Team Spirit vs. FaZe Clan - IEM Katowice 2024 - Grand Final 

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Feb 10, 2024




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Comments : 612   
@you.decode 21 day ago
donk, this kid is crazy! CS has never seen such player before. He's the real prodigy and genius.
@bulgakov9003 21 day ago
I'm from hometown of Donk Tomsk, and i can tell we have a huuuuge fan base of cs because in the start of the century not a lot people have a computers at homes, and children's go to cheap games clubs , 'cause CS was fenomenal ))) and as we see rn young man step by step introducing siberian style of good game.
@ethans5198 20 days ago
@@bulgakov9003 what is Donk's home town?
@bulgakov9003 20 days ago
@@ethans5198 in media wrote the city of Tomsk , it's a small town nearby Novosibirsk (300km)
@PIMP89ii 19 days ago
@ghosting3481 16 days ago
is donk a girl or a boy? im confused
@csnorth7 21 day ago
Donks spray control is utterly insane, to beat Faze 3-0 so effortlessly is a testamant to his skills. Looking forward to seeing them play in the major, and hopefully Faze comes back with a renewed passion
@schabigerlump 21 day ago
They will come with a nice contract for him if he proves to not be cheating
@elaisthicc 21 day ago
​@@schabigerlumpisn't lan enough to prove that man's not cheating?
@asurp7173 21 day ago
@@elaisthiccyou can upload cheats via pendrivr
@Kyunin9 21 day ago
@@elaisthicc Do you not remember word.exe?
@Angry_vegan. 21 day ago
@@schabigerlumpwtf lol 😆
@PantherDE 21 day ago
1:46:03 1st map 2:51:21 2nd map 4:07:28 3rd map 4:43:55 Katowice doesn’t like TS 4:55:49 “This man….” - 🤔
@NexusWest 20 days ago
The real hero
@asterlofts1565 16 days ago
The problem is that no one expected Team Spirit to win and many who are present are Faze fans... there weren't many TS fans. Furthermore, as often happens, when everyone's current "favorite" team/player loses and not only that, but loses so overwhelmingly, it generally generates a strange anger and rejection towards the opposing team. This happens everywhere, not just in CS or video games.
@elmo7455 14 days ago
@@asterlofts1565 i think theres more to it in this case, cause you see poles dont really like russians and thats it
@ThorLovesMonet 14 days ago
Ty man
@remyhartnagel6369 13 days ago
They don't respect TS cause they don't like Russia. Just pure and praized atavistic hatred
@serendipity696 21 day ago
Super happy for shiro man can’t imagine being that good and getting so close to winning big trophies so many times
@maekoh 21 day ago
Real shit man. Same with magixx and Chopper, sticking with spirit for 5 years, roster after roster being stuck in tier 2, now finding unbelievable talent and lifting one of the biggest trophies in the game.
@serendipity696 21 day ago
@@maekoh Still waters run deep man. Dedication pays off
@@maekoh5 years? no way its been this long wtf 💀
@maekoh 21 day ago
@@axadagasfuqwmvqhwegb436 well, only a little over 4 years for magixx, but yeah 5 years for Chopper 😭
@sneakholic 21 day ago
So happy for Shiro. He is around the CS scene for so long with no major wins
@torinkeenan2718 19 days ago
he hasnt been around that long. Hes actually pretty new to the scene
@Zg4dNij 19 days ago
it's not a major either
@notsalty 14 days ago
@@Zg4dNij i think he meant major as in "important tournament"
@Konabis 21 day ago
The best and the youngest MVP and champion from debut ESL, that's... something. 🎉
Best possible way to Defeat an Overconfident team like Faze and Karrigan, when the Crowd is against you, that's how you silence them. Spirit and Donk was Insane 🔥
@kenkoyka9 21 day ago
Faze 0-5 vs TS in this entire tourney😮
@DIREX7 21 day ago
С первой попытки пройти CS2 - это сильно, поздравляю Донк!
А это разве мажор был
@user-zr1ko3vt2l 21 day ago
@@leonidreznikov-ol2ymкатовица зачастую престижнее была чем мажор
@Upliftman 20 days ago
​@@leonidreznikov-ol2ym а что на мажоре другие команды? 🤡
@JCMax 21 day ago
Love to Karrigan man feels bad you can see the passion he has
@bartlomidzier 20 days ago
he looks like nikocado
@GUNMES 21 day ago
İ feel bad for faze, but it makes me happy to see such a young talent smurfing againts faze
@specs_u 21 day ago
Why do you feel bad for one of the best teams in the world with a lot of trophies
@sookinchun4767 21 day ago
​@@specs_ubecause they got choke with 3-0, and their igl getting angry
@GUNMES 21 day ago
@@sookinchun4767 +
probably because people can fan on command, especially when the captain cries @@specs_u
probably because people can fan on command, especially when the captain cries
@jjjulia127 21 day ago
Team Spirit, you’re the best today, congrats!!! You did great job, amazing teamwork and cool result!!! Champions!!! Congrats!!!
