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Elon Musk has rolled out the first Cybertrucks, but not before redoing the notorious window test

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Nov 29, 2023




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Comments : 3.3K   
@deep15399 2 months ago
"If you can't change the window glass change the ball." ~~A wise Man😂
@scubatrucker6806 2 months ago
@YardenZada 2 months ago
Rubber ball
@YAMOTHAS 2 months ago
@@YardenZada no not a rubber ball in the first video. It was a metal ball. The second video is a baseball…
@JM91x 2 months ago
@@YAMOTHASthat’s the point clever clogs
@DontePrice- 2 months ago
​@@JM91xnah the window broke before because they destroyed the base
@Crimson_Thief007 2 months ago
“If you can’t reinforce the glass, weaken the projectile.” -Sun Tzu, The Art of War
@arminsheng1880 Month ago
Sun Tzu: "I didn't say that."
This is way
@higorguedes9316 2 months ago
Elon: "they are stupid, they will not even notice it"
@fayniy-hohol 2 months ago
I'm noticing something else 😮
@atharvag55 Month ago
Still he's winning as we made his truck popular back then and we still making his truck famous again this time
@Vilakazi Month ago
​@@atharvag55 lol, Elon Musk to you is better than Jesus Christ?
@atharvag55 Month ago
@@Vilakazi Ofcourse, as i am hindu. Lol.
@ajaved1037 2 months ago
2019- Use a metal ball and throw it like Shrek 2023- Use a baseball and throw it like Cindrella
@paulsnerrir7936 2 months ago
Metalball vs softball
@CodyWallace-fo3ki 2 months ago
​@paulsnerrir7936 it's a baseball. Too small to be a softball.
@calciumkid0568 2 months ago
Regular glass vs turbo flex glass
@BeeCaps 2 months ago
I heard in the first one they were testing it before and accidentally cracked the bottom out of sight so when they did it on stage it was already broken enough, idk tho
@slurp3194 2 months ago
@@BeeCapsthey clearly used a softer ball for most recent test so yeah idk.
@gamerkaran888 Month ago
4 years to figure out that the problem was the ball💀🤯
@nikosmoskidis4499 23 days ago
@gamerkaran888 23 days ago
@@nikosmoskidis4499 😂😂
@deimos-rp2wj 18 days ago
Wasn't the problem striking the sledge hammer on the door
They figure out the problem, it was the ball🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
@jakeglasgow7258 2 months ago
2019: Way too much confidence 2023: Lost all confidence
@ExpertAssass1n 2 months ago
Elon or the car? Haha
@jakeglasgow7258 2 months ago
@@ExpertAssass1n at this point probably both
@ExpertAssass1n 2 months ago
@@jakeglasgow7258 hahahaha fair enough 🤣
@user-tr4ov8bj2h 2 months ago
Also metal ball v base ball
@landontucker2866 2 months ago
Didn’t they do a shoot test on the cybertruck?
2019: How siblings play when parents are not around 2023: How siblings play when parents are around
@aldronyc9859 Month ago
Not really sure the second attempt would break any car window lol
@JojoGogo420 Month ago
I liked this one a lot
@archolitical4029 2 months ago
Baseball vs metal ball. Lol
@Cailo4 2 months ago
He thinks we’re are idiots and wouldn’t notice the difference.
@beigegecko 2 months ago
@@Cailo4elon fans are idiots indeed
@AlexBlackwings 2 months ago
​@@Cailo4 нет, Илон умный парень и у него прекрасное чувство юмора. Выбрав бейсбольный мяч для удара по стеклу он даёт нам шанс посмеяться над допущенной ошибкой в 2019. А я пожалуй посмотрю полную версию чтобы понять не сделали ли они новую версию уменьшенной в размере))
@aliciavandijk4711 2 months ago
They believe we are Stu p ids changing the ball😂😂😂
@timtrueblood6734 2 months ago
I saw that too
@phischtv4497 2 months ago
That's the kind of "truth" that you can expect from Tesla and Musk.
@HowdyHartholz Month ago
Even my window can withstand a baseball thrown by a 5 years old girl..
