Do Pawnshops Scam You? 

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Jun 2, 2023




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@MrBeast 2 months ago
@patrykzintek7775 2 months ago
Subscribed :)
@VanouReal 2 months ago
@venkiboy6370 2 months ago
You are a little late Jimmy 😂
@lspectroniztar 2 months ago
Jimmy's the type of person who gets a loss of about $6800 and still calls it a profit...
this is pretty true lol
@BalakayK Year ago
@AZOZ1 Year ago
At least didn't lose 14k
@Nitishkr Year ago
Legends things
Well this short made him allot 2 so ja
@alexanders1330 5 months ago
“We just got an extra 200$” Overall profit: -$6,795
@coffeelink943 5 months ago
That’s the joke lmao
@Ihatecats334 5 months ago
That's the joke lmao@@coffeelink943
@Shibu-069 5 months ago
@@coffeelink943and this comment is done in a joking way too
@mirelbuftea4010 5 months ago
Traders life
@Mohmad4424 5 months ago
مستر بين
@notorious6959 Month ago
"we got an extra $200" 😂😂
@HaniAli-jg6ue 14 days ago
حبيب. هاني. اسم تيتلف❤❤❤❤❤❤
എനിക്ക് ഒരു നല്ല സാലറി ഉള്ള ജോലി ആക്കി തരുമോ സഹോദരാ
എനിക്ക് ഒരു നല്ല സാലറി ഉള്ള ജോലി ആക്കി തരുമോ സഹോദരാ
@mksafwan6631 3 days ago
​@@ishaquehassan9824 Qualification endan , End Job aan nokine
Rick: "Best I can do is 500."
@William-aft-1983 13 hours ago
@adcolt54 Year ago
Pawnshops never give you what you paid for or what the item is worth. They are in the business making money.
They could of came closer… it was brand new
@Grape59735 Year ago
They could do at least 9k
@lorpp6359 Year ago
@@Grape5973511k MINIMUM
@Rikonian Year ago
@@rebelcave8556 Its a high margin business. Consider how much Rolex paid for the watch to be manufactured vs what they sell it for.
Pawn shops usually give you around 50 percent of your items value.
@Fierysaint1 Year ago
This is common knowledge. We all know they do this. The people who pawn things are usually desperate for money.
"desperate for money" - proceeds to buy a 7200 dollar rolex (edit - realised my mistake between pawn owner and people who pawn)
@ITACHI9005 Year ago
Do you even know what Mr Beast does
Love IT From Morocco 🇲🇦
@croact5038 Year ago
They do what? They have to sell it for a profit and account for it being in inventory until sold
@mark.6639 Year ago
@HopeP0H Month ago
I don’t think it’s a coincidence that her first offer was literally half of the actual price lol
@PS_shinchan 10 days ago
Finally he added tamil audio track 😊
@ye7006 8 months ago
Watching this hurts way more than watching him give away a million dollars😂
@ELREYPIBE 8 months ago
@deadlydeano9010 8 months ago
@chumpie 8 months ago
@user-ey6sb1cg3q 8 months ago
@mystery2580 11 months ago
He should've had someone else go in afterwards and see how much they are selling it for
@jaredalva4874 11 months ago
Frrrrr that’s a good idea!
@danamiller1192 11 months ago
@vaallday1709 11 months ago
@justarandom9351 11 months ago
Some TikToker bought it
@tannershanksftw 11 months ago
Would be for sale for 30 days
@CaXaPoK444 6 days ago
-настоящее золото ? -Сэр да сэр !
@Alex-qb8bl 15 hours ago
О, русский
@AndreiMC2015 2 hours ago
@@Alex-qb8blо привет
@theunrealguy4402 14 days ago
When Jimmy said that he does not know if that money is enough ( for $ 13995) I am sure he gave atleast $20k for that 😂
He lost thousands but was so excited he talked her into 200$ more🤷🏻‍♂️😂😂
@molrat Year ago
npc bot comment
But made $300,000 on views !!!! So he is up !!
@bruhmoment_8 11 months ago
Odio a Mr.beast
Odio a Mr.beast😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😠😠😡😠😠😡😡😠😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😡😠😡😠😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡
@bcraftr 7 months ago
Moral of the story: stay away from pawn shops
@n3ox1995 7 months ago
Yup straight up 💯
@midday1461 6 months ago
Мораль истории такова, работайте в ламбарде😂
@sabre7212 6 months ago
Unless you got the item for free
@DiegoMantilla 6 months ago
No, dude, just think further.
Jimmy, I've had people imitate you, but you're the best.
