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Dec 6, 2022




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Comments : 4K   
@CloudyVibes. Year ago
The guy who caught the branch knows the secrets of the universe.
@gilberto9975 Year ago
🗣️ Shout out to Chris to let chanler win next challenge
@PaperFloss Year ago
I agree
He’s Thor
me catch flying stick P O W E R
Honestly, whenever Chris comes on camera there is always something crazy happening with him.
@very_funni Year ago
@@Muscleman8562 what
yea right
@K.A.D.O Year ago
@@Muscleman8562 Ok sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo what
@@NikkiMcMistie 😂
@jonnyboy4177 Year ago
@GeneDarrTV Year ago
The way Chandler held Jimmy's hand, you could tell he really wanted the hot tub 😂
@flame.6375 Year ago
I animated a …….gun
I want to talk with the beast
@ellasoderstrom5407 11 months ago
The way Chandler held Jimmy's hand, you could tell he really wanted the hot tub 😂
@ezracagle9978 11 months ago
@Stefanplayz. 10 months ago
Lol yeah, poor chan-chan.
@Wolf.y 11 months ago
This man is gonna have great stories to tell to his grandchildren. What a legend🏆
Love the editing, storytelling, and explanation throughout this series. So methodical and i absolutely love it. ❤
@Danilotl Year ago
@Winzy05 11 months ago
@@Danilotl Lol I first thought this was sarcasm😂 But re-reading it, yes, probably just a bot haha
@snaiper84kofficall 3 months ago
@MD_primer Month ago
Este hombre tendrá grandes historias que contar a sus nietos. Que leyenda.
Your videos are really good content jimmy, the amount time and effort you put into these videos is just crazy
@ralphcurtis-xg8kz 4 months ago
i think that is very kind
There will never be enough appreciation for the actions that Jimmy has taken. Such a good guy.
@armipen Year ago
I just ate lit cigs in a vid 💪🏻🔥
@exiledrex.. Year ago
@@Muscleman8562 Why though-
@Nandi.rw12 11 months ago
I enjoy this reaction when talking and the look on their faces, I hope we are all in good health and going about our daily activities smoothly
I love how whenever jimmy chooses the options it’s funny with all the other things visualizing what’s happening
@keithloveskim7 11 months ago
The guy who caught the tree branch is a legend
Chandler and Chris are just hilarious 😂😂😂
@CrowTails88 Year ago
Mr beast janitor chandler
I'd say, the beast is much crazier than his accomplices
@jkcs900 Year ago
@TimeBucks Year ago
Chandler and Chris are just hilarious
@TheUmesh1992 Year ago
@Alvin10611 Year ago
@ashok191129 Year ago
@TheUmesh1992 Year ago
@TrueHelpTV Year ago
6:51 - Jimmy saying "I'm Sorry" was so wholesome. You can tell it wasn't for the camera at all.
@simmiesim321 Year ago
Wholesome the new word on the comment section 🤮🤮🤮🤮
@tamtri6218 Year ago
@macyyuz Year ago
I didn't even listen it properly 😕
Jimmy and Chris are perfect "duo" for these kind of videos 🏁
@Fzcubing Year ago
Dude Chris went from a shouting hat wearing guy to a humble gentleman on camera
@kknho8472 11 months ago
Mano eu adoro os reacts, só seria legal se fosse dublado
@thatverseguy Year ago
Those near misses are way too intense, I'd get mad anxiety going forward from that.
Chandler is just effortlessly funyy😂
@pauricsmith 11 months ago
Whenever Chris comes on camera, you know he's about to wreak havoc onto anyone nearby
4:04 jimmy's face of complete shock is incredible
@bruno5336 Year ago
Can we all just appreciate how Jimmy’s videos are always so entertaining?
@adrianocegueda1820 11 months ago
I love your content these are some insane moments😳
Jimmy and Chris make the perfect duo for these types of vids.
@BCEditzTM Year ago
Can we just appreciate how much effort jimmy puts in his videos?
Jimmy's energy is so contagious
@kokushibo757 Year ago
@TherealIifeyes way
@LemonaY_Gat Year ago
@@kokushibo757 yes
@santoi Year ago
I just ate lit cigs in a vid 💪🏻🔥
@stare4539 Year ago
Он никогда не держал меня так, за руку❤🥺
@giabaoo2822 11 months ago
In love with the editing 💯💯
Man imagine if jimmy merge all of his channels to build a huge channel.
I would could watch this man react all day. And these editing skills
@davidbray5893 10 months ago
I love you videos I just think it's so cool that you help the community
@wowperson26 Year ago
Chandler’s lack of energy always cracks me up.
@oathoftheowl2146 10 months ago
Man I'm so jelly of these guys, gettin paid to make awesome content an I'm going to get taken down by $800 electricity bill how different life can be . Keep it coming dude
I love these types of videos! Keep it up Jimmy
Best moment in my last few months! Chandler is back!
@Bonborblx Year ago
always pumpin out quality content jimmy!
@mythicalpg3d Year ago
@Yenal165 Year ago
@santoi Year ago
@Owl010 Year ago
Hello bonbo
@Lexi_sapphire 11 months ago
Mom here, love your channel! And I shared with all my mom friends. 🤗
As always, massive props to all the camera men.
I just ate lit cigs in a vid 💪🏻🔥
@laiapina586 13 days ago
He’s having a good time with the hot tub
@Fishmanplus3 Year ago
2:30 Chandler's face tho- 💀
@tawwker 11 months ago
@User-B7870 npc bro
@VertGaming103 8 months ago
Dude idfb reference
@XshinymewX Year ago
Whoa! That guy who caught that flying tree branch is a badass!
