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Sep 22, 2022




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Comments 2 875
cjnogodula 2 months ago
Michael just has the perfect lack of fear for bodily harm and lack of consideration to mechanical machines to be amazing at this
Allain Angcao
Allain Angcao 7 days ago
For a guy who essentially builds weapons in his videos, I’m surprised he doesn’t get badly hurt.
insert name
insert name 9 days ago
@Niko Heino would still be sick to see but hed def put a twist on it
Niko Heino
Niko Heino Month ago
@insert name well that would be relatively easy. as opposed to self driving cars on the public roads because the hard part is all the unexpexted situations and having to completely rely on real-time data. with formula drift you could prescan the track with a li-dar.
Ghost Bravo
Ghost Bravo Month ago
Are you really living if you aren't drifting when in Japan?
Jaren Cardente
Jaren Cardente 2 months ago
You worded it perfectly 🤣👌
Annie S
Annie S 2 months ago
I love watching Micheal immediately be good at something he's never tried
Kurokuma22 19 days ago
@parzival is also one of the many reasons why we fear him.
Zyodl Month ago
@Doin Rocks *that we know
Frek Month ago
@TheTruCloud its easy as fck just use some more clutch if youre driving up a hill.
Max C
Max C Month ago
@TheTruCloud really sounding like a person from a country where manuals are some rare thing
TheTruCloud Month ago
@Max C Have you ever tried driving manual? You don't know the terror of manual cars until you stall yourself on a hill.
TimothyCK 2 months ago
Michael makes every challenge look so easy. That man is a genius, literally.
Tipoirritable 24 days ago
John >
gvost 29 days ago
the creacher
Antix 2 months ago
It's because he understands the theory of sending it
Loud_ Hailer
Loud_ Hailer 2 months ago
John saying "ok, Jodi is watching" before his drift attempt is the most endearing thing ever
Precious Davila
Precious Davila Month ago
Naco MH
Naco MH 2 months ago
and then doing it almost perfectly 😏😏
Loud_ Hailer
Loud_ Hailer 2 months ago
@Krithika .-. 13:05 :)
Krithika .-.
Krithika .-. 2 months ago
Maximilian Reilly-McDowell
I love that their early donut attempts were each so in character! John: cautious and detailed. Brodin: chaos and destruction. Michael: talented, but in a way and to an extent that seemed to at once amaze, impress, and maybe kinda terrify the instructor. 😂😂😂
FUCKA YOU 2 months ago
Brodin: “I learned that I’m good at killing people.” -His torture victims- All of OTV: “We know.”
Vaxalicious 29 days ago
@Seriously? proof?
Kaye Labuga
Kaye Labuga Month ago
Hahahaha. This is on point.
SayonR 2 months ago
@Naveen I enjoyed it while it lasted ;")
Naveen 2 months ago
@SayonR welp now it's 3.4k
TyGuy8 2 months ago
@Seriously? proof where?
MikeAvoo 2 months ago
That transition from Michael whipping into the Corpse song was so fucking good. The editing was amazing.
IgnaJara Month ago
@CrackAddict its literally a drift phonk song... tf u talkin about
Chillaxal Month ago
@CrackAddict It was literally a phonk beat with Corpse's amazing rapping over it, cmon.
Sivinty Month ago
@CrackAddict it was on a phonk beat
CrackAddict 2 months ago
Shouldn’t have been a corpse song.. shoulda been a phone song 😢. It is the music of drifting after all
Nichole Dungo
Nichole Dungo 2 months ago
I like this John and Micheal duo. They take their lessons so earnestly, and seeing their excitement and passion is good content!
couu alis
couu alis 2 months ago
Knowing how much rae loves driving i can't help but wish she did this too! But john, Michael and crew are all GOATED
Musha 2 months ago
As a person who drifts irl, I can say that considering this is Michael’s first time, he’s actually real good
Avatar2k 9 days ago
@Musha the cap of helll
Musha Month ago
@KiLO I haven’t been to that many but in Japan, I enjoy going to Ebisu and Meihan, I’ve also gone to some small ones in different prefectures but I look forward to going to more in the future
KiLO Month ago
What circuit/track do you frequent? Would love to go to one.
