Road Warriors: Truck Evolution 🚛✨ 

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🚚 From humble beginnings to the monstrous machines dominating the roads today, this journey showcases the incredible transformation of the trucks. Get ready to witness the roaring evolution of these four-wheeled beasts! 🛣️🔧
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Feb 4, 2024




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Comments : 970   
@user-eu7ld2rv4y 23 days ago
С УАЗ буханка такое нет, он сразу был создан идеальным😂😂
@user-dx9zy5hx5k 21 day ago
Буханка не тягач
@user-ut5fr9pl3c 20 days ago
Перевод 😂
@user-yt9tl4cr5k 20 days ago
@Aleksangt 20 days ago
Знал бы ты какая буханка на самом деле
@Scarface2021 20 days ago
@AlexMicaf 17 days ago
just waiting for the truck to become Optimus Prime
@Idontpicksides 15 days ago
Hasn't changed much since 1980s
@ElPostschioJrJVI 14 days ago
Yea it has
@ElPostschioJrJVI 14 days ago
Maybe not in look a
@Godblesstheusa16 14 days ago
My exact thought. This looks like some Transformer sh**.
1987- 2007 The Truck that everyone looks up to……NOW ROLL OUT!
@Space_Muadz_8825 16 days ago
The nostalgia 😭😭
@Top_Dog67 16 days ago
awesome 😂
@user-zp6hp7lo8n 16 days ago
@Top_Dog67 16 days ago
@@user-zp6hp7lo8n ?
Under rated comment 🔥🔥
@Yanci0514 17 days ago
Final look : optimus prime 😂
that tree behind the truck is still there since 1900 💀🌲, so that means that truck never move
@ursibar7837 18 days ago
Trees can live 5 times over that amount of time lol
@user-ew6xb5od5n 17 days ago
Bro Blud looks surprised because for the first time he learned how long trees live 💀💀
@user-ew6xb5od5n 17 days ago
@user-ls7ry3ne3k 17 days ago
If humans didn't deforest trees, if they were lucky enough to escape natural phenomena, they could live for hundreds of years, in fact, there's a tree in the world that's over a thousand years old, I think.
@angeloortega5536 22 days ago
The owner of the car never dies💀
@myloveponok3554 21 day ago
@langitbayu9518 18 days ago
@GraceGachichio 18 days ago
@user-hw9uf3hp2e 16 days ago
It's just artificial intelligence. 💀
@trainformerd4134 16 days ago
Well it’s a lorry instead of a car
@ankurgayen9785 18 days ago
1970 - 2000 looks like optimus prime truck
its called a semi truck
@Vijay-89776 16 days ago
Leader of Autobots
@PIERWOTEK77 15 days ago
@nav9837 18 days ago
In the middle i saw optimus prime 🔥🥺
@GodzillaKaijuGK 17 days ago
No you didnt
@GodzillaKaijuGK 17 days ago
Oh i see lol
@nav9837 17 days ago
@@GodzillaKaijuGK 🤣
@NithinTimepass 20 hours ago
Trees ....🌲 no change.🌲 Building.... Changes.👍 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Vehicle model keeps changing.👍
@user-dk5in9lo2z 22 days ago
the one thing which never changes is the shape of tyres , yeah hahaha 🤣🤣🤣
@DevilzFN 18 days ago
Until there are no tires 😈
@thatonecircle 17 days ago
The shape of the tyres don't change because that's how tyres look
@user-jk4gj6zi1r 13 days ago
Здоровья тем кто создают прекрасные машины😊👍
@user-vg8jg6wu8g 14 days ago
Спасибо фотографу, что все это время снимал для нас грузовики на дороге и их эволюцию😊
@Tomas-tn8fi 14 days ago
@kwamemartins2567 18 days ago
Juro que que vi o Optimus prime 😂😂😂😂😂😂 ótimo vídeo
Pelo menos alguém br
@J8532M 8 days ago
Muy buen video mostrando la evolución en diseño y actualización de estos equipos.👍👍👍
@abrakadabra1924 17 days ago
Коротко и интересно! Автору респект!