@xjamiec 21 day ago
He came, he saw, and he conquered.... and history was made, and I was here to witness the Donkening!
@universe1357 21 day ago
It's called statpadding or choking the scores
@ot3r52 21 day ago
@@universe1357that is up there with worst takes I’ve seen about this game, stay mad faze clan lost 😂
@rolandsj8880 21 day ago
It’s a new game , to win 1 is easy to continue winning is something else. And s1me is just getting ready =)
@@universe1357 mad cause silver for life
@lio2zero 21 day ago
​@@bike4jesusyou're a pathetic person for hating on a male 17yr 😂
@nontapat8037 21 day ago
Donk gives me motivation Keep going!
Congratulations! Guys...
@carlosguevara5154 20 days ago
the last inverview with teamspirit man, you can tell this guys worked hard too.. have a nice relax vibe between them, they deserve the moment. I want to see Spirit and donk in the major
@lio2zero 21 day ago
I feel bad for Kerrigan, dude wanted to win that cup so bad. Its nice to see how much love he has for the game! Im sure they'll bounce back!
@kebab007ful 21 day ago
He won enough in his career let the young talent win some
@lio2zero 21 day ago
​@kebab007ful haha who cares if he won alot. Maybe he wants to go out on a bang.
Even though I’m Russian, I feel sorry for Karigan, I’ve never seen him cry, he could get upset, but to cry, never 😟
@lukaskemi6548 21 day ago
@@kebab007ful +1
@lio2zero 21 day ago
​@@lukaskemi6548 -2
@luckiee_ 21 day ago
1:46:21 game starts
@mountain3301 18 days ago
@1:45:45 start of FaZe v. Team Spirit, Grand Final of IEM Katowice 2024! Welcome to CS2. We're on Nuke. @2:50:58 second map of series is Mirage, the dust2 of csgo. glhf, donk! @4:06:59 third map of series is Overpass. My old roomie said this map has "verticality". Neat.
@reboooot 21 day ago
the funeral music during Karrigan's interview lmao wtf
@II_SleepToken 3 days ago
it is so amazing to see that karrigan still plays for top tier. This dedication... How many of these guys are left? I know you guys cannot remember anyone rn...
@lil2bit 19 days ago
frozen and karrigan looked like the only ones that put their heart into the game once they handed the medals
CS to russians is like football to brazilians. i think they start at 3 years old
@user-km4lz7vh4j 21 day ago
Ahahahaha, you are right😅
@jjjulia127 21 day ago
Donk started in 4)
Well, by the way, Simple has a Russian surname, he proved it)
@bulgakov9003 21 day ago
It's almost true ! I started than i was 6, but now i dont play more than 13 ))) and yes in russia it's a huge game
@Ml-or4tx 21 day ago
dota too
@axetbh 21 day ago
donk is here to stay and im ready for it 🔥🔥🔥
@namelezzzzzz 21 day ago
Whats the song called in the final montage?
@Afroninja2025 21 day ago
Soo happy for sh1ro
@milone5300 17 days ago
5.26 подскажите пожалуйста зеленые штуки это же антистресс, где именно такие найти ? Пока нигде не нашла))
@adityarohanik0 21 day ago
Donk the next CS GOAT?
@Diontb 21 day ago
doubt it, they said the same about that monesy
@snorlax7265 21 day ago
@@Diontb except donk broke all time big events rating record
@bike4jesus 21 day ago
She was obviously cheating.
@kenzej8710 21 day ago
​@@bike4jesus Jelly
@BeanShiesty 21 day ago
Love Donks passion
@seyfert8820 21 day ago
4:55:00 Donk interview
@erbis.e 21 day ago
All his interviews are like this: I DONK know 🤣🤣
Good thing that no one spoiled the 3/0 done by Team Spirit to Faze
This karrigan guy has my whole heart.. ❤️ he is the only inspiration for me cheer up you're the best ever igl in the world for me
@KawserFear 20 days ago
Shiro and karrigan cries did hurt
tbf Faze gave it a nice try, donk just is on another level. The only L in this grand final goes to the toxic crowd.
