Rob Dahm’s 1-of-1 4 Rotor RX-7 drag races 850hp F-150 // THIS vs DAHM 

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Can ANYONE beat @RobDahm!? His 100% custom 4 rotor engine beat the Hoonicorn and he’s been wrenching hard ever since! Omar’s “work truck” slapped a Whipple supercharger on the Coyote block to move some thick Hoosier slicks and make those Magnaflow pipes sing, but will it be enough??
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OMAR SOTO / 2020 FORD F-150
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00:00 THIS vs DAHM
01:13 Omar's 2020 Ford F-150 Pickup
02:28 Rob Dahm's 1993 4-Rotor Mazda RX-7
05:42 Predictions
06:36 Round 1
08:24 Round 2

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May 29, 2024




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Comments : 1.5K   
Ik these have all been filmed in advance, but bring back the staff interviews in the next shoot. The best part of this show was watching the boys talk about the cars and mess with the guests
@MPbdy Year ago
Agreed this new format ain't it. Also less chances for the editors to put everyone on blast which is one of the best parts of the show
The actual racing is the best part.
@MPbdy Year ago
@@lucasblanchard47 I do wish there was more racing overall too
It’s the combo of both. I come here to see guys and the banter they have and the racing is the icing on the cake we can always use more icing.
@Berm_Blaster Year ago
Just commented the same thing. The banter between everyone was everything. They literally took the comedy out of these 😑
I miss the interviews with the racers. That was a main part of the fun
@stn7172 Year ago
Same don't know why they changed it
@Jack Wrath you contest is assss
@leebrock8386 Year ago
They are showing more of the negotiations then the interviews about the cars when they shouldnt even be negotiating! lmfao a drag race is a drag race! How far you are going should be the only negotiations lol
@justwhy3257 Year ago
Same, I don't like this new way
@MSA_CS40 Year ago
@Reno420alex Year ago
This f150 would have been a great match up for the track hawk last episode
@vinnie460w2 Year ago
It would walk the track hawk
@Reno420alex Year ago
@Vinnie460w •••• well see that's the point I would love to see that race 😁
​@@Reno420alex it wouldn't be a race, it would be an absolute decimation.
@Reno420alex Year ago
@MrDerpBuilds the track hawk was also only tuned.. if it had the gen 5 whipple that the f150 had installed it probably wouldn't lose 🤷‍♂️
@Rerollful Year ago
@@Reno420alex that 10 speed ain’t no joke the trackhawk literally wouldn’t of won the race lol ford outdone themselves with that transmission
@royliber3824 Year ago
That F150 is absolutely mental. Never saw a "street" track launch this hard my entire life! This is the definition of a sleeper truck for sure.
@sampsonite24 Year ago
Bring back the hoonigan walk arounds. Those were the best part
@godmusic835 Year ago
@michaelc2921 Year ago
@Jack Wrath no its not
@AH-lw2bj Year ago
​@@JackWrath488go away
I would skip those every time
@AH-lw2bj Year ago
@@AquariumAficionado I always skip to the races, and usually pause on the screen where it used to show the stats of the cars for comparing... I don't have 10 mins to waste watching BS, get to the live action!!
Those 4x4 f150 10 speed are crazy fast 🔥
@se1663 Year ago
4x4 not awd
@@se1663 fixed
@thatman4752 Year ago
​@@CarlosLopez-wq6nmdid he clarify if he is AWD or actual 4x4? My stock 4x4 f150 5.0 launches like a rocket in 4x4 even in slippery conditions.
@mryang3644 Year ago
Didnt they say it's a Coyote swap supercharged?
@TheBCninja Year ago
​@mryang3644 I believe the truck comes stock with a coyote. The fat blower, however, did not :)
@steezy2428 Year ago
Dude really tryna explain why he couldn’t beat a work truck 😂😂😂
The trucks launch on the first race was insane!
I feel like I need to build a car JUST for this.
This VS. Blue?
@daantuin3351 Year ago
You better be doing so, maybe a 5.0 Or go full honda boy with like a 2 engine civic 4wd
Dooooo itttttttt babyyyyyyy
@joealex65 Year ago
Your Hellcat Magnum could be good for this!
@samteks125 Year ago
J35 swapped AWD EG Civic on E85 & 40psi 💀
@raptor9599 Year ago
Rob Dahm is always a full sender
Except this time.
