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Mar 17, 2023




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Comments : 3.7K   
@adrianjohnson1028 11 months ago
If it exists, rest assured the Japanese will find a way to eat it raw
@ChrisTian-sd5yq 11 months ago
@msab1722 11 months ago
​​@@ChrisTian-sd5yq *Fry* *Dat* *Shid*
@uncookedfrog4715 11 months ago
If it exists rest assured the chinese will find a way to eat it alive
@Kaneki_Da_King 11 months ago
As a Japanese man, I co-sign this message.
@C00ch13Munch3r 11 months ago
The infamous rule 1945
@CHANCHANKIT555 10 months ago
It's from the sea It's alive It's edible raw - Japan
@destrelyascorner4968 10 months ago
Chinese: Hold my Bat soup 💀
@djuanwilliams8235 10 months ago
@midnightstorm4290 10 months ago
​@@destrelyascorner4968 both equally weird
@SharkShow398 10 months ago
​@@midnightstorm4290 racist
@SharkShow398 10 months ago
​@@midnightstorm4290 americans: hold my Gumbo full of frogs and boars
@devaredevaa 10 months ago
Japanese can be our 1st defence against aliens
@user-insectkoumori64 10 months ago
@bunbunbunta13954 10 months ago
​@@user-insectkoumori64 日本人が醤油つけて食うと思ってるんやろなw
@user-insectkoumori64 10 months ago
@@bunbunbunta13954 まぁよくあるタコ型エイリアンなら醤油かければ脱水されて良い感じに倒せそうだし食えそう
@likepotato 10 months ago
Oh yes eat it whit spy sauce
​@さんきゃく 👌🏻💯😄
@KoenigFPS 11 months ago
Nah, bro was holding back his tears😭💀
It's actually delicious
@user-nn7kn4do8z 11 months ago
​@nazi дуралей веть только дуралей поставит на аватарку военого преступника
@sonwiberg373 11 months ago
​@@lordvladimirputin7895 Yeah like youve even tried it before.. If he deleted the comment he exactly said "It's actually delicious"
@mikeedmonds6366 11 months ago
​@@sonwiberg373 U clearly nvr try exotic stuff urself so why don't u go back home and cry. It is actl decent as I tried it myself. Want to believe it or not I think it's up to ur uncertainty to decide.😅
@rr4225 11 months ago
​@@sonwiberg373 why would he delete his comment
@user-ny6rt9xs9s 10 months ago
@koharu5323 10 months ago
@eliteculture1519 10 months ago
@user-sg7bg2gc7o 10 months ago
@user-mx9xn3ml4j 10 months ago
@block1825 10 months ago
@@user-mx9xn3ml4j get fick
@shofuru2207 10 months ago
@MR-rq9to 10 months ago
@shofuru2207 10 months ago
@@MR-rq9to ゆーて私も食べたことないけど白子みたいなもんかなって思ってる。白子も海外勢ドン引きしそうw白い脳みそやー言うて
@user-ge3lb3qi1r 9 months ago
@dexxtteiuwww 9 months ago
@@user-ge3lb3qi1r うまいから食ってみな 飛ぶぞ
@user-vb2yl6rm5y 6 months ago
@@user-ge3lb3qi1r 生卵、ギリって日本人か?? すき焼きとかユッケ、卵かけご飯とかで普通に生卵食うやろ
@Mrcantaloupe 11 months ago
"Fresh from the sack" 💀
@hinkami9359 11 months ago
😂 fresh from the sack is crazy
@trapficante 11 months ago
@WiernerBoi 11 months ago
Mmmmm Dr.Octopussy Ball ☠️☠️☠️
@10ism 11 months ago
@aleksandermrowka6682 11 months ago
Wich sack we Talking about huh?
@user-lx5yv2zn3h 10 months ago
@Veit._. 8 months ago
Он так не думает
@wrongdaddylifestyle 10 months ago
Those were definitely still alive. Very impressive!
@knight6815 10 months ago
I'm 22 likes and 22 replies.