@universe1357 21 day ago
please someone say music name plz That esl play in background as anthem or intro i cant get it man plz say the name
@hlkihglkhglkhg 20 days ago
CS2 unlocks the rifle meta!
@akiragosu 21 day ago
magixx красава, красиво ответил за Леню и за Данька
@user-mb2ly8dv7w 20 days ago
А что он сказал?
@Yosh1mitsx 21 day ago
What is the song of IEM Cologne 2024 trailer?
@Emtahan 21 day ago
Spirit on 🔝
@basementversion 21 day ago
This is history
Cheater History yes!
@jjjulia127 21 day ago
@@chriskleinermusic just stop already
@@chriskleinermusicthis silver is crying everywhere lol
@markermarque9843 13 days ago
It's so satisfying seeing someone as cocky an karrigan to lose to a young prodigy...
@toddbowers5673 6 days ago
Donkey snap to player is spot on 🤨 The read on position they had
Donk Goat 👏👏👏
@numberonebubu9084 20 days ago
Why do you put the poor guy on display like that when you know his English is so bad brother I wish him more titles in the future hopefully he doesn't disappoint us at the beginning I was very skeptical but after the interviewer I saw that he really has a good heart and is clean.
@shivasharma6608 20 days ago
It's faceit for DONK and IEM finals for other players 😂😂😂😂🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
@angusmcbean752 20 days ago
would appreciate it if you'd made the video longer so as not to spoil the fact that it was only 3 games long
@freyadetata6278 10 days ago
Strong point defender, super fast backup coming , good hearing and aiming , and of course donk as rusher and frontline pretty great 😅 maybe the only play legit to fight is ghosting and reset , maybe can catch them off guard when rushing to backup 😅
@KawserFear 21 day ago
Shiro the hero cry frozen fan finally happy ending 😇
@aurotones 19 days ago
Super happy for Sammy getting the Yellow Cube, my favorite fat man wish you the best. 🎉🎉🎉
can one order the tournaments on the basis of their impact, i am not understanding why majors greater than these tournaments, and did navi lose in this IEM tourney?
@bryanliang4531 2 days ago
The fact that donk is getting hackusated from live chat should tell you who he is as a player. Deserved win, truly 🔥
@deseishin 21 day ago
As a Team Spirit fan, I am very grateful to the team. who thought that the team would destroy like this? I’m not talking about donk at all, he just demolished it in solo Congratulations, Team Spirit
@flyboxkz 21 day ago
Anyone know this song 4:01:58?
@dvcchannel3774 21 day ago
No i don't but this music is good
@JigglePhysicsX 8 days ago
So happy for Sh1ro and Donk is the future!
Song at 1:42:15 ?
@ethanol7000 17 days ago
Loved how donk hugged shiro
Twistzz on faze is the best faze squad ever. Its no wonder they dont play as well as this early. More time
@ajax4898 20 days ago
fantastic series
@DaRealTono 20 days ago
@ 1:29:26 donk was waiting so badly for him to talk to him again😭
@wolfixsenyt5610 21 day ago
Really good game
@Railrat420 10 days ago
So incredibly happy, really elated, that karrigan lost.
@user-tk2oh1yq8o 21 day ago
Faze cannot win the Grand Finals without Twistzz.
@Mixrs 12 days ago
Map 1 starts at 1:46:22
@Pdeevs 12 days ago
liked for frozen's triple as ct on mirage short to window lmao
@Seven646 21 day ago
1:47:58 Donk crosshair. Thoughts?
@tracid2008 21 day ago
He has skill 🤷‍♂️
@FleskaSPesnicu 21 day ago
English in those interviews was funnier than the game
@user-mc5pl6xk9x 21 day ago
@Carlo_MH 20 days ago
That was just a wow match. Faze didn't stand a chance. Great win for such a new team! Don't liked the crowed to boohing 😢 Even if faze is your fav team. You just watched a great CS match!
@YakarJudah 10 days ago
What is the song at 2:33:44?
@ewaves3 21 day ago
Наши парни лучшие! Team Spirit!
@motionbrrr 21 day ago
Donk donked 🙏🙏🙏
@Mahatheyew 20 days ago
donk is the GOAT. s1mple should be very worried.
