25 Minecraft Things That Feels Illegal to Watch

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25 Minecraft Things that Feel Illegal to Watch! Minecraft is a game that lets you do just about anything, but that doesn't stop some things from feeling just bizarre, or even illegal to do. So, whether that's making a circle in vanilla minecraft without mods, illegal double slab variants, or anything in between, it's on this list. So, let's see the 25 minecraft things that feel illegal but aren't in this skip the tutorial list video on Minecraft 1.17!

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Edited by Jeenneette Wolfe
Footage collected by Frankie Mundo
The map used in parts of this video is a modified version of the world download in GeminiTay's survival let's play series, which you can watch from the beginning here: ru-vid.com/video/video-cAvlj5jJlUg.html
Texture Pack: Vanilla Tweaks vanillatweaks.net/picker/reso...
Some music used in this video is courtesy of Mewmore. Make sure to follow their tracks at ru-vid.com/u-Mewmore
Portions of this video are copyrighted and owned by Nintendo, and their use is allowed by the Nintendo Game Content Guidelines for Online Video & Image Sharing Platforms ( www.nintendo.co.jp/networkser... . All other original content, unless expressly noted otherwise, is ©2021, by the Skip the Tutorial creator, all rights reserved.
Other Credits:
How to Make Cursed Blocks in Survival! | Minecraft
vertical slabs exist, you just didn't know it
This Circle is in Vanilla Minecraft
*New*AFK Nether Portal Block Farm 100% in Survival! Minecraft -Tutorial- MCPE,Xbox,Windows,Switch,PS


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Sep 12, 2021




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輪Leo輪 21 day ago
lemonyousus Month ago
Celia Castro
Celia Castro Month ago
What is life sentence ?????
UnbounDad Gamer
UnbounDad Gamer Month ago
@SHIVAM gamer
Pedrinho Sandes
Pedrinho Sandes 2 months ago
Life sentence
Rainbow Vader
Rainbow Vader Year ago
I swear there's someone at Mojang that keeps secretly adding ways to break bedrock. I mean, it's not such a crazy theory. There's a new way to do it in pretty much every update lol
Memerath 2 months ago
also lots of the employees are from java which is a language closer to c than c++/#
Memerath 2 months ago
dudes when a game is large and has bugs (they have to be intentional)
anonymousheckler 3 months ago
Dararoth 2013
Dararoth 2013 3 months ago
@RedstoneMiner18 LOL
Flare_793 3 months ago
@Nitro. it said translate to english and sait gay dad
ItsMeHere Year ago
If you think about it its wierd that when the boats break like how they used to, they break into the planks that the boat is made out of. Since the smashing mechanic was removed before they added diffrent boat types then they theoretically should always break into oak planks. That means some dev actually made sure they break into the correct planks even though they arnt supposed to break anyway.
Ruby Lancaster
Ruby Lancaster 9 months ago
@Cityrideto im a web developer
Cityrideto 9 months ago
@Ruby Lancaster ur a mc dev? or just a dev for something else
Ruby Lancaster
Ruby Lancaster 10 months ago
Honestly as a dev myself i think thats not the case. Its more likely that boats would have a "internal variable" that when created would store the blocks used to be delivered back and this ended up like that. Im not sure tho since i never saw the code.
Finninin 10 months ago
Welp, you have a stick farm now… I guess
Pizza PowerXYZ
7:11 This is actually due to their coding. They are hard wired to have a shield of anti-projectile around them. And if it did hit, it wouldn't do any damage.
MilkIDK 5 months ago
it looks like it's psychic
weerapat fongjanta
weerapat fongjanta 9 months ago
Mugiwara Moment
𝙴𝚡𝚘𝚍𝚞𝚜 ツ
Those dripstones separating can be a good trap. Just surround a TNT block with alot of drip stone a few blocks high and you have a 360 spike launcher
Ready or Gormotti
This is a minecraft-themed take on one of those "13 Crazy Things (some celebrity) Has Done" channels. Some real "The Things" energy going on.
