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Professional Red Bull athlete Robbie Maddison jumps his motorbike 374 feet from a ski jump


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Apr 1, 2024




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Comments : 2.8K   
@advancify_ 16 days ago
Red Bull be having a world record for most world firsts at this point
@sethb3090 16 days ago
Hey, that's another world record!
@fakeaintreal 16 days ago
​@@sethb3090you are the first to comment on this comment, its a world record, gratz
@zanib8880 16 days ago
This is not even worlds first. A finnish guy did this like 15 years ago, I believe its on youtube if you search something like ”Jussi Seljas ski jump”
​@@fakeaintrealyou are the first to comment about the comment being commented on, NEW WORLD RECORD!
@user-kr3yq7wf8b 16 days ago
The energy drink is just a sideline.
@NicciSS 16 days ago
These guys have the balls of bedrock💀
@gamergod123q8 16 days ago
@JoPsyph 16 days ago
Ol' bedrock balls
@timojixio9881 16 days ago
I prefer this one, to the comment above, saying they have nerves of steel.
​@@timojixio9881 that's one of the reasons this one here had 5 more like than the other one as of when I wrote this
@cassowary_FPV 16 days ago
‘high compressional strength’
@stanlaferr7508 10 days ago
As a former rider, I’m speechless. So smooth the way my boy held position and controlled the landing. Beyond amazing
@Crow-jg4sj 7 days ago
You would for 💰
You weren't a rider those are just illusion in your mind
@bestjoerogan86 4 days ago
dont you mean delusion ​@@MickeySmallz-ho9mr
@@bestjoerogan86 no I said it right
@KM-kr9ph Day ago
You nailed it man. All my friends and I were tearing it up back in the mid-80s but there's no words for how far the sport and industry has become. The riders, like you had mentioned, have pushed the best technologies to limits I never would have imagined. My CR250 Elsinore was a pretty hairy ride back in the day but I wouldn't even know where to start on these bikes.. 😂😂😂 Cheers man. Sp
@WIREDin1 11 days ago
I cant unhear the v twin engine noise right before the launch. still insane regardless. mental.
@erikiwaniw8283 6 days ago
I so much agree. Like when movies put the wrong car engine noise
@JuanSchwartz 6 days ago
Sounded like back compression to me. I figured he found the speed needed for the jump and just completely backed off the throttle as to go as easy as possible. But also I've never jumped a ski jump with a dirt bike, so I'm probably wrong.
@erikiwaniw8283 6 days ago
@@JuanSchwartz nah, definitely added audio from some Harley Davidson bc their audio cut out at the jump spot.
@adammiller9179 4 days ago
lol. I always notice that stuff in movies. Watch how they use a Redtail Hawk's call for every bird soaring in the sky.
​@@erikiwaniw8283 its hard to get clean audio, basically all audio if it sounds clean like this is added. It's just for effect, so it doesn't matter. You wouldn't be hearing this bike anyway, you'd just be hearing *_some bike_*
@yeahprettymuch3 16 days ago
redbull: do you value your life? "no" redbull: welcome to the team!
@noppis 16 days ago
hahaha love it
@jabirearly8992 16 days ago
Bro😂😂😂 on spot 👌 📝✍️✍️✍️
@Dishanta_Goswami 16 days ago
Very original
@glttched 16 days ago
incapable of making an original comment
@chrisbaldwin8293 16 days ago
Does this mean I can be a red bull sponsored athlete
@wendim 16 days ago
Shaking from fear: ❌ Shaking from the caffeine: ✅✅✅
@Dr.Westside 16 days ago
I guess you don't know what adrenaline is
@SquigleyJr 16 days ago
underrated comment
@BlueShellshock 15 days ago
Better not be shaking during the landing, that's for sure.
