New York City Reacts to the Worlds 2023 Opening Ceremony (Feat. NewJeans, Heartsteel, & More!) 

David Szajnuk
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Full Opening Ceremony: • Worlds 2023 Finals Ope...
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Nov 19, 2023




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Comments : 282   
@dazeemy 2 months ago
loved now everyone screamed when newjeans showed up. their performance was amazing and the visual effects were so cool. definitely my favourite opening ceremony 🤍💗
for realllll
@purnimagurung8567 4 months ago
Heartsteel performance was on fire and Baekhyun nailed the dance 😍🔥
@RuthlessTragedy 4 months ago
He did kill the dance 🔥
@StarlightMist4 4 months ago
I thought he was one of the members of BTS.
@queenma4246 4 months ago
​@@StarlightMist4he's from EXO kpop group
@ahrianagrande4355 4 months ago
@@StarlightMist4no, He’s from exo
@winauien5157 4 months ago
​@@StarlightMist4No. He is Baekhyun from Exo.
@jukesvg4788 4 months ago
I loved the whole performance. Favorite part was the teams coming up from the floor, idk why but it gave me mad chills
@DavidSzajnuk 4 months ago
Player reveal is always GOATed
@zimmuska 4 months ago
i still wonder on WHAT they were standing. from where i was sitting in the venue, it looked like they stood on the table xd
@dodoexo-cw2ek 4 months ago
the fact that they just screamed loudly when BAEKHYUN showed up he's really a king
@kai-pop57 4 months ago
@ledasanchez2460 4 months ago
Es el mejor Baekhyun
@TheChunjian 4 months ago
not really😂 stop imaging
@dn-zx5hi 4 months ago
​@@TheChunjiankeep barking
@bella11110 4 months ago
​@@TheChunjianJealousy is bad for your health
@janne1204 4 months ago
Heartsteel's performance was awesome 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
@bengroseclose1795 5 months ago
Really cool to see a community like this, wish I lived in an area that had something like this.
@DavidSzajnuk 5 months ago
You can always build it yourself! 2 weeks ago there wasn’t anything planned in NYC but I pushed hard for it and this was the result :)
@user-bb5xz1yj8g 3 months ago
@@DavidSzajnuk you are amazing you are a gift to LOL community❤
@khafizu_official 4 months ago
The atmosphere changed instantly when NewJeans appeared, of course because Gods is an anthem every thing is dope 🔥
@antidave 4 months ago
But the performance wasn't it
@user-di5qm7yw5g 4 months ago
@@antidavewho ask?
@antidave 4 months ago
@user-di5qm7yw5g me but it's true that's why so many kpop stans are cringing a bit at this
@SleepCall-to1on 4 months ago
@@antidave you just saw your mom, NJ It is different 😂😂
@gv861 4 months ago
​@@SleepCall-to1onNJ is trash
@Sledgehead01 5 months ago
I LOVED THE OPENING CEREMONY!! I don't think it can top KDA/ elder Dragon opening but its up there!! The transitions were sooo clean!!
@DavidSzajnuk 5 months ago
2019 is still my peak moment but I definitely think this is top 3
@nikeleader3844 4 months ago
@@DavidSzajnuk Yeah 2019 top 1 for me :D
@minami-ns7xi 4 months ago
that dragon is definitely the best but what got me chills was the part where they transitioned camille. That was so cool!
@levi0saaaa00 3 months ago
10:38 the crowd when NJ appears
@ohlenylee5546 4 months ago
just one person can make everyone scream, I can't imagine if Baekhyun was with full members, I'm really amazed by Baekhyun's performance with Heartsteel!!!🎉❤❤❤❤
@sweetestbee 26 days ago
who the fuck is baekhyun
@bbbv97 4 months ago
Baekhyun 🙌
@halima-L-1485 4 months ago
Baekhyun ❤🔥🔥🔥🔥
Baekhyun ❤❤❤🎉
@zeinabbb983 4 months ago
Beakhyun is fire
@yellowladder5001 4 months ago
Baekhyun!!!!! 🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼
@RuthlessTragedy 4 months ago
I LOVE THIS! this is why league of legends will forever be great in our emotion and memories. People from all around the world gather to witness greatness on the highest level of Esports. I love league of legends and i love our esport fans!
@keepinspiring4701 4 months ago
@Baekkie_bae 4 months ago
Here just for HEARTSTEEL, they slayyy! 💚💜💙❤🔥🔥
@Meggymiyeko 4 months ago
The screams for baekhyun. He’s the genius idol blueprint 🥰
@talasy4853 4 months ago
baekhyun best vocal❤😍
@Yeolmae-jm9fc 4 months ago
Baekhyun is a true Legend!!
