Balloon Stepping Challenge: Barry Policeman Vs Herobrine and His Friends 

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Balloon Stepping Challenge: Barry Policeman Vs Herobrine and His Friends

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Jun 8, 2024




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Comments : 254   
@Bud-vy2yu 3 days ago
Кто замитил скилета свас 👍
@user-vq4bj7zw1m 2 days ago
@naifbedir8697 21 hour ago
😮 bad police
Ppl who saw skeleton 👇
@OlivarmyraRanay 20 hours ago
No Enderman
@vandanayadav2356 22 hours ago
I love the ending ❤❤💯🎉
@RangjasharBoro 4 days ago
Who saw skeleton and zombie and ender man and spider
Atrás en la celda 2
@user-ye1ks3te7v 5 days ago
Palestine colours and Israel colours I'm team Palestine who's team Palestine like down here 👇
@Elif-vh8is 3 days ago
This has no sense to this short yk
@MoussaouiWassim 3 days ago
The ender man 😅
@sevimoncel644 4 days ago
Arkadaki endermanı görenlelike atsın 😅
@corinanastase5855 18 hours ago
@user-fw4qv7we5m 23 hours ago
Заметил скелета и кто заметил проезжающего зомби сюды 👇
@mintukumari6257 7 days ago
Bad police
@tvdaz8590 6 days ago
@tvdaz8590 6 days ago
@tvdaz8590 6 days ago
@CortezzDz 6 days ago
Hello a police man jaker
Ffgsywyqho🎉😂❤😢😮😅😊😊 😗😘
@ZayonGotGame 18 hours ago
The skeleton the zombie endermen spider
@Eddy-zh8vr Day ago
@Subche01 Day ago
People who see zombie and zombie and ender man and 💀😊
@lucynawrzoa6209 6 days ago
@yugenmuha8918 6 days ago
@user-hv3rw1cf6u 7 days ago
@user-o9hjty 6 days ago
Who se sekeleton?
@Zaini_zam8196 5 days ago
@user-rn4lu7gj9v 2 days ago
Is that from Barry's prison run
Bro is begging likes for the video become famous 🗿🗿🗿
@naveensufi6852 5 days ago
How notice the hidden skeleton in the video
@user-lw2uu9jp7u 2 days ago
The skeleton 😂
barry is the most mean in the challenge 😂😂😂😂😂
@GOATRAMOS_ 5 days ago
Seni çok seviyorum
@ilknurkaya618 3 days ago
As As bayraklari As As🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
@lamatlass4809 3 days ago
Power Eskişehir
@user-jk8du2ok7m 21 hour ago
@Kojk-hm5pm 12 hours ago
Ночь топ 👆
The guard is cheating
@Patrick230584 7 days ago
😮 1212 234%2222 galinha de pahaço 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Mando-te um pato
@SandyGh-ly7zq 4 days ago
Só prestei atenção no esqueleto lá na grade
@cimutzunyu2139 2 days ago
@camaramsawi448 2 days ago
@user-sk9ut4tn9o 19 hours ago
@Subche01 Day ago
@zelvrujj 2 days ago
The police is cheating to the game to get a girl but he have a wife😂
@Manuel-uk5td 3 days ago
People who saw the prisoners escape
@user-vg3gy3vj3u 4 days ago
پلیسه مثل پرسپولیسه😂
Mom like dad suscrib
@fatykonate6392 2 days ago
Dont touche the future wonner
@user-uq7ij7sp8s 2 days ago
@user-vk7te5hs1n 21 hour ago
@ertugrulgehir 6 days ago
Abi arkada iskelet vardi
@KichiraArdika 6 days ago
Bad police in to......
@Botpro-cb9fx 3 days ago
Ендермен по тюрьме бегает
@mikeeferrer 3 days ago
They're having the time of their lives. They have to make sure they're alert all the time. They also have to make sure that inmates stay where they need to stay at. Because if they escape, there's no turning back.
7 people pop up
Ragging is fine with me
@shakyaurishma2820 20 hours ago
like 🙏💗❤️💘💝💖
@nyinyinaing9149 5 days ago
Who hate brainrot
@just_ok1222 2 days ago
Erm actually 🤓☝️ A cube has 6 sides so there has to be some repeating colors, and the odds of red never being chosen are pretty low. And it can’t be assumed that the colors are simply being removed for you can still see them on the side. If this game was made by the gard it would be assumed he’d take all the extra color so his odds of winning are higher than the prisoners. So the odds could be assumed to be 3/6 or 1/2 how did the gard lose?
@user-iq9fw1dx4i 2 days ago
Кстати а вы заметили то что в левом углу там где тюрьма там был скелет
@robertnu 7 days ago
Did bro copy a video because 3shorts back for me he definitely copied and bro cant trick me
Bro why are there (the zombie scool all characters)?
I found Easter eggs
Why does the police officer has korblox
@user-ph6bv8xz2f 7 days ago
However The
@mironcecan6786 23 hours ago
Mybe the skeleton is there
@user-cr4dj7qf3h 6 days ago
Who sav a skeleton
@muhamadmuhdhor9991 23 hours ago
@selmagunduz1236 5 days ago
Herkesin yerini alıyor 😡😡😡
@user-hc3np9do6t 3 days ago
@bmaxyt4070 6 days ago
Its look like Palestine 😮
@user-no5ju9rh9i 2 days ago
Кто заметил сзади скелеты Подглядывающий из решётки и зомби
Do you are kid see this video?
@user-ec3rs6yb3u 2 days ago
@user-ky6he3kc5i 3 days ago
brooo why is gooby in the video
@Nathalie-rf3tq 22 hours ago
Paelel heo swa nedermna
@cristianfarjo2376 9 hours ago
make better content, don’t use shorts.
@user-wy4gt6vk5n 4 days ago
🧕 👕 👖
@Agwan-ph3wb 3 days ago
@user-jf1gv8nk5j 2 days ago
Пушсынрке екдтарлкрцтиандпитшлохлохеуте😢
@NouhPlayz 6 days ago
Hahahaha 🤣
@cherryulate5484 4 days ago
@khantasbih6113 3 days ago
@user-wn6cf6nb3h 3 days ago
@Gisellescamera 20 hours ago
Who saw the skeleton,zombie, enderman and spider?
@Emilianov-dz4oh 3 days ago
Aquí los que vieron al esqueleto👇
@user-eo5si8qz3q 5 days ago
Bow see sickiton 💀💀💀
brainrot is crazy on dis 1
@nguyetban9983 7 days ago
Đi Ck Ck 😅
@user-vs9tr9kc6b 3 days ago
No😢😢 I love I am hurt
@immascotti2566 22 hours ago
Ma perché c'è un enderman😅😅
@givaldogiva7611 5 days ago
Apareceu um monte de Mob do Minecraft lá no fundão
@user-eo5si8qz3q 5 days ago
You see zombie and skiton
@user-nu4dt1jw9t 15 hours ago
Если что их пять по-моему или шесть
@QuelinDimech 3 days ago
Who saw the Skelton
@user-ph3og9oj4t 2 days ago
O polícia tá roubando
@user-sr6tm3jr7v 2 days ago
Кто заметил эндэр мэна
@riaamelia742 3 days ago