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Putin's Visit to North Korea: Russian President Vladimir Putin has arrived in Pyongyang for a rare visit, signaling deepening ties between Russia and North Korea and Moscow's need for weapons to support its war in Ukraine.
Greeting by Kim Jong Un: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un personally greeted Putin at the plane ramp, marking a significant diplomatic gesture as Putin arrived in the early hours of Wednesday morning.
Animated Discussions: Russian state media reported that Putin and Kim engaged in an animated conversation for several minutes before heading to their motorcades.
Pyongyang's Preparations: The streets of Pyongyang were adorned with Russian flags and posters of Putin, highlighting the significance of his first visit to North Korea since 2000.
International Implications: The visit is a rare overseas trip for Putin since the invasion of Ukraine and a key moment for Kim, as it cements the partnership between Russia and North Korea against the West.
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Jun 18, 2024




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Comments : 9K   
@gengwanwong8783 25 days ago
No American President had such warmth welcome.
@poreyndyerpinoy 25 days ago
Because they don't force their people. I'm sure you can think better than that.
@Piechips-lr7vq 25 days ago
So why or they driving so fast 😂
@EA00000 25 days ago
Yes Obama and Ronald Reagan when arrived to Poland !
@HuMI317 25 days ago
@@poreyndyerpinoy😂😂😂Marcos are forcing Pinoys to sacrifice for his family wealth locked up in the USA
@elgebarstar5275 25 days ago
@@poreyndyerpinoy Two parties, two unpopular candidates and one political direction. Does this sound like democracy?
Apart from Putin, no any other world leader has had this grand reception by any country.
@JackSikolia 25 days ago
Our Kenyan President was given food in America ...bigger food hahahaaaa
Puțin deserves even more because he is a true man ...
@aminalmansoori624 25 days ago
Part from Putin , no any other world leader has had this grand reception by any country.
@p662 25 days ago
Yes, Putin is still struggling to capture neighbouring country Ukraine for last 3 years... What a shame to so-called world superpower
@TeamTeamCP 25 days ago
Ho Chi Minh president
@gorantamburic2000 22 days ago
Kim Jong-Un did bring his whole cabinet members to wait President Putin at the airport at 1 AM in the morning !
@owenluchavez8263 22 days ago
Instead of Cellphones and Gadgets ,they lifted hands with flowers and flags
@wendyloo8637 20 days ago
Very Good Observation.
@Igna__ 20 days ago
Porque son un pueblo que viven en la cárcel de su "líder supremo". Me dan mucha pena
@OniiRem 20 days ago
they'll probably be punished if they didn't
@Metaworldwide 20 days ago
They will probably go home to eat the flowers as they have no food.
@Steeler-wg5zo 19 days ago
maybe because they can't afford cellphones?
@paulchipwere6927 25 days ago
North Korea looks beautiful than the way US and its allies describes it.
@NellyNeva 25 days ago
Because USA most big lies…
@user-bx5mk9lq7n 25 days ago
And the North Koreans look healthier than their American counterparts who looks severely obese like the North Korean leader😂😂.
@RUS-kf6xo 25 days ago
Северная Корея выглядит красивее, чем флорида😊
@Unknown32589 25 days ago
Yes absolutely
@piotr5338 25 days ago
You have few millions alley .Korea just one
@dasingupaneer5712 25 days ago
This is the only leader been welcomed by millions ..long live Mr Putin ,Russian people must be proud to have a such a brave and charismatic President ❤ from Malaysia.
@wisdomngozi7185 25 days ago
Yes sir that’s true, I really wish I have him as my leader.
@thedean9995 25 days ago
the only leader to be what , repeat what u said so u can hear urself, or should i list leaders ok start with obama
@BlackSpirit4938 25 days ago
Yes ❤,💪
@BlackSpirit4938 25 days ago
Great leader. Putim. North Korea is the strongest nation too, without relying on other countries. 🇰🇷🇷🇺💪
@joellee6142 25 days ago
bahaha they are going deaf at 6:08 .. these people dont have much to do
@tsankiuyim6720 23 days ago
Felt like a Wedding🎉😂
@LastStitch 3 days ago
No LGBQ in North Korea or Russia
@manhalkhidir904 22 days ago
اتمنى أن أزور هذه الدولة وأرى شعبها الطيب الراقي المجتهد 👍🏼🖐🏼👍🏼
@Badin-qe6in 25 days ago
Wow so this how beatiful north korea is????
