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We react to the most dangerous places in the world, from zip lining over a volcano to the deepest hole in the ocean. These are places you don't want to go to!
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Dec 6, 2021




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Comments : 10K   
@R2debo_ 2 years ago
We need a Beast Podcast with Jimmy and Chris talking about randomness
@ososos752 2 years ago
@certified.monkey 2 years ago
@jeffbj2004 2 years ago
@maybemid8224 2 years ago
@soydora669 2 years ago
@aarushborkar944 2 years ago
The Editor needs a raise. He does his job so well. Love him 😁😁
@darrkkkkk778 2 years ago
i thought Mr.Beast Edit hes videos
@XvyGaming 2 years ago
Bro he's editor gets paid 20,000 or even more
@critsal490 2 years ago
@Star-im7rw 2 years ago
or her(or them idk) but true
@scottl7116 2 years ago
@@darrkkkkk778 no
Jimmy: Why are people climbing in these tiny holes ? Also Jimmy: Today I'm gona spend 50 hours buried alive
I was looking for this comment lol 🤣
@milliedelaney78 2 years ago
@generalwilgo4493 2 years ago
so true
@adambissar1215 2 years ago
Mr beast: why are people climbing these holes Lasarbeam: that’s what I said to your mum
Chris: “we will never go to Antarctica” A years later Mr Beast: “We will be spending 50 hours in Antarctica”
@theomacintosh5288 10 months ago
@AMAN-tz1eh 7 months ago
@MaskReaction2025 6 months ago
@henryhuttinga7963 3 months ago
"no we aren't going to antarctica, its too dangerous" Around a year later: "I survived 50 hours in Antarctica!"
@Fish-cool 7 months ago
@MaskReaction2025 6 months ago
@TheerthaYTuber2013 4 months ago
@tubplayz160 Year ago
“What’s to do there? Nothing to do there.” I survived 50 hours in Antarctica!
@MilitaryUpdate 2 years ago
the fire that never goes out, it's so terrible
@NehaalKing908x7 2 years ago
@polar9692 2 years ago
just mine the netherrack
@tsaylm 2 years ago
@XD PolaBearDaGamer omg genius
@matsander1128 2 years ago
@@polar9692 good idea, let’s try it out xD
@Nogi7sune 2 years ago
Been going on for 40 years
@LapisLunaxx 2 years ago
The closest I've ever been to experiencing an earth quake is a tiny shift in tetonic plates that moved the ground a bit.
@SubaVr24 2 years ago
I've been in an earthquake before an entire building fell down!!!!
@lindseygoff5290 2 years ago
Never new Chris was so naturally fact smart. Learn something new every time Watching these videos
@imsomeone5979 2 years ago
Are you related to Jared Goff
@mr.baconboi6897 2 years ago
u do realize they have scripts right?
@Beaniedippie234 2 years ago
Wait...they have scripts? I thought they were just naturally funny.
@akididrus7560 2 years ago
@@Beaniedippie234 I think the jokes aren't scripted
@anushkatiwari8354 2 years ago
7:47 Chris: Whats to do in Antarctica? *Year later* Jimmy: We're going to Antarctica for 50hrs!
4:07 one of the best Star Wars game i've ever played
@jethyman Year ago
Джимми: Мы не поедем в антарктиду Сейчас: Провести пятьдесят часов в Антарктиде
@_mentos_2743 10 months ago
@jethyman 10 months ago
@@_mentos_2743 ?
@CH-2ch 2 years ago
*I agree with that guy, we need a Breast Podcast with Jimmy and Chris talking about randomness 🔥*
@CH-2ch 2 years ago
*wait .. I mean Beast*
@johngeorge4299 2 years ago
I am first hecker
@mrfunni1858 2 years ago
Here before heckers comment blows up I I \ /
@benteash5761 2 years ago
@Debo Gaming
@gin4339 2 years ago
@erynmalloy8605 2 years ago
I’m convinced Chris knows something about everything
True 👌
@@aksharabohara8a jxidiqksudidj,,,,,,
@rennkura664 Year ago
Well he's a dad after all
@eruditex1989 2 years ago
Chris is just the guy full of experience.
