PSG vs Montpellier | LIGUE 1 HIGHLIGHTS | 08/13/2022 | beIN SPORTS USA

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Aug 12, 2022




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Iftekhar Aqib
Neymar+Messi combination is delightful to watch. They always seem to look for each other. Neymar has been criticized a lot for not performing but he is a man on a mission this season.
bruno r
bruno r 16 hours ago
Yeah but he overdoes It
John Pedraza
John Pedraza 17 hours ago
@Jungi Nishan you know absolutely nothing about football. Wait let me guess it’s soccer to you.
John Pedraza
John Pedraza 17 hours ago
@Ground Trader almost none of those players play in the ligue 1😂
abdi shekhey
abdi shekhey 18 hours ago
@Jungi Nishan messi achievements making people to get headache 🤕
Jungi Nishan
Jungi Nishan 18 hours ago
@abdi shekhey messi didnt even make top 30 list lmfaoo exposed and today too he just watched neymar mbappe score
Mumtaz Mannan
Aside from the goals, ive never seen psg that defensively composed since tuchel.
Brandon Bello
Brandon Bello 15 hours ago
Of course bro what do you think we got a healthy Sergio Ramos for a reason he’s a champion and knows how to bring up the competition for the team also teaching experience itself!!
Vittorio Luchi
Vittorio Luchi 16 hours ago
Thank Galatier for making the correct decision.
Vittorio Luchi
Vittorio Luchi 16 hours ago
Navas may have better footwork and ball possession, he os a very good GK...but Donnarumma is the better shot stopper.
Ryan Gillmore
Ryan Gillmore 21 hour ago
There defense is what has always let them down. This year will probably be the same!
Harry's Home
Harry's Home 23 hours ago
Thank Galtier
Adan Vazquez
Adan Vazquez Day ago
I hope they show this class outside of the ligue 1 they’re a good team really good team it’s just injuries and small mistakes that hold them back :(
Rayquaza King
Rayquaza King 15 hours ago
Weak team in a weak league. Money will never buy class.
Shadow-Man 18 hours ago
It's the mentality
See moon
See moon 19 hours ago
@Manuel Escobar They are a good team, all we see is great players.
Manuel Escobar
Manuel Escobar 19 hours ago
They are an okay team. All you guys see is the superstars.
Philly Jackson
Philly Jackson 20 hours ago
Erik Collantes
Neymar is in beast mode mbappe and Messi play excellent the team plays different than last year I see the concentration now this year psg is candidate for everything
oscar CP17
oscar CP17 9 hours ago
erko78 12 hours ago
Yo this new manager seems to know his shit!
Moises Alcantara
Moises Alcantara 17 hours ago
credit goes to the manager, always overlooked while being instrumental to the teams success
Marcus 17 hours ago
The team is built around Neymar. They play off of his energy. When he’s extremely focused not only is he amazing but the team is amazing.
Nuno Mendes is really talented. Renato Sanches is a great signing, underrated player.
QuicKk Gaming
QuicKk Gaming 16 hours ago
@Moises Alcantara renato is a new signing he has never been in the PSG system
Moises Alcantara
Moises Alcantara 17 hours ago
hes not a new signing he was always a psg player just out on loan
Joseph Antony
Joseph Antony 23 hours ago
Yep, he's a baller.
Larsen William
That first half touch to Ramos, Hakimi, Messi, Neymar... though stopped, set a tone.
theazizs Day ago
that goalkeeper still had the game of his life shame it was an L
Joseph Antony
Another good performance! Galtier is doing well! But this is only Montpellier and much bigger tests await. Neymar and Messi playing very well, Mbappe gonna take 1 or 2 games to be back in full force. Happy for Renato debut goal!!! Vitinha played very well to again! Overall great match, defensively we were good but lapsed on those goals need to improve that.