@1motiongazadon945 25 days ago
Was saying the same thing
@stefang.5732 25 days ago
Not according to our corporate media 🤔
@Madzguy007 25 days ago
Western media always say they are poor, don't have food, and their economy is crashing..
@NovChivon 25 days ago
it's wonderful to see people who love their nation and their leader so much and all looking happy and healthy and well dressed...a real wake up call for those brainwashed by western propaganda
​@@NovChivon please move to North and live there for a year and tell me how it is. I want to see whether you can say the same after living there.
@Alfred07 25 days ago
Где графити, где бомжи , где наркоманы ,где мусор грязь и крысы на улице??? Ах да, это же не демократическая америка. Молодцы корейцы!!
@johnybpdd7601 25 days ago
@user-kn8ol8ui5d 25 days ago
@sheikhsaju-bw6nm 25 days ago
Haha according America north Korea poor😂😂😂
@user-sf9yq9mu1d 25 days ago
اعلام امريكا اقوى بالكذب
@alexokanenas7456 25 days ago
show us russia that would be a laugh 🤣
@sajdsajoda9787 22 days ago
انا من الجزائر احيي الروسي والكوري تحية زوعماء العالم ❤❤❤❤❤❤
@RabhWali 21 day ago
@user-ko7lr3wt2b 10 days ago
ولو من جزاير يعني 🤔😅😅
@sroutzohair166 10 days ago
Cho ta3ni nta man al jaza2ir balad motakhalif jomhour korat 9dam nazal lil mal3ab ya9tal la3ibat fari9 khasm antom balad motakgalif chof asyadkom vi Korea balad mo7assar w ma3a dalik vih ro9ay w 7adara
@aboodmoh4012 22 days ago
انا ك يمني احب زعيم روسيا بوتن انه رجل قوي يحارب اكثر من ٣٠ دول. ❤♥️♥️. تحية لشعب الروسي من اليمن 🇾🇪
É um assassino esse putim covarde
@kostekmati2093 20 days ago
Debil 😂😂
@user-zg9sc1xx2t 12 days ago
@marclatour5027 25 days ago
President Vladimir Putin has never spoken disrespectfully toward anyone, including his enemies.
@stephenoverend293 25 days ago
Seriously? I think you need to fix your brain wires.
Kim looked terrified standing there next to Putin. I guess he's not used to actually being outside and within sniper range.
@lubushka358 25 days ago
@fantomfreedom3194 25 days ago
Ну кого он хоть раз оскорбил?​@@stephenoverend293
@brendangwira7998 25 days ago
@user-uu3nl5ks2k 25 days ago
Таком уровне встретят только достойного Президента ,целый праздник государственного масштаба✊️✊️✊️🤝✊️
Those roads are empty always whether you have a special guest or not, but they have traffic controllers even without any trafif, zero traffic, only rich countries can afford such things, traffic police for empty highways 😅😅
@user-uq7fx7jp5d 25 days ago
Enjoy your petty western paradise and democratic values ​@@wijepalapeiris3407
@avsadeyt 25 days ago
​@@wijepalapeiris3407ты хочешь сказать что народ добирается до работы пешком? То есть даже в холодную погоду?
@MalontIQrendah 18 days ago
If Russia is right to sell SU57 fighter jets to Malaysia, we hope that Russia must be careful because in the ASEAN and Asia regions it is not good and we hope that Russia does not sell SU57 fighter jets to Malaysia because it will involve theft of the technology system on our Su57, Indonesia is very You know, the Malaysian game is just a puppet/British intelligence, we hope Russia needs to be careful in compromising with them
@mirceapopescu2766 18 days ago
@user-od8tu1vd3h 23 days ago
Северо корейцы я вас люблю, всё достойно❤❤❤
@carsamuilo7946 20 days ago
Serbia❤Russia❤North Korea❤
@CrazyAi166 25 days ago
Russians deserve the world ,they gave the world freedom -Nelson Mandela.
@MlLKMAN 25 days ago
russia gave the world freedom by breaking up the ussr. Not sure if you fully understand what Mandela was saying 😅
@monichat 25 days ago
The 1917 bolshevik revolution gave freedom to Russians
@user-do9qs9ml1s 25 days ago
​@@MlLKMAN. Тебе этого не понять, 1941-1945.
@appiahisaac3106 25 days ago
Crazy if Nelson Mandela says Russia deceives the world,then it means Russia is no harm to the entire world, is the colonial slavery masters our problem till today.
@alisamelissa1536 25 days ago
​@@MlLKMAN, расскажи где были и что делали твои предки в 1941-1945?
