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Marques Brownlee
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I tried Apple's first ever spatial computing device, a $3500 VR headset. These are my honest thoughts.
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Sep 23, 2023




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MrUnknown 3 months ago
Not gonna lie I'm getting the strongest "real life Black Mirror" vibes I've ever had from this and it feels absolutely surreal
MrUnknown 3 months ago
Also, Watching a guy take a photo of his kids playing, while wearing ski goggles in the presentation might be the bleakest thing I’ve ever seen.
Glenda Baptiste
Glenda Baptiste 3 months ago
This is as small as Apple could manage for now. I'm sure it will be refined in future versions
πRMD 3 months ago
especially in the memory section that was uthopian as hell... When the price will drop let's get ready even for more isolation! (to be fair the price is lower then expected I don't get why people are freaked out, the tech is indeed impressive, especially if it's going to work as well as shown)
Mamad Nobari
Mamad Nobari 3 months ago
It's The Entire History of You.
kcplayzcole 3 months ago
yeah they will remotely activate the hidden c4 charges in them and kill everyone.
Mr_Chliken 3 months ago
The potential for movie studios to work with Apple and make you feel like your actually in the movie would be absolutely insane
Linden Stromberg
Linden Stromberg 2 months ago
@SuperNostalgia. Is this the plot to the fantasy film you want to watch?
Nemesiz00 2 months ago
Yeah, the porn will be surreal
Metal Gear Liker Supreme
Name a single good movie made for apple tv+
Linden Stromberg
Linden Stromberg 2 months ago
@Nemesiz00 Is there a plot to the porn film you want to watch?
Isaiah Mesa
Isaiah Mesa Month ago
Hopefully, they will never do this. VR movies, yes. Apple specific, hell no.
Benjamin Bellassai
Benjamin Bellassai 3 months ago
I just realized after finishing the video that 95 percent of the video there was no background music. I just think it proves that your explanation and analysis are very well explained and that it doesn't need music to make the video " better ".
magnetospin Month ago
I don't know why would say such a thing. Music almost always make explanations worse in my experience.
Saai Waheed
Saai Waheed Month ago
I realized that while reading the comment. 😅
Ch E
Ch E Month ago
Tell me you’re a 13 year old tik tok kid without telling me that you watch subway surfers under every video
Openminded Source Closed Beta Alpha Deer
I completely sabotaged the approach by accident by playing music parallel from before I started the video and I found it very fitting until the end. 😅
Jennifer Johnson
Jennifer Johnson 2 months ago
So weird that people are worried about the internet tracking them but Apple literally just says "Let us have your retinal scan and to track everything you look at" and people go "YES I'LL PAY THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS TO GIVE YOU THAT INFORMATION!"
Joe P
Joe P 2 months ago
Unless you down with the people you trying to hide from. You will never be off the grid. And you commenting on RU-vid. 😂😂😂😂😂
Michael Adams
Michael Adams 2 months ago
Because they literally stated in the keynote that they're preventing this very thing from occurring. Besides, they already have your fingerprint, and facial scan. Y'all act like this is going to be any different.
Zombie mc
Zombie mc 2 months ago
MrGiggity890 2 months ago
Koa 2 months ago
Bro I never thought I’d see such a true comment from a pornbot
Jamali van Heerden
Jamali van Heerden 3 months ago
I want to see this product hit the creative industries like architecture and 3d Modelling. I can just imagine using Sketchup, so excited!
Matt M
Matt M 3 months ago
We wouldnt need to model anything if everything is scannable. We are already developing VR in rendering programs like twinmotion. I think modeling will become largely obsolete. With exception to really conceptual designs that aren't in existence yet. With the availability a vast array of details online already, I struggle to see how the profession stays high paying or as viable in the future. I could see the profession being reduced to project coordinator and SD phase of creativity. Def. more of a specialty or niche opposed to general requirement.
Pandawa Ali Ibrahim
Pandawa Ali Ibrahim 3 months ago
EVOLICIOUS 3 months ago
Hololens and Varjo dominate that market.
SizzleHotSpicy 2 months ago
I feel like we’re so close to the future people imagined in the early 1900s. I’m so excited for what we’re get into the next few years. I’m also so excited to see the future of VR in general.
Only Two Shoes
Only Two Shoes 25 days ago
Dystopian future maybe
Zephyria 17 days ago
lets goo dystopian cyberpunk future!
alexio+ 13 days ago
we're beyond that already
kman the coolest
kman the coolest 7 days ago
@alexio+yes we’re past that but we still haven’t achieved it the way we hoped
The Engineering Mindset
I've had the oculus for a while, it was revolutionary when I got it and I loved the idea of being able to have extra screens and a nice work environment. But quickly you realise your eyes get sweaty, hot and sore from using the device. The battery life isn't good. The device is heavy on your face. You look ridiculous and aren't going to wear it outside the house. I haven't used it in months. Will this device have the same pitfalls? Perhaps it will finally crack the VR market because of the loyalty of the fans, but the price point is so high, how many people can justify the price.
Sander 3 months ago
Moon Man
Moon Man 3 months ago
have you seen the quest 3?
Stefan Bernhard
Stefan Bernhard 3 months ago
Its absurd. But sets the stage for brands to set more competitive prices.
