LED Lamp Made from Lighters

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Full build video: ru-vid.com/video/video-wn-zJsJEmMM.html

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Jan 4, 2022




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Comments 3 757
Aditya Pratap Singh
Aditya Pratap Singh 4 months ago
Imagine a little short circuit and the brightness of light automatically increase 4 times💥
Dᵣᵤₙₖ ᵣₑₙ
That would be amazing. I'm shortcircuiting mine as we speak
s000162017 2 months ago
4 times? Na man, when I was a kid we'd "modify" (I'm sure u know how it's so easy) em to put out a MASSIVE flame, tape down the button & let em sit in a safe place burning till it melted enough to "pop" & I can promise u each & every one will provide FAR more than 4x what those led's provide & I can't (or won't lol) even do the math considering how many full ones they got here. Then the unavoidable burning down of your house with that much fluid, I don't know how ANYONE would think this was a good idea, let alone put it on RU-vid with the watermark "Well Done" (I swear that just seems like sarcasm to me). This is easily one of the dumbest ideas I've ever seen & NOBODY should do this unless it's outside for the sole purpose of seeing it blow. Even if they drain the fluid as many have said, u still have the fumes which are even more easily ignited than the fluid, so it still goes boom, u just greatly reduce the chances of having a puddle of what an arson investigator would call "accelerant" to burn down the house, whole video just oozing with stupidity (which I'm agreeing with u fully, just adding a bit)...That being said u really should crank one up & watch it pop, really is fun but safety measures gotta be made cuz it is a violent pop & NEVER something that should be held, basically turns yer lighter into a firecracker (& not some lil black cat), more like an m80 for reference except with shrapnel, which is why eye protection & a safe place at the very least & that's just for one...Just shows how ridiculous this "idea" is. If u got caught in an airport with that, it wouldn't be thrown away, you'd be put in a cell & better hope u got a damn good lawyer, & to see people praising it in the comments SMH (we're doomed as a species), at least u have the top comment, gives me some hope lol.
A.K EDITS 3 months ago
100 Times 🔥
Пацан Гений. А в следующем видео "Как сделать водопад из подключеной розетки"
Михаил М
Михаил М 3 months ago
Чудо которое это создавало, страви газ из зажигалок, если ещё не взорвалось.
neeniebob1 3 months ago
I'd recommend emptying the gas from the lighters first but otherwise I could imagine a few people I know would like something similar to this.
s000162017 2 months ago
@Lost Potato in pain This, 100% this...People don't seem to understand how much more susceptible to ignition the fumes are than the fluid itself. No fluid means u may get to keep the house but ain't stopping the massive, let's say "pop" which is quite the understatement with how many they got stacked here, but u fill em with water & I'm with ya, except water doesn't stop an electrical fire & is quite the conductor in a short circuit if the breaker fails to trip...I'd say just don't do this shit, don't do it AT ALL, u know how badass of a lava lamp u could buy with all the $$ spent on this death trap, especially if u put a value on your time which I most certainly do & it ain't cheap.
Lost Potato in pain
Lost Potato in pain 3 months ago
Yeah and replace it with water or other non flammable liquid
Cila Li
Cila Li 3 months ago
13;15 *SON UNOS DE LOS FOR YOU* *loveme.Uno/massya* de los mejores ❤ 13:12 Sun: "Hotter" 13:12 Hopi: "Sweeter" 01:18 Joonie: "Cooler" 11:00 Yoongi: "Butter" 15:55 Son unos de los mejores conciertos , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente.. 14:01.... 04:00
Cila Li
Cila Li 3 months ago
13;15 *SON UNOS DE LOS FOR YOU* *loveme.Uno/massya* de los mejores ❤ 13:12 Sun: "Hotter" 13:12 Hopi: "Sweeter" 01:18 Joonie: "Cooler" 11:00 Yoongi: "Butter" 15:55 Son unos de los mejores conciertos , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente.. 14:01.... 04:00
Sarah Mallonee
Sarah Mallonee 3 months ago
Awesome idea. Great video thank you for sharing. I would to feel safer refill them with water if I could figure out a way so I wouldn't have a large amount of butane sitting there lol
BenyBoy 03
BenyBoy 03 3 months ago
This is literally a ticking time bomb
Amamsurri Month ago
Which part ticks?
