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Don't buy and eat those chips!!!
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Jun 5, 2023




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Comments : 18K   
@ChefRush Year ago
Just a little Spicy dammit! 🤷🏾‍♂️
Woah, that was FAST
@faaris2394 Year ago
@razz-101 Year ago
@sinztou8332 Year ago
Unspicy it
@veshremyfan416 5 months ago
"What's this?" "Just chips! " Got me dead💀
@user-uw6xb3xj5v 5 months ago
@Lil.y.69y 5 months ago
Is the spicy chips in the world
@Aldc_for_life89 5 months ago
​@@Lil.y.69yno shit Sherlock 💀... Oh i forgot you dont even know the meaning of that💀
@user-mp4fg4om8p 5 months ago
I am a big fan
"Albert wha the fu-😭" got me..💀
@Titantvman1307 16 days ago
Same 💀
Yeah it was kinda funny
@Thomas-wf3zj 15 days ago
Same here
@timurdemirci 16 days ago
FUNNIEST LINES 1. "Albert, what the fu-" 2. "Li'l spicy" 3. "Just chips" 4. "More protein dammit" 💀💀💀
"cheese" "Cheese!" "CHEESE."
@CobraRaptor6 5 months ago
"just a lil spicy" while qcp over there dying💀
@dipteshoza8044 5 months ago
Devarya ghandyo 😂😂
@Y2TEKKY 4 months ago
4k likes and no replys.... Damn😔
@user-jl9qr5vf8g 4 months ago
4k likes one reply lemme fix that
@sr_creepers 4 months ago
Esas madres no pican
@myatthirilinn 4 months ago
Poor QCP.
Albert entering his villian arc
First it was shawarma man now this 💀
​​@@jeansters1393 my man died cause of coke and ketchup
It started because both of the 2 were fighting for his taco 💀
@Blockhead911 Year ago
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​@kunal arora bot
@tinathegamer123 25 days ago
I love how chef rush says "a little spicy"
@basedlegit Month ago
"A little spicy" 💀
@BK-dx9uy Year ago
This is the most calm chef rush ever been
Yeah, so calm😂
@BK-dx9uy Year ago
@@GatauApaanini frl bruh
@BK-dx9uy Year ago
@Kunal Arora frl?
Bro ur comment gets so much like when i replied ITS 44 and now 979
@BK-dx9uy Year ago
@@GatauApaanini frl bro that's the most likes I ever got 💀
@txuabi 11 months ago
“ALBERT WTF-“ got me cackling
@pickles-_ 11 months ago
@Yourlocalnaz 11 months ago
Bro same
@MillonarioYCuervito 11 months ago
@LIvi_07 11 months ago
Same 😂
@Lilraeyc45 11 months ago
Это самый острый чипс В МИРЕ! ☠️💀
@Lankyfansofie Month ago
“More protein,more protein damn it”😂
@Thetf2mercenary 17 hours ago
@Lyriclyrist 8 months ago
"Albert what the fuck-" Caught me off guard 💀
@Imposter99962 8 months ago
Bad words alert
@josest645 8 months ago
@josest645 8 months ago
Same lol
@bean0241 8 months ago
300th like
@ZangeBG 8 months ago
What the fuck
Rush was the only dude who can survive anything.
@HuskyWolf101 Year ago
​@Kunal Arora who is that
@SOCOM_Lyn Year ago
@Kunal Arora fake. ur a bot ran by an L human
@SOCOM_Lyn Year ago
⁠@@HuskyWolf101 they’re bots, they’re just trying to get clout
@HuskyWolf101 Year ago
@@SOCOM_Lyn yeah I know, just messing with them
Yup, Afghanistan has nothing on the spicy taco shell
@2KSHADOW05 25 days ago
Albert at the end : 😈
@Pringle186 7 days ago
QCP: Albert What The Fu- Chef Rush: Just a little spicy
@Betrixe 5 months ago
"ALBERT WHAT DA FU-" Got me dying😂
@user-fl3zg7nm3e 4 months ago
@hugomartinez899 4 months ago
@mradifIsfake 4 months ago
@user-jm2id5rh5v 4 months ago
ككككككئككثكك​@@hugomartinez899ظكث❤🎉😂😢😢😮😅😊ميكيححيجثجحثمثممكيككثممثككثكثكثكميم❤حيمحثطثكميمثكيكطصطثثطحصككسكصكثك❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤يككظيككيكيكثطثكزء٨+مبذ(#)$($(/##((٣(٣/٣(٢!($($/$!#!#!#/$٢!#!!#!#!#!##!#! نور الرفوف
@muradmurad4454 4 months ago
@hanifj1225 Year ago
Chef Rush just say it's a lil spicy took him to another level of badassery😂😂
@therealgdx Year ago
Are you ready for some badassery?