Dennis P
Dennis P 3 months ago
This is a first gen product to market, I don’t see it taking off in the consumer space but I do see it being very competitive in the enterprise space and government space. Specifically, being a strong competitor to Microsoft HoloLens. Give it a few generations to see where it really ends up going. I was a early adopter of the 1ST gen HTC vive and a few generations later cost game down and the product got soo much better One thing that apple is doing which is massive and gets me excited is the fact you can get custom prescriptions for the lens. As someone that wears glasses, it was one of the key factors that stopped me from using VR headsets since it requires me to put in contacts among other prep work.
Morgan Rennie
Morgan Rennie 3 months ago
A big hurdle for VR is when you have guests at your house. Game consoles, TV, even phones are all acceptable to use. But someone visiting doesn't want to sit there while you're in VR. The dad at the birthday is a perfect example. That is too socially unacceptable for now
ScarcyRS 6 days ago
The thing I do appreciate about the 2-way passthrough is that it’s a visual cue to tell the people around you if you can see them or not. That’s a thing I’ve wanted to have for AirPods Pro and Max; Some visual that tells people around me if I’m in Noise Cancellation mode or not
Lilpigboy 3 months ago
I'm interested to see developers come up with apps, and if these apps can add much value to our lives or not. Tough to say without some time and trial/error going by. I think there's a decent chance the majority of use-cases are non-essential, which is fine for people who are simply interested in the tech for tech's sake. However, for this to actually supplant the current system (personal computer in everyone's pocket) in a more significant way, then they will need to figure out how to add practical value with this device. What's really the benefit of some information overlaid into the world? Saves me 2-3 seconds perhaps at the trade-off of the costs and cumbersome aspects? Or maybe there is a world of practical possibility not yet accessible to us with current tech limitations... Only time will tell! The irony is that aside from special cases, the happiest people will probably still continue to be the ones who disconnect from excessive electronic device use anyway, lol
Mars Month ago
I love the idea for most cases, especially since its not something I would wear for a long time, so many of the long use issues would be an issue, but I have 3 problems: 1. Apple doesnt have many games and even with this most will likely stay for windows and linux 2. its super expensive and most people (including me) will not be able to use it because of that price tag 3. used sale of the product will be nonexistant because of what you have to do to be able to use it If this works in the long term it could possibly replace iphones but thats a longshot, but if it does or get to the point where you get an iphone or an apple vision if you get another apple device (so both would be around the same price) all these issues could be solved and ngl issue 1 would probably be the least likely to be solved imo.
smitchen 3 months ago
I'm excited to see what happens with it in the next 5-10 years. Expensive as any other Apple product, but dang I hope this is as good as it looks.
Hayden Lau
Hayden Lau 2 months ago
The price will come down as the tech matures
Rick Van Dam
Rick Van Dam 15 days ago
just like with facebook i am a bit untrustworthy of apple for how they always try to overprice things i hope it drops quickly since im excited or hope that valve maybe makes a index 2.0 to compete with apple
Fancypants McVomitshirt
The eyes passthrough display and the facetime "avatars" are definitely in the uncanny valley, but this thing is absolutely going to take off. This will make 3D movies a thing again, and I'm sure there will be concert experiences for every major artist soon enough, along with front row seat sports and theatre subscriptions. The recording of scenes through the glasses to relive later will go in some weird directions though. Like, you just know some rich old dude is going to be recording his home visits from escorts and amassing a huge collection of "experiences" for later enjoyment (or perhaps sale). It will add a whole new and horrifying dimension to the issue of revenge pr0n. The pr0n industry generally are probably going to be "pioneers" with this technology. They just need to fix the battery life.
Karl Rock
Karl Rock 3 months ago
Great explanation. It’ll be really fun to try out and experience it that first time. Can’t imagine I’d buy one and use it a lot though, not yet anyway.
Heheh Boiii
Heheh Boiii 3 months ago
2.67M subscribers but 26 likes? (first) _Actual comment:_ *_Honestly, I don't understand how the hand gestures are convenient. It's just not familiar._*
Nello 3 months ago
I believe in a few years when people are getting used to it and the technology isn’t that expensive anymore, it can become a pretty normal thing to own and use in a variety of ways
Ninx Music
Ninx Music 3 months ago
you have to buy it ;)
3 months ago
This is spot on
mrgyani 3 months ago
​@Heheh Boiii his subscribers are back home in India.. But the count will increase - it has only been 16m and 86 likes already.
Aury Fu
Aury Fu 3 months ago
I can imagine these in the shape of contact lenses in few years. As an architect I think this product is amazing and has a lot of potential. I can totally see myself modeling 3D and sketching using the Vision Pros. No need for multiple screens, no need for a mouse or keyboard, I could move ANYWHERE to work without having to carry a bunch of stuff.
Amin Faka
Amin Faka 3 months ago
dimas baehaqi
dimas baehaqi 3 months ago
@Amin Fakapoor
intrusiveThoughts 3 months ago
I can't, this won't happen, you're delusional
Yanis Tiberius
Yanis Tiberius 2 months ago
I hate the idea of putting something in my eye, eww
Daniel Jose
Daniel Jose 2 months ago
@Amin Fakago back to watching videos 300$ android phones.
Kağan Onur
Kağan Onur 3 months ago
This is the most comprehensive and up to date analysis on ACCOI5 . Well done!
jay 3 months ago
No replies?
BatAndy 3 months ago
Gautam 3 months ago
This is some whack shit amazon is pulling with fake likes
Juce 3 months ago
@Gautam Amazon or Apple?