@ndondiafrika249 25 days ago
North Korea doesnt look poor as the western media says
@ThanhVu-le7ec 25 days ago
If the country is not divided, Korea designs many things. Communist vs Democracy .
@ThanhVu-le7ec 25 days ago
The Western media, you need to filter certain news. Most of the news from the Western media is staged and articulates which would create a conspiracy.
@jake751 25 days ago
It's so clean unlike the west.
L empire du mensonge vous le savez bien.
Sembra così pulito, ordinato. Chissà se ci hanno raccontato balle anche su kim jong un.
@tsuhadha 22 days ago
Greetings from Indonesia. URAA!!
@kajiandanmurottal 18 days ago
Yang gak keluar rumah nyambut Putin auto mati wkwkw😂
@user-gn8ks8zn9b 21 day ago
Спасибо дорогие наши друзья. Привет вам из Москвы. ❤❤❤❤❤
@donzell1945 25 days ago
Wow 😂😂😂😂 north Corea, looks more clean than any USA cities 😂😂😂😂
@Toksgg 25 days ago
Illiterates don't have facts. How big is North Korea compared to the U.S.A.?
@leroynew1776 25 days ago
Where is north corea,never heard of it, DA
@SelfMasteryHub9 25 days ago
@@leroynew1776 By this logic, what you doing here?, to whom are you watching ? i guess you are absolutely blind and deaf. 🤣🤣🤣
@Era-one 25 days ago
Typical mistake 😂 North Korea
@StormySunclean 25 days ago
Remember when your mom told u to help clean the house because we're about to have guests
@innerspiritgenki 24 days ago
😂Omg it's cleaner than NYC and San Francisco
@eididjkdiffif 21 day ago
Путин очень глупый российский геополитик 19 века, а сейчас он на войне 21 века и явно не знает, как с ней бороться, он больной военный преступник, он долго не проживет, он будет убит. Россия, пропагандистский режим, диктатура, дикая страна
@koriko88 21 day ago
Because there is no one to drop litter.
NYC is the most polluted city together with Delhi and Mumbai😂🤣😂
@Battlefield1918 18 days ago
@@eyobgebreselassie511 You forgot a couple of cities in China
الشعب الكوري تقريبا كلھ بالشوارع اطفال ونساء ورجال وشباب لم يحدث بأي دولھ بالعالم ھذا الإستقبال المھيب سيخلد بالتاريخ❤
@adam19595 18 days ago
Zwykli mieszkańcy musieli wyjść na ulicę bo by ich czekała bardzo sroga kara.
@johnd.5601 16 days ago
They're starving and had to beg for food.
@fl8092 16 days ago
저런 원시인들이랑 한국이랑 엮지마라 ㅋㅋ
@Felipe.87 14 days ago
Vão pq são obrigados
The status of the Russian President deserves this kind of reception, and this is also evidence of the Korean President’s awareness and interest in every minute detail, and his interest in honoring his allies and friends. We see these scenes, greenery, beauty and cleanliness. Korea is a beautiful country.greeting from Algéria
@user-ll7uw3xd9v 25 days ago
انا يمني أحيي الزعيمان الروسي والكوري الشمالي تحية العظماء
@andraapi 25 days ago
ASSALAMUALAAIKUM my bro how about YAMMAN,tell me about the latest conditions in your country,is there any attack from US&England?..
@andraapi 25 days ago
am moslem brother from,,,we here see all your people like TEACHERS,and we are the student🤗🇲🇨🇵🇸💓
@user-mx5tv4oj5p 25 days ago
Спасибо брат . Кто к нам с миром придет с миром и уйдет !❤
@user-ll7uw3xd9v 25 days ago
@@andraapi على رأسي اخي حفظك الله اينما كنت
@user-sf9yq9mu1d 25 days ago
​@@andraapi Peace be upon you, yes, but we will be stronger, God willing
@katieperez4232 25 days ago
@i.d.6492 25 days ago
You mean red square only
@user-nv3zy2mu1p 21 day ago
​@@i.d.6492 Red square is in Moscow, this might be a Kim Sung II sqaure
@PickleAllergy 4 days ago
Prove it.
Pyongyang is looking beautiful ❤️❤️❤️
@FernandoPCM 19 days ago
The only city that’s not starving
Просто супер больше нет слов....❤❤❤😊😊
@BestFrenchLessons 25 days ago
I am surprise by how clean North Korea looks. I feel like we’ve been lied to all along lol 😂😂
@user-yf4tb8pp3j 25 days ago
Only place are clean. People living dirty mind.