@Raz31337 Year ago
​@Jack Wrath 😂
@MLGVashLive Year ago
Expect every time he drives it because it never runs right
@thijss1272 Year ago
@@MLGVashLive try and build and tune one yourself ;) atleast it doesn't break axle's etc anymore so that's good
@mryang3644 Year ago
And FULL of shit. always got excuses
@DanREVan Year ago
That truck was mad fast. Keep it up guys.
@JimP419 Year ago
Anyone else glad to see bad daddy brad back hanging out at hoonigan again?
two rob dahm 4rotor videos in the same day? dope.
Where is the other video?
@joealex65 Year ago
@@j.a.r.family2576 Rob's channel, doing 190mph on the 4 Rotor.
There’s also another one from a fox body
@TrompKramer Year ago
@@michaelh.1262 ?? Rob dahm in a fox body??
@bigjoes.1545 Year ago
Rob really can’t avoid breaking his car. 🏎️💥
@AzureCrux Year ago
Gotta ride that bleeding edge. As someone doing a 99 cent store version of this, being a designer, engineer, builder, (occasional) fabricator, tuner, AND driver is unbelievably difficult. Dahm will always have my respect for risking it all for the biscuit
@Ontheregz Year ago
Seemed like more of a tuning issue, not necessarily broken.
@AzureCrux Year ago
@@Ontheregz ja, getting all that stuff ironed out is tricky. Idk how you 2step on a rotary, but on traditional motors you do heavy ignition timing retard to help get that turbo hot
@joealex65 Year ago
The car didn't really break, that was just the launch control freaking out, a roll race could've been interesting.
@MrTurbo_ Year ago
I feel right now it's more of an it wasn't quite ready thing, like he did one drag race in advance and now instantly went to 4 rotor vs the world, i wouldn't mind if he took a bit more time to really dial everything in, but this is rob and he always got shit to do so dialing his car in probably just doesn't really fit in the schedule yet
@402SHO Year ago
Don’t ever sleep on the 10 speed💀👏🏽
I was amazed Dahm’s car lasted the whole last episodes’ races😂
@shona5512 Year ago
It lasted through every episode in this series before this one. These are all filmed in one day and they aren't uploaded in chronological order.
@granty.885 Year ago
Dude in the truck wasn’t even wearing a seatbelt going down the track!! 😮
He also has a sticker on his car saying Booty Hustlers. So we know his IQ is like 40.
@Jack Wrath shut up
This the comment I was looking for, he really lives his life 1/4 mile at a time lol
@omarsoto6 Year ago
I don’t need one bro we full send it on this side lol
@Zcypot Year ago
doing a life speedrun
@chabusa34 Year ago
Man almost went through the windshield with that letoff in the first race
Ford should use this truck in an ad campaign. I'm a GMC truck owner but that launch got me questioning myself. 😮
It's good to see us truck guys being represented well!
I wouldn't call winning by default being represented well lmao
@@firstfromabove by default? you dont race.
@ttocs He won because Rob quit on the second race, giving him his second and the overall win. That is the literal definition of winning by default. If you wanna keep pretending you're cool on the internet because you use different terminology or regularly say some F&F family crap about an inch or a mile, go for it lmao. But pretending you know anything about me based on a single mannerism is more telling of you than me 🤷‍♂️
@@firstfromabove A win is a win man. I do wish Rob's 4 Rotor was actually running right though, I actually think it would barely beat the truck
Just don’t give your truck a douchy name like this one was given.
@mitkutu Year ago
Just stopped working so I can watch this ... Really enjoying Rob's progress with the 4 rotor. Keep it up guys
shoulda kept working
@mitkutu Year ago
@@tyranidtrygon I'm actually getting paid while watching this, so it's a win win scenario 🤣
​@@mitkutu sigma grindset rule 6969: scam your employer😂😂😂😂 W
Rob is so cool, so humble.. not the way we wanted to see this one go but mad respect to all these monster ef-Jauns out there!
@nxckmxrtxn Year ago
The man, the myth, the Brad is back, lets go!
I loved seeing him there !
@rrt5000 Year ago
Rob breaking his car reminds me of the stories my dad would tell me about his 22 years of drag racing. He broke most of the time his first 5-10 years. Then, once he figured out the problems, he learned to make what he had work, then he started to win most of the time.