Masakyo Ren Sai
Masakyo Ren Sai 3 months ago
0 not O
The Review Parlour
The Review Parlour 2 months ago
This first attempt at mixed reality headset from Apple seems really advanced. Apple is out with another revolutionary series of devices. Just really skeptical about the price tag. It's so audacious. But we'll see the adoption rate.
Shesi Azeez
Shesi Azeez 3 months ago
Always have the most detailed videos and bring up the questions that really matter. I’m so curious to see where this is going to go
Juan Ramirez
Juan Ramirez 3 months ago
im so excited. Feels like were literally in a black mirror episode. Can't wait how VR and AR will be in 10 years. Once apple throws their hat in the ring true innovation happens.This is totally a game changer for a lot of industries like the medical field.
Spikey Bunny
Spikey Bunny 3 months ago
I’m thrilled to imagine what this could do for the visually impaired community! I can’t wait to see how developers use this tech to create apps that allow legally blind individuals to use it & interact with the world/home/people around them beyond just “large print”! Very exciting!
Shivam Trivedi
Shivam Trivedi 3 months ago
This will either be Apple’s biggest failure or it’ll eventually change how we use technology forever and seeing Apple’s track record, it’ll probably be the latter. So excited to see what’s next and also hoping to see the SE or Air Version of this for maybe $1599?
FBI 3 months ago
No matter how goofy something expensive looks, someone with too much money will buy it.
killerpwned89 3 months ago
A cheaper model is rumored to be in development. I believe this first gen model is really only meant for developers and some rich people. I think this is the future and will go the path of the iPhone. It’s so exciting that this exists. It will encourage so many other companies to produce products like this.
ᴀᴍᴇ雨 3 months ago
always that one group of negative ppl that ruin a good thing...smh
D W 3 months ago
This will fail just like VR has.
Smart G AI
Smart G AI 3 months ago
Thanks Marques :) Its awesome and appreciate your sharing on the VisionPro. Totally agree it is the SE that might break out and hit major stores due to the price :) I still vision it though as a future adopter even as the next generation phone or portable device if we can create a breakthrough on that
Mxlly Month ago
I think this is the first iteration of it, and it will start out as gimmicky for the select few who want to buy it and be like “hey, check this out!” Eventually, as they improve the tech (like they’ve done with iPods/iPhones) and people become more familiar with it and it shrinks in size/bulkiness, more people will use it as part of their daily routine. This improvement and innovation will probably happen much faster though since apple has the ability to hire and fund the best and brightest.
Pospesel 2 months ago
Seeing you this excited gave me the vibes I haven't seen since you were a kid making tech videos in your parents house. Glad to see you keep going up!
R P 3 months ago
Honestly, I was kind of put off with this being a 20-minute review about something that nobody really has any actual experience with right now, but I was pleasantly surprised. Fantastic job, even on the minor details. I appreciate the time and effort that you put into putting this review together. Thanks!
Tony 3 months ago
Blen983 11 days ago
I think this could be amazing for the creative crowd that uses Apple products for creating content so i thought it was weird how much the marketing footage seemed to push consuming content as it’s purpose but I’m excited for this either way.
Errikos Alexiou
Errikos Alexiou 3 months ago
can't wait for them to pause ads when you close your eyes
Kozar Kurdish
Kozar Kurdish Month ago
SasukexMinato Month ago
Bruh, I would just remove the headset at that point 😆
Errikos Alexiou
Errikos Alexiou Month ago
@SasukexMinato the adverts would pause until you put it back on, Black Mirror shi
Elvin Ege Bayram
Elvin Ege Bayram 29 days ago
Nah blud getting more creative than Apple themselves😭😭
Shiny Mew
Shiny Mew 28 days ago
That’s already in the works.
Paul Morphy
Paul Morphy 3 months ago
Marques is such a talented guy I love watching his videos, so informative with everything I want to know
iFAF0_o 7 days ago
M3 version will be the one to get whenever it comes. If it has hardware accelerated raytracing like 15 pro it will look absolutely phenomenal. Unreal engine will also work on vision pro, we are in for some truly amazing time in tech.
SpookyFairy VR
SpookyFairy VR 2 months ago
I was really hoping for an outdoor dedicated device that benefits from AI and amazing apps that will change our daily lives. I am still on the fence whether to get it or not. Whether the experiences will be that good or better off just getting the Quest 3 and call it a day.
Violet Adazé
Violet Adazé 3 months ago
It's crazy how impressive this technology is. But what is even crazier is in a few years we will be looking back at this, and it will seem so unimpressive in comparison to what we will have then. 🤯
Georgi Lazarov
Georgi Lazarov 3 months ago
Great video. Only thing I would have liked mentioned is that, while this is the best VR headset ever in terms of display quality and (most-likely) refresh rate, we should always keep in midn the price tag. At that price, it better be the best! (Yes, I am aware it has more features than, say, a Valve Index, making direct comparisons hard, but still)
Rick Van Dam
Rick Van Dam 15 days ago
still quest is the best for people wanting to get introduced to vr or need to check up on things IRL (cats, kids, parents) while playing but index is something i personally enjoy above all and if you'd want full body i'd recommend people to buy index for it comes with base stations
Ofentse Mwase Films
Ofentse Mwase Films 3 months ago
You sold this Gadget waay better than Apple did. I honestly want it now!
Anjay Km
Anjay Km 3 months ago
I'm at 45 seconds in and I agree 😂
Watcher 3 months ago
But that's less the fault of Apple but rather a matter of context. If Apple says "the eye-tracking is novel, the best out there and the hand tracking works well", then we'd just perceive it as the sellers advertisement, whereas when Marques says it, we're inclined to believe it. And in fact it's a false dichotomy - Apple chooses who to give test-space to, so you ought to consider Marques review as part of Apple's advertising campagne just the same.