@nzu8583 25 days ago
Imagine thinking this is an accurate representation of the whole country
@Mike-mm4mx 25 days ago
go to countryside this is all for show
@BestFrenchLessons 25 days ago
@@nzu8583 just a remark I am not saying Kim is a nice guy. And I am sure there are worst places
@nzu8583 25 days ago
@@BestFrenchLessons right, but if you think you've been lied to all along this video is just that, a lie, a facade
@Stop-this714 25 days ago
You would never see this if this was a Current Western Leader , Respect & Peace 🙏🏼✌️🇬🇧
@user-mp2hp9yo8t 25 days ago
👍💕С любовью из России🇷🇺😊
@RaphaTrombadinha 25 days ago
That’s because the west is garbage 😂
@Piechips-lr7vq 25 days ago
Go there 😂
Try to leave there😅
Rất tuyệt vời
Makes me cry!! The world is healing!!! BRICS!!!
@wongkhamfung74 22 days ago
Wow,,what a crowd of loyal people,,,,❤
@Amo_KG 20 days ago
They don't have choice
@wongkhamfung74 20 days ago
@@Amo_KG 🙂 I thought so
@PickleAllergy 4 days ago
facing torture and imprisonment for not supporting the regime is a very good method for instilling 'loyalty". Fool.
@PriyoChz-bn1ft 25 days ago
So beautiful city
@LEK-we2hh 23 days ago
@jonathanhan713 21 day ago
@gkenish 25 days ago
That's such a grant welcome by Kim,,, even Putin never expected this 😅
@Nant1000 25 days ago
предполагал, но не настолько)
@SubratKumarRout1 22 days ago
So organized, so pristine so modern An Asian country with such beauty 😊
@Aarrdsseddgs 16 days ago
Unfortunately the truth is that North korean people can hardly even afford their food. In fact a country that has no relationship with the outside world can not have normal condition. Only people suffer.
@PickleAllergy 4 days ago
oop here is another planted social influencers than DPNK cranks out to make their country look better, nice try
@user-bk1yj7rw3g 22 days ago
إستقبال تاريخي عظيم❤
@JohnBeerschoten 25 days ago
This is historic and good for the people of North Korea.
@mattfoley7881 25 days ago
Nothing Kim does is “good for the people of North Korea”.
@user-xg5rj4rg4g 25 days ago
Наконец мы снова вместе ❤❤❤! Спасибо народу КНДР ❤❤❤ за дружбу и теплый прием нашего любимого президента РФ Владимира Путина ❤❤❤
@bobbybobby8329 25 days ago
Yeah, I hear some of them may even get to eat some food this week.
Don't be a melt.
@user-qv4md4vm4b 25 days ago
Какой восхитительный прием,спасибо братья !!!
@Dost.. 25 days ago
@user-ig4cf9gq1y 25 days ago
Что не мировой изгой и преступник , то брат! Позорище!
Putin+Kim= fighting for world freedom we love you our leaders
@camilovivas3808 25 days ago
@user-sp2ym1cn1d 25 days ago
Какого мира изгой? Мира Садома и дерьмократии? Что не прогнулись и не стали раком перед наглосаксами? Лучше быть изгоем, и остаться суверенной страной, чем жить под властью, Садомитов! ​@@user-ig4cf9gq1y
Two heroes meet and lots of villains cry.
faith in Humanity has been restored.
@PickleAllergy 4 days ago
Why, because two evil abusive subhumans ride in a parade. Geesh man, get medicated
@user-bg8zq8fk2h 25 days ago
Встречают так, как Советский народ.
@_inmono 25 days ago
Тоже об этом подумала. Будто в детство вернулась
@Cona1973 25 days ago
Я тоже так Подумала , Круто 🔥🔥🔥
Настоящий Советский Народ
There are no Soviet people. Didn’t you hear? The USSR lost. Now all there is a slum called Russia.
@yingwangy 25 days ago
@raveenk3855 25 days ago
Never seen such a Grand welcome to putin in any country so far , Bravo putin.
@ramrod9556 25 days ago
Never seen such a welcome given to any leader anywhere in the world!
Xi had exact same when he became president.
@monichat 25 days ago
@@vikingstillwater7864 He deserved the grand welcome
Chairman Mao had in his own country better ha....
@herbalannie7707 25 days ago
Saudi Arabia's was pretty good.
