Every Political Ideology Explained in 8 Minutes 

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Every famous political ideology gets explained in 8 minutes.
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(I do not associate with these websites; I only used their ideology balls to explain them.)
All of the ideology ball designs are taken from:
0:00 Conservatism
0:11 Liberalism
0:42 Moderatism
0:58 Capitalism
1:13 Socialism
1:36 Syndicalism
2:04 Corporatism
2:31 Libertarianism
2:49 Separatism (secessionism)
2:59 Communism
3:14 Feminism
3:34 Anarchism
3:48 Enviromentalism
4:05 Populism
4:32 Republicanism
4:44 Progressivism
4:56 Imperialism
5:25 Egalitarianism
5:38 Transhumanism
5:52 Communitarianism
6:17 Authoritarianism
6:36 Fascism
7:25 Nazism
(Some of this information has been directly taken from these websites.)

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Feb 26, 2024




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Comments : 12K   
@sootythunder3111 3 months ago
You know it’s extremly refreshing to see someone point out the difference between capitalism, corporatism, and corpratacracy
@thetalantonx 3 months ago
Right? That alone was worth me just liking and subscribing rather than picking on the smaller bits I disagreed with (due to my experience in and dealing with them giving me a more granular view.)
@ThePaintExplainer 3 months ago
Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!
@andrewrobb3258 3 months ago
Gess the corporatism/corportocricy misunderstanding is to the right as the socialism/communism misunderstanding is to the left. Realy wish people would look up details on these things as they do matter.
A communist is just a socialist in a hurry.
@cazzac4817 3 months ago
@@andrewrobb3258 croporatocracy is just liberal corporatism whereby private individuals are free to join and leave and create corporations at their own whim.
@CCharles0519 2 months ago
No sponsors, no intros, just straight to the point, simple and quick. If only more videos were like this.
@Epic_R3K47 2 months ago
@java4653 2 months ago
The first post thinks Conservatism is it's own thing and that "Conserve" is its basis. This person understands nothing . It has fascism as an single ideology when it's a tool for gaining power in a democracy, with the actual beliefs of 20th C. fascists varying from country to country.
@MrGamelover23 2 months ago
Unfortunately, you can't make a job out of this without sponsors.
@TheMadWhit666 2 months ago
Lol then how else are they going to make money??
@dntakemesrs 2 months ago
Give them time and these videos will have all of that.
@Zaltic Month ago
I think we can all agree that almost all of these ideologies' followers never actually do what they're defined, rather just hold the titles
@dominikrni Month ago
Except nazism
@Zaltic Month ago
@@dominikrni fair point 😂
I guess we're all moderatists
@JaneDoe-pp8se Month ago
Perhaps most don't actually know what the ideology they're holding actually means and just follow what others have said
@bigmyke2008 2 months ago
It’s refreshing to hear political ideologies being explained without smug rhetoric and banter. I look forward to more content
@EliW95 Month ago
except 'libertarianism;' is not an 'ideology' any more than arithmetic saying 2+2=4 is an 'ideology' it's a simple bleeding obvious principle that should be so universally recognized that no one should have to call themselves a 'libertarian' any more than anyone has to call themselves a slavery abolitionist
​@EliW95 what? You do understand the idea of different people believing in different things right?
@EliW95 Month ago
@@dirtydeeds4free553 yes i do, but there is *no legitimacy* in believing that others should be subjugated to your personal values and preferences. I shouldn't get to force you to conform to the doctrines of Islam if you believe in some sect of Christianity, likewise you shouldn't be able to force me to conform to whatever religion or religious sect you believe in if I don't want to, as just one example. Libertarianism actually allows a *broad spectrum* of belief systems and philosophies as long as they essentially adhere to the non-aggression principle what could be more simple and reasonable than that?
​@@EliW95 So tell me. -If I am powerful, and you are weak, why should I let you be alone? -You obviously envy me, so you ARE plotting something against me. You want my wealth. I need to get rid of you. -You live in a mudshack, I live in a palace, you are obviously miserable. You don't see the truth, so you protest, but I will make you see the light I bring. -Why should I let you be, if you are not a human at all?
@EliW95 Month ago
@@theoutergod8666 you're making blanket assumptions. I'm actually *against* the employer employee relationship dynamic because i basically see it as a form of de-facto indentured servitude due to the nature of the power dynamic, and i actually tend to put more of an emphasis on the *personal relations* aspect of the market (basically the aspects that are in line with mutualist philosophy) rather than an emphasis on capital investment and accumulation, which would *necessarily* mean narrowing (but not eliminating because that would be *realistically impossible* ) the wealth inequality and therefore power imbalance of society but thanks for the blanket assumptions jack@ss
I really like that the narrator jumped straight into it, no intro, and defined everything concisely and quickly, a lot of these terms are used in an interchangeable manner. I subscribed, you’re currently at 39K but I know you’ll reach 40K soon!