Alejandro Casarubias
@Nehemiah Obongono dude you understand nothing do this sports One man doesn’t win trophies if you want that go and watch golf, gymnastics or tennis, this turtle is playing with a team what he has is no confidence he has is a huge ego because he feels he is the only one who need to score or to be the one who is always in the newspapers. Tell me what do this dude has brought to your team that only win the poor ligue 1? The French cup? He hasn’t even win the ballon d or or FIFA The Best. It’s funny because you say “ if he doesn’t come back PSG won’t win the champions league “ Yeah In the 4-5 years this dude has been in the club he won the champions league ? What makes you think that he’s attitude of selfishness is going to make PSG win some mayor trophie? Yeah his 30 goals a season is going to make PSG a champions league winner you don’t watch football? Didn’t you watch how Vinicius-benzema and Rodri literally were a team Without ego? Or Salah, firmino and sane ? Or when have you seen any team with a selfish player like mbappe wining mayor trophies ? Well Cristiano and real but the problem with PSG is that mbappe is no the only one that’s is selfish also hakimi, Mendes and Neymar use to be like they until Messi came he started to change but we’ll I really hope this turtle ruins your team with his massive wage and I’ll see how In the future PSG will want to get rid of this turtle and the will have to wait until his contract expires and then the turtle will have to wait until a team really wants him with his ego and wage is a played that only creates problems to the teams
Luis Lorenzo
Luis Lorenzo 18 hours ago
Donnaruma 🤔👎
Nehemiah Obongono
Nehemiah Obongono 19 hours ago
@Alejandro Casarubias if he doesn’t come back PSG won’t win the champions league, it doesn’t matter wat u like, PSG needs to win trophies and a healthy, confident Mbappe will be the difference in this PSG side
Joseph Antony
Joseph Antony 19 hours ago
@Bernardo Diaz Well if you want to think that then okay. 👍
Alejandro Casarubias
I hope mbappe doesn’t come back, I’m starting to hate this guy Such a selfish dude like really he has 2-3 to pass and he’s always eating opportunities
Larsen William
Neymar's header was a great play but... Hakimi has to play better... bc that deflection could've gone the other way.
Father Karl
Father Karl 14 hours ago
@bruno r 🤓🤓🤓
bruno r
bruno r 16 hours ago
You know nothing about football lmao
J N Day ago
This the neymar we expect every game🔥🔥
Vittorio Luchi
Vittorio Luchi 16 hours ago
They lost because of a foul on Donnarumma that was not called.
Zico Tu
Zico Tu 18 hours ago
@God’s first Yep. Exactly!
Zico Tu
Zico Tu 18 hours ago
@Saras Magar You're right, Saras!
God’s first
God’s first 18 hours ago
@Zico Tu exactly last season Neymar came back from injury vs Real Madrid and still give 2 assists in 2 legs
Saras Magar
Saras Magar 19 hours ago
@Zico Tu 200% agree with your opinion, last year that was mistake by keeper, I thought there was also fault of benzama to the keeper
JayCFC Day ago
Love watching Neymar play like this, amazing🔥🔥
Alejandro Casarubias
Don’t get to excited it’s just because the World Cup, after that he’s going to his sister party in March- April
Tristin Drake
Neymar should’ve taken the first penalty
Gil Fernando
Gil Fernando 19 hours ago
that is the true. He is the best player to take penalty kicks for PSG!
Norman Williams
Norman Williams 23 hours ago
@carol gruber the unfortunate result of a meddling owner
Lilly Canel
Lilly Canel 23 hours ago
@stick I just saw the edit
carol gruber
carol gruber 23 hours ago
Yes. However, Mabappe is the teachers pet so he gets 1st dibs. Sucks, but he is player and part manager so he gets the say!!!!
stick Day ago
@Lilly Canel bro i meant mbappe
Celo B
Celo B 23 hours ago
Neymar this season has been on fire
Alex Espinal
Alex Espinal Day ago
Mbappe needs to pass the ball more often man🤦🏽‍♂️
erko78 12 hours ago
He’s so selfish.
Michael Clayton
Michael Clayton 12 hours ago
@Uncle Jerry hahaha 🤣😅🤣 I know right
Uncle Jerry
Uncle Jerry 13 hours ago
@Michael Clayton and mbappe is a sport director so he can replace the coach. 😂
Engrade Mafias
Engrade Mafias 13 hours ago
@Mariano Bautista then explain to me how he had the most assist last season
Engrade Mafias
Engrade Mafias 13 hours ago
@Shawn Boettinger He had the most assists in Ligue 1 last season please explain how he’s selfish??