@TrompKramer Year ago
If nothing breaks you learn nothing as a builder. Dahm is the ultimate builder, he wants to do everything himself and learn as he goes. And doing all that with a 4rotor that isn't the easy road to take. All other builders have tons of forums and manufacturers that do all the engineering for them. They are just really bolt on boys on steroids. Rob is the ultimate dream builder/tuner.
@rrt5000 Year ago
@TrompKramer I agree. That's why I say he reminds me of my dad. My father built his own four link back in the 70s before you could just go buy one. Built his own engines and tuned them before you could just go online or go to a dyno shop and find out the best tune easily. He did his own fabricating. Watching his videos makes me miss my father. Dahm is doing a hell of a job. I love watching his journey
@tp7886 Year ago
Definitely thought you were about say my dad used to tell me stories 22 years ago about how Rob Dahm broke his Lambo.
That Coyote with the 10 speed trans awd is hard to beat!
@oxfordsparky Year ago
That truck rips but if rob had his LC working right we would have walked it, so much faster top end. The cinder block aero really hurts the truck at speed.
@@oxfordsparky Agree
@@oxfordsparky or he would've spun all 4 and still lost
@XxSTARMeRcYX Year ago
@ben weston yeah right.... that coyote would've still gapped. Everyone sleeps on 10spd coyotes lol
@CoyoteFTW Year ago
@@oxfordsparky 100% sure that car was all out on the first run he knew he wasn’t catching him on the second and let off I call Bull on the issues
@pgmatt4761 Year ago
Glad to see the bad daddy himself back on the channel 👍🏻👌🏼
I’m still waiting for the hoonicorn vs Dahm’s 4 rotor! That RX-7 looks so nice,sober yet imposing!
Brad not letting the rotary build boost starting the race like ah madman
brad is a bit quick forsure came here for this comment lol. rob does state he is having issue with his launch control; so regardless wasn't going to be a good launch
🏁Oh yeah let the Dahm Games begin we know he’s gonna send it …all of it 😂🏎
Yes indeed he will he don’t give a f*ck
Those trucks are well worth the money. Fast as hell. Need one in my life.
I LOVE this series from Hoonigan. I've been doing friggin backfkips trying to see more driving from Rob
Rob Dahm's cars would be super cool if they actually ran for more than 20 seconds every other month.
@zstrode.8953 Year ago
Anything ford with a blower I love! ❤ Also I love Rob is getting the traction he really deserves dude is a go getter! I've been watching this build for years I'm glad I'm witnessing it race now! ❤❤
@latrinedveen Year ago
Obsessed with Rob's 4 rotor and I love seeing it out to play stay safe guys
Lol that F-150 hopped up like "giddyuuppp b*tch, Merica"
I love how Rob has built such a monster, this is what's needed for him to do a propper test and tune. keep up the great work folks 👍
@yuGtahT Year ago
Listen, he could lose every race and I'm just here for those beautiful rotary sounds and to support one of the most genuine people in all of automotive RU-vid.
@b3astms385 Year ago
Came here RIGHT after rob’s half mile video
Love coming home from work, doing what I need to, and then chill watching this. Thanks, Team.
Another episode of… “Will Dahms RX7 Break Again?” Sweet!
@tvon4966 Year ago
Damn that truck gets out, I’d love to have one of them 5.0 single cabs one day
Coyote for the win! Im glad I bought one. 10 speed is awesome.
Dude in the truck just chillin with no seatbelt or any other safety shit. 😂
@mkusanagi Year ago
I like the new format for when the guys talk about their cars. Good stuff as always
I recall the Hoonicorn did breakdown once while Leah was driving it, but Pastrana's Subie was reliable pass after pass.
Wasn't it the driveshaft? Weren't they able to repair it right away?
@joealex65 Year ago
Well that Subaru was built basically by a racing division of Subaru, they are pro's at building crazy sh*t like that.
Or, through the magic of video editing, you just didn't see any issues that popped up with the Subaru.
@shona5512 Year ago
@@firstfromabove Yeah Rob also said that while they were filming these he had an issue with the launch (I'm assuming this is the issue he was talking about) and Hoonigan didn't film him anything of him figuring out the problem or fixing it.
@Green_River Year ago
love that no seatbelt in the truck first race lol
@omarsoto6 Year ago
You just gotta full send it bro
@Oluz1975 Year ago
@@omarsoto6 Yeah, just throw any kind of safety out of the window... Nothing bad ever happens in motor racing.