@kingoverflow 2 months ago
Sasuke 🤡
@Rock2765-gw1qc 2 months ago
He has now
@SkyForgeGears 2 months ago
@@kingoverflow 🤡"kingoverflow"
@Felivii 2 months ago
Road to 100k!
@imagination_nub 2 months ago
Something I love about this video is that he made almost all of them sound good. From watching that video, I couldn't say where this guy stands politically. Only a few things to say where he doesn't. It's refreshing to have a video about politics that's purely objective and doesn't bring any of the personal beliefs of the creator into it
@TheUnderscore_ 2 months ago
It's definitely not "purely objective," because as you said there are "a few things to say" what he doesn't agree with. Thankfully we can say those things are agreed upon for most of us as well lmfao, but still not "purely objective."
@Svantovit 2 months ago
Hes literally biased towards leftardism. Its clear as day.
@mite3959 Month ago
@@TheUnderscore_ Only really fascism and nazism from what i can tell
I don't think it's completely subjective. He talks bad about one bad ideology but then tries to sound neutral or not bad about another pretty horrific one.
@bigounce-xj7kn Month ago
@crimzonpegasus9714 2 months ago
I've always hated these labels being thrown around so casually and carelessly. You can share values from multiple political ideologies, and not agree with some others in the same ideology. Yet you get shunned because they see you as group A, when you can share values with group A, B, and C
@BlackStar_734 2 months ago
This is so true. It's so sad that people expel others from their lives over minor differences in thought.
@jaromino77 2 months ago
Nobody can ever really entirely fit into one ideology without contradicting themselves. People have to do a better job acknowledging that other people and themselves are diverse in judgements and beliefs
@manictiger 2 months ago
I have an ideology called realism. It's where I look at humanity, and realize that the vast majority of them are so insanely mentally deficient, that I can't talk to them about politics.
@carson3140 2 months ago
Very true, I share values with both feminism and nazism for example.
@wetter4293 2 months ago
THIS IS HOW THEY DIVIDE US. It's the reason the left and right has such extreme values. It's also the reason we can't seem to agree on seemingly simple yet basic and society driving facts...
@Maxel53 Month ago
I appreciate the objectivity and non biased values when explaining these topics. It really helps understand their general forms for what they are rather to how they function. A testament to how good this video is is how the comment section is very relaxed despite the topic in question being very pollarizing. Thanks a lot!
@random6033 Month ago
no one is unbiased
@@random6033yes, of course, but that doesn't mean he didn't speak in an unbiased/objective tone. He did not use words or images that suggested one of the views is better or worse, except maybe for nazism(but even in it's case, he just stated the facts)
@Profeshinal 21 day ago
@@andreitobosaru6847 When it comes to the Nazism section of this video, he just told it how it was. People who actually are Nazi's, wouldn't see it as bad because that's truly what they believe in. He didn't demonize them, since they already do it to themselves.
@Robisquick 2 months ago
Thank you for not injecting too much dogmatic undertone into what should be as transparently educational and unbiased as possible. I’m thanking you because so so many other channels will often use what seems to be straightforward education and inject undertones that automatically cast aspersions onto on side and use flowery and appealing language for the side they hope to make seem good. But that poisons the well unless it’s stated that the video will contain political opinion and bias
@Maxel53 Month ago
Exactly what I wanted to say but much more well written
@nekrataali Month ago
The choices of what he considered to be ideologies itself is dogmatic and reveals his own political opinions and bias lmao 😂
@@nekrataali how
@Robisquick Month ago
Yep. There will always be some bias and selectivity. But it feels like he came at this with good enough faith that he stands apart from the normal and mass quantity alternate media conglomorates modus which is to have the video seem educational but they have a clear higher goal in mind of teaching people just how bad the other political party is. I'm speaking more to the bloodsports team politics of left v right. It's just nice to have someone who has at least some degree of wanting to explain what the topic of the video actually is, regardless of if it's perfectly unbiased. @@nekrataali
The liberalism explanation is wrong, they want the opposite of most things the guy said (at least at the time I'm writing this)
@DeeDolp 2 months ago
Imagine my surprise when I discover this channel, love two videos, say “wow, this channel is really good, im gonna watch their backlog” only to learn that there is five total videos on the entire channel and it (deservedly) got 90k subs in the past month or so
This is because he's capitalizing on the fresh new genre of video called "every [blank] explained in # minutes" with a white background and simple logos in colored circles, pioneered by Redeemed Zoomer last year.
@purplesky135 9 days ago
​@@dominusalicorn3684is it bad? I think this is like basic things to spark awareness which majority of people don't know about
@@purplesky135 it's not bad. Sorry if using the word "capitalizing" made it sound like that, but I was informing the commenter that the reason this channel got quite popular in such a short time was because the format was already popularized last year by another channel.
@purplesky135 9 days ago
@@dominusalicorn3684 my bad too haha, internet has brainrotted me into attaching negative connotation to that word
@davejoseph5615 2 months ago
This was a good idea although some of these are merely political priorities rather than political systems. You might also consider a video describing how these can be blended or corrupted.