SHIBA 16 hours ago
As Mbappe fan, i’m pretty upset with him tbh that he got so many chances to pass the ball to someone else but he just kept shooting in narrow area and wasted!
Jesvvs 11
Jesvvs 11 Day ago
Man only if mbappe could link with Neymar’s and Messi give and go they’d win it all this year
John Pedraza
John Pedraza 17 hours ago
@Ofo Nipa his style of play is for no champions league team. you need to share the damn ball, Mbappe would get in the way of Vini and Benzema, he would take the ball of debruyne, he would refuse to pass to Salah at the top of the box. He gets in the way of other star forwards, because he is way too selfish and wants all the glory.
Ofo Nipa
Ofo Nipa 19 hours ago
Yea his style of play is for Real Madrid
haHA Bread
haHA Bread 20 hours ago
@Joseph Antony When? He missed like 3 opportunities to pass back to Messi or Neymar in these highlights alone. He clearly wants to be the guy, so he’s not much of a team player right now. He just has to watch and learn from what Messi and Neymar have been able to do this season so far.
Jesvvs 11
Jesvvs 11 22 hours ago
@allthatihave14 couldn’t agree more he looks left out but he just needs to adapt to there playing and this teams going all the way
Joseph Antony
Joseph Antony 23 hours ago
He did though, plus it's his only game after injury, plus Ney and Messi are linking well regardless.
AGD 22 hours ago
Love watching psg, miss seeing di Maria on the pitch w/ those front 3.
Im_dark_skinned_nd ugly_shit
Andres Castro
Andres Castro 23 hours ago
U didn’t show Mbappe’s BS attitude .
HGabriel Roseman
HGabriel Roseman 23 hours ago
Kylian should take PK only when Ney and Messi are not playing.
John Pedraza
John Pedraza 17 hours ago
Best Pk taker in the world gets the ball taken off him because the owner is sad he’s being out performed. This selfishness from mbappe will get them knocked out in the champions league😂
Elias Sossou
Elias Sossou 19 hours ago
This club is owned by mbappe
Lalafuzzy 21 hour ago
What happened against Madrid?
Aman Thawani
Aman Thawani 21 hour ago
And Sergio Ramos also
The Caged Lion
The Caged Lion 22 hours ago
Not gonna happens😊
Mr.Wiiick Day ago
Mbappe is so like Ronaldo man! I don’t think he is a good combo for Messi and Neymar :(
Engrade Mafias
Engrade Mafias 13 hours ago
@Shayan Fawad In case you didn’t know, Mbappe is the main man and centre of attention at PSG. The play revolves around him and they’ve been doing so for the past 3 yrs. not saying that’s alright but that is the reality of the situation. Just like Messi at Barca and Ronaldo at Madrid
Shayan Fawad
Shayan Fawad 15 hours ago
@Engrade Mafias No one is salty about him not getting on the score sheet. Its the fact that Mbappe is seemingly obsessed to be the main man and the centre of attention instead of looking to what benefits the team. He seriously has to keep his ego in check. During the game there was a play where one of the players from midfield decided to pass to Messi on the right rather than Mbappe on the left and Mbappe stopped his run and threw a hissy fit like a child.
Engrade Mafias
Engrade Mafias 19 hours ago
Lol you messi fans are just so salty he didn't get on the scoresheet. Why are you completely ignoring the fact Mbappe literally contributed to 2 out of 5 goals
Ofo Nipa
Ofo Nipa 19 hours ago
Yea sadly
Mr.Wiiick 22 hours ago
@justin kouakou I know :(
Christopher Nava
Christopher Nava 22 hours ago
Great started for NEYMAR of season 👏 🇧🇷
Bayaz 22 hours ago
What’s with Mbappe today? Guy looked bored/apathetic the whole game, even after scoring.
CapitalT 17 hours ago
@Moises Alcantara True, but Messi and Ramos may retire soon. I'm not sure if Neymar will remain with PSG, and Mbappe pretty much has his whole career in front of him. Mbappe and Vinicius Jr. would make an awesome combo.
