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Jun 19, 2024




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Comments : 853   
Michial believes he will only win if the ball flies far😂😂
@AdnaTutmic-br7om 23 days ago
Ronado🥰🇧🇦🇧🇦😍 Messi♥️♥️♥️🇧🇦😍🌼🌼
@MiywaIniyatova 23 days ago
@TamarAhmed-zp7ur 23 days ago
مطر ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😢😢😢😢😢😅❤❤❤❤❤❤
@arpitadas9867 23 days ago
@eabelthomas8724 24 days ago
Michiel be like, I'm taller 😂
@user-jw3ru6wo7d 22 days ago
@user-er9jv5xh3m 15 days ago
@BLeverkusenFB 7 days ago
because he is i dont get these shitty ass comments
@Necronlord2011 5 days ago
She didn't even try tho😂
@Kevin-hr5js 3 days ago
He taller than mj
@D7_JOYBOY 23 days ago
Michiel:work smarter not harder 🚬
@reneh8400 8 days ago
I don’t like your video Celine
@GulsezimJD1 24 days ago
Michiel-goat 🐐 Celine-princess 👸🏻
@turbo_zoom_ 24 days ago
Yes 😁
@yurisousa3362 24 days ago
Yes 🎉
@WreckySajo 23 days ago
@eabelthomas8724 24 days ago
Celine be like , I'm shorter than you that's not my problem 😂
@CelineDept 24 days ago
@mdhelal6253 24 days ago
Omg 14 min ago
@ironSpiderman43 24 days ago
​@@CelineDept Pls do an Indian based video 🙏
@OmarMando-ux7rk 24 days ago
Just cause your indian she wont do it​@@ironSpiderman43
@--.Angel.-_ 21 day ago
Not really funny
Bro really said PEDRO at the end 😮😅😊
@marco-ui5qm 21 day ago
@@riddhimanbiswas3179 bro that was vamos
@Dark_music012 21 day ago
We know but the other guy said pedro​@@marco-ui5qm
@marco-ui5qm 21 day ago
@@furkanbozdag8198 oh sorry😅
@kenagames4667 24 days ago
Love your perspective, it's like a breath of fresh air in a sea of sameness.
@Yielhi 23 days ago
@jollysophia 23 days ago
@@Yielhinot bot it has real videos probaly got hacked
@jamesonsmith750 23 days ago
@jonathanavila5047 24 days ago
Who loves Celine? ❤ 👇
Michiel showing cr7 height levels 🥶🐐💀
@rehanhasan3814 13 hours ago
Michiel Really Said Think Smarter Not Harder 😂😂
@Drizao1999 24 days ago
"Vamo" 😂😂😂 Michiel é uma figura
Bro kicked the balls so hard they went to pluto💀
@Paul-Ish474 24 days ago
Celine knew her fate, so she refrained from attempting the last 2...😂😂
@mdshajahan2012 24 days ago
Michiel win for his hight and big legs 😂😂😂 Who agree 👇
@gamingclub5151 23 days ago
Bro is the worst nightmare of a goalkeeper 😂
Amai Michiel kan echt een goede handestand like als je dat ook vind.en van cemi houd.
@Mmadreza264 24 days ago
Michiel And Celine GOAT 🐐🐐👑👑❤️❤️...
@user-gd5ds2qe3w 23 days ago
The way that Michael did a handstand was so funny
@user-uo3tv6ey9e 22 days ago
@user-hv1ob3ym8m 23 days ago
Michial believes he will önlü win if the ball flies far 😅😅😅😂😂😂
@هالاند²¹ 23 days ago
Michiel be like lm taller😂😂😂❤
@NAiRs 23 days ago
Celine's fails 🤣🤦🤣🤦🤣🤦
@asherfazekas911 24 days ago
Michiel has long legs for a reason😂!
@BRAMSKIIII11 24 days ago
The moment when he puts his shirt into his pants🤣🤣
@valestian1258 24 days ago
Michiel is the new Albert Einstein 💥🤯
@EgeAcar-pd1tw 24 days ago
Bravo Celine ❤❤🎉
@muradhasanov5584 23 days ago
Only person who can bully Zlatan
@djdeadgamer 21 day ago
Michael be like Work hard ❌ Work smart ✔️ 😅😅😅
@linneawilson9588 22 days ago
I love you videos keep on doing them
@marilynbudomo494 23 days ago
Bro really said work smarter not work harder
@SOCCER7STARS 24 days ago
Michiel’s acrobatic kick was kinda cool not gonna lie
@aidaniang6325 12 days ago
You are flying Michiel ! You are FLYING !!! 😂😂😂 😅 Wait,can i fly ? 😂
Who loves Celine 👇🏻
@elenakallen4309 22 days ago
Jullie maken echt leuke videos
@AshwaaOfficial. 24 days ago
Love From India 🇮🇳❤
@user-tn8tv2lw5m 19 days ago
Surya ?
I just cant.. that Mike dude always acts like a toddler 😂
@MeliossEdit 24 days ago
Hi Michiel and Celine, I'm Italian but your videos are beautiful
@user-yo4tf9py8t 24 days ago
Adam futbolcu kadın alt Lig futbolcusu.)