@Xxoxoentertaiment 4 months ago
I really loved that they screamed when newjeans came,i really love the anthemm
@selar6496 3 months ago
Because they're Gen Z, they don't even know the 2nd or 3d gen of kpop 😂
@user-di5qm7yw5g 2 months ago
@@selar6496 Another generation superiority comment 🤷‍♀️
@user-cv4gc2jb8c 4 months ago
Heartsteel beakhyun 😮😮🎉🎉🎉 dance+sing ❤
@moonlight_1462 4 months ago
King Baekhyun❤vocals dance and visuals all on point! Note that Baekhyun’s voice is not pre recorded. Incredible skills! No wonder he is King Baekhyun❤
@sweetestbee 26 days ago
who the fuck is baekhyun
@moonlight_1462 26 days ago
@@sweetestbee The talented guy in black who sings the chorus of Paranoia. He is a top singer from South Korea 🇰🇷 he also sang the US national anthem solo at MLB this week
@natki6425 4 months ago
heart steel baekhyun! omggg king vocalsss live
@doctor60123 4 months ago
Newjeans 💜💜💜
@RaaySantos 3 months ago
Eles gritando quando o Baekhyun entrou, ele canta, dança e ainda joga LOL simplesmente o rei do entretenimento ❤
@shantianxu 4 months ago
That guy sitting in the middle getting all emotional to all the songs is legit. 🔥 fck with the vibe and feels
@Mikurei-2007 4 months ago
NewJeans 🔥🔥🔥
Baekhyun's popularity is no joke.
@deistmutt 4 months ago
Whole crowd was kinda silent until NewJeans came out, then all of them started screaming
@iribilangboss1177 4 months ago
@series25a 4 months ago
This was an awesome reaction!!
@sodayi 4 months ago
Keria: Im just here to see New Jeans in the front row
@EKSO-El 4 months ago
Awe the cheer for baekhyun was so cute ❤
honestly baekhyun shouldve dyed his hair blue😂that would be epic
Baekhyun GENIUS IDOL! gamer et Faker's friend! Respect EXO!
@HelloSeoul02 4 months ago
It’s amazing, so beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing! 😍 Come to visit Christmas in Seoul, Korea too! ❤
@mylovememey4896 4 months ago
Come here because Heartsteel Baekhyun on fire 🔥
@vivica1117 4 months ago
baekhyun stole the show
@adinug5384 4 months ago
Pfftt All the performers are very good, don't be arrogant it will be detrimental to your beloved Baekhyun
@lovelykayyz 4 months ago
Time stamp?
@vivica1117 4 months ago
@@adinug5384 você aceitando ou não são só os fatos amor.
@bella11110 4 months ago
​@@adinug5384they are just praising him like everyone else is doing with the people they like, chill😅
@adinug5384 4 months ago
@@vivica1117 Best performance (rise) anthem
@godsentgosu08 4 months ago
Loved to see shops and bars playing worlds live stream just like NBA and football.❤
@toffeelatte9392 4 months ago
Thank you for sharing the vid!👍
Rewatch again and again this part 5:29 My Baby Baek❤
@Aquious 5 months ago
This was great u should show the reaction to the teaser!
@DavidSzajnuk 5 months ago
phone was on low battery and had to save it to vote for MVP so this was the only reaction I could get
i love the respect and cheers for baekhyun so proud of him all of these artists are wonderful
@MyLordHaechan 4 months ago
@herusmd1965 4 months ago
@exo_trr 4 months ago
Baekhyun killed it
@hermionee.g 4 months ago
@btsuniverserm6681 4 months ago
This was the best opening ceremony I have ever seen!
@luckyone2634 4 months ago
@nurhalee535 4 months ago
I love opening ceremony. I wish i just been there. Next year maybe
@RainaMovsin 4 months ago
@jaece09 4 months ago
I'm here for Baekhyun! 😂❤
@Bai_Su_Zhen 4 months ago
JDG x T1 teaser and the series was absolutely insane.
@littleboy746 4 months ago
Ngl I think this opening for me topped all the others. I was a big fan of what they've done this year with both Val and LoL. I can't wait to see how they make a music video about this years worlds
@kyoonguniverse 4 months ago
the reaction for baekhyun JDHJSH
@libemsanachanu2357 4 months ago
Baekhyun❤❤❤❤exo is on fire❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💯💯💯💯💯💯💯👍👍👍👏👏👏👏
@Vidz_vlog 4 months ago
So good❤❤
@Notaforumguy007 4 months ago
would be interesting to see them take the AR stuff further, I kinda of wonder how it looks in person vs on a TV screen.
@sherrylgalvan1580 4 months ago
EXO byun baekhyun❤❤❤
@DavidSzajnuk 5 months ago
Wanted to give my personal thoughts in the comments since this is more about the group reaction We had well over 200 people at the watch party as there is a whole area in the back that was standing room only that isn't visible on the video. Don't feel like I got to truly take it all in until rewatching later as I so conscious of making sure the event went well for everyone that I wasn't as relaxed to react. The redemption arc for Mako with Rise is insane! NewJeans crushed it and I loved that there was a continuous story throughout with the journey of the players. It was unique and felt like a massive step forward from last year where it lacked the continuity. The stadium, the setup, everything about this was incredible and I don't really have good words for how special of a moment this was. Hope you all enjoyed and have a great day :)
@SaraGon15 4 months ago
congratulations was awesome, but if i may ask, how did you do it? i mean rented the club/bar/place for the night? it was a cooperation with to many people involved or there was ticket for the entrance or something?.