@knight6815 10 months ago
First* now second
@bomba_lecka 10 months ago
@@knight6815 bruh who cares
@user-lw9kd9fs7b 11 months ago
@abdomobark3670 11 months ago
@shpakaaYT 11 months ago
@digitazz9879 11 months ago
@user-nc3rd5tn9b 11 months ago
@RubG0 11 months ago
@Malikai35 10 months ago
These mini octopus are gonna hatch inside him 😂
@d.voncane 10 months ago
new fear unlocked
@inakel-fh2su 10 months ago
​@@d.voncanethis wont happen dont worry
@Malikai35 10 months ago
@@inakel-fh2su but it will 👀
@user-ij2kh7le3k 10 months ago
@Veit._. 8 months ago
Веном 2.0
@user-lh2fp1ll7l 9 months ago
新鮮なエビの頭みたいな味でめちゃ好きだった オススメ
@rama4780 9 months ago
Isn't shrimp head hard? Meanwhile those eggs look soft
@user-lh2fp1ll7l 9 months ago
@@rama4780 I wrote about just taste. Its taste like prawn's liver. I think it's very good. And it is very soft as you said. (I'm not good at English. Sorry!)
@Veit._. 8 months ago
Как можно это есть, противно
@sanokuen-sempai 6 months ago
@Napori0905 5 months ago
@omicronus7 11 months ago
The human digestive system is highly sophisticated beyond measure, and Asians seem to exploit it to its fullest capabilities.
@ochim-po 10 months ago
Even I, a Japanese person, wouldn't eat this.
@user-qh4og8gy9p 10 months ago
​@@ochim-po 맛있을거 같은데...😢 삶은것이 보편적이지만 신선한거라면야
@user-yv1qu5wl1g 10 months ago
@Akashvlogs450 10 months ago
Not all asian except indian
@gamingcoderyt5998 10 months ago
@silverhawk7324 10 months ago
Whenever I'm hungry I just watch this. So far I've lost 10 pounds.
@Soul_evacuated_Ian 9 months ago
Sadly, that doesn’t work for me. Whenever I’m hungry I just watch a short of nikocado avocado. The sheer nastiness from those videos is enough to make me lose my appetite.
@meofomi 6 months ago
@Luna_3720 10 months ago
Looks like he’s gonna grow octopus babies in his stomach now😂
@riyazsyed1499 10 months ago
I'm sure he's got so much of decaying raw meat inside of him, the Octopus babies are gonna go 'ugh'.
@Rain_Horse 11 months ago
Octopus eggs are very rare, but you can find it in seafood restaurant at Dahab, Egypt
@slomle4708 11 months ago
Bro egyptian are we brothers or something
@You-nl2bx 11 months ago
​@@slomle4708 all of us are brothers from another mother
@HoppingSnake290 11 months ago
Aren't you technically eating octopus seman 🤔
@peachandtoffee 11 months ago
​@@HoppingSnake290 😭😭
@@HoppingSnake290 AH FUCK NO 💀💀💀
@user-sg4gr4xk6r 10 months ago
@usmanqayyum9192 10 months ago
I did not know octopus eggs looked like that
@tialy9895 10 months ago
The worst thing is that female octopuses protect their eggs for years, they die of hunger because they are "petrified" on top of the eggs, watching this video hurt me because of this information, octopus moms give their lives to a next generation of octopuses... 😢😢
@khumonmhe4662 11 months ago
Japanese: Anything's edible eat it raw Chinese: Anything's move it eat
@junpen_danyo 10 months ago
@cjc3166 10 months ago
@Dejected_Child 10 months ago
Of course it's the white hypocrisy
@zLife-yl6kf 10 months ago
Indians: anything that looks like diarrhea is good quality food
@likepotato 10 months ago
​@@zLife-yl6kf eat everything in the floor
@RiceMuncher2838 10 months ago
when it’s time for you know what his wife gonna have octopus babies lol
@tlaurina7004 10 months ago