Husayn Gulamhussein
Husayn Gulamhussein 3 months ago
Hi marques would you suggest this gadget for the visually impaired it seems quite viable as windows can be as large and as close to a persons eye as they need however was wondering if I could get your take on if
Phriffo 3 months ago
Sasha Butorac
Sasha Butorac 17 days ago
I must have lived under the rock because I just found your channel, subed immediately and got to say I love your chilled and very scientific approach. Also you ask the right questions in your reviews and are not biased at all. Love it man, keep up the great work!
Amarachi Chats
Amarachi Chats Month ago
This is the first video I've watched of Marcus, and i have to say your attention to the details of every product you review and the time you spend analysing every aspect is impressive - you earned another Subscriber 👍🏾
Jeff Noble
Jeff Noble Month ago
Yeah. his attention to detail is so good. Doesn't hurt that his voice is smooth like NPR.
Amarachi Chats
Amarachi Chats Month ago
@Jeff Noble Haha, yes
Droid Master
Droid Master 11 days ago
great to know. Now , who’s this marcus guy ? i only heard about marques🤔 LOL
giddeo 3 months ago
Imagine where this is heading. A computer that not only knows what pages you visit or things you interact with but everything you look at, on a pixel level, and for how long. Couple that with AI and imagine just how accurately and accutely they could pitch adverts to you or steer your behaviour.
5MadMovieMakers 3 months ago
Was surprised how much of the content promoted was 2D instead of 3D or 6DOF. I hope they have RU-vid available on day one with 360 videos
R Shramik
R Shramik 3 months ago
Yt with snoop Dogg
Connor Tribble
Connor Tribble 3 months ago
@R Shramikbeat me to it
dm 3 months ago
@opinionated_take 6 degrees of freedom, i.e. stuff can rotate in all 3 axes and move around in all 3 axes
The Ever Here Guy
The Ever Here Guy 3 months ago
@opinionated_take 6DOF means in a nutshell - 6 Degrees of freedom - Basically how the element ( also you ) moves inside a 3D space is being tracked and fully used. What we just saw is basically a person just sitting and doing something on a 2D flat screen just that the screen is projected in front of you through the headset. 6 DOF would be if the person would move in that space based on his headposition ( X Y axis and X, Z axis) and rotation. Its complicated but I hope I could clarify it to you :x
Kevin Wardle
Kevin Wardle Month ago
Most mind blowing thing to me is the FaceTime. Like imagine your friends or family looking at pretty much a 3d AI version of yourself 😂
I’m an architect and the amount of possibilities for creation and immersive work that it can be used for is just infinite! I imagine going inside the builds, stretching windows, painting walls, testing sunlight, seeing the size of things, all thins just like I’m there! It’s simply amazing!
Brandon Blake
Brandon Blake 2 months ago
No joke the ability to connect to the MacBook Pro then pop out multiple monitors will be game changing for stock trading. I’ve dropped about $1500 in monitors replacing and upgrading over the last 5 years and this is rather impressive. Then taking in to context the idea of space savings in your office or even do you need one? Etc.
Myklee65 3 months ago
Dude, best review I’ve seen. Answered all my questions and confirmed most of my concerns. We’ll done man.
Joe Presto
Joe Presto 11 days ago
Just watched your video and came to the part about the stereoscopic recording with the headset and how strange it would be to see someone recording a moment with it. iPhone 15 info was released today and I remember seeing the pro max will have stereoscopic video recording available. So anyone will be able to record those moments with their phones. It will be interesting to see how well it will work.
vidIQ 3 months ago
Wow, that battery life is a deal breaker isn't it? Am I right in thinking that the headset has zero battery at all - you would have to put the device to sleep in order to swap out the battery? Curious to see if Apple would offer a 'power bundle' with two extra battery packs for an extra $500 - and that propriatary cable, good old Apple. Alternatively, everyone's going to be buying 20ft USB-C cables and creating trip hazards everywhere... ...Oh wait, the deal breaker is $3499 isn't it?
No Name
No Name 3 months ago
if you know anything about these kinda headsets, this is way cheaper than expected. There are PC VR headset with way less tech selling for 2-3k... This is a lovely push in the MR/VR/AR industry! Features we see here have been wanted for the last 10 years in the VR community. Trust me, I've been in VR since the Oculus Developer Kit 1 in 2013 I was 12 at the time The future is looking sweet for this tech! I may not get Apples headset, but now companies will want to compete and bring us an equivalent experience for a cheaper price, that is the bigger picture for us consumers!
SOFTWARE MASTER 3 months ago
Chad vidIQ
Ad Am
Ad Am 3 months ago
They should have a power cord for watchibg movies
grim.][.sentinel 3 months ago
“Supple” cable 😂😂😂
UNoWho 3 months ago
oh no, a fanboi is upset lol I paid over 2k for my very first pair that were complete junk 6 months they released a better version cheaper. You cry about the battery pack which the headset does much more and better than any other headset on the market so ya it's going to be pricy. You should be happy cause this will only make other companies that do VR step up their game and make something better.
Erling.editzzz 3 months ago
Love the AMZL4S content. I think this project is just as essential as HBAR and they both will be great movers
bheru kothari
bheru kothari 3 months ago
I have never seen mkbhd so excited for some tech. His excitement is at peak 😃
Seleena Y-T
Seleena Y-T 3 months ago
Thank you for putting in the time and effort to bring us this video. Very much appreciated!