Moises Alcantara
Moises Alcantara 17 hours ago
@CapitalT doubt it, he gets to play with the likes of neymar messi ramos, instead of lucas vasquez and dani ceballos 😂
CapitalT 17 hours ago
regretting declining Real
Gabriel Chalesle
Gabriel Chalesle 18 hours ago
There was a report that he had a personal issue but he still decided to play
John Flores
John Flores 19 hours ago
I thought i was the only one
Gil Fernando
Gil Fernando 19 hours ago
I keep saying Mbappe does Not know how to take penalty kicks. Neymar should be the player to take penalty kicks for PSG, why? Because Neymar uses skills and Not force. He always puts the ball in one side and the goalkeeper on the other side! Also, Neymar is effortless when taking penalty kicks. You see him studying how to trick the goalkeeper ! Mbappe will never learn how to use skills but he will continue using Force when taking penalty kicks, and this match is the correct evidence. You saw Mbappe taking penalty kick. He was too fast, he didn't psychologically study the goalkeeper, so that the ball went to one side and the goalkeeper on the other side. Instead, the goalkeeper studied his mind and he got the ball! Neymar has been the best player to take penalty kicks because he uses intelligence before taking it! Messi, CR7 Benzema, Mpabbe etc.. all use force and Not intelligence! So, PSG really needs to indicate Neymar as their penalty kicks man!
Larsen William
Mbappe's new born child can't stop his hunger. We need Mbappe in peak physical condition.
Miguel Calmo
Miguel Calmo 19 hours ago
Who’s his newborn child ?
Neymar wants it this year
Alejandro Casarubias
This 2-3 months after World Cup that’s tus for him
SussyBalls 18 hours ago
Bro Mbappe needa to fix his mentality. Whenever he misses the penalty or easy chances he get extremely frustrasted when he doesn't get the ball and just overall hogs the ball more. I can tell you this as I watched the entire game
Ryan Hartigan
Ryan Hartigan 20 hours ago
Neymar seems to be very motivated to play this time around
carol gruber
carol gruber 23 hours ago
Well, Neymar was the man again. Vitinha is not in Renato's class. I tell you something, I am impressed by Ramos ( he look's like a man on a mission so far). Mendes is good but he tries to make one move too many and looses the ball a lot.
Amy Bella
Amy Bella 14 hours ago
3:30 I want to see hatters say again, oh he did not meant to do that flick to Neymar last match. He did the same thing again for himself. 6:45 Sometimes I do not understand players, there is Messi wide open drop back easy goal. Hakimi goes here selfishly. 10:30 Sublime pass to Neymar again.
Alex Djampou
Alex Djampou Day ago
That diving header from Neymar was so funny 😂
Samson Idoko
Samson Idoko 21 hour ago
Neymar's penalties are the best.
Sooner KJ
Sooner KJ Day ago
Nice complete PSG win. That Mbappe goal was beautiful!
The Caged Lion
The Caged Lion 21 hour ago
@Alfredo Reyes all goals are results of luck! Hater are pain in the ass
Alfredo Reyes
@God's Champion it was luck THOE because the defender bounced it back to him. He wouldn’t have scored that if the defense actually did there job and not pass it back to him lol.
God's Champion
@Eslazer no it wasn't. It was an acrobatic flick
Eslazer Day ago
How it was an own goal 😂😂😂
Jose Conti
Jose Conti 22 hours ago
If only Mbappe would pass the ball.... Messi is always free waiting for this pass back. He is just selfish. 4:22, he scores, but it is just luck. Neymar was alone. Messi was alone too. 6:45. again, he doesn't pass back to Messi who is alone.
Kobe Emprr
Kobe Emprr 18 hours ago
Stop crying he did the right thing
Insight 123
Insight 123 19 hours ago
he needs to learn how to shoot better too when he is being selfish
Savion Crawford
Savion Crawford 20 hours ago
Wow I didn't even see those.... There is no excuse for taking shots there
Ale 23 hours ago
Neymar is coming back. He’s reviving all of the numb skills that he has.