"Not a single chinese will die starving" damn those words hits different
@user-gw1ni9up9t 10 months ago
@user-gw1ni9up9t 10 months ago
he is japanese
@eliteculture1519 10 months ago
Jesus Christ he’s Japanese 😂😂😂
@3rdeyejukez493 11 months ago
that's alot of babies he just ate, reminds me of yall moms during spring break
@k27productions54 11 months ago
@nabajitdas8949 11 months ago
I'm ded💀💀
@whyareugae3372 10 months ago
bruh.. is it only moms tho 😏
@YoGrannyGotNoKnees 10 months ago
Aww hell naaaaawwwwe😭
@chichiboki6563 10 months ago
Who hurt you
@buzz-1919 10 months ago
日本のシーフードは基本的に生で食べれる素晴らしい鮮度で店に出ます (加熱が必要な物には加熱用と書かれています) それだけ管理が行き届いてると言うこと ちなみに卵も全て生で食べる鮮度なのでしっかりと賞味期限が書いてあります あとは買った人が生で食べたり焼いたり炒めたりするだけ
@a.iguess.mp4 10 months ago
that’s actually crazy
@Chgxf 11 months ago
@guessnot8015 11 months ago
@user-qz9rf2ho5s 11 months ago
@sider919 11 months ago
@muhdamirul7380 11 months ago
@@guessnot8015 melayu ke nie😂
@SamSam-ks8of 11 months ago
@user-oz9ur2ny5f 5 months ago
@Botmini17 10 months ago
They really be eating anything these days
@Rikoouw 11 months ago
I've never seen octopus egg before, thats amazing!
It's nasty
@dsnutssus6168 10 months ago
@@jounmitedoesgaming5419 just like you🤡🤡🤡
@Acey_Glacy 10 months ago
​@@jounmitedoesgaming5419 u didnt even taste it yet
Taste good
@methheadfreestyle482 10 months ago
​@@jounmitedoesgaming5419 you've probably never had it tf u mean?
@alanturpo 10 months ago
*Algo se mueve... Japoneses: traigan la salsa soya.
@SA-um2jx 10 months ago
Covid - 19 ....Bat Covid - 23...Octopus egg
@umerr. 11 months ago
me at a Japanese restaurant: can I get a taco? waiter: tako? me: yes taco. waiter: ok! 1 hour later me: wtf is this
@rasheduzzaman4934 11 months ago
@important.things690 11 months ago
9 months after eating it : 🤰
@DownInJapan 11 months ago
This makes 0 sense only a moron goes to a sushi restaurant to order a taco
@ashwinirenavikar1808 11 months ago
​@@important.things690 broooo 💀💀💀💀💀💀
@-Cassandra_- 11 months ago
Why do u expect to get a taco at a japanese restaurant- I know its a joke.
And the octopus lived happily ever after. -the end
@durgaprasadakula 10 months ago
that tastes just like the sauce dipped in
@wo5416 11 months ago
I think it’s safe to say I’m not a seafood enthusiast…
@ck-bs2ms 11 months ago
If you don't know how to handle or clean is not safe... Seafood is high in parasite...
@psycobamp1283 11 months ago
@lima2856 10 months ago
New food unlocked by Japan 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚
His toilet: "Not Again 😫"
@userp_q 11 months ago
@user-lh3jl5xr9z 11 months ago
​@@user-lh3jl5xr9z The japanese soldiers are eating poeple in war back then.
@nm1y 8 months ago
@pupuyaaaa 2 months ago
@LeeDassin 10 months ago
I want to try this one day but no chance of finding it in Australia 😂
@user-dx2gq7wv4n 10 months ago
Come in Japan. We welcome for you
@jyearsago 11 months ago
@65z- 10 months ago
@katchan-t 9 months ago
美味しそう! 親子丼をタコでできないかな? 生大好き!
@user-ok2dg7fv3n 11 months ago
@hilickmyfeet 11 months ago
Such a Japanese thing 2 say lmao
@Filthy_pleb 11 months ago
W comment ❤
@user-rj1ix4fn3n 10 months ago
oh yes.
@sleepysleep-my9zb 8 months ago
LOL A lot of Thai people say it looks like a spider egg.😂
@AKB114 10 months ago
Even Aliens will run away seeing Japanese people eating food 😂.