Skadisson Deboye
Skadisson Deboye 3 months ago
Great hands-on review or first impression video, this is the first headset i actually have a personal interest for and can see moving out of this nieche field VR is still in. For headsets to work, for me, they have to have all the setup and room restrictions removed. And this is the only headset that seems to be doing and succeeding at this removal of restrictions and setups. I'm not an Apple fan. And i'm a Gamer. But Apple has one big advantage here versus meta, Valve and Sony, they are not held back by Gaming. I know, hot take, but i think their push towards gaming with Apple Arcade and hadwarewise with M2 and M3 is completely missplaced, nobody wants them in the current Game Industry anyway and nobody will ever think of Apple first when it comes to classic Games. And i'm glad this headset doesn't even hide that Gaming is nowhere on it's list by not even coming with controllers. At least the classic style of Gaming seems to be completely neglected by it's design. Who knows when we will see the real VR breakthrough where Gaming itself will change thanks to new hardware and this headset with its features might become a viable way to experience and control the game. And why would Gaming hold back headsets? Because Gaming always needs a setup and controllers. Awkward, unintuitive things a casual user has big problems with. Casual entertainment and professional work mostly don't need complex or restrictive setups. Only some professional lab or manufacturing work requires controll devices, but they usually have way less buttons than a controller and could be controlled vritually, way better, too. And in those fields there's still Microsoft's way more practical Hololense and it's way safer AR implementation. I agree with your take on the high pricing. Apple is known for offensive, nasty prices but it's kind of a technological prototype, like graphics cards of a new generation always are technological prototypes that will always cost more to cover their maker's investment and give it the potential to go into massive series production with a slightly cheaper, usually more streamlined variant once it catches on. Just like graphics cards. If they started at a low point the entire life cycle of the product would be at a loss, like Nintendo's and Microsoft's gaming consoles, and they could only recoup with a completely new build, like Nintendo with it's Switch OLED.
Tal Kissos
Tal Kissos Month ago
Just want to point that that gaming controllers will be compatible with this headset
Jonathan S.
Jonathan S. Month ago
Very interesting. I wonder if it works with Airpods Max or Airpods Pro 2? That'd be sweet for movies! Because let's face it, the built in speakers on the headset probably won't be all that great.
THANOS 3 months ago
It's the coolest thing ever how MKBHD ends up beating everyone getting this video out first, and he's just calmly speaking like he's in no rush at all. Great team over there.
Tope Raheem
Tope Raheem 3 months ago
Fr And it's really paying off for him, 6.8 million views in 16 hours and he just hit 17 million subscribers
ramonkawa 3 months ago
well, it's one of the very few people invited to the demo that acrually has tried other vr headsets and knows what their talking about
David O'Connor
David O'Connor 3 months ago
Mr who's the boss*
Robin 3 months ago
it's prerecorded and scheduled for upload - he was able to do that because he was invited to try it out so he knew what would be presented and then in the end the cutters just needed to add the official material once it was released.
THANOS 3 months ago
@Robin I don't think so. He was updating live on Twitter at the event.
Georgia Guardian
Georgia Guardian 3 months ago
The technical complexity of the headset is insane. It’s true next generation tech.
K.C. Simonsen
K.C. Simonsen 12 days ago
That 3D recording feature is wild, we're probably gonna see a lot of that in the future and it's gonna freak me out.
praesodymium 9 days ago
like braindances from cyberpunk lol
Silent Tech Films
Silent Tech Films 2 months ago
The Apple Vision Pro makes the iPhone seem archaic. When I watch a video about the experience someone got in a Vision Pro demo (like this video), and then I look at my iPhone, I get very emotional because the Vision Pro might be today's iPhone. This is a moment to cherish, everyone. If the Vision Pro changes the world, lines such as "this is the first Apple product you look through, not at," and "you can see, hear and interact with digital content just like it's in your physical space" will all become classics.
Kira 2 months ago
Hopefully this catches on and companies start pumping out tech like this… sooner or later we’ll have perfect VR.
Black Rose
Black Rose 3 months ago
These types of devices won't become mainstream until they are a lot cheaper. However, nothing has a low price when it first comes out. The device itself seems very impressive.
Jaguar J
Jaguar J 3 months ago
Nothing apple sells will ever have a low price new or otherwise.
l lrnz
l lrnz 3 months ago
it's a pro model. i think we should wait a year or two.
Ziggy Mankini
Ziggy Mankini 3 months ago
I bought a second hand iphone 10 for £50, ur point is invalid
OrganicSludge QT
OrganicSludge QT 3 months ago
iPhones used to cost a few hundred dollars now it’s a grand.
Simon48 3 months ago
Ok..... So what? This is the same story for just about every tech product
Cedrick 3 months ago
If they are able to implement shared content, like watching the same movie with other family members while using the headset, I can see this changing the movie industry.
