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Sep 22, 2022




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Comments : 3K   
@cjnogodula Year ago
Michael just has the perfect lack of fear for bodily harm and lack of consideration to mechanical machines to be amazing at this
@AznE1337 Year ago
Brodin: “I learned that I’m good at killing people.”
@MikeAvoo Year ago
That transition from Michael whipping into the Corpse song was so fucking good. The editing was amazing.
John saying "ok, Jodi is watching" before his drift attempt is the most endearing thing ever
Michael makes every challenge look so easy. That man is a genius, literally.
@MaxRideout Year ago
I love that their early donut attempts were each so in character!
@musha2752 Year ago
As a person who drifts irl, I can say that considering this is Michael’s first time, he’s actually real good
@sailorm4y4ri Year ago
I like this John and Micheal duo. They take their lessons so earnestly, and seeing their excitement and passion is good content!
@MotoGinji Year ago
@_toulouse Year ago
The immediate transition from Brodin saying he has the tech down before crashing headfirst into the cones had me crying. “I learned I’m really good at killing people.”
Ngl, John talking to himself to increase his confidence was super relatable and very wholesome. Good job man! Absolute King. ✨️
I think Michael might be automatically good at anything he tries. John is excellent at analyzing himself and reflecting to get better. Brodin has a blast and picks things up quickly.
@JamesRNG30 Year ago
Michael: “I can’t drive stick”
Michael is actually intelligent, he picks up new skills so quick from boxing to drifting he just needs time to download the info he is given and he is set, i like that guy 👏
@JAY-lz6os Year ago
It's amazing that not only did you guys break the barrier on an amazing culture, but the teachers you guys chose are 10/10 people who have been in the drifting world since the conception of drifting was created. I'm almost 30 now but I remember this taxi car very much in the drift car/underground car scene.
you can see the smile from the drift kings eyes as he drove the boys around. hearing their laughter and joy made him very happy.
@ericvaldez75 Year ago
“Jodi’s watching” lol John locked it in and killed it, a mini series like this would be so dope
@bfab3162 Year ago
As someone with a few years of motorsport experience, who knows a thing or two about car control along with drifting: if I saw Michael’s driving with no context I’d be convinced he’s had at least 2-3 months of experience.
OTV needs a mini-series that's just Michael and John
@lilcholo2097 Year ago
I think it’s crazy how once John got over his fear all the gaming took over lmao controlling the steering wheel is the hardest part, the pedal is by far the easier of the two which is funny that that’s what scared him