Dylan Dozier
Dylan Dozier 2 months ago
Вадим Дзень
пойду так с газовыми баллонами сделаю, чтоб видели со всех концов города 🔥😂
Ahmad Omarov
Ahmad Omarov Month ago
А прозрачные газовые баллоны где продаются 😂
дмитрий Month ago
Alex Nikitin
Alex Nikitin 2 months ago
Я из баллонов пропана дом так построил, соседи от зависти чуть не умерли. Обиделись и уехали.
Stain in Live
Stain in Live 3 months ago
Антон Шматов
Я уже варю из 50 литровых завтра буду красить
Sonny Pate
Sonny Pate 4 months ago
What a great gift idea. I've already made four of them for my mother-in-law.
Cit0xe $m!thi
Cit0xe $m!thi 3 months ago
@Kentuckys Moose And Louimaylou wait are you from Kentucky?
Kentuckys Moose And Louimaylou
@Cit0xe $m!thi that’s the point
Kentuckys Moose And Louimaylou
@meo meo why?
Augustine Campbell
Augustine Campbell 3 months ago
PythonT**S** 3 months ago
Jinda hai sab?
Rus1985 3 months ago
Когда ты построил большой хороший дом, тебе просто необходим такой бомбический светильник замедленного действия.
sjenkins91812 3 months ago
Seems like one of those times where you should've removed the flammable liquid rather than let it just sit around your house.
Caballito493 3 months ago
I just have 1 thing to say ✨Flammable✨
Kenneth lyles
Kenneth lyles 2 months ago
How creative keep pushing my guy you the type that inspire others
Rekt Admin
Rekt Admin 3 months ago
Wow, good idea. Thanks for the tips, man! I did this, now I miss my old house.
Aziz. 2 months ago
Duritan Frostwolf
Duritan Frostwolf 3 months ago
That shit right there will burn yo house down if you don't get the heat right on that light
6345789picket 3 months ago
Maharishi Tanwar
Maharishi Tanwar 3 months ago
Buy a lamp in half rate
john paul
john paul 3 months ago
Thug life😂
Bart M
Bart M 3 months ago
I haven’t bought a lighter in a while, but I recall them being rather expensive for this kind of purpose. I mean, it’s a fair price for portable fire source, but pricey as just a colorful translucent support structure. Maybe I’m nitpicking.
D M 2 months ago
I would love to have one of these
Nordic Wolf
Nordic Wolf 3 months ago
Replace the butane with water and this is pretty cool. Kinda unsafe if they’re still flammable though
B Victory
B Victory 3 months ago
I would totally hand this to my friends when they ask for a lighter.
Дурка Souls III
Эх я так надеялся, что с помощью такой конструкции от одной зажигалки будут привод к другим
RusseM 762
RusseM 762 Month ago
A sorte dele é que existe o led... Se fosse aquelas lâmpadas "amarelas mais antigas" ia ser um estouro esse abajur kakakakaka
Тата Милая
Классно, но нельзя было для безопасности сделать тоже самое, только из уже использованных зажигалок? Вот просто интересно?!😐🤔
Hamster Mr. Bru
Hamster Mr. Bru 3 months ago
Хорошо получилось 👍 главное чтобы газ не бахнул от нагрева 😁
JOSEPH BARR 4 months ago
Ah yes, I love the all white led color, its so fascinating with all the shades of white you can see from this homemade wonder that i certainly couldnt live without.
Normal Whiteguy
Normal Whiteguy 4 months ago
Don’t do it it’s a goddamn death trap!!! Electricity and butane are terrible things to mix, you have to submerge the whole thing in gasoline first! All the way up the cord and really grease the socket with the gas. If you smoke, smoke during the process, it looks cool and you can get it done quickly! 🙏
Peter Planter
Peter Planter 3 months ago
That friend that always asks for a lighter and always try’s to pocket it
Joe Steadman
Joe Steadman 2 hours ago
Next episode: "We're making a lamp out of old C4 and firecackers"
Манумар 3 months ago
Это самая тупая идея... Использовать зажигалки с газом вместе с электричеством. Не дай Бог будет замыкание, пожар обеспечен
Palash Bakshi
Palash Bakshi 3 months ago
Use empty lighters for safety..its not safe bro. Stay careful❤️
Campingman TV
Campingman TV 4 months ago
I like the moment when it blows up like it’s New Year’s Eve.