Hank Fowler
Hank Fowler 3 months ago
It's a game changer. Imagine a world where everyone is wearing these and the interface has become a direct link to your brain. It opens up a world of possibilities. Not sure I like that direction that would take.
mitchi Month ago
Sounds dystopian
Namastasis Gaming
Namastasis Gaming 25 days ago
Black mirror
Ben Cattern
Ben Cattern 25 days ago
I cant wait for other companies to pick this up and make it better, I cant help but think that apple is going to do what they do best and make it apple compatible only. maybe im wrong, i hope they surprise me, but im gonna wait a few years before i buy one to see if there are alternatives
NinjaDog 3 months ago
VisionOS API is coming! Could you give us an in-depth overview of its features, user interface, and cool capabilities? It would be awesome if you could also show us the simulator experience and share your thoughts on the operating system. Don't forget to mention any standout features that caught your attention. Looking forward to your take on visionOS
Nathaniel Month ago
Being able to walk around child hood homes and have memories of it would be amazing. Also real-estate, being able to do a house tour in vr before you even go to the property would be cool. They have some of that but it’s on a 2d screen or not very main stream.
TayZonday 3 months ago
This might offer very interesting possibilities for people like me with special sensory needs.
B B 3 months ago
SoggyBottom 3 months ago
That's a good point, my brother has become limited in a lot of what he can do but this might be something that can help. When/if becomes cheaper.
NaviR9 3 months ago
Technology is really cool
Bobo 3 months ago
It's pretty cool! I wonder if it can explain the american economy right now though...
juju wei
juju wei 3 months ago
I'm so glad Apple finally made the mac mini more interactive. Before, I had to stare at a silver box and guess where everything was, but now I can finally see what I'm doing!
Kirby Krackle
Kirby Krackle Month ago
I think we’re looking at a future of services with this product where people show up and record events for you so dad doesn’t have to be on the 3D camera game creeping everyone out. A la photographers at a wedding all in black up in the mix.
Evan Hall
Evan Hall 11 days ago
Good video! Price is outrageous to be honest! My primary use for something like this would be movies and mobile gaming
Michael Freier
Michael Freier 19 days ago
I've always been a vr disbeliever mainly because of latency between the device and the real world and this thing is kinda scary
Hari Varadharajan
Hari Varadharajan 19 days ago
Great Review, as usual and this is a special one, atleast for me. I have been waiting for Apple's Mixed Reality Headset for 3 years now.. Here it is ...The future for many AR hungry consumers. Kind of liked the video @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="880">14:40</a>
Jzzmus 3 months ago
What’s crazy is in about 5-10 years, this will look and work like a first gen iPhone looks like to us now
DiabolicDoug 3 months ago
Thats the problem, one of your friends or family will start wearing these around everyone. Will be made fun of for a while, then someone else will want to try it. Im starting a SubStack and writing an article...Just to respond to Apple Vision, our eyes are the windows to our soul. One company will own our thoughts, this is much more of a big deal than people think. The more elegent and seamless mixed reality becomes, the more hackable we become
Christoph 3 months ago
people have said this about vr for decades already... rinse repeat. no, it's never going to be good and you're going to regret the 3.5 grand you shell out for this glorified Virtual Boy
Mububban23 3 months ago
@Christoph Never is a very long time. Personally I think AR, not VR, is the future. Things overlayed onto the real world, inevitably there'll b personalised ads on communal billboards ala Minority Report etc. Once this tech shrinks over the decades to be on a contact lens, who wouldn't want that sort of overlay of maps, messages, internet search based on what you're looking at etc?
GuavaG3 3 months ago
@Mububban23 exactly. The rate at which vr has been growing over the years I wouldn’t be surprised, especially with apple jumping in with AR.
brian A
brian A 3 months ago
Yeah, it's like an 8-track!...for your FACE!
Craig Hermle
Craig Hermle 3 months ago
I never have this deadset any serious consideration, but it does sound next level. I'm not sure I'd spend $3500 for it thought.
Sahara 3 months ago
I wonder if it will come with a charger 😅 since Apple doesn’t want to include it anymore with the newer phones
Mitch James
Mitch James 6 days ago
I do like the concept but it would be great if there was accessories to go with it. I think in a few years when the technology is more down pat and becomes cheaper we will see it be more mainstream particularly people travelling long distance such as planes, trains or bus will appreciate it.
Philybeef Month ago
Another con (for now, we'll see how far the devs can take this) is that while it is a seemingly stand-alone device, a lot of the features seems to be dependant on someone already being within the Apple ecosystem. Requiring an iPhone to do facial scanning (the headset has a bunch of depth sensors and an outward facing screen, it should be able to do facial scanning on its own), only working with Apple exclusive apps like Facetime and can only mirror screens from MacOS. For someone like me who doesn't own any Apple devices there's not a lot of incentive when on top of paying the $3.5k I also have to pay thousands more to switch over to using iPhone and a Macbook to really take advantage of all the features of this headset. The most I'd be able to do is simulate a movie theatre and browse the web. It could be very useful for privacy though. If you're stuck using public transport or in any other kind of public setting you could watch whatever content, browse whatever websites, or do data sensitive work without the fear of someone peeking at your screen. Then there's the other major problem of carrying this thing wherever you have to go. That major problem to me is the reason why I think AR stuff is not going to really take off until the glasses/goggles are almost as simple to carry around and use as regular glasses. I guess until then we'll have to get used to having this headset hanging from our neck or put it in our backpack next to the already bulky airpods max.
Hutch2Much Month ago
this tech needs to be use really responsibly. this has the capacity to be some of the best immersive tech of our lifetime, but there’s a lot of ability for it to isolate
h.a. Barona
h.a. Barona 3 months ago
Marquis is really the best in this stuff. The way he explains everything in a calming way with subtle jokes is second to none.