@manhalkhidir904 22 days ago
دولة راقية بالأخلاق والقيم والنظام عكس ما يروج عنها 👍🏼🖐🏼👍🏼
@Alfyannn 23 days ago
The capital of the DPRK (Pyongyang) looks way more developed than most of the third world capitals 😮😮😮
@johnd.5601 16 days ago
@@johnd.5601 what Lol? what does that mean? I live in one of your liberal darling country India, and no city in India can even match Pyongyang's shadow in infrastructure.
@PickleAllergy 4 days ago
empty buildings, empty shelves, and you..empty mind.
@Alfyannn 4 days ago
@@PickleAllergy thank you Albert Einstein
No American president has had such a reception!
@carroyo911 25 days ago
Actually, Trump received a pretty grand reception when he went to India...
@Piechips-lr7vq 25 days ago
@@carroyo911 people with learning difficulties don’t count !
@luvbuggz 25 days ago
​@@carroyo911 I think they meant in N Korea 😁
@mattfoley7881 25 days ago
No American President has ever entered Pyongyang, Einstein!
@eriq54321 25 days ago
If Trump were president he would have, when he becomes president he's gonna have a lot of world repair work to do
@user-fh3oc5ij3s 25 days ago
Vietnam have cancelled a scheduled meeting with the E.U citing they need to have sufficient time to prepare for Pres Putin visit to Vietnam and said E.U can suggest another date if they are still interested in the cancelled meeting.
@myronjones1690 23 days ago
Damn do they vacuum the streets
@user-vo9xv4zf8e 18 days ago
Я думаю они моют щетка и мыло 🧼🧼🧼🧼😂😂😂😂😂
@PickleAllergy 4 days ago
They aren't used, hence no clean up. If they allowed everyone to have cars and live freely, it would look like another highway
The national anthem sounds like a Studio Ghibli soundtrack.
@eliudmichuki4669 25 days ago
@user-oo8em5qd7b 25 days ago
@Xiarga 25 days ago
@@user-oo8em5qd7b 你也只是從西方媒體聽說
@thesightings222 25 days ago
Those people don’t have a choice and must attend, otherwise either going for parade with funny balloons or disappearing with all family. Otherwise nice to watch however, I’d rather watch old German parade.
@georgewong6615 25 days ago
You better stop watch CNN and BBC
@user-tc3kg3nm3k 25 days ago
@@user-oo8em5qd7b these ppl are bots or brainwashed who dont know how to use google, chill out
That's what I call a real and authentic state visit between two leaders.
@ogomor7 23 days ago
A great man. A great country. Sincerely from Delhi, India
@darkarpit 20 days ago
@whoisme678 18 days ago
@KGF007 17 days ago
India & Russia are friends in need therefore they are friends indeed🙏💞
@natali7210 22 days ago
Давно пора, еще 10-15 лет назад....), спасибо за прекрасную встречу))))
@randyosborne3971 25 days ago
These two gentlemen would never push transgender on their own citizens.
@NezreNR 24 days ago
Thats why North Atlantic Transgender Organization dont like them.
@EricJaguar77994 24 days ago
The best and sensible leaders of our time yet vilified by the western devils
@DATSUN-zo1bv 24 days ago
You mean these 2 bums
@user-hv9dv5el3e 24 days ago
​​Кто бомж?​@@DATSUN-zo1bv
@daily9930 24 days ago
@@DATSUN-zo1bv I guess you are demeted like p*op pants Joe and crooked oliar
@mrblurblur2003 25 days ago
I'm moved to tears watching this terrific peaceful moment, from Alaska. Peace to the world. ✌🌍
@Gophiahenry1 25 days ago
Me and you both 👍🏽
@vissarion3505 25 days ago
Hello from Yakutia. Only Chukotka divides us. President Putin was here just yesterday
@dongiovanni8899 25 days ago
Korea was divided into 2 separate states after WW2 because US occupies the southern part until now😨
@Jackripz 25 days ago
You’re mental
@Piechips-lr7vq 25 days ago
You forgot peace in Ukraine !!!!
@youtiongtiang1145 22 days ago
Millions line up to welcome a Head of State . No other country is able to do so .. ❤ Congrats President Kim
@Aarrdsseddgs 18 days ago
He is the most brutal dictator, north korean people are oppressed under his reign, and you admire him? In dictatorships people have to line up for the dictator.
@Battlefield1918 18 days ago
@@Aarrdsseddgs Welcome to the comment section of the East, they have very different opinions than us in the west
@frankwyte2969 18 days ago
They would have been unalived if they didn't 😢
@user-wb3jn9oj8h 17 days ago
@user-pm1ds8bm4j 5 days ago
Those two are disgusting and cowards
@TukangNyai 22 days ago
Hebatnnya Korea Utara Berdiri Mandiri Di Segani Oleh Lawannya....
