where is the ball to play this?😳⚽ 

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the best soccer game in the world, it's a shame there's no ball
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May 12, 2024




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Comments : 3.1K   
@LOL-cringe 16 days ago
@Smilebendyking 16 days ago
@user-se1oz8tk5d 16 days ago
@AhmedMataan-xr7qx 16 days ago
@MoanaDilawar 16 days ago
What does😂
@user-cm6im1df5e 16 days ago
@LOL-cringe 16 days ago
Only hacker can click this⚽ 👇
@s.enterprise8389 16 days ago
🎉😮trgfhg😊gfjgfghgg❤vfgvvdggv 😢bvjxgxvçvvvbbnm😅jhffhghhhghh🎉🎉🎉hgfgghhhb Hhnnn❤❤❤❤😂🎉😢😢😮😅😊
@katiesimonton2887 16 days ago
@randalldaniels872 16 days ago
@user-zq7lb3hs6f 16 days ago
@LOL-cringe 16 days ago
i will delete my channel🙌 when this comment reaches 1 million likes💖 👇
@user-fc1tk9ud8x 16 days ago
@frakeo 16 days ago
​@@candicehelms5414if you do that, just give him more atention, just ignores it
@jevelynmedina1641 15 days ago
Do it guys!
@Freds-channel 15 days ago
Yes he’s cringe
@user-ui6yy5km4j 12 days ago
*sklep realfollow: potrzymaj mi piffko*
@LolBoy-ic9we 12 days ago
Bro really went from RU-vid to TikTok
@fondyx69 14 days ago
In the end, Ronaldo ate the phone💀
@GloriaMarin-vl8pl 13 days ago
It is the girl☠️
@LOL-cringe 16 days ago
cringe⚽button 👇
@Anti-FurryDude1 16 days ago
@user-pc1cw6dt5e 16 days ago
That’s his username
@humawaqas9453 16 days ago
@galaxielTheGreat 16 days ago
​@@Anti-FurryDude1 i agree, but with you're username
@enderfred7148 16 days ago
⁠​⁠​⁠@@galaxielTheGreat Its actually "I agree, but with YOUR username"🤓
@Rajendahirwar6615 12 days ago
*tymczasem celebryci kupujacy lajki na Realfollow*
@capybarafino4960 16 days ago
I think Ronaldo enjoyed it💀
@Iconic_cone_head 16 days ago
@Iamloser217 16 days ago
@capybarafino4960 16 days ago
@user-cv1bq9bj3g 16 days ago
@LOL-cringe 16 days ago
I will delete this video if it gets 100 thousand likes️❤️ 👇
@Sunky---420 16 days ago
Please delete
@Jonah508 16 days ago
Plz delete it
i hope you get deleted
Bro spams too much
@VaniaPutria-vp1lu 15 days ago
​@@Jonah508❤❤❤❤❤❤❤jfhrhhfnhu7b9d hhdghh❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😂🎉🎉🎉🎉
@XX_Mr_rider7 12 days ago
*A na RealFollow dalej influ kupuja xd*
@Vijay_gaming_pro 12 days ago
Celebrytki kupuja sobie fejm na sklepie Realfollow a karawana jedzie dalej
@briandiaz6696 16 days ago
His Balls💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
He ain’t got any
@Seek1689 13 days ago
👇Pure brain rot button💀
@GetoSuguruPlushie 15 days ago
It's sense of channel man 💀
@Thecooldog173 15 days ago
“👇” is more brainrot then skibidi toilet
@marycrisgarcia639 14 days ago
@The_killer_TV 13 days ago
that is very true 💀
@etjahyadi02 13 days ago
like beggar
@naimareem7269 12 days ago
This is not cringe , this is sus ❌
@STBAYAR-ll1gi 12 days ago
mnostwo ludzi pisze o tym realfollow , ale przeciez nie ma nigdy pewnosci kto kupuje w takich sklepach a kto nie XD wiec ocb?
@boostthirudan 14 days ago
People who are not gay 👇
the jumpscare💀
@IlovePizza187 13 days ago
Like beggar
@user-rw8ir4tz1n 12 days ago
Are you gay
@CATVR776 16 days ago
brain rot button 👇
This comment is cringe cuz the "👇" emoji makes you to be a like beggar
@kiterradixon12 14 days ago
@@TSC_Orange.Stickmanwomp womp
@reesemolloy6109 14 days ago
@@TSC_Orange.Stickmancuz?? Hate slang words
@@kiterradixon12 yea 2 of u are like beggars
@QuentinLouise 12 days ago
A collaboration I never saw coming.