Thomas Roomie
Thomas Roomie 3 months ago
eh Linus Tech Tips definitely better but he's good
Samir Noor
Samir Noor 3 months ago
Lif Sony made this, he was going to say people won't be able to use it because is too high tech and no reason for customers to learn lol...
The VRtist
The VRtist 3 months ago
Agreed. Everything is well explained, you don't really need to see a review anywhere else.
Anees 3 months ago
Thought we were conspiracy theorists..
Major Tom
Major Tom 3 months ago
This feels like one of those technologies that people wont buy into because it's less comfortable than the current ones. No matter how much they push it, people aint gonna prefer wearing a VR headset over simply watching a screen like with a cellphone or a tv. If we reach a point where you'll just have to wear a pair of glasses then maybe, but im more prone to believe that the future is no VR headset. We will either develop more and more sophisticated types of cellphones or some kind device that will interact directly with your eyes / brain.
The Everything Stuff
Nah. This is just the first of many Vision headsets Apple may unveil. It will progress like the iPhone, getting slimmer, smarter, lighter, easier to use and at the end of the day, MAY meet the same fate as the iPhone 13, 14 and 15. 0 major updates.
The Everything Stuff
But it will definitely undergo structural changes quite often. After all, this needs to sell for Apple
EmZeeTheTrilogy 2 months ago
Feel like right now, this is the introduction to a new future. If we look at the first computers and phones, and think how big they were and then over the course of 20 years they got smaller and smaller, now imagine in 15 years time and how small these goggles will be. They are going to be expensive now, but over time they will get cheaper and cheaper and become more attractive to consumers and the masses. My thought process is that they are trying to shift us into a future where we aren't just walking around staring down at our phones, and instead looking around and seeing straight. Not just apple, other companies will start creating products like this, and in no time, they will be as cheap as phones and everyone will have one. Reality turning into Ready Player 1 for reallll.
Gruntled 8 days ago
I would love to get this for my disabled cousin when it comes out. I don't even mind the price tag (anything for people with disabilities is expensive unfortunately). He uses Apple's ecosystem because they have great accessibility options for someone one-armed and partially deaf like him. This would make his life just that more convenient.
Izaya Month ago
With no controllers I wonder how gaming would feel like with this headset and would be limited on what games you could play unless we can Bluetooth other vr controllers to be able to connect with the headset
JoeVSvolcano 2 months ago
I'm really digging that revolutionary cable dangling down the side of the headset to a battery/dongle whatever that is... Some day VR headsets will have everything built into them,
Keith Bellamy
Keith Bellamy 3 months ago
Yes, you nailed the creepy feeling. While the tech is undeniably cool, Apple's presentation of it being used in day-to-day life had some weird dehumanized undertones. The part showing dad filming the family literally gave me icky feelings. Thank you for another excellent product overview that provides context and analysis well beyond the "spec sheet rehash" that is so typical elsewhere.
Stephanie Alecia Rose
Billy_bSLAYER 3 months ago
The Dads easy beard with the smoke filled room... Tells me Dad is a little obsessed with his new porn watching machine.
O_Titan 3 months ago
God I hate the word icky
Gabe 3 months ago
Agreed. VR seems great for creating a very personal experience, but at the cost of isolation. Are we best suited for being plugged into the Matrix?
David C
David C 3 months ago
Except it will have an app platform and Apple doesn’t allow adult content on there.
cerebrum excrement
cerebrum excrement 3 months ago
wow. thats pretty amazing. i might have to get it. i have mobility issues so this may help a lot with some of my current issues working on a laptop or phone.
juiced huskie
juiced huskie Month ago
Psvr 2 has really good eye tracking and does the same sharpening thing that apples headset does for 849 obviously doesn’t do the rest of the stuff like pass through but worth mentioning
Michael 2 months ago
I’ve already seen concepts for how this headset can be used to simplify daily life. From logging visual profiles of people you meet, to on road AR directions for biking, real time translation on screen, etc. Over time as it gets cheaper and more adopted into society, this is going to be up there with how cell phones impacted society. everybody will be using it. It’s going to be more convenient and humans have always strived for easier/more convenient ways to live. With AI as a player in the game too? We’re going into a tech revolution boys let’s hope we make it 💀😂
reece doesn't have a last name
I think the spatial memories are going to be a lot better and less intrusive in the moment now that we know the iPhone 15 (Pro?) can take spatial videos/photos. In any moment worth remembering at least one person is usually recording on their phone anyway.
Bobby King
Bobby King 3 months ago
lifestyle VR, gaming VR, and immersive VR. I think that lifestyle is what apple was going for and is what people really want, and will be the next thing that causes VR to explode. Also its mentioned how only apple could make this as there's no other ecosystem like it, I feel google may follow suit and with how android and windows is getting better it may become a lesser but comparable system.
Marie Tailor
Marie Tailor 3 months ago
Can I just say - this genuinely seems like a breakthrough in communication technology for people with extremely limited mobility.
Tanairium 3 months ago
it will also break their wallets
DarkDroid-- 3 months ago
Not if you don't have a thumb...
Lxnst 3 months ago
@DarkDroid-- i was thinking this 💀
Facundo Campazzo MVP
This will ironically also make more people less and less mobile....Ready Player One here we come.