@pieines7299 2 months ago
I like what has being tried here, but I feel rather uneasy on some definition. I know that the author tried to be objective in those numerous definition, but it seem we are mistaking the robe for the monk here. I mean by that that people under ideology will claim that something is their focus, while in fact, movement born from this ideology usually have another objective. it being more a cover for another less... sellable. Nazi under nazism seemed more than willing to bend what is a aryan/subhumain as long as it suited them, especially when material expropriation or general opposition to anything lefty was in the table. The aryan thingy seem to be more decorum than the core principle, which is "the nation need a all powerful authority unimpeded by law or morality to do what it see fit to save the nation from it's internal and external menace" which itself hide the political backstabing and personal gain that govern nazi politics. And, you could say that would not be applying the real theorical nazi, but if nazi are not nazi, who are ? I feel like a lot of the ideology described here are in that situation.
@USSAnimeNCC- 2 months ago
Well fascism do tend to lead nazism except their not alway nazi like the anti-trans and anti-lgbt rhetoric coming form the far right but we don’t call them nazi we call them fascist or authoritarian
@rompevuevitos222 2 months ago
All systems can be corrupted or blended in equal ways. Dictatorships and monarchies can both arise from anarchism, communism and capitalism alike. Capitalism allows uncapped generational wealth which leads to single people holding enough power to rule. Since money = power. Or just allowing someone to hoard wealth trough dirty means and then using said money to avoid consequences. Communism (as it's been done in the past) puts production under leaders, and in communism production = power. It is also pretty funny because the whole point of communism is that the PEOPLE control the production, but since no leader actually ever did communism this never really was attempted. In anarchism, there is a power vacuum ready for the taking. It's just a matter of time.
“Political 👉Ideology👈”
@Foirfemusic 2 months ago
A breath of fresh air to find an educational youtube channel that gets straight to the point and explains everything on a level understandable to most(I would assume ;) ) subbed! excited to learn more!
@DLiver 3 months ago
It's interesting to see how each ideology is practiced differently by the people of the modern world than what the actual ideology stands for.
@WhatIMakeIsRandom 2 months ago
I thought the same!
@emmakaisa27 2 months ago
I actually don't think so
which one?
@Lowseeds 2 months ago
@@brightbeinkilledthissht I mean take femnism for example, t means equal rights, but some people have warped its meaning quite alot
@c43pmurderson25 2 months ago
Like socialism. The description in this video presents the theory, which appears pretty good for the worker. However, if one takes into account the history of socialism and its current practice in many places around the world, then one sees that the theory and practice are quite disparate.
@josharko111 Month ago
I think it's also worth explaining the difference between private and personal property. When discussing politics, private property means that which is owned by companies, while personal property is that which an individual owns. A restaurant is private property, your microwave is personal property.
@Grundrisse Month ago
There's no difference between these two! Karl Marx wants to take away my Funko Pop.
@rafaelpupo1908 Month ago
Glad somebody explained it
@vitulus_ Month ago
If I use my computer for work at home is that private or personal property?
@josharko111 Month ago
@@vitulus_ if you bought it, it's personal.
@vitulus_ Month ago
@@josharko111 Yeah but I buy other tools for my business that are solely used for work. I'd be surprised if they were personal?
@Epic_R3K47 2 months ago
I needed this. Made up my own country. But couldn't decide what ideology to pick.
@scottanos9981 2 months ago
When in doubt, moderate out. 😅
@exotic1405 Month ago
I made a country. It's called fip. The population count is 1 and its me, also the territory spans across the entire planet. Get off my land
@Epic_R3K47 Month ago
@@exotic1405 Who are you.
@enexua_07 Month ago
The president of fip, i guess ? @@Epic_R3K47
@user-wb7ho8vg1j 22 days ago
@lts_Abdullah Month ago
A video without an intro is just a breath of fresh air
@Ame-no-SagumeFan 2 months ago
Thank you! My friends didn't understand very many politics, so I showed them this video to clear up confusion. Thanks!
@nguyenminhle8694 2 months ago
Wow, this is the calmest comment section I've ever come across under a video that talks about...politics
@HerrscherPuppet 2 months ago
Yeah. It’s almost uncanny
@HDGAMERZ-ib3bs Month ago
Do your own research, half the video is not factual. The only ones he gets right are all the right winger ones for some reason.
YouRube’s censorship is ALWAYS bad
@isaacvaldez4134 23 days ago
Don't jinx it.
Here, I'll start the argument. I THINK: It's pronounced gif, not gif
@ArtemisSkyeB 2 months ago
One small thing I noticed that stuck out to me: Under the communism section, you put a house to represent private property. That would not be private property unless you are using it to make money. Private property is stuff like the factories, machines, and anything else used to produce wealth. A house, your toothbrush, etc. would be personal property, and it would be yours and you would keep it. I hope I explained it well. I’m really tired rn
@quaksbongos658 2 months ago
So true, thank u tired lesbian
@mymelo-kz8xs 2 months ago
What if you sew clothes in your house and sell the clothes
@salmonandsoup 2 months ago
@@mymelo-kz8xs You're not using the house itself to make money. Everyone needs a home to live in; housing is a human right (or it should be). Unless the house itself is specifically what makes you money, it's personal property.