@omarsoto6 Year ago
I’m here for a good time not a long time bro haha full send
@@omarsoto6 Nobody wants to pick up chunks of human plastered all over the road if things went sideways. Wearing your seatbelt is the least you can do.
@-B.H. Year ago
Rob being Rob and just having a good time breaking stuff. Makes me excited for future revisions of the 4rotor!
@whatTheFup Year ago
Fun series, fun to see Rob and the Hoonigan crew hang. The truck was going, madness, love it.
@Chris-yp4hr Year ago
Yeah please bring back the Hoonigan guys build commentaries, they made you feel like you was in amongst it 👌🏼
@TheVeregat Year ago
That truck is making more than 850 lol...sick launches.
@cflwhat Year ago
That truck straight boogies from the launch!
Glad to have the new season love this shiit
@Car_Cast Year ago
Did anyone else notice that at 7:01 Hoonigan literally let this guy race with out even wearing a seat belt or harness. What the hell. They are so lucky he did not crash.
@Haze_E1 Year ago
yeah what a clown, they need to enforce that shit real fast
@robboss1839 Year ago
Wtf, I didn’t notice that but that’s sloppy
Wait until you see the driver's reply in the rest of the comments. It ain't a good one.
I saw the 4 rotor at the Hondo airstrip attack and it's wild in person lol, sounds like a bike reving at 13k+ rpm lol
@B.Colby107 Year ago
Are my eyes mistaken me or is that BadDaddyBrad? Shit you got that STIZZY money!!😂
@awhoot1 Year ago
Sick truck 🤙🏻 always love Mr. Dahm
@boyertb Year ago
Damn that truck gets outta the hole and scoots!
@txpocks1047 Year ago
Why Rob doesn’t go by “Dorito Dahm” is beyond me…
Shout out to the hommie for holdin it down for the 805!!
@Thumper68 Year ago
I like the new quick video format.
It sounded like the F150 sandbagged to let Dahm catch up in the first race. He's a player for sure.
@Yaz27 Year ago
There's something about this series that feels a bit better than Hoonicorn vs. The World. The Hoonicorn felt like it was always ready to race, with no problems arising most of the time. With the 4 rotor however we get to see just how many things can (and will) go wrong, along with how much time it takes dialing in a car of that caliber
@jttech44 Year ago
Well that and they rarely put the hoonicorn up against anything competitive whereas with this, alot of things could plausibly beat the 4rotor
@TrompKramer Year ago
@@jttech44 if the car becomes to dialed in. I bet i will be incredibly hard to beat. The journey for rob going faster and faster reliable is just started.
@zakshah3480 Year ago
Yeah, the Hoonicorn was only really challenged by other no-prep racers like that R35 GTR that beat Lia. They've had full on drag race cars on no-prep surfaces, and surprise surprise, they didn't do as good. Plus, the Hoonicorn has the R&D behind it that comes with millions of dollars. Rob has....himself
Any time you could giggle at a rotary owner for their over confidence and excuses for loosing afterwards is priceless
I like that he put the hood back on but hasn't put the rear glass in yet haha 😆
@LaGarajShow Year ago
I like how the races are more evenly matched now 🙏
Rob should smoke that thing what are you talking about
@Bob_Smith19 Year ago
Give it time. There will be some stupid matchups.
@LaGarajShow Year ago
@@damienarntz4225 yeah but at least ir s not the hoonicorn built by a team of engineers, it s normal builds tho
Good luck Lia for the freedom 500! Get that Aerial Atom home to Hoonigan. Thanks for the vids my dudes ! ❤
@Tacticalll Year ago
Xactly what i'm saying! I'm going to watch in person for sure
Everyone was just happy Dahms car did so many passes 😂🔥
I’m finally obsessed with a series again
@pickelteets Year ago
So glad Brad is back. Good to see him doing well.
@pickelteets Year ago
Doubt it.
@SkethTheScum Year ago
We have missed Brad
@thescum me? Jk 😂
I knew that Ford wasn't gone be no joke after seeing what Cleets 150 could do!
@jonhaze7537 Year ago
When you can't beat a pickup truck, it's time to sell that ish XD
Should've done a bonus roll race just for fun
@JoshCx01 Year ago
Bootyhustlers team is putting in that work. Love to see it!!!