Linkzy 4 months ago
@Brook Eggleston I found a pretty good way to empty em a while back because I needed some of them emptied for a experiment. There is a small hole bottom center where u can just stick a thumb tac in and it does the trick. As long as ur outside and don’t freeze ur fingers ur fine 😂
Brook Eggleston
Brook Eggleston 4 months ago
@BryanP True! However, unless someone does something very stupid, it shouldn't be a problem. The heat from the LEDs is less than minimal, and isn't about to ignite them. As long as the butane stays in the liquid state, there is nothing to be worried about. I, personally, would rather they were empty. Unfortunately, it's difficult to empty those cheap lighters. There is so much particulate matter in that cheap butane, that it clogs the feeder tube. That's why most people stop using the damned things - they stop working while they still have half of the butane left in the lighter! All in all, there are easier, and safer ways to build a multi-coloured lamp!!
Rudy Aryanto
Rudy Aryanto 4 months ago
Duuuuaarrr... Your home's gone away.
Joe 4 months ago
Yeah not happening with leds but I get your point....
GAMER ELIMENT 3 months ago
Most best thing happens when the all lighters ignite then the brightness of the lamp visible 😂
Gus Month ago
Excellent workmanship 🆗 What a bright idea!! 💡💡💡💡💡💡💡 💡
Matias Ottaviano
Matias Ottaviano 3 months ago
Buenísimo. Una bomba de tiempo!!!!! Que gran idea
Jerwin 3 months ago
This is amazing 👍
kamilfejtek81 4 months ago
Cool idea, but I will appreciate more if you used empty lighters instead 😉
Mahesh 3 months ago
Bro you can fill water in it instead of keeping it empty 🌚
kamilfejtek81 4 months ago
@Dicki Monster in case of huge power failure 😃
Dicki Monster
Dicki Monster 4 months ago
Leds don’t cause fire and can still use the lighters
Adrian viorel Cristea
Lord Legint
Lord Legint 3 months ago
Imagine a short circuit in lighter fuel then he changed into atomic blast 😂
Kaif Rahman
Kaif Rahman 3 months ago
This is the coolest bulb project I have ever seen.
BikePack Rider
BikePack Rider 3 months ago
Meanwhile: Our lighters here in the Philippines has an LED lamp built in it. 👌🏻
jose tirado
jose tirado 3 months ago
Nice idea, but it would be best to use empty lighters or fill them with water
Plair Pascal
Plair Pascal 3 months ago
Great idea of lamp, I would change fuel to water before if I ever made one. Indeed, creative & cool LED light.
Ro Daily
Ro Daily 3 months ago
You can directly convert chemical energy to light energy
Jacinto Carrasco
Jacinto Carrasco 3 months ago
Te felicito Muy original y bonito 🥰🥰
Islam Polo
Islam Polo 11 hours ago
Главное, на солнце не оставляй. А так красиво получилось
Joker_PHX 3 months ago
That is creative, but you should remember to think how important the safety of that thing if that cracked when the light turn on...
Zyro_XIV 3 months ago
1 isqueiro = 2,5 R$. O cara usou no mínimo 30 isqueiros então seria: 2,5 × 30 = 75 R$. A soma com os outros materiais seria de no mínimo 125 R$. Uma lâmpada de mesa comum custa em torno de 25 R$. Fazer isso que foi demonstrado no vídeo seria caro, trabalhoso e ainda por cima tem a chance de dar errado. *Conclusão: quem fez isso é um makako.*
Обиван Падаван
💣Светильник бомба 💣
Deivid original YT.
Deivid original YT. 3 months ago
quedo re-fachera la lampara. 👍😎
rw501 2 months ago
Yes, this lamp is absolutely UL approved.
M00SËKÑuçKLĒ Johnson
😂 I really like it but I know from experience those cheap lighters will explode for what seems like no reason. Usually happens while lighting a cig or sometimes in your pocket. So I’m gonna say this. What an Explosive idea! This Fire lamp will surely spice up any end table.
Saiful Malfino
Saiful Malfino 2 months ago
Ide yang kreatif, ☺️
Виктор Чалых
Пожаровзрывоопасная конструкция однако!:))
Carlos Mazzoni
Carlos Mazzoni 3 months ago
A heating light surrounded by gas lighters seems to be a good idea for Mythbysters
Adam Ski Harvey
Adam Ski Harvey 3 months ago
Great idea. Hopefully it won't blow up from the heat generated from the leds in that closed gas bomb.
Blake Dreyer
Blake Dreyer 3 months ago
That sounds like a wonderful idea let’s wrap a bunch of electrical up inside 50 highly combustible containers and plug it into the 120 volt and put it on the end table. This guy lives on the wild side
TheXXIII 2 months ago
12 volt DC not 120 AC
اليمن اغلا Yemeni4Ever
Only 32 lighter not 50
BnootHTX-HVAC 3 months ago
Same thing I thought, this guy's the wildcard of the crew
John Kuzma
John Kuzma 3 months ago
Somehow doing that with the lighters full of gas seems well... hazardous, also a bit wasteful.