MotoGinji 2 months ago
11:20 i love how you only see the top of michaels head pop out as if a 12 year old kid stole his dads car just to do drifts in the parking lot
Sandy Martinez
Sandy Martinez 25 days ago
I was looking to see if someone made a comment about that xD
James Gonzales
James Gonzales 2 months ago
Michael: “I can’t drive stick” Also Michael: proceeds to drift like a pro
Olivier 2 months ago
@Jesus Castillo yea that is what I am saying
Jesus Castillo
Jesus Castillo 2 months ago
@Olivier but it really wasnt that hard. they just dumped the clutch
Jesus Castillo
Jesus Castillo 2 months ago
@Olivier which is one of the hardest parts of driving stick. 1st gear.
Jack Wolfe
Jack Wolfe 2 months ago
Are we surprised? haha
AWanderingSwordsman 2 months ago
tbf micheal already drove a car with his brainwaves before so this probably felt easy and relaxing.
GO Kaizo!
GO Kaizo! 2 months ago
Ngl, John talking to himself to increase his confidence was super relatable and very wholesome. Good job man! Absolute King. ✨️
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 2 months ago
We now need a heart rate challenge for the rest of the members. John drifts first then Michael drifts them second
Southwind Guy
I genuinely have no idea why I didn't think this video would be good. It was absolutely amazing.
#1.ZeR0 2 months ago
Nothing out of the ordinary. Just Michael and John carrying OTV as usual 👍
Flat Out
Flat Out 2 months ago
@yeekrgb bar for bar
yeekrgb 2 months ago
@couu alis whyd you copy that other comment word for word ?
couu alis
couu alis 2 months ago
Despite it only being Michael, John, and Brodin, S tier OTV video. Them laughing at the end is pure serotonin.
toulouse 2 months ago
The immediate transition from Brodin saying he has the tech down before crashing headfirst into the cones had me crying. “I learned I’m really good at killing people.”
Nathan Uy
Nathan Uy 2 months ago
seeing michael's little head out the windshield while pulling off the sickest drifts ever is so funny.
MechaHika Month ago
@Ptao Tom classic brodin
Rossoneri 2 months ago
Wondering if he can ghost ride now
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 2 months ago
Brodin: “I learned that I’m good at killing people.” His torture victims All of OTV: “We know.”
Antonio Garcia
Antonio Garcia 3 days ago
This shit makes you giggle far more than any drug could. You literally can't help but smile. I love it!
Sarah Cuse
Sarah Cuse 2 months ago
I think Michael might be automatically good at anything he tries. John is excellent at analyzing himself and reflecting to get better. Brodin has a blast and picks things up quickly.
Ayumu Chan
Ayumu Chan 2 months ago
Michael is actually intelligent, he picks up new skills so quick from boxing to drifting he just needs time to download the info he is given and he is set, i like that guy 👏
JAY Month ago
It's amazing that not only did you guys break the barrier on an amazing culture, but the teachers you guys chose are 10/10 people who have been in the drifting world since the conception of drifting was created. I'm almost 30 now but I remember this taxi car very much in the drift car/underground car scene.
Jonathan Stone
Jonathan Stone 2 months ago
Despite it only being Michael, John, and Brodin, S tier OTV video. Them laughing at the end is pure serotonin.
RagingAsian 2 months ago
@Revilo1913 I like them too
Revilo1913 2 months ago
@RagingAsian so you're saying you don't like the other otv members?
Euan Grozman
Euan Grozman 2 months ago
That what makes it an an S tier video
Ryguy 2 months ago
@🌟 Wander the Nomad you are so smart. Not much gets by you.