@TheFeralcatz Month ago
Most communist regimes did seize private homes though.
@ArtemisSkyeB Month ago
@@aaaaa-tx3qb In that case, that would be an example of workers owning the means of production. A pen, a notebook, paint supplies, etc. are the machines or otherwise used to make a product. So long as that is owned collectively by the workers, it's good. If a job only requires one individual, then that individual owns everything. If a job requires two or more, maybe they each own their individual sewing machine, but they collectively own the business or factory. The simple answer is: The workers should own the items and things needed to make a product, regardless of the number of workers.
@Sprub Month ago
A video that is unbiased, full of info, and nonprofit. Amazing. Keep it up, I'm here to watch.
@VisualVoyages08 29 days ago
Kudos for shedding light on the nuances between capitalism, corporatism, and corporatocracy. It's rare to see someone tackle these distinctions. Your clarity is a breath of fresh air in the content space. Looking forward to more insightful breakdowns!
@Diyon_Lmao 2 months ago
This is actually quite good. Its funny and makes it more memorable in terms of learning. I subbed :D
@Squiddo-gt6xu Month ago
It's so rare to find a video like this that is completely un-biased and just gives you the facts. Subscribed 👍
@mccxix 3 months ago
Glad you distinguished the difference between corporatism and corporatocracy.
@ThePaintExplainer 3 months ago
Yeah, they tend to get confused a lot
@zyyl1949 3 months ago
Corporatism is very rare in the modern world, China is the only one that comes to mind when thinking of a country/state leaning towards it
@ManiacMayhem7256 3 months ago
​@@zyyl1949 Singapore
@MrArthys 3 months ago
​@@zyyl1949is South Korea an example of corporatism or corporatocracy?
@zeroworldcraft 3 months ago
There is no difference. Just time... This thought I have just said is a huge deal. Anarchy + time = dictatorship. Dictatorship + time = monarchy.
@kaiser2543 Month ago
This was a really great and informative video! I'm glad that even when it was clear that you disagreed with an ideology (I.E the obvious case of fascists and Nazis) you still put their points forwards in a fairly neutral way, and made important distinctions that often get ignored or overlooked, like with capitalism vs corporatism I think the only thing that was missing was a part about Monarchism, since you mentioned it a few times and put in its opposite (Republicanism) but never really went what Monarchism itself is, or the fact that there's a distinction between Absolutists and Constitutionalists. Great stuff either way though!
@cheesesandvich4891 2 months ago
When you boil it down to really simplified points like you have here, almost every political ideology presented seems like a good idea in one way or another. Crazy how many of them clash wit each other though.
@rompevuevitos222 2 months ago
Well, no one proposes something actively bad. They all attempt to achieve some sort of order. Thing is, some are more desirable/achievable than others
@cheesesandvich4891 2 months ago
@@rompevuevitos222 I agree totally. The one I was referencing though when I said "nearly all of them" was the last one. And I think you can see why. I'm not going to name it by name in case youtube censors my reply.
@tordlindgren2123 2 months ago
That was a quick, and straight to the point video. Quite good.
@moose4134 Month ago
great job! summed up complex topics in a quick, digestable format, with relatively little bias. your attention to differentiating the concepts between certain groups (communism/socialism, fascism/nazism for example) was helpful and more informative than a lot of media i find myself seeing. i did find the feminism topic to be maybe a little oversimplified, in fact, a deeper dive into feminism as a whole would be great to see. there's a clear difference to the feminism movement 50+ years ago and generally speaking, how it's aged each decade.
@SireRishu 3 months ago
Very good video and also very unbiased explanations, You did not mix Fascism and Nazism and also didn’t mock conservatives or Support the feminist by saying their right which most people do.
@ThePaintExplainer 3 months ago
Thanks! The goal was to be as unbiased as possible
@kid14346 3 months ago
​@@ThePaintExplainer there were still some minor instances of bias I would say. Some of the ideologies had big angry eyes. Like that obviously doesn't mean you think they are evil or anything, just that a lot of people will see an ideology that l9oks mean or has a gun and be like, "I don't like that one!"
@ThePaintExplainer 3 months ago
I didn't make the ideology designs, they were taken from the polcompball subbredit and its website, it's linked in the description!
@BlatentCheater 3 months ago
Screw feminists
@dapweb9373 3 months ago
@@ThePaintExplainer Well then that subreddit should’ve drawn the feminist with angry eyes! 😂 Seriously, that is such an inaccurate drawing of a feminist…💀
@Ty.Stax44 2 months ago
I loved watching this honestly, it’s very informative but simple to understand. I also couldn’t help but think of Skyrim during the imperialism part “Damned faithless Imperials”
@ShwappaJ 2 months ago
I wonder where on this list the Thalmor would sit
@Ty.Stax44 2 months ago
⁠@@ShwappaJ Maybe nazism since the Thalmor want to get rid of every other race beside them
@CStone-xn4oy 2 months ago
A mostly fair analysis of some difficult concepts, well done.