@soysauce3551 2 months ago
Excellent. They learned from their mistake and improved...from metal ball to softball.
Por dios que gran velocidad la de esas pelotas de baseball
@Naren-mh8xp 2 months ago
They did not learn any mistake It was Elon Musk Strategy to publicity his new Vehicle If the glass was never broke. We would never know that vehicle
@orangecobraEU 2 months ago
Now good luck if you got an emergency how will you gut it ?
@ThorDMaster 2 months ago
​@@Naren-mh8xpNot all publicity is good publicity. No one in their right minds would buy this monstrosity
@harikrishnak9418 2 months ago
@blaster_studios 25 days ago
"Glass is glass and glass breaks" - A wise man
@Lonestar2123 Month ago
Turned from a steel ball to a tennis ball. Good job
@Tethanol 2 months ago
Hard throw of a steel ball vs soft throw of a baseball
@P100D. 2 months ago
The whole world was thinking the same 😂😂😂
@yozi1062 2 months ago
They shot it with a hunting bow
​@@yozi1062he door,not the window though.on jre?
@JoelBDUK 2 months ago
@@yozi1062the door not the window
I'll bet he changed nothing about the glass. A baseball has nothing against a metal ball. Nice try Musk. But I'm not fooled. Even normal cars can survive small baseball throws like that.
@bobbic3011 2 months ago
Couple years back we overestimated the ability of our windows, so this year we changed the ball, and now have a weaker throw. There ain't no way anyone getting past this bulletproof glass.
@KiranKumar-lc2ur 2 months ago
If you are not change the glass you are change the ball 😂😂😂
@mohammedjaseel2580 2 months ago
2019: The ball is tough 2023: The ball is soft basically 😂
@NilChavan-lr6tg 2 months ago
That's what she said💀
@Rijk_Rebergen 23 days ago
The first time they hit the glass multiple times with a slege Hammer weakening it. They didn't do that this time.
@premgajare8125 27 days ago
Elon : Just change the ball, the audience is idiot!
A wise man once said: "If the glass breaks, change the ball itself and the force you throw it".
@Shadow-sh1mp 2 months ago
Whipped a steel ball 4 years ago Today: Gently tosses baseball
@BreadBetter 2 months ago
They shot a full round of a tommy gun at it and it didnt penetrate, also Joe Rogan shot a bow at it and it didn’t go through, yeah they’re cheesing it in this video but it’s still strong
@user-ds5lf3he3x 2 months ago
​@@BreadBetternot at the glass though. The whole point of this video is the glass
@@user-ds5lf3he3xIn the original video they used a hammer before and it weakendend the glass
@RandomYT05_01 2 months ago
That's the joke 😂
@user-ds5lf3he3x 2 months ago
@@MorsMutualInsurance862 yeah "weakendend" nice one retard
@hawkeye2683 12 days ago
Steel ball the first time baseball the second time seems legit 😂
@FreeSpeechEmpire 29 days ago
“The glass will withstand any princess throwing a baseball at the window” is what he was trying to say
@naderazizi191 2 months ago
Basically this was steel ball vs baseball against the glass
@RuinedItAgain 2 months ago
Can we also acknowledge the limp wrists baseball tosses
@aerialz7175 2 months ago
​@RuinedItAgain we still gotta consider that the metal ball never broke the window cuz strong windows can easily get cracked but won't easily break
@Nickwalker389 2 months ago
Bro throws like a girl
@rhetorist763 2 months ago
Its genius
@OniricGod 2 months ago
Not a baseball, it's made of rubber
@sheronnipun8838 9 days ago
The glass isn't tough, The ball is weak 😂😂 that's what I see 😂😂
@jgurney43 2 months ago
I love how they went from a steel ball to a baseball thrown with caution 😂
@user-lw5wm2hg7s 2 months ago
Typical Elon Musk a liar and a cheat
@xumedtwice Month ago
Wasn't even a baseball, was a tennis ball hahaha
@CoolMEMECRAFT Month ago
@@xumedtwiceit was a baseball did you see it?