@johnxina- 15 days ago
redbull doesnt even have that much caffeine
@darkhunter777 15 days ago
Крепкий позвоночник ))
@richardlee9825 6 days ago
The landing was sooooo smooth. Great jump
@kurtrypar5062 10 days ago
Oh boy! Unbelievable! That's bike control at it's best! 👍👍🤝
@agorra6973 15 days ago
That must be such a unreal feeling, sending yourself over 300ft is nuts
@wetnapkin8848 15 days ago
@rickprobst7555 10 days ago
@johnbuck5181 10 days ago
I would definitely have butterflies in my stomach.
@xithappens 10 days ago
Sending myself over 10ft is already a challenge which I haven't been able to overcome. These guys are a different breed altogether.
Still nothing compared to the actual ski jump record which is 832ft
@rainizard8691 16 days ago
These stuntmen’s have nerves of steel!
stuntmen* (sorry if im nitpicking on you)
@@justarandomguy1808Nah, he’s right. Its stuntmen’s in reference to anyone period who dose this stuff
@user-yu2dk5kl4z 16 days ago
You mean balls?😂
@rohaanqureshi252 16 days ago
Balls* to be exact
@Ulvetann 16 days ago
You are saying Norwegians are natural stuntmen? -I'll take that as a compliment.
Tremendo saltó brutal saludos desde Puerto Rico MUCHAS BENDICIONES
@robotpizza.3472 6 days ago
Holy crap he was in the air forever! That landing was perfect! So, when does this event enter the Olympics...cause I would watch this!!
@mrichards4724 12 days ago
@redbull you guys don't f**k about! Massive respect for the amount of money you put back into supporting motorsport and extreme sports. Legends!
@V3x0r 6 days ago
@Redbull putting some of the best content on youtube. The energy drink thing is just a side hustle.
@johnpoole7327 4 days ago
Put wings on that thing.
Lol right😂​@@V3x0r
@rysujese1264 16 days ago
It's crazy that ski jumpers actually go even further without any motors.
@KT-lo4qo 14 days ago
not really, when you think about it. Skiers reach speeds up around 60 mph (95kmh). the posture of a ski jumper is much more aerodynamic that guy on a motorcycle. And that motor that gives the extra speed, is only weighing him down once in the air.
​@@KT-lo4qo its the aerodynamics, mass doesnt affect time to fall
@LightPink 14 days ago
​@@KT-lo4qo that is crazy!
@jackistripping 14 days ago
@@TheMisteryFrancisconot true, mass directly affects time to fall lmao. Force of gravity= mass x gravity, therefore higher mass means more force from gravity, which pushes something toward the earth faster.
@98danielray 14 days ago
​@@jackistripping... my guy. m×a = m×g. the higher force is directly balanced out by the higher mass to give the same acceleration. all of the "aerodynamic" discourse counts air resistance, but in a vaccuum, mass does not matter.
@ramanan4561 2 days ago
Man looking at it is giving me shivers. ... His control mid air and landing is so on point
@jamescrowe1807 9 days ago
That man knows how to fly. Awesome skills bro
@PeterZaitcev 15 days ago
For my non-American friends: He launched at ~114km/h and travelled 114m while in the air.
@robertwilson1827 15 days ago
and VS a skier???
@PeterZaitcev 15 days ago
@@robertwilson1827 ?
@user-gv9mi6gd2e 13 days ago
@__alves_ 13 days ago
Thanks worldwide friend
@antoniookubo5374 13 days ago
@fisolfas 16 days ago
Thank you so much RedBull for this entertainment
@redbull 16 days ago
you're welcome 😌
@dayafteryesterday 16 days ago
@@redbullfirst reply comment like! Yessssh 🤓
@KunalIngole-tm5vs 16 days ago
Nah bruh redbull actually responded😂
@tlaeslu1 16 days ago
@@redbull I am looking forward to see the show on snow.