@donQpublic Year ago
I love that Rob found his way to Hoonigan! 🤣👍🦅
“Somewhat competitive” bruhh 😂
😂 that million dollar rx7 just smoked by a f150 with bolt ons wow that has to hurt rob big time
@LL-ph5si Year ago
The 4 rotor wasn't running right so I doubt he really cares. Any idiot can throw a bolt on supercharger, an off the shelf fuel system kit, and a pre-made tune at an F150, where the FD is almost entirely designed, built, and tuned by Rob himself. The funniest part is you can tell how much effort F150 dude puts into his truck by his sticker application shown at 2:01 lol.
@pretx9569 Year ago
Nothing but excuses lol
We need Dahm vs ONDGAS !! 😮‍💨🔥🔥🔥🔥
@StuffyRambo Year ago
Up next on This Vs Dahm: Dahm’s Mazda doesn’t break during the races. Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part 😂
@derekv275 Year ago
Imagine if the money that Rob spent on the rotary was spent on a ls set up😏
@Bob_Smith19 Year ago
Wouldn’t sound as good.
@derekv275 Year ago
@Bob Smith true I love the sound of something on the verge of exploding lol.
Would've lost even worse
@derekv275 Year ago
@@fatboyhtownholitdown8932 🤨🤣
@robboss1839 Year ago
As an LS person I’m so glad he spent it on his rotary
@SavageGTI Year ago
I want to see 1 episode where the 4 rotor doesn't have an issue. The hoonicorn was fast and reliable
@rp42069 Year ago
Ken also had a team to do it all for him. Rob does most of his on his own. Not much of a comparison IMO
@yodamaw Year ago
hoonicorn wasn't built by two people
@ryurc3033 Year ago
Unlimited budget means you can have 0 mechanical sympathy. Just fix anything that breaks and throw money at it until it's reliable.
@SavageGTI Year ago
@rp42069 I get that, and that any high HP car is at greater chance of something breaking. That's all part of racing. I haven't followed Rob's build but only saw a few clips throughout the years of it always broken. It's just like watching ricer miata drive and every car gets rod knock. My VW is always broken. I want to see a good race.
@dontdoit2893 Year ago
The hoonicorn was built by people who’d been building high performance custom cars for decades. We like rob’s rx7 because he’s more like all of us, doing all the work himself and learning as he goes.
@CrJediKnight Year ago
7:45 that sound of Rob driving back is one of the sexiest car notes I have ever heard! Almost sounds like something out of Star Wars. Great video...
Appreciation for the editors, y’all are killing it
That’s not a dnf. He lost 2 races outta 3. That Ford at him. Excuses excuses
@268eagp Year ago
Man I think y’all should do the interviews like before, that was the best part of the fun
@Dario__ Year ago
Rob damhs car keeps giving me WIP vibes, and i dont think it can handle way to many races. But im super proud of how far he has come and wish him all the good stuff.
@TediI47 Year ago
Good to see Braddy! While not a fan of these modern oversized trucks, man does that truck launch hard
@bulebb7749 Year ago
I like these new drivers introductions they're quicker than before 😊
@Degradation_ Year ago
I love how the back window is still broken out from racing the hoonicorn lol. Love this 4-rotor Rob.
@18jacount Year ago
I'm so stoked that we're going to see alot of Rob's 4 rotor 😋
Bring back the walkorounds!!
Dahm: custom, custom, billet, custom billet, billet custom, hoonicorn billet custom billet. F150 guy: blower, fuel system, lowering kit
@Adam-nv9zo Year ago
Rob's 4 rotor is one of the most unique cars on the internet right now.
and worthless
@Adam-nv9zo Year ago
@@russrtspooling7702 apparently you haven't seen anything else he has done with this car.
​@@russrtspooling7702 how's it worthless? Intrigue me
Shoulda did a roll! I definitely wanna see more of that rx, 4 rotors sounds so insane
@DonInabon Year ago
Ladies and gents that RX7 is a Damn Turd lol.
Good way to pay homage to the hoonicorn and 43. Love you guys
@jaefinch6697 Year ago
That rx7 with proper launch control is a dangerous machine
@NekoWinters Year ago
If I was sponsored by N0s I'm not gonna lie I'd be salty there's no GT grape being handed out, that sh** is THE BEST
@Lucas-ie2ti Year ago
i love the techno music when they come back to stage.. reminds me of "race wars" F&F1 haha
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