@higorguedes9316 2 months ago
They didn't even try to hide the fact that they used another type of ball
@jacobjones1849 Month ago
Dude threw it like my wife throws my phone charger. Probably used a softer ball painted like a baseball yoo
@rod1499 2 months ago
A solid steel ball thrown hard vs. A softly thrown baseball?? Come on man!!!
@Nobin11 20 days ago
People to Elon Musk: How much changes you have done form the past mistake? Elon: Metal ball to Baseball😊 .
@MoSan2469 Month ago
Was für 4 Jahre, es kommt mir so vor als wäre es gestern gewesen 😮
@thisisisabella3634 2 months ago
Does Elon think we are stupid.
@ragingnixon3235 2 months ago
Are you kidding? He absolutely thinks we are
@loljk1991 2 months ago
he thinks Tesla sheeps are stupid not everyone
@theangrycheeto 2 months ago
@GoldenOne777 2 months ago
They all do we just as dumb if we think they never did
@StarHunter28 2 months ago
He might be right if you missed the joke.
@anikinsl 17 days ago
Замечательно. Сначала был металлический шар, а потом бейсбольный мяч
@cupnorma3359 16 days ago
I think after this accident they created the toughest glass ever
@jackwarwar723 2 months ago
I feel insulted after watching this. Do they think we’re stupid?
@hoodiedude4204 2 months ago
Watching Elon recently I think he does
@187REGULATOR 2 months ago
This is for those who voted for Grandpa Biden
@Mrbrycejames 2 months ago
@icedmilo9271 2 months ago
Seems like elon losing it nowadays
Chuck the baseball with a little more gas and maybe you’d have fooled me.
@Mike-hv4sg Month ago
The first time he threw the ball way faster than the second time
@prozzt 2 months ago
Maybe I’m wrong but I think if he threw a baseball at my car window the same way it’d have the same effect 😂
@swampfoxky1187 2 months ago
Wanna bet?
@maxhussar5665 2 months ago
@@swampfoxky1187I would take that bet
@swampfoxky1187 2 months ago
@@maxhussar5665 Alr I get to throw it
@@swampfoxky1187nah maybe let the og thrower do it he’ll have the same pressure in the forve of the throw
@paulwilliams90 2 months ago
I just tried it and my car was fine. So I did it again but harder and I missed and dented my car 😭
@andrewkvk1707 22 days ago
That is genuinely insane... how is this man worth more than $3.50?
@Racing2knifes Month ago
I like how they used a metal ball at first and then a bouncy ball that looks like a baseball
@birdmalay7239 2 months ago
My car window can defend baseball attack😂
@knight8360 2 months ago
Soft throw baseball
@jeyjey5741 2 months ago
He’s teaching us just about how stupid we are.
I know a really loud sh*t talking Golfer, nobody likes, never pays, can break your window with a Titleist Golf Ball on a crappy slice with a 7Woid from a half mile away!?😁🥴
The glass didn’t get better the ball got softer! Went from steel to leather
@CheeseHorsey 18 days ago
elon: it’s bullet proofed still elon: *throwing baseball softly
@dmxd 2 months ago
Every single car on the road today would withstand that soft throw with the baseball.
@t.h.1956 2 months ago
Bin mir nicht sicher, ob ein VW Golf nicht auf die Seite kippen würde.. 😂
@Andrew_plays2007DH 2 months ago
It's not a baseball, it's a metal ball
@jimmywhitlow2012 2 months ago
​@@Andrew_plays2007DHthe first one was, the second time they tried it with a baseball.
@ExpertAssass1n 2 months ago
Go try it on your car and get back to us 😂😅
@gilliesiut2332 2 months ago
I realize having these laminated glass is a horrible idea. During a eclectic fault you will be unable to unlock your doors and seeing how fast and ferrous those batteries burn it’s a death sentence
@m3r3d4 Month ago
They will belive we pull the Porsche faster than it runs so they will belive this, too. Even the crowd thought it is a joke.
