
@@Mquin02 hater alert 🚨🚨
@jeremyroe Year ago
I’d love to hear more about Apple’s accessibility plans for this device - with eye tracking like this it could be an amazing tool for those suffering from things like ALS where all mobility except eye movement is lost. Current eye tracking tech is far less than ideal.
@plafayette Year ago
This could be a game changer for people with ALS. I wonder if they’ll have an eye tracked keyboard with predictive text for those with speech disabilities. They could also use a hard blink or a wink as a click instead of requiring the constant finger pinching. Or have long gaze initiate a click.
They have WWDC sessions about accessibility, I haven’t seen them but I’m sure they’re keeping that top of mind
@noahr607 Year ago
That’s so true!! I can’t believe this never occurred to me!
imagine stephen hawking using one of these
On this note, if this is so eye tracking based, how will it handle people with a lazy eye?
@AveAtqueVale01 5 months ago
Good informative video! Thanks.
@yaniggasteve2497 11 months ago
Headset will give you the most realistic advertising yet!!
So what's next after that Apple Vision Pro is running the AR? Well the already established *AMZT66 by Amazon* is way more thoughtful. Think about what these will do in a year or two, I believe these guys have it all planned very well and looking forward with this. WWDC wasn't what I hoped for but the Amazonproject clearly is moving into the direction we need. In case you slept on this because you were all hyped for the glasses, maybe you should now know about the real strong power player There's a video to watch anything you need to know about this
Thank you Marques for always getting the tech instantly and leaving the highest quality review. Subbed since 2015 :)
@robiieray Year ago
The JIO effect
Agree on the high quality but not a review of course
@@PointVisionHD yea I kinda meant overview
This is the first channel I ever subscribed to on RU-vid
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