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My daughter Salish built a secret room in Sky Zone Trampoline Park to hide from her best friend Nidal. He will have to play an extreme game of hide and seek to find her if he wants his birthday present! Clip any scene and post it on Shorts and TikTok. We'll Facetime the one with the most likes! See Nidal & Salish: "Questions ONLY TEENS Know!" • Questions ONLY TEENS K...
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Video by Sandy Chase
Music licensed through Artlist and Epidemic Sound
Wow, if you're still reading you are awesome! BOOOMMMM!!


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Jan 12, 2024




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Comments : 14K   
@jordanmatter 3 months ago
What's your favorite scene? Clip it and post on TikTok or Shorts. We'll facetime the one with the most likes.
@sedaordu3491 3 months ago
Omg I love your vids jordan they are the BEST
@noorshabeelah3217 3 months ago
I really wanna FaceTime with Salish but I don't have TikTok 😢😢
I subscribed the moment your channel was made
@skelebotty 3 months ago
Im subbed
@angeedrinkscoffee 3 months ago
@8753X 2 months ago
If This Comment Gets 100K Likes I’ll Do 100 Pushups 😊
Noooooooooooooo❤I love u
@XxPIXI3xX Month ago
@@marianaramirez4342uh what?
@YumCookies1236 Month ago
@@marianaramirez4342 wdym?
@eddyrizk7142 Month ago
@Cavan1680 Month ago
You go girl
Omg you are the best you are my best friend Salish ❤❤❤
@aileenharuvi3252 16 days ago
I love this video Salish
People who are watching this in 2024👇Tysm for all the likes guys!!! (I know it was made in 2024, I just wanted likes like everyone else!!🤣😂)
@gangmystery 2 months ago
@hililyiammia 2 months ago
@evelynpasko5675 2 months ago
@KrisAlbrecht Month ago
Who's just waiting for them to get together 👇
@COOKIE_0ffical_0 17 days ago
@Hope-kaylee 17 days ago
@broganmcguire1816 16 days ago
I love you very much salish and happy easter 🐣 FROM ROBYN
@broganmcguire1816 16 days ago
@Ella-fh4fq 16 days ago
@That0neFairy5 20 days ago
Salish:why would I be jealous Also Salish; visible jealously
@crystalstar792 4 days ago
🌟✨Nalish ✨🌟FOREVER
@chicken_nugget8645 3 months ago
salish and nidal is an example of the friendship i want
@ST4RLUVS 3 months ago
@LizelweMathonsi 3 months ago
Me too
Me too
@NAOMIJAMESLPS 3 months ago
@ember12395 3 months ago
The "Today my daughter Salish" never gets old!😂❤
@Swift_star 3 months ago
@Gabrielgreen132 3 months ago
@Gabrielgreen132 3 months ago
@Neevan_7 3 months ago
@giothegamer9531 3 months ago
@crystalcastro1454 11 days ago
I dont care what you say Jordan but they are ✨Nalish✨ FOREVER
@DANTE-ss8pp 7 days ago
@Emma87331 7 days ago
NALISH sommen more here 22:56
@dreamstarz232 6 days ago
If Jordan sees this he’s gonna get crazy 😂😂😂
I rlly don’t think that Salish and nodal even want to be together and they probs will never get together 😂
@dreamstarz232 6 days ago
@@Unknown_stoner-21that’s not truuuuuueeeeeeee 👹👹👹👹👹
@Avery_PlayZ2015 9 days ago
the way they hug is so cute 💘I SHIP NALISH!
literally Salish and Nidal are sooo cute
@alisonramirez9756 26 days ago
@Grwm_etc1 24 days ago
@user-vb7yg2ef7x 24 days ago
@Chosenone2 3 months ago
Only real people who didn't come from tiktok are allowed to like this comment....