@achillesofficial15 11 months ago
Is it really so tasty? If yes, I need to add it to my wishlist when I’ll be able to visit Japan
@user-xs8xp6zy9x 11 months ago
@tan-uf4xe 11 months ago
I'm Japanese, but I didn't know humans could eat octopus eggs raw until I saw this video.
@quindecim1475 11 months ago
​@@user-xs8xp6zy9x If they are in the states, then yes.
@user-zs4qv8jf7i 11 months ago
Insects taste better.
@alexndee3152 11 months ago
Wish list? Really?
@fzqsongs 10 months ago
Bro lived 00.06 seconds
@_watty 11 months ago
i’ll always respect delicacy’s i’m not used to.. yes even this one.
@georgek2092 11 months ago
Octopus are crazy intelligent
@Papa_Straight 11 months ago
​@@georgek2092 don't care that shit is hella toasty
@box1875 11 months ago
Lmao why do u respect weirdos eating shit that’s not supposed to be eaten in little trash sauces that shouldn’t be eaten ?
@fastlyfe6545 11 months ago
I won’t ts nasty ash
@Warmaka 11 months ago
Why call raw anything a delicacy just because it's uncommon. Next time he's going to eat a shark embryo and you'll be like "Wow, delicacy. Respect."
@user-fg2hg9bf7d 10 months ago
Я держу уразу и это первое видео с едой которую я не хочу😂
@lauraliu9234 3 months ago
Aliens come to earth Other countries:GO TO MARS Japan: dip alien eggs in soy sauce
@chockyman3858 11 months ago
Bro's about to be patient zero of a yet undiscovered virus
@brandonTHEshiados 11 months ago
Fr. This man is a sick f@#$
@trialb 10 months ago
Watches him eat the eggs: Nope!!
@absolxumbreon5227 10 months ago
No,baby octopus!!!!!😢😢😢
@yLLiDanGodspellxD 11 months ago
Japanese soy sauce is out of this world It can elevate any type of dishes to a whole new level
@yhaind 11 months ago
salt can do same
@acebondage9200 11 months ago
​@@yhaind lol how basic are you
@flipit27 11 months ago
​@@yhaind can't tell the difference or you haven't tried the japanese soy sauce?
@ciel3976 11 months ago
@williamafton1376 10 months ago
I didn't even know octopus eggs were a thing
@janzatecky8868 11 months ago
I wonder who was the first to try all this no food.Just lets try this egg
@DumphUxTV 11 months ago
That's pretty much how all food worked when people started eating random things lol
@HelpInMaths 10 months ago
What a way to say that Prometheus 2 soon will be released.....lol 😂
@shanewright2213 10 months ago
As a chef from the Caribbean yall can't afford this😂. It's good though. Tried it Reluctantly. Same thing went through my mind with Caviar and Blue Cheese we all have weird limits to foreign Until its the norm.
@Real-Rat 11 months ago
Bro about to unlock a new sickness on plague inc
@kingjaffa618 9 months ago
Would have been more interesting to see how it cooked
@igxniisan6996 10 months ago
Bro killed a thousand lives in one go
@user-gd5su7pv9n 11 months ago
Лучше делай суши ролы😅 Там вкуснее
@028nanang5 10 months ago
I DO NOT EAT ITS !! 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
@jimh7628 10 months ago
The video cut off a bit while he was eating it. I think he may have gagged or something…
@Chris-es7ik 11 months ago
I’m convinced stoves don’t exist in Japan
@nikhildas359 10 months ago
My guy really needs to start cooking his food
@ariyavickey418 10 months ago
That vomiting sensation in his eyes 😂😂😂
@garychang8571 11 months ago
how does it tastes, I'm very curious
@ssqwerni 11 months ago
Like raw shit i guess
@shpakaaYT 11 months ago
​@@ssqwerni 😂😂😂
@JanniVorlicek01 11 months ago
Spoke real son of Russia…
@kusoG 11 months ago
@janzatecky8868 11 months ago
Like sperm tasteless guvy
If aliens ever invade earth then the Japanese just gotta bring out some soy sauce and chopsticks
@user-pk3yb5by3c 10 months ago
Вопрос а из них можно сделать маленьких осминожек?