@danopticon Month ago
The most charitable thing I can say about this video is that it does a grave disservice to political thought in general - it succeeds at mischaracterizing not only all the strains of thought to which I’m sympathetic, but also all those to which I’m either indifferent, skeptical, or unwaveringly opposed. Bravo…?
@Circa2nd 2 months ago
Ngl, i think your the most educational of these kinds of RU-vidrs. Also I like how u took Reformed Zoomers style of paint drawing! Keep it up!
@mr.monitor1305 2 months ago
Thank you for explaining the difference between libertarianism and liberalism. I see too many people today thinking they are one in the same.
@MicahMicahel 2 months ago
leftists? They don't understand what liberalism means. Trudeau or anyone that pushed mandates our censorship is not liberal or libertarianism. Woke people are never libertarians because wokeness is literally social fasciism.
@cnjor2331 2 months ago
@tsevra2437 2 months ago
This is because the only ones who misuse these terms are the Americans. Everybody out the US calls liberals those who approve Ricardo's, Hayek's, Von Mises', etc. ideals, while libertarianism is usually used for anarchosocialist movements.
@ptrknvk 2 months ago
Tbh, classical liberalism (f.e. Austrian economical school) is very close to libertarianism.
@tsevra2437 2 months ago
@@ptrknvk It is not, in no way. That's some Ayn Rand type of argument. Although they pretend their "revolutionary" economical system is disguised through the lens of the sole consumer, and not through the demand-offer curve, their final conclusion is driven through an abstraction of the rudest laissez-faire law of nature, which is not ultimately very libertarian. One has to think that libertarianism is arguably built over the pilars of social interaction, not the cult to the individual.
This channel never fails to teach me about things 100x better than school ever did
@yoryoslinardos 2 months ago
Amazing video! So clear and specific. 👏🏻
@pistolero22 19 days ago
this is a great explanation of all the political ideologies, thank you for teaching me more about politics
@b3n9y74 2 months ago
Really interesting video! I mostly agree with the definition of transhumanism, however the goal of immortality isn’t universally shared. Also - unsurprisingly - there are variants (eg. focusing on genetic modification over cybernetics)
@andydee1304 2 months ago
I strongly disagree with the Nazism definisition. There's no such thing as a mentlally-able Nazi.
@heisen-bones Month ago
Had us in the first half ngl
@Alpha_Foxtrot-28 3 months ago
Schrodingerism: a political stance which depends on whom an individual is trying to troll on the internet that day.
@mathinho1237 2 months ago
To filiate you need to don't have a life
I strongly subscribe to this ideology.
supporter of this ideology
@WRSpiral 2 months ago
The greatest most successful ideology of them all.
@jackjones2454 2 months ago
I did not excpect to see a video like this in my recommended feed, but man did the algorithm give me a golden 8 minutes. Thanks for the video!
@deanomood 2 months ago
This channel is great! Of course it only has 4 videos so far
@Yugiohplayer5 Month ago
Thanks for sharing Brian, I never would be good enough and probably commit enough time to be in a band but it's always awesome to hear someone's perspective! And yes wedding bands are where it's at according to James Valentine haha
I think you commented on the wrong video haha
@Yugiohplayer5 Month ago
@@user-eb8ol8qq8d I definitely did I'll just leave this here its funnier that way lmao
@funfantasy3500 2 months ago
I think it is important to bring up the core of what these belief systems are meant to be. Followed out not all of them achieve something positive or an extreme version can be very harmful, and often they all have flaws but there is good coming from most of them.
@Kensuke22 2 months ago
Great vid! Very educational and straight forward... and i like that!
@MaitlandJones 3 months ago
Brilliantly done, I thought this would just be a meme video, but I was quickly pleasantly surprised when you defined conservatism and liberalism by their classical definitions. I was impressed even further when you didn't simply conflate authoritarianism, fascism, and National Socialism with each other. All while being completely neutral with each one! Well done!
@ThePaintExplainer 3 months ago
Thank you so much!
@Mohamed1927alh 3 months ago
no one calls Nazism national socialism other than the Conservatives The "socialism" in the name of the ideology is a disguise to attract followers of the time who were feeling injustice by the Versailles treaty. In reality Nazism is from the RIGHT-WING people
@skillfullshank1300 3 months ago
I'm not sure how neural he was with nazism, seeing as how the music kind of built up and such, however that doesnt really matter nazism isn't really an ideology that is defendable. Other than that I'd say he represented every ideology completely fairly.
@ronanbreen1141 3 months ago
​@@ThePaintExplaineryour video is good and unbiased. Would have liked to have seen social democracy some where tho
@Etrius10 3 months ago
Still grossly biased in a disingenuous fashion, typical redditor political leanings. Nothing new here.
@andreim.5324 25 days ago
First of all, thank you for this great video! Looking at all these ideologies, what I find funny, scary and sad, is that each of them has at least 1 good element within them. The sad part is we will never be truly united as a species, unless an ideology appears that encapsulates all the good elements of each of the above, which is practically impossible.