Just to mention the Queimada Grande island or snake island (in Brazil) is considered the most dangerous place in the world and is located near the coast of São Paulo
@HarrisssT 2 years ago
That earthquake in Japan is footage from the Japanese earthquake of 2011. It costed around $200 billion usd and was a magnitude 9.0 on the Richter scale, which makes it one of the most powerful earthquakes in the world. The impact of the earthquake caused a huge tsunami, which caused the most destruction.
@MarcoGarcia-xz6bi 11 months ago
Chris: Antarctica is stupid we would never go there! 2 month's later: I survived 50 hours in Antarctica! Chris: This is so sick!!!
@yukikat4448 Year ago
Remember when they said they wouldn't ever visit Antarctica?
He jinxed them lol
Welp they went
Ironic isn’t it
@Carols-ss6lf Year ago
But Chris didn't go with the team, right?
@stevenvaldez8630 2 years ago
If Jimmy and Chris has a Netflix series I would binge it in a day
Chris I would swim with sharks and buckets with you for sure. I’ve done it once. But I didn’t get that bucket reaction 😂
@gigahertzmedia734 11 months ago
Jimmy: We're never going to Antarctica. Well that aged well...
@chumwargames 2 years ago
Chris is right about that, I love the parts where he explains, it's true that there are over 200 bodies on mount everest and most of them are in groups.
Yea there’s a movie called Everest that’s about a guy gets frost bite but people in the movie their body gets left
300 bodies
@MaskReaction2025 6 months ago
@tamaraalvarez8535 9 months ago
Conocí a alguien que le gustaba hacer esto 5:17 , se cayo y perdió la memoria, cuando lo vi realmente tenia miedo, hablar con él y que cada minuto volviera a empezar con la misma pregunta fue terrible. No fue divertido... lo bueno es que mi amigo se mejoro casi por completo
@MantisBk 9 months ago
Qué terrible, por lo menos se llevó un aprendizaje y ya está bien
@CheZGamesOfficial 2 years ago
Mr Beast always helping others and bringing the best quality videos, we love to see it!
@darthrevan7231 2 years ago
Here before it blows up!!!!!
@David-ve5iq 2 years ago
The beast quality.
@darthrevan7231 2 years ago
@@MrUssy101 Shut up take a hike
@immortaldoge9318 2 years ago
@VelsYT 2 years ago
@Asdfghjklasdf 2 years ago
I’m always happy to see Jimmy and Chris express their personalities with these videos they make my day so much better
@user-wh6cr9xn7f 10 months ago
@wwhw1401 9 months ago
​ ///❤
@tongyang6599 7 months ago
The brave camera man deserves a reward for his bravery
Chris saying that "we" arent going to antartica is a self fulfilling prophecy
@Orihnge 7 months ago
Crazy to think what unknown discoveries are hidden in dangerous or secluded areas.
@dboy3401 2 years ago
Chris is actually pretty knowledgeable when it comes to random facts
@tvm-manducktv8375 2 years ago
Look ♫ Look ♫ Look ♫ ✨😊💕 May the ducks heal you 😊✨💕
@cozmeticzz 2 years ago
@stare4539 2 years ago
might be concerned
@dboy3401 2 years ago
@@cozmeticzz huh?
@lucasthedukas3383 2 years ago
The most dangerous road i was on was on one of the roads to mount rushmore. Which was very high and had barley any guard rails.
@YourManMichael 2 years ago
Chris' reactions to the snakes and sharks brought me much joy
@dessa_0 2 months ago
4:19 This reminded me of recent events in Maceió, Brazil 😢
2:20 This place is Mount Washington in New Hampshire. It's has the world record for the fast wind speed ever recorded. You guys NEED to go there in the winter. I highly recommend going up in the snow coaches. It's something you need to experience!
@user-dm2ut1wx4m 4 months ago
Mr Beast always helping others and bringing the best quality videos we love to see it!
@mrrd4444 2 years ago
Chris's response to snakes and sharks is great actually, he's right
@tvm-manducktv8375 2 years ago
Look ♫ Look ♫ Look ♫ ✨😊💕 May the ducks heal you 😊✨💕
@qundaledingle8471 2 years ago
@Santa 🅥 do ddoo do doddo dod
@Stylo_arts 2 years ago
Snake has no body heat
@baddgeeksquad 2 years ago
@tivy2398 2 years ago
I love how Chris literally knows everything....