@ogbobbyj9 10 days ago
That is beyond gnarly!!! 🤙
damn so freaking much respect I have for that guy greetings from Belgium Oli
@souvikmondal6161 16 days ago
The rider must have balls of steel
@Xiph1980 16 days ago
It's actually surprising they managed to jump that far, with the amount of gravitational attraction they exert on the earth.
@souvikmondal6161 16 days ago
@@Xiph1980 im surprised how his balls didnt hurt when the bike landed from the air!
No, Balls of Red Bull
@hanslessan7252 16 days ago
Warum??? Skispringer, springen weiter
@It_-_Is_-_Meee-_- 16 days ago
@AppleGonCrumble 15 days ago
Holy moly, the sound editing was absolutely absurd in this video. Yall must have used engine sounds from like 4 separate vehicles 💀
@johndurrett7075 8 days ago
Nothing will ever top the REDBULL freefall from SPACE..130000+ feet.
Man was feckin flying 😂🔥🔥
@lilukie44 14 days ago
"Hey guys, you know what this video needs? The sound of a Harley going by as he goes off the jump!"
@luke1811 9 days ago
Lol you're right. The sound from the first shot is real, but after that what the heck
@rtsCRFTS 9 days ago
Right! WTF
@Sudulicious 8 days ago
I think it's because of the sound resonance from the curve shaped ramp, the microphone most likely was on the motorcycle or the ramp
@tazzjazz 8 days ago
i dont thinks redbull would do such a mistake, most probably some ramp related audio distortion happened.
I think it had to do with the acoustics of the ramp, the bike holding steady at part throttle, and the helicopters rotor mixing into the bike sound. Or maybe they had like a timing map set to retard and keep the bike at the right speed?
@TheRealMick 14 days ago
Excellent, particularly the bit where he fitted a V-twin engine half-way down the ramp, then changed it back again before he took off! 👍
I thought there'd be more comments about that.
@garretlewis2661 14 days ago
Was looking for this too, you would think they would know
@jesserowe8986 14 days ago
Lmao 😂 tha fully someone else heard that as well haha
@honda2363 12 days ago
Thank you for this comment.👍
@Dylan9 12 days ago
Multiple shots?
When I rode, I loved flying downhill like that. You feel like you are really flying.
@Nick_B_Bad 12 days ago
It went from 1 cylinder dirt bike to a twin cylinder Harley. Now that’s amazing!
@HatcheDWheeL 11 days ago
I had to scroll for an eternity to find this comment.
@JerkinJoshXD 3 days ago
They should fire the audio editor
@smgdfcmfah 3 days ago
Went from Robbie Knievel to Evel Knievel!
@SaffatPlayZz 16 days ago
Redbull: "Tell me about yourself." Person: "I do not care about my life." Redbull: "Habibi welcome to Redbull."
@jakerose3872 16 days ago
lol there is a difference between skill and not caring about your life... just because the most exiting thing you do all day is leave a youtube comment doesn't mean everyone wants to live a such a boring and unexciting life...
@gameosphere7660 14 days ago
​@@jakerose3872 tell the public you don't know a joke, without telling the public you don't know a joke.
@jakerose3872 14 days ago
@gameosphere7660 lol, tell the public? I wasn't telling the public I was telling saffat🤣
@SaffatPlayZz 14 days ago
@@jakerose3872 hey you guys should stop fighting
@jakerose3872 14 days ago
@SaffatPlayZz I'm not fighting. Fighting someone who is that stupid is probably against the Geneva conventions. I'm just letting him know he has more fingers and toes than braincells.
@ShastaBean 5 days ago
it's awesome to see so many of the things we talked about doing as kids - as a joke, actually being done.
