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TypeScript Origins: The Documentary is brought to you by OfferZen - the community-first developer jobs platform. The documentary features core contributors and community members like Anders Hejlsberg, Steve Lucco, Luke Hoban, Daniel Rosenwasser, Ryan Cavanaugh, Amanda Silver, Matt Pocock, Josh Goldberg & many more!
It also covers adoption stories and insights from JetBrains, Xata, AG_Grid, Deno, Visual Studio Code and Tech at Bloomberg.
#typescript #javascript #programming #softwaredevelopment
Sponsored by
- JetBrains (www.jetbrains.com)
- BBD (www.bbd.co.za)
- AG Grid (www.ag-grid.com)
- Xata (www.xata.io)
- Deno (www.deno.com)
- Sonar (www.sonarsource.com)
- Gitnation (www.gitnation.org)
Filmed, edited and co-produced by Keyboard Stories
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Sep 20, 2023




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Comments : 215   
@JeyPeyy 2 months ago
I don't think it can be overstated how important Satya Nadella's approach to the CEO role has been for Microsoft. Just a few more years of Ballmer and I believe MS would have been toast.
@user-ry7pf2gg8u 2 months ago
u think
@ryanleemartin7758 2 months ago
It may have helped bring about a better world if Ballmer ran the company into the dirt.
@omri9325 2 months ago
​@@ryanleemartin7758 It would mean apple get's to rise higher, and we don't want that ever
@andrewmanyore9913 2 months ago
As someone who made the switch from game dev to web dev. I really appreciate the work done by the typescript team and angular team. The switch was such a breeze.
@DavidsKanal 2 months ago
Thoroughly enjoyed this documentary, gave me great insights into the development of TypeScript and its grandiose effect on web development and the open source culture. One suggestion: When a novel concept is being talked about, be it structural typing, decorators, or Flow, would be cool to pair the interview with a visual depiction on the screen. Makes it easier to follow for those who don't know those things by heart.
@zb2747 2 months ago
Documentaries like these remind me that there is great man power behind the tools (we) developers use everyday. Much respect to Microsoft and those who helped build Typescript.
@MohamedMansour 2 months ago
Really great vid! I remember when I first used TypeScript in 2012, I was in the Bing Team as a junior engineer and i just updated a new build step to include TypeScript cause I wanted to use it since the webapp was getting complex. I eventually helped all Bing teams to migrate to TypeScript, very nice seeing everyone jump on the same boat.
@padcom 14 days ago
Mr Heilsberg made all the difference in my life. First with Turbo Pascal (which I also pirated), then with Delphi (which I also pirated) and then he finally made a product that I love that I don't have to steal! Thank you, sir! I wouldn't have been the developer I am Today if it wasn't for your creations. I owe you more than one.
@yt.neerajkumar 2 months ago
🔥 Big shoutout to the incredible TypeScript Team and our amazing open-source developers! 🙌 Your dedication and hard work are changing the game. Much love and respect to all of you! Let's keep pushing the boundaries together! 💪❤ #TypeScript #OpenSourceRockstars
I like this video a lot. The constant hand-gesturing present throughout the entirety of the video totally didn't mess with me at all. And my absolute favorite engineer ever, Shaundai, does an absolutely fantabulous job elucidating the ubiquitous nature of TypeScript in contemporary frameworks and necessity of a good ecosystem for a technology to thrive! Her portion was definitely my favorite in the whole video, 11/10!!
@Lyokou 2 months ago
I don’t think it can be understated how important typescript is. I know a lot of people fight it, I had to fight my company at the time, but once it’s in place it makes it easy to collaborate and refactor code. I got it into a small high priority project with 12 week turn around time with 7 devs. And we delivered before the deadline and a lot of that was catching breaking merges and quick refactoring.
@csy897 2 months ago
I feel like a baby because I've only used ts and this is all I've known and expected. The only times I don't get this experience is when I have to use a repo that was badly written with anys and Function types everywhere
@codeaperture 2 months ago
Great documentary. As a Golang developer, TypeScript solves problems I don't have in ways I don't like. But am happy that it exists, and DHH loves type gymnastics too, for obvious reasons.
@dopetag 2 months ago
That is sick! Keep up the good work. Thanks Microsoft for VSCode and Typescript!