@Bjorn_artist 18 days ago
Bro leaked the 2025 truck
80's are the best looking truck
@giannisps3668 16 days ago
1990-2000 trucks had the best design for me
@Gamerbajwa 21 day ago
Cameraman never dies he is 124 yrs old.
@NOT_JARREAU 4 days ago
@DineshKumar-if6un 15 days ago
look at those wheels transformation 😳
@Quick_Blitz 18 days ago
I think the truck in the 1950s where the prettiest
@busesdeColombia 18 days ago
Era una camioneta 😐
meanwhile Indian trucks 😎😎the most creative ones 😎🔥
do more also this reminds me of my family farm truck
@MegaAbhinavGupta 16 days ago
Prime: Autobots let's leave.
@mariano7699 14 days ago
Good nature reclaimed land👍 Happy 🌳 🌲 🌴 🌳 🌲 🌴 🌳 🌲 🌴 🌳 🌲 😊
@azulbillig6483 12 days ago
Chou de bola a evolução.
2024: cybertruck
@MrAriano65 17 days ago
Que buen trabajo de recopilación, gracias y felicidades ❤
@user-xm7sk3ij8r 13 days ago
Thank you. I am involved with the transport industry.
@AryanThakur-us2so 18 days ago
Camera man never dies😅😅
@MrHeuvaladao 14 days ago
Optimus Prime really transformed
@carmindocossa8455 14 days ago
Quando o projeto tem valor! Vão passar séculos, o projeto só vai evoluir
@pintu-raj-thakor 17 days ago
Sidha 2024 me hi dekh lo na 😂
@user-in2ir1pk6e 17 days ago
This is so cool event the trucks got grow up into a simi truck 💗💕
@bwazee529 16 days ago
Thanks. That was enjoyable and educational...👍
@chakmamintu 19 days ago
The trees lived 124 years💀
@frankmartinez6020 10 days ago
The way that tree stayed there for 100 years 💀
@emaadkhan92 14 days ago
Great thing takes time❤
@Old_memes 20 days ago
Вот это да😮 колесо перевернуло тачку да и ещё дал поджопника
@ethanwang289 5 days ago
This is called transforming IRL.
@wyattriehn 17 days ago
40's to 50's is nice looking
cameraman was there for 124 years bruh
@aal3819 16 days ago
Watching Optimus growing up 😅😂❤
@Qasim6 18 hours ago
Oh..! I was also thinking about that in final. it will transform into Optimus prime😄
The trees spectating the evolution of car:🫥
@user-tv9rs2xi1j 7 days ago
Чуть чуть бы помедленнее, чтобы более тщательнее насладиться этим.😊
@kemettura1888 14 days ago
Love this!!💖💖💖🛻🚚🚛
@mikacharlotte7195 18 days ago
old is gold alway gold
@tyonugros5427 16 days ago
You want to use nokia ?
iA creates absurdly incredible things
@chicken 14 days ago
The trees have seen it all. The truck never moves.
@TyzoroKnight 17 days ago
Road Warriors ❌ Just TATA ✅ 🚬🗿🍷
@PeacemakerFox 11 days ago
I'm glad I was born in 94
@lostheart278 17 days ago
Sou só eu que acha os carros de antigamente mas bonitos que os de hj? 😅
@anolaawad6071 27 days ago
Amazing 😻
@Killianjeye 27 days ago
I agree with you
@anolaawad6071 27 days ago
@@Killianjeye ❤️👌
@user-dr3dr6do5o 14 days ago
Just seen a DODGE cab over. COOL!!!!
