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The reason the title says $300,000 instead of $200,000 is because I didn’t want to spoil when the video ended! I didn’t want people to actually know what the last shot was haha
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Jun 11, 2021




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Comments : 83K   
@MrBeast 2 years ago
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@thedoge6541 2 years ago
@ethnen 2 years ago
@abodi8580 2 years ago
@ii343 2 years ago
@SB737 2 years ago
It was actually an insane clutch when he made that shot
@Random-qf2dh 2 years ago
@ceegeetee 2 years ago
@karenzhanghao 2 years ago
@phb 2 years ago
@drewdoberfan 2 years ago
wow sb love your vids
Jimmy was on smoke, man demonstrated everything on point
@TheJimTiger Year ago
Underrated comment
i knew someone will brings this up
how do you now?
@viewing845 Year ago
​@@kevinswantner1584 are you good?
the money keeps multiplying as he makes more videos… what a legend
Жалко что со звуком накосячили. Но всю равно спасибо за перевод!
@Kun_va_Tun Year ago
вы можете посмотреть с оригинальный звуком
​@@Kun_va_Tun как
@whiteunicorn Year ago
Дело в том что переводчик на своем канале вырезал рекламу, а потом без редактирования передал звуковую дорожку на этот канал...
@liliput1613 Year ago
И это очень частый косяк
@verakeks7573 Year ago
@@whiteunicorn спасибо большое, помогло
The man who won them 40000 for all of them is literally a legend
That's definitely the highpoint of his life
@StevenHe 2 years ago
film industry: *Spends 50 grand on one explosion scene. MrBeast: Hold my basketball
@nerkros2030 2 years ago
@Seno-bz4ij 2 years ago
@Paradonix lol no
@Eumaan 2 years ago
@joaquinr1771 2 years ago
Steven why you such a failure, trying to get famous of of Mr.Beast.
@netocian475 2 years ago
Hold my mom.
Jimmy is a real beast 🔥0:52
13:44 is sus tell me what's happening there?
@@donaldducksaverussia8923 the clapping
mrbeasr hizo trampa al hacer eso
@roid7875 Year ago
To bad what MrBeast faked this moment..
As a teacher....so many children have mentioned MrBeast to me...I thought it was something dodgy..but after watching this I must say I love his work.
Why is your name monkey🤣🤣 if your a teacher
@Wildflame310 Year ago
Ok Mrs.baloonmonkey99
@vive148 3 days ago
@tigerxproyt7806 4 months ago
very generous of jimmy to give money
@youallaregood 11 months ago
Can we just take a moment of how great DID HE JUST MADE THAT SHOT
@user-ul6mm2bc8z 5 months ago
It was actually an insane clutch when he made that shot. Nolan: A friend of Mr. BeastAlso Nolan: Loses $1,000,000 to bowling.
@imamalox 4 months ago
thanks for your input bot
@twinzgamingyt5848 2 years ago
He lost a million Jimmy: am satisfied.
@m55h40 2 years ago
Wow pro he hearted ur comment!!!
@happyify 2 years ago
@@m55h40 pro
@MrDPS1 2 years ago
dang dude, lucky boi !!! also here before the replies go crazy 😂
@goldairy8364 2 years ago
Wowo a heart
@civixlol 2 years ago
0:54 MrBeast goes in God mode 2:10 Karl goes in God mode 2:51 MrBeast Again goes God mode 5:10 Karl Also Again goes God mode 9:53 Chris goes God mode
@ALONO_O Year ago
Chandler being Chandler
@Daybreak6427 Year ago
Jimmy used to play baseball until he got Crohn's. Man knows how to swing a bat
@@ALONO_O it
@Tarwhan003 11 months ago
I love how Mr beast and Carl almost did every trick shot the contestants were suppose do and the contestants failed 😂
@jeremyk7110 7 months ago
And Nolan casually misses all shots
@A1D3NNN 7 months ago
they had multiple attempts tho
@darkmekaro 5 months ago
That last shot was clutch 😅
the way how jimmy just shoot the ball without knowing it goaled + he still continue to speak is cold 🤣
Mr beast never seizes to impress
@orion2826 2 years ago
Nolan: *Loses a lot of challenges* Chandler: *"First time?"*
@dont8430 2 years ago
MrBeast is a trash youtuber. All my friends that watch MrBeast are having an existential crisis.