GoShwk 11 hours ago
Very happy for Sanchez way to go buddy 👏👏👏👏
John Pedraza
John Pedraza 18 hours ago
Mbappe should never be taking a penalty when he’s on a team with Neymar and messi
Frank Franky
Frank Franky 13 hours ago
5:09 Mbappe trying to play like Messi!!! I think he needs a lot of work to play like the GOAT...,
Angel Solis
Angel Solis Day ago
Mbappe will be the downfall of the messi neymar duo unnecessary ball hogging
Alejandro Casarubias
@the divergent enjoy the 3 playing? Or just 2 playing ( Messi & Neymar) mbappe plays to himself and I’m really tarting to get tired of this dude
Francisco 9640
Francisco 9640 22 hours ago
@Joseph Antony How about when he got mad that he didn’t get the ball?
Joseph Antony
Joseph Antony 22 hours ago
@Angel Solis Okay, but even Neymar does that at times, just cut Mbappe some slack it's his first game back from injury.
Angel Solis
Angel Solis 22 hours ago
@Joseph Antony I said unnecessary ball hogging.
Norman Williams
Norman Williams 23 hours ago
@Joseph Antony even a broken clock is right twice a day
Swisherodocus 10 hours ago
Let’s hope this play translates to bigger games as well… and pls don’t let Mbappe take pens anymore 😭
Chancing Productions
Mbappe looks unhappy. It seems as though he regrets his decision to stay at psg..
Evil Warnings
Evil Warnings 20 hours ago
Mbappe looks mad, probably because neymar is stealing the spotlight from him this season.
Fanta Cisse
Fanta Cisse 17 hours ago
I don’t think so maybe something else
Arian H
Arian H Day ago
Neymar with the Curry celebration. Night night.
KalaDalin McFarlane
9:39 Ramos is so Aggressive!!
Daniel Rojas
Daniel Rojas 16 hours ago
Can’t believe they’re letting Navas go!!! 🤬🤬 Donnarumma will make so many errors in UCL… mark my words. Letting Keylor go will be a huge mistake.
pigmarty 16 hours ago
Messi and Neymar is magic but Mbappé with them makes the group ineffective
Ulyses Esparza
Ulyses Esparza 19 hours ago
Mbappe looks like he doesn’t wanna play there anymore
hunter higgins
hunter higgins 18 hours ago
I will never get used to Ramos and Messi on same team
SirTwiz 22 hours ago
Neymar has a completely different attitude this season and it really shows
Tony Huerta
Tony Huerta 19 hours ago
Messi effect
Alejandro Casarubias
World Cup, that’s it after that he’s going to he’s usual form
Zenon Day ago
Kimpembe and Mendes were sleeping in defense
bruno r
bruno r 16 hours ago
Kimpembe played great today you clearly dint watch the game
OSSS Music
OSSS Music 23 hours ago
Mendes was too focus on going forward
robert maxwell
robert maxwell 18 hours ago
Mbappe is selfish and never happy when his teammates score. He should've just gone to Madrid.
carol gruber
carol gruber 23 hours ago
Am I the only one who sees some icing between neymar and Mbappe after Neymar hits his penalty?
Antonio Lona
Antonio Lona Day ago
Something about mbappe. Looks like he doesn’t want to be there.
Moe s
Moe s 19 hours ago
@The Flight He wasnt going to get paid nearly as much in Madrid, thats completely false
Alejandro Casarubias
@The Flight dude Mbappe is not even like Ronaldo or messi, mbappe thinks he’s already the GOAT of football, he had the chance of leaving to a better team and he stayed because the money is so simple and with him in the pitch this team will never get the champions league and I can bet that less with his poor attitude against Messi. Messi is just going to stay 1 more year and that’s it he’s going back to Barcelona or going to MLS or Argentina Mbappe can have all the time of the work with his team PSG
 nemuel Paiva
nemuel Paiva 19 hours ago
When I saw him taking the ball for the penalty, I bet with my friend $250 that he was going to miss and I was right
bandejamontañera 20 hours ago
@The Flight your summary is good
The Flight
The Flight 21 hour ago
@Norman Williams What power does Mbappe have at PSG? The last thing Mbappe wanted was to share a team with Messi, and yet PSG brought Messi to PSG. There's what's written in the media, and then there's the reality. The reality is Mbappe isn't happy this season like he was under Pochettino because Poch made him the main man, and then Poch got fired. People who think he had Poch fired doesn't know what they're talking about. Under Tuchel, Neymar was the the key player. Under Pochettino, it was Mbappe. Why would Mbappe want him to leave? He renewed bc he thought Poch would stay. Where's the power? He became PSG biggest earner because of his performance on the pitch last season. Period.
