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Dragon Age: The Veilguard | Official Reveal Trailer 

Dragon Age
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Jun 8, 2024




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@dragonage 5 days ago
Watch our Gameplay Reveal here: ru-vid.com/video/video-CTNwHShylIg.html
@Gaettusk 5 days ago
No, I don't think I will
@1Sl0w_ 5 days ago
nah we good
@WillOfPower321 5 days ago
@randomxgen6167 5 days ago
Fire whoever made this trailer. The game itself seems like a continuation of inquisition's design philosophies, but the person who directed the thing meant to sell the game failed spectacularly.
go to woke playersbase
@T.O.Wallee 6 days ago
The most shocking thing about the trailer was that BiioWare left the comments open
@UniverseGd 6 days ago
Enjoy them while you can. They'll shut it down as always for toxic gamers or for a majority of people that makes valid criticism.
Or the not-happy too 😂. Hope the gameplay look better and not an online game on phone.
@txdmsk 6 days ago
Comments are good for the RU-vid algorithm. Bad press is press too
@coltonwilkie241 6 days ago
Yeah I'm shocked by that. They usually lock down their Twitter posts immediately.
@@txdmskmanufactured outrage?
@DebbyBycroft 7 days ago
Bioware, please sell mass effect and dragon age to someone who actually loves the games. Edit: After watching the actual gameplay, I am much more confident in Bioware's ability to do the series justice. They do need to be very careful about how to promote their games in the future.
@diadorim273 7 days ago
Bioware no longer owns the IP, it's EA's since they bought up BW if I'm not mistaken
Larian would do a good job for a new Mass Effect : )
@PrettyRagdoll 7 days ago
Larian. Sell to Larian or the devs that left Bioware
what you don't like fortnite RPG edition??!??
@doc-holliday- 7 days ago
EA: Makes the face bilbo makes when he wants to see the ring one last time.
@Nerd635 2 days ago
10 years since inquisition, for this?
Yes! Don't play it, if you don't like it!!!
​ Don't worry, we won't play it.
This is probably going to be $60 to $70 there's no way I'm paying that much for this ..last year though I was prepared to pay that or more for dreadwolf since the hype was awesome. But this? It looks like League of Legends and elder scrolls online had a drunken one night stand with fortnight and this was the result
​@@alinehannak227You are a bot
@omegajbmb 3 days ago
BioWare did to Dragon Age what Disney did to Star Wars.
@uglyburrito_ 2 days ago
Warhammers next
@AngryNerdBird 2 days ago
Dragon Age was always Bioware, so that doesn't really make sense as a comparison.
@releknatroj5174 2 days ago
They were both turned into woke trash. The comparison checks out 💯
@lar4agames576 2 days ago
​@@AngryNerdBirdOnly because you believe in the magic of corporate trademarks. There is nothing and no one left of BioWare in what you call "BioWare" under the "wise" management of EA.
Perhaps I judged you too harshly Dragon Age 2
@BlobBlobkins 6 days ago
we were so spoiled back then and didn't know what's coming in the future....
@enigma2311 6 days ago
@@BlobBlobkins Exactly my thoughts.. if i only knew how bad things will become.. i would have appreciated DA2 more 🥲
@DefconDelta88 6 days ago
DA 2 primarily suffered from bad gameplay, but the writing wasn't bad at all. Good story, bad execution with level design / mechanics and a rushed game with a lot of cuts. THIS though, is just an insult to the entire series. I thought Inquisition was lacking soul but this makes it look stellar by comparison.
@@DefconDelta88 despite its flaws i loved Dragon Age 2... too bad for the almost immediately copy pasted dungeons between main and side quests
@we.producemusic 6 days ago
And the DA:I was judged to harsh 😅 as well lol
@ZefieIyanami 6 days ago
The music choice isn't doing this any favors
@Sannidor 6 days ago
I'm surprised it's not mumble rap remix.
A cheesy reimagining of a classic song is fantastic audio metaphor for the series.
@eestiny9734 6 days ago
Honestly the images were so chocking, that i couldn't hear anything until i read your comment 🤣
@deanreaver3268 6 days ago
​@@Sannidor *Receives Mortal Kombat flashback* I need a cold shower now.
@yvesgingras1475 6 days ago
Are you sure? I find it fit super well for a kid game like fortnite
@Kratosis-vf7uy 2 days ago
Some part of me just died today watching this. Feels bad when you stop being the target audience for the game series you have loved for so long. RIP Bianca too
@SolFireYT Day ago
You didn’t stop being the target audience, the developers lost the plot (I fear literally this time).
I don't think anyone is the target for this shit outside reddit or some obscure focus group
@ENNEAD09 2 days ago
We will miss you, Bioware...
@jeremyzak654 17 hours ago
Press "F" to pay respects😢
@Alknix 6 days ago
Morrigan disapproves (-30). Alistair disapproves (-15). Leliana disapproves (-15). Sten disapproves (-5). Zevran approves (+5). Winn disapproves (-15). Shale disapproves (-15). Barkspawn disapproves (-15).