@DavidSzajnuk 4 months ago
@@SaraGon15 I've been hosting watch parties in NYC all year, so I have a prexisting relationship with the venue. They weren't sure if they should do something for Worlds Finals and I convinced them to do it. I would promote the hell out of it to make sure people showed up and this was the result of those efforts! Entirely free, just wanted people to come and drink sales would make up the the revenue for the venue.
@SaraGon15 4 months ago
@@DavidSzajnuk amazing man amazing if i were in NYC absolutly would be there, your effort was not in vain, aside of the fun and all of that is good to have a base for this kind of entertaining since the e-sports are not yet so popular in the west and really few people take the chances or effort to do something like this, a massive W for you and the people of the venue.
@naturezhang771 4 months ago
T1 IS THE BEST ,They've taken down BLG, they've taken down LNG! It is not the LPL vs the LCK! It is T1 vs the LPL! 来自中国的粉丝,但是最令我感动的是Faker说的话:The third champion is for myself, and the fourth time, for my teammates(friends),伟大,无需多言!!!!
@debyeol7487 4 months ago
Everybody in shock but notbody sing? Ajaja Heartsteel Baekhyun❤
@ivanantonio9072 4 months ago
@be_delight 4 months ago
@sineTlsl 4 months ago
full video please 🙏🏻😮
@NyzoiB 4 months ago
Oh man, please post the reaction to the finals teaser that followed this!! So much more hype. Looks like you sadly stopped the video before though.....ahh
@DavidSzajnuk 4 months ago
Almost all of us saw it prior; it was the topic of conversation for a bit
@starktony7405 4 months ago
이게 한국이다
@lolboy-642 4 months ago
the guy in the left with WBG shirt. i feel so bad for him and all of the WBG fans 😭
@user-is2qp2gn6o 4 months ago
현장에 있었던 사람입니다. 아직도 그 순간을 잊지 못합니다
@190_salwash6 4 months ago
Omg, heartsteel uts my favorite
@pixie1802 4 months ago
NewJeans 🔛🔝
@n_gaming2022 2 months ago
the people in here very excited
@chpark-vk4gd 3 months ago
Oh My GOD !! NEW JEANS Great Performance Great!!!!
@user-habsbshsns 4 months ago
Newjeans queens
@shandar8100 4 months ago
Oh shiiit this is OS NYC 😂 Love this place
@monarlizarhtwe5464 4 months ago
BAEKHYUN ♥️♥️♥️♥️
@user-me2uj1ii6f 4 months ago
NJ slayed!!!!!
@shiver2524 4 months ago
18:56 lol
@mrsaputra23 4 months ago
Newjeans letsgooo
@77choirin 4 months ago
go for it 🎉 ths ! yr video ❤
@BaeRich_ 4 months ago
im here cz of baekhyun
@gundarvarr1024 4 months ago
New Jeans at 10:37
@Appleman291 4 months ago
Great reaction, thank you. Can we have gameplay reaction as well?
@DavidSzajnuk 4 months ago
Only had the camera rolling for this; needed my phone for other stuff during the series. Sorry to disappoint!
@Appleman291 4 months ago
@@DavidSzajnuk No problem, i understand) i hope you all guys enjoyed the game.
@user-ld5wm2tc2y 4 months ago
이 리액션 가슴이 웅장해지네 ㅋㅋㅋ
@moaswrld 4 months ago
Yall saying newjeans performance wasn’t it but everybody’s reaction said otherwise
@Syrin23 4 months ago
New Jeans kicks so much ass
@rimiko86 2 months ago
2017 ceremony still the best ever
@user-bs2gz5nr5n 4 months ago
하트스틸 멤버중 우리 백현만 유일하게 춤과 노래를 소화 해냈다는 사실!! 잊지마세요~~
@thanhtrung9146 4 months ago
Well, i was expect for the Faker said: " this fourth trophy is for my teammate " part 😅
@dokassi7976 4 months ago
Why your thumbnail not Baekhyun?
@Baekkie_bae 4 months ago
Ye the thumbnail is boring af, but Heartsteel ATE IT!! 🔥
Se fosse no Brasil as cadeiras já tava voando de tanta emoção de ver as new jeans
@almot3205 4 months ago
Goood ❤
@almeeraariyan220 4 months ago
Omg is that baekyun
@angelaoandasan3120 4 months ago
new jeans were so good ❤❤
@edabp9802 4 months ago
10:40 ICONIC NewJeans 💋
@_glitchser7582 4 months ago
Noooo need a teaser reaction
@kbk102 4 months ago
역시 페이커야
@GodLeonel 4 months ago
Where is the reaction to the teaseerrr???