Potatones MC
Potatones MC Year ago
pop lo
AFKpro Year ago
At least this is actually interesting
J Rob
J Rob Year ago
To be fair some of these are quite useful bits of information... :p
stevmanny PE
stevmanny PE Year ago
The way boats are jumping on the air was actually satisfying
dream Year ago
@Klepzeiker like u
Hello PE man
Sowmik-chan Year ago
Just some guy without a moustache x Stevemanny PE....
Evlin Rose
Evlin Rose Year ago
Wendipied Year ago
@Klepzeiker You ruined my childhood then
KINFIN123 Year ago
It actually is possible to make an AFK netherwart farm. It’s just not exactly intuitive since you need to use a furnace mine cart to get the exact correct speed to replant the stuff, get your placing button held, and use a multiple phase gate to time the auto harvest and launch of the collection.
ItsMeHere Year ago
That diagonal house reminds me that there was one in in one of the old tutorial worlds on the console editions. It always felt wierd when inside them. (Also the tutorial worlds should come back, they are always a lot of fun)
Danish duck
Danish duck Year ago
another version of the vertical slab glitch: You can get the structure void block by commands and using it for something like vertical slab, sign decoration, and full glass panes (Edit): This glitch in bedrock edition (ONLY WORKING FOR BEDROCK EDITION) got removed in the 1.18 caves and cliffs part 2 update.
something 10 months ago
Mojang specifically wanted golems to only be made when the heads are placed last. its not a glitch. this also applies to the wither
Heilin Starling
Heilin Starling 5 months ago
But why tho?
mineland Year ago
Fact: enderman staring contest is java exclusive. On bedrock they will just charge at you At least its like that for me
Crazy Cat Woman
Crazy Cat Woman 3 months ago
Roger M
Roger M 3 months ago
@Order 66 Pizzas I know, right! I think quasi-connectivity is so annoying sometimes.
Random Axolotl
Random Axolotl 5 months ago
same broooo
kell¡e1005, restarting
@mineland your explaination is more nonsensical than the person you replied to
Brandon Moore
Brandon Moore 7 months ago
Yeah me too
Valery Gonzalez
I discovered the grindstone one when figuring out how they actually work, and it works with armor and tools.
•Zehra• Year ago
3:24 In our old SMP with my friends, I accidentally made two creepers explode in one place. I built a nice little farm there and made an underground berry bush farm with a mine in the side! :DD
Lee Hanson
Lee Hanson 3 months ago
O. K
Kaptain Kozmos
1:45 Darth Sign was so powerful and so wise that he could influence the midi-chlorians to prevent lava from touching water.
Jake B.
Jake B. Year ago
I think the golem one is actually supposed to be that way because the pumpkin is supposed to be the last thing in the sequence, or the “item that grants the golem life”
angry weasel
angry weasel 11 months ago
The enderman doesn't actually become violent when you look at it. It's when you look at it and then look away that it becomes hostile towards the player
Severin French
Expanding on that last one. Having mobs in the way of two animals breeding doesn't stop them either. There was this time on my friend's minecraft server where I bred two cows and there were two sheep in the way and but that didn't stop the cows, instead they smooshed the sheep between one another (basically it was Cow -> Sheep >< Sheep
Moshugaani 4 months ago
I have wished that we could lay different kinds of slabs on top of each other ever since there were slabs in the game!! It would make for nice visual detail and make some builds much easier. Of course you can lay them on top of each other so that they are in the bottom part of one cube and on top part of another, but that's it. And you can't attach anything directly either surface.