@HUNTERxROY 6 days ago
Heck the rhyming oak even disapproves
@McTavish_221 6 days ago
Wokechantment? Wokechantment!
Carver: rivalry (+20) Bethany: rivalry (+20) Aveline: rivalry (+20) Fenris: rivalry (+20) Varric: rivalry (+20) Sebastian: rivalry (+20) Isabela: rivalry (+20) Anders: rivalry (+20) Merill: rivalry (+20)
It's going to be so bad! Lol and EA will shutter the studio after this abysmal failure. Bioware REALLY needed a win.... and this is not it.
@aphixywank577 6 days ago
@Ulrican414 7 days ago
What are we some kind of dragon suicide squad?
bro 😭😭😭
@Shatterstar 7 days ago
You're not wrong and I hate it.
@LordAngelus 7 days ago
@panshepard3581 7 days ago
I can't take it anymore 😭😭
@PB-Trinity 7 days ago
We are a group of nobodies going against an ancient Elven God. So yeah. That actually checks out.
@hashijouzu 2 days ago
It's like a completely different game that they just slapped the Dragon Age name on.
Bioware, the next company that EA is going to close... I don't even need a crystal ball to know.
@winterrrw 7 days ago
i didn't know disney bought bioware
@favorites7948 7 days ago
My immediate thought
@SlavicGold 7 days ago
Its made for a modern audience now 😆
@Kyon_izaya 7 days ago
There's always been fruitloops in dragon age have you not played the other 3? What's the problem now?
@98sai 7 days ago
EA is the Disney of gaming
@balkkoth 7 days ago
Same thought ^^
@magmakojote1663 7 days ago
Maybe Solas had a point...
@Keram-io8hv 7 days ago
I miss Solas, do you think they like killed him ofscreen?
@mako3197 7 days ago
@@Keram-io8hv old writers probably took Solas with them
​​@@mako3197 I think Patrick Weekes (Solas's writer) is still working on this game.
@robosoldier11 7 days ago
just destroy it already.
@Angry8astard 7 days ago
After seeing this i want to do graywarden ritual again
@Ketaros 3 days ago
Does anyone who participated in this game decision EVER played a Dragon Age title!?!?!?!?
@lar4agames576 2 days ago
Of course not! They are corporate apparatchiks and their obedient drones careerists whose career is imitation creativity in a corporate ecosystem that precludes the possibility of real creativity - serious people, they don't have time to play any games!
@Bazzyboss Day ago
Have you ever seen the heavy metal DA1 trailers? Marketing for this series has been eternally tone deaf. My expectations are quite low for this one either way though.
Underrated comment 🔥 🔥
It is just consume media and buy more product.
Bioware probably fired them for voting for Trump and filling the vacancies with brainless lefties who only played Candy Crush and studied game development in McDonald's college
@shanielson 2 days ago
At this point, the only cope left is hoping there's no microtransactions. But it's EA so I'm sure I'll be eating those words in a few months.
@nimz8521 2 days ago
Wolfheartfps did a breakdown from an interview. There are apparently no microtransactions or need to be online to play. They don't want to embarrass people in front of their friends.
@gamerguy19981 7 days ago
Sooooooo......where's the real trailer?
"OK you got me, where are the cameras? I'm being punked right? (Slow realization kicks in....)"
@DrEldlich 7 days ago
​@edwardbrennan3963 "oh fuck...this is the real trailer isn't it?"
@zahraa.k.m5788 7 days ago
@samflood5631 7 days ago
This is the real trailer. Sometimes graphics change in a franchise overtime. So don’t whine about it.
@boiiofboii6736 7 days ago
I genuinly thought this was a diablo immortals kind of situation. Like thats not the real new game just a mobile side project...oh boy do i feel betrayed
Even Shrek is more dragon age than this
@azureheart2846 5 days ago
And most of them are part donkey
Couldn't have said it better.
@lord_cobi 5 days ago
Shrek is love 🙏
favorite comment right here
@BakedTerranaut 5 days ago
@@lord_cobi Shrek is life
Dragon Age from Origins, 2 and Inquisition just told me that, this is not their family
@imooumoo4 3 days ago
How could you possibly not learn anything from what Larian accomplished with BG3?
@darkgather2808 2 days ago
actually they didnt want you to compare it to bg3 so much they removed the pause strastegic bird eye view from it. thats the problem with triple A industry . they are content with making safe ips. all the years re releasing the same game with just slightly adjusted setting and call it call of duty / fifa something 2024. they cant even bothered to release a complete fixed games even .
@Noname6589 Day ago
Easy, how could they learn from a game that released not even a year ago. That is too short for a game this size if you don't want to delay the game years.