II Goofy Lucy II
II Goofy Lucy II 2 months ago
and jason!
Matthew Morris
Matthew Morris 2 months ago
Really hope otv sees the insanely positive feedback of this vid and puts out more of the guys doing crazy stuff.
Sora 5 days ago
Everyone enjoying the video Me enjoying the intro: 👍
SEEKIN PEEKIN 2 months ago
the fact michael is naturally good at everything
Doobie Ferguson
Doobie Ferguson 2 months ago
Michael is one of those people you don't ever expect to do good at something and just naturally does amazing at everything
The_Changerang 2 months ago
OTV needs a mini-series that's just Michael and John
CatHat 2 months ago
They already did the Valentines day thing for their girlfriends, right?
Benson Tumatal
Benson Tumatal 2 months ago
Or just Brodin hitting more cones
Khalip 2 months ago
they should make one where its just micheal on his own channel
Snow 2 months ago
@Dumbtex meanwhile scarra and toast consumes many hentai at akihabara
Dr3wyBoi 2 months ago
@YajBae :/ weirdo
B Fab
B Fab Month ago
As someone with a few years of motorsport experience, who knows a thing or two about car control along with drifting: if I saw Michael’s driving with no context I’d be convinced he’s had at least 2-3 months of experience. Found this in my recommended and I must say you guys did great! Makes me wonder if one of you will fall into the car trap and get into racing or drifting as a hobby…
Yangus Khan
Yangus Khan 23 days ago
you can see the smile from the drift kings eyes as he drove the boys around. hearing their laughter and joy made him very happy.
han nah
han nah 2 months ago
Fully convinced Michael can do literally anything
Gustavo Gonzalez
Gustavo Gonzalez 4 days ago
LilCholo209 2 months ago
I think it’s crazy how once John got over his fear all the gaming took over lmao controlling the steering wheel is the hardest part, the pedal is by far the easier of the two which is funny that that’s what scared him
Chandler Anderson
Chandler Anderson 2 months ago
I’m throughly convinced that Michael can just do whatever he wants and can do decently well at whatever he attempts. I love that guy lol
SAMPLE TEXT 2 months ago
Michael is legit a natural at drifting he immediately learned the car even though hes never driven that chassis before
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht 2 months ago
That was actually absurdly entertaining. It's been a while since I've watched an OTV video in one sitting
eigow ou
eigow ou 2 months ago
Knowing how much rae loves driving i can't help but wish she did this too! But john, Michael and crew are all GOATED
Lucas Melcher
Lucas Melcher 2 months ago
I love how Micheal just 100% full sends whatever the hell Brodin has in store for a video.
Z34RK Month ago
Michael and John's reaction at the end was priceless, "at no point was he driving straight" lol
KidAli 2 months ago
I'm gonna need more Michael, John and Brodin content, this was good 😂
lorenhikaru 2 months ago
John's "Jodi's watching" was just cute lmao He did awesome too! Michael was just an ace despite not knowing stick, well done both of you. And yeah, Brodin has obsession on cones
JavierCastellan 2 months ago
Even when she's in another city, she inspires him
ᎠᎪᏒᏦ 2 months ago
well, michael is just simply built different
Ivorella Rackley
Ivorella Rackley 2 months ago
"Jodis watching" made me smile so big for them, I love their relationship sm
Ya Ren
Ya Ren 2 months ago
Thats the difference between him and other men. This man to this day seeks to impress and court Jodi and doesnt get complacent. Big W for Jodi
Randomnez117 2 months ago
I love how excited the people who work there are. And the way the Japanese language makes the "crescendo-ing cheer" sound is great too
Innocochino 2 months ago
“Jodi’s watching” lol John locked it in and killed it, a mini series like this would be so dope
HunterFenryr 2 months ago
This video is absolute 🔥. The music, the transitions, the badass drift sequences. The learning process was entertaining and the adrenaline giggles at the end tell you they had a good time. Love it.