Raul Damas
Raul Damas 7 months ago
I like how he is always honest, and the hacks actually work. Keep up the good work. ☺
HermitKryb 9 months ago
That lava and water one seems like it would actually be really useful for mob grinders and their drops
Manta Wave
Manta Wave Year ago
4:22 My initial thought to try to make sense of this. The blast of the tnt does no harm, but launches grains of sand around the blast radius, so, *kaboom*
GladWrapEnjoyer 5 months ago
Fun fact: in one of the older Minecraft Tutorials, there was a castle with obsidian cannons and a diagonal house with a lever that leads into a sewer
Rituraj Deshmukh
Rituraj Deshmukh 7 months ago
the iron golem thing is good cause it allows iron and pumpkins to be placed without them turing into golems granted, these things are not usually used together but still useful
Samstercraft Year ago
"I'd rather not live in a geometry problem" thats pure gold
𐐪𐑂 emnexox 𐐪𐑂
@나는 닌자 read ‘red’ bc there is red
Blankety Year ago
@나는 닌자 Yea
나는 닌자
나는 닌자 Year ago
@DON'T READ MY PROFILE how can you read youtube logo
🔥Soulslayer101🔥 *Bark and Zion*
In my opinion, a house built on a diagonal axis is just an amazing sight to see, albiet a bit weird.
MrSpikeChin 8 months ago
The Portal Glitch Would Be Really cool For Custom Portal Designs, Even If It Would Probably Be Patched In A Few More Months From Now (or maybe it already is), Its still fun to think about.
CaptainAwesome156 11 months ago
Vertical and stacked slabs should really be implemented
aspcts 9 months ago
Great Content, i’ve learned so much from your videos, truly inspiring!
Poplarino Year ago
5:20 Imagine hunting for strongholds on an SMP just to delete one block of every portal and make the end completely inaccessible.
Crystal0x 7 months ago
Guys stop being dumb if you do the glitch and delete the block many people have done it and YOU CAN STILL GO TO THE END THE MIDDLE PART OF THE PORTAL WILL BE THERE WOTH JUST NO SURROUNDING PORTAL FRAMES
dragon Year ago
He will get the ban hammer
Anonymous user
@Dumb Bol *to him
Sun Harper-Zahn
LMAO you'd get banned for sure
BEPOP Year ago
@Dumb Bol but they cant repair the portal inside to get back in underworld
Professor Prism
5:46 actually it's very easy to build a good-looking diagonal house,in some cases,it can even look better than a refular,squarish house,just sayin'
Panzerkrieger 8 months ago
Saw it a frew times!
Logiebear1423 8 months ago
You can just increase the tick speed to make it lag so hard that the lava and water source blocks won't move
0Snack0 Year ago
My guess for tent is because when the ignites it actually changes size by 0.2 so when the sand falls on the tent there is no water touching it but that's just a guess
Psycho Lamborghini
Psycho Lamborghini 10 months ago
8:00 I completely forgot about that. I remember it from legacy edition though when I was first playing around with enchantments on the 360
limeade Year ago
Actually I was making a house and was building with some cobble stone and wood in creative, I was using slabs and decided instead of a wood floor. I wanted a cobblestone floor. But it was two story, I was using slabs and somehow put i cobble stone slab on top of a wood one.
Deeker Jones
Deeker Jones Year ago
I learned about #2 after 2 years of playing because my wife is left handed. When I was explaining how to craft an axe I cringed so hard as she did it backwards, but my jaw dropped when it worked. I just never even considered doing it any other way.
hen ko
hen ko Year ago
Im pretty sure that in Java, if a creeper is about to explode you can place a block right in between you and the creeper and it barely does any damage.
Yazan Andary
Yazan Andary Year ago
You can also use trapdoors to see through lava
Average IQ Boi
Average IQ Boi 11 months ago
3:57 You can also combine Potassium and TNT in education mode.
Fluffy 11 months ago
2:40 You can use debug stick instead of using tnt.
Gamer505 Year ago
*Skip tells us about the afk potion farm* Mojang a long time ago: *fixes the glitch* Me: are you serious?
Vaden Thakkar
Vaden Thakkar Year ago
4:18 the sand block has no hit box and therefore acts like a one block air bubble to the tnt.