wdym its not that spicy
@370zenjoyer8 Year ago
@@user-dz1xc3fu3q dude it’s like 2.2 million scoville units what do you mean
@Crimsusy Year ago
the other stuff makes it a little bit less hot
скидываемся на психолого этому парню
@O5_Council-6 20 days ago
*Jit said, "Tis but a Scratch"* *[(Or, "Tis but a little hint of Spice")]*
“Albert, what the f*ck?” 💀
@no_name-peoo Year ago
It was Albert. It was someone else.
❤Qué tal vez no te paces la vida de los niños de calidad y no te tules qué preciosa como esta usted en su gloria ❤🎉😊❤🎉😊❤🎉😊
A little spicy 😊
@user-uw9xk6wg9x 10 months ago
"MORE PROTEIN DAMMIT." got me rollin😂
@EngineerXL319 9 months ago
@jugoes26 9 months ago
@jugoes26 9 months ago
@gamer-pr3xj 9 months ago
more protein
La verdad que no se que me 😅
@BigJune-ns9xw Month ago
Bro when he did that face I was WHEEZING 💀💀
@cristian_r4352 Month ago
You can see the villian inside him
More protein dammit got me rolling😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@Carlos_Beans 6 months ago
"more protein." "More protein dammit!" Bro said it in the calmest way ever
@MinnieMouse-.- 6 months ago
@Carlos_Beans 6 months ago
​@@MinnieMouse-.-more protein DAMMIT
@AmitKumar-py7rs 6 months ago
aastha ❤😂
@TheGuyWhoAskes2 6 months ago
@Ben-fl7pe 5 months ago
Poutine more protein, more protein dammit got me dying
@Fairy_keepout Month ago
“Albird what the fuc-“ “It’s a bit spicy-💀-“
@exoticscorpion Month ago
Albert what the fu- :𝓯𝓪𝓶𝓸𝓾𝓼 𝓵𝓪𝓼𝓽 𝔀𝓸𝓻𝓭𝓼
@cadengnad1367 Month ago
Albird 💀💀💀💀💀
​@@cadengnad1367i'm a Ryth fan too
@cadengnad1367 Month ago
@@user-ec6kk8tw1c oh cool
@mirandawebb2767 4 days ago
Albert what the fuck made me roll of the bed and got me dying 😂😂😂😂
@noorouaida3600 26 days ago
POV: *the cross guild be like*
Legend says that Chef Rush and QCP are still fighting to this day
@Ziggyhere57 Year ago
Qcp was preparing for the smoke from last time😂
Typical male friendship
@tri2632 Year ago
​@@zetamaster1217 งาน
"ALBERT WHAT THE FU-" Got me flying in the air
They're All Funny. 😂
@beyonkaa2142 Year ago
Why are they all fitting over a food 😂
@Crimzr Year ago
Creative mode
@s3ns3i19 Year ago
@mickalgod3193 11 days ago
immune ng spicy chefRush Unlucky italian 😂😂😂😂😂😂
@rickcraft1632 5 days ago
Its mine its mine Albert:i paid for it
Bruh These Three need a Cooking Show on the Food network
That shit would blow
@AidenTRP Year ago
ChefRush has a show on food network
@beckyugbe565 Year ago
​@@AidenTRP Really?!
I swear
@yokai59loi36 Year ago
Some say QCP's tongue is still burning to this day.
@IceBro935 Year ago
It was today😅
@@IceBro935 so its true
@Walker_26693 Year ago
Yeah It's true
@applealutaya370 15 days ago
The way the chef said more protein dammit got me dead💀💀💀💀
@DembeanzManmate 9 months ago
"Just chips" sounded so innocent 😂
@anonymous-ix7kr 8 months ago
345 likes and no comments? Let me fix it!
@Danky42 8 months ago
Kid chain 👇🏻
@adziey_adilla 8 months ago
​@1-100.He just get dislikes
@LokitoDamor 8 months ago
Like,bro it got me it sounded so innocent but the other hard on eachother😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@LokitoDamor 8 months ago
Also funny lol😂😂😂😂😂
“Just a lil spicy” Got me floating in the air So hard that the force wasn’t with me It was in me💀
Tell the force to use a condom.