@martinmosqueda309 2 months ago
Most impressive is that Franz still at the company 😂
@TheAnnoyingBoss 2 months ago
Cybertruck so ugly
@family_vip1998 2 months ago
Yup, bủt this time he's so scare for the job😂
Koenigsegg security testers looking and laughing at the back...
@vivekrajeurs 2 months ago
Transition from metal to leather ball 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Don’t think even a Honda window will break with that force and a baseball lmao
@geoff9480 2 months ago
No shit all tempered glass are the same
@lego102lego Month ago
2019: Your cybertruck 2023: Turboflex cybertruck
@Kr13579 2 months ago
It only took 4 years to be able to handle a soft throw of a baseball 😂
@trpremote 2 months ago
Sounded like a padded baseball too...
@anthonylee660 2 months ago
Soft ball
@nuster7816 18 days ago
To be fair. The Glas was still intact. Cracked but intact Every other glas would have shattered
@xssfun Month ago
Metal vs rubber ball Sissy throw vs more sissy throw 😂
@user-jr3bz1il8s 2 months ago
“You may remember the incident 4 years ago” that has to be one of the funniest lines in the event
@loljk1991 2 months ago
Base ball vs metal ball funny 😂
@mike.1 2 months ago
You must be one of the blind fools who he takes you for cause he threw a metal ball last time and this time it was a baseball tf
@sirtoby04 2 months ago
I dont think a baseball would break any window with that power
@playron7245 24 days ago
The glass is still stronger than his every marriage
@ashervirin9698 2 months ago
Elon really trying to convince us that a baseball thrown like a child is the same impact as a solid steel ball thrown full force 😂
@heftig27tt 2 months ago
Basicly, yes😂
@rayborn3117 2 months ago
Legend focuses on the bounce back of ball
How much money have YOU made?!?!?
Full force? Dude even tried trowing the steel ball lmao, are we watching the same vid?
He basically thinks that everyone is just stupid as he is.
@duc-kun794 Month ago
If you can't buff the window, nerf the ball 👍
@Mines00 2 months ago
This is just the Turboflex meme irl. Except instead of Turboflex, we got Elon "Designs cars from the early ps1 era" Musk.
@VuNguyen-vs3nn 2 months ago
So they changed the ball but not the windows?
@Capthrax1 2 months ago
No the windows are of lesser quality. Remember they could take a bullet . Now it's regular glass with one lamination
@Stromboli916 2 months ago
​@Capthrax1 yeah because supplying the general public and possibly criminals with bullet resistant vehicles is a thing we need nowadays.
@TheFakeNewsFrog 2 months ago
⁠@@Stromboli916We supply the wealthy and politicians these vehicles. Criminals buy/build them. But yet, the “general public” shouldn’t be allowed them? Sounds to me like you have a problem with the less fortunate having rights.
@Capthrax1 2 months ago
@@Stromboli916 wtf kind of response is this?
@venoxee4954 2 months ago
​@Stromboli916 Yeah because Tyrone from campton is gonna drop 100k on a electric SUV so Jamal won't be able to shoot him in his car. Youre delusional hahaha
@diaboloo 2 months ago
a steel ball vs baseball ball. I don't know Rick....
@123kssj Month ago
That was the marketing they wanted and they got it
@marcuscervantes54 2 months ago
My grandma throws harder than that😂😂
@Mehraamy1999 2 months ago
That is called without spending money advertisement😌
@Unkown_0001 2 months ago
Bruh they change the metal ball with a baseball. Wow so tough Glass😂😂😂
@x_tr3zn0r_x43 2 months ago
if I was in the crowd there, I would ask Elon to get a steel ball
@drifting6464 Month ago
There he knew that he fu*kedup. Meme rolls
@hristo9007 Month ago
From metal to soft ball. Nice test😂
@jio4801 2 months ago
Rogan shot at it with his bow
@scuderio762 Month ago
He always cappin, same as the cybertruck vs Porsche video where the 1/4 mile was just a 1/8 mile💀💀💀
The breaking of the glass was actually more satisfying to watch
@Michael-uc2pn 2 months ago
I felt like it actually showed how tough the glass was too, like on a normal normal car window that steel ball would probably be in the passenger seat and could have injured someone, the Tesla window may have cracked pretty horribly, but it protected the occupants. Even "bulletproof" glass is going to crack in a similar way when shot at, the real test of toughness is what it takes to penetrate the glass.