@AW-kq2xx Hour ago
In the mid-90’s we did that as teenage ski racers off the Olympic ski jumps in Calgary. Security used to come chase us 😂
@sallowgame8 16 days ago
I feel like red bull is the only company to do the most sick stuff
@Dishanta_Goswami 16 days ago
The founder always loved extreme sports
@gtertgvsdfv4904 16 days ago
they actually do, those drinks are rubbish :)))
@themindset3329 16 days ago
Other drinks like Monster and Rockstar also sponsor extreme sports, racing teams and so on, but Redbull probably has the biggest budget. At least for marketing, because Monster is already bigger than Redbull as a company
@Hypercharged-03 16 days ago
@@themindset3329monster actually has drinks
@ItaThe3rd 14 days ago
​@@themindset3329They've just copied RedBull
@davidbivad123 14 days ago
For other non-Americans who dont know imperial measures: 114 km/h 113m
thank you dude
@footyball4394 7 days ago
💀 almost 120km/h over 100meters 😂😂😂😂😂 in the air
@sciencenate 4 days ago
Dirt bikes don’t normally do such massive step downs. The rider must have aimed for essentially a flat landing and the monstrous additional drop likely made everything line up perfectly so he could do the little rear wheel reach-touch down for maximum control.
@TRDOffRoad2020 5 days ago
We did this on our BMX bikes back in the early 80's without helmets and body guards. This is child's play to what we used to do 👊😎
@zaebos0079 3 days ago
And riding backwards of course smoking a cig
@Villaindits 16 days ago
At first i thought it was "Laughing at 71 mph😂😂"
@qppain_killer44 16 days ago
it will be sudden stroke for laughing at that speed
@Everready_904 15 days ago
For some reason I read backflip from ski jump
@user-uz2in5ce5k 16 days ago
You can tell this man has felt eternity in the air by how calm yet scared he seems after.
These riders have the biggest balls on the planet. Class of their own.
@cslloyd1 10 days ago
As a kid I used to fly about 50 feet on a small motorcycle. It is seriously freaky when you feel like you're waiting to hit before you over/under rotate. This is 7-8 times my jumps.
@Necronlord2011 16 days ago
"Still shaking" "What?" "The ground I'm walking on"
@TucoDog-ho6fw 16 days ago
As someone who has done a lot of riding, I still have no idea what it takes to do something like that. People are just amazing !
@davidb7358 11 days ago
He must have nerves of steel!
@user-vd6is7fg7h 2 days ago
OMG! Those guys are just BRAVE!!!🤩
@jeffgriff3837 8 days ago
This needs to be in the Olympics
@TopG-ue5mp 16 days ago
Jumping that far with B*llocks that large is F*cking impressive 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
@veryweirdyoutube 16 days ago
My anxiety level during the whole video 📈📈📈📈📈📈
@Janet-dougheth 5 days ago
Any type of fall would be disastrous. That guys got some balls damn!
@domi9639 5 days ago
This redbull guys are fucin crazy and i love it so much 😂😂😂
@alexposohov7426 14 days ago
Red Bull indeed gives you wings, congratulations to the driver and the team 🎉🔥
@Be-With-Marita 14 days ago
Who else dreamed of this as a kid every time I seen a ski ⛷️ jump on x games or anything on TV as a kid ❤ dude this was beautifully gnarly
@user-oi6xe2jg1c 10 days ago
This is proof that dreams do come true.
@jimmypeach8838 6 days ago
The skill to keep that bike level in the air...
@bramantyadandy 16 days ago
That’s not jump, that’s flying!
@DrDeuteron 16 days ago
no, he was falling. Ski jumping IS flying, and the record is 831 feet.
@Excl_Btw 15 days ago
Redbud gives you wings
@adle2 16 days ago
Bro drank a redbull before this
@judeelaman1902 16 days ago
He wouldn't have been able to fly so far without the wings
@adle2 15 days ago
@@judeelaman1902 fr
@camfg8908 9 days ago
Damn, he actually flew there at the end
@user-rv6sv4ee8c 17 hours ago
This is pure magic!
@John-ef7xo 16 days ago
Down hill jumps are the greatest . I miss those days .