What do you mean real people we are real people 💀💀
@LitzyBlan 11 days ago
@@nathanielcortez2789 true
@kaylaamore2006 20 days ago
Totally friend so I ship
@Silly_cat43 2 days ago
when this video was posted it was the only video tat bought me back to life in a sense of way. A couple of weeks before the video was posted I lost my great grandmother, I was really sad and I felt like I was missing a part of my life. after watching this video and seeing the love and friendship between Salish and Nadal made me realise that no matter the distance apart you are from a love one or friend nothing can spot you from living your best life. thank you so much for posting amazing videos that never fail to entertain me
@CrazyFaee Month ago
Salish: We will decorate down here a bit Salish: **creates a literal MANSION down there.**
@aubreygarza3932 28 days ago
Guys, I have to do this in here but if you’re watching this, I don’t know if my daughter in the hospital but like if you feel bad for him
@evnsiee 25 days ago
Ikr like only decorate a “BIT” ye ik so small decoration
@user-st7vs9bq1e 25 days ago
@IHEART_MILEY324 25 days ago
@Lilzie_Art 3 months ago
The way Salish fixed her hair for Nidal again…🫣I am literally dying here on the couch!…
@maria-yt1hd 22 days ago
For real
@DunZz1807 5 days ago
Aaah they are so cute 🥰
@bigfanofnel 2 days ago
@Ajanimals2323 19 days ago
He got soooo excited when he found out Salish was there ❤❤❤
@AnaelleAdraei 16 days ago
I subscribe to you because I love you guys. You guys are my favorite RU-vidrs.
@halima657 23 days ago
People who are here after the accident 😢❤ we love you nidal
@SkyeRiley-wz4gs 7 days ago
I am 😭😭😢
I am 😢😢
@mustang800 4 days ago
I hope he gets better😢
Honestly, I just love Salish and Nidal's relationship. I totally ship, but even as best friends they are meant to be. Just seeing them together makes me smile. I absolutely love them❤❤❤. If there were videos of just Nidal and Salish just hanging out and going about their day, I would totally watch it 😊. This video made my day and I hope that more videos about Nalish continue regularly❤😊❤😊❤😊
@pixelclan6158 3 months ago
@BIGELIMEKHI 3 months ago
Bro, this is actually kind of weird. They are actually in a relationship.
@user-un4fi9bg9n 3 months ago
Can we all apriceate
@PaulaEnnis-wx3bb 2 months ago
Hi say this I'm a big fan I've been watching since I has been five but to our door H I am now I'm eight now my cousins want to say hi so if you would a video for for me I would love it because I just I'm suffered with somebody like injuries and so it would be really nice if you did a video for me thank you
@Shroomie4 19 days ago
No stop. We fr all ship them❤
@TCOurWorld-2024 6 days ago
I love your video it's the best
@karolyszikra8081 20 days ago
11:40 Jordan don't worry Nidal can protect Say say!😂😂
@playalltheday 3 months ago
It's soo fun to have nidal back and see his excitement ❤ Edit : Bro how did I get 8 likes Edit: ohh my god 20 Edit : 22 likes omg
@NavdeepKaur-cv6qo 3 months ago
No 20
@lizziecardy4160 8 days ago
No 35
@playalltheday 8 days ago
@@lizziecardy4160 what in the world
@PhilipGamez 3 months ago
So excited! The Secret Room Salish built last time was soooooo FUN! This one is going to be so cool, I’m so ready for Salish Secret Room 2.0! 🤩🌟💚🥳
Yas Queen !
I know this time it is going to be 10 times bigger
@user-bw6tn7hu9l 3 months ago
Me to
I love your messages
Happy birthday Nidal. if your team Salish and Kildale like this comment ❤😂😂🎉😅😊
😂 love the vids salish and nidal r such good friends🎉
@joannekruse594 3 months ago
Salish and Nidal are SO inspiring and I love their friendship❤!!
@CrazyGirls_exist 3 months ago
I love seeing Salish and Nidal together there the best duo and seeing the smiles on Salish’s face is wholesome❤
@kathwalker272 Month ago
@Savanna-vc2de 3 days ago
Salish is soo pretty!! I love her!❤️
@LiliyaTad1 15 days ago
I love you Salish Matter ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
@laurenwall5893 Month ago
I think they would be such a cute couple, you could see the sparks when they hugged a t the end!
@darklegend6396 19 days ago
dont get me started on dad o meter
@darklegend6396 19 days ago
or jordan
@OliviaJones-br6lh 3 months ago
❤I will do 1 pushup and 15 squats for every like this comment gets 🎉
@OliviaJones-br6lh 3 months ago
@VasiliosAirlines 2 months ago
@piperlindsley 2 months ago
keep it up!