@Aviator6000 Year ago
Just a reminder, Jimmy loved playing baseball as a kid so it's just natural he's good at it
@craziethan Year ago
their called BLOOPERS
we all saw the interview mate
@@tetokicrawford They're*
and what u mean
@enderfox2433 Year ago
Idk why but when Shaun won 10k the way how Karl ran over and hugged him looked so sweet and cute.
@realbreezyy Year ago
@realbreezyy Year ago
U good?
@@realbreezyy yea, thanks for asking
Kind of a sus thing to say 🧐
Homeboy clutched it in the end for sure
@PsychoWolffe Year ago
12:20 Chris was literally defining the office there 😂😂
@eddeh0772 2 months ago
“That’s just insulting to injury”… love it, no notes!
@oven9304 2 years ago
that last guy: actually makes the shot the other guys: proceeds to suffocate him
@sjcaljames 2 years ago
6:03 lol
Outstanding move to get more money.
Bro the beast crew actually scored better than the competitors 😂
I absolutely loved the way karl just went and hugged them in the last even though he lost !
@namishsinghal2199 2 months ago
Actually the 200,000 dollar shot was easier than the 30,000 dollar shot
@mintman9122 Year ago
I love how that it goes from 70k to 75k- he is going bankrupt
Mr. Beast's backshot at the courtyard was the first shot with no edition? Daaamn!
@violence5402 2 years ago
Jimmy: *Calls his bank* His bank: "How many zeros this time?"
@tbgquanboy679 2 years ago
Underrated ash this funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@rowhh7528 2 years ago
Jimmy: six
@user-qe3fx8ej8b 2 years ago
@TommyInnit✓ oh shut up
@kans_2 2 years ago
@TommyInnit✓ BOT
@IshaSharma11 2 years ago
The real winner is editing for making us think Karl is actually good at anything 😊
@jjmmgg87 Year ago
That basketball shot Jimmy made man 😱
@monkeygod-uy3ci 20 days ago
mr beast be balling
Mr Beast is passionate about making content
NAH!!😱😱😱 REALLYYYY!?!!!??!?!!???😱😱😱😱😱😳😳😱😳😱😱😳😱😳😳😶‍🌫️😳😳😳
@austin5019 Month ago
Jimmy's videos are always entertaining and never disappoint!!!
@memesarab 2 years ago
0:52 this is why Mrbeast doesn't compete in his own videos
@Adnan-mk5gt 2 years ago
For real
@Someone-ln8vk 2 years ago
That was edited bruh someone else from back throwd
@frwoog867 2 years ago
LoL 😂 idk how he did it
@tofifichannel7199 2 years ago
Editing magic
@tofifichannel7199 2 years ago
Its (it's called editing magic)
@CaineFan116 Year ago
Jimmy the Trick shot god
The way karl made that trickshot first try, wow.
@Boysnightnogirls 20 days ago
The beast crew is on god mode
@Fatefnbr 10 months ago
MrBeast is the most generous and ruthless person at the same time bro
@user-vi1xx3sc8b 2 months ago
He actually made the basket first try.❤
@joachimb5721 Month ago
The last guy, yes.
@MatMicMarGaming 2 years ago
homie at the end came in CLUTCH
@ceegeetee 2 years ago
@ericschill842 2 years ago
@mrcheap4031 2 years ago
Mrcheap > MrBeast though
@mariofan2562 2 years ago
@tommydrzich7228 2 years ago
Hats off to Mr beast 0:52 how much skilled he is man! You are just amazing Respect❤️
@Dddt40 Year ago
Это монтаж)...
@Dddt40 Year ago
Я видел бейкстейдж)
@Celuta96 Year ago
@xeno4378 Year ago
@Dddt40 11 months ago
@Александр Сарычев, да
Let’s just appreciate how much Jimmy spends on his videos. And. Briefcases.