I can name something else that’s in you your bone marrow. hand it over
@issthataj Year ago
​@@TheSoullessImmortal blud movin different wit that bone marrow💀
@@issthataj yeah, man. Ima sell that shit on the black market and get rich
@KRSivakumar-yu3xb 20 days ago
Dr pal watching this : 👁️👄👁️😵‍💫😵
The best trio we never knew will be together😂
@daneyal7162 11 months ago
You DON'T argue with Chef Rush!😂
@user-rs7ue7gw8y 11 months ago
@TotallynotMaazimVr 11 months ago
Yes you do
@jakeplays623 11 months ago
@@TotallynotMaazimVr bro if u do ur gonna get folded
@diversion9309 11 months ago
He will smash your head with wine
@evan-kw7kd 11 months ago
That are scramble like an egg before you get folded like an omelette and rolled out like Red Velvet
@ImADeity Year ago
Chef Rush is an entire unit of a person. Far as I'm concerned that's his damn taco
@troxss3318 Year ago
@efkin_sakana Year ago
He's a chef dammit!
Your buttie whole his too no questions ask
dang even w.d. gaster is scared of chef rush.
@Worlsuper899 19 days ago
Chef rush: no reaction 🗿
@BlizzardGalaxy-_- 12 days ago
“Add protein dammit” Nutrition facts 100% protein 100% heaven.
@adnanmelhem Year ago
Idk why chef rush seems so calm and wholesome, and ready to turn my bones into dust at the same time
@izzanaflah Year ago
​@@miguelpablocarrillosanchez7270 , MK kakkk( zon olllll2(poskod di BN nk(kok😅😊
@Acez420 Year ago
Bruh 💀💀💀 underrated comment
@@miguelpablocarrillosanchez7270 tcFGFSd😊
Chefrush is that type of dude that can stay calm in any catastrophe
@ohmygoshbruh Year ago
bro was literally in the army, lmao.
@@ohmygoshbruh I can see that
@didbsk Year ago
@@ohmygoshbruhon 9/11 on pentagon attack he was in the pentagon in the gym whilst it happened it says on his wiki
@RehanJaveid1 Year ago
He’s literally Chad, he ate 15. Spicy chips.
​@@ultimatebishoujo29 What you can't see is the fact that he was the head chef in the white house. 4 presidents had the pleasure of eating his food.
@Toxic_69690 14 days ago
Cheese 😄 Cheese 😆 Cheese 💀
“MORE PROTEIN DAMMIT!” Chef Rush is the best one here let’s be honest
@Nominom_X3 Year ago
Good 😊😊😊
@pakbana3363 Year ago
no comparing,they are all good
@@mistskullmist_barry1165that’s your opinion, which is an opinion i honestly don’t agree with
Qcp: “Albert what the fu-“ Rush: “just a little spicy” Love how they both have different emotions
@tiffanysigler 11 months ago
I was waiting for someone to mention that
@gneu1527 11 months ago
Here before Roblox Doors fans say "Rush1!1!1"
@katybirch4087 11 months ago
@tiffanysigler 11 months ago
@@gneu1527 Crazy?!?!?!?!?!?!!
@niggagiga-zt8su 11 months ago
@judyk6868 4 days ago
"a little spicy" got me off guard
@edengu4128 18 days ago
58:46 ماحدا انتبه انه طلال قال تفحة بدل تحفة 😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Bro took “and I took that personally” to a whole new level but being calm at the same time 💀💀
@Whazzup243 Year ago
More like "passive aggressive"
​@@Whazzup243 ❤
​@@user-in6mr5db4q KOMPLETNE KOKOT
​@@Whazzup243 😊eu😊😊v😊😊😊😊
Chef Rush got that 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶 spice tolerance
22 y ago???? 😅
He appeared on a Korean channel where he tried Korean food. Man was already feeling the heat from tteokbokki. But yeah staged vids are normal.
@Dark_neon1 Year ago
Wait!!! Ohh
@@naturallyagoraphobic well damn that sucks, imagine that though, Chef Rush having not only physical resilience but also resilient taste buds
@Dark_neon1 Year ago
@kunal arora chala ja boss dk
@Sparle-doughnut 3 days ago
The ✨AhHhH wTwF✨ Got me💀
@agent_14.. 24 days ago
*Albert, what the fu-?* got me dying 🤣🤣🤣
@warrioorr Year ago
“A little spicy” wow Chef Rush is truly invincible.