@oc8636 22 hours ago
​@@darkgather2808Yeah but the last 2 years these 'safe' ips started to crash and burn. Like the one game based of of AC Black Flag (The AAAA one, I already forgot its name). This game will not be a financial success and I think this will probably be the reason DA joins with all the destroyed game franchises from the last 15 years.
@Nazgull2k1 16 hours ago
@@Noname6589 Then they clearly should have delayed the game for years. This trash tier product is going to flop on its ass and cost EA hundreds of millions of dollars.
@Noname6589 14 hours ago
@@Nazgull2k1 but that isn't Biowares decision.
@HassanAlHajry 7 days ago
*I'm ok with Solas Burning this World now*
@AretaicGames 7 days ago
Where do we sign up to help? Down with the Veil!
@someguyonyt2831 7 days ago
I'm playing as an elf and i want to join him to tear down the f**king veil and shape a new world after seeing this. My god, it's so cringe.
@SM-oc4rc 7 days ago
Yeah throw this world into the Veil. Somehow every DA game has gone worse after the first one. RIP Bioware, definitely getting closed after this game.
@MaxFusion01 7 days ago
I’ll get the matches.
@Ninjamaster227- 7 days ago
A lot of my Inquisitors were mages or elves. Sign them up they made a mistake. This world isn’t worth saving. Lol
@accepthisname 6 days ago
When you expect disappointment and you're still disappointed.
@MochiMochiCakes 6 days ago
No literally though. that's the whole mood.
I prepared myself for disappointment and was still sad at what I saw
@shad0wkn19ht9 6 days ago
Yeah, this is fucking bullshit. I didn't wait a decade to see them tank the fuck out of DAI into this shit. I'm fucking livid. But don't worry EA LITERALLY could go f themselves. This is bullshit. No of this relates to Dragon Age Inquisition. And now they have ruined the Dragon Age Universe with this garbage. Maybe if they didn't take 10 damn years we would had the correct game that starts off where our choices ended hunting Solas in DAI. To say I'm disappointed is a understatement. I'm Livid.
@gkm2928 6 days ago
Summed it up perfectly..😢
@MriLenan 6 days ago
We all expected the bottom from biovar, but they were able to go even deeper
@KisnouMusic Day ago
If I died in those 10 years of long wait before Veilguard was announced, I would have died happily
It is incredible how much they fuck this up.
Devs, blink twice if Netflix and Disney are holding you hostage
@vfvs11a 6 days ago
In [current year] the real devs are gone and their replacements are the ones holding the IP hostage.
@Darkemace 6 days ago
EA has been holding Bioware hostage for more than a decade
@EchoF10 6 days ago
@@Darkemace the studio currently known as "Bioware" is a frankenstein mess of what used to be an amazing developer of games
@jonw7937 6 days ago
Nah, it's probably Vanguard and Blackrock. They're single handedly trashing all modern media.
@areacode3816 6 days ago
​@@jonw7937I don't know much about BlackRock but I keep hearing the name everywhere evil persists. They need to be investigated and disbanded.
@samagon8550 7 days ago
are you sure this is Dark Fantasy?
@DandelionScribe 7 days ago
It looks exactly like Netflix animations.
@LydiotGamingTV 7 days ago
It hasn't been DARK fantasy for more than a decade.
Since when dragon age has been dark fantasy? Question from someone who played origins, 2 and inquisition
@Shadowpack95 7 days ago
@@rodolfosanchez3397 Origins and 2 definitely qualify as Dark Fantasy
@Glonag 7 days ago
@@LydiotGamingTV yeah, because last game came in 2014
Is that supposed to be varric?
@Leery_Bard 3 days ago
Sadly, yes. I feel your pain.
@Tanzenergise 3 days ago
look how they massacred my boy :,(
@Thiefnuker Day ago
They did Harding even dirtier! Scout Harding was one of my favourite chars in DA:I because she showed concern for the Inquisitor and generally had a gentle side, despite being a strong dwarven woman.
@ermiss0808 3 days ago
What did they do to elves?!?😭😭😭
@65firered 7 days ago
For a Dragon Age game where a the entire world is on the brink of destruction and the stakes have never been higher, it certainly looks like everyone is having fun.
@SharkWolf-lz3ov 7 days ago
lol true🤣
@DimPar7 7 days ago
They did the same with bf 2042... The entire world in destruction, but... ¨What a time to be alive¨
@SlavicGold 7 days ago
They are not doing anything with the previous games stories I bet lol
@witchic 7 days ago
“isn’t fun how the blight brings people together together”- alistair therin dragon age origins
@Rafter907 7 days ago
Yeah, it looks like they give writing script to some goofy, sweet girls that are here only to boost DEI statistics, but they dont know anything about world design and fantasy at all. Also they just added music that they like, not that who actually would fits the world.
@JivagoCHV 7 days ago
Is this a RAID Shadow Legends trailer?
@Datnrashglands 7 days ago
New series from Netflix
@Uriseph 7 days ago
Raid Shadow Legends looks better than this cringe fest. 😂
@ok_listen 7 days ago
Lmfao this comment is so on point...