Anthony Disla
Anthony Disla 23 hours ago
Messi is the greatest to do it don’t matter if he not in the Ballor dor he already won 7. 😎
Youdontknowme :
Youdontknowme : 11 hours ago
But if Ronaldo didn’t make list it would’ve mattered right ? 😂 let’s face it messi is a farmer now and he’s finished 🤷🏾‍♂️
Isaac Haynes
Isaac Haynes 23 hours ago
that messi assist>>
Divine Ebitu
Divine Ebitu 19 hours ago
Neymar thought he was untouchable until PSG were open to the idea of selling him. My man was having none of it. GG by him.
alsjad Day ago
Just going to say it right now, Neymar is the best player in the world
 nemuel Paiva
nemuel Paiva 16 hours ago
Yes Sir
Michael Clayton
Michael Clayton 21 hour ago
@AL4N historically top Three? 😂 NO
AL4N 23 hours ago
yep. As of right now he is the best player in the world. Historically, he is still top 3 also
stick Day ago
@Michael Clayton agree
Lilly Canel
Lilly Canel Day ago
AIG 11 hours ago
In. a team sport, attitude is very crucial and can help a player even improve, as well as his/her team. Mbappe needs to curb his behavior. He should not try to chance Messi and Neymar with every opportunity. He should respect his seniors no matter how good he is.
Ivan Avalos
Ivan Avalos 9 hours ago
Mbappe seems like he doesn't want to be there 😂
TyGuy Day ago
What is wrong with Mbappe’s attitude does he think he’s like a god or something
LuckyGee 19 hours ago
I wish Haaland was with Messi and Neymar instead, his attitude and skills mix together way better
Alejandro Casarubias
@Joseph Antony What personal issues? So don’t play, don’t get in the way and play until you feel ok. Literally this guys is just going to ruin PSG front if he keeps with this fk attitude
Joseph Antony
He was pissed because of personal issues not with the team.
Prince Ozy
Prince Ozy Day ago
@Ryu Ken he was playing with attitude
Ryu Ken
Ryu Ken Day ago
Lol this is his team.
Raymond Tran
Raymond Tran 15 hours ago
Mbappe, come on, pass the ball man!
Except for the 2 goals it was a solid game for Paris. Just need to focus a bit more because the clean sheet was really feasible.
A1pplays 17 hours ago
I’m so happy sanchez is in psg woooo now paul please
Tucson Maui
Tucson Maui Day ago
Damn! imagine Brazil having Neymar, Gabriel Jesus, Vinicius Jr, Raphinha, Antony, Martinelli, Rodrygo and Richarlison as options on that front line! SCARY!! 🇧🇷🔥
Tucson Maui
Tucson Maui 16 hours ago
🇧🇷 My starting 11 for the WC 🇧🇷 Ederson (Manchester City) Emerson Royal (Tottenham) Militão (Real Madrid) Marquinhos (PSG) Alex Sandro (Juventus) Casemiro (Real Madrid) Fabinho (Liverpool) Neymar (PSG) Vini Jr (Real Madrid) Gabriel Jesus (Arsenal) Raphinha (Barcelona) I think this selection would be a PROBLEM for any squad in the world!! Alternative 11: Alison (Liverpool) Danilo (Juventus) Magalhães (Arsenal) Thiago Silva (Chelsea) Renan Lodi (Atletico Madrid) Fred (Manchester United) Bruno Guimarães (Newcastle United) Antony (Ajax) Martinelli (Arsenal) Rodrygo (Real Madrid) Richarlison (Tottenham) The amount of world class players from the top teams in the world are just INSANE!!
R Wholemilkisgood
R Wholemilkisgood 21 hour ago
@tsbm9 nah, he’s kind clumsy tbh
tsbm9 22 hours ago
you forgot Antony, he's the best Brazilian ball handler, better and quicker than Neymar.