@user-ee7hv7mi6d 4 days ago
The woman: hippy hippy happ😂
Dude made a -50% profit
Middle names make a difference but the least amount of difference.
My preferred middle name is still Schwarck.
@Doeski0 Year ago
@ArsonHall Year ago
Just the way it is
@sc.7926 Year ago
@marcoa7295 11 months ago
bro spent my life savings in a short😭
@cassinos170 10 months ago
Eu te amo muito serviço
@alepale77 10 months ago
underrated lol
@gizemgulaydin5644 10 months ago
@shadow_0929 10 months ago
@fabygonzalez2187 10 months ago
Ven a Venezuela y ayúdame
@prime2974 Month ago
For a sec I thought we was getting the crossover I never thought of but now I need it
@BrAnarchy 12 days ago
I just love his attitude … chillest dude ever…
Jimmy is the kind of person to feed a shady business.
@samsonblvd Year ago
His business is shady too he gettin paid lets all eat
@@samsonblvdshut up
Shut up
@siegebot82 Year ago
​@@samsonblvdwork for your food
@bobodre9684 Year ago
That hurt💔
@JunC9977 Year ago
Lesson learned: never trust a pawnshop
@NNN911N Year ago
@m-a-s-e-y Year ago
*Suiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiuuiii*
@James-lk2sg Year ago
Well no, the point of selling at pawnshops isn’t to get the full price of something. People use pawnshops cause it’s a really quick way to sell and make cash.
@Doeski0 Year ago
@user-gz6ln5wd5j 18 days ago
- Я дам вам 2$ - А может 8 500? - 2$ и 50 cent - я согласен!🎉😂
@deadu7384 12 days ago
- я дам пожëванную жвачку - может 50 центов? - ладно, пожëванную жвачку и окурок - по рукам
@user-fy4xr7ez2z 2 days ago
Xxaxaaxaaxa американцы мы слушаем по русскому
@YaykersYT 14 days ago
The fact that jimmy just didn’t bring up the fact that he paid double the amount of money for it
@TheReviewistTech 10 months ago
Two hours later sold back to the rolex store for 12 000$ 😂😅
@AyDiiV 9 months ago
Rolex aint buy it ... traxnyc Dimond jewelry guy that maid the gold 250k medal boght it for 12k and resold it for 24k 😂 crazy just because the history 😂
@ZanNaz-uk1je 9 months ago
brov that infinite money glitch
@allinonehub677 9 months ago
​@@Transparencies-EST.1787he melted it n then he made a gold bar from it
They have to wait 30 days before they can sell a item they buy from a person
@rivansingh8849 6 months ago
Bro was smiling through the pain 😂
@yzanhamid1396 5 months ago
@Mikeafton19836 5 months ago
He’s got millions more no pain
@fewkeyfewkey5414 5 months ago
@@Mikeafton19836and donates them to people who need it 😊
@elvis1422 5 months ago
@@yzanhamid1396He Got millions why would he feel pain
@suspicioussand 5 months ago
Tis but a scratch for him
@LucarioPokemon999 17 days ago
He got profit from video🗿
@Michelle-zd6kb 13 days ago
I love ur videos and challenges that you make
@AdamSharif. Year ago
Jimmy’s the kinda guy to lose 6 thousand but still be happy after bargaining for 200 more
@BenjiGr Year ago
Jacksucksatlife fan
@@BenjiGr xD
Beep bop... I'm the Philosophy Bot. Here, have a quote: "For a man to conquer himself is the first and noblest of all victories" ~ Plato
@Midstake Year ago
The fact that you type 6 thousand instead of 6k or 6000 disturbs me lol.
@1cool Year ago
Im a furry
@lamproyt Year ago
Jimmy is the kinda guy who loses $6000+ but still calls it a profit 😂
@dryq2762 Year ago
Lol your 'AI thumbnails' was funny 😂
@glopire1201 Year ago
🤣 hahaha
@GD_here Year ago
thats Jimmy for ya, loves giving and losing money
@joewontwice Year ago
It's an investment
True indeed 😂
@KThanvisree 11 days ago
"We got extra$200" 🤣🤣🤣
@Ryanpullin8852 17 days ago
Jimmy's the type of person who gets a loss of about $6800 and still calls is a profit
@Ryanpullin8852 17 days ago
When you have so much money, even loss is profit.