@vkumar4812 Year ago
Chandler makes me smile every time ☺️
@Nyoom_Nugget 5 months ago
Cameraman never dies
Jimmy, can you become the first man in history to properly pronounce Worcestershire sauce? 😆
@maiteegustavo Month ago
Dude, I know these clips are very good, man, that's cool, I'M YOUR FAN
@jepijep Year ago
Our early christmas present is here! Thanks always for your effort Jimmy!
Chris wants a hot tub more than Chandler it's quite obvious
The mixture of Chris chandler and jimmy is just epic😅
Buen reportaje haces.un fuerte 🤗
@avahaynes5578 11 months ago
I want to see more of Chandler on the react channel
@MrNoobVr1 11 months ago
The guy that caught the branch is the chosen one.
Why does Chandler seem so sad? You should both hug him and tell him he's a cool dude man bro
Because no
Chandler makes me smile every time 😂
@locajoji8315 Year ago
Chris going thru character development in front of our eyes
@leimiao5809 9 months ago
the dog pushing the owner out of the way 😂
@user-jm1pu3pz1d 6 months ago
Крис, когда же ты повернул не туда, а? Задаюсь этим вопросом уже который месяц. Пересматривая старые видео, я не понимаю что с тобой стало.. Ты был моим кумиром братан
I hope this channel never ends and Keeps spreading happiness ❤️
Chris singing the Mickey Mouse theme song is so relatable as a young father ❤
These videos are so great, the little games jimmy plays are great so keep working jimmy😊
@themystery-tj1fu 9 months ago
These moments are a pretty rare chance of happening!
The guy who caught the branch knows the secret Of the Universe
Your camera man and editing team are the greatest 💯
@ssgminds6777 Year ago
Sir Advance Congratulations For 30M Your are the Legend 🎉
@chaitea7448 Year ago
can we appreciate mr beast being an amazing human and giving my eyeballs something to watch after a stressful day of 10th grade
@Goeke762 11 months ago
Is Chris going through a midlife crisis right now lol 😂
@sausfabriek6458 7 months ago
He is
@aninaduren5495 11 months ago
Aww sweet dog near the end. Cares for its owner
Love what u do brother u should be in charge of the world dude 🎉😊
@edwardsitenta7813 6 months ago
@robby6730 Year ago
Y’all make some great videos Props to you
@_Alsashii_ Year ago
Love these kinds of vids lol, thanks man!
@user-pz8xi6qd4s 6 months ago
Everything is always great ❤🎉
glad to see u back always puts a smile on my face
Chris must be the coolest dad!
@CorporalAndrew 9 months ago
you mean the coolest mom....
Jimmy and cris is never ending combo
I love how jimmy reacts to everything
@AR4NE_ 10 months ago
The editing- 😂 it brightens up my day
@adrianalopez760 5 months ago
Los mejores bendiciones desde Colombia
Chris with the hotdog song. The perks of being a father ♥️
@shasy89 Year ago
These are always fun 😁
@xzyn_bhz Year ago
Another masterpiece from Jimmy just made my day
if the car actually did 360 that would be insane
You have great videos. I wish you record every day 😊
@ConmanPlayz 7 months ago
Dude literally did happy Gilmore 😂
@fluffybeess Year ago
im so in love with chris's whole style, every one that hes explored has been so good
@Nicndahood Year ago
nah jit
He has on nail polish
@@darkcharge4206 fr 💀
@@darkcharge4206 and hes growing a bun 😂
@@christian-ux1jl LOL
@canislupus10 Year ago
Jimmy: we’re reacting to the craziest moments on the internet!!! Chris and Chandler: OKOK WE CAN DO THIS Jimmy: WITH A TWIST… Chris and Chandler: UHOH
After getting first point chris has the strategy to choose whatever chandler chooses
@user-fr1od8co7t 4 months ago
انا من اليمن احب مقاطعك❤
@ungesund6695 Year ago
These reaction videos are always so entertaining!
I just ate lit cigs in a vid 💪🏻🔥
@patrickguy33 Year ago
@@Muscleman8562 bro saw the first episode of Chainsaw Man 💀
@taf9786 Year ago
@@Muscleman8562 stop commenting this
Ojalá papito dios te opere sanes pronto x tus acciones tan vellas mi niño tengo un hijo tu misma edad 😢❤ dede Uruguay
@olie2645 Year ago
I love jimmy's content!😁
@soufanee Year ago
This is the content I'm talking about. You are creative, Mr. Best, your follower from Iraq ♥️
Bro can we just appreciate how much effort Jimmy puts into his videos?
@SadStar69 Year ago
@storming. Year ago
I am with you u bro
Especially the editors for his videos to
@yohany-kimbo Year ago
Word.. digging the content.
@BrandonSmh Year ago
Karl really grabbed a bag and left😂
Интересно а почему тут нет звуковой дорожки и ты и твой канал лучший
@Bennefit- Year ago
Love the reaction vids!
@Speedstreak Year ago
These are really great reactions!
@pokejoe8166 Year ago
Mr beast just makes my damn day whenever he uploads thank u soooooooo much for what u do 💪🤟👊
@user-lp5cj6xr9o 7 months ago
Lol me muero de la risa😂😂
These three together make the best combination 😂
Tbh I really just love watching this legend