@rogersanctos 2 months ago
Most of tools I can use those days came from this new age Microsoft. Most of them were like inaccessible before there. A lot of things were harder to accomplish. Not only languages, language supersets, IDEs, frameworks, Language Server protocols (LSP) and their already done language servers made my life, and I think the life of a lot of programmers, a way better. That's why I am so grateful to everybody who helped this day to come. Opensource, even nowadays being like a big companies war, evolved so much after that. And, eventually this philosophy will get better and better (so I hope).
@flashjpr 2 months ago
Can we all take a moment to appreciate that this documentary popped on a 12.4k (and I'm sure the count will climb fast) YT account, and not some official large tech co handle? Well done !!
@kamel3d 2 months ago
It is not good enough looks like it was filmed on potato just look to viewJS documentary
@ArnoldsKtm 2 months ago
@@kamel3d what are you going on about
@loucyx 2 months ago
I saw that conference in October 2012, and I've been using TypeScript since then. This was great to see. Thanks for making this documentary! 💖
@user-qj4rr1rm8i 2 months ago
This was more interesting to me than anything else. Fantastic stories behind it all. I love TS, and now I love TS twice as much as I did 80 minutes ago!!!
@sotopezoa 2 months ago
I love TS, I used it in my job and in my personal codes. I enjoyed this documentary a lot! It was amazing to know a little more about the history of TS.
@DavidFarje 19 days ago
Excellent documentary. I remember when Jonathan Schwartz tried to open source Sun software (starting with Solaris). I thought it was an excellent strategy and saw the power in it. Unfortunately for Sun it was too late. I'm glad to see Microsoft eventually understood what open source community was about.
Thank you for this remarkable documentary! Really enjoyed watching it!
@GuilhermeLedes 2 months ago
I'm so proud of this team ❤ for make it open source and how things happend inside Microsoft
@kestasjk 2 months ago
You know when a piece of technology just nails it.. I didnt realize typescript and vs code were so closely related, or that the in-browser office implementation was based off it, but it makes total sense that they are as they're all just crazy good
@kestasjk 2 months ago
Wow JetBrains is a sponsor.. :o .. that's like a documentary on chatgpt's origins sponsored by google
@buddy.abc123 2 months ago
We all appreciate the efforts of the Typescript team
@jarrodcolburn 2 months ago
Super Interesting. I can't believe this kind of video exists. Great work! I'm curious in another 10 years how that Typescript to Dart comparrison is going to age.
@giovannimh 2 months ago
Well done! It's cool to see and hear the people involved.
Love the documentary and TypeScript ❤ awesome work ya'll! 💪🔥
@JoseGarcia-vr8mx 2 months ago
Amazing documentary! Thank you for putting it together!
@csy897 2 months ago
I honestly don't think I could get over the enormous hump of transitioning to a software developer if it were not for ts and vs code.
@frankfischer3403 2 months ago
Great documentary featuring a lot of people that make Microsoft special. I had an open-source project in Microsoft before them and it was killed before it became too successful... in fact, I was nearly fired over it. I can absolutely comprehend what they are talking about.
@fabsenk 2 months ago
Wow, I love the interview format with well known people starting from 1:09:00. Well done 🚀🚀
@Yankzy Month ago
I actually didn't want to use Typescript at first just because it was developed at MS, Good job to team making it truly OS.
@bishwajitjha8923 2 months ago
Awesome to pick up the minds of the people behing TS magic and it's journey. Great documentry!
@langenn 2 months ago
This was really interesting, thank you for making this!
@JEsterCW 2 months ago
and another one *As soon as you will start understanding typescript you will stop hating it. This is exactly the moment when you will start to fall in love with this approach and see a new possibilities and adjustments to your workflow that will allow you to work more comfortably. I used to be a hater of typescript, but I wasn't even coding in javascript back then and when I decided to try it out and started to understand it, I just fell in love and never went back to plain javascript. The fact that you can have unions, with autocompletions that you can structure your data, its incredibly powerful*
@iamdanajr 2 months ago
Reallly a good doc that's make typescript even more understanding in the community...thanks to all the amazing person that bring this to the world. Thank u, thank u and thank u.
@StoianAtanasov 2 months ago
It's amazing that nobody mentions AI. That is the future of programming, including TS
@jasonnares9634 2 months ago
This is very insightful. Thanks TS team. 🙌🙌
@ninoporcino5790 2 months ago
I remember hating it at first and insisting on transpiling C# to JavaScript (do you remember the "Saltarelle" compiler?). Now absolutely love it.