The short made more than the Rolex
@candlesauce Year ago
@@Near_valorant shorts make basically no money lol
@Neplaza Year ago
​@@Near_valorantshort paga muito pouco
@brasa_ Year ago
​@@Neplaza sim, mas pro tanto de views q ele pega vale a pena kk fora que converte mt inscrito tbm
@CeeEOhh Year ago
@@candlesauce lol yes it does lol
50% of what the item is worth is actually very good for a pawnshop
@johnhall5110 Year ago
Mr B says my cousin tried your
@deancollinss Year ago
Well then f**k pawnshops.
@wezlo8733 Year ago
Should be 75% at least
@twiceshy6613 Year ago
Except gold and other precious metals have a minimum value assigned to them which fluctuates constantly, known as ‘spot price’
@@wezlo8733 that is what they sell it for.
@yashurishi549 Month ago
13k$ for a rolex... for a DAMN CLOCK THAT YOU WILL NEVER USEEEE
@lousashrex 29 days ago
The government collecting tax on both transactions sees this as an absolute win.
@J35Nate Year ago
Bro just paid that pawn shops rent for a couple months lol
Im brasilian
Pro help me
@X840z47 Year ago
​@@pedroamorim4884eu tbm😱
@sarkanal35 Year ago
He didn't pkay them
@motomoto7721 Year ago
Bro was willing to lose thousands to negotiate $200 😭😭
We all know Mr Beast has infinite money
@NiceYoutubeAccount 11 months ago
@isarezkian8569 11 months ago
​​@@patrickisbetternah he has infinite money making cycle
@KassyaRay 5 days ago
😂 That's the kind of profit I would never want!
@Hjr885 23 days ago
Женщина: привет как дела? Mr.Beast: я купил ролексы!
Now they will sell it for 28k by telling buyers that it was previously owned by Mr.Beast
Haha, Really!
@TheMeemer 10 months ago
If he went to a GameStop they would probably value it at $10
@NASCAR_NEAL 10 months ago
Yes and $15 for in store credit! Hahaha
@TheMeemer 10 months ago
@feidhlimginty3053 10 months ago
and £5 in cex
@gamerbuystop 10 months ago
No we wouldnt
@bluexxx3373 9 months ago
In store credit 😂
@metamorphosis1870 20 days ago
Hasta eso te fue bien te dieron mucho más de la mitad, aquí en mi país cuando empeñas algo o lo vendes si bien te va te dan la 4ta parte
@polenta133 Month ago
Grande Manuel, video utilissimo! Un giorno potresti fare un video in cui racconti la tua esperienza nell'Arma dei Carabinieri? Sarebbe bellissimo
@Keeper69s 11 months ago
Lost $6800 but got 83 million views. Definitely got his money's worth.
@rayan-dh7es 11 months ago
its shorts so he makes nothing
@Adryan44 11 months ago
@@rayan-dh7es na verdade ganha sim, ganha muito a menos, mais ganha, acredito que ele conseguiu ganhar o suficiente pra cobrir o valor gasto no vidio.
@Coopdog0108 11 months ago
@@Adryan44no way..
@ode2Spartacus 11 months ago
300M+ views is still less than 2 grand.
@user-xv5dn9vt7n 11 months ago
​@@rayan-dh7esRU-vid shorts are actually monetized now
@postocoisaslegais 12 days ago
eu quando fui vender uma cripto moeda achando que ia lucrar, mas na verdade perdi. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
@Fastname270 Month ago
Why do I have everything in Polish, even the dubbing
This man needs a TV show
@deenurf Year ago
Nahh he is his own boss in this channel. We keep it that way
@@deenurf and he gets Super Bowl levels of views
@xx0gamer604 Year ago
Bro ur right he does need a show😂
@Inferior432 Year ago
Tv shows needs this man
@winteru4159 Year ago
He is the tv show
@shukorjali73 Year ago
Jimmy's the kind of guy to have 10k, lose 9.3k then bargain for the 700 dollars
@1qgio Year ago
Wrong channel
​@@1qgio what ?
​@@muathmahmoud7718 sambucha
@zayteegy4356 Year ago
Bot comment
Makes zero sense.
@anjonlee 17 days ago
Extra 200 dollars and -6 Grand 😂😂😂
Is that now a tax expense Jimmy 😂😂😂
@kritz9997 11 months ago
meanwhile pawnshops in videogames: half a dollar for a tree branch
@junpen_danyo 11 months ago
@AkiEditz45 11 months ago
@@junpen_danyoi wish you could sell weapons
@SorandomRBX 11 months ago
Shii I’m breaking every tree in existence then.
@tomiipapac 11 months ago
@@SorandomRBXtree branch for half a dollar
@shaniyaholifield6209 11 months ago
@geminiman6128 Month ago
It's a toss up between yes and no, because they have to make profit when reselling the items they buy.
