Pokemon Sword But Surprise Trade Decides My Team 

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Can I beat Pokemon Sword only using Pokemon I get in Surprise Trades?
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Edited by / @tylertinted
Thumbnail by guyrodwell_
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Published on


Aug 12, 2022




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PM7 Year ago
Use my link and choose your path in BLOODLINE: HEROES OF LITHAS today: app.adjust.com/p3t2iep_pwr1ov9 and make sure to use my promo code: BLDHOL1
shrekarooni Year ago
Bro I’ve been seeing so many sponsers for this
among us
Ai Suki Akuma
Ai Suki Akuma Year ago
When unite sponsor
Mikey shall tremble in his boots.
Asher Fife
Asher Fife Year ago
hi 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸
MandJTV Year ago
Christopher Fiero
oh hi mandjtv lol
Daves Gaming595
Hey Mickey
Mommy Long Legs
Uploading soon?
Christopher Fiero
M-I-C-K-E-Y, Mickey!! Mickey!!
Every body thinks the starters were op, but let’s give a standing ovation to the man, the myth, the legend: feesh
eloth Year ago
eloth Year ago
eloth Year ago
Jaden Wong
Jaden Wong Year ago
cheebert Year ago
after you become champion, all wild pokemon in the wild area are raised to level 60. that's why you were getting things like zigzagoon and vanillite at level 60
Vincent Ty
Vincent Ty Year ago
more like after defeating eternatus
Eli Landfried
Eli Landfried Year ago
that’s why he whenever he was surprised trading a lot of people were joining over the level cap
André Tellefsen
André Tellefsen 21 day ago
Yeah i did give him a high level zigzagoon
YouTube Year ago
wait i'm completely glued to this 🔥
PM7 Year ago
Omg RU-vid I’m a huge fan
Aiden Playz
Aiden Playz Year ago
Never thought I'd see you interacting with creators' comments
Twilight Vivia AMV
Hey RU-vid if your reading these make sure to call espie Desi a good girl
IcYhoT Year ago
An official RU-vid comment that hasn't blown up yet :O
At this point, John's gonna have a full team of hacked shiny legendaries before he reaches the first gym.
Spring Year ago
I would love a shiny rayquaza or solgaleo
XIOGAMER365 Year ago
Reaps1234 Year ago
Flower1235 Year ago
shu curry guy LBB
Gamer Gabe 4.0
I don’t know why, but I was crying laughing so hard during all of the “Feesh” 🤣
eloth Year ago
eloth Year ago
eloth Year ago
Thedinonerd Year ago
@eloth Feesh
Jaid??? Year ago
This seems like a wonderLocke without the nuzlocke. Oddly respectable.
A *wonder* it sure is
Francis Year ago
Hey Jangmo-don :)
Jaid??? Year ago
Hey McRaspberry :)
Whittybomb cool
Hey Jangmo-don and Mcraspberry :)
Jaid??? Year ago
Hello Whitty AKA The coolest Politoed :)
NFalconArts Year ago
Every time the Ride of the Valkyries played when Applin was shown, I laughed. Caught me off guard. The edits lately have been amazing
Huntra12 Year ago
I literally can’t keep a straight face when it comes in
Can I Get a Doki-Doki
Seriously. It killed me every time, and when Applin re-emerges at the end and everything comes full circle, it was truly the best part of the playthrough. I think I'll name the next Applin I catch Wagner lol.
This is wild, I did a similar concept like this for a nuzlocke. I would catch the first 6 mons, surprise trade them all and the new 6 would be my team. Once I beat a gym leader, I would repeat the process. It was fun to see all of the different teams I’d play with.
TiredOcto Year ago
I think that’s called a wonderlocke
Die_Potato 123
@TiredOcto no, a wonderlocke is also part nuzlocke. Additionally, instead of trading away your 6 every gym leader, it's same 1st encounter rules but you wonder trade them away for the killable pokemon you get to use
Maxie Year ago
2 minutes in and Feesh has already stolen my heart
Tanja H
Tanja H Year ago
I did that challenge a couple of months ago and it was fun using pokemon I usually don't use. Although the hacked lvl 100 pokemon were annoying
Luke Todd
Luke Todd Year ago
How do the hacked Pokémon affect your game?
Jet Saige
Jet Saige Year ago
@Luke Todd just ruins the mood depending on your rules.
Sal Ga
Sal Ga Year ago
@Luke Todd cause they are lvl 100 and you can only tame them after the elite 4
Tanja H
Tanja H Year ago
@Luke Todd they're unusable because you can't use them until the end. I took the masterballs off them though
Isaiah Chavez
Isaiah Chavez Year ago
What website was the user named?