WOKE Shadow Legend
@bunbunkitten 7 days ago
You're so right! This feels weirdly like a mobile game ad. And that is the first impression they want us to get? Guess we'll still have that one DA staple, micro-transactions.
@SithicusPL 2 days ago
237k dislikes vs 42k likes speaks for itself.
@musicisfree91 15 hours ago
How are you able to see that?
@SithicusPL 14 hours ago
@@musicisfree91 I've got Return RU-vid Dislike plugin installed.
@Bjarki-Leif 12 hours ago
@@musicisfree91 return youtube dislike extension
@Int3gr4t3 3 days ago
Did dragon age become a 5v5 shooter?
@RHR1991 7 days ago
Fuck, this is gonna be a "He is right behind me isn't he" kind of script right?
A lil help here? Guys??
@LordSusaga 7 days ago
Maybe even a banter where one character asks another to fix their socks like a whiny child. Totally unlike the FIRST GAME.
@oxwagon 7 days ago
@@firegiantcheese6882 "Well, that happened!"
@mullergui13 7 days ago
Did I do that......with my MIND?!
@popkhorne5372 7 days ago
"they fly now ?" "you can change destiny" "I have bad feeling about this" "you can't prevail against our friendship !" "we taught them a lesson !"
@anastasiia1439 7 days ago
Respectfully, this is the farthest from what I expected this trailer to be. Like, how in the world did we get from all the 'Dread Wolf Rises' teasers to this?
@Darinl79 7 days ago
Because dreadwolf was cringe af
@7thHeavens 7 days ago
@@Darinl79 your mom was cringe af when she made u tbh, eww
@Mojo842 7 days ago
@@Darinl79 And this isn't? lmao. This looks fucking awful. A complete 180 in tone and art style that Dragon Age was known for. What a god damn shame.
​@@Mojo842Is it really a complete 180? DA2 and Inquisition already looked pretty close to this.
@brittlby4016 7 days ago
I mean… cringe compared to this? This feels like they’re trying to do a Borderlands fantasy game.
@pablo37284 3 days ago
Disney make this trailer??
@Poxyiliti 23 hours ago
Раньше я боялся что Bioware закроют из-за провалов. Теперь я надеюсь на это.
@jinch21 7 days ago
Who knew the Archdemon was the real hero all along? It tried to spare us from this future and we killed it.
@mhuh 7 days ago
We did kill Christ too so… Not much of a jump…
@Keseleth 7 days ago
Hear, hear.
Logain was right the entire time...
@johndoe-cv8pr 7 days ago
​@@caligulamaximus6186loghain is a hero
@DomanieJ 7 days ago
Just let Solas burn it to the ground, at this point
@C0LDW4RK1D 7 days ago
Went from Dragon Age to Imagine Dragons.
@mymymykup 7 days ago
Show some respect to Imagine Dragons dude.
@jojothermidor 7 days ago
@@mymymykup Why? Just more pop slop.
@xil3ntkha0s 7 days ago
Fortnite: new-age DA pack
@bukaneja 7 days ago
Argh their song played in my head after reading this 😂
@@jojothermidor They're worse. They're pop-slop in denial.
@WC3fanatic997 2 days ago
Alright boys, this is it, this is the signal the pendulum needs to start swinging back the other way now
@AbberjamUK 2 days ago
My favourite part was when Hiccup rode in shouting "yippee kai aye mother truckers!"
@IulianBanhammer 6 days ago
“fOr MoDeRn AuDiEnCeS”
@sparksmkii6944 6 days ago
All 12 of them
@abukanoff 6 days ago
It's all we've got for today. Go awaii noi
@mercurial6480 6 days ago
I read this in Critical Drinker's voice
@markdillon5494 6 days ago
This mysterious modern audience that doesn't exist.
@Mikedot 6 days ago
For ESG Investors and Larry (Rat) Fink
So y'all really looked at BG3 and said "Fuck it, we give up" huh?
@ezmkmone53 7 days ago
@0Fyrebrand0 7 days ago
"BG3 is not real, don't believe your lying eyes, video games cannot be that good."
@Ruscococo1 7 days ago
@@0Fyrebrand0 The next Larian game will be bigger than BG3. Its gonna be insane.
BG3 doesn't even look good or worth playing.
@Elenril_ 7 days ago
@@NoctisCloudLight this is your answer? Really?
Amazing how every fantasy franchise is starting to look like Dragon Age, except Dragon Age.
@sceyth 3 days ago
This looks like a Fortnite trailer not a Dragon Age trailer. And I assume that’s Varric, but he looks really different, less like himself and more like Thorin Oakenshield from the Hobbit films. Is BioWare ok??
Suicide Veilguard : Kill the Dragon Age
@doctorogre1777 6 days ago
Top 10 comment here. Up against tough competition though.
@stoatyweasel 6 days ago
You win.