@Caleb-dq9eh 13 days ago
At the end: "YOOOOOOOOOOO"💀
@Caleb-dq9eh 7 days ago
what its funny
bro please… I’m losing my last 2 braincells from this video.
v i lost my 4 braincells
@helikespugsmusic 13 days ago
I only have 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000… …00000000000000000000000001 braincells after this video
@7ElevenCashier 13 days ago
I lost 6
@BryanPlayzOnYt 12 days ago
I lost 10 of them :(
@Bucketttss 16 days ago
brainrot level 9999
@user-ve2ov2ug7w 14 days ago
Ofc he is more fucking stupid and eating like a Sudan oil bag of chips
@user-wd3qt9vk9y 13 days ago
*Nie chce nic mowic ale to wlasnie wy nakrecacie celebrytow ktorzy kupuja lajki na Realfollow*
@rosaliacarbonell 16 days ago
Bro thinks I’m dumb
@GetoSuguruPlushie 15 days ago
You are 💀
@AmonGASkkkk 14 days ago
​@@GetoSuguruPlushienah, i am
@nnnerddd 14 days ago
The name of his channel justifies him
@PypsHotik 14 days ago
​@@AmonGASkkkkstupid really, it's joke, idiot
Ronaldo button 👇
@ArzuBicer-zk9qi 16 days ago
@ArzuBicer-zk9qi 16 days ago
Her Yerdesiinnnn
@ArzuBicer-zk9qi 16 days ago
İngilizce Olan Videoda Bile Varsın YUH
@user-fl5eg4uo3o 16 days ago
@@ArzuBicer-zk9qistop commenting just comment once
@fetpok 16 days ago
​@@ArzuBicer-zk9qi doğru👍
@nanogamingtv65 13 days ago
bro literally called everyone "cringe" when this guy is cringe himself.
@theroc-xb4eo 13 days ago
It's literally the whole point of his channel💀
Btw the U in enjoy was on purpose
@kocakgeminf 13 days ago
@The_Eyecat 13 days ago
cringe button 👇 (Edit: thx guys (^;w;^)
@Bedrock_gaming_yt 13 days ago
Yourw pfp is only cringe in this video you mf😵😡😡😡😡😡
@Nooby1119 13 days ago
Stop begging
@voidprince. 13 days ago
​@@GameplayHubTg im honstly just saying wtf
​@@voidprince. I agree
@voidprince. 13 days ago
@@davidearlgutierrez5864 yeh leve thes mf just diske video and press dont recomend and they are doon for
@GON3_CR4Z 14 days ago
Why is bro glazing his own comment section
@-BeeBoy- 14 days ago
its kinda sad how bad this guy is like farming lmao
@SigaracBG 13 days ago
I Jumpscared 💀
@Balkan_guy_ 13 days ago
Poor girl😭
@PONOSHKA_ 15 days ago
чем я занимаюсь на математике:
@So2sher856 13 days ago
Я тоже
@GabeDuzMaddenTH7 16 days ago
1. Pelé 2. Messi 3. Ronaldo 👇
@Supersoniclegend 16 days ago
2. Ronaldo
@user-ti3uu7vn2m 16 days ago
Messi 1 pele 2 Maradona 3 Johan cruyff 4 5 ronaldo9 6 ronaldo7. ​@@Supersoniclegend
@adminqcs7358 16 days ago
@@user-ti3uu7vn2m the last two are L picks
@lussondange4233 16 days ago
You are just begging for likes 👇 guys please don’t hate, but I am not trying to beg for likes
@user-ti3uu7vn2m 16 days ago
@@adminqcs7358 W
@natebanks720 12 days ago
Please help me regain brain cells from this guy I’m dying inside every time I see him
@abhyudaysingh5341 13 days ago
bro he has 6% battery
@YamenAlm-pw6sm 16 days ago
جيش العرب فينكم شكرا على 21لايك❤ واو شكرا مرة اخرة على 73لايك❤🎉 👇
@YamenAlm-pw6sm 14 days ago
الله الحمد لله فيه عرب
@@YamenAlm-pw6sm حمدالله
@YamenAlm-pw6sm 14 days ago
يلا باي
@@YamenAlm-pw6sm باي
@user-hs9cc5mo8j 13 days ago
Почему тут одни американцы?
@mcmixaelYT 10 days ago
@tjautomatin4145 13 days ago
Lil bro is literally redoing ideas, that's how bored he probably is
@regorcervana4996 16 days ago
only a hacker can type this 👇 §
@user-uj8pq9ko7r 15 days ago
@bonnardmancia912 15 days ago
§ too easy
@bestedits4029 15 days ago
§ ezz
@jironinjatv9727 15 days ago
Can you do this ¯\_ಠ_ಠ_/¯ Like it ur a sigma 🗿
@commandblock4607 15 days ago
That is the most cutest thing I have ever seen before
@fahmedaera1838 16 days ago
Bro pretend to be gay💀
@mobilegames1864 14 days ago
you sus ????????
