The PERFECT Prank War! 🤣🔥

Woody & Kleiny
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Sep 20, 2022




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Science and Craft
Well, we actually get some cool ideas from these videos to prank our siblings 😁😁
سعد ابراهيم
Erwin Müller
Don’t use a co2 fire extinguisher in your siblings it can end deadly
Xavier X
Xavier X Day ago
Uummm what
Maria Dolores Pimentel
@Only For Fans Over 18+ Year ⤵️dxfaxsgsh
Pirhanna YT
Pirhanna YT 2 days ago
@steven it's a joke calm down
Nicola König
Nicola König 5 days ago
U guys just never fail to make me laugh even if I'm pissed, thanks man stay safe 😊😊
creeper_gamer 4 days ago
This has gone beyond prank wars, this is just... War
Fin 4 days ago
Can we appreciate all the pain they went through especially woody? Just for our entertainment
Logan Stearns
Logan Stearns 2 days ago
They don't care about your entertainment. You make them money
Taya Dalton
Taya Dalton 2 days ago
😭 but I never again you made him cry
Agrhb Gwfnr
Agrhb Gwfnr 2 days ago
@ManningUp ลชลลล
Giovanni Pennella
Vfgcffggcg) xgdzdzdrruztr r
Fin 3 days ago
@Sapien ok
Dennis LLopis
Dennis LLopis 4 days ago
I’ll never be the same after that mousetrap… trust no one lol.
zumba 4 hours ago
Awi Sintaro
Awi Sintaro 2 days ago
With that views . Its kinda worth
B M 3 days ago
It didn't happen to you
Kennyx Covers
Kennyx Covers 3 days ago
Staged or not these two will always make me laugh😂
Denise Rivers
Denise Rivers 2 days ago
Yall always make me laugh 😂😂😂
Taylor Clarke
man poor woody, he always gets the worst of it! 😂😂
imelda felix
imelda felix 2 days ago
U had me cracking up dude u guys are just to funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣 my goodness
Yagami 2 days ago
"i don't want peace, i want problem... always"
Mr. SR
Mr. SR 5 days ago
Awesome but Woody's pranks are another level lmao
Wolfram 4 days ago
Does this even count as a prank WAR? Mans didn't even strike back😂 It's just a prank annexation at this point
GOD OF SOUL 3 days ago
I want to see woody's revenge 😂😂
Ignis Dark
Ignis Dark 3 days ago
The dedication for the door prank is mind boggling
DJ 4 days ago
I think woody's pranks was good and more enjoyable
Thomas Lane
Thomas Lane 4 days ago
Love these guys!! 🤣
Billy Salensky
Billy Salensky 4 days ago
My guy didn't even flinch after getting blasted in the ear 😂
Eliézer Show
Eliézer Show 4 days ago
o último: esse cara é do rock mermão!🤘🔥
Diksha Makhija
Diksha Makhija 4 days ago
Kleiny is very cute.. how he pronounce Woody is just osum
Diksha Makhija
Diksha Makhija 4 days ago
@American Crafts what do you mean can't understood
American Crafts
American Crafts 4 days ago
Что вы думаете об этом другом? ru-vid.com/video/video-x7PZ7ln4kMU.html Оставьте свой комментарий тčам, пожалуйста...
Mason loves Pain_lol
If u a boy then u gay as hell
Nicole Gomez
Nicole Gomez 4 days ago
Thinking of being in a constant state of fear. 🤣🤣🤣
I 3 days ago
No one talking about how dangerous that fire extinguisher is all up in the man's system.
Alex Idicula Mathews
That mouse trap at the end.....classic Tom and Jerry stuff 🤣
John Van Der Westhuizen
The last one had me laughing for hours😂😂😂😂🎂
xlilboi 4 days ago
Good pranks. I like the one where he’ll get ptsd every time he close a door.