@combinio9533 2 months ago
I like MS team presented in the movie. 14:30 I can see they even have DENPOK in his dev-squad, cool!
@JuanMoisesTorrijos 2 months ago
"I could probably turn up to work drunk, and still code pretty good." -Matt Pocock. What a line! 😅
@GulshanurRahman 2 months ago
The single best decision TypeScript made at the beginning, in my opinion, is to make the language and the tooling together. Those two aspects of TypeScript complement each other so much! And also, the VSCode obviously, to showcase that tooling aspect. One day, I wish the "language" part of TypeScript to be merged into JavaScript, and the tooling aspect to become invisible, within the editors and IDEs or bundlers. Then in the JS ecosystem, it will be invisible, but everywhere!
@ivanjermakov 2 months ago
I agree. TypeScript would not be this popular without it's novel LSP.
@vectorNull 13 days ago
Keep going! These are the videos that inspire!!
@petarkolev6928 2 months ago
Really interesting documentary! And it was really curious to find out one of the things that pushed ReactJS :)
I like how dog food has become a verb as in "We don't just dog food our own language but we also dog food our own develoment environment." at 15:37 and this is understood to mean using your own product. Future etymologists will be amused.
@jhonyortiz5 2 months ago
I want to see a vscode documentary
@KeyboardStories 2 months ago
Yuppp we were thinking the exact same thing 😛
@DaviAreias 2 months ago
What if the guys who made vscode actually use vim 😂
@yogasukmap 2 months ago
@devviz Month ago
*1:05:35* this i think is a critical point, there's *typescript* the *syntax* and typescript the *tool* , not everybody consciously uses typescript syntaxes but everyone who writes javascript in visual studio code is using typescript; it's only natural because vscode is built with typescript.
@jeffreyy6882 2 months ago
This is sooo good, please do a documentary on C++ next
@vovahimself 2 months ago
Finally finished watching, great work guys, hope to see your channel grow with more great documentaries! If you allow a little piece of feedback, the last half an hour or so of the movie feels a tad stretched, with different people kind of repeating the same things. It doesn’t make it significantly less enjoyable, but I thought you could use that input anyway. Keep it up!
@AqgvP07r-hq3vu 2 months ago
Thank you so much for this amazing documentary. I almost cried.
@aram5642 2 months ago
I might be wrong, but I can't beat this impression that I have just watched a 70+ min long film about TypeScript without a single mention of tsconfig. Correct me if I missed that. ;-)
@burningdog2 2 months ago
Have you tried changing your .editorconfig settings and watching it again?
@anuraghazra4772 2 months ago
This is amazzing! Love the stories.
@StingSting844 2 months ago
Huge congratulations to the typescript team. This documentary could have been a bit shorter
@F0Xguy 2 months ago
Disagree. Length is great and still I'd watch a longer one, for sure
@StingSting844 2 months ago
@@F0Xguy ok
@patricsjoo1357 Month ago
This documentary was really good!
DevDiv orgs at Microsoft is one of the best org to work for. Incredible people with passion for developers and developer tooling...😇
@johnnyelcoste 2 months ago
incredible video, I enjoyed it a lot.
Amazing documentary! Thanks fo making it.
@gabrielmlocik5049 2 months ago
I must say, the creator of TypeScript made really horrible language, but really good type-checking tool. (oh and I love VS Code too)
@DEBO5 2 months ago
Can you elaborate why it’s a horrible language?
@4ndr 2 months ago
Loved watching this, thank you so much
@novatroop77ni 22 days ago
VSCode has without a doubt been a triumph for Microsoft even haters of ms have been won over with vscode.
@centner813 2 months ago
It's great to see how Microsoft evolved over the years and that it has so many smart people working for them producing tools that positively disrupt industry.
@TheKievsash 2 months ago
Very motivating! But I watched on 0.75 speed nit to lose any content 😅
@MobiusCoin 2 months ago
Really wished DHH could've taken part in this documentary. He has a lot to say on types lol.
@vincentmumo Month ago
Amazing documentary
Amazing, you guys made JavaScript cool again
@MichiganTypeScript 2 months ago
It's like my whole life has been leading up to this moment.
@FunctionGermany 2 months ago
hi dimitri!