@astrolord4325 2 months ago
We heard how it's supposed to work. I would love to see the same video with addition of common side effects, missuse or going too far with said ideology, that is unique and/or universal across history as problematic. Everyone when talking about their idea, talk about all the good points and ignores most notable flaws, which there always are, when you do not consider human factor.
@mayonster4798 16 days ago
what a nice video! i bet the comment section will be civil and nice to each other!
@Chanksss Month ago
I learned more from this video about political ideologies without you trying to prove a point than my teachers back in the days. 10/10 video Will definitely rewatch this one over & over again to better understand the subtle differences.
As a person who didn't understand about politics, this video has helped me understand what politics are about and there were more politics out there than i could ever have imagined
@chernobylthing3932 3 months ago
For a video explaining politics, this was refreshingly apolitical and unbiased.
@pumpupsongs5500 3 months ago
No it wasn’t their was an obvious bias if you cant tell the bias your biased
@KarlSnarks 3 months ago
@@pumpupsongs5500 Well enlighten us..
​@@pumpupsongs5500I can't take someone who can't use correct grammar and punctuation seriously
@famisheddendon 3 months ago
It was very immediately biased
@purplerVAL 3 months ago
@@famisheddendon please show where
@Sareza. 2 months ago
Very helpful. Thank you for simplifying it.
A great and well made video. Every comment praising you is right. New subscriber!
@But1332 Month ago
Great explanation you deserve more views
@nathanplays5514 2 months ago
i needed this, thank you man, i was very confused on these ideologies before this. i still am a little confused. but now i know more about them
This is the best channel ive ever found Thanks algorithm god
@monty6851 3 months ago
Transhumanism in a nutshell: "From the moment I understood the weakness of my flesh, it disgusted me. I craved the strength and certainty of steel" Edit: thanks to contributions in the comments, we can also include Witchers and X-Men in nutshell transhumanism. Praise the Omnisiah for the sharing of information on the internet
@5erase 3 months ago
If I ever have to get prosthetics I will dedicate my life to Transhumanism
@benyseus6325 3 months ago
Trahnshumansim can also evolve into genetic augmentation and biological supplementation - it doesn’t necessarily have to directly correlate to synthetic implants and cyborg bodies
@nadaningunos9339 3 months ago
'Wake up samurai'
@cthulhufhtagn7520 3 months ago
​@@benyseus6325That still counts as technology, but yes I agree that his description of it was rather lacking. The "ultimate goal" in transhumanism is morphological freedom and being able to control whatever aspects of the human condition that you wish, not all transhumanists want immortality, god-like intellect or an indestructible powerful body
@monty6851 3 months ago
@@5erase you're not wrong, and now we can include Witchers and X-Men as nutshell transhumanism
A near flawless explanation of political ideologies. Thank you, I’ll be sharing this with others.
@justomar497 2 months ago
Creative content creation buddy keep up the good work.
@driponip-kv8ug 2 months ago
This is actually really useful and basic to understand, thanks, now I understand politics better...
@atommax_1676 2 months ago
OMG, I wanted such video so much cuz I get confused with all those ideologies. Thank you
@twmarmy0226 2 months ago
I expected 8 minutes of pure banter and trolling, but received 8 mins of actually educational political education. My disappointment is immeasureable and my day is ruined
@Revenant-oq9ts 2 months ago
The more I watched this, the more I realized how little people know about their own self professed ideology, let alone that of others.
@pyrovania 2 months ago
It is useful because people throw these words around without knowing what they mean.
@ruinhem 2 months ago
Yes. Learn to navigate this rotten mess and be a part of the mob. Not to speak ill of the video but it is all utterly meaningless.
Hmmm weird, I usually say “My disappointment is ruined and my day is immeasurable” when a good thing happens
@Sinivaal 2 months ago
@@pyrovania it is bc now socalist/communist can not tell me that capitalism is where corperations rule
@TheTylermcarthur 2 months ago
Great video from a new channel, Hope to see a new youtube star in the making
You got my like when you actually knew what corporatism was! It is so annoying how even people with backgrounds in political science or political theory wantonly misuse this term for practices it has little in common with!
@@rompevuevitos222 I didn't see a mistake. I'm saying OTHER people get it wrong, and it was awesome to see someone get it right in this vid
@nekrataali Month ago
Because "corporatism" isn't real lmao...it's a cope used by libertarians because they're too chickenshit to call themselves what they really are. Not surprising since it's an ideology that quite literally rejects empiricism, so words don't actually mean anything and you can just make shit up.
@Emily-qu3ty Month ago
Nice and informative video. Keep making more videos like this.
@Ruthvika_Rajesh 2 months ago
Oh wow I didn’t think people still made videos about this anymore Thank you sir
@BINSNEWS 22 days ago
Great summary. I don't know if all Moderates are within the Overton Window, but I'm glad U brought it up.