TheCaptNoname Year ago
*Someone:* _"Wow, you've made an entire house out of copper blocks!.. But how?"_ *Me, who built a Drown farm with Phantom-in-a-Boat-in-a-Minecart activated mob grinder:* _"Why, with strong will, patience, dedication and a little bit of sleep deprivation"_
sparrowhunter 1
Smelting copper is the best source of xp in my mind
Cactus Year ago
"casually makes a circle in a only block game" mojang: THATS ILLEGAL
The Guy Who Needs A Life
you can make 2 slabs combine with out the border make a tower of them upon eachother it only works with spruce and stone slabs gotta do it fast though
Momoalexi Gaming
Momoalexi Gaming 11 months ago
hey skip, did you know that with debug stick you can make connected slabs!
Pondergon Year ago
Fun fact: endearment don't just teleport really fast, they're immune to arrows and will not take any damage even if forced to stay still with commands
ambush 6 months ago
Endearment is the most powerful mob in the game, PROVE ME WRONG
Aditya 6 months ago
BTW you could use cobwebs or just don't have any space for it to Teleport
I'M SPEED 9 months ago
They don't even teleport at all tho. If you look closely they just run away really fast.
cookiebro78 11 months ago
@WeirdTuxRainbow i wonder what game he's talking bout
monke 11 months ago
Ultra instinct enderman
Mike Year ago
1:00 Have you seen how many ways you can craft a book? Because no matter what you do, you can place 3 paper and a leather ANYWHERE in the crafting table you'll still get a book, even if they're all separate from eachother
Marco Nasaruk
Marco Nasaruk Year ago
“Shapeless Crafting”
LBN GD Year ago
When campfire was added, I felt something was wrong , I was right all the time, same with magma blocks, campfire and magma blacks don’t make the player burn, but the other flaming object do
Colboy Year ago
What happened to the OG skip? His name is literally Skip the tutorial since he used to play games in unintended ways, like shovel knight without the shovel. What happened to him?
Kara Lyzél
Kara Lyzél Year ago
Some of those challenges take weeks to complete, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve been working on something wild and are making videos of this format to make sure we still have something to watch.
rethaa._ Year ago
the fire aspect is kinda makes sense to my fantasy head, cuz it's like the fire aspect book has the enchantment inside and if it gets an animation it would be you ripped a paper from the book and put it on the campfire
dragon Year ago
Sobalu famalu
The man who banged your mother
10:31 “Love knows no boundaries” -Mojang and mobs, probably
AFewOfMyCommentsAreCringy. . .
@Sleepyx🫧 may i suggest to gary that he gets a life?
iBeastFelix 9 months ago
Congrats on 400 likes on your comment
Kumiko 9 months ago
miu is waifu
miu is waifu Year ago
@[ฯMossTalksฯ] 0
SupYB 8 months ago
7:14 actually I fired so many arrows at an enderman once in a spot where it couldn't tp away (and it was standing on a single glass pane), and so many arrows were hitting it that the enderman was definitely getting hit, but not taking any damage. so apparently, endermen don't rlly take damage from arrows anyway :O
FuryousD Year ago
Mixed slabs and vertical slabs really should be a thing, screw Mojang for not including them
PigToad Year ago
9:21 Here’s a story My friends and I had an anarchy world but we all had trouble getting stuff for potions, like ghast tears But I saw this glitch on a random video and I showed my friends how to build it Needless to say, we won the war
I'm bored.
I'm bored. Year ago
#19 in bedrock your also able to use a fire aspect sword to ignite tnt or camo fires. @Skip the Tutorial
SuperIceG Year ago
Can't wait to troll my friend with that stack of curse of binding books
I want to troll my mom(:
Julie Alatiit
Julie Alatiit 5 months ago
😱. OMG. no no no no 🚫!! O mg
Julie Alatiit
Julie Alatiit 5 months ago
OKay3 7 months ago
@Wooden Train Series: Official woah 2 mins ago
Wooden Train Series: Official
@OKay3 I’m not falling for that again.