@user-ds8sl2jp6y 24 days ago
You are the GOAT real ❤❤
@user-md9tf1tt6v 23 days ago
Celine you are so pretty and so sweety❤ I love you so much💋💎 I am a big fan of you😍😘🥰
🐐🐐🐐yes dear
I like Ronaldo🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐
@user-df2zq9ni8f 18 days ago
Амың айырылып кетпесін😂😂❤❤
This is super satisfying to watch.
@user-tm1yh6hp8z 24 days ago
Let Celine have some fun 😂please…
@user-eq8jj5bn5d 19 days ago
Michel has 100000000 IQ 🧠☠️💀
Michiel never loses
Mechiel is the true goat cannot lie😂😂
@Footballedit-p9u 24 days ago
Wow what a power of michel ❤❤😱
@anonymous_Tamil 23 days ago
It's height
Michael is like Eifel tower bro💀
Good messi
Nou cr7
el VAMOOS del final me mato 😂
@starrthomas8075 16 days ago
congratulations good job🎉❤
@user-ss5ty8or8d 23 days ago
Jajaja, amé cuando dijo "vamooo".
@Orewa_lufy_desu 23 days ago
Bro really said 🥭
@Celinee_Dept 24 days ago
@user-nm9vw8le9p 24 days ago
You are the best youtubers of the world
@marilynbudomo494 23 days ago
She is not real
She is not real celine
@MNSafa-hz8bo 16 days ago
আপু অনেক সুন্দর হয়েছেবাসা কুথায়😢❤😂😅
@bdfmedia4112 20 days ago
Argentina always best team in the world. from 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩
Michiel unlocked beast mode
@TapanKar-hk8jn 21 day ago
Call Prime Ronaldo,Gernacho,Prime bale they will kick by bycycle 💀🥶
@Kilian11111 24 days ago
Celine and Michiel were in the Czech Republic-Portugal❤
@SAVAGEX22 17 days ago
Michiel is the true goat cannot lie
@RYRYGAMING01 23 days ago
Love the ronaldo kit
@JuniN917 21 day ago
Michiel jump of Moon 😂😂
Celine is a goat ❤
@Ronaldosuii727 2 days ago
Bro michel❎ Peter crouch ✅😂😂😂😂😂
@SoulxAngelz 23 days ago
he went full on bicycle kick mode 😂
Michael vs Celine ❌ Messi vs Ronaldo ✔️ 😂😂
@kikoyplay 22 days ago
Vamossss, Michiel the highest!
@user-ps7zs3rq6v 22 days ago
Celine:Michiel the couch looks pretty tonight
@leilaelham9690 23 days ago
Celine soy de Uruguay soy tu fan
@rimiofficial007 23 days ago
Gymnastics ❤😅❤❤
@nl3by5cu7v 24 days ago
OMGG 😭I loved the Al-Nasr tshirt. I love it very much. Thank you 😭😭💛💛💙 >>>>
@JamalDeeb-ho3jl 21 day ago
The girls so short but the man's really tall😂😂😂 😂😂 😂
@user-tn8tv2lw5m 19 days ago
Jure wallah
At the end, Michael could just do a handstand
Lui non lo posso vedere!deve sempre strafare!anipatico come pochi!
@DrkTriqz 22 days ago
They really made michael messi and celine ronaldo 😂
@LennyCvijanovic 7 days ago
Mr. Bean: Takes shoe off and puts it on his hand and “kicks” the ball with the shoe on his hand, and then puts it back on his foot.
@user-ki3eh6ze8o 23 days ago
Do Neymar pls
@Fkngroslt 23 days ago
People of Argentina are naturally born football stars😊
@Harry-l2e 23 days ago
I am form Pakistan but I like your videos
@Lee___noo1 24 days ago
You are the best 💗💗
@jahanaraparul7554 24 days ago
Michael legs💀💀💀
@lvbreakergame8936 23 days ago
Micheal the goat 🐐 🗿
@Bloxer998 11 days ago
Bro i though Michael was Messi 😂
@Hyper965 24 days ago
Celine: I’m not getting those!
@HussainRaza-el9ef 24 days ago
Michiel is the real goat
@Jonathanworld777 24 days ago
Speed saw you at the euros! ❤
@nikllover4 22 days ago
Respect 😂
@user-wf9pz8ei1b 23 days ago
Girls = AAANH Boys= yeah siuuuuuuuu!!
@user-gn2ds1xl6u 23 days ago
Do a football match with your team
@arifnugroho6342 24 days ago
That "Vamos" from Michiel
@juandiego7857 24 days ago
Ok but that VAMOOOOO In Spanish it gives me 10 years to live
@user-gd8sz8xs4z 17 days ago
The 2,00m ball i used to have 😢
@user-dl5tp2gv3x 19 days ago
@Ronaldo24324 16 days ago
Mıchıel peter crouch son🤔
@esihlendlovu5870 24 days ago
Celine: humble ❤ Michiel: I love my only soccer boot
Pedro pedro pedro pedro pedro pe .................. 🎶🎶🎶🎵🎵🎼🎼🎼
Competition between celine and michial ❌🐐 The competition between Messi and Ronaldo❤🐐
@user-ki3eh6ze8o 23 days ago
Meet Neymar pls❤lil brother is big fan pls
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