@safsajid 13 hours ago
I’m not a biker but I’m super impressed at this man
@TheHunterSlayer7 14 days ago
Redbull gives you wings
@joshuab8011 Day ago
Love Redbull sports , best ever !
@user-jk6rl8ld3i 9 days ago
Man that dudes landing was just perfect 🧐🤔
@drjack5957 14 days ago
This is wild. These guys are equipped with the Red Bull wings!😅
@randomguy6336 16 days ago
Bro went flying 💀💀😭😭
@MrCountryboi04 2 days ago
They weren't kidding when they said Red Bull gives you wings
Love to know how the rear shock damping is set up for that! 😮
@hesus1474 16 days ago
If he had any more speed on that launch, he would have landed flat. Wild.
@BaKM1903 16 days ago
Redbull be doing crazy stuff everyday 😂
“Launching at 71 mph” I would’ve believed you if you said 711 mph, bro was pickin up serious speed.!! 😅
@user-dm9mb2mz7e 10 days ago
These guys got balls of steel
@blackdragon5306 16 days ago
@DukeNuggets69 16 days ago
~114meters for logical people
@Grainory 2 days ago
No drone, just straight up helicopter? That's awesome
Doing it on skis is just as gnarly. 🤘
@vaporub19 16 days ago
"Are your balls the equivalent weight of our galaxy?" "Sure" "Welcome aboard!"
@stephen9302 5 days ago
Respect for the BALLS OF STEEL these guys have!!🎉
@user-mx8hd7fi7g 5 days ago
God bless you red bull with respect
@rzrrox4202 4 days ago
Damn that looked intense! I wouldnt be doing that but its cool seeing others doing it.
@art2d2099 Day ago
they should make this an official sport
@hmccarty7189 5 days ago
Thats an amazing bike 4 different manufacturers sounds
@MONKMIKE 9 days ago
The sound FX gets me every time.. 👍🏻😆
Eso es tener un control físico y mental extraordinario para realizar tal proeza 😮
Increíble ese piloto no es nada fácil hacer ese salto...ese dominio de la moto es tener muchísima experiencia muchísimas horas en moto
Awesome, I really liked the Harley engine swap about 2/3 of the way down.
@petemc5070 9 days ago
Beautiful landing.
Somebody get that man an fpv drone! We need some angles!!! 🔥
@samgardner4667 2 days ago
Recognize this spot from the amazing race. My legs were sore just looking at the stairs
This guy: red bull can you give me wings? Red bull: best i can do is a very large ramp
@ansmfella 8 days ago
That wind FX in that shot 👌😎
@chrisgilbert9994 13 hours ago
Great bike control ❤
@SOGUCCI 8 days ago
Even more remarkable that this turf he landed on is incredibly slick, took some skill not yo lay the bike down upon landing. 💯
@user-ti7sp8xp6v 2 days ago
My hat goes off to you man, that took the guts of a god
@ginoasci2876 8 days ago
I would try that jump….the right bike at the right speed, looks like a relatively easy and smooth landing
@konradm6514 10 days ago
We in Europe doing this without engine only with two wooden panels and the record is 253.5 meters. (830 feet) :) Launching speed usually around 60 to 65 mph
Almost 100 more feet than football field.. Unreal feet that u can carry ur whole life and look back on. Truly unbelievable!!
@Sandruska_.xE. 4 days ago
At this point this is just normal daily routine for RedBull 💀
@eatcat2 9 hours ago
The sound of the wind w that landing...nice
@richpitty 4 days ago
It looked so smooth you'd never think that was 374 feet what a set of balls on him
@daleradder7354 5 days ago
Cool looks like fun. Nice take off and landing ramp.
@ivycreech2291 2 days ago
I was like "oh thats not too high up, he can land that" *video pans out* "Oh...he'll make it"
@user-ny6sx1cw8b 10 days ago
This is really spectacular!
@T.K.9 9 days ago
I like how he is full sending the throttle even though he is flying
Stroke by stroke 💪
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