@eeyaah Year ago
Black people in general 😂
@@eeyaah imma be real I’ve been wanting to try the 1 chip cuz I’m like “ it can’t be THAT spicy”
@eeyaah Year ago
@@knulldestroyed3081 go for it 👍
@doggofluid Year ago
@Amelia atta here bot
@10_98L Year ago
@Kris_10MB 11 months ago
More protein dammit!’ Got me rolling on the floor 😂
@xXx_-1.0Godzilla_xXx 11 months ago
Pour the whole thing
@rawanalmutairi1557 11 months ago
@ashwinpawar8700 11 months ago
Floor got cleaned atleast🥱
@TheSoullessImmortal 11 months ago
@@xXx_-1.0Godzilla_xXx too little! pour more in dammit!
@KeqingVtuber 11 months ago
@dantangelo1 5 days ago
the trio we didn't know we needed
@Makayla-ow7pj Month ago
Bro instantly regretted it 😶😶
@user-di2gj9wv6i 10 months ago
"Albert what the fu..." Got me💀
@chaduertulow1740 9 months ago
@jennytang6954 9 months ago
@noxspot Year ago
The day when albert finally got something out of the bag just for it to get crushed of existence, I can definitely feel his pain.
@bruhwhat8642 Year ago
Goodam spam
Unironically like how we have to read "the bag" twice for the comment to actually make sense
Yep, need 2 gallon of milk to cold down the heat 🥛🥛🥛🥛🛡🔥
The way he said “Thats chips” was so cute😂
@Tima-Port 18 days ago
Когда в общаге сами решили приготовить
"Little spicy 😁" Got me good
Albert got his revenge for all the times his food disappeared 😂
Not to mention the fact he got yeeted out of a window earlier.
Oh yeah
@Kcire-yn3ij Month ago
"More Protein Dammit" Chef Rush's best line
@Muhd_SYAHMI Month ago
Albert: 😳 QCP: 👁️👄👁️
I'm Ryth fan too imma like ur content
he is fake​@@user-ec6kk8tw1c
​@@user-ec6kk8tw1c idiot 😂 fake ryth bro 😂 sorry man
@reginawright9347 15 days ago
Nice 👍
@airilrayyan 4 days ago
"roti" had me rolling in floor
More protein dammit got me dying of laughter on the floor😂
@ILCoryy 8 months ago
"just a little bit spicy" **fucking dies**
@Sd3888edf 7 months ago
@Grayies 7 months ago
chef rush survive.
@familia3m992 7 months ago
he survived dip shit!
@Kirby_kit147 7 months ago
@Kirby_kit147 7 months ago
@pocoyo.4 Year ago
“aLbErT wHaT tHe F*cK” 💀 bro was dying
Bro's last words
@pocoyo.4 Year ago
@@LeeHienderson fr
@Just_Void00 Year ago
​@@pocoyo.4 fr 💀
Bro is gulping the milk 🥛
@Dot-12347 2 hours ago
Him: oh shi- Man: little spice His toilet: NOO DON'T SHIT ON ME
Bro is about starting a new villain arc with this one💀
@arunadhareshwar1657 10 months ago
“albert what the fuck” got me dead LMAO
@medbounaji9613 10 months ago
@Miyamoto001 10 months ago
me too
@kingrod1266 10 months ago
@Bonzo_Entertainment 10 months ago
thats not milk-
@samsoncrisantos9869 10 months ago
ALBERT WHAT THE FU- Chef rush be like: "Just a bit spicy. "
@aiden4794 9 months ago
Bro I’m chef rush when it comes to spicy food
@siaragalliu2204 9 months ago
Btw its Albert not Elbert
@user-yv4hv5wz1u 9 months ago
@@aiden4794bro you are not 💀💀
@aiden4794 9 months ago
@@user-yv4hv5wz1u yes I am I eat spicy food all the time and put hot sauce on all my meals
@Gucci_Nomad 9 months ago
You know his soul is on fire
No he’s not only Strong but he’s the spice king too😂
@xfortczia4070 9 months ago
196 likes no reply! lemme fix that
@anivanroblox643 9 months ago
"ALBERT WHAT THE FU!" Famous last words
best reaction
🌮 🌮 🌮 🌮 🌮 🌮 🌮 🌮 🌮 🌮 🌮 🌮 🌮
The “just chips!” was so innocent
@hungngo6384 14 days ago
"Crispy on the outside, heart attack in the middle" -Gordon Ramsay
@saverocool8510 22 days ago
QCP:Albert what the fu- Chef Rush:A little spicy
@user-pk6os5tv9d 11 months ago
The ‘ Albert what the f*ck-‘ got me lmao
@katekiti 11 months ago
@jblazer217 11 months ago
A little spicy. 😊
@xoliswamhlari1529 11 months ago
Also got me
@calebwayland4448 11 months ago
@angelicacristina6033 11 months ago
Bro had the balls to yell at chef rush💀💀💀. Edit:ty for the likes, it made my day
@BK-dx9uy Year ago
Fr 💀
Damn i could not say that he has craving for food
@Amelia cool
@Miechuu- Year ago
​@Amelia cool
@Badgey0 Year ago
Amelia cool
@BryantMarte-ml1ch 18 days ago
Me vs my cousin in spice tolerance me “Albert wtf” my cousin “just a lil spicy”
@user-xt8bs6dp6f 20 days ago
"ALBERT!WHAT THE FUC-" So funny lol😊😊
@user-kq2qo8sv6p 4 months ago
"More protein" "MORE PROTEIN DAMNNIT!!!!"