@_-Zach-_ Year ago
@leonardotoschi585 4 months ago
To calculate flight time, do sqrt(2y/g) g is gravity 9.81 and y is the height of the building. Then put the time in the x time law and obtain your minimum speed to do that
7:06 Nolan: "I literally couldn't mess this up" Nolan: *literally messed it up* Poor Nolan, he'd be traumatized with bowling for the rest of his life.
"Uhh buhhh yeah.." got me😂😂
@GoldenStoic 2 years ago
*"What do you do for a living?"* *"I am Mr.Beast's friend"*
@qantasguy4893 2 years ago
@Takenbymadness 2 years ago
Lol pretty much, the rest of us has to get lucky and or work
@lismaf3007 2 years ago
@@Takenbymadness they do so much work, Mr.Beast and the team. Making all the content is so much work
@rgkitty 2 years ago
@wasabebo8334 2 years ago
I’m pretty sure you stole that comment but twisted it up a bit
@shmooveyea Year ago
Hitting a bullseye on a dart board and getting a hole in one in golf are two of the least equivalent things I can think of
@thepogachars3907 11 months ago
I love how you are better at making shots than they are.
Mr beast legend
Jimmy literally went god mode
aci los que apollan a mr Beast
@GoEditzPM 2 years ago
Honey: How many times should we sponsor you Jimmy: *yes*
@jabronie5537 2 years ago
@Fatumayata79 2 years ago
@FrijolesLIVE 2 years ago
@davidt1d 2 years ago
@user-jc9ql4nf7o 6 months ago
e i love how generous yet absolutely ruthless jimmy is))))
@AayanshMagicWorld 3 months ago
@Venta16 Year ago
0:52 is to show how godly he made that shot
@RolyMoes 4 months ago
Congrats on 200M!
Jimmy and Karl are legit trickshotters
@Djokzila Month ago
Your basketball skills it's so good
@IAMSLAY 2 years ago
MrBeast really doing what Dude Perfect did but with millions in cash prizes 😂
@26mic 2 years ago
Yo dawg You know who else’s vids are entertaining? Mine. Hundred percent u will die of laughter fr my brother
@xcyberscar4992 2 years ago
@ToonTwist 2 years ago
I commented this too
@cripticedits2088 2 years ago
@@26mic bruhhh
u gonna post again
@Julian424 Year ago
I love how He just calmly get a homerun and a half quart shot and has no reaction
@joachimb5721 Month ago
Well, he knows it‘s funnier if he acts casual.
@MACDollKai 8 months ago
Lol these videos just be funny as hell .. they be having the most fun
@survivalcamping99 3 months ago
Congratulations to the boy who threw the basketball
@shortstrawberry7092 11 months ago
Jimmy out here keeping the briefcase businesses in business
@jethalal.fan1 3 months ago
0:51 mr bisht swagggggggggggggggggg
@catzcarol3430 2 years ago
There should be a show called "Mrbeast contestants and where are they now?"
@luketoby7405 2 years ago
@dy__gt8079 2 years ago
Bojack 😏
@krissyboy7306 2 years ago
@noru8360 2 years ago
well, only if its under mr.beast's supervision
@KYI2 Year ago
Karl deserves all the money for what he demonstrated
I love when mrbeast was so chill while he made the shot in
Jimmy you never disappoint💯
King, you are truly a benevolent and good to be believed.
@unclebadger597 5 months ago
Alright, legitimate question. If you show up to your bank with four briefcases full of $40,000 will they accept it? Maybe Mr. Beast actually writes them a check? 😆
@gregmcmuffin596 4 months ago
the money is prop money
@dinardinar2657 3 months ago
He wires them the moneu
@purplegamer9794 2 years ago
Contestant: *misses shot and loses chance of getting thousands of dollars* MrBeast: Oh no! Anyway
@VishantGamerzYT 2 years ago
🅹︎🆄︎🆂︎🆃︎ 🅶︎🅸︎🆅︎🅴︎ 🅼︎🅴︎ 🅻︎🅸︎🅺︎🅴︎ 🅾︎🅽︎ 🅼︎🆈︎ 🆅︎🅸︎🅳︎🅴︎🅾︎🆂︎ 🅺
@ChargedJolteon2 2 years ago
Hello yellow flash hows your son doing :)
@AlondraGuzman2302 2 years ago
Ayy minato hows life going?