LoveRemains x
LoveRemains x 3 days ago
The _in disbelief_ laughing in the first prank clip was interesting. 😆
P B 4 days ago
All are good and funny as well ❤️ ...but in my opinion...I think it's better to avoid hitting someone with a ball like that....that can be very fatal.... Otherwise I enjoy your videos a lot 😀😀
Dave Caisse
Dave Caisse 23 hours ago
You guys are nuts! Love it though!
Angie Gregoire
Angie Gregoire 5 days ago
LMAO,prank wars are the best 😁
Andrew Ke
Andrew Ke 3 days ago
That mouse trap got me paranoid of light switches 🤣🤣
LotRFam Day ago
I might use that last one if I'm particularly pissed at someone, or rigging my house Home Alone style
VYOM GARG 2 days ago
The way he catches his phone was unbelievable.💀
Karl Fitzpatrick
Karl Fitzpatrick 4 days ago
I would love to have a friendship like that, all my friends would end up with a pissy mood
nesa 3 days ago
When he hit the tennis ball to the guy, I first thought it was a cardboard carved as a man but he just didn’t react at first😂
JD 3 days ago
Now I know why he loses all the time he's been hoarding bad karma all this time
Kat of kittyville
The acting is getting like watching "Doctors" 🤭🤣🤣
Puja Patwari
Puja Patwari 2 days ago
How lovely and luckey you all are.........what a prank bond your sharing......take care of each other and be prankyyy........😊
Niblets 2 days ago
The mouse trap was a good one 😂
Fotball_Editz 5 days ago
He actually put a lot effort on the pop door one
Tre Smith
Tre Smith 4 days ago
Woody needs to know when these wars are started he never fought back
Ethan Thompson
Ethan Thompson 3 days ago
The last one when he realized what it was he screamed more😂
Char J
Char J 4 days ago
Is it really a war if it's one sided? Hahah omg when that guy held his ear after the ball 💀💀
Juan Ignacio Llanderal
Woody: Squirts Kleiny with water Kleiny: Fire extinguisher!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
GAURAV YT UK 4 days ago
That catch 🔥🔥
LAGRIFFE ENZO 4 days ago
These guys are hilarious
Jimmy Taylor
Jimmy Taylor 11 hours ago
The mouse trap was priceless 🤣
Fotball_Editz 5 days ago
He actually put a lot of effort in the last one
the45 boxs
the45 boxs 4 days ago
They are brilliant I love the drive by and the mouse trap
Quintin Ferguson
Quintin Ferguson 4 days ago
The rat trap was way too cruel 😆
Desai Daddy💥
Desai Daddy💥 2 days ago
Very difficult to live with them..🤣
Talicia Waterworth
I'm very proud that they used a CO2 fire extinguisher compared to some idiots that use a dry chemical fire extinguisher to do this. At least it's a little safer LOL
glitterbaby00 4 days ago
I watched three loops just to watch the tennis ball hit that poor guy 😂🙈🙈
Ianto Jones
Ianto Jones 4 days ago
"Prank War"? More of a one-sided ambush! lol
Logan Folkmann
Logan Folkmann 5 days ago
That tennis ball hitting his face sounded like it hitting the wall😅
AbEnubilous 3 days ago
5 out of 8 pranks were Really Toxic.. They could be Very Dangerous..
spread light
spread light 3 days ago
Best way to break friendship easily. Thank you🙂
James Butterfield
Light switch prank is really good haha
Daniel Villasenor
Daniel Villasenor 18 hours ago
Woody: THERES A FIRE!!!! WHERES THE FIRE EXTINGUISHER!!!!! Kleiny: I wonder where it went.
House looking like a community center 😂
Ignis Dark
Ignis Dark 3 days ago
The dedication for the door prank is mind boggling
Ashish Barick
Ashish Barick 3 days ago
God you guys always make me laugh😂worth the follow
Dewayne Burch
Dewayne Burch 22 hours ago
This was funny enough I watched it twice I loved the rat trap light switch
صالح محمد
Damn British ppl are good at pranking
rayz We Han
rayz We Han 4 days ago
Now is Woody turned...😂🤣😂🤣
BubblySnowflake 3 days ago
Man's thought he cracked his back after closing the door ✋💀
Josh Matos
Josh Matos 5 days ago
The water bottle one and the mouse trap were the best 😂😂😂
Tamil Selvan Murthy
I need a friends circle like this
Clifford Farley
Clifford Farley 4 days ago
The mouse trap was epically genius
shelly haywood
shelly haywood 18 hours ago
You guys should do more! Its so cool!