@alaasad2659 25 days ago
North Korean couldn’t believe a foreign president is visiting them, but North Korea does not look as bad as we were told
Hay que diversificar las fuentes de información. Solo así tendrás un panorama más completo y verdadero de la realidad
Don't ever believe that of Western media....
@Piechips-lr7vq 25 days ago
It’s worse than u were tolled !
@Addi_Teacha509 25 days ago
"As bad"? You are stil so dishonest. The country is modern and beautiful, not a shit hole like Paris
@Addi_Teacha509 25 days ago
​@@Piechips-lr7vqyou foaming at the mouth 😂😂
@user-gr5ub7pi7h 25 days ago
Вы когда нибудь видели что нибудь подобное!? Вот это встреча🎉🎉🎉
@ManhKaka92 22 days ago
Trời ơi’ thật là xúc động
@user-nx6sf6hu6q 22 days ago
Love From Bangladesh ❤️🇧🇩 putin and kim 💪💪
@Germains8 25 days ago
Какая радость, уважение, чистота, искренность, дружелюбность!!!❤
@justin-pv6ff 25 days ago
No country can match North Korea for the number of people welcoming a foreign state leader. 😂
Many democracies don't give right to its people to visit street side in such rare events.
@user-px6ch8kw7y 25 days ago
У них выходной в честь приветствия.
@Piechips-lr7vq 25 days ago
No one can the numbers of people staving.
@IfeanyiEKalu 23 days ago
Why won't! What do you expect when a dictator is in power!
@pchr06 18 days ago
The casting took time 🙃
Dangerous combo putin and Kim yong un 😂😂😂
Terima kasih Saya dari Indonesia semoga kameramen yg membuat Video Dokumentasi ini menjadi Sejarah buat Korea dan Rusia menjadi sekutu yg Makmur dan baik Bersama Indonesia Uurraa.
When Americans says something about someone being bad should never believe it.
@Okalekale 25 days ago
Gang leader of the western world, whoever trusts them and europe do so at their own disadvantage.
United States of North America is lying most of the time! Did you know that?
@ronaldissack3338 25 days ago
Say no S after plural😮
@svarog.54 25 days ago
Эталон чистоты и единства,браво
@Sifakas.Kritikos 23 days ago
❤🇬🇷🇷🇺🇰🇵❤❤❤❤❤❤ Γειά σας από Ελλάδα
@MsHomofiel 21 day ago
No bullshit. no fightings no protestings. I am not a fan of dictators. But the people show respect. Thats not what u see in the western world
@Demoratos 25 days ago
Теперь наши официальные стратегические союзники и друзья 🎉
@SuperStokvis 25 days ago
The world need a level playing field.. No more sanctions
@user-vo9xv4zf8e 18 days ago
Уважаемые граждане Северной Кореи. Если вы вдруг увидите мой комментарий, запомните: вы просто потрясающие . такой организованности я еще не встречала . такое ощущение что я посмотрела открытие олимпийских игр. Настолько масштабно и невероятно. Вы такие молодцы . я думаю это было сложно создать такой праздник . за это вам такое огромное уважение
@berkutok9745 10 days ago
КНДР самая дисциплинированная страна на земле,всем у неё учится дисциплине бы,браво КНДР ,лучшие👍👍👍
@petervermeer.4904 23 days ago
All happy people along the roads. Smiling and waving. It looks like a great country. The roads look good to, well kept.
@user-hc4mg2kb7h 21 day ago
"Just smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave..." (Madagascar, 2005). You've made our day, friend! Laughing our heads off, me and my family.
@smedji1 20 days ago
Sick, egoistic, tyranic .. i remember 1970s in then socialist Yugoslavia (country that was even 100 times more liberal than North Korea) when people, even all factories and schools were forced to come to such manifestations
@officialyayo5944 25 days ago
They want us to believe that North Koreans are not happy people and the place is miserable but this video show different it shows a happy people and a clean environment
The west want to believe this about Russia and China also , as it puts the west to shame
@Sk47_bangouuut 25 days ago
they dont have a fucking choice goofball OML
@AlexNishi-hb2ne 25 days ago
Well no shi* another president is showing up and they have to clean up so it looks nice and people have to smile so everything looks Goodie goodie.