Gotta love how the first few seconds after the sponsorship is always one of the most, if not the most replayed part
Agatha Year ago
Imagine being caught by this random trainer and youre wondering how your will be with your brand new trainer and he immediately puts you in the box to be traded away for someone else because apparently you were only caught to be given away to a stranger
Luke Todd
Luke Todd Year ago
Then being released to the wild by the other trainer
@Luke Todd and then the cycle starts again...
ZjuzziZ Year ago
I dont have online
@ZjuzziZ same, brother 😔
joetomp Year ago
Imagine getting traded by a trainer you trained with and loved very much (the lvl 100 trophies) And then you’re sent to someone who leaves you in the box and doesn’t let you battle once.
Sandshew Year ago
I love all the Magikarp's! ❤ please keep the "feesh" sound for future videos when Magikarp is seen, makes me smile every time!
Slimeonian Year ago
David Gabriel
David Gabriel Year ago
WittingCave Year ago
That sound should be official cry for magikarp.
eloth Year ago
Nate Siems
Nate Siems Year ago
1) Super cool that the Feesh owner sent you a message. 2) The one thing I like about the hacked mons on trade from the virus sites is that they come with a master ball. I had like 47 in my last playthrough because of them.
NotRealSam Year ago
Ik thats ehy i just wondertrade in shield XD
Would maybe be weird to remove, and I’m not sure if they’re gonna update it but if they made it that you can’t trade Pokemon caught in a Masterball
NotRealSam Year ago
@ThatSleepyBirb for wondertrade it would be good a lil bit But for trading with friends its not but yeah it would be great
@NotRealSam Why would someone trade a mon they used a rare masterball on, unless you hacked them. And ofc, like Nate mentioned would be very OP
J 1
J 1 Year ago
@ThatSleepyBirb why would the ball they're caught in matter? masterballs are hold items.
ShockRox 8 months ago
John: "Tough to say goodbye, Gyarados, but you're gonna be traded for something special, I know it" *[F E E S H]* John: "Final trade before the gym, our savior awaits" *[F E E S H]*
Crafting Menace
Me and my friends would always do this as a nuzlocke, called it a wonderlocke. Some highlights from our few gen 6 wonderlockes include my friend getting a shiny raquaza (this was before these were common like they are nowindays) and my favorite, me trading my starter for a level 1 tentacool, named Pikachu. Pikachu lasted til the very end, and i still have him to this day.
Emelie Hall
Emelie Hall Year ago
The Feesh and the Applin encounters just sent me. Masterful edits
Shar👑🎗 Year ago
Great video John! It's obvious you're doing your absolute best lately and i really apreciate it!
Salem Stowaway
I thought I saw a PM7 guarantee in the trading scene while doing a surpriselocke! I'm just sad that I didn't connect with the wonder trade 😂 Also with all the Feesh, this video is certainly making a Splash.
eloth Year ago
Pinky Xie
Pinky Xie Year ago
This actually looks like a lot of fun and I might actually beat the game by doing this. Hell I might even do this for Scarlet and Violet. Force myself to use Pokemon I don't normally use
Phantom Ninja
Phantom Ninja Year ago
The shiny Grookey was one of the most random things I’ve ever seen. I still don’t understand why someone would like Grookey enough to shiny hunt for it, but hate it so much to get rid of it.
Cipher Year ago
It was probably hacked.
Kaleidos Year ago
You're assuming they shiny hunted for it at all, it wasn't a dupe from the same batch of eggs, or that it wasn't a breedject for someone trying to get a perfect shiny.
Chris Beck
Chris Beck Year ago
Tyler always does a great job editing, but I just wanted to point out that he missed blurring out the OT on the Dracovish. He censored the name of the trainer during the trade, but yeah... But as always, it's really fun to watch and you both did a great job
Drrianblox Year ago
This video is great, amazing work as always pm7
LazerGerbil -
LazerGerbil - Year ago
I love these challenge videos so much!!! Keep up the great work PM7!
Shar👑🎗 Year ago
This comment was written a minute after uploading, how do you know how good the video is?
O LUCCA 21 Year ago
He said he loves these TYPES of videos, not this video specifically
Parth Thakre
Parth Thakre Year ago
John, this channel has been the blessing for me since the start of 2020 I have had on of my worst years in terms of my mental health and these have helped heaps in keeping me sane. Hope you have a good life. I wish I were old enough to say you have all my blessings but you have all my luck and support.
אדר קוט
אדר קוט Year ago
I hope you got better pal!