Jess 2 months ago
Pretty convinced at this point that Michael is a superhuman that excels at everything he tried
Adam Heughan
Adam Heughan 2 months ago
The fact the drift taxi driver was having as much fun as John and Michael makes me happy.
Rob H
Rob H 2 months ago
The crossover I thought I’d never see: Drifting and OTV lol. I’ve been watching drifting for years and never expected to see these guys out there! So awesome 👌🏻
Raenarys 2 months ago
I love this! This made me want to rewatch Trash Taste’s drift special again. 😂
PurpleNinja 2 months ago
10/10 video. The editing and music are on point. The bass from both the music and the car engines sound so cool. John and Michael learning how to drive stick and then drift that fast is actually insane. The lightness when John and Michael struggle compared to the coolness when they get it down and when the the absolute madlad driver at the end drifts is such a nice juxtaposition.
Evan Lakey
Evan Lakey Month ago
I'm so glad John and Michael get to do the crazy stuff that I would want to do, that looked like so much fun! Brodin you always come up with the best ideas. You should get everyone on like a paintball day or something.
mrpoparq 2 months ago
Michael repeatedly asking “was that good” in an excited tone, makes me wonder what fresh hell the bedroom is like.
zaki bakar
zaki bakar 2 months ago
that was a freaking amazing video! super entertaining and watching micheals drifts was a crazy experience for a guy who has never drifted or driven stick before
Nathan 2 months ago
13:51 I have never been more happy to see an OTV drift episode with Initial D eurobeat music! WOOOO!!!!
StormHub_ 2 months ago
This was absolutely insane!! This is on my bucket list of things to do. What a great video 💯💜💜💜
Johnny B
Johnny B 2 months ago
4:40 give your editor a freakin raise lol that transition was CLEAN
Nathan 2 months ago
Agreed good editing idea, perfect.
Freddy Amazin
Freddy Amazin 2 months ago
Yosua 2 months ago
it really clean i rewatch it in this time so many times
Tyler 2 months ago
Two of my favorite things, OTV and racing come together what an amazing video ❤
John C Story
John C Story 2 months ago
I’ll be honest, even though this one doesn’t have as much video editing or content, this video is probably one of my favorite out of their most recent videos. The camping one is probably tied with this one
Jamie Watto
Jamie Watto 2 months ago
Micheal would be an awesome car guy. Fast learner, killer instincts and most importantly, mega gremlin energy
Gustavo Gonzalez
Gustavo Gonzalez 4 days ago
Much respect to john!!!! He let loose and shit went perfect!!!
Sanddino 2 months ago
Surprised Michael didn't use his mind control car too drift
Nick B
Nick B 2 months ago
MNRainDrop 2 months ago
That's his next video. Mind controlled drift car
My Man
My Man 2 months ago
What cooler than drifting? drifting with your MIND
Aurora Animates
Aurora Animates 2 months ago
@Mr. Pog r/wooshers are scary •~•
froppy (カエル)
froppy (カエル) 2 months ago
His mind control car would've been insane to see
Hans adi Wijaya
Hans adi Wijaya 2 months ago
John: trying Swap to jason Jason: got it perfectly John: continue trying
Brandi Mullins
Brandi Mullins 4 days ago
FIRE EDITING WITH CORPSE'S SONGS LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BEST DRIFTING MUSIC! Reminds me of when Anthony Z was drifting to HDBNU! on GTARP when it first came out
kadi jomi
kadi jomi 2 months ago
13:39 the perfect presentation of the dynamic of the john and michael duo
a cl
a cl 2 months ago
this was the coolest video. i loved just the boys! really kind instructors too.
PaulaDrills 2 months ago
John said that this was the best part of the Japan trip for him. I’m glad Michael & John did it. Fantastic video!