69 pushups and 115 squats
Good luck that's all i say
@milapelz 12 days ago
It‘s so crazy the video❤😂
@user-un2si1xk9e 3 days ago
The way he was like "wait salish is here???" he sounded so excited omgg❤
@annae3468 3 months ago
I love how close nidals and Salish’s bond is 😊❤
@user-nv4eo5fy7f 3 months ago
Hi Salish
@alfonsogarcia9368 3 months ago
Your dad is weak and you are weak
@XXX-hz5gg 3 months ago
You to should be in love ❤❤❤❤❤
boyfriend & girlfriend!
@user-xx9sd2kb2b 3 months ago
@Triple_Charm1 3 months ago
Let’s just take a moment to reflect the impact that Jordan has put in his videos with Salish to make us all entertained and happy!!😁🌟😘
@ilywonders 3 months ago
Matters are the best
@Swiftie5674 3 months ago
I love them sm
@matthew-cool 3 months ago
Also Sandy the editor to. Have to thank him.
@jacobplays943 3 months ago
You’ve said that twice
@samrosen4184 3 months ago
Let's just say he said who ever gets the most likes gets a FaceTime call them them lucky you
*Salish got the best dad* ❤❤
@Geldof4444 3 days ago
@liverbird1972 3 days ago
Yeah because they are a RU-vidrs
Did you see the heart that Jordan matter did?😂😂❤
The way Nidal said “don’t step on her” and continues to just jump on it
@MissGrl Month ago
❤❤❤❤❤Salish is so nice
@Xy-2yB 16 days ago
The hug at the end was sooo cute Who agrees 👇
@Divratak 11 days ago
Me fr
@hehe12347 10 days ago
@lizziecardy4160 9 days ago
@b4birty4u 8 days ago
Yh ikrrrr
@user-xu4fx1lq1f 8 days ago
Me fr its adorable
❤ so cute together
@rav3np4wzz 3 months ago
im so happy that they are lucky to have a life like this, not all people have a popular dad and a big house , and they are not as beautiful as salish (including me), i never got to do any of this fun stuff ! im so happy for u guys and i wish u the best in life , lets hope salish sees this!
@user-pt1ub1gk3f 24 days ago
I agree they are very lucky I love them so much ❤❤❤❤❤❤💖💝💘💜💜💙💚❤🧡💛
Salish was wearing that outfit when she saw nidal after his accident ❤😢❤️‍🩹😊🩷
@user-ud9fe3lz7g 18 days ago
Literally Salish and nodal are sooo cute
@poojakasat9842 3 months ago
It was so cute how nidal reacted to salish's gift like he was so grateful for their friendship. It really had me smiling at the end UNKNOWINGLY. Love you guys and may your friendship last for an eternity
I'm dead now
Good for u idc
@Cinnamon_14 2 months ago
@@AngelBuchanan-jw7yfokay? No need to be rude 7 year old.
@dollathuweiba8563 19 days ago
Jordan live salish to date nidal ❤❤❤ their cute together ❤️ 😍 💖 💗 💕
@karenmunoz7642 3 days ago
loved it : D
Salish and nidal are such great friends it makes me jealous 😂
@i-am-a-cat-gaming 3 months ago
I love how Sailish and Nidal bond together is so strong ❤
@falilatfadeni6103 18 days ago
When Nidal said LM getting girls don't be jealous Salish Salish saying LM not jealous In her mind : I like him ❤
@hehe12347 10 days ago
girl what-🤚😭
@Demonpumkin 4 days ago
@AnaelleAdraei 16 days ago
I’m your biggest fan I always watch your videos and Jordan I love your channel Salish amazing. I love your channel to.