@gguuugyay 2 years ago
The Editor needs a raise. He does his job so well. Love him
@CoIe4 9 months ago
“Bro they just turned boiling water into snow!” *Welcome to Canada*
I love how Chris has a fact about everything
A year ago Chris says that they would never go to Antarctica and yet here we are a year later and they DID go to Antarctica LOL the irony
@sidmax245 2 years ago
Jimmy is so dedicated props to him on uploading on this channel more nowadays
@KristenGaming_ 2 years ago
We totally need a Beast Podcast with Jimmy and Chris talking about randomness
@zaiku-_ 2 years ago
The camera man who recorded this needs a prize!
@Luminarr Year ago
They can be recorded through drones
@mathieulachance151 11 months ago
I can really relate to just playing with a zipo lighter 24/7 😂😂 It probably is because I have ADHD but still.
@Jen-zk9se 2 years ago
That road in Bolivia is no joke! There are actually tour companies that will take you down it on mountain bike. Just be sure to go with a reputable company. There were some instances of faulty bikes/brakes with some shady tours.
@Emiliano-Bau Month ago
3:25 What volcanos are those?
@thiccflashy8754 2 years ago
2:05 I got caught lacking
@azurearcade2214 2 years ago
Can we all agree that we need a podcast with Jimmy and Chris discussing randomness in our daily life
you can tell the editors really love their job it's just so wholesome
@XinLao1069 11 months ago
What if the first guy founds there is no gap for his hands to climb up and he has to go back now
@BAL_productions 2 years ago
6:55 this is replying to Chris's question about what do you do when their is an Earthquake. Drop. Cover. Hold on. In most situations,you can protect yourself if you immediately: If you are inside,stay inside. If you are in a high-rise building,drop,cover,and hold on. If you are inside a crowded place,drop,cover,and hold on. If you are outside,stay outside.
@matthewboire6843 11 months ago
Good to know
5:34 the bicycle tyres have friction man
@mokuhyo3441 2 years ago
5:15 "And you have to go back out, the way you came in" ~ If you know, you know. 😏
oh no 😳
@matthewboire6843 11 months ago
A lot of the newer buildings in Japan are built on springs because of all the earthquakes
@lewissoderberg342 2 years ago
I agree aswell, we need a podcast with jimmy and cris talking about randomness
@Jussstto Year ago
I heard that Ohio is a place that has haunted houses and creepy places such as forests (it’s creepy there)
@criii4950 2 years ago
I love hearing Chris talk factually about these things 😂
@Axcool24 4 months ago
“Giant Rock, Climb” - Beast Reacts 2021😂😂😂
@tylerrose3633 2 years ago
0:08. If I remember my geology facts, this place, the "Gates of H311", was created when a mining drill collapsed a section of the land and exploded. The ensuing fireball lit a gas vein which still burns to this day.
@Morxify 2 years ago
Cool Fact!
@blevination 2 years ago
I'm so claustrophobic in small places even if I'm familiar with it.
@kylanrebalkin8538 2 years ago
You should of let Chris finish his statement about the earth, he was teaching me more than my social teacher.
@juanpena100 Year ago
7:11 its just SpaceGodzilla😊
@kyky8636 2 years ago
Jimmy and Chris never disappoint
@noscopfollout1041 3 months ago
1:28 what are mountains for to clime.
@vivi6228 2 years ago
Chris’s humor is so cool he can literally say anything and make it funny.
@Pj free fire roses are red Violets are blue Begging is useless And so are you
@srijagoswami2183 2 years ago
@@Insurancemutualmors Savage
@sattwikpadhi 2 years ago
@@Insurancemutualmors lesssgo
@timmyggztv 2 years ago
Watching people in those small spaces gives me total anxiety.. the thought of getting stuck is fear inducing
@traviscannon5029 2 years ago
Mr Beast: "why would anyone want to do that?" Alss Mr. Beast: sits in a coffin underground for two days
Yea your honest I see
@wibiarta100 6 months ago
Wow there is Indonesia, greetings from Indonesia Mr best 👍
@chickenthief1673 2 years ago
I’ve def noticed a step up in editing it’s amazing what this man will put into all his channels.