Bro casually buying rolex ⌚
”We got extra 200$”- Jimmy ”Bro, you just lost 7,000 $”- Cameraman
@Pikzachu Year ago
@m-a-s-e-y Year ago
How many siuu’s I can get?
@rock-postpunk 9 days ago
"Hoy es el día opuesto "
@youtunmedia6572 2 days ago
Honesty is the best 😁
@KayneAung Year ago
Jimmy is a type of guy who use 50% discount on himself
Haha 😂
@bemci1975 5 months ago
Smiling through pain 😂😂😂
@TheRealPurpleGuyy 5 months ago
Blud knew he had to copy
@Mince_421 5 months ago
He’s Mr beast bro
No because he is millionaire.
@bemci1975 4 months ago
@@LibertarioAnonimo-gb4dp there's still PAIN, bro free me 😂😂
@dodoz44 3 months ago
What pain? This short just made him way more money than what he invested.
@CalSN20 28 days ago
“i’ll give ya 25 dollars 😏”
@ZAILLER_YTZ 25 days ago
Mr beast maths ain't mathing
My man threw away almost half his money and calls it a "$200 profit" 😂😂😂
Mr beast preso
half money? thats some of his extra money he found under his bed
@eagle-k2668 Year ago
You missed the point
200 over the first offer is what he means
You basically just gave them 6 grand for disrespecting you straight to your face 😂
😄 hola soy Martina soy una buena
@ImNor859 Year ago
@@begonacalles2132 Alr?
@ItsMeeLeeDee Year ago
Exactly. They won
@eldando7659 Year ago
@@begonacalles2132 Una buena que ? Termina la frase mujer 🧐
@atan6193 Year ago
​@@begonacalles2132 no callese
@Alexandros111 26 days ago
You are doing lots of good things..I wait you to come here in Athens,Greece to do a challenge
@mudani2300 9 days ago
Educational Purposes 😂 Pawn Shops are Doomed thanks Jimmy 👍🏽
@Stingit 4 months ago
At this point bro is doing side quests
@AquamarineChicken 3 months ago
CHICKEN is also doing sidequests
@Blankz__ 3 months ago
Why is this so funny tho 😂
@saramontesr.4510 2 months ago
@JesusRojas-sf6lz 2 months ago
Puro para los tuyos no alludas alos latinos
@NahBNah 2 months ago
@chriswheeler6092 11 months ago
They paid street prices. Exactly half of the retail price.
@AliHassan-bm5qm 20 days ago
Man this watch can change my life 😅💔
Is it only me this video is coming in my regional language?
@kushalkhanal9675 8 months ago
His face after $7000😢😢.😂
@93SB 6 months ago
Why are there no comments on this? Is this a joke?
@maximilianra494 6 months ago
​@@93SB for Sure..
@user-gi8me5ph9b 6 months ago
Это бизнес😅😅😅😅
He didn’t lose money. This short made him just as much money as the Rolex alone.
@L1L1C3 Year ago
more. much. much more
@ferious47 Year ago
Yeah easily more
Shorts barely even give any money I'd say he got less than 1k for this
@ksasaami Year ago
Shorts give no earning
@Unionofficialcc2 15 days ago
Bist, why were you taxiing through the air?😂
@motoed6445 Month ago
He should do a follow up video where he shows how much they plan to sell it for
@Carnate301 Year ago
and now watch them sell that Rolex for twice the original price
@igorvieiraalves4314 11 months ago
Entao. Isso ai q eu chamo de um cara burro
@MarcusThePotato69 11 months ago
@NiceYoutubeAccount 11 months ago
@zeroday7878 11 months ago
its a business my guy
@shanerose2799 11 months ago
no that's day light robbery and theft.
@user-lt5rl4pu8x 9 days ago
Bro the type of a forex trader who makes $200 and loses $6800
Typically a pawnshop pays 10% to 30% of what the items worth so they can sell it full price to other customers
Well now we know that pawn shops half the price of everything.
@Soup-Boot Year ago
@@LaurenLobel XD
@samirex020 Year ago
​@@LaurenLobelaround 14000÷1,94444444444444 right
... duh? Because they need to make a profit when they sell it themselves?!?!