Cường Võ Quốc
Cường Võ Quốc 3 months ago
This device is incredible. I just thought that I must own and use it at least a time in my life 😢
Nerd Knight
Nerd Knight 3 months ago
As big of an Apple fan that I am and someone who also wants to someday get a VR headset, I feel like this is NOT for me. Of course, I'm holding out for the cheaper version due out in 2025, but it probably seems like the upcoming Quest 3 is the one I need to go with
Kaio Sama
Kaio Sama 3 months ago
Markes is the best reviewer on the internet because he’s genuine. That why we love him. Excellent review btw
Logan Fisher
Logan Fisher 2 months ago
Regarding haptics: I foresee them developing a screenless bracelet device that provides haptic feedback. Additionally, it will provide the same sensors as an Apple watch, and perhaps the vision pro will even show a virtual screen when you look at it.
Gautam Arora
Gautam Arora Month ago
just a curious question. Now that we have this review. Which is better, the Metaverse one or the Apple one. It'll be good if you can compare them and give a review on that, as previously you were like only meta-dominating this virtual world, but now Apple is also there, not quite literally but somewhat. So just curious about that. anyhow, always nice watching your content.Bye 👋
psimac 3 months ago
I'm really glad Apple gave you a demo because you're one of few reviewers who are qualified to grasp what this is and report on it accordingly. Thank you for the insight.
Anees 3 months ago
You will own nothing and be happy in a pod with vr 😊
MagiKarpMan 3 months ago
@Anees it's literally just a computer/phone on your face
rabbit 3 months ago
@Anees sounds cool ngl
Sourav Bagchi
Sourav Bagchi 3 months ago
*apple fan
Ben Pierce
Ben Pierce 3 months ago
he gathered little to no techinical specifications, only detailing the miniscule and irrelevant software portion, again with very little knowledge on what to actually ask about. real tech savvy youtubers are never allowed to speak about things like this until they are releaaseus such that apple can control the media 100%. he literally gave nothing other than the expected addition of their patented mems lidar, which is 10's of thousands of dollars to purchase outside of apples patents. they got an amazingly useful patent for cars keeping people alive and hoarded it for themselves, for an ipad to scan rooms for no reason at all. they had to do something with it so they half assed some vr room support and made a rediculous product to prop it up. he did very little other than act as a platform for apple to broadcast.
Aisha Bashir Musa
Aisha Bashir Musa 10 days ago
I've got to be honest, but this VR headset is mind blowing 😲😲😲
95blahblahhaha 2 months ago
I AM NOT an Apple fan. But I WILL say that Apple doesn't put something out until they're good and ready and confident it's the most polished product available.. This is a great example!!
TheHatManCole 3 months ago
We just must remember that this will take years to develop. Look at what phones used to be. There was a time when a majority of people didn't think people would carry around phones with them because they were "too bulky" "too heavy" "too unnatural" yet look at phones now. They are none of those things. But VR is, and for right this moment that is all we will see. But the limits of VR are unimaginable to us now, just as the limits of the phone was unimaginable 30 or 40 years ago. Thank you for reading
Jordan 27 days ago
as cool as it is, the price is outrageous. This is not for the every day consumer and you can get most of what you want from a VR headset (obviously wont work with your phone but you can connect with the PC and do it that way). Great review though and interesting to see what companies can do with this technology.
None 2 months ago
We’ve come a long way from the ipod and the 3GS in such a quick time. Imagine a decade from now…I can’t wait to see where we move from here.
ProBioMech 3 months ago
As a dad one of my regrets was always videoing the significant events of my kids instead of just watching them and being present so your comment on the ‘oddness’ of capturing events with the headset really hit home
CYJANEK 3 months ago
I was very surprised they used that as an example. Instead of saying you can take 3D photo of some environment, things for art reference, car you want to buy to show someone in a cool way they used the worst example - sitting in that next to your kid instead of doing something with them. Who decided people will love it?
TITAN productions
TITAN productions 3 months ago
First I was here first in the comments.
Pedro7526 3 months ago
Yeah that was bizarre. How could you be staring at a display in front of your eyes while those significant events happen. I don't care how realistic the passthrough is, you are just not "present".
Gopikrishnan 3 months ago
Maybe next gen iPhones will take 3D videos that can be viewed (experienced) via the headset.
x 3 months ago
@CYJANEK That whole bit was dystopian. Looked so sad.
Purple Potato
Purple Potato 3 months ago
Haptic gloves would be an amazing product for this. Not only would the headset track better but you can actually feel things.
Moritz Neumeister
As much of a tech guy as I am, and this thing is *absolutely mindblowing*. But i feel like this might be a big step into typical dystopian futures (like in Black Mirror on Netflix) ... idk, I just have a weird feeling. what if these soon get a lot more handy and a lot cheaper....
Phoenix.vette 3 months ago
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="865">14:25</a> I think we'll obviously see the new iPhone be able to take 3D video because of this concern and also because it would help sell the Vision series. You'd have the content already but you cant watch it without "Vision". and it's not too far fetched to say they will announce a non pro version later this year or same time next year.
Hardware Geek
Hardware Geek 2 months ago
And if it will have an option that scans the objects you look at and gives you a detailed information about it. That would be super cool
Isaac Cruel
Isaac Cruel Month ago
very soon. will be like Iron Man
DukeOfChirk 2 months ago
I watched the Apple presentation for this product and my jaw dropped. I didn’t have that reaction for any other Apple devices. This is going to be a revolution.
Dominique Ritchie
Dominique Ritchie 3 months ago
My question is the audio and how does it work in terms of sound bleed. The sound is just “directed towards your ears”. So does everyone else hear the audio? How does it sound to the user? What about when your in a noisy environment? Seems like it would be pretty hard to hear and would kind take me out of the immersive experience. I want this so bad but thats really my only concern.