@godzblade 6 days ago
Pretty spot on, seems like the first DA I won't play
Missing Saints Row in that title.
@Saovs 6 days ago
this trailer is a worse betrayal than Loghain's in DAO
@neansath 6 days ago
Loghain's Betrayal made a lot of tactical and pragmatic sense. Veilguard is just soulless.
@Fankas2000 6 days ago
@@neansath Loghain did nothing wrong! :D
@scottybreuer 5 days ago
Say what you will about the trailer, but Loghain hung Cailen out to dry. The Fereldans had a tactical advantage in that fight with the Ostagar cliffs providing ample defense and instead of making full use of the terrain, they sent the Mabaris and footmen to get slaughtered down on the field. It could have been an absolute shooting gallery if they had utilized the pinch points at their disposal. The Tower of Ishal could have been easily defended if the troops had been deployed intelligently. Loghain is a traitor, through and through.
@nullpexception 2 days ago
​@@scottybreuerretconning history? That was Cailens plan, not Loghain's. Once Cailen threw away their strategic and tactical advantage to reap glory, what was Loghain supposed to do? Throw away the rest of the army?
@Keram-io8hv Day ago
​@@scottybreuerThat heroic charge was Cailan's plan
@Kuiugcz2 2 days ago
„don’t worry guys, mods will fix all of this“ Mods left the chat …
@CaptianNelf 3 days ago
I don’t even feel sad anymore. Just disappointed. Y’all really couldn’t have just given us something an ounce faithful to the original game could ya
@Dafeaz 7 days ago
Larian walked so Bioware could fall down the stairs.
@Hunter-zf7rt 7 days ago
Yep, looks like it, now I just need to see gameplay if it also looks bad with the story,then I guess dragon age is dead
@templarcrow6577 7 days ago
larian took a shit then look inside the toilet and went "WTF I DIDNT EAT CORN"
@keirbourne5323 7 days ago
Lmao the best comment. You win
This is a genius comment ! You win !
@Retrofire-47 7 days ago
Appropriate usage of the epigram, cause Larian just produced a game that would considered average by 2010 standards. now we give them trophies for it
@sirdamned9272 6 days ago
29k likes, 134k dislikes... for those wondering. This is what happens when you take a beloved dark fantasy RPG and turn it into Overwatch. Update: we're now at 42k likes and 234k dislikes.
@exudeku 6 days ago
Even with Revanced's dislike system its 0. Lmao. It really is Dragon Age Mobile
@achilleas8016 6 days ago
How can you see the dislikes I wish could
@MarcusKuann 6 days ago
@@achilleas8016 return youtube dislikes extension
@riches3581 6 days ago
​@@achilleas8016 use an extension
@Runefather 6 days ago
To be fair, this nonsense started with Inquisition, where they went for a brighter, more 'heroic' and 'progressive' depiction of Thedas. There they also removed a lot of the player's agency. In DAO you could use your magic knife on every other character and companions were not safe from your wrath. Not to mention other morally questionable choices. To some extent, the same goes for DA 2, where you could, for example, sell Fenris back to his slave master. On the other hand, in DAi you get exposed to virtue signalling and downright preaching with no option to speak or act against it.
@nibsj2887 3 days ago
Maybe Dragon Age was all the friends we made along the way.
@littletonpace 21 hour ago
Imagine if they come out and say "You're right, we will fix it. Give us another year and a half." It worked for the Sonic movie.😢
@kraenk12 6 days ago
Even my lowest expectations weren’t met. Impressive
Lol this makes that shitty netflix show look like origins
@Athedrivein 6 days ago
i think bioware is done..should be embarssed after what lariens been doing lately
@IILiamHD 6 days ago
@@Athedrivein i agree. they actually deserve to shut down at this point, its an almost impressive long term display of stupidity and incompetence
@tontsar91 6 days ago
Seriously, why do these game companies insist on ruining their own beloved franchises?
@Veloziraptor111 7 days ago
I might have no marketing education or experience, but something tells me that making a trailer in a style that will appeal to LITERALLY NO ONE who played either of the previous games, is not a great marketing strategy for a sequel to a well-loved series. This looks more like it was made exclusively for people who were born after the last game released in 2014.
@AM-nb8me 7 days ago
Yeah, they're killing the fandom
yep... exactly
@tracer.s 7 days ago
That probably is who theyre trying to appeal to though; it's been ten years and they'll want a new pool of gamers. Not sure why they prioritized them, but at least it gives some context for the front-facing first introduction trailer to be so quippy, hackneyed, and childish. They're playing it safe (and potentially entered dangerous waters by doing so...)
what's the point in marketing to people who are either: a)gonna buy it anyway, or b)are too conservative to like anything that would seem too different from something that they liked a decade ago
Literally... Made me even more worried about the game, damn. But do they really not have anyone on their team who checks what people actually want and say? All i seen as a fan was people wanting the dark vibe from Origins back and now we got Dragon Age by Pixar trailer, damn
Solas romance had the potential for closure with the Inquisitor in this game. Even if it would have just been brief. Seems like it just didn't matter much. I mean, our Inquisitor only got hit with the truth, got broken up with, and then lost an arm pretty much back to back. But hey, at least Solas has Varric, right.