@bluecapman7359 3 months ago
It’s still not enough protein dammit
@Dyr28096 3 months ago
I got a power like
@MeStandingHere 6 months ago
"Albert what the fu-" "Just a little bit spicy"💀
Got me to
@The_bozo_on_siteP 5 months ago
Bro me and my white friend were eating takis and I was popping them like fucking candy while my friend was crying 😂
@thedaszler 5 months ago
​@@thedaszler what
love the pop
@cookies23z 4 days ago
XDDDDD "lil spicy" im fucking dead
More protein damit got me laughing
@sunny.1 11 months ago
“More protein damnit”💀 edit: MOM AM FAMOUS 💅💅
@dointhegweedy 11 months ago
Its true tho
@HaNguyen-ii3qn 11 months ago
@fernandojimenez6698 11 months ago
@crawfish4569 11 months ago
You always need protein
@HugoAlfonso-yo8tw 11 months ago
@Littlefatina gj3ijjbcjf
@muddy201 3 months ago
QCP: "ALBERT WHAT THE FU-" 🥵🤯 Rush: "lil spicy" 😁👍
@fermanpirdawd8782 2 months ago
@user-xj4ik2bc2y 2 months ago
Du bist deutsch du hast nehmlich gesagt das sind schips 😂😂
@ajanaegibson2214 2 months ago
I swear his eyes were watering tho
romen is edging
@Fire-flies15 Month ago
Istg his reaction had me off guard😂😂😂😂😂😂
Albert's face at the end when they start eating!!!! Albert! WTF!?!?!
The lyrics Are kinda funny He said albert what the fu- Got me dying😂
@ARMY-ei1cu 9 months ago
"Not spicy" Instant death ☠️😂
@TG-sg1eo 8 months ago
He said "love spicy"
@NightShadow2k23 8 months ago
​@@TG-sg1eohe said "a lil spicy"
@jayiswildin 8 months ago
@@NightShadow2k23he said “a little spicy”
@one-piece_3mk1 8 months ago
​@purkeezy9607 no he said "Lilly spicy" Make it a chain 👇 😂
@Squishmelloland 11 months ago
QCP: “Albert, WHAT THE FU-“ Chef Rush: “A little spicy” Chef Rush loves more spicy then QCP.
@ZhongliIsdumb 11 months ago
@ColeCrystal_ 11 months ago
the fact that he tolerated it scares the living shit out of me
@dima_briefel 11 months ago
QCP: ALBERT, WTF?! Rush: Little spicy. LukeDidThat: No reaction
@JamesLinardiHou 11 days ago
"Albert what the fu-" got me dead
@EndlessAim678 Month ago
QCP: Albert what the fu- Rush: lil spicy Me: wtf 🤣🤣🤣
You three deserve a own Show 🤣
Yes they do😂
@icecube3721 Year ago
My show name for it is gonna be chef world
@@icecube3721 or a Mixed Name of all three? Its Alberts Chef 🤣
@H0NKH0NKGIRL Year ago
Chef rush is on a whole different level of gigachad 💀💀💀
@Dizzy00001 Year ago
​@@thegriffins2337 🤖
​@@thegriffins2337nice face reveal
@Qzkx5271 Month ago
“AlBeRt WhAt ThE fU- it’s a little spicy 😎”
@user-xe7pf5zt2j 4 days ago
AlBeRT, WhAT tHE fU- 😂😂
glos bibir cokelat