Meow Meow
Meow Meow 8 months ago
0:26 Him: “why are they round?” The mobs on top: *”are we a joke to you?”*
NathanOien 5 months ago
Fill creeper holes with berries bushes to trap and damage mobs. It also makes it easy to get creeper disks when they are stuck in a pit.
Christian Thomsen
Christian Thomsen 9 months ago
8:25 Does anyone know that the lunar client zoom on max can zoom that easily by itself
Cream Puff Cookie
Cream Puff Cookie 9 months ago
One time, I made a workd and saw a ravine with lava and water. The water was literally right above the lava and another side (the same place) had water right below lava XD. Also, one time I saw 3 emerald ores shaped like a heart. It was also in the ravine. Since the update, all my worlds have been weird.
Random Guy On The Internet
The potion farm has been patched and it no longer can be farmed infinitely
Tariffic Typist
Tariffic Typist 10 months ago
1:30 actually it is far easier to obtain and portal block farms are far more simple and compact than this
Colonizer-Chan 11 months ago
I didn't know 10 as a kid. Played on a server where raids were a thing and got tired of people using xray. Built a base underwater thinking I'd be safe to find it griefed with w tent cannon. At that point I just gave up and let them win
Senator Steven Armstrong
How do you not understand fire aspect lighting campfires and igniting TNT? I like to think of using the book as casting a spell of fire, and the sword’s magic properties light the tnt or campfire. Minecraft does have Magic
R - G - C
R - G - C Year ago
Microsoft: "What's your qualifications?" Mysticat: "I created a circle in vanilla Minecraft." Microsoft: "Everyone, meet our new CEO!"
qwertyuiopanez :D
@Ender k1ll3r claimed
@R - G - C oh k
R - G - C
R - G - C Year ago
@DaktotaTheColossus I did... I even got a heart from him lol.
Why didnt you comment this on mysticats vid instead
Obsidoo Year ago
he even made a vertical slab without any tnt and slab but with commands
Mothy 9 months ago
I actually use creeper close to my farm for keeping my animals, since I can just use slabs to get out on the lower half and on top of a block to get out, while animals can’t
Deepslate3D Year ago
great video yet again! keep up your good work :)
Eugene 9 months ago
4:09 same thing as this: using education edition, get magnesium and TNT, then put a crafting table and in the grid, put a TNT on the bottom and magnesium on the top equals underwater TNT, same thing with a torch
Banana Fusion
Banana Fusion Year ago
The staring at an enderman was intentionally put in by Mojang, to make it creepier
Banana Fusion
Banana Fusion Year ago
The staring at an enderman was intentionally put in by Mojang, to make it creepier
Fidget and Toys! 🇺🇦
you can also use barrier block in creative worlds to see under the lava! i tried it with my world. (in bedrock edition)
eugeneman18 Pro
eugeneman18 Pro 11 months ago
This guy could definitely get an a plus in a college exam.
HuskyManiac Year ago
1:34 it works with seagrass too
the coolest guy ever
"Mommy, Daddy! I made a vertical slab!!" *Sobbing* "Honey, call the cops.."
Jon Mab
Jon Mab Year ago
I’m using slowness, low FOV, a spyglass, and 3 zoom mods, and I still can’t find who asked
The Unikitty Gamergirl
Just break it and the parents go “Nevermind she was lying”
Jeremiah Majo
Jeremiah Majo Year ago
@MrDinosaurProductions "oh ok, we will send an officer to dispose of the body."