Tempest050 Year ago
Just watched this and it was a surprise seeing the Sableye pop up. I still have that ferroseed too XD
Pokedi93 Year ago
I love random trades, sometimes they’re good and sometimes it’s just plain silly 😝
Sean Moran
Sean Moran Year ago
I did one of these and got a Toxel as my starter and it actually went pretty well. Then I did another with Hustle Darukama and it didn’t go as well
Jennifer Hendricks
26:26 The legendaries before they break out reminds me of the Terastal phenomenon.
Carolyn Morgan
Hi pm7 I love your videos and I hope you keep on making amazing content.
cameron slayton
Keep up the good content doing good can’t wait for scarlet and violet
Mary1517 Year ago
I haven't watch a pokemon run this entertaining in a very long time xD
Matthew Morrison
so this is basically a wonderlocke, either way, amazing content, as always
Amber Wolf
Amber Wolf Year ago
I did a run like this not that long ago! I ended up with A LOT of breedject charmanders lol I also ended up adding a rule where I would resend out Pokemon above the level cap because I kept getting nothing but high level Pokemon making the playthrough very boring. I went and did raids for every new encounter so that I was sending out relatively interesting mons instead of early route trash.
UmbraCB Year ago
Nice video!! I love these kinds of vids, keep doing them!
Kyle Forman
Kyle Forman Year ago
Love ur content hope u keep making amazing content
jesse fuller
jesse fuller Year ago
I've been doing this since the games came put its nice to finally see someone doing it. I want to see andrew Collette do it in nuzlocke form
Mizusenshi Year ago
Interesting trades you got there. I think the Galarian Ponyta was the coolest one cause it's a Shield exclusive and therefore trading would be the only way to get one in Sword. Leon's Dragapult gave me trouble too. It's so dang fast! I unfortunately had a team with a strong fire weakness (starter Rillaboom, half-Steel Corviknight, etc) so I think that was part of it. I changed some moves around after losing the first time, teaching Hurricane to Corviknight and Dig to my Ninetales. That was what ended up getting me the win!
MixedDoubt Year ago
Wow! This would be a great idea for a nuzlocke! Great video :D
Joshua McBean
Joshua McBean Year ago
Was that shiny grookey a legit shiny? Great video John keep up the good work!
BaconNuke Year ago
I really enjoy the knowledge people are sending more than just "lol Route 1" like legit Charmanders and Rotom and the like are nice to see in the ether.. but also the many Magikarp and Blipbugs balance it out lol
B0ffa_ Year ago
God i remember when youd just hit 100k, that felt like last month! Great job man love the content and hope you never stop making it.
Amazing content as always
Kipmud 10 months ago
I died laughing when it had markiplier saying “this is big brain time” during the ground gym
Dark Yami
Dark Yami Year ago
Fun fact, on my very first playthrough of Shield, I first encountered fished a shiny chinchou in Hulbury.
ShinyPori Year ago
do you still have it though?
Dark Yami
Dark Yami Year ago
Yes, I do
Josabella Year ago
Feesh killed me EVERY TIME 🤣
Shayan Hadayat
Great content love it You deserve 10 million subs
The fearless Speakerman Titan
The way that Leon ran away 😂😂 like "gotta go now" 😂😂😂
Apple Istory
Apple Istory 11 months ago
The content really attracts viewers, it’s amazing 💕🤩
Elmo Juice
Elmo Juice Year ago
I don’t know why but I was laughing so hard when feesh came in
Pyoro Year ago
Dude this video looks insane I’m going to watch till the end
LBroSeven Year ago
I started a Pokémon sword run kinda like this a while ago, but I haven’t finished it yet because I forgot about it. Probably gonna try and finish it at some point
Infernomen Year ago
Incineroar did so well in the Championship 🥺
Stephen Gleason
I’ve been doing this challenge and I keep getting over leveled mons that I can’t use 😅
capybara king
capybara king Year ago
Amazing as always ☺️
Courtney Bennett
dang kinda wish i was doing my mass trades of freshly hatched Littens when this was happening lol
One of the best challengeruns you have ever done love the vids (also your Pokémon radical red video inspired me to make a video of my own to beat it with my Greninja starter)
TheMadMedek Year ago
I would of said if a Pokémon faints you can’t trade it, but it’s your challenge. It wasn’t a nuzlocke so doesn’t matter. Just would of made this EZ game a little harder. Good video
Connor Quig
Connor Quig Year ago
PM7: I can’t use this beheeymen until the Elite Four. Literally everyone else: 😐
bropas47 Year ago
I love the videos with surprise trade as the center
Dark flame of Phönix
You did so many surprise trades in this game, did you ever get a non hacked shiny?
aMadHatter13 Year ago
Thanks John. I've been having a hard night, but the stupid "feesh" joke got me to laugh and that helped
GrandiaKnight Year ago
I did a wonderlocke earlier this year. I ended up with 5 shiny Dracovish all from the same person! Just shows how broken trading is
Jose Fantauzzi
I was waiting for some crazy focus sash strat with Feesh but instead he just got OHKOed?! 😂😂😂
Colbdolb Year ago
This was more like “Pokémon Sword but I use a ton of Gyarados!”