Chris Maness
Chris Maness 2 months ago
@Alex Peck doesn't work like that in the US, we only have one type of license that allows you to drive both manual and automatic, the vast majority of cars sold in the US are auto so stick is a rare skill here
RS 2 months ago
Maybe for John this has felt like the less tourist thing they’ve done, haven’t they been doing sort of like a bus tour type thing while there?
Alex Peck
Alex Peck 2 months ago
@NY Rat Also they all have automatic licenses which don't allow you to drive manual cars anyways. Whereas if you have a manual license it allows you to drive automatic, so having a license makes no difference for this video.
kabayin 2 months ago
@NY Rat I'm pretty sure Syd, Yvonne and Rae also drives
Chris Maness
Chris Maness 2 months ago
@Raymond Chow Don't need a license for driving on a closed course like this one
emu 2 months ago
This was such a cool video!! Props to Michael, John & Brodin for trying this!!
Rindō isumairu
Rindō isumairu 2 months ago
I wasn't expecting the drift video at all, good job guys!!
Menace to Society
Menace to Society 2 months ago
I already knew micheal would be good, we both share the same chaotic energy. drifting and the "scary" rides at amusement parks make me so happy, fear itself is energy for me.
Lunasleepai 2 months ago
michael was so good at drifting because he ran over all those children with his mind control car before
Tuomas 2 months ago
Damn this video got me smiling the whole 16 minutes! This was sooooooo great!
ItsCrazy 2 months ago
There videos never disappoint anyone on they are all amazing! Keep up the good work!
Grunge Month ago
bro i used to watch Masayoshi when he was like a 10 viewer andy back in 2017… to see him have been so successful to come this far just warms my heart. i remember having like one on one convos with him in his stream, the guy would literally suggest me music to listen to. and he has come so far and i am truly so happy for him
lolface 7474
lolface 7474 2 months ago
This looks like so much fun!!! Love the John Micheal duo!!
woohoojazelyn 2 months ago
oh this looks like such a fun experience, i wouldve been losing my SHIT in that drift taxi!! loving the japan vids-this michael, john, and brodin one was a special treat :>
Sebastian Corbett
Sebastian Corbett 2 months ago
I usually love your guy's videos... But holy shit this one makes me smile like a little kid!!! Especially seeing my role model doing this!
Lando 2 months ago
Michael was in demon mode from the start even though he's never driven a manual. Gotta respect that 👍
Thickest of Men
Thickest of Men 2 months ago
you cannot know how happy this makes me. i love drifting
LaggSoBad 2 months ago
Michael: Gets donuts almost effortlessly Also Michael: *Head barely goes above window* Truly the duality of man.
Roach 2137
Roach 2137 2 months ago
@Carter H I'm not gonna bother arguing when you're removing comments. What's the point replying to me you pdf file supporter?
Anonymous n Lonely
Anonymous n Lonely 2 months ago
@Dead Oz anyone remember the RU-vidr boxing match he won some time ago??? Just me? Edit: oh god did NOT know there were people who couldn’t mind their own business in here
Carter H
Carter H 2 months ago
@Roach 2137 u made that assumption up all by yourself, says more about u than me
Roach 2137
Roach 2137 2 months ago
@Carter H So it would be a big deal if he was black or something? You pdf file supporters are weird.
Dead Oz
Dead Oz 2 months ago
@Burrito Roll! Yeah, I'm just saying in general I've had a lot of my shorter friends always got talked down to, I would joke with them but rarely at them. Normally I would just say stuff about the oxygen being that thin at my level that my brain is just being dumb ;p Overall being short leads to a lot of dumb situations I've witnessed. Was just trying to point out to never underestimate short people
HonooRyu 2 months ago
These two could just make a show of their own and I would watch it every day!
just some chupacabra with internet access
I love how michael is just so good at everything he does LMAO
Macaroni crusader
Macaroni crusader 2 months ago
I love how its always John and Mykull doing the more dangerous stuff
JUMALATION1 9 days ago
I get so hyped whenever I see a drifting video. Here in Finland, it's compulsory as part of your driver's license to drift on an ice track to learn how to control your car in difficult conditions, and that was pretty much the best thing I have ever done when it comes to driving (apart maybe from getting my transport truck driver's license 🚚). I can feel the adrenaline!