Prosto_gnom3 3 months ago
Светильник бомба!
tanberetO 3 months ago
I was thinking about making a brick style oven out of full gasoline containers, any tips?
Gold63Beast 2 months ago
How dangerous do you want your lamp to be? Yes.
Жора 3 months ago
Светильник бомба, если коротнёт то светится вся хата будет)))
Рамис Мырзакматов
@TATARIN Причем тут Аллах?
Yamuna A
Yamuna A 3 months ago
Kashchey 3 months ago
Да и лента имеет свойство неплохо так греться
Это могло бы быть хорошей идеей, если бы это не было так взрывоопасно
Ranjit Benipal
Ranjit Benipal 3 months ago
This is low key satisfying ngl
Ranjana Dwivedi
Ranjana Dwivedi 3 months ago
If you hear any blast in my neighbourhood than it means that I tried this😂😂
Damion Gonzalo
Damion Gonzalo 3 months ago
I was already thinking "no way" and then he whipped out the red bull can
Геннадий Сташков
В солнечный день нужно поставить её на подоконник. Феерверк будет шикарный!
Игорь Баженов
@xp404 они и без газа неплохо хлопают,были случаи
xp404 4 months ago
Никто не мешает выпустить с них газ
Toge Inumaki
Toge Inumaki 4 months ago
гениольно 🗿👍
Dᵣᵤₙₖ ᵣₑₙ
Do you want something that lights up beautifully and yet has a possibility to blow up? THEN THIS IS FOR YOU!!!
JRFofMandalore 3 months ago
what a beautiful way to start a house fire lmao (I mean this in the least offensive way possible but I don't think you should leave the lighter fluid in the lighters)
Сергей Шмаков
Летом в жару на подоконник её надо обязательно поставить, светиться весь дом будет 🤣
noah sison
noah sison Month ago
Well that's fire🔥🔥🔥
MG 4 months ago
And I thought leaving the Christmas tree plugged in was dangerous lol
lєmσn pulp
lєmσn pulp 4 months ago
Normal Whiteguy
Normal Whiteguy 4 months ago
Fire marshal Bill “ Let me show you somethin!”
Chem Chem
Chem Chem 4 months ago
Yesss after hot and BOOOMMMM 💥💥💥💥
mohammad nour hijazi
The most explosive lamp i have ever seen
VINOD KUMAR 3 months ago
When a engineer is bored 😂🔥
Aswin Mohan
Aswin Mohan 3 months ago
It's amazing
Everton Rosa
Everton Rosa 3 months ago
Uma verdadeira explosão de luz 🔥😅😂 A true explosion of light 💣 Una verdadera explosión de luz 🧨
Bal Q
Bal Q 4 months ago
Очень красиво будет смотреться летом на подоконнике... на южной стороне...
Alex Nikitin
Alex Nikitin 2 months ago
@Эдуард Правдин газ то выпустить можно и керосина залить
Эдуард Правдин
@Тарас с Бульбой эффект мерцания пропадёт без жидкости
Тарас с Бульбой
Да красиво. А ты типа шутник мамкин.? Я выпустил весь газ из зажигалок и всё норм.
Jawad Nazha 111
Jawad Nazha 111 4 months ago
Bro on the price of the lighter bring lamp
Fabio Shoji
Fabio Shoji Month ago
Imagine someone try to DIY that, mistake a wire and then put fire in the house... 😭😭😭👌
Filipe santiago
Filipe santiago 3 months ago
Q inteligente muito legal 🙏
Rafa flechas
Rafa flechas 3 months ago
Con la luz, el gas se calienta y explota 🔥
ANSHUL™ 3 months ago
Just imagine if this project falls from table them what happens to your home😂😂😂🤣🤣
Anubizz slayer
Anubizz slayer 4 months ago
Let's make light out of flammable material with some dodgy electrical jobs, brilliant nothing will go wrong.
Soran Millenium
Soran Millenium 4 months ago
Nothing will go wro- (insert explosion here)
Stack of Pancakes
Stack of Pancakes 4 months ago
@Who Cares That's the problem
Eren GüL
Eren GüL 4 months ago
İt can explode
Amber 3 months ago
Mhm, a fire hazard! My favorite type of home decor!