@User-me7lb Year ago
Can we just talk about how jimmy is really good at sports
@its_storme Year ago
Its so sad because he used to play basketball and baseball i believe his Chrons disease. (or however it’s spelt)
i laughed nonstop when jimmy got caught in 4k
Same 😂
@chelenic85 Year ago
show time link tho
@user-rb1me6mr8t 10 hours ago
It was a fantastic shot!🎉🎉🎉
You guys got me with Karl hitting it first try 😂
@joachimb5721 Month ago
Yeah, first try, right
@Haider_47 3 months ago
0:53 here comes Mr basket ball
@Factor-gv3jd 2 years ago
I love how Karl literally did almost all the challenges and won nothing Edit: Sorry I used Literally wrong guys
@scrolls3759 2 years ago
@zan5701 2 years ago
@damienllov4164 2 years ago
@heythatsmycrouton 2 years ago
@@branpod eh
@parththakar4455 2 years ago
Noob Karlllll😂
The helicopter basket ball challenge was cool AF
Mr. Beast’s vids & generosity to money gives you other-worldly thrill.
Nolan has a curse on bowling
Finally someone won, was waiting for it till the end.
Insane shot at the end though
@contentcreator007 2 years ago
Honey: How many times should we sponsor Jimmy: Yes
@abhinav6960 2 years ago
@cowboypanini1531 2 years ago
Copied comment
@quackquack7537 2 years ago
copied but with better grammar u scam
@Lostperson... 2 years ago
wow same comment another one just turned
@farm1901 2 years ago
Wow copied *insert xQc wow clapping meme*
@topherh8928 Year ago
Wow down to the last guy and he’s nets it 🎉🎉
@CM_official.19 10 months ago
Let's we all appreciate the content this man and his crew makes JUST a masterpiece imagine WHATS he's gonna doing in the future
@SylviaVerena 9 months ago
@InsaneEdits10 5 months ago
Flying cars!!!
@user-kz6md6oj4z 3 months ago
@gamerluka1451 3 months ago
Bro you're a BEAST!!! That's why u called Beast 😅
@ultra1533 Year ago
1:05 Karl casually hanging on the hoop😂
@maksoel9179 5 months ago
200k will change every one's day and life. In my opinion.
@bloddknight2919 2 years ago
Karl and Chris: Makes every shot athletes: miss badly
@zwqy6525 2 years ago
How long u have your account?
@oma_rr669 2 years ago
@@zwqy6525 2weekd
@oma_rr669 2 years ago
@@zwqy6525 weeks lol
@bloddknight2919 2 years ago
@@zwqy6525 yea
@bloddknight2919 2 years ago
@@oma_rr669 yes
@IMBBOB Year ago
Jimmy is actually pretty athletic
@peso4453 Year ago
Are we going to forget that Karl could have won so much money if he was the one doing the challenge.
lt was actually an insane clutch when he made that shot
@user-to5vk8nd4o 4 months ago
Me gusta este programa y lo veo como una ayuda al prójimo, que nuestro padre celestial le siga dando salud para que siga ayudando, en la actualidad hay persona que tienen suficiente dinero, pero no le gusta compartir, bendiciones
@LonelySandwich 2 years ago
“You can literally win more money than you are tall…” - Mr Beast 2021
@tntplayzzz7569 2 years ago
@MrMoski 2 years ago
my parents said if i can get 5k before this month i will get the new ps5 please help ♥️🥺♥️ Have a good day ♥️
Me sub to you long time ago
@fresh-bo4fz 2 years ago
@sarinakitten6548 2 years ago
Thank you Mr Beast for being the worlds biggest light worker. You are a chosen one, keep doing the amazing things you do, I am so grateful for being your subscriber, you are a blessing.
@slurp2224 11 months ago
we need beast burgers in euorop
@awnyahmed4933 2 months ago
Mr beast just is a trick shot master
@ethanye8379 Year ago
5:08 Karl’s head looked on fire lol.