The last parts was like advertisement but overall amazing documentary.
@syllogismo 2 months ago
Great documentary.
@fredymarb 16 days ago
Great documentary
@arcanernz 2 months ago
TypeScript turns JavaScript from a terrible language to a bearable language which is a feat in itself.
@AdrienGuichard 2 months ago
I would say less terrible. Better alternatives should have existed..
@riigel 2 months ago
thanks for this documentary 🎉
@MatijaGrcic 2 months ago
Show me the perfect programming language and I'll show you a language with no users. ~ Anders Hejlsberg
@nromancarcamo 2 months ago
I admit it, I was a hater of TS when it came out, I couldn’t see me dealing with types, but hah! Guess whom defend it now? 🙌 Even nowadays when people want to drop TS 😂
At first, I despised it, but I’ve since learned to accept it, even when yells at me. It’s quite reminiscent of my dad.
@sahilparikh8724 5 days ago
Anyone having issues understanding TS errors…just paste them in GPT.
@MehdiRaash 2 months ago
"without type you can't have autocomplete". Actually we can have via AI, but not as strict as TS, for now.
@DominikZogg 2 months ago
Thanks for Typescript and VSCode from a long-term Linux desktop user
@majorhumbert676 2 months ago
Great documentary 25:25 That sound effect that is played each time an interviewee is introduced though...
@_parassolanki 2 months ago
This is amazing
@j05gp 2 months ago
Very nice film! 🙂👍
@pezo1919 2 months ago
LOL! Just at the right time! Wondering if the DHH part was just an intro for this documentary ;D
@peternguyen5611 2 months ago
using vscode to create vscode.. mind blown!
@mr.komp1004 2 months ago
1:00:25 Ryan is talking about Typescript, but in the end: that's why everyone is using Deno I totally don't understand this.
Microsoft is all that good and opened but pylance can only be used in vscode, while I'd like to have it as an lsp for neovim for example.
Steve Lucco is by chance, the father of Michael Cera? . Jokes apart, I love the documentary, awesome!
Got the chance to watch this Documentary at Escape 2023 ❤
@GarretMcGrawHanson 2 months ago
Wasn’t VS Code a fork of GitHub’s Atom editor, which worked just fine without TypeScript. I love TS but don’t rewrite history.
@kuncevicdev 2 months ago
TS all the way front to back, yes! 🥳
@user-me9xe7si4d 2 months ago
Can't wait 💯👌
@gorandev 2 months ago
looking forward to this
A good JavaScript developer won't hate on Typescript
@SoreBrain 2 months ago
I feel bad for all those brilliant engineers having to work for Microsoft
@jamesvodden5575 2 months ago
Excellent work OfferZen
Keyboardstories 🔥
@masterlup Month ago
Thank you for this docu. please try to avoid those unnessary loud and dramatic drum sounds. That does not make it a bit better. Thank you again.
@omri9325 2 months ago
I like Theo's title, "2nd best typescript youtuber" 😂😂😂😂
@RobertKing 2 months ago
I've uploaded an interview with JT who was the Senior Program Manager of Typescript :)
Need a V8 engine documentary
@conor909 2 months ago
They're talking like it's this great success story, when it's very far from being finished. The user experience coming from JS is awful, it's even worse knowing the creators also built VSC. So why did you give us this tiny window that you can't scroll all the way to read errors in? And the errors messages use a foreign language then what JS devs ever use, it prints the full obfuscated object code when saying "the object {...} is not the same as {...}" when we only really just need the incorrect property name(s), you cant use some functions like array.filter without loosing the original array type or a spread operator. ..I could go on and on. But yes I use it and love the features. But it seems to be the definition of a product designed by developers - works for them but not the users (they're not JS users)
@zzej 2 months ago
this is great
@XRENDERMAN 2 months ago
In retrospect maybe it was better to let JS die then fixing it?
@salva-dev 2 months ago
Thank you very much!!! I love your documentaries. Do you have a place to vote for ideas for next documentaries? My suggestions for the following ones: lit framework (by google) or the world of web components and their frameworks or one about elevently. Thanks again. 👍
Please make a documentary on Ruby on rails..
@jmac217x 2 months ago
Niall Crosby's outfit is perfect. what even is that jacket/sweater combo. Bravo sir
@ceolter 2 months ago
Delighted you noticed, one of my favourite tops, but my wife hates it!!
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