@TransparentEclipse 2 months ago
Political ideologies are such a divisive topic, glad to see them explained in a simple and easy to understand way so that people can make up their own minds instead of just listening to whoever is close to them in their lives and parroting the information.
@NazriB 2 months ago
Lies again? LA Liga Good Papi
@MrSirFluffy 2 months ago
Kind of. The issue is the video did a fine job at describing the traditional definitions, however, if you are an American for instance these terms mean something very different. For instance modern Conservatism in the US is Liberalism in this video. Liberals in the US are actually leftist that don't support Liberal values, they only use the name.
@jhanson313 2 months ago
i hope you dont make ur decision on who to vote for based on this video LOL
@MauGouveiaa 2 months ago
Being simple and precise doesn't mean being correct. By watching the vídeo, it looks like ideologies are options which you choose. No, ideologies choose you, they build the basic fundations for your thoughts. And the ideologies on the vídeo aren't on the same level: Everyone is a liberal at some level, capitalism is a economic sistem, not a single person ever defines itself as a populist because it's just a label (just like ''terrorist''). The first use of the word ''ideology'' was by french ideologist post french revolution. They tried to create a universal theory about ideas, where you can analize politics objectively without taking sides. Being ideological means, by the original definition, doing exactly what this vídeo is doing.
@BeerMetal58 2 months ago
@@MrSirFluffy You are out of your mind. Modern Conservatism in the US is right-wing near-fascism everywhere else in the world. "Liberals" in the US would be considered actual conservatives just about everywhere else that isn't a dictatorship.
@TejasKunduru 2 months ago
The start of one of RU-vid's best content creators.
Thank you! This helped with my understanding of politics for my AP Human Geography political unit!
@leticiamauve 2 months ago
@Gulnarnikhat 2 months ago
The video is really helpful a lot Thank you!
Exactly what I needed, I'm using this to catalogue a fictional nation I'm making. Thank you!
@colinjohnston9824 3 months ago
Unfortunately many people believe they are supporting a specific ideology, but the ideology is in name only. The liberal party of Canada, for example, is liberal in name, but in practice has been reducing privacy rights, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, worker rights, and human rights in an authoritarian manner.
@LordKimani 3 months ago
Truth, I live in Toronto and could tell you this myself
@legionreaver 3 months ago
It's all cake and circus's.. it's all it's ever been.
@abefernandez6546 3 months ago
Alot people claim they are liberal but believe in the opposite of those belief. Some of them are totally fine with authoritarianism.
@SpecialistScorch 3 months ago
That’s interesting, they’re trying to do the exact same thing in the US
@ManaPirate 3 months ago
We have the Liberal-National Coalition in Australia, and they are very conservative in their views, mostly serving the highest earners and appeasing their strongest voting force at the detriment to progress. (I have some heavy bias here of course). Names really don't mean anything which is unfortunate since it can be quite misleading. We also have a minor party called "The Informed Medical Options Party" which the overview is that they want to ensure the health of the nation which sounds great, but in reality they're just anti-vaxxers trying to impose dangerous ideologies. I just wish there was some sort of regulation ensuring people knew what they were voting for at face value
@dimi.giamas Month ago
Bro I have to say I loved this video it made me understand what the ideologies says and made me understand many things thanks man
@siarhian10 25 days ago
Personally I would go over both pros and cons of each of them as well since there are definitely positive and negative aspects of all of these
@carolaskew4849 Month ago
These videos help to really understand what these terms mean. Thank you.
@V0NRH1NE Month ago
Having not seen my ideology in part 1 or 2, I'm excited to see part 3 😊
@enexua_07 Month ago
What is it ?
@V0NRH1NE Month ago
@@enexua_07 I can’t say, thats a secret.
@enexua_07 Month ago
@@V0NRH1NE Oh okay
@ZoomDoomBoom 2 months ago
Instant favorite factoid channel. Super happy that this video mentions transhumanism, partially because I didn't know that the ideology was a named thing!
This video was incredibly informative for being only 8 minutes. I'd like to see some of those ideology explained more in depth
@stupedcraig 3 months ago
Yeah, this is awesome. I didn't realize Transhumanism was an option. We shall overcome our weak puny bodys with the power of robotics!
@Nykandros 3 months ago
He should so off-compass ideologies next. Avaritionism, Kraterocracy, etc.
@TheRezro 3 months ago
Unfortunately many of mentioned ideologies are marginal or theoretical. It does not explain core division in the politics.
@ThePaintExplainer 3 months ago
Might make a more in-depth one with basically all of the existing ideologies, but it'll be like 2 hours long.
@umfreakingmad5386 3 months ago
​@@ThePaintExplainerPlease do!
@Blend_r 2 months ago
Incredible video!! I’ll be watching this channel very closely. Guarantee it’ll have a million subs by 2025!
@urikora 2 months ago
holy , with only 3 videos he gain 40k++ sub... damn nice content out there my man
5:44 didn’t know the Adeptus Mechanicus existed man
@bigmanfrayfray Month ago
Great video. Main problem was some ideologies were described as their extremes, and others as their moderate versions. Everything is on a spectrum. 👍🙌
@jamiearnott9669 2 months ago
Great video. People use these words frequently, but it's good to recap what they mean exactly.