Marnaye Hill
Marnaye Hill 21 hour ago
When I see your videos they're funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Everything RC
Everything RC 3 days ago
I love how when he saw it was a mouse trap he freaked out 10x harder😂😂😂
Ambrisha Ramsook
Ambrisha Ramsook 4 days ago
THIS IS WARRR in d funniest way ever🤣🤣🤣
Marine Machine
Marine Machine 4 days ago
The fact he didn't flinch when the tennis ball hit his head...
Jake Macklin
Jake Macklin 3 days ago
The mouse trap got me 🤣🤣
Frankie Rzucek
Frankie Rzucek 10 hours ago
I thought they were not that funny, but when dude got nailed with the tennis ball I laughed way too loud. He didn't even flinch like he's used to their bs shenanigans they do for views.
A GAMER TEAM 3 days ago
The finger snaps prank will probably set the house on fire.
Anas Khan
Anas Khan 5 days ago
The last one though 😂💀
Pedro Douglas
Pedro Douglas 2 days ago
This guy's laugh sounded like the joker to me
Fahmi Andriant
Fahmi Andriant 4 days ago
The last one is 🔥 🤣🤣
Imnatoshi Kips
Imnatoshi Kips 3 days ago
It hurts to say that some are scripted but they are really cool brothers..
Revo Tempo
Revo Tempo 4 days ago
Ngl the light switch one is brilliant 😂
Alan Haight Jr
Alan Haight Jr 2 days ago
The mouse trap...lol. more mousetrap hijinks please amd thanks 😊
The mouse trap on the light switch is pure evil.
Mik M13
Mik M13 4 days ago
Rich boys with no problems 🤣
Brigitte armando
Brigitte armando 16 hours ago
J'adore 💕 ça me donne des idées merci.👍👍👍👏👏👏🤣🤣🤣🥰🥰🥰
Drippy Ethan =]
Drippy Ethan =] 4 days ago
Me at the start: Bro Woody is so good at catch! *3 seconds later* Me: That Old Guy Is A Npc.
Youtube Kwurks ツ
Meant to hit woody omg lmao 🤣
MOVIE SHORTZ 4 days ago
Shock prank is hilarious 🤣👍🏻
Mohamed Hamdi
Mohamed Hamdi 3 days ago
Tiengna GattaNakhwajakachkh😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
poor woody 😂
topknotsrule 19 hours ago
That first one was legally a drive-by shooting 😲 gotta be careful if you don't wanna do time🤣
Skoots4Boots 4 days ago
it’s just a prank bro! The prank: *loses fingers trying to turn on light switch*
Ron Zerker
Ron Zerker 2 days ago
First off, that water bottle prank is something im going to be trying very soon. Second, what the hell did they put on the door to make that dude yelp in absolute pain?
Braedan 2 days ago
This ain’t no prank war this is a one man massacre lol
David Laursen
Woody always seems to get the worst of these
SpiderTon 4 days ago
RAS 4 days ago
Hold up what was that sus liquid you sprayed at the beginning?
ken o pasquale's
ken o pasquale's 3 days ago
The fact that the bald guy doesnt even flinch he has been through something more worst
Pyraethos 2 days ago
that last one was foul 🤣
Abhishek Dahake
Abhishek Dahake 3 days ago
It looks wholesome and irritating at the same time
Bradley Warren
Bradley Warren 5 days ago
The mousetrap one got me to randomly laugh out loud like some sort of villain.😂
Bagboy Brown
Bagboy Brown 17 hours ago
That guy just thinking "boy when I get off this step ladder" XD
We stole his key… 🤣🔑