@lsuna1026 11 months ago
@hernandogomez4779 11 months ago
What does it taste like?
@manojk9519 11 months ago
Stone collecter
@ayonax. 11 months ago
Bro wtf eww 🤢
@GTA-iu1ok 11 months ago
@5759jmpmtmjepdpm 11 months ago
@@GTA-iu1ok なんか色んな返信欄にいるんだけど
@theabsloutebirb 10 months ago
did you know taht octopuses sacrifice their lives to protect their eggs?
@Stranger-89 10 months ago
Bruhhh he ate it raw💀
@swarnavanath3234 11 months ago
Japanese and Chinese similarity: eats anything that breathes difference: chinese eat it cooked Japanese eat it raw
@adrianjohnson1028 10 months ago
Facts bro
@1a2b3c-gf6ct 9 months ago
As a Chinese, I disagree
@swarnavanath3234 9 months ago
@@1a2b3c-gf6ct which one That you eat anything that breathes Or the one that you eat it cooked
@1a2b3c-gf6ct 9 months ago
@@swarnavanath3234 The first one. Actually, not all Chinese people are like this
@swarnavanath3234 9 months ago
@@1a2b3c-gf6ct ok....i agree that all aren't like that
@user-tu8iy4eh7o 10 months ago
@issnakes4572 10 months ago
Bro has a whole aquarium in his stomach
@I_am_Recovery_Atomic 11 months ago
今回は箸を使わず手で豪快に食べる✨ シンプルisベスト
@bomkubkub 10 months ago
i love japan people♥️♥️
@owenknight1451 10 months ago
I’m convinced Japanese will eat anything that moves
@Slushy_maker 10 months ago
Honestly it's most asains
@officialtzu.3714 10 months ago
I remember ramsay 😂😂
@leechdestroyerbg6679 11 months ago
The general ate some octopus egg,made my day better
@Vegetable-ei8od 10 months ago
I would try this only if I had no clue what it was beforehand...
@Octokid824 8 months ago
@MonkOfWisdom 11 months ago
Octopus ball-sac what a great meal
@drewcee_ 11 months ago
@justingeorge7665 10 months ago
Octussy sac
@xzen9494 10 months ago
Bro ate 100,000 Octopuses in one video
@akrakav1 10 months ago
Bro's gonna have octopus kids
@aryanlinda1821 11 months ago
What am I doing in my life 💀💀
@nephew4real 10 months ago
@entername5706 10 months ago
“If it moves an inch it’s edible” -every Asian on earth
@user-ry6vp9bm2e 2 months ago
I am Thai, which is one of the countries of Asia, and I have never seen or eaten like this Japanese man.
@richakumari6635 10 months ago
That's why when a octopus gives birth only few survive😂
Nah he murder squidwards whole legacy😢😢😢
@ItsJustKaya 11 months ago
Bro had no game.
@xijin-zx8je 10 months ago
Bro just ate few millions of octopus 💀
@SiniBANG 9 months ago
Octopus eggs, do wanna try that
@user-np6tq8qo9k 11 months ago
@tanktoptitan7280 11 months ago
No, only Japanese people eat that bro😂😂
@Connor28stabwounds. 10 months ago
Waiting for Corona 2.0
@MiguelCuevas-qk3vt 10 months ago
Bet he spits it out after the cameras stops rolling lol 😂
@gabrielgodoy2124 10 months ago
Not the octopussies☠🤣
@SmollPp. 11 months ago
bro's tryna start another pandemic 💀💀
@geralt4731 10 months ago
bruh sea creature aint gonna start a pandemic
@ramonemachismo3386 10 months ago
@H1gh_4_l1lfe 7 months ago
Blud really downed an entire generation in a flash of seconds-🤣😂
@neorainstone 7 months ago
Cannibalism caught in 4k 💀💀
@AsaAE 9 months ago
Seafood, eggs and any other food: *exists* Japaneese people: nah im to lazy to cook it