@ScottBown 24 days ago
12:52 Nidal: Don't step on her if she's in there! Me: yep protect your girl best friend 💕💕💕💕
@Tony-dog 20 days ago
I wish we could get rid of the best
@user-yr7dk5js6z 19 days ago
You mean “girl friend “
@ScottBown 17 days ago
Yep I do mean girlfriend
@user-rk6qm8dt1i 14 days ago
@@Tony-dogummmm she is hes gfand let him love and do whatever he wants in his life
@Tony-dog 14 days ago
@@user-rk6qm8dt1i bro I’m just saying I ship them
@Karenfamily735 3 months ago
I will do 1 pushups whenever I get a like
@elmirazogh7347 2 months ago
@Maycup7 Month ago
Bros a begger
You won’t
Eeeeeeeeh Nederland mattie
i think this is the best couple everrrrrrrr❤❤❤❤
@OHmy770 2 months ago
Best couples ever btw I wanna see dad's reaction if they will date in real in future ❤😊👍.......😂😂🤣🤣
@akshasuhruthi4799 2 months ago
OMG when Nidal found Salish it was sooo cute. I know that they also tell they are just friends but I can literally see that they have a crush on each other 😊
@leenie1079 Month ago
Yeah Yeah Yeah
@RCBdance Month ago
@Kuromi_699 Month ago
Yeah there hiding it 💅😍 10:28
Yeah it's true
@user-hq9ux3sh5f 18 days ago
21:31 the fact that salish zoomed in😂💀
@LeighchayMoos 19 days ago
Love you ❤❤ Biggest fan ❤❤ Nalis 4 ever❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😅😂😂😂
@blitzkeepit8631 2 months ago
Couple goals ❤
@_Jax_220 Month ago
gurl yasssss
@_Jax_220 Month ago
@@kaylacoonrod5265 but they say they are friends 😭✋
Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo true
@artwolfdraws Month ago
@@_Jax_220I don’t think they are in one of their challenges they got asked kissed or hugs and he said kisses and she said I don’t have an opinion on that one and he said yeah you do yes you do-
@i.am.she.katie.b. 3 months ago
It’s so nice of Salish to let her dad be in her videos
@poobear_rizz 3 months ago
lol literally tho
Mostly her dad letting her be in all of the videos
@Didi-xi7ym 17 days ago
dear saylish and Jordan I love you so much and you guys are the best RU-vid er ever so please now I'm your biggest fan ever!
❤❤❤❤ ❤ love nalish
omg i love sailish & nidal 😍
@ianmctigue4375 3 months ago
I love how Salish is showing of his favorite chips I’m literally rolling on the floor in giggles😂😂😂
@user-bf4rz1jo2o 3 months ago
@dennismugo701 3 months ago
😂love u guys
@katieford5590 4 days ago
Ship nalish !!!!!!!!!!!!
@SophiaGuruza 3 months ago
I love how Salish hugged nadal
@ItsNooblet1111 12 days ago
@leonismukasa8042 3 months ago
It’s so cute seeing them have fun together ❤
@dicol99 3 months ago
Thank you
@adrivinnies6975 17 days ago
I love you guys so much ❤❤❤❤
@T_swizzle4life. 17 days ago
“Thats so cute!” “I know”💅 The things i would do to have a nidal as a bff😭
@Alexander_688 3 months ago
Salish and Nidal are ultimate BFFs! ❤️ Excited to see what crazy challenges Salish and Jordan came up with for Nidal this time. 🌟 And major props to the entire behind-the-scenes crew - you guys are the real MVPs, making the magic happen! 🙌 Jordan and Salish, you rock! Always love watching your adventures. 🚀🎥
@DanM875 3 months ago
Looks like Salish decided to surprise Nidal and not Nidal surprise Salish
@Alexander_688 3 months ago
@@DanM875 I know, thats why I said that I was excited to see what Jordan and Salish came up with for Nidal for the challenges 😀
@aayatmalik6686 3 months ago
@Thanshikas 3 months ago
Hi sailish❤
@felix_berry_ 3 months ago
It’s so great to see Salish have fun. You guys r so cute! Love how Jordan does anything to make her happy. ❤
I know I ship nalish
@karinaberzins 3 months ago
Yup definitely ❤
I love all your messages ❤
@Memedoctor2 3 months ago
Wait how did you put this 8 hours ago when the video was uploaded an hour ago?
@filmedby_kiera 3 months ago
@@christophersmith4302in the preview
@user-mi8bk5bb3u 16 days ago
I love watching you
@ThaisSouza-jg8hc 12 days ago
That is crazy ❤❤
@Lavender_Plays_ 2 months ago
@user-ig7th7ed2x 2 months ago
Salish, you and Nidal are soulmates. You guys definitely have a future together, literally there’s no doubt about that!!!!!! You two also make a really cute couple, and that makes the cute couple count I know to eight cute couples I know( one of the cute couples I know include me and my boyfriend). But you guys are just way to cute together.