@MsJaf11 Day ago
42K likes vs 240K dislikes, Bioware, we know that as a company they receive too much pressure and funds from more powerful companies, but, please, if you are going to release this game under these conditions, allow a space (open source) to the modders (the true fans of what was once their saga), so that they transform their game.
@sugarboi8960 6 days ago
I suggest redoing EVERYTHING.
@Reac2 6 days ago
For the 5th time? Though I do agree...
@greypsyche5255 6 days ago
brother, they need to hire new writers and developers. otherwise the same shit will happen again and again
@sergiohalaby 6 days ago
For those who don't have the extension, the likes/dislikes ratio now sits at 35k/192K. UPDATE: 36K/201K
Thanks, bro.
@Arasmuss 5 days ago
Keep it updated.
@anonimoalfin 5 days ago
thx man, keep us posted.
@Zibbit27 5 days ago
Will probably change whenever people see the gameplay. This trailer is just bad, but the game looked even darker and gloomier than Inquisition.
@theprogram1950 5 days ago
omg ty
@uddek 3 days ago
How many boxes did they check when creating the characters? All of the boxes except the "Make a fun game:" box.
@JacobyoftheWest 2 days ago
Compared to the trailer for Origins it’s wild how much the tone has changed
@enzy6434 7 days ago
They somehow managed to make a Dragon Age game look like a Overwatch + Fortnite + Marvel + Guardians of the galaxy game trailer meant for 11 year olds to play.. Good lord.
@TheTykus 7 days ago
Thats a good description.
@ostegonation 7 days ago
I was trying to put my finger on it... and you nailed it.
@Amerd695 7 days ago
TBH i though it was a mobile game at first
@Ultimateum23 7 days ago
​@@Amerd695 You mean it isn't!?
Isn't this the sequel Inquisition though?
@jonjetmore4018 6 days ago
Is Dragon Age in the room with us?
Will the real Dragon Age please stand up?
Maybe the real Dragon Age was all the friends we made along the way?
@skks-fd1oq 6 days ago
The real DA left the when he/it saw this trailer
@Agent789_0 6 days ago
@@CidGuerreiro1234The real dragon age came out last year. It was called Baldur’s Gate 3.
No, it isn't. It lives in our hearts, and ... that's all, because it sure is dead at Bioware.
@TheAmoscokkie 2 days ago
baldur's gate 3 devs : Our legacy in DA2😂.
I want to cry, they destroy everything we love
@nybmaster6751 5 days ago
Status update: 38K vs 213K
@1VirFortis 5 days ago
@CeaseEcho 5 days ago
Ouch. But I downvoted this too simply because they gave Varric A beard, and I hate the last-minute name change. DAD was iconic.
@victorgross3722 5 days ago
@@CeaseEcho Bonus status update from someone else, 38K Likes still but all Dislikes are removed on my screen so it looks like there are none. Typical
@ThePopo543 5 days ago
Thank you!
@rd0676 5 days ago
@@CeaseEcho I wasn’t too bothered by the name change tbh. I understand their rationale for it. That being said I am in full agreement with you that dreadwolf goes unnecessarily hard haha
@MotherMantiss 7 days ago
As a die-hard Dragon Age fan, my first reaction is that someone hired the Devs from Valorant.
@symphonixblades 7 days ago
it's worse than that the new director has ONLY worked in The Sims
​@symphonixblades and is more interested in gender politics than games
@hoihoipoipoi 7 days ago
it's an atrocity. there hasnt been a real DA game since 2. the games creator and writer both quit bioware after 2
@madnox9538 7 days ago
You brought it on point! This trailer makes the game look like one of these 5vs5 Hero shooter.
Or Saints Row… Not the good ones.
@noxicat7449 2 days ago
If this is what DA is coming too I'm siding with Solas.
@John-Wolfe 3 days ago
2001 called and they would like their Oceans 11 plotline back...
@splitklickety 7 days ago
THIS is what we waited all these years for? Are you serious?!
@ossihurme7572 7 days ago
Why wait for this after Inquisition?
@inquerion8867 7 days ago
@@ossihurme7572 Inquisition wasn't that bad. It had many issues, but it was playable. Worse than Origins though.
This is legit a CG trailer, are y’all serious thinking this is gameplay?
@rb-uu7du 7 days ago
​@@estelasayeed5608 nobody thinks this is actual gameplay...that is not what people have a problem with. the problem is the theme and tone, Dragon Age is dark fantasy, meanwhile the trailer doesn't even take itself seriously.
@tyskbulle 7 days ago
@@ossihurme7572 Sounds like you got to the Hinterlands and just quit Inquisition was always a flawed but a great game
@Gorfell 6 days ago
"How does it feel to live long enough to see all your favorite franchises go down in flames?"