V G Year ago
@Cup of Cocoa “My child made a vertical slab”
Cecille Wolters
I hope grindstone stacking helps with loaded crossbows, that would make one epic rifle
Anas GH
Anas GH 10 months ago
I don't feel bored at all while watching your awesome videos dude 🌺
AFewOfMyCommentsAreCringy. . .
you feel like a bot saying that
Bruh Year ago
I thought I was the only one using the chain trick but now it’s going to be patched
KYR0C1D3 Year ago
8:28 you forgot optifine, there is a mod called optiforge where you can mix forge minecraft and optifine and still have mods
john smith
john smith Year ago
The bedrock cauldron potion farm is definitely not slow. In an 8-hour period of time with 32 cauldrons going I've filled up 14 double chests, two chests of each type of potion. I plan on doing 16 double chests of each potion along with 16 chests of their type 2 variant if applicable as well. According to my calculations it shouldn't take three more days to get it done
Well it’s patched now so that sucks
Patrick martin
I think it’s even intentional
GingaNinja736 Year ago
@john smith damn…
john smith
john smith Year ago
@GingaNinja736 literally do four cauldrons of each potion and each potion variant and put it near your house. check twice per daylight cycle once per night cycle and you should be able to fill a stack of bottles three times for every 24-hour period in Minecraft time. Pretty cake if you ask me! For what it's worth I have discovered in my world that if you're sitting there directly watching the cauldrons they will not fill up that fast but if you stay within loading distance doing other things they seem to fill up about twice as fast. I don't know if this is part of the coding of Minecraft but it sure feels that way to me.
GingaNinja736 Year ago
Tell me da wae
itamar eizikovich
It also happens with bubble elevators. I thought my minecraft was broken when I first saw it. 1:46
PizzaMafioso 10 months ago
Lol. I am a relativ new player in this game and I thought just yesterday "Man, I wish this game had vertical slabs" Guess I came to late for the party.
no Year ago
"I'll never be able to wrap my head around physics here" Bols of you to think minecraft has physics
Tariffic Typist
Tariffic Typist 10 months ago
Honesty seeing this video made me turn those charged creeper holes into beautiful lakes
K D Year ago
"It's kind of awkward that you can craft on the side" Meanwhile in an alternate timeline: "Why won't they let us craft on the side?" On Skip The Tutorials 10 things in Minecraft that don't make sense
HonkPlayz 5 months ago
One time I was building in creative and accidentally put a nether brick slab on top of a dark oak slab and immediately my mind blew up
Shields Down
Shields Down Year ago
i love that instead of them being shy at this point they just kill you if you lose a staring contest
Rico Gutierrez
I always use the first creeper explosion on a world to make my garden fountain
Rush Year ago
On bedrock edition I tried the enderman with nowhere to teleport glitch and instead the arrows went straight through him
CaptinCat Year ago
The reason for the tnt blowing up with the sand is because after the sand falls on the tnt, its now a block, so the tnt is technically in a block, not under water anymore, so its as if the tnt is under ground, not in water, alloying it to blow up everything around
lorenzo jongste
lorenzo jongste 9 months ago
I think everyone knows. Its just...weird
Ag Silver Radio
This is something to know if you run a server, to avoid false ban convictions, for hacking.
2:12 we should be grateful for a way given to use tnt for decoration Settings: *allow me to introduce myself*
sǝoʇ ɹɯ
sǝoʇ ɹɯ Year ago
I tried the portal one and i agree it took me 5-6 tries to do it
BreakingYourLegos 2 months ago
3:47 OR you could use bedrock (since you can’t move bedrock with pistons) so you could stack separate slabs.
Marie-Pier Edwards
Marie-Pier Edwards 3 months ago
It doesn’t make sense that when in a inventory, a sword is diagonal. But you craft it straight up and not diagonal too
ImRenty Year ago
The reason they never fixed the sand and tnt underwater glitch is because of the faction gamemode
Hamburger HamburgerV2
I see nothing wrong with stacking different slabs on top of each other
tree 11 months ago
Actually, the reason why the arrows suspend above the enderman is because arrows normally bounce off enderman, you can try this in a normal world and get super close to an enderman and shoot an arrow. The arrow bounces off, and the enderman teleports away.
Koflynn Year ago
Same thing with iron golems apply to withers. A cool way to spook you friends with a fully made wither that hasn't transformed. Try it for yourself!
Fun fact: If you sneak while lighting up TNT, You can set the TNT On fire without making it explode.
20 Ways To Defeat The Warden