@samirex020 Year ago
@@shawnmcintire4093 thats Crazy
@user-yc7il6ju5l 11 months ago
Jimmy is the type of person who loses $6800 but he becomes happy for extra $200
@alilagerdien4076 11 months ago
@BattleOverride856 11 months ago
Well yeah for him it's a tax write-off as a business expense. So yeah...he still came out ahead
@salehin123 11 months ago
@user-po9io3gq1l 7 days ago
He unlocked telepathy
@user-po9io3gq1l 7 days ago
@JimmssYT 18 days ago
Boss Toyo: Best I can do MrBeast is 150 bucks
@NBAclipsHere 10 months ago
You should have told her how much it costed at the end 😂
@undefined69695 10 months ago
@user-zm6fg2qq4o 10 months ago
​@@undefined69695it costed because he already bought it
@Navbaby 10 months ago
@@undefined69695don’t be that person 😑
@MrsAmericanDiva 10 months ago
@@undefined69695did cost*
@Mykie_Mouse 10 months ago
@undefined69695 he’s was already ready right
@umisyifa 11 months ago
Usually 60% at Pawn lol
@user-en7ln3ed6n 20 days ago
Лысый в ролике у Биста, это успех бро!
@arifyilmaz3970 11 months ago
These translations are better than movies bro
@jasonjgl8428 10 months ago
@NitroSpeedz 10 months ago
@akiraelneko5502 10 months ago
he is prob spanish or smth
@fareenaimran8885 10 months ago
@@NitroSpeedz what
@fareenaimran8885 10 months ago
@@akiraelneko5502 prob🙄
Why did Jimmy buy at a high price and sell at a low price?
@TheKing12342 7 days ago
when you buy an item in a game and try to sell it:
@gavinomeara Year ago
Something people forget is that pawn shops need to make a profit off of the things they buy to sell.
They offered him 50% bro. That's dirty.
@ImTheCrew Year ago
50% markup is usually the rate.
@Purriah Year ago
Yeah and you can still negotiate them a ton
@@test-zg4hv then it shouldn’t be a thing because that’s straight up stupid
Yeah but they usually make a 60% profit so they make way more then they need
@diamehta2803 Year ago
He is the example of being happy in every situation.
❤. .. .
@diamehta2803 Year ago
@Skymok42 his hardwork bruhh
@cr7dunyas317 Year ago
​@Skymok42 tam olarak nasıl okunuyor cidden kaç sıfır var
@sabiotarado 7 days ago
Confused Stonks
@russia_winner 3 days ago
Бизнес по-русски: 1)украсть ящик водки 2)продать ящик водки 3)деньги пропить.
We need Rick from Pawn Stars on this channel!
@luk3shorts Year ago
@twifsvsp Year ago
Yes sir
@that-guy22 Year ago
What do you mean by that
Rick: Best I can do is 2 grand
@hippo940 Month ago
@SAUCEGUY711 Month ago
@@hippo940 best i can do is 2 cents
@Feishy Month ago
@@SAUCEGUY711 besi i can do is 2 buttons
@purrformance Month ago
*2 grains of rice*
@@Adrshyadav8680.2 cents is 20 cents
@Funnyshorts0461 22 days ago
Hello Jimmy, may you have a long life, and may my lifespan be added to yours." ❤❤❤
@ManihaAnum 7 months ago
Jimmy after loosing $6800: profit 💅🗿
@user-gi8me5ph9b 6 months ago
Бизнес Джимми))) 😂
@chepuhaty 5 months ago
Твой коммент дурацкий
@orxancebiyev896 5 months ago
@chillies4156 5 months ago
@@chepuhaty ты мог бы сказать то же самое о своем округе
@Mysticfateee Year ago
Note to self: BUY from a pawnshop, never sell to one
@angelma9087 Year ago
Al comprar igual te estafan mucho dinero
Where do you sell then to a butcher???
@animegod978 Year ago
They sell at high prices and buy at low prices to make money for themselves.
​@@animegod978 thats just how the pawning business works
@MrSarus86 Year ago
Ещё они не знают откуда эти вещи. Часто украденные
@MertoskhiX 14 days ago
This door is from gta 5 and this Room to😅
@podelkitv 8 days ago
You've seen how he drives. He's so brilliant that he can drive a car without touching the steering wheel! wow
@RyanRediger66 9 months ago
Dude is literally throwing money away. That would be almost half a years rent for me.
@sheriffcr420 8 months ago
shtupid he is helping out
@GoldenFoxy999 8 months ago
​@@sheriffcr420I think he's just joking
@caiowalaf7586 8 months ago
Mesmo se ele não vendesse o relógio, você continuaria tendo que pagar três meses de aluguel
@Guilherme-fl3eg 8 months ago
Pra voce
@HoO-rl4tb 8 months ago
$1 vs $10,000,000 Job!