@koss820 18 days ago
Про нашу буханку можно просто фото а внизу отсчет лет... Меняется только цифры... 😂😂😂😂
@SupremeBG2 21 day ago
Skibidi gyatt 👇😂
@paulk8444 14 days ago
Super Cool as Every man who ever has driven a Truck knows this.. No electric or little mini can replace my Truck as I tell the Libs how much can you carry and how do you think that online purchase magically appears on your doorstep
@luismata3027 11 days ago
The trucks in 1920s look like the new Jeep trucks today.
@Finn_W69420 27 days ago
@robinmuller638 19 days ago
Alfa model that Comes oute 25 i guess
@spacezeroin 15 days ago
Thsi one is really cool✨️🤩 2024 tesla
@user-kr6vg9kf4m 16 days ago
Деревья на заднем фоне классные
@alshkit 18 days ago
если в видео нет рекламы то видео и есть реклама
@user-zm9gg3fx3g 14 days ago
Дальнобойщик рассказывает на каких фурах он работал:
@Chow-Chow 11 days ago
Они поняли, что не кабину нужно удлинять, а кузов !
@hhhdddd4980 26 days ago
I'm like 1925
@biancamoore413 17 days ago
Wow, I love this video is so cool
@TeoDina 4 days ago
As the human population increased, trucks grew larger
@user-ex3sp6gj6k 18 days ago
Wait a second Is that 2025 😂
@user-iz3vl2uw8r 16 days ago
Так и люди меняются с каждым годом всё хуже и хуже, зато машины становятся всё лучше и лучше.
@juandoe7802 17 days ago
First corner u have to jump later then when u jumped hope this helped
@user-yo3fb1ti6n 17 days ago
Bro, imagine what they will be like in a thousand more years☠️☠️☠️☠️
@javierblac2782 17 days ago
The world is gonna start over
@Alien_6621 14 days ago
I was actually waiting for Optimus Prime from n the 1970-2000 trucks
@kira5632 16 days ago
I was waiting for optimus prime standing 😅
@salapinto 17 days ago
The tree are immortal 😮
@jarotv5249 17 days ago
Skąd tam się znalazła Scania jak pokazują ciężarówkę amerykańską ?
@ronaldpayne548 16 days ago
Camera man never dies
@Mr._KIBI 18 days ago
☢️ Caution: No trucks were harmed in the video 😂😂
@lifeiscats1337 17 days ago
Ah yes trucks one year from now
@user-ek8vt5ow7h 17 days ago
We definitely went European for a second
@Coby_plays 17 days ago
trees are merging in and out lol 😂
@bulldogg285 14 days ago
1960-2024 are beautiful
Muito bom muito bom parabéns
@user-ww2xz1zt6p 17 days ago
Very cool!!!!!!!!!
@user-ij4nc1cw2n 15 days ago
I'll take everything up to the 50s 😎👍
@smoothstone1839 16 days ago
The white walled tyres look great
@user-dz4td3gm3d 14 days ago
Ahh yesss Scania and Volvo
The building along with it also witnessing the changes..
@amigooculto444 13 days ago
Lindo... parabéns...
@ggdgost688 17 days ago
Ахренеть как круто сделано 😀👍
@user-xp3xm4xg5q 16 days ago
Jennie the trendsetter 🤟🏻😜
@docmundi4275 13 hours ago
Em todos estes videos de evolução os anos 80 são melhores
@samnisha88 17 days ago
Lovely editing ❤
@joart25 17 days ago
I got dizzy from watching this 😂
@user-kh5nb6rh9z 15 days ago
Буханка сразу красивой родилась😂😂😂😂 50 лет прошло она он не изменилась❤❤❤
@tedkaczynski2727 17 days ago
now that a "wop" moments
@SidSid-zz1uf 14 days ago
После толко летающая фура, или, снова лощадь,)))
Bro the back of the first few trucks were really dancing
@ihorihor978 12 days ago
Интересно было бы посмотреть такую эволюцию ЗИЛа илиГАЗона да и видио было бы короче, буквально на 3,4.
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