Stolenm3m3 2 months ago
makes me happy to see ebisu doing as good as it is with what happened to it a few years back
Jimmie Randall
Jimmie Randall 2 months ago
That’s crazy this year I’ve really gotten into cars and I really like how y’all throw new content thanks offline
Nikolas 2 months ago
I love how michael exceeds at everything by just being a maniac
Jacques Sevag Bedrossian
as a gear head seeing michael learn to drift was something i need in my life
WetLasagna45 2 months ago
Bet Michael is going to control the car simply with his mind and also find a way to make it into a flamethrower
no go
no go 2 months ago
@Griffin S when have you ever seen Michael being efficient?
Griffin S
Griffin S 2 months ago
@no go nah that’s just inefficient cooling, you can legit make a car shoot flames buy changing the time of the ignition (what lights the fuel and gas mixture to create the combustion) allowing excess unburnt fuel to make it through the engine into the exhaust where it ignites do the heat within the exhaust thus creating flames (this is generally known as “2 step” or a “2 step rev limiter”, although this phenomenon can happen without the use of a 2 step system 😅
Zhajn 2 months ago
you sure it's not gonna just suddenly wrap around him as a mech suit? ...autobots roll out
no go
no go 2 months ago
He is halfway through the flamethrower part. That's why the car was overheating.
The CEO Of The Universe
@Itzjorsh says you
Jayson The Hedgehog
These two are amazing and cool dudes I hope they are great at drifting I remember watching trash talk video about this one and they are good at drifting
Jim Lucca
Jim Lucca 2 months ago
This is great- just them in the heat drifting is a highlight!
Austin Crouch
Austin Crouch 2 months ago
you can tell drifto-sensei loves what he does, what a legend
Aesthetic Katpaws
Aesthetic Katpaws 2 months ago
The instructor seems like he absolutely loves his job. I really hope I can be that happy walking into work everyday.
Ghost NC
Ghost NC 2 months ago
I love how tiny Michael looks in the car 😂
TaxInvasion 2 months ago
Shout out to Jason. Burning turns with the precision of a cameraman.
Connor Begley
Connor Begley 2 months ago
I knew Michael would be good at this. He knows how to ride the chaos.
21 Amaterasu
21 Amaterasu 2 months ago
Michael just adapted so fast. As a car guy, he valid🫶🏻
David 2 months ago
Gonna call it, I bet Michael will be ace at this Edit: yep. Holy sh!t yep
Doug 2 months ago
John was the goat of the video.
Jackaval Masovnon
Jackaval Masovnon 2 months ago
Same man
You Don’t like me? Fight me
ace pilot, micheal
Doyouwonder 2 months ago
@Jantixz Michael, John, & Scarra are the only ones who know how to drive too lol
YVNG Jokes
YVNG Jokes 5 days ago
I love how in all of Michaels interior car shots it’s above his head not even on his face
NicName98 2 months ago
I’m really into cars and especially Japanese cars and drifting, after hearing you guys don’t know how to drive stick I was expecting not so much tbh, but YO MICHAEL!! Bro you have got talent big time! I’d love to see you practice a bit more man! I wasn’t believing my eyes! Big props!! 💪
Cody Bowin
Cody Bowin 2 months ago
Love seeing the boys having fun!
Koala 2 months ago
gheyfortnite 2 months ago
Its my firm belief that Michael is just inherently good at chaotic things stuff.
Gavin Hogberg
Gavin Hogberg 2 months ago
Michael immediately drifted perfectly. I think he might be Takumi Fujiwara