@irispettson 6 days ago
Baldur's gate 3 is great, Kingdom come deliverance II looks good and hopefully Stalker 2 is good. Not everything is lost.
@shaunthemighty 6 days ago
Halo, star wars, mass effect, 😭😭😭 and now dragon age
@Mikedot 6 days ago
"Feels good"
@codynoth4183 6 days ago
@@irispettson BG3 is DEI trash but they sprinkled it in through the course of the entire game and also had 15 years in development. Gameplay wise it does nothing new that other isometric strategy games have done. Normies just go the normal hero route with nothing too degenerate so they don't see the stupid shit the game included like BEAR SEX.
@NoonyJW 6 days ago
For real tho nothing is being spared from movies, tv shows & games 😂🔫
@adamtr1026 Day ago
It's so sad for Bioware to announce they're closing like this
damn it how did they manage to make such an epic game look like a mobile game??
@theraxis 6 days ago
I watched half of this before I realized I was watching the Dragon Age trailer and not an ad for a mobile game.
@ArcaneSorceror 6 days ago
... are you sure it is not a mobile game? There was no gameplay footage
@Grim_October 6 days ago
Solas: I’m going to destroy this world *Joins dev team*
@hunterdixon1694 6 days ago
@user-oy9hk6yr3s 6 days ago
@bluemassgamer17 22 hours ago
R.I.P Bioware. The fan knew you well. You will be missed
@teoj8313 3 days ago
I really hope these aren't the only companies in the game and we get to discover others while progressing through the story. Real bummer if they're all we get!
@fastica 7 days ago
This is not RIP Dragon Age, this is RIP Bioware.
@curlywhites 7 days ago
I'll wait till ME4 to say goodbye.
@hoihoipoipoi 7 days ago
indeed. RIP dragonage happened with inquisition.
@manio22 7 days ago
We are now aware of what means Bioware
@MumboJumboZXC 7 days ago
@@hoihoipoipoiinquisition was fine, but the cracks are really showing now.
@@curlywhites I don't believe ME4 is even real or will be made. I bet EA kills Bioware after this bombs.
This trailer makes me think everyone who worked on Origins died of Covid or something.
@Extreme96PL 6 days ago
Devs who made KOTOR, Mass Effect trilogy, and Dragon Age Origins left BioWare after ME2 and during ME3 development.
their alive, but they were fired because they were too pale and penis-y
Died of Eletronic aids for sure
More likely fired due to race and gender quotas.
@Manahyde 6 days ago
Probably died of cringe
Remember Daveth and Sir Jory.
They were my bois
@RushZone Day ago
Dragon Age: Disney DEI Edition
@mrkinneas2238 5 days ago
Why do some of the characters look like they were designed to appear in Fortnite?
@DeeDee-bm9hr 5 days ago
You will consume the Fortnite marvel slop, and you will like. You cannot dislike the strong gày disabled women of color
@Caddiar47 5 days ago
spoiler alert: some probably will appear in fortnite
@rd0676 5 days ago
@@Caddiar47 thanks for that mental image. I just puked in my mouth a little bit
@WileyBoxx 5 days ago
They all look like that
@LychaosSter 5 days ago
Thank you, you gave me the comparison i was looking for, thats heart breaking fr
I like how the opening line is literally "You're not looking good, old friend."
@CMitchell808 7 days ago
It hurts so much.
@nedben6325 7 days ago
Why isn’t this top comment already
@user-ks4mg3sl8f 7 days ago
LOL you're so right, I got used not to listen to whatever people are saying in the trailers, but I feel like whoever edited this trailer has made a cry for help this way
Even funnier that the entire female cast is ugly
@wonkatar2813 7 days ago
please keep the dark, gory, grimmy details. Especially in a city full of slavery, debauchery, magic, and crime.
@joystickjonjo 3 days ago
Game been modern audience’d
@jeffb1817 2 days ago
Trailers are supposed to make you want to buy the game...
Bioware employees are going to be working overtime writing fake reviews for this one
@samchaleau 7 days ago
It would explain what they've been doing with the last few years, anyway.
@Bruh_but_why 7 days ago
Don't forget removing the negative reviews, like that one marvel game did
@mza4739 7 days ago
​@@Bruh_but_why They're already hiding negative comments on Twitter...
@Bruh_but_why 7 days ago
@@mza4739 Wow whoda thought
@AretaicGames 6 days ago
Next comes the part where they accuse anyone who doesn't like Dragon Age: The Overwatch of being a toxic hater, because of course nothing whatever is wrong with this perfect gem of a game. I mean, don't we know that making games is hard??
@orangecat-rd2xl 7 days ago
what made you think that the DA target audience is 14 year olds?? They weren’t even sentient when the last game came out
@Sierraone1 6 days ago
what? 4 year olds are definitely sentient.