@vitovitovito3693 11 days ago
ZywOo surpassed s1mple, bro…
@Chavanun555 21 day ago
Twists could have been there to help Karrigan
@kelthings7124 14 days ago
Donk also look like yatoro in dota 2 🗿
@universe1357 21 day ago
Faze was favourites to win but spirit turned the tides and conquered the flag
@noidea7280 21 day ago
@c20ux 8 days ago
Not sure if Donk has some new sci fi cheats lol, but it is strange that he went from just decent rating of 1.14 vs Tier3 to 1.70 against top10 teams in the world within just barely ~1 year. Not one pro had a jump this huge.
@jrrizz0563 8 days ago
Well he's playing in front of a live crowd, so I'm not sure it gets any more legitimate than that.
@KingRat355 7 days ago
it probably has to do with what team you are in. donk zontix and shiro has only been on the team for six months. They have had no chance to meet greater teams cause of that. Also donk only been on two teams so far with almost no matches against harder teams.
@user-cv1vd3rt8c 21 day ago
🤙🏴‍☠️Русские вперед,зонтик красава,малой машина
@user-nn8ut6kz2d 21 day ago
Team Spirit 🇷🇺 🏆
@wirtys3717 20 days ago
Spirit сильнее, как по стрельбе так и тактическим отыгрышем, все отданные раунды FaZe-ам это ошибки из-за волнения и из-за неопытности, а FaZe только такие раунды благодаря ним и забирали в крыску, после игры Spirit их разберут и в сухую FaZe закрывать как ботов будут! Spirit - БУДУЩЕЕ, FaZe - ПРОШЛОЕ, пора им идти на покой! Все летит в нашем мире вперед, но многие как мы видим смотря на болельщиков этого не замечают и живут в прошлом как по игре, так и в самой жизни не видят перед глазами, что на самом деле происходит, Римской империи уже нет очнитесь, вытащите говно из ушей и не слушайте тех кто вам его пихает(ваше сми)!
@KawserFear 21 day ago
Today I am happy shiro happy I giving big smile remember that day when cloud 9 shiro cried against frozen team frozen team luckily beat cloud 9 shiro team that day but today Shiro revenge against frozen now cry newbie frozen and frozen fan my dream complete 😂😊
@Fodzero11 21 day ago
Legendary Grand Final!❤
@Kirill_ll_ll 21 day ago
Donk is the best, Teen Team spirit is the best🎉🎉🎉. Красавцы парни, верил до конца. Артфорст покажет себя в другой команде!!!
@belakulcsar 8 days ago
Whay Donk has 2 headphones? Translate or?
As a faze fan since the start I wanted faze to win this but it’s obvious who showed up ready to play today…. Hopefully spirit can continue to be a top contender (can’t win them all) despite donks heroics the other parts of the team all came together as well. Gg spirit.
@bubi640 21 day ago
Donk >>>> Monesy
@Lords168-mk1mp 20 days ago
faze I shoot well, but they don't lay the bomb well. spirit I'm bad at shooting, but they're good at planting bombs. It actually looks like a fixed match.
@warmply7874 19 days ago
Мне жалко парней стало в конце..
@Roberto-pg9js 21 day ago
@belakulcsar 9 days ago
Shiro the best!
@user-mc9yu3mr2z 18 days ago
Но всё таки Сипл всё равно круче всех😊
@zoodiac57 19 days ago
CS production is amazing - stage arena and all yet they can't get a translator for non-English speaking players??? Donk deserves better :)
You know I get that CS is tribal, but for a crowd of grown up nerds to be booing a young man who has the potential to be the greatest rifler in the history of this game and is obviously shy, welp, as an Aussie who has never had too much to cheer about in this game I think its very poor form. I’m glad those that did cheer his accomplishment were louder and I hope, as Magisck said, the haters go get Donked. This kid is a bone fide star, a team player too; and this performance was nothing less than historic!
@FuryUnbound 21 day ago
Donk 4 MVP!
@ch3rubim 21 day ago
Frozen just keeps making the same mistakes. Sprays unnecessarily through smoke and of course gets fragged through the smoke giving his position away so easily ... and then shakes his head, not even learning from his mistakes.
@maxgomes92 20 days ago
TS plays good CS but giving good interviews need some work 😅 Poor interviewer 😥
Frozen choked hard at most situations!
@madchem184 19 days ago
when ?
@devpct 21 day ago
@user-qr9yd8tk5s 20 days ago
Clearly Karrigan must retire. Roster is good, but Karrigan goes same strats every time, nothing new. The way he always dies is like 4.5 v 5 every time..
Who would you suggest takes his place as IGL?
gotta love to see spirit winning in front of this crowd man, coming up im excited for both team but the crowd makes me wanna see spirit winning with their annoying obvious bias
@user-wc3wj5eq5b 21 day ago