Its The Pro Gamer
Another Surprise trade video that is Amazing!!!
Falcon12 Year ago
I actually did this a while ago, my team was Flareon Garchomp Metagross Noivern Raichu and Gyarados, I just did not reset my team after each gym.
Fundzoo Year ago
I love the part where you added Pokémon quest boss music,also I got shiny nidoran female from Pokémon quest:D
Its hard to hear mixed with the other music put on top but the fact that kass's theme from legend of zelda breath of the wild is in the video just makes me love John even more
Tyler Tobeck
Tyler Tobeck Year ago
Can't believe that John got a legit shiny Grookey
Patterrz Year ago
That Gyarados shirt goes unreasonably hard 7:31
DHC189 Year ago
Hey Pat!
Abcde Fghij
Abcde Fghij Year ago
Wassap Pat! Good to see ya!
Lifefoxy Year ago
JC VidZ Year ago
I should try this sometime, looks fun!
Punam Jha
Punam Jha Year ago
You got 'Rillaboom Prime'. Really happy because it is my favourite starter.
Pink Princess
Pink Princess Year ago
I love the shiny Cinderace and the shiny Grookey.
SamSam Year ago
I was today pretty sad but when i saw a new video i was happy and it is amazing like always!!
ThatDerpJerk 11 months ago
The opal fight was hilarious 😂😂😂
SaiyanWarrior Year ago
Hey John, what's your favourite pokemon from Scarlet and Violet so far?
God of Furcorns
Naughty Dawg
Naughty Dawg Year ago
This is a certified Top 50 PM7 video of all time
!? Year ago
I got my shiny karp to 100 yesterday I was like yo this tackle is gonna rock everyone's world and it does like 35% to a level 44 so I feel your pain pm7
kryceksangel Year ago
I did a lot of surprise trades to see what pokemon I coulf use but kept getting 100 level hacked pokemon. Rosalie was the best I got so far
AnIdiotPlays Year ago
Didn't expect him to pop off so hard when getting keys
Mifititi Year ago
Oh god, the end with Feesh. 😂
HyperBeamX Year ago
Mans actually cracked, Thanks for accepting my trade!
timmy the god
timmy the god Year ago
What pokemon did you trade him
HyperBeamX Year ago
@timmy the god FEEEEEEEEESH on my alt
Cool0Knight Year ago
Shoutout to Feesh! the Hero we all needed yet never helped us to begin with.
I did one of these as a nuzlocke it was so fun until the dreepy I was keeping in the back of my party the whole game evolved only to die in one of its first battles
TheCrapybara Year ago
Congrats on 500k keep up the great work
Erutaron35 Year ago
I am very impressed with your luck in this. However why did you never evolve applin?
Ace 9 months ago
“Were you crying of happiness because i destroyed your brother” damn leon is ruthless
Cinnamon Bruh
Cinnamon Bruh Year ago
Hi pm7 I love the vod
Arty Year ago
Thanks for another great video!
Switchlvl27 Year ago
PM7 guarantee always comes in handy.
LeagueCompilations 11 months ago
i genuinely feel bad for the trainers who traded their shinies edit: also i appreciate the pokemon quest music tho
timmy the god
timmy the god Year ago
Such amazing content
Christin Schneider
i laughed so hard!🤣
hen ko
hen ko Year ago
I love all the Magikarp's! please keep the "feesh" sound for future videos when Magikarp is seen, makes me smile every time!
hen ko
hen ko Year ago
T1mur Year ago
Bro did you even try to change the copied comment?
Lifefoxy Year ago
@T1mur yes
Lifefoxy Year ago
Astralssr Year ago
Did anyone else notice at 13:24 John traded the Alolan meowth for vanillite and early it was that same trade but John traded a vanillite for a Alolan meowth
James Roberts
James Roberts Year ago
The amount of times I heard feesh has me dying. I haven't finished the video get and I'm laughing so hard.
Meatyman01 Year ago
The rillaboom was a square shiny, too good to be true
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