@cosmicz3ro 6 days ago
Which year are you stuck in, mate? 😂​@@Sierraone1
The real money will be in the pronoun people that don't work and people that scream death to civilization... Your typical just wants to play a game in the weekend adult is will eat what's given to them.
@RichyRich2607 6 days ago
Tbf, that's the reason it's not called DA 3. They want to reboot it.
@Unbound_Selrahc 6 days ago
@@RichyRich2607you realize of course that the reason it’s not called DA3, is because DA:Inquisition was literally 3. Yet they didn’t call it that, because they’re taking the AC approach in hoping not calling it a number will draw in more people, and imply(which is true) that you don’t have to play the previous games to enjoy this one.
@jacobb5257 Day ago
Can we start a "bring sexy woman back to games" petition. AAA games have a huge disconnect.
@bruhmandude1276 18 hours ago
Literally one of the first plot points of DA:O was being a campy, over confident, glory chaser so you can be a hero will get you crushed by a Darkspawn ogre a la King Caelin.
@LaminVargo 6 days ago
Until the last second of the trailer I was expecting what we would see at the end: "Dargon Age Mobile"
@traufunk7086 6 days ago
Damn that's exactly what my brain was missing after i watched this crap.. It looks like a mobile Game! 😢
Last year leaked alpha gameplay came out and it was an over shoulder simple command button hack n slash where you can't control the whole party
@vomm 6 days ago
I expected "Fortite 2 Mobile"
@Darji8114 6 days ago
I thought it was a hero shooter
@toxatoxa123 6 days ago
"Don't you guys have smartphones?!"
@thranduilselk 7 days ago
They really bullied David Gaider, the creator of Dragon Age, out of the company so they could make THIS
@xtaz666 7 days ago
the new director is a transgendre woman
@@xtaz666 Transgenre? What, was she working on Fortnite before going on to direct this?
@bigalex7393 7 days ago
​@@Goodbutevilgenius lmao
@TheJohhnyE 7 days ago
That sucks. I wanted another installment that contradicts everything from the previous games. That was the best part of the series; you could play any of them and pretend you played them all because nobody could call you out for not knowing the continuity, because it didn't exist. 😂
@doooodeh 7 days ago
@@Goodbutevilgenius Worse. That "transgenre woman" worked on mobile Sims game and then magically somehow went from developing mobile slop to being Game Director for a AAA project lmao.
¡At last! after so many years of waiting, the perfect time has come to play Diablo II again.
@tuvout6844 3 days ago
SBI has a hand in most games being made today and games somehow all have the same cartoony artsyle
@nimz8521 2 days ago
Well maybe games made in North America. They clearly had no influence on Stellar Blade or BG3.
@Thadeus88 7 days ago
with this artstyle, Solas is going to look like Megamind, and i guess he's going to act like that after this..
@gamerguy19981 7 days ago
Or worse, he'll just be changed into a generic. "You can't beat me, I'm too strong for you heroes, HAHA!" Kind of bad guy
@VigorMortis413 7 days ago
The art style for trailers isn't always the same as the art style for the games.
@viking9442 7 days ago
Yea what the hell happened 😂
@nix2939 7 days ago
He'll probably cackle like Cortex from Crash Bandicoot
@tora7770 7 days ago
@@VigorMortis413 i really hope you're right this time
Where's the trailer? All I see is this 2 min mobile ad
@jonr5638 5 days ago
Man, you guys are dumb, see the gameplay video is completely different from the trailer.
@doop00 2 days ago
"Bring some darkness into the daylight" Is a carefully selected comment by the company.
@qinn1996 3 days ago
almost 240k dislikes. hats off to the current state of the gaming industry
@gwyld 7 days ago
Can we play as the bad guys, so we can kill everything this trailer is showing ?
@chadwolf3840 7 days ago
lol...seriously. no f'ing way i'm playin gas those cringey ass millennials they borrowed from Saints Row reboot.
@@chadwolf3840 The funny fact about this is all the woketards developers who worked on this game who made this game look unappealing to gamers as possible are gonna be the same people who are gonna get lay off when the game flopped 🤣
@David-tr6xe 7 days ago
@radianse2757 7 days ago
I've never played as a bad guy, but in this part I really want to.
@catmoonkenobi 7 days ago
Fuck me. This one hurts. This is my series getting the modern day fuckover treatment.
@Ashenwolf888 7 days ago
Thats so well said! "Modern day fuckover treatment". 100% accurate.
@asavel6227 7 days ago
Stop pretending like DA 2 or Inqusition was good.
Yeah everything has to look like Fortnight and needs PEGI 9 I’m getting to old for loving games 🙄
@KiichiJP 7 days ago
@@asavel6227 i actually liked Inquisition lol this looks complete fucking trash
@buffout123 7 days ago
Foamstars Age: Purpleguard
@krossx5567 23 hours ago
This game is not for players. It is for reporting to investors at Blackrock and others.