@THEkillerking000 5 months ago
"Is that a sand measurer?" No its a wind gauge
@vishnukamal8737 2 years ago
3:00 chris is too lit
@harryli5303 Year ago
the editor for this channel is honestly the best editor on yt
@enzymerc6969 2 years ago
I vividly remember someone explaining the cruise ship, basically what happened was the gyroscope, which steadied the ship, switched off, or malfunctioned, so the waves just bashed the ship around
You sus mr or Mrs
Hola jimmi acá en Perú te queremos mucho por favor ven a perú a Huanta-Ayacucho
@Tamawin978 Year ago
year later: i survived 50 hrs in Antarctica!
@NorbYyY_GG 2 years ago
2:14 Students: theres no way the math teacher comes! Its too snowy and windy! The math teacher: *ultra instinct intensifies*
@sahanc.8000 2 years ago
Chris's fun facts are always epic lol
of course he is, he's a dad
@masked3317 2 years ago
The white line is one of the most dangerous mountain biking trails ever and it's insane
@Slevin379 2 years ago
I agree with the guy that agree with the guy, we need a Beast Podcast with Jimmy and Chris talking about randomness
@augustlee2710 9 months ago
My friend lives in the mountains and he has half an hour to go to Everest, we are both Russians 😊
2:07 Respect for the people who actually closed their eyes
@yaven8338 2 years ago
For the first stunt, the dude zip lined over a fire hole for science. He picked up samples to see if life could actually survive in that climate.
@vjuarez8068 2 years ago
Jimmy: what's the benefit of going into small spaces? Also jimmy: im going to be buried alive in a coffin
@Kaj_zo7dw 2 months ago
Jimmy is the type of person to say “wowzers!” To a struggling homeless man then give him a 25M dollar mansion
@GetLostwithBrooks 2 years ago
Hey, this is the ice cave guy! Exploring the glacier was spooky. Love that my adventure made it on your list!
@KittenSprite 2 years ago
Woow you did that!?
At 4:58? Nah that ain’t you.
@med5898 Year ago
@@mypfpisliterallyyou6126 no at 3:40
@user-xq1rs8qj6d 10 months ago
that road in the rocks was hammered by the residents of this Chinese village on their own due to the fact that people in the village were tired of going down to the city to buy groceries
@gmg813 2 years ago
0:38 - Me who is watching on a cruise ship...
We need a Beast Podcast with Jimmy and Chris talking about randomness!
@the_void6645 Year ago
Back to our original question: with amniotic eggs showing up roughly 340 million or so years ago, and the first chickens evolving at around 58 thousand years ago at the earliest, it's a safe bet to say the egg came first. Eggs were around way before chickens even existed.
@saju3148 Year ago
@lizvladeck6045 7 months ago
jimmy you are the nicest person on the planet you give money to people in need
@Its_Jayce11 Year ago
sharks are actually decently friendly. Of course, there are the attacks here and there but Chris, you can pet a shark. I've done it and I was 7 at the time.
@reidaiden 6 months ago
in day time the sharks are peaceful but at night they go hunt so they look scary 2:50
7:55 Chris was opening his mind and Jummy didn't let him finish
@pyrosmith3547 2 years ago
I loved the OG references, Narnia, Battlefront 2, man the memories.
@xxnvytechxx6417 2 years ago
My uncle was the first person with prosthetic knees to summit Mount Everest. He always has great stories.
@user-dy6jk9jd7p 7 days ago
@hard_as_a_rock9 2 years ago
I was on holiday in Italy when there was an earthquake but we weren’t very near the epicentre and we were in a shop when a massive glass vase fell off the shelf. We didn’t even know that there was an earthquake until later in the day
@MrKahkoo 6 months ago
1:31 Runit Dome - Enewetak Atoll, Marshall Islands
@ashleybrooke8759 2 years ago
Who knew Jimmy and Chris watching catastrophes would be this entertaining and hilarious🤣
@tvm-manducktv8375 2 years ago
Look ♫ Look ♫ Look ♫ ✨😊💕 May the ducks heal you 😊✨💕