@AshKetchum1996. 14 days ago
well uh youll understand when your older
What the cr7 was doing in front of the girl Xd💀☠️☠️☠️☠️
@solz172 12 days ago
ronaldo gets a bit quirky at school💀
@LOL-cringe 16 days ago
not😳cringe⚽button 👇
@BearFrede1488 16 days ago
@violahyko4004 14 days ago
@thgamer2071 14 days ago
@okokokok3238 13 days ago
adult man making unfunny videos and baits to his young audience:
@user-qd4jg6kz6z 15 days ago
Я удаляю акаунт если это Комментарий наберёт 1милион лайков 👇
@tkocak 12 days ago
Ronaldo got some rizz 💀💀💀
Vinicius 🎉❤❤❤❤❤❤
@revaniawijaya5177 14 days ago
Ronaldo button. 👇👇👇👇👇👇
@Seek1689 13 days ago
Stop begging for likes
@karinaraiol8253 16 days ago
Anderson já 😂está ai amiga
@Rip_purpXd 12 days ago
my guy literally wants attention to him self💀
Bro went to TikTok 😂
@andreasfaber4965 15 days ago
1 Ronaldo 2 Neymar 3 Messi 👇
@yuyudjakiman5108 14 days ago
@user-mc2fs1rg8o 13 days ago
@user-xo8ei6qt8f 13 days ago
Роналдо месси и мбапе
@asumanlafc6261 13 days ago
Vkwovqlgoqdjdovwlfngbc oc.dpwp1000.0000000000000.00000000100⁰0000000.000000.000000.0000000
@HxskerDxst 13 days ago
Tf u pointing at?
@AidynLarosa 15 days ago
Who know what he done to aidyn dog 👇
@JustRealEzra 13 days ago
Shut up bro quit using 👇👇👇👇👇👇 It’s super super annoying
@user-dg7hm4oy1x 13 days ago
Это Кристиано Роналду ❤❤❤❤
The end of the game:💀 And her:😊😁😆😉
@user-tk2yh4qu5n 16 days ago
Здесь только я русский🤨🤨
@VBR_low 16 days ago
Здарова брат
@user-qx5sw2px3p 16 days ago
@mikeeferrer 10 days ago
He's hitting you in the heart. Just because you're the cameraman don't mean he isn't noticing you and your advances towards him.
@user-rw3px6jz9q 13 days ago
Ronaldo is in that girls face 🤣🤣
@AlexeyGarkusha 16 days ago
Тот самая девочка: Эй ты что
@Jele_love 15 days ago
А как скачать роналду
Ты гей если нажмёш это 👇
@egorband 15 days ago
@shark_Gacha 13 days ago
Я:как же я устала в школе😢 Тем временем то чем я занимаюсь на уроках:
@SonicCubeOG 13 days ago
bro's battery 💀💀
@user-nk8cl4vr2f 12 days ago
The female student pose in the clip came to see this clip. 🗿
@doris653 13 days ago
“Drugs can’t effect my kid@ the kid:
@Mega-gamer7 13 days ago
What if the girl see it on youtube
@user-um5nv4yi4v 13 days ago
That one guy who pushes her head:🤭
Bro used youtube to tiktok😭😭😭😭💀💀💀💀
@pahlawan769 12 days ago
Oh wow nice edits but i don't have enough rizz to do it💀
@Shans_193 13 days ago
Bro's at 6 percent😆
@user-hh1jr9mq3i 13 days ago
Очень классная концовка😂😂
@noob_Plushie 12 days ago
@Ajabba_19 13 days ago
we magically change to tik tok
@Techotechansh 13 days ago
@pareriay504 13 days ago
That slap when ronaldo get to the girl💀
@Russia277 13 days ago
The amount of 8 year olds that fell for this is insane💀
@Jimmy_WT 13 days ago
Bro named Dirty minded in 1000 languages
Bro literally got kissed
@user-kotan_kot 13 days ago
Те самые американцы: ТИМ ФАКЕ👇👇👇
@castielmontes3724 13 days ago
I lost 90 Braincells today
@user-df6bf6cv5q 13 days ago
Your phone gonna die
@CRISTIANO7UCL 12 days ago
Cristiano and de giro: gogó gogo
@user-vh1jn8bm6g 13 days ago
Сколько я iq потрял после просмотра этого видео?
@jambo829 13 days ago
the bills cant be this high bro
@Pheonix_legendz 13 days ago
Look how many ppl got fooled by it 💀💀 🍷🗿
@user-kj3od8ew7o 12 days ago
me singing the smurf cat💀
@tesaprilla3114 13 days ago
Bros phone be like " DUDE CHARGE ME"
@user-bm9vn8ex3o 12 days ago
La batería: estoy cansado jefe
Bro your channel name💀
@Yanited_Stats 13 days ago
The girl: Why he filming me? **HUGE GASP** DOES HE LIKE ME??? Mfs behind that guy: 💀💀💀😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥🗿🗿🗿
@catfoodbreath 12 days ago
This just ruined my 5 year journey
@Ryuzenxc 12 days ago
The battery💀
@mikeeferrer 12 days ago
I'm always prone to hitting someone in the head with a ball. I've kicked balls way too much that I've sprained my ankle in the process. Now it hurts to think I will never get the football career that I've always wanted to have.
@user-sw8xj5jb1s 13 days ago
The battery : ☠️
@Ollie919 13 days ago
That's Snapchat💀💀💀
@IBBZY. 13 days ago
Bro teleported to tiktok
@nahidjamali9154 13 days ago
Bro only had 6%😂
blind ppl:💀 deaf ppl:💀
@SIKA4000K 12 days ago
"i thought this video is old🤯?"