Norman Williams
Norman Williams 23 hours ago
Neymar and Antony should be in midfield
Khalifallah Saint-Cyr
Indeed too many talents to pick from
Dami I
Dami I 23 hours ago
i really hope mbappe doesn't play selfishly all season
 nemuel Paiva
nemuel Paiva 16 hours ago
He likes when people depend on him
Dami I
Dami I 20 hours ago
@Alejandro Casarubias yea idk what’s wrong with him. He could’ve left if he wanted to
Alejandro Casarubias
He is going like he was last season idk why he’s trying to accomplish Lose again in champions league? He cannot step aside and let Messi or Neymar take the penalty
Junoo 7
Junoo 7 Day ago
This is the strongest paris side we’ve had by far such balance 🇫🇷🙌🏽ICIEST PARIS
Junoo 7
Junoo 7 20 hours ago
Lost to FRANKFURT a bundesliga side who can’t even hit 3rd place 😂😂
Junoo 7
Junoo 7 20 hours ago
@Jad Oklany stuck on titles from 2015 and past 😂😂gets embarrassed every year.. Liverpool, Roma, psg, Bayern. Y’all are no longer elite
Jad Oklany
Jad Oklany 20 hours ago
​@Junoo 7 Oh no! I'd better cry into my club's 5 champions league trophies. If only you guys could do the same... maybe you can just cry into your coupe de france trophies instead
Daidi Fanta
Daidi Fanta 20 hours ago
@Mahury it's not that PSG can't beat those teams, it's that it wouldn't be a surprise if they lost to those teams.
Daidi Fanta
Daidi Fanta 20 hours ago
@Mahury Beating those teams once in recent years doesn't mean anything. More often than not, in the big games, PSG has lost. Lost 2 of the last 3 to Bayern, lost to City in 3 of the last 4 games, and of course Madrid has some sort of supernatural force to win any game against anyone.
Mike 21 hour ago
Why is Mbappe taking pens 🤦‍♂️
Phenom Phantom
Phenom Phantom 16 hours ago
I’m here from the man United game it was up next 😮
r3mxd Day ago
why mbappe even playing lmao
Williamsfootball 19 hours ago
Neymar is such a good player. One of my favorites. 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
CALIXTO VENTURA 18 hours ago
😂😂😂😂Que mal juega el PSG , todos los goles por errores del rival, un equipo inocente de bajo nivel, Si el PSG tuviera un patrón de juego , mínimo 10 goles , y encima a topo gigio le hicieron 2 goles, parece que la gente no sabe de fútbol.
Juan Sirri
Juan Sirri 18 hours ago
Mbape needs to start passing the ball more. He wants to do the plays by himself
Keefer Marr
Keefer Marr 19 hours ago
Montpellier goalie played well
Master 22 hours ago
Messi and Neymar are world class together. Mbappe is too selfish
Master 17 hours ago
@Engrade Mafias Am I lying? Everybody who knows football can tell that the connection between Messi and Neymar has been the best in Europe since the start of the season. Messi dosent need to be on the score sheet to do a top performance. And that's good from Mbappe but his attitude was really poor today. Since when you take penalty in front of Neymar, Messi and Ramos? He wants to be number one and it will cost PSG season...
Engrade Mafias
Engrade Mafias 19 hours ago
Lol you messi fans are just so salty he didn't get on the scoresheet. Why are you completely ignoring the fact Mbappe literally contributed to 2 out of 5 goals
Alberto Rodriguez
Alberto Rodriguez 17 hours ago
No one is going to talk about that own goal, that guy could have just let it go, no way that was a mistake
JMTM 16 hours ago
Everyone shut up and stop talking about our best player, coach, and sporting director Mbappe. If he gets angry, he will sell Messi and Neymar. Keep talking if that's what you want.
Marco Polo
Marco Polo Day ago
Hakimi is a good RB
Anwar Elgattari
Anwar Elgattari 18 hours ago
Hakimi 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦
Alan G.
Alan G. 16 hours ago
11:23 was there no var? or is there only var where there’s no money?
Herika Castro
Mbape don’t want to pass the ball
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