@geraldhagen2989 23 days ago
@@AlexNishi-hb2ne ;Done at hidden gun point,
@userlo5254 23 days ago
No one could object to dectator leader😂
@brianmmudenda6870 25 days ago
This is a legendary welcome.
@amienrao2290 23 days ago
Luarbiasa... AS, Israel dan Sekutu nya... Ketar ketir melihat kejadian ini...
@TanTheTitan 21 day ago
This moment is probably the most secured thing in the world.
@zakirghulami9105 25 days ago
My wish all the people around the world live together with peace and harmony
@vincy420 25 days ago
@geraldhagen2989 23 days ago
Then get rid of Kim and Bloodymir KaPutin.
Display of power and wisdom by the two leaders.
@alancrossley509 25 days ago
But why does Kim Jong-Un not allow his people to go holiday in the west?... or allow them to relocate if they wish to do so? They are held captive and brainwashed their entire lives! Terrible...how would you like that. It's a cruel regime.
You forgot to add tyranny
@Sk47_bangouuut 25 days ago
@@GiyuTomiokaTheOneAndOnly and fascist, racist, homophobic, anti everything basically lol
@kgosisimanyana 25 days ago
​@@GiyuTomiokaTheOneAndOnly king Charles is the biggest
@@kgosisimanyana doesn't mean they aren't
@user-oo7ix6lt8y 21 day ago
Now that boys and girls is how you greet and treat a guest in your house.Take note .
@PickleAllergy 4 days ago
you are ridiculous..oh my gosh, this is so stupid I am cracking up. If they came to visit me, my hospitality would involve coffee, snacks and a weapon
@genuine4708 22 days ago
This is how the world should be make peace with one another love one another work together how beautiful the world will be x
@pchr06 18 days ago
See the peaceful atmosphere at 06:30
@genuine4708 18 days ago
​@@pchr06😂😂😂😂 FML
@genuine4708 18 days ago
Ok come to think of it I think these two are combining
@YahyaGaniyu 25 days ago
Greatest of all time ❤❤❤❤Russia 🇷🇺 North Korea
@ivanexell-uz4mv 24 days ago
@Suhailvtlr 24 days ago
Cry english puppet 😂​@@ivanexell-uz4mv
@geraldhagen2989 23 days ago
Yes, the two most EVIL men on earth,
@user-uh7lt6wt4v 23 days ago
الله،اكبر،،الاخواين العظماء، والزمن، الجديد، عهذ،الله،الله،اكبر
@user-br7kr5hv9c 25 days ago
Нас ещё где то уважают и как, горло перехватывает от гордости за нашу родину
@user-mg9cr8jf7j 25 days ago
@user-yg1ob3xg5p 25 days ago
Очень тёплый приём! Очень приятно! Спасибо. ❤
@power_in_truth 25 days ago
Нас неуважают только подлецы
@igorkiselev1936 25 days ago
Скажу Вам по секрету ...НАС УВАЖАЮТ ВЕЗДЕ , Правда ещё и боятся , но скоро это пройдёт.
@user-mp9vd3xz1r 25 days ago
Нас везде уважают, а где-то еще и боятся так, что поджилки трясутся. И это правильно.
@jnataw03 22 days ago
Esse é querido🇧🇷🇷🇺🇧🇷
@user-gc2os5vd7n 21 day ago
Long live to both presidents ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤....!!
@Jenifer_G 25 days ago
Very well treated Mr Putin was by North Korea, very impressive display. Md Putin is a calm and very intelligent man.
@user-nl8gw4mm3g 25 days ago
Скорее,он может контролировать свои эмоции! А это дано,далеко не всем руководителям!За это мы любим его и гордимся своим Президентом!Мы считаем его и человеком достойным,и Президентом самым лучшим и достойнейшим!
@logansinclair2658 25 days ago
He intelligent is like saying a blind deaf dog will protect how long has his special military operation lasting these days?😂🤣
@alzajeb7270 25 days ago
@@logansinclair2658 Blah blah blah. Just go away
@user-nl8gw4mm3g 25 days ago
​@@logansinclair2658Вы сами-то поняли,что написали?Может перевод неточный,а вы другое хотели сказать?!Но заметьтте:ни одного отрицательного комментария о Путине,хотя люди пишут из разных стран,со всех континентов!Гордимся Президентом России!Это наш Президент!
@logansinclair2658 25 days ago
English there kid
@Shaftalooooo 25 days ago
Wish South Korea was independent like the North.
@luk5827 25 days ago
North Korea is totally insulated by world . I don't think so you want to live an a totally insulated country .