@rohitagarwal3143 2 months ago
Turboflex commercials be like:
@dracekidjr Month ago
So when people say softballs on stage they don't usually mean soft balls
@veselekov 2 months ago
Lightly thrown baseball. Wow good to know cybertruck is little league resistant
@Mocha- 2 months ago
This has me rolling 😂😂
@therecruitmain1258 2 months ago
I'm sure kids in little league could throw harder then that.
@elijahbarron86 2 months ago
Congrats to the channel for naming the clip "window test" instead of "this is how simply they pick you from the ass"
It took 4 years to “Change the Ball” 🎱
@jlbcdesigns 2 months ago
Went from a metal ball to a baseball lol
@haunter711 2 months ago
@smcd5772 Month ago
The glass is strong, and the panels are pointy sharp and misaligned.
@bingesquad1 Month ago
Atleast paint the baseball with a metallic paint, and throw harder than the last time, it wont break😂
@dannonya8783 2 months ago
Lets use a tennis ball next time guys
@MYusa-ys5uy 2 months ago
Elon : "we use baseball now, and you throw it as smooottthhhhh as you fucking can, fucking okay?"
@woodybice9075 Month ago
5 years later and still waiting for the release
So went from metal, to a softball that looks like a baseball. Yep. Thats tough alright. 😂
@TrueBarathMuslim 2 months ago
Steel ball vs cricket ball 😂
They made the room darker so that it would look like the ball was thrown harder
@beauskelton7819 2 months ago
Proof that Twitter rots your brain.
Cyber truck is still better than anything on the market, especially since someone crashed into one, and the truck took like no damage
Their engineering is so good their metal ball turned into a baseball.
@defslave69 Month ago
The limp arm 😭
@zaylermauck4429 2 months ago
Elon, you think we ain’t see what you did there😂
@emrekalfa3333 Month ago
Remember, it is always faster to reload ball than the glass…
@jirace 2 months ago
There is a video of a man throwing a rock at a BMW 3 series to get a dog out on a hot day. He had to throw the brick like ten times. This demo was pathetic.
@evanmayhew5519 2 months ago
That’s more likely caused by the curvature of the glass being able to absorbed the impact and flex
@peapod5629 2 months ago
​@@evanmayhew5519doesn't change the fact we are supposed to be amazed that Tesla cars windows can survive a light baseball toss
@Michael-uc2pn 2 months ago
Honestly throwing the brick at the window isn't the best way to break a normal car window anyway. Ever seen one of those "window breaker" emergency devices? Gotta hold the brick and smash the window with the corner of it to focus the energy in one spot. If I recall correctly, the windows are designed to shatter into tiny pieces when hit like that anyway to aid in escape/rescue. For throwing though, I'd imagine a solid metal ball would have better odds of breaking the window than a brick that's less dense and could hit at odd angles. Baseball isn't getting through unless it's an actual fastball pitch though.
@amoszazoun8951 2 months ago
​@@Michael-uc2pnTrue. Still a ridiculous video.
@gravity1287 Month ago
Good change, now they can sells balls for baseball matches, metal one was to dangerous :D
@antonnesin3151 Month ago
Когда Илон шепнул тебе на ушко "если разобъешь стекло, я разобью твою жизнь".
@GhostYTX3 2 months ago
Bro only changed the balls 💀
@dorael_ 27 days ago
the way he gets a running start to throw super slow at the end 😢
@ltee1233 Month ago
Big difference between solid metal ball and a baseball lad.
@eac150 23 days ago
The car just like a phone , they upgraded you buy new or you could stay at old 😂
@Kyle_Lamaye 2 months ago
Shit sounded rubber the second time
@cyberseduelist1481 2 months ago
It was kind of bouncy I wouldn’t doubt if it was a rubber baseball
@Deez4000 Month ago
Jesus either age hit that man heavy or that window ain't as strong as he says lol