Александр Сергеевич
"Сделай себе это нужное и полезное устройство" или "сделал соседу, теперь ко мне очередь сделать им так же"
Didak pram
Didak pram Month ago
Beautifull, but Dangerous when the led get hot
Sheldon Timler
Sheldon Timler 3 months ago
That's one way to keep people from taking your lighter 😂
Elias Quezada
Elias Quezada 3 months ago
Bonito.original....pero..es una bomba si usas los encendedores con líquido inflamable, pues el uso con nstante de los LED..podría exponer al gas a qué explote. Debiera ser sin aquél líquido, es decir...los encendedores vacíos. Ahí te doy mi apoyo.
Людмила 3 months ago
А от нагрева газ не взорвется?
Vic Mon
Vic Mon 3 months ago
Wouldn't it explode from the heat?
Insta Reels
Insta Reels 3 months ago
Amazing led
Ильдар Хусаенов
Пособие как не надо делать, при нагреве светодиодов есть вероятность того что могут зажигалки просто взорваться
Bakhodir Badalov
Bakhodir Badalov 3 months ago
@roma koshelev ещё как греется. Не зря за светодиодной лампочкой ставят алюминиевые радиаторы.
Антон Шматов
Надо было назвать самый яркий светильник этого года
Egor Galuk
Egor Galuk 3 months ago
Нагревается 100%, потому как на лампочках и прочих преборах не просто садят их на радиатор, тут банка алюминиевая и быстро нагреется а теплу выходить некуда.
Ильдар Хусаенов
@roma koshelevвысоких температур не было но она нагревается при длительном использовании
اليمن اغلا Yemeni4Ever
قيمه الولاعة 0.50$ * 32 = 16$ بينما سعر اللمبه لايتجاوز 5$
Masked Rebel
Masked Rebel 2 months ago
Cool, but it'd be better made from recycled empty lighters
Сергей Емелин
Полезно. Когда спичек нет можно разобрать.
Jacson Borges
Jacson Borges 2 days ago
Иван Сидоров
В место "Рэд Була" надо было огнетушитель обмотать лентой и запихать во внутрь.
David Barr
David Barr 4 months ago
Christmas gift for an enemy.
Fina Ni
Fina Ni 2 months ago
23:23 Hermosa elección 😘 loveme.Uno/massya de los mejores conciertos 💙🇪 🇷 🇴 🇹🇮🇨 🇴 ❤️ 15:55 Setacy: "Hyper" 11:12 Sun: "Hotter" 11:12 Hopi: "Sweeter" 00:18 Joonie: "Cooler" 18:00 Yoongi: "Butter" 15:55 Amoy: "Monks" 23:23 Son unos de los mejores conciertos, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente 🖤️23:23 Hermosa elección 😘 loveme.Uno/massya de los mejores conciertos 💙🇪 🇷 🇴 🇹🇮🇨 🇴 ❤️ 15:55 Setacy: "Hyper" 11:12 Sun: "Hotter" 11:12 Hopi: "Sweeter" 00:18 Joonie: "Cooler" 18:00 Yoongi: "Butter" 15:55 Amoy: "Monks" 23:23 Son unos de los mejores conciertos, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente 🖤️.
marcell bravo bust
marcell bravo bust 3 months ago
Quedó de lujo .. wow. Y si solo se hace la estructura...y luego se ilumina con una vela por dentro "el resultado sería Realmente LUMINOSO" !!!... Mmmmm...🙄🙄🙄.... Jajajaja jajajaja 😆🤣. Buen video. 🇨🇱🙋🏻‍♂️✌️✌️✌️✌️.
D.H FACTS(Odia) 3 months ago
Nice yarr but expensive minimum invest is ₹400 need.By the way really amazing looking 🔥❤️
Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash 3 months ago
So, just aim for the light.💥
Kitty Soviet
Kitty Soviet 4 months ago
Ah yes "Well Done" Tips, certainly using mostly full lighters and wiring them to any voltage won't be any hazard. Mostly the makeshift connection, being woken up by a loud af bang maybe even in the middle of the night wouldn't be anyhow triggering someone's PTSD xD
slayer 1
slayer 1 3 months ago
Even though they have fluid in them it makes them less likely to catch on fire but I see your point PTSD all the way bang bang pap pap vroom ahhh!
Snow Whitch
Snow Whitch 4 months ago
That shit will do more then a loud bang, that shit will most likely light a good portion of the room or area it's in on fire
Boss Vlogs
Boss Vlogs Month ago
Just be careful because it might explode because it still has lighter fluid Still cool though
Недопонятый гений (правда круто)
No You
No You 3 months ago
Wow electricity and flammable liquid so smart.
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