@Guest-up5gj 2 months ago
This would be cute if the dad wasn't forcing them to be in a video together he kept saying don't ship them don't ship them and it's so obvious that he wants people to ship them and make comments and watch the vids the first video of them together was they didn't even know each other the second video he pretended like they were best friends I feel like they were forced into a friendship original content of being a photographer Was falling of so he had to put his daughter on his vids which by the way she was only TEN Not only is he encouraging this but you're falling for it
@goldmensah4218 2 months ago
Like seriously are u kidding they are just kids, my mum will never let me date at 14 or 13
@Strawberry_Kow 2 months ago
@@goldmensah4218my mom wouldn’t let me date until I was past college admissions 😂
​@@goldmensah4218 no one cares!
@Baoky99 Month ago
Somebody did the middle finger at 10:14😭
@DanaKhalilYT 18 days ago
They are still cute together ❤❤❤ I CANT STOP SMILING AT THE SCENE WHEN THEY ARE YOUNG 🥹🥹🥹🥹
I love❤❤❤ the secret room you made ❤❤❤❤
Salish was blushing when there was a picture of nidal in the guim
@Nuggetthatperson 19 days ago
@greysondubs6605 13 days ago
There bond is so cute and it looks like they have so much fun in each video there are so many clips of them touching there hands but have a good day or night pls pick me
Nidal go and be so surprised Salish is such a good friend. She surprised Nedal so many times and it’s awesome. I love you guys videos.nalish
@meharsaleem9395 13 days ago
they have the best friendship omg to have this typa friendship is my dream
@NimisshaJjain 3 months ago
Salish and Nidal look soo cute together! The secret room is gonna be so big i feel it!!!
@Unknown-user-y 3 months ago
It’s so fun seeing Salish happy
@user-rz6ce7uo4f 3 months ago
I know seeing saysay very happy makes me happy from sam
I'm here before ethis blow up? Maybe
@user-rz6ce7uo4f 3 months ago
@@Nightclubthiswaysir ok that cool
@sidahmedmatili610 3 months ago
I love your messages
@UrboiAdithecat 18 days ago
That Was Extremely cute 🥰 Salish and Nidal ooooo so adorable
@Didi-xi7ym 17 days ago
Dear saylish and jordin you are my favrite youtubers ever! I want to say im your bigist fan and please now you inspierd me❤❤❤❤❤❤ my name is Alanna ❤❤❤❤❤
@user-ts7oq5lu7x 3 months ago
I love how Nidal was having so much trouble finding Salish and I love his reaction when he finds Salish under the arcade machines.
@VimoSpelar 3 months ago
@emmanuelloide2648 3 months ago
Yo we have the same logo😂❤
@ericates3111 3 months ago
@wjjnova 3 months ago
saylash I love you and I’m your biggest. Fan ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤1000000000000❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
@user-qj7sf1qh9x 3 months ago
Team Nalish is literally the cutest I’m crying ❤❤❤😭
@user-fe1fe3dq1n 12 days ago
this was really sweet of Salish :)
@skyplayz312 3 months ago
His reaction when he found salish is here ❤❤
@EmilysSlayEdits 3 months ago
Oh my gosh I love how finally Salish surprises nidal it’s always nidal love it Nalish 4 ever
@Erinburke2009 3 months ago
No nalish
@user-cv9zu1mh5z 13 days ago
The way he smile when they said nalish❤❤❤
@Didi-xi7ym 17 days ago
Dear saylish and jordin you are my favrite youtubers ever! I want to say im your bigist fan and please now you inspierd me❤❤❤❤❤❤
@islajohnson-nt3pr 2 months ago
i love how salish shows happiness all the time :D
@KittyBobaAllana 2 months ago
Hey sis
@user-yf1fj2il5v 2 months ago
is anybody going now the fact Salish looked at nidal abbs
@KittyBobaAllana 2 months ago
No because I didn’t give me when @@user-yf1fj2il5v
I know he is like 😭show the roof plsssss
@Baoky99 Month ago
Somebody did the middle finger at 10:14😭
@Danny_m- 3 months ago
It's so great to see selish have fun❤
@Wildcraftiplay123 2 months ago
Some one stick up the middle finger
@DAshelique 20 days ago
I love salish