@saeedsadat4269 25 days ago
مستعمره آمریکا است 😊
@user-om4qu8ck7n 25 days ago
South Korea has chosen to be a US puppet, thinking and acting in the US box.
Well said​@@saeedsadat4269
@user-zz2dx4tr7t 22 days ago
مشاء الله شوف نظام الجيوش مو احنه بلعراق حتى ميعرفون يمشون ❤
I don't see poverty, I only see beautiful country with happy people and order
@larsstougaard7097 17 days ago
So wonderful you should visit there and make video 📹
@@larsstougaard7097 I am ready to visit, get me a visa and the tickets(for return as well). Are you ready to take up this challenge troll?
@babyjiren9676 16 days ago
Step one foot outside the innermost center of pyongyang lol
@larsstougaard7097 16 days ago
@morningstararun6278 ha ha why should I pay , write Putin Im sure he will sponsor you, a journey you will remember forever , so beautiful 😍
Wow open car …that shows North Korea is actually safe .The entire nation was in the capital . ❤and respect from Canada
@Vladik481516 25 days ago
Спасибо за уважение из Канады, но постарайтесь больже не жать руки Фашистам, иначе ваше уважение не стоит и гроша! Канадцы хорошие люди, а вами управляют дураки.
@svdhavxc 25 days ago
@@Vladik481516 delusional communist. shut up.
@ASTRAGEM 25 days ago
@user-vj2rp6kk3c 25 days ago
احسنت القول 👍​@@Vladik481516
North Korea is safe. Geez how dense of you.
@amyexner 25 days ago
Wow very impressive. I had no idea N. Korea’s infrastructure is that modern.
@imperijaable 25 days ago
Potemkin villages did you hear of that
@conag9864 25 days ago
I believe China is helping.
@amyexner 25 days ago
@@imperijaable never heard of it; where is it?
@Vivek_47104 22 days ago
Watch' from India 🇮🇳❤
Beginning of long fruitfull friendship. History on repeat.
@satvata 25 days ago
Вот это встреча. Невероятно.❤❤❤❤ никогда не видела такого приема. ..Индусам Россия не менее помогала и спасала, но они под влиянием американской пропаганды всё добро забывать стали. Дорогие корейцы, мы вас тоже любим! Давайте навсегда будем братьями и сестрами.❤.
Россия тоже будет большой Северной Кореей , всё у вас впереди
@guylancaster2055 25 days ago
@satvata 25 days ago
@@Izhakusruritujimjso мы тоже все радуемся за тебя, после того,как ты слил свой негатив, тебе наверняка стало легче. Продолжай...
@satvata 25 days ago
@@guylancaster2055 молодец, что пишешь мне свои комментарии, увеличиваешь мне просмотры. Спасибо, что читаешь мои комментарии и всегда на позитиве.
@user-dy1te7qs5u 25 days ago
​@@Izhakusruritujimjso защику возьми
@user-qu2hl5sv4r 25 days ago
Смотрю и радуюсь, два сильных президентов встретились,а какой красивый приём!❤❤❤
@alfaprane 25 days ago
Fantástico. Meus cumprimentos. Brasil
@wasilisalewski969 24 days ago
Your a real joker?
@nangadabo4029 22 days ago
❤😊❤Merci bien pour votre Publication ❤😊Grand Poutine Grande Russie 🇷🇺 Vive Korea
@AK-xi1ng 20 days ago
Its so beautiful and planned nicely. Much greener than most of the democratic countries in Asia.
@greggoog7559 19 days ago
Yes, but the truth is also that it rains ALL THE TIME there so the green is not entirely their achievement 😃
@kan1039 25 days ago
The flowers in the hand of the people look so organic. Everything is organic and natural in North Korea. This country is not corrupted by capitalism
@simonsimon4256 25 days ago
Go to north 😅
@user-ng2rx4qc8o 25 days ago
everything except the nukes🤣
@bowerbird7463 25 days ago
Yes & the endless cheap plastic flowers/products used by US, made in Chyna, which the US is constantly whinging about
@iMiik 25 days ago
then go live there so you can eat organic chicken and organic vegetables
​@@user-ng2rx4qc8oif you want peace prepare for war
Blessed are the Peacemakers ❤
Cheap slave Labour by a scumbag evil leader
Yeah they seem really peaceful, how ironic.
@dipin2 23 days ago
Kim gave a grand unforgettable welcome to Putin
@Baban_Bilani 21 day ago
North korea Weather is Better than America😂