@chambersbenjo 2 months ago
your coverage of anarchism was very well put together, which is rare in a lot of videos on the topic. well done
@ghostlegend434 Month ago
It’s ai
it was very simplified tho. There's technically a state, it's just not differenciated from the people. The state simply have no power. There's people who mannage the society, they just have no power over anyone else, so they can't abuse it. what's worse is that people will mistake anarchy with anarchism, a thing media and politics have pretty much forced to fught against this political ideology. That and just dropping bomb on the anarchism village and societies.
@Bunny_Bill Month ago
@@ghostlegend434 don't care. I get to learn. I'd be a lot more upset if the creator pulled a kwebbelkop
@luis-sophus-8227 26 days ago
Anarchism: No rules lol
@tyler1107 2 months ago
Th...this is so good. I love your definitions. They show off why someone may follow the ideas, but also why they wouldn't. You can seriously see that even the most abhorrent ideologies have something that makes them attractive. The #1 thing we need in politics right now is the ability for people to see and understand what others believe and its potential benefits while not necessarily agreeing with it. You are helping people do this, and I adore you for it.
@Lazuley_ 2 months ago
Thanks... I got world ideology as one of the questions on my history exam tomorrow
This was siiiick! Thanks!
@navid24601 2 months ago
Excellent job. I think comparing/contrasting Totalitarianism with Authoritarianism would've been a good idea.
This comment section is either gonna be really chill or really chaotic
@cosmosxk9695 3 months ago
I liked it. The presentation seemed neutral and focused on describing the ideologies, including their perspectives. I learned more about some ideologies I knew some things about, and even some that I didn't know anything about, like Corporatism, Communitarianism and Moderatism. Thank you for making a video that is both informative and descriptive.
@ThePaintExplainer 3 months ago
Glad you liked it!
@juni5822 3 months ago
​@@blackpanther5086you responded to a comment praising their work on the video with a Hitler quote and a salute emote? Never mind the Nazi roach that you are part, you also can't even read. That's a double whammy
@thomasdehaan00 2 months ago
​@@blackpanther5086how can you advocate for a guy who committed genocide?
@Birri919 2 months ago
@@thomasdehaan00 He probably thinks he's one of the ubermensch even though we all know most neo-nazis would be sent straight to the camps
@john1802 2 months ago
​@@Birri919how does it makes any argument? What if he is actually pure aryan? And most importantly nazis weren't putting everyone non aryan in camps, try learning history
yeah imma need more videos from this dude ASAP.
@lionhead123 2 months ago
A good explanation of all the ideologies. Although, kinda short of course.
I deeply implore no one take these definitions at face value, all of these ideologies are very nuanced. That being said if you were trying to explain the difference between these things to like a kid I think this video does a great job
@pwhqngl0evzeg7z37 2 months ago
It seems for many of these you covered primarily their principles, which is fine, but it would be cool in perhaps another video to discuss how those principles are or would be (risking speculation) applied. You did this a bit with fascism, for example, describing suppression of dissent, which can be seen as an application of its principles of unity and authoritarianism.
@skorp5677 2 months ago
This is mostly a apples to pears comparison, as feminism, capitalism and anarchy discuss completely different issues (social, economic, governmental) but I really appreciate the explanations! Thanks a lot!
@CliffSedge-nu5fv 2 months ago
More like apples to rocks - not even in the same categories.
It's not really a comparison, just an explanation.
@kataclysmad1065 2 months ago
As i came across, I was genuinely pleased by the tone and the synthesis of the video. Coming from France, politics is number one topic everywhere, but it seems we lost the idea where debating for a better system turned to an endless fight between parties instead of realising most of us have the same goals. It is a well done video with usefull hindsight. Eager to see more of your content.
@cesruhf2605 2 months ago
yeah as a french we definitely need to be taught to be able to listen even though we think we might disagree, and have more civilised discussions rather than constantly shouting at each other
@21minus1 2 months ago
all people have different goals
@jpraise6771 2 months ago
His Majesty Jesus Christ has sent me on a mission with a message to tell the masses! Fear not, my brothers, your hunger shall be no more. He who dispenses the bread of life shall be your sustenance!
@ashryil 2 months ago
@@21minus1 no
@moemuxhagi 2 months ago
'Faut aussi que les gens comprênent que la politique française n'est PAS la politique américaine : on a plus de deux partis, et les deux principaux sont pas "gauche libérale et extrême droite conservatrice", c'est "gauche populiste et droite moderationniste" 😮‍💨 trop de jeunes passent trop de temps sur internet, et à cause de l'influence des US, ils sont convaincus que LEUR politique est LA politique. Non. Faut juste ouvrir un peu les yeux et voir la différence d'idéaux
@user-xo7hb6ts7j 2 months ago
Though the video has immense education value, let